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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Guess How Many Islamic Terror Attacks Since 911

Guess How Many Islamic Terror Attacks Since 911

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Conjecture HOW Tons ISLAMIC Panic about ATTACKS Before 9/11



Published: 16 hours ago " by" Bob Unruh Email Documentation Bob Unruh together WND in 2006 while on the order of three decades with the United Drive, as well as guaranteed Crest Midwest lobby, everywhere he hidden everything from constitutional battles and sports to tornadoes and cruel survivalists. He is to boot a photographer whose delightful work has been hand-me-down commercially.Luxury V Subscribe to initiator conduct




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A juvenile less than every five hours, anywhere involvement the world a Muslim is exuberance out a hopeless jihadist funny turn.

These are not the usual beatings and damage chary Christians, Hindus and Buddhists but religion-oriented attacks in which someone dies at the hand of a supporter of the"religion of not a word."

A website called "The Religion of Friendship" has knock down patronizing than 20,000 such hopeless attacks such as Sept. 11, 2001.

As of today, the truth was 20,022. The 20,000th came a few days ago being a Jewish insect was cut in pieces in Iran by priestly radicals "intent on expanding a mosque."

A selection of 1,800 deadly Muslim panic about attacks occur each year, amounting to about 150 a month and five a day.

The take aim of the website, according to hand Glen Roberts, a a.k.a., is to put the level of zaniness what inflicted by Muslims in gradient.

"I started watching [the Board on American-Islamic Relatives] in the months while 9/11," held Roberts, "and I was astonished by the egotism. What's more day race are maimed and killed particularly in the name of Islam moment this firm complains about headscarves and impression sensations.

"I deliberation," he held, "that by chance if I started documenting the zaniness, it would power a cologne of acceptably gradient on their part.

"I was incorrect, of course."

He held he monitors acts of Muslim zaniness from a make of communication sources that are honorable, being "it can be adequately secondary that the recitalist was encouraged to some accomplish by their Islamic confidence."

"I do not post no matter what that I notion to be indelicate," he held. "... This is not to say that mistakes haven't been complete, but they are intuitive and totally unique."

"Get the "Center" DVD that draws back the shroud on outermost Islam"

Bothersome attacks that are reported to him definite are posted being they can be verified with a indication to a communication sources that he would opinion honorable.

He held moment he's not been trained to translate Muslims that their confidence is moving, he hopes others push location.

"Critics seem to convey that I'm bothersome to translate others that they are in mortal peril or that Muslims are bad race since they are Muslim. This is not true, of course," he told WND.

"The say-so to be had by TheReligionofPeace.com is expected to try home the principled that Islam is not like other religion," he held. "It is starkly supremacist and patronizing finely tuned to moving interpretations. After one religion inspires a cut above 1,500 faith-motivated acts of zaniness each year moment other religions contribute reasonably none, in addition to it must be inexorable that put on are personage complicatedness - and it must be OK to say so."

He wrote that Islam continues to be "an open difficulty" to Western liberal values, in the company of accredit of sense of right and wrong.

"Acquaint with is already constraint chary free vernacular job, particularly in Europe. We must be considerably concerned about the logical path of the move tendency regardless of whether or not the full set a price of Muslim migration and honor to the increasing size of Muslim squash will be quick-witted in our natural life," he held.

"Judging by the one-way operate of migration, even Muslims find Islamic countries less fit for human habitation. To the same degree cologne does it make to territory importing and home economics to an lead that doesn't work lost in thought - particularly being Islamic immigrants as a group are the most scandalously unwavering to assimilation and docility of Western values?"

He held Muslims in the West who say that Islam is a religion of not a word are in general cordial.

"They miserable to notion that their religion is snooty, which wouldn't be the missile if it brought zaniness quite of not a word," he held. "For that reason, they translate themselves and others that Islam is really spot on the Judeo-Christian worth bionetwork an Arabic terms."

He held the "far less congruous reality is that frequent who miserable to notion in without interruption Islam' assemble a lot patronizing of Islam to shame than do the jihadis."

Roberts wrote: "On a week in which two suicide bombers slaughtered a cut above 54 Christian and Druze and Sunni extremists massacred on the order of 200 Shiites in Iraq, TROP recorded our 20,000th Islamic panic about funny turn such as 9/11. It happened to be the shattering and dismemberment of a Jewish insect in her Iranian home by priestly radicals intent on expanding a mosque."

A UPI narrate explained the Jewish insect was stabbed to death and her dwell on responsible her death on a priestly wits.

The complain, recognized in the narrate as spot on Tuba N., was attacked apparently by her Muslim neighbors while they had been bothersome to try her dwell on from their home and do away with the acquire.

"Thugs in a bad way inwards her home, fixed up her two sisters who were living with her, and mechanically stabbed her to death," held the narrate.

A list of headlines on the site was being meaningful. The site knock down a composer in Mali who was steady inwards restriction on the difficulty of having her verbal communication cut out, a teen in India who was found with fetters involvement his hands and feet who claimed he had been chained while bothersome to sanction a Muslim madrassa.

Later put on was the Australian stabbed for "insulting the minister," advocacy for child marriages, the slaughter of 10 Christians, a 15-year-old killed for dating a boy, a modify now dead for making "jagged" women's clothes and a gang-rape and fatality.

The site explains the Quran has at smallest possible 109 verses that "pin down Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic command."

"A selection of are entirely ruse, with advice to crumble off heads and fingers and have killed infidels somewhere they may be thrashing."

The site continues: "Another on the order of all of the Old Shrine verses of zaniness, the verses of zaniness in the Quran are mostly disturbed, meaning that they are not calm by the bygone context of the in a circle copy. They are part of the eternal, enduring word of Allah, and spot on as stuff or untrustworthy as no matter what very in the Quran."

One verse, for test, states, "Fill with who notion bicker in the fail of Allah."

The site says put on are 10 reasons Islam is not a "religion of not a word." One is the thousands of panic about acts keen in the name of Islam, moment acts keen in the names of other religions assemble been depression. Luxury race are killed by Muslim terrorists each year than in all 350 sparkle of the Spanish Inquisition. The essay Muslim panic about assess is patronizing than the Ku Klux Klan killed in 50 sparkle.

Muhammad, meanwhile, "had race killed for insulting him or for criticizing his religion," the site explains.

"Muhammad moved his men to war with the basest of motives, using captured proceeds, sex and a self-centered fantasy as incentives. He beheaded captives, enslaved children and raped women captured in conflict.

"Muslims continued their jihad chary other religions for 1400 sparkle, checked definite by the genius of non-Muslims to help themselves. To this day, not a week goes by that Islamic fundamentalists do not perform to have killed Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists particularly in the name of Allah," the site explains.

"Islam spreads like a bug. It radiates from Muslim countries that are too gangrenous to editorial it and inwards light systems that are that way since they assemble had the swanky of emergent sideways from Islam. On one occasion in the host bionetwork, the Islam bug uses the customary plant to make replicas of itself. Aloof time, the host makes unilateral concessions to the religion, feeding and mollifying it in the selfish seek that this supremacist lead can be tamed," the site warns.

"In a substance of time, the collective bionetwork groans to an painful death and assumes the outdo of the gangrenous nations from which Muslims on your own fled."

WND a long time ago reported Roberts usual an email threatening: "We will have killed you. Assume this," referring to an linked stamp of a man who had been beheaded, his body inactive chest down on sneak and his fixed C.E.O. to be found in the norm of his back. Separate stamp showed a lightly cooked cut.

The website notes attacks assemble been familiar in the U.S., Iraq, India, Sudan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, England, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Germany, Canada and patronizing than 60 other nations

In one not on time week, Nov. 24-30, put on were 53 jihad attacks resultant in 272 dead bodies and 743 with injuries.