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Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros

The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros Cover

Book: The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros by Peter Carroll

Since the inception of the Chaos Magic current some individuals have elected to work alone whilst others have worked in concert in a loose configuration of allied groups. The Magical Order of the IOT has in practise functioned as a highly creative Disorder. This creative disorder has spawned, among other things, a structure known as "The Pact". The Pact is, in contradistinction to the usual implications of such a name, a friendly society for mutual support and encouragement in the field of magic. The Magical Pact of the IOT represents another phase of the current of Chaos Magic in which its Practitioners elect to work as an integrated force. The Pact is a vehicle for the pursuit of the Great Work of magic and the pleasures and profits attendant upon this quest. The Pact also acts as a psychohistoric force in the battle for the Aeon.

Historically, all magical and mystical organisations have used the Hierarchical Gambit to create pressure for excellence on those working at all levels of the hierarchy. Yet, positions of mastery within these organisations have often depended more on questionable claims to authority from concealed sources than from technical accomplishments.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Winter Sabbat

The Winter Sabbat Cover

Book: The Winter Sabbat by Leo Ruickbie

What is the real meaning of Christmas? Have you ever wondered what Yule Logs, Fir Trees, Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe have to do with the supposed birth of a boy in the sun-baked Near East? Underneath the Christian layers there is a Pagan secret. Whatismore, it is a secret that Christianity has conspired for centuries to keep you from knowing.

In The Winter Sabbat we will discover what this sacred day is all about, how it has been celebrated and how to celebrate it now with special spells, rituals and magical recipes. And we will learn the forbidden truth about Christmas. (L.P. Ruickbie Blucherstrasse November, 2002)

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