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Sunday, 12 March 2006

A Brief Explanation Of Ancient And Recent History Of Witchcraft

A Brief Explanation Of Ancient And Recent History Of Witchcraft Cover Ancient History

You’ve probably seen movies or read books on witches and only found ugly women with warts, making potions and voodoo dolls over a boiling cauldron; but the truth is witches (actually meaning “Wise Ones”), were healers, pagan clergy, and medicine people. They worshipped nature and celebrated the seasons. However, the newly founded Christian church was always in competition with the pagans. What better way to make pagans convert than by torture, threats of being hanged or burned at the stake, or convincing them that their religion was evil? The church also took many of their customs and holidays, as you will see later. Witchcraft has never fully been destroyed; there was, is, and always will be individuals that will stand up for their religion and not be converted by force.

Recent History

• Before the 1950s, Witches had to practice in secret covens usually in a deserted wood, meadow, beach, or in one of their houses.
• In the mid-50’s a man named Gerald Gardner joined a coven and broke the seal of secrecy in fear that the Wiccan Religion would be lost.
• There have been many sects of Wicca since then that emphasize different aspects…the most famous being Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Celtic, Caledonii, Dianic, Eclectic, Hereditary, Pictish, Seax, Stregeria, and Welsh.


• Every person, animal, rock, fish, tree, insect, bird, and plant is part of one great life force, which animates the universe.
• Existence of magick (spelled differently to differentiate from stage magic)-often described as the bending and forming of natural energy to create will.
• All energy should be used wisely and in order to help the world as a whole and not for individual gain.
• The soul is eternal…constantly expanding its spiritual knowledge through reincarnation until it has achieved perfection, upon which it enters a heaven-like realm.
• Wiccans DO NOT believe in Satan or Hell, for both of them are Christian concepts that give evil form and therefore give it power.
• Wiccans DO NOT believe in hexes and curses.
• Wiccans believe that no one religion is right and therefore, they do not try to convert others unless they come willingly by their own knowledge.

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