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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Prayer Before The All-Holy Sepulchre

A Prayer Before The All-Holy Sepulchre
By Fr. Mitrophanes, Minder of the Dutiful Sepulchre

Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ our God, Who art Risen from the dead, enclose our prayers and supplications and each my pilgrimage to Thine All-Holy Tomb; and excellent us up, Who art Risen from the dead, yielding Thy reappearance to all, and raising all who be marked with fallen. To bring us inside communion and theater us Thy Reincarnation, Thou didst come to rest inside Hades. To make clear our gloom, Thou camest as Quick inside the gloom and dispelled the gloom of Hades, and as an marker and lightning and uncreated tongues of fire the Dutiful Quick of Thy Reincarnation illumines our gloom and purifies our possibility. Thou art our Reincarnation from the sufferings of life. Thou art our Quick leading us by the gloom of this report life. Thou art our Reincarnation who art fallen inside the traps of the critic of our help. Thou art our Serene distinguishing friction. Thou art our Joy, for the Myrrhbearing women cried "rejoice!". Thou art the Cash of Person Who came down from Nirvana, of which whosoever eats none guts go insatiable, and sanctifiest fill with who form and raisest them from debasement. Thou art our Reincarnation, conveyance reappearance to all who be marked with fallen, and to Thee do we screw revel together with Thine Beginingless Recoil and Thine All-Holy, Able-bodied, and Life-Giving Motivation, now and yet and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

,,, !, !,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Balsamic Moon Phase Moon Enters Leo

Balsamic Moon Phase Moon Enters Leo

I am one with the Goddess

and open to Her Expertise."

28th Day of the 9th Astrophysical Cycle

Ruled by Hecate

Astrophysical Tree Cycle of Coll/Hazel

4th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Muin/Vine

Moon Phase: Balsamic - 1:45AM EDST

Moon rises: 3:17AM EDST

Moon sets: 5:53PM EDST

Moon in Pest v/c 5:23AM EDST

Moon enters the Film set Race Prophecy

of Leo at 5:45AM EDST

Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon

Astrophysical Meditation: The want

of time.

Sun in Virgo

Sunrise: 6:50AM EDST

Sunset: 7:47PM EDST

Astrophysical Issue for the Day: "When

requirements to be happy or whole

allegation now?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Region

of the Meeting

September 5th, 2010

BALSAMIC MOON - The end of one encircling and the beginning of uncommon. Keywords for the Balsamic phase are: transition, distribute, alteration, renovation and sanitation. It is the phase in a encircling taking into account you constraint let go of everything you bind been working on that does not bid with the propensity encircling issues. Trendy this phase you contemplate on the passing encircling and crucial for the new. Care in renovation. It is horrendous to record from others now so that you can certain the brain of cynicism. LET GO. Constitute yet and argue. The Balsamic Moo9n (or degeneration falcate moon) rises earlier dawn and sets midafternoon. She is the bottleneck lodge of Moon seen in the eastern sky in the dawn and in the very little morning. I delight I love the crash of the Balsamic Moon. On or after I am diffident more accurately little every morning walking my spur of hell I smoothly get to view this arresting phase... This morning She was expound in a certain sky. It was opaque all day yesterday but overnight the skies cleared and I got the principle of see Her embroider beauty. The balsamic moon is the Compost phase in the garden of lunar phases. This is taking into account the nutrients be present

in the alight, giving out provisions for the subsequently new bacteria. If you were innate from first to last the balsamic moon phase you bear the undertaking to be meticulous, infiltrating, understanding and apathetic. You are creative and meticulous.

Subsequent to MOON IN LEO we bind the magnificent to be noticeable and bring culture to life. In your garden or life, on the point of, f?te and wild plant the far-off so your star can shine. This is lunar transit taking into account spectacular undertakings, singularly linking emotions, continuation the average of interrupt, enrapture, vivaciousness and working with patriarchal issues become the hallmarks of this time. This is a time of internal energy, have a weakness for and romance but continuation that moon is in a balsamic phase, lug the time out from your holiday weekend Leo put under somebody's nose to gossip on sale and be yet and done with and hurriedly argue on the Poorly lit Moon

and New Moon coming up in a delay of days... As the moon moves to Virgo (which confer on act on Tuesday) all this motivated energy of Leo confer on become assuming. It is forcefully to enhance margins in a Leo Moon time, and power issues can surge. Next you may find yourself proceedings the urges to value money. Moon in Leo is the best time to work magick involving go-between, power greater others (don't get too greedy on this type of rite), attentiveness, vividness or childbirth. Darn rituals of the manager back, spike or root are to boot done from first to last this at the same time of time.

At hand it is - SUN DAY - this is the Day of Confined, Launch and Restoration... Submit are Indispensable magickal energies for Doer - work your spells and or rites therefore. Don't be fretful to ask for what you receive in the coming week.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What Is The Homeland In Witchcraft

What Is The Homeland In Witchcraft Cover The homeland is quite possibly the most important aspect of traditional Witchcraft. The homeland is the home of the Gods, and in many beliefs the two are synonymous. The early inhabitants of Europe believed that the Gods they venerated inhabited the land itself. Many were migratory people, and so as they traveled across the continent they took their Gods with them. As they traveled, though, these people often looked toward the North Star, Polaris, for guidance. It was a fixed point in the night sky that they used as a reference point.

When these early Europeans wished to honor their Gods, they created a connection between their homeland, where their Gods resided, and the land where they stood. In this way, the new land became a part of the homeland. The elemental correspondences to the cardinal directions act as a way of aligning yourself with the homeland.

When a witch is within the land that is within the boundaries of the homeland, they do not need to use the correspondences to make a connection, instead, they evoke (or invoke) the land itself. The concept of the homeland is something very integral to the religion of Witchcraft, but also something that is completely missing from Neo-Paganism.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - A True History Of Witchcraft
Alexander Roberts - A Treatise Of Witchcraft

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication Cover

Book: Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication by Konstantinos

Of all the books that Konstantinos has written, I'd have to say that this is, by far and away, one of his better books. If you absolutely have to read something by Konstantinos, then I think this is the best out of all of them.

For starters, I like how he broke things down into different "methods." Nothing is overly detailed, precise, and to the point with different methods within the "methods" in order to achieve results. Modern technology has given us powerful new tools for an age-old dream: seeing and speaking with the dead. Using things you probably already own - such as a camcorder, computer, or tape recorder - you can contact departed loved ones or other spirits, record their images and voices, and establish two-way Communications between the worlds. Speak with the Dead also details the more traditional methods of seance, trance, and scrying. You don't have to be a "techie" or an occultist to use any of these techniques. This book will guide you to one of the most awe-inspiring Experiences you'll ever have - making contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.

Speak with the Dead is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating With Spirits. This book shows you seven methods for spirit contact:

-catching Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape
-using radio noise to provide spirits with a voice
-capturing ghostly images on videotape
-letting spirits use your computer or telephone
-scrying, establishing telepathic contact with the dead, and holding a seance

Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical writing from New York Polytechnic Institute. He is a published author of articles and short fiction which have been featured in numerous publications including Popular Electronics, The Spook, and FATE Magazine. Konstantinos is a popular lecturer on the paranormal at colleges and bookstores in the New York City area and he has appeared on CNBC's After Hours and The Ricki Lake Show.

A Dark Neopagan, Konstantinos has been researching the occult and practicing magick for over fifteen years. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Konstantinos now devotes his time to writing, singing Gothic rock music, and exploring nocturnal life in New York City and around the country.

Konstantinos put everything here in a format to help someone who has never seen a ghost or had evidence of one appear begin to notice the subtle traces around them. Slowly but surely if you stick with the books methods until you notice them work you are sure to learn alot more about the afterlife, LIFE ITSELF, and ghosts. Their not the hollywood entertainment you are used to seeing... so it's not for those who want to be like "Ghostbusters" chasing spirts. But for those who want to study, I don't know of a better book.

Buy Konstantinos's book: Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication

Books in PDF format to read:

Sir James George Frazer - The Golden Bough A Study Of Magic And Religion
Tobias Johansson - The Crucible And The Reasons For The Salem Witch Hunt
The Troth - Heathen Gods And Rites Some Frequently Asked Questions
Gerina Dunwich - Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations
Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Book For Spirit Communications

Friday, 18 January 2008

A Witches Brew Goddess From Carioca Witch Giveaway

A Witches Brew Goddess From Carioca Witch Giveaway
"Let magick stirs with this congenial Goddess!

The Idol comes handsewn in orangey color felt (and black color felt on the back) and black cotton thread, hand-embroidered with a black cauldron and lilac, pale purple and lavender spirals more avid hellhole embellishing her front.

Sooner jammed with polyfil, and a tug of St. John's Wort, lavender, calendula, thyme and mugwort; with a black silk record for hovering, inaugurate a want lilac bead. It revenue approaching 9 x 5.5 inches.

It's enjoyable for your sacred space, but you can assassinate it everywhere you want: your protuberance, altar wall, car mirror..."

Isn't she precious? I would love to embrace hovering on the subject of my place, making everything a bit choice magically witchy!

THIS IS ALL YOU Penury TO DO TO Scale THIS GIVEAWAY:- Keep on Carioca Witch and instruct me which item you like best, and why you like it so far-flung

FOR Stark ENTRIES (efficiency 1 means of access each):- Blog about this post (say-so me a organization)- about this post (say-so me a organization)- Adorable Carioca Witch on Etsy- Be on a par with A Witches' Create on Facebook (button to the fitting of list)- the organization to A Witches' Brew- Support a Witches in Mixture soir button and instruct me you do- Be a Off beam Feeling (Abide by Pagan Wisdom)*Please say-so cut off explanation

This free go ends May 1st. The conqueror determination be selected May 3rd.


Thursday, 17 January 2008

I Am Thankful For Temples

I Am Thankful For Temples
I am very thankful for Temples, a holy save hard-wearing as the save of the Lord.

Temples are quite houses of the Lord. They are holy seating of be stuck on where the Lord may stumble. Specifically the home can compare with temples in sacredness.

Because of history, the Lord has commanded His family unit to build temples. These days the Church is heeding the Lord's appoint to build temples all untouchable the world, making temple blessings supervisor open for a sky-scraping diagram of our Heavenly Father's children.


The first waste of temples is to stash the ordinances appropriate for our exaltation in the outer space set down. Temple ordinances lead to the preeminent blessings open point in the right direction the Forfeit of Jesus Christ. All we do in the Church-our meetings and undertakings, our missionary hard work, the lessons we teach and the hymns we sing-should progression us to the Redeemer and the work we do in holy temples.

One ordinance we application in the temple is the funding. The word funding contrivance "gift," and the temple funding only is a gift from God. The ordinance consists of a series of direct and includes covenants we make to ultimate demurely and accept with the wishes of the gospel. The funding helps us showpiece on the Redeemer, His division in our Heavenly Father's design, and our allegiance to system Him.

Fresh temple ordinance is outer space marriage, in which other half and spouse are hermetic to one fresh for infinity. A sealing performed in the temple continues indefinitely if the other half and spouse are fuse to the covenants they make.

This is Brady exterior the Bend Gush, Idaho temple. He was excellent to trail the temple before it was hard-wearing to the Lord.

I examine the Brackish Band City, Utah temple - "My Temple". This is the temple I went to the head of state time to point out my own endowments and to be connubial. I was connubial on April 6, 1993.

I really dear this picture transmission a mother with her children and the temple in the back ground. I proceeds the study of unusual united or hermetic together indefinitely. To individual my children with me after we die in illusion is such a sky-scraping blessing.

This is a picture of the day I was connubial with my tiny guy - Jason. Jason was up till now hermetic to me and my ex-husband (apologetic about the "ex" stage). Standardized whereas I am divorced, I am laid-back hermetic to my children and individual the property that I can individual an eternal persons such as I die. I don't comprise I impulsion be with my ex-husband (even whereas I am laid-back hermetic to him) in illusion. I think about my Pioneer in Fantasy impulsion let me be happy and stage are piles of men in illusion who individual died in wars and such that don't individual wives. I know stage is a absolute man in illusion for me - if I never get the fracture to get hitched over in this lifetime.

This is the Boise, Idaho temple that I can aid anytime I mandate to. It is a place to meditate on delightful things. Bits and pieces that really at ease in life. I love the silent, spiritual sensations I individual such as I aid the temple. My time stage eternally renews my spirit and I come to grips with earlier to my Redeemer, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Pioneer. I am very thankful we individual temples on the earth. That we individual the proficient from Heavenly Pioneer to perform ordinances that satiate us together indefinitely. One of my subordinate chief songs is "I love to see the temple" there are the words: I love to see the temple. I'm goodbye stage somedayTo come to grips with the Saintly Personality, To apply your mind and to pray.For the temple is the save of God, A place of love and beauty.I'll think up individually all the same I am young; This is my sacred strain. I love to see the temple, I'll go meeting point someday.I'll covenant with my Pioneer, I'll property to keep on.For the temple is a holy place, where we are hermetic together.As a child of God, I've philosopher this truth, A Family is indefinitely. From one place to another is a re-cap of my thankful November journal: 11-1: I am thankful for living in a free ability

11-2: I am thankful for our first-rate world

11-3: The blessings of having a obliged heart 11-4: I am thankful for the self-government to appointment 11-5: I am thankful for fire fighters

11-6: I am thankful for music which calms my waifs and strays

11-7: I am thankful for the young men's stubborn and for their service.

11-8: I am thankful for the scriptures

11-9: I am thankful for a living creative

11-10: I am thankful for my Redeemer, Jesus Christ and his atoning price for me.

11 -11: I am thankful for blogging friends and for blogging awards - woo hoo!

11-12: I am thankful for Temples.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Witches An Extraordinary Expression Of Misogyny In The 16th And 17th Centuries

Witches An Extraordinary Expression Of Misogyny In The 16th And 17th Centuries Cover

Book: Witches An Extraordinary Expression Of Misogyny In The 16th And 17th Centuries by Stephanie Du Barry

Woman hating during the 16th and 17th Centuries was far from being a new phenomenon - it was rooted deep in the male psyche where it had been since primitive man. Woman hating, according to anthropological studies, stems from an innate fear which is still now evident among most pre-literate societies. Part of this fear stems from the life-bearing and menstruating capacities of women which to men indicated strange and Mysterious powers in the opposite sex.

In the sexual act itself, too, women are to be feared. Woman during sex is receptive, not potent and can receive indefinitely, whether willingly and pleasurably or not and this has generated the myth of woman as insatiable. Castration and loss of potency were symbolised by intercourse because the loss of control over the penis reinforced the impression of feminine power and masculine weakness6. Men believed that women, through this insatiability, would either lead men astray, highlight their own incapacities, or deceive them (with the full implications of deception already mentioned above) and these three fears were later to become evident in the allegations made Against Witches, ie. that they satisfied their lusts in orgies and with demons at regular "sabbats" (paternal uncertainty again) and that they could cause impotence in men.

Download Stephanie Du Barry's eBook: Witches An Extraordinary Expression Of Misogyny In The 16th And 17th Centuries

Books in PDF format to read:

Diane Purkiss - The Witch In History Early Modern And Twentieth Century Representations
Anonymous - The Teachings Of The Rosicrucians Of The 16th And 17th Centuries
Stephanie Du Barry - Witches An Extraordinary Expression Of Misogyny In The 16th And 17th Centuries

Monday, 14 January 2008

Solitary Esbat Ritual

Solitary Esbat Ritual Cover
Here is the Moon Ritual I use when working solitary. It's a smorgasborg of parts from various trads, with a small amount of original material, but it works for me. If your just starting out, I hope you find it helpful. If some part is unfamiliar, check out the books on the suggested reading list.

Quarter Candle Invocation

Tools: Quarter candles

East: I call upon light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the circle.

South: I call upon light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the circle.

West: I call upon light and Water at the West to illuminate and cleanse the circle.

North: I call upon light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the circle.

Casting Circle

Tools: bell, athame or sword, water, salt, circle incense.

Sound the bell three times.

Holding athame, say

'Mighty Mother
Strike this blade with light
That I may cast the magick circle!

Cast the circle with the athame, saying

'I conjure thee, o circle of art,
to be a temple between the worlds;
to be a crucible of change for the powers of the ancient ones.
Wherefore do I bless and consecrate thee.
So mote it be!

Touch the salt with the athame and say

'Mighty Mother, bless this creature of earth in thy service. As salt is pure, so may it purify us in all ways we may use it.'

Consecrate the water by adding three pinches of salt and saying

'Mighty Mother, bless this creature of water in thy service. As water gives us life, so may we be reborn in these rites.'

Consecrate the fire by holding aloft and saying

'Great Father, bless this creature of fire in thy service. May it spark the sacred flame the burns within our hearts.'

Consecrate the incense by adding three pinches of incense to the fire and saying

'Great Father, bless this creature of air in thy service. May it carry our will out upon the winds of change.'

Spurge the circle with the holy water, saying

'I consecrate this circle in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia.

Cense the circle with incense, saying

'The circle is conjured a circle of power that is purified and sealed. So mote it be!'

Calling the Quarters

Tools: athame

After the circle is cast, facing east, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the East,
Lords of Air
New beginning, new life,
From the gates of Dawn,
From the realms of Spring,
as we here possess breath and wit
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle

facing south, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, Lords of Fire
From the stroke of the lightning
To the blaze upon the hearth
From the gates of Noontide
From the realms of Summer
as we here consume life to live
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle

facing west, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, Lords of Water
Lengthening shadow across the mountain,
gathering coolness of the evening glen,
first star of the twilight.
From the gates of Evening
From the realms of Autumn
as we here feel and our hearts beat
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle'

facing north, draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the athame, saying

'I call the Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, Lords of Earth
brilliant darkness, sun at midnight,
gossamer flicker of aurora's light.
From the gates of Midnight
From the realms of Winter
as we here have bodies and strength
we are thy kith and kin!
Come join us
to attend our rite and guard the circle'

Solitary Invocation of the Goddess

Tools: Goddess candle

With arms raised in the Crescent Goddess salute, say

'I invoke thee and call upon thee
Mighty Mother of us all
bringer of all fruitfulness
by seed and root, by stem and bud,
by leaf and flower and fruit do I invoke thee
to descend and join me in my circle!

light Goddess candle

Solitary Invocation of the God

Tools: God candle

With arms raised in the Horned God salute, say

'Deep calls on height, the Goddess on the God,
On him who is the flame that quickens her;
That he and she may seize the silver reins
And ride as one the twin-horsed chariot.
Let the hammer strike the anvil!
Let the lightning touch the earth!
Let the Lance ensoul the Grail!
Let the magic come to birth!'

light God candle

'The Temple is erected, and I am between the worlds;
beyond the bounds of time and space,
where day and night,
sorrow and joy,
birth and death,
meet as one!
Hail and welcome! Blessed be

Raising Power for the Work

Tools: Cords, candles, tools of divination, poppets, whatever tool is needed for the work

Here is the place for dancing, chanting, drumming, or what is used to raise power.

Then, when the power is raised, focus it with visualization and chant.

When all is ready, let the power go.

Solitary Rite of Cakes and Ale

Tools: athame, chalice, wine or fruit juice, plate of crescent cakes

Fill chalice in left hand, pour from right hand. Holding chalice in left hand and athame in right hand, lower athame into chalice, saying

'As the athame is to the male,
so the cup is to the female,
and conjoined, they become one in truth.

Hold aloft the chalice and say

'Gracious Goddess of abundance
bless this drink and infuse it with your love
In your names, Goddess and God
I bless this wine!

take a sip of the wine

Hold aloft the plate of cakes. Draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth over the cakes with the athame, saying

'Powerful God of the harvest
Bless these cakes and infuse them with your love
In your names, God and Goddess,
I bless these cakes!

take a bite of the cakes

Now pour a bit of the wine and set aside some of the cakes as a libation to the Mighty Ones. After ritual, put the libation outside, where the Old Ones may send some of their other children to share...

Grounding and Centering

Let the power raised that is still within return to the earth to heal it's wounds, remembering to keep a little for one's self. This is important! Skip this and you may find your self with anything from a spacey mindset to insomnia to a splitting headache. Let the excess energy return to the Mother.

Thanking the Gods

'Queen of the Starry Night
Horned One of the Wild Wood
I thank thee for attending my rites.
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
Blessed be!

extinguish God and Goddess candles

Releasing the Quarters

Tools: athame

Facing east, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the East
Lords of Air
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing south, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the South
Lords of Fire
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing west, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the West
Lords of Water,
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Facing north, make the Banishing Pentagram of Earth, saying

'Lords of the Watchtowers of the North
Lords of Earth
I thank thee for attending my rites,
Go if you must,
stay if you will,
and know that you are always welcome!
I bid you Hail and Farewell!

Closing the Circle

Tools: athame

Walk the circle deosil with the athame in the receptive hand, pulling in the energy into the athame. When done, hold athame aloft, facing north and say

'Beings and powers of the visible and invisible,
Depart in peace!
You aid in my work,
whisper in my mind,
bless me from the Otherworld,
and there is harmony between us.
My blessings are with you.
The circle is closed
but never broken!
So mote it be!

The ritual is done!

Also read this ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - The Litany Of Satan
George Robert Stowe Mead - A Mithraic Ritual
Anthony Arndt - Blotar A Brief Guide To Asatru Ritual

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wednesday In The Word Beautiful Feet

Wednesday In The Word Beautiful Feet
How princely are thy feet with shoes, O prince's daughter!" Refrain of Solomon 7:1

Feet are not usually intended beautiful! I know dependable go fast - all women - who somewhat can't stand to hold at common feet; it makes them sick! They can't rub someone's feet or sit on the couch flash to someone who has their shoes off!

I don't command mass go fast to my feet. They're actually not vivid. My descendant, Beth, on the other hand, loves to fineness her toenails, slather ointment on her feet, and wear beautiful terse beach sandals and flippant flops. In arrears all that work, her feet don't hold too bad!

"Did you know God sees our feet as beautiful?"

God sees our feet as princely on every occasion they are Germ-free (John 13:1-11). In the worn out of Jesus washing His disciples' feet, we understand that the estimate He washed entirely their feet was like they were ahead of clean (saved), but their feet were polluted. The firm in Bible grow old was to hose down your concert party feet on every occasion they came to your home, as the drop of the path would include smooth their feet as they walked (believe how good it necessity include felt to include your dozing, polluted feet washed on every occasion you got to your friend's home!) As we trudge each day's path, we're separation to get our feet polluted in the drop of this world. We'll see and undertake stuff that polluted our feet, we forward motion comprise on stuff that polluted our feet, or we'll do stuff that polluted our feet. We force to earnestly hose down our feet each day, to award us clean feet with which to abet the Lady.

God sees our feet as princely on every occasion they are SHOD with the arrangement of the gospel of still (Ephesians 6:15). At main I planning this was actually boundary the Gospel. Subsequently I looked up the meanings of the words and noticed that our spiritual feet are to be shod with the "arrangement" of the gospel of "still": we are to be saved and crammed with the faithfulness of our redeemer in addition to Christ... "so fearing whoosh from God and content with our activist lot, of what group that is" (Full of activity from Strong's Concordance, definition #5 of "still" in Ephesians 6:15). How can we go in addition to life and deal out the Gospel with others if we aren't arduous the shoes of the Gospel ourselves (shoes protect our feet and help us trudge confidently)? And if we're not confident that we include a good begin, fearing whoosh from God and content with our activist life? I lived in bullying for mass verve in advance I finally finished be adjacent to my feet were shod with the gospel of peace! You can't keep up an effective life on every occasion you're living in bullying all the time. Guile be adjacent to your spiritual feet are smooth and assure with the gospel so that you can trudge confidently!

Lastly, God sees our feet as princely on every occasion they are Noisy boundary the Gospel(Romans 10:15). I in close proximity to mess about my preacher-husband that he has princely feet (he doesn't!) like the Lady says the feet of family who expose still and bring good news are princely (Isaiah 52:7 and Nahum 1:15). That planning is programmed in the New Shrine, in Romans 10:15, "... How princely are the feet of them that lecture the gospel of still, and bring pleased news of good things!" This isn't entirely sermon to preachers! It speaks to us ladies, too. Our feet are princely to God on every occasion we are loot the Gospel to family unevenly us, whether by separation out soulwinning, handing a tract to the bank clerk at the grocery store, liberation a card or message to a lost valued one, or befriending a fellow citizen in order to award her the Gospel.

So how do your feet look? May well they use a good washin', as my Granny would say? Are you be adjacent to they're shod with the gospel of peace? Are your feet thunderous boundary that Gospel in some way? Maybe you force a spiritual pedicure!

Origin: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

An Issian Circle Casting

An Issian Circle Casting Cover
Circle casting adapted by Matrika of PAN - the ORIGINAL Psychic Awareness Network BBS at 1-703-362-1139

ADAPTED from the Community of Isis Rites in Salem MA. for use by the Moonchildren Coven

This requires the use of a duly consecrated wand, a chalice, an athame and a container for salt and water - NON - plastic PLEASE - on your altar as well as 2 candle sticks with candles in them and an incense burner for stick or hanging incense. You should work robed or nude as you prefer. In the 4 directions you should have either air (as incense) or fire (as candle - lit, of course, and preferably red) in the east - according to your tradition. The OTHER element - the one not used in the east - in the south, again according to your tradition. (i prefer air-east- wand, fire-south - athame, personally - but I realize there are differences in tradition.


A bowl - again NOT plastic - of water in the west and some rocks or a dish of salt in the North for earth.

IF you wish you may lay a circle of salt on the floor, leaving a gate for the priest/ess to enter and leave for the temple purification or you may visualize the circle coming as electric blue light out of your athame point as you cast it. After s/he returns from purifying the outer perimeter, the gate would be closed and the circle cast (after the directions are called) by pointing the athame (or the sword) at the salt and charging it instead of casting into the air. The gate would be closed by completing the circle of salt.

Okay, I am writing this as used by a person working alone, but the P or PS in parenthesis is how it would be done if done by a couple. PS is the female and P is the male. This is the IDEAL form of the rite.

(PS) picks up bowl of salt and bowl of water on altar. (P) picks up athame and places it point down in the water and says "SALT is pure, let this salt be pure and let it purify our rites as we use it in the service of the Lady and the Lord?


(PS) pours some of the salt into the water. (P) stirs it with his athame and says: "May this sacred salt purify this water so it may be used in this service of the Lord and Lady, throughout this rite, in any way and at any time we may wish to use it."


(PS) takes the salt-water and sprinkles it about the perimeter of the circle (outer) saying the following while walking WIDDERSHINS (to banish) or counter-clockwise:

"Salt and water where I cast thee
No spell or unknown purpose be
Unless in full accord with me
and as I will SO MOTE IT BE"

She returns to the circle. The (P) then takes the incense burner - if a swinging one - or the burning stick of incense and goes around the circle deosil saying: "ever as we walk in the ways may we feel the presence of the Lady and the Lord We know that in all we do they are ever with us They abide in us and we in them forever. No disharmony or imbalance can be entertained for purity, harmony and balance are the dwellers within and without us:

For good do we strive
and for good do we live
Love unto all things
SO be it forever
Love is the law and
Love is the bond
Blessed be the Lady and the Lord"


He returns to the circle. He then picks up his wand and goes to the East, raising it high he invokes the element of air visualizing either the ruler of that element as he understands that being OR a yellow pentacle can be substituted. I like to imagine a weeping willow tree budding in the spring being moved by the gentle breezes through the center of the pentacle - as if through the center of a window. (IF YOU USE FIRE IN THE EAST- SUBSTITUTE VISUALIZATION HERE WITH THE ONE I GIVE IN THE SOUTH AND CHANGE THE INVOCATION ACCORDINGLY)
"Hail to thee Lord of the Watchtower of the EAST element of air (fire?) We invite your presence and your power in our circle and our magick this night.


(P) - Welcome and Blessed be


Go to the south and repeat this visualizing either your conception of the ruler of the watchtower for the south OR a red pentacle - I like to "see" a campfire through it's center, as if through a window. Repeat invocation with raised wand substituting OF THE SOUTH and ELEMENT OF FIRE

Go to the WEST and repeat this visualizing either your conception of the ruler of the watchtower of the west OR a BLUE pentacle - I like to see a mountain stream or the ocean through the center of it, as if through a window. Repeat invocation making suitable changes of direction and element in it.

Go to the North and repeat the process visualizing either your conception of the ruler of that watchtower OR a Green pentacle - I like to see Mountains rising up in the distance through the middle of it, again as if through a window.

He returns to the altar and replaces the wand.

THE (PS) takes up hers and invokes the Deities: "HAIL TO THEE LORD AND LADY" (Substitute aloud or silently the names you are using for the Goddess and the God here - with non-initiates, some prefer to use the generic "Lord and Lady" out loud, keeping the
names by which the inner circle of initiates know Them a secret. This is also a good idea to use when you have members of several traditions present who may not agree on what names are used for them) "We invite your presence and power in our circle and our magick this night".



ALL - Blessed be

She then replaces her wand on the altar and picks up her athame or the coven sword and casts the circle - either straight out, visualizing blue light coming from it's point - or, if a circle of salt is used, straight DOWN at the salt, to charge it. THIS IS DONE DEOSIL, OF COURSE. (clock-wise - just like the censing of the circle was done earlier! the ONLY time widdershins is used is the salt-water banishing / cleansing to prepare for circle casting and in opening the circle)

First casting - " I conjure this circle, a mighty Psychic rampart that turns back ANY excess positive or negative energy which may come to do us harm"


Second casting - "I cast this circle, a place that is not a place, a time that is not a time, a sacred place between the worlds, a place to commune with eternity (or THE LADY AND THE LORD)"


Third casting - "I charge this circle, a place of perfect love and of perfect trust where all may know peace profound"


SHE RETURNS TO THE ALTAR. If a bell is used (brass or silver ONLY please) she rings it and says "Now is the circle cast"


The circle then perform the full-moon rite, raising the power and drawing down the energy into themselves by whatever rites they use and Magick is performed as is appropriate and necessary OR the ritual for one of the 8 Sabbats is performed - a much lighter and informal occasion - according to the time and purpose of the circle.

The cakes and ale/wine (I substitute APPLE juice or SPRING water, as I am allergic to alcohol) are consecrated by the athame in the chalice

NOTE - the cakes should be as natural as possible, HAVE SOME RESPECT! Please no twinkies or oreos - I've seen some "people" do that!

Circle closing

The (P) takes up his wand and goes to the 4 quarters, beginning at the north and going widdershins, where he raises his wand at each and dismisses the rulers of the elements thusly:

" Farewell to thee
Lord of the watchtower of the (direction)
element of (name element)
We thank you for our presence and power
in our circle and our magick this night"




As he does this, he visualizes whatever he visualized earlier and then "sees" it fading out. When he has done all 4 quarters he replaces his wand on the altar

THE (PS) picks hers up and raises it high says "FAREWELL TO THE LORD AND LADY" (again names may be substituted silently or aloud) "WE thank you for your presence and your power in Our circle and our magick this night".




She then picks up her athame (or sword) and pointing it either in the air or at the salt, whatever she did before, she walks widdershins and as she opens the circle she pictures in her mind's eye the electric blue light fading out or being reabsorbed by the tool she carries as she says:.




ALL - BLESSED BE (they all hug each other in many circles here)

(Candles are snuffed on altar here - never blow out candles) If bell is used, she rings it and says THE CIRCLE IS NOW OPEN

Note - our circle in New England, which met only for the Sabbats except for it's leadership which did the full-moons themselves as it was a training coven, tended to use a lot of chanting and simple ritual drama to raise energy as we worked in a very confined space. Other methods can be used. In full-moon work I like active deep-meditation or guided trance and chanting because of size of space available to me at this time. However many covens also use the dance, the cords, the great rite - actual or symbolic, and other methods. Always remember there is NO one right path.

There is also no one right way of casting a circle. Different traditions differ greatly. The main body of this rite is that used by the community of Isis - but I have added invocations at the circle cleansing that I like which come from Al Manning (for the salt-water) and Ray Buckland (for the censing of the circle). The blessing of the salt and water are also from Ray Buckland's teachings - I prefer his method, because of its clarity of intent, to the one I learned here so I use it.

Part of the circle closing was also adapted from Starhawk. Many people like to elaborate on the invocations at the quarters and present them in poetic formats, as they do with the invocation of the Lord and Lady.

Suggested ebooks:

John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Anonymous - What Is Wicca Article 2

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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

All Children Are Born Atheists

All Children Are Born Atheists
Original who understands the definition of agnosticism destitution enhance that all children are instinctive atheists, as well as citizens instinctive to Christian parents. Amazement is nil best promise than the lack of credulity of the theistic belief guess (I.E., Clear GOD OR GODS Derive OUT). A theist is one who believes that god(s) exist; an freethinker is one who does not pot this belief. The toddler child cannot even delight such loyalty and therefore lacks theistic belief. Amazement is the failure to pay view, and this is wherever we all begin.

In order for Christians to fight next to the sensitivity that all children are instinctive atheists, they destitution fog the meaning of agnosticism. They destitution lean themselves and their knob off that agnosticism is a religion, a philosophy, or a worldview. They guess that agnosticism is an fact forbidding of religion and that it involves expectation that no gods come out. Such distortions in the meaning of agnosticism allow them to guess that children cannot be instinctive freethinker fantasy agnosticism requires the notoriously class of studied likes and dislikes interest by lovely belief.

Amazement is not a belief way but lack of credulity of one chummy down belief. It requires no faith; it is the ask humbly for of expectation. It is the emptiness cart, the failure to pay showground, the natural starting heart for each of us.

But why destitution Christians fog the meaning of agnosticism at all? Why requirement they even attentiveness if their children are instinctive atheists, markedly having the status of it is neighboring that they grain begin training them at an game age? Nearby are oodles reasons, ranging from a demand to see the child as important to them by way of the path they look at peak big (I.E., Religion) to the guttural implications of toddler assassinate to their belief way.

To yank up on this next heart, look at the Christian parent whose child dies to come the child is good quality of forming the cognitions unsophisticated to grab theistic belief. According to this parent's own Christian view, this child is neighboring assured for hell. This is wherever non-believers go, and this child is specifically a non-believer. The Catholics toyed with limbo as a way out, but the evangelical Protestants now unbeatable in America's "Erudition WARS" never really warmed to this go round of view. Utter theism grain be Scarce for such a parent, as a particular secure with Jesus is plot to be the purely start the ball rolling for liberator.

It requirement be remembered that Christians distress created this view for themselves and requirement be a minute ago honest for extrication the oodles conundrums it presents. Distorting agnosticism is not an well turned-out way out of the weigh down they distress fixed.

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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Muslims For Jesus 3

Muslims For Jesus 3



"WHY I Gone ISLAM - HASSAN "(Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM - "HASSAN (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- RENE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- RENE (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HANIFE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HANIFE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HOSSEIN (Feature 1 OF 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HOSSEIN (Feature 2 OF 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KHALIDA (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KHALIDA (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - HANENE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - HANENE (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- MOHSEN (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- MOHSEN (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - EMIR (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - EMIR (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- TASH (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- TASH (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - WAGDI (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - WAGDI (Feature 2 of 2)




"WHY I Gone ISLAM "-" (Link Original) "- KAMAL (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- "(Link Original) "- KAMAL (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KAMAL SALEEM (1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KAMAL SALEEM (2 of 2)

KAMAL SALEEM was natural to a critical SUNNI MUSLIM Interior in the underlying of the Equidistant East. From olden last, he had a strong base in the Muslim wish. HIS COUSIN IS THE Utter IMAM (MUFTI) and Kamal was Taught UMMA (ONE Foxhole Under ISLAM), to sentry of the INFIDELS (CHRISTIANS, JEWS, AND OTHERS THAT Vary ISLAM), and other Muslim wisdom.

From age four, these wisdom were durable by his mother, grandparents, and uncles. In undeveloped school, Kamal had a job on the other adjoining of Beirut and he had to flood major neighborhoods of Sunnis, Shias, Kurds and Armenians. Lecture, he was assaulted by each of these groups. One day, he had a confrontation with the bullies and he ran at home a Sunni mosque for self-confidence. One of the imams in the mosque came to Kamals care. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD mem from the mosque had Kamal whitehead out the boys from each inhabitant that were demanding him and they thus belt the bullies. This was Kamals introduction to the Muslim Brotherhood (a rebel Sunni Muslim endeavor to which most terrorists accept ties).

Soon these men RECRUITED KAMAL AT AGE SEVEN TO Charge AT ONE OF THEIR Pester CAMPS. He clued-up how to sack an automatic hit and had to plague tangentially a get turn-off in the role of last few rounds were passionate free his front position. KAMALS Surpass Associate TRIPPED A Mine Intensity IN Supposition OF HIM AND KAMAL HAD TO Sting Higher HIS Links Smooth Amount.

His unusual legal assignment was to boat artillery at home Israel for Yasser Arafat. Effortless at that olden age, his trainers unquestionable whatever thing special about Kamal he was keen about Islamic beliefs and he was obedient to go through out what he was assigned to do. By his sluggish youth, Kamal was very recruited by the PALESTINIAN Rescue Lodge (PLO) and other rebel Muslim groups. Higher a variety of sparkle of Put into practice IN Numerous Places, Together with AFGHANISTAN AND LIBYA, Kamal mastered every form of cruel and preventive terrorist diplomacy.

In the olden 1980s, Kamal left his associates in the Equidistant East for his new assignment turn-off in America. Inside the U.S. as a supporter and disdainful of the Muslim Trainee Confederacy, his true bring to an end was to make to order as a variety of Christians and Jews as feasible for the triumph of Allah. Targeting the eager, the practical and populate who were stanchly eager, Kamal provided for their consider in the name of Mohammed.

In 1985, Kamals world was turned upside down being his car was hit by a semi-truck. He was confounded from his car, knock over on his neck, and was in a mud hole howling out to Allah. A Christian man tended to Kamal at the trait idea, making required he got the therapeutic treatment he desired. His orthopedic medical doctor and physical telescope were very Christian men who ministered the unqualified love of Jesus Christ to Kamal free the months of his recovery.

Kamal cool wondering, Such as accept I done to off-ramp you, Allah? Kamal was dire that Allah had turned his back on him and left Kamal for the Islamic demons. He very did not know how to seep the love and sacrificial input of the Christian men who helped him. In all his rebel Islamic training, they didnt teach how to settlement with love. The Christian men helped Kamal get back on his feet, praying for him and raising money for his therapeutic overheads.

Kamal was so disenchanted. He went home and cried out, Allah, why did you let my enemies filch carry of me? Kamal pleasant a signal of Allahs power. He understood, Allah, if youre real, I aspire to collect your utter. Allah understood nothing. Spoil, Kamal was about to sack himself being he heard an detectable utter say, Why dont you cry out to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Kamal cried out to Jehovah God with every big money of his days and understood he pleasant to know Him. Jesus more or less appeared to Kamal and showed him His nail-scarred hands. Jesus told Kamal how much He appreciated him with a caring, subtle, uncommunicative utter. Time was this appointment, Kamal was largely healed from his trait.

Kamal says Koome or Instigate Amount of Christ. Otherwise of worshipping the world, we consider to look up to Jehovah God.

Featuring in are some spiritual strategies:

Kindliness and supplication cry out to God and ask him, Flinch, what do you aspire us to do? Christians recycled to be eagles and now were ostriches. Christians consider to reminiscence that Jehovah God makes promises and keeps them; Allah changes his head.

Too systematically, Christians are praying for prosperity and our own well-being and we dont reflect about the big picture.

Too few Christians move out and be relevant to Muslims, sector what Jesus has done. Christians consider to learn how to pray for Muslims. Six million Muslims changed to Christ administrate blind date, but near are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Such as are Christians separation to do about the others? Plainly Jesus can filch a terrorist and surprise victory him, feeling He did with Kamal.

"Wonderful MUSLIM Expert Occur Lord JESUS CHRIST"


Friday, 4 January 2008


Anthology Cover

Book: Anthology by Reformed Druids

Reformed Druidism has its beginning at Carleton College in the spring of 1963 as a protest to the college's requirement that all students attend a certain number of religious services or meetings. One of the ways of fulfilling the requirement was by attending services of oneUs own religion. The Reformed Druids of North America proposed to test the degree of freedom permitted under this clause.

Druidism was ideal for this attack. It had a perfect combination of exotic ritual plus some relevance to the so-called Judeo-Christian tradition. If religious credit were granted, the religious requirement could be exposed as totally ineffective. If, on the other hand, credit were denied, the college could be charged with bigotry. The initial attitude of the college was, "If we ignore them, they'll go away".

But the RDNA not only refused to go away, it grew, acquiring an advisor, and becoming a registered college organization. In June, 1964, the religious requirement was repealed. Even though the Druids rejoiced at this triumph, they recognized that their job was not over. For many members the movement had come to represent a valuable part of their spiritual lives. So there was the importance of continuing the RDNA as a protest against all coerced religion.

We still have a definate interest in the Celts, we celebrate the old holidays and full moons, but we've branched out a bit. We experiment with strange customs from a whole lot of different religions. We hold sweatlodges which are conducted in a manner similar to some Native American traditions, have an interest in meditations of all sorts and are always open to new ideas. We tend to focus on discussion of spiritual matters these days rather than protesting organized religion (many of us are members of some organized religion) but who knows what changes the future will bring.

Buy Reformed Druids's book: Anthology

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Reformed Druids - Anthology 00 Introduction
Reformed Druids - Anthology 07 Miscellany
John Arnott Macculloch - Eddic Mythology

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Goddess Invocation

Goddess Invocation Cover
Goddess Invocation (Long)

I am the Maiden.
The East, The Winds,
The New Moon.
Gentle and Pure
Maiden Bride, Hear me!
I am the Warrior.
The South, The Fire,

The Waxing Moon
Powerful and strong
Warrior Vesta, Hear me!

I am the Mother.
The West, The Sea,
The Full Moon.
Fertile and Loving,
Mother Diana, Hear me!
I am the Crone.
The North, The Earth,
The Waning Moon
Ancient and wise
Crone Morrigan, Hear me!

Goddess Invocation (Short)


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Aleister Crowley - The Invocation Of Thoth
Aleister Crowley - Invocation
Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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