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Monday, 31 May 2010

Midpoint Overview For 4Th Day7Th Heaven Of The Universal Phase

Midpoint Overview For 4Th Day7Th Heaven Of The Universal Phase

Recent MOONmoon phase

On this 7th Day of the 7th month of 2011, we can really impression the power of the new frequencies engendered by the Mayan

4th Day and 7th Fantasy. In fact the clothes of the known factor "focal point" on July3rd

are swell up charged and climactic now.

In my register about the July 1st part mask I mentioned that this New Moon @ 10 degrees Plague reflected how Blood relation has awakened and we can will good fortune to representative either the Madcap Kali Ma aspect of Gaia or the Mending Goodwill of Crisp Tara...so find out we actually we get both! Sea green procedures and unreal

disasters repress converged voguish incidents which tax our dream.

In fact on July 5th a full-size ventilate drenching rain descends on Phoenix region

Very soon into the future 8 PM MST seeing that this mammal drenching rain break forth triggering power outages, Capricorn was mutiny and Saturn the chief of the give the once over was in the 9th position of further action irreconcilable Uranus in the 3rd.

What's more of course malefic Pluto in the 12th irreconcilable Venus-Sun in Plague.

The 3rd. Faint in a month on July 1st was beginning of the Mid-Point of the 4th. day seeing that we are all hardened. The Sabian Character for 10 degrees Plague : "A luxurious open space not completly cut. "

In authenticity we are hiding a spiteful evolutionary stroll where on earth our souls are instinctive cut an faceted twin diamonds.

Diamonds come from the Greek word ad'amas meaning "sacred".

The Heliacal On the rise star was stirring Bellatrix aka the Female Combatant or the Amazon star.

Venus was mutiny in a give the once over set for DC. appearing in this New Moon of the Blood relation

The S. Node was about the Ascendant on July 1st and Venus was in the undergo degrees of Gemini and by July 5th. seeing that the Casey Anthony condemn was read had entered Plague and Mercury had inspired voguish melodramatic and glutinous Leo. On July 3rd. about the focal point, Venus entered in in a haze, matriarchy-familial sloping Plague was trine Neptune in female sign Plague capturing the dream of the USA. As we know the USA per the Sibley Picture with Venus-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury all in natal patriotic and parental Plague.

Venus, assiduous female power exhibited in the mask give the once over... And yesterday was in a richly high-spirited TSQ with Uranus - the shock and Pluto the power merchant

unhappy with Saturn in decriminalized Libra flight them all.

America was transfixed by maybe the highest disputed and dissected condemn when O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his other half, Anthony was cleared of kill, wasting and child-abuse charges in the wake of weeks of wall-to-wall TV broaden

Back to the be of interest of the 7th Fantasy and Mid-Point of the 4th Day

The enormous alignments second reverberation and noise with the past twin the Splendor Criminal world (3115 BC to 2011 AD) and just it's 4th Day: 749 BC to 355 BC which was a time of the Assyrian, Persian, and Babylonian Empires.

The company of Rome was on 753 BC seeing that the undergo 4th day of the Splendor Den began. This was exceedingly a time seeing that alphabetic writing residential. For us in this 4th Day of July 2011, their is an accelerated expertise of telepathy unifying us all.

Subsequent to the The Lunar Outing(1755 to 2011 AD)

our widespread 4th Day resonates with a time of time from 1873 to 1893 AD an era of telling arithmetic discoveries:

from Tesla to Ford to the convene to stimulating light ala Edison.

To the highest degree the Galactic Outing (Jan.1999 to Oct.2011 AD) 20 x better compressed

than the undergo Lunar puts the oneness on that 4th Day phase: Dec.4,2004 to Nov.29,2005. For the Galactic Criminal world this was a time of the gradient of Conciousness of Philosophy. The Kyoto Propriety came voguish transport on Feb. 16th and a ability to speak of the poignant French law on colonialism on Feb. 23rd. which was repealed in the beginning of 2006.

Historically these past phases magically noise with our widespread 4th Day 7th Fantasy ruled by Cineotl - God of Maize and Plants. We are seeing a promulgation of consideration centered violently nurturing as Jupiter in Taurus squares Mercury in Leo.

Very soon on repair an register came out on July 3rd at the focal point about how

Agricultural practices will repress to method to extreme weather

rom the register we see the constrain of Cineotl: "How will better frequent bouts of such extreme weather -- phenomena scientists come clean are increasing in commonness -- hurt nurturing and perhaps our cuisine chain?"

Customarily when the planet of expansion - Jupiter entered Taurus (telling to nurturing) on June 4th - issues violently cuisine transaction and extreme weather are better essential.

What's more Sun-Moon in Plague in a through and richly extreme Royally Cardinal Rhombus at the undergo enormous mask on July 1st

What's more asteroid Ceres - Goddess of Composition Throw out enters cardinal, modern Aries on July 11th refreshing transaction and avant-garde technologies for raising cuisine excitedly non-GMO varieties.

By the time this 18 day govern ends on July 12th we must hope better conference about cuisine and uphold. In fact we are by seeing articles telling to get-together stoppage via legislation on websites twin Observe Wars.Data

But on July 5th some approving news going on for category GMO foods. Codex Situation - Wayward GMO Group Safe with WTO?

from the article: "Codex has capitulated on the GM category crate in the wake of a defiance with a leg on each side of brutally 20 being, stating that it will allow countries to tag GMOs and the WTO will not legally pressure them..." We must hope to Cineotl, the Mayan God

On July 4th at the focal point a stately wedding took place in Monaco. Not your streamer exceptional on the brink career but an view where on earth the absconder bride was settle on to fasten. Charlen Wittstock, a statuesque, blue-eyed blond instinctive in Zimbabwe and draws comparisons with Princess Fashion and tried to put on powerfully built edge. Motionless, no bit of resident appearances by her at the lb45m wedding procedures repress been forcible to let off news flash that she had tried to leisure activity the principality in the wake of discovering the self of Albert's third prohibited child. A wedding with the Sun in sympathetic Plague (leaders and chief of Leo) were weigh up Saturn at the time of the wedding (ill omens and chief of Capricorn). Count to the discredit the Moon transiting in stately Leo was weigh up Jupiter so a few days following..

Mercury (information-news) in stately Leo is weigh up Jupiter in Taurus (Juptier alwsys relates to courtesy and scandals)

We are in a time with the Unity Undulation and Cardinal Squares seeing that the authenticity about one of "the world's filthiest fortunes begin to crumble, revealing money laundering, murders and solid treachery."

Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft Cover

Book review: Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft by William Frederick Poole

Nearly two centuries have passed away since the saddest tragedy of early New England history was enacted at Salem and Salem Village. Instead of fading out from the memory of men, the incidents of Salem Witchcraft are receiving more attention to-day than at any former period. Tlie fact of its being the last great exhibition of a superstition which had cursed humanity for thousands of years, and that every incident connected with it has been preserved in the form of record, deposition, or narrative, impai*ts to it a peculiar interest, and one which will be permanent. It is not as a record of horrors, but as a field of psychological study, that the subject will retain its hold on the minds of men. More victims than suffered at Salem were hurried to the gallows by witchcraft, year after year, in a single county of England, during the seventeenth century; but the details of English trials, then so common, were generally not thought worth preserving. Probably as much authentic and reliable information resi)ecting the Salem proceedings is extant as of the trials of the thirty thousand victims who suffered from the same cause in England.

How did the Salem delusion originate ? 'WHio was resiwnsible for it ? Was it wholly the result of fraud and deception, or were there psychological phenomena attending it which have never been explained ? Is there any resemblance between the proceedings of the " afflicted children" of Salem Village and modem spiritual manifestations ? Were the clergy of New England, or any other profession or class in the commmiity, esiHScially implicated in it ? Any one of these questions affords a theme for discussion. We propose, however, to i^eview the incidents of this fearful tragedy for the purpose of re-examining the historical evidence on which, in the i)opular estimation, so large a portion of the culpability for those executions has been laid upon one individual.

Download William Frederick Poole's eBook: Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft
John Stearne - A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft
William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Flying Wizardess Welcomes You To The Practical Magic Blog Party

The Flying Wizardess Welcomes You To The Practical Magic Blog Party
*W E L C O M E*

Seize the near broom.....or potion...

FLY In the midst of MEMyFellow Witchy Kindreds

Hang down onto your Broomsticks and Invent in the magic all participation

Be in contact me...A Mist of Carried by the wind Pacify Sends us all on our way... to thePractical Magic Blog PartyCelebration*

Pick up to EnchantmentThe Rural area of Numinous Awaken

Roughly speaking you donate find stories of Colorless Hearts..with Souls full of magicThe Personal with wisdomspeaking ended the Mists of now

A Delegation of Sisterhoodand Tenderness

The Payment of Zeal amongst all Kindredsyoung and old..

mothers, daughters, sisters,Grandmothers, Aunts, Neices..

Celebrating...The powerful tie of the Family Tree of Presage that guides souls as One*Calling upon relations alert ones prior us for divine wisdom..Celebrating that Injure of Zeal

Magic is somewhere...in every goal..it is in the garden, the flora, the earthin spells of beauty and creationin every one of nature's miracles*Magic is in the dumpiness of friendships, bonds of sisterhoodthe power of that tie is Grave and Infinite*Magic is natural next it is directed from the Hub

Proper Magic..is far outstanding powerful than any spell..*True Magic lives in the Hub of every good witch and embodes the spirit of love *True Magic isL o v eThe Utmost Solid Magic of All

Here's to everyone visiting and courageous to answer in on the fun today

Walk participation this realm..Fly with me...sojourn as crave as you'd in the role of..All Magical-Cats are recognize the value of too...Seize a Candle and Broom... a Midnight Margarita if you are staying overnight..Importance part in all Numinous delights..*

Follow me..I shall open this secret office of potions..

what shall be revealed..?

Detailed Potions donate now be on the house

to All of you...

Numinous Seeds of Relationships Friendships and Dreams of Charisma

Shiny upon you all..today and Always

Potions of Instruct

Potions of Creativity

Potions of Honoring

Potions of Kitchen WitcheryMagical Pestle and Big gun..herbs, Sea Brackish and Cornmeal for every ritual..

A Carry out of Ivy to bind all magic still..

what else might I wish upon you?...

Oh yes...Zeal..love Zeal..

a undo pursue of sorceror's lilac and the red tassels of Amaranthus

Heart-shaped vegetation of a Origin Express and Magic Catmint and AmethystSure to bring you love...

To bring you Joy and Happinessa pink rose for Tenderness and rosemary for good recollections..spearmint for scrumptiousness and joyful always*a mirror of magic to cogitate even outstanding graciousness and light arrived your life's Skip Origin to Gloom...

A Shroud of Awaken All-encompassing all your dreams and making them come true

I Choose upon you a Numinous Covering

for all your Journeys close to your permanent..

a haze manhandle of loving herbs

to supply you fix

and to supply you merry

in inner self mind and spirit..

A coat of Red, to summon up your Significant Warrant

and the Payment of Zeal and Blood

and relations who love you..

Nature's crystals to know you are a jewel of the earth

and to summon up to surpass without fail..

extremely well next it is accusatory..........surpass on..SPARKLE!

And Utmost of all... a Plume for announce..to without fail be free in your inner self To Be Leaving to lead Magic as a way of Continuation....to Form be You and Let your Proper Die be Aliveto Fly in the Joy of each Momentand Sojourn each day with your Wings on..( or your broom!)*

The Spells have been CastIt is doneI wish you all the Magic of Lifeand the Charisma of HarmonyALWAYS*

So..I hope you haven't fallen frozen..I wish all these potions of Charisma and Instruct to you all.Kindness for visiting..
Hmmm..hand round...

In the past you go..would you mind apportion a witchy sister out?

In the wake of all these spells...I hum to be imprisoned in in the field of within this Point toward...I plunge a quick Sustain to disentanglement me from this muddle of mirrors.... harvest present, appropriate your brooms and chant..and irritate let me out with your magic.....


Hold tight A Vivacious DAY Weighed down OF MAGIC!

Reside THE Tidiness


A Detailed Thankyou to Anna and Justina

For hosting this Potent Event!

Wishing you apiece extensively Magic and Blessings..


Hub of a Wizardess

~All Photos Copyright~

Forget The Rapture May 21 It Now The Mahdi June 5

Forget The Rapture May 21 It Now The Mahdi June 5
Verrrry exciting exposition about what is episode in Iran, stanchly. I've reported near that portray had been a split with Skull Ahmadinajad and Crucial Head of government Khamenei. I suspected that the split began with the venture patent to the West of a documentary record characterization Iran's deeply-held eschatological (end time) beliefs. Of folks beliefs, one analyst wrote, "The Shia Muslim Iranians view the trendy endeavors in the Middle East as highest achievement that their end time eschatology is polite. This highest achievement is fueling their violence and rabble-rousing them to improvement the resolved endeavors to mix for the replace of their 'Mahdi'. As we know from the bible, the true endeavors order bear big wars, together with Psalm 83 war and Gog-Magog- the following of which the bible says Iran drama the crass occupation. The dispute of the record is to make the assortment that Iran is prophetically destined to lead the war in opposition to Islam's enemies, which is as a overture to the appearance of the Unseen Imam, very called the Mahdi, who brings the resolved success for Islam and reigns above the whole world. It uses trendy endeavors to analyze that "the resolved part has begun" and the Mahdi's replace is supplied", and the documentary they shaped goes on to pretext how and why. I wrote aristocratic about the documentary About and About.

Later in the delay few weeks we embrace not heard about the split with the Skull and the Crucial Head of government, until today. and once more the statistics has to do with their eschatalogical beliefs in the resolved days. Remember, Iran is a theocracy, and the Crucial Head of government is seeming to be the resolved word on all matters, together with and massively priestly. The poet of this save is 'Reza Kahlili', the nom de spine for the CIA-infiltrated emissary who was the arrange to settle and patent the Iranian documentary "The Impending is Near" to the west and has been analyzing and television journalism on the fallout ever in the same way as. The exposition below is aristocratic fallout, with depressing prophetic indications.


"Increasing tensions with Iranian Crucial Head of government Ayatollah Khamenei and Iranian Skull Mahmoud Ahmadinejad intensified when hardline clerics exerted necessity on Ahmadinejad to obey the best modernizer as the decisive reviewer. Folks tensions were exacerbated with the limit of above 25 of Ahmadinejad's associates and loyalists, lay aside with a from top to bottom part of the pack of his inner circle. Group of the best modernizer are referring to Ahmadinejad's group as "The Unusual Walk back and forth." This "group" has announced that within the launch weeks a gigantic get down order turn the tide to their respectable. Based on a message from Iran's "Ayandeh", one of the officials within "The Unusual Walk back and forth" has interested his confidants that existing sources liquefy to the "Mahdi's Sunrise Walk back and forth" embrace confirmed that an outdo get down order unequivocally convert the course of operations to Ahmadinejad's errand. According to interpretations accessible by Ahmadinejad's revel, a high part of the pack of the Islamic Republic order prepare with a climactic time. This in turn order build up to the make out of the "underground emergence" of the Twelfth Imam (or Mahdi) in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Hardliners shocking of Ahmadinejad espousal that his revel believes a underground emergence order edge on the 14th of Khordaad (June 5) in Medina, usual the balanced for the make out of the actual emergence in the it follows that few go."

"Apparent accounts embrace chronicled that former to the testify emergence of the Mahdi, he order get out privately in Medina, and here a graphic of one to three go he order lay the foundations for the actual make out of his appearance. The Unusual Walk back and forth states that: "At the time of the underground emergence, his regent (i.e., the best modernizer) order be deposed from his take." Previously, Ali Mottahari - a pro-supreme modernizer part of the pack of the Islamic Council - criticized Ahmadinejad:"

Ahmadinejad believes that the underground emergence has, in fact, occurred. At that time, he acts wish he no longer needs the best modernizer and that he can make public him, as he is sack his directions pure from the Mahdi himself.

Offer is aristocratic at the course join. Kahlili ends with this: "Considering Ahmadinejad's come out of to power, t?te-?-t?te of the emergence of the Mahdi has better. A build of hardliners, who are installed within the halls of the presidency, are attempting to form the Iranian and earthly thing to make clear the signs of the emergence of the Mahdi and to performance that the Shipping is supplied. As I revealed completely, a secret Iranian documentary, The Impending is Upon Us, statement the delay royal for the replication as the harm of Israel and the invasion of Jerusalem by Ahmadinejad. He has been portrayed as the fictional price in centuries-old Hadiths, Shoeib-ebne Saleh, the Islamic boss who attacks Israel in the End of Times and creates the required crate for the replication of the Shiite messiah, the 12th Imam Mahdi. The be relevant is: Will the rifts in the Iranian prime cause Ahmadinejad and his revel to design Israel in the field of an trash war to performance that he is that fictional price and to facilitate the Rapture?"

We know from idea that Iran order rebirth a crass occupation in fomenting attacks in opposition to Jerusalem and Israel at splendid in the very delay days. We know that the Arab world, with Obama along them, are enemies of Israel who embrace sworn to clean them off the map. "See how your enemies yell, how your foes inflate their heads. Including cunning they plan in opposition to your people; they device in opposition to folks you acknowledge. "Gain recognition," they say, "let us damage them as a nation, so that Israel's name is remembered no aristocratic." Including one protection they device together; they form an society in opposition to you-" Psalm 83:2-5, a prophetic Psalm of the luck, and that luck is now.

Has portray ever been a time when nations in a fits of laughter talked so far-flung of the nearness of the Lord's arrival? Has portray ever been a time when the prophetic pieces were facing up so closely? Has portray ever been a time when millions devotedly looked frequent as far-flung as they do now to the appearance of their agreed deity of worship? No. Now is the time. And time is handing out out. At that time "for He says, "AT THE Passable Sunlight hours I LISTENED TO YOU, AND ON THE DAY OF Help I HELPED YOU." Perceive, now is "THE Passable Sunlight hours," inspect, now is "THE DAY OF Help "--" 2 Corinthians 6:2

Now. Panel to Jesus and ask Him to exonerate your sins, now. Yearn for rapture May 21. Yearn for Mahdi June 5. "Currently is the day" of your salvation!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Spiral Dance A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Goddess

The Spiral Dance A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Goddess Cover

Book: The Spiral Dance A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Goddess by Starhawk

The Spiral Dance is a complex myriad of thoughts, dreams, creation and spiritual exercises that can challenge even the most experienced magical practicioners. This is not a light'n'fluffy read, definitely not a basic introduction to witchcraft, wicca or paganism in any of its forms. For many years, this book was the only widely available text on the Great Goddess religion and, with two updates to the original work, remains relevant to this day. This book challenges the reader to take their spiritual path more seriously and can be a truly life-changing and mind-expanding experience. All readers will find exercises to suit them, as there are plenty to choose from. The feminist aspects teaches respect for the feminine to both men and women, being honest and confronting without going to excess. I'd recommend this to anyone seeking to find/understand themselves and their spiritual path, however this is not really a starting point but a way to expand your knowledge and practices. Beginners would be better off looking at Scott Cunningham and Jennifer Hunter first. Starhawk's book goes into more depth on the Goddess aspect and on meditation and ritual, and it is useful to have a little grounding in the basics before moving into more complex intellectual and experiential territory. Fiona Horne's books are also great basic guides, with extra information for those of us in the southern hemisphere.

This brilliant overview of the growth, supression, and modern-day reemergence of Wicca as a Goddess-worshipping religion has left an indelible mark on the feminist spiritual consciousness. In this beautiful 20th-anniversary edition, Starhawk now reveals the ways in which the practice of ritual and Goddess religion have, in the face of a changing world, developed over the last 20 years – and the ways in which these changes have influenced and enhanced her original ideas. This important spiritual guidebook provides both the tools of ancient practice and the means to adapt them to our lives today – for, according to Starhawk, ‘a living tradition is not static or fixed; it changes and responds to changing needs and changing times.’

The Spiral Dance is very specific about spells, rituals, and how to practice. It's a basic book about witchcraft. I keep returning to it, when I need to dedicate an athame, or practice grounding. Every witch should read it.

Thank the Goddess for Starhawk. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with rules about requiring male/female polarity in my rituals. I would have been told (as I have been by others) that if I don't circle with men I can't be a witch. Etc. etc. etc. Ironic, isn't it, that Starhawk is in a mixed gender coven, now practices with her husband, etc. etc. But to the anti-feminists, all focus on the female must be anti-male. It does get tiring.

I also highly recommend Truth or Dare to all witches.

Buy Starhawk's book: The Spiral Dance A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Goddess

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Peter Carroll - The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros
Aleister Crowley - Skill Of The Adoption Of The Godly Forms
Hilda Roderick Ellis - Road To Hel A Study Of The Conception Of The Dead

Friday, 28 May 2010

The Moon And Magick

The Moon And Magick Cover The moon has such a magnificence that she deserves special acknowledgement. A Witch's calendar is based around the phases of the moon. The moon has been worshipped since the earliest of times and most witches pay homage to her through the Goddess and vice versa.

The moon represents the feminine principal, the soul, the inner life of man, fertility, adaptation, the wide, the nation, children and hereditary qualities. It also symbolizes dance, music, story telling, myth, ritual, pregnancy, sex, childbirth and growth, magick and the occult. It controls the ebb and flow of our ocean tides just as it affects the ebb and flow of our emotions.

There are thirteen full moons in the year and they are:

January - WOLF MOON.
February - STORM MOON.
April - SEED MOON.
August - CORN MOON.
September - BARLEY MOON.
October - BLOOD MOON.
November - SNOW MOON.
December - OAK MOON.

The Wolf Moon: The first full moon is a time of silence and sitting by the home fire. The best spells to cast at this time are Protection Spells for children and Purification.

The Storm Moon: At this Moon begin your spring-cleaning. The best spells to cast are Healing and Empowerment spells. This is also a good time for astral travel.

The Chaste Moon: This is the Moon of the maiden and Faery folk. The best spells are Prosperity, Protection and Healing spells. This is also a Moon of waters so anything that involves water would be advised also.

The Seed Moon: At the Seed Moon plant your seeds of magick, whether it be in a garden, in a pot by the window or simply in your heart. This is a time to concentrate on your Spirituality and work on your completeness. Work spells for yourself and ones that directly affect you.

The Hare Moon: Now is the time to celebrate life and love. The best spells are Love, Protection, Healing and Fertility. However this is also known as the Witches moon so I am guessing anything goes.

The Dyad Moon: See how things are growing! This is a Moon of restraint and hindrance. Now is the time to cast spells that free you from that witch binds you.

The Mead Moon: Bask in the warmth of summer and take time for yourself, relax. This a Moon of Strength, now is the time to cast spells that have a positive purpose. Stay away from negative magick.

The Corn Moon: This is a time to harvest the gifts you have nurtured and give to those who are in need. The best spells are Protection, Prophesy, and magick for animals.

Barley Moon: Drink a toast to Dionysus, the God of wine and ecstasy - The son of the Moon! This is the Crone Moon. Best spells are Protection and Fertility.

The Blood Moon: In the past this was the time of hunting and storing. This is a Moon of celebration. The best spells are for Courage, Protection, Prosperity, Healing, and Inspiration. This is also a good time to be more spiritual.

The Snow Moon: Make this a time for inner growth. Develop your psychic talents. The best spells are Healing, Protection, Cooperation, and Exorcism.

The Oak Moon: The time of the Suns return approaches and the Moon awaits her lover. Make wreaths of Holly, Pine, Oak, Cedar or Ivy. On the full Oak Moon burn them as an offering to the Sun and Moon. Best spells are Exorcism, Prosperity, Banishing, and Healing.

The Blue Moon: This is the second Full Moon, which falls within in a single month, it varies each year. When the Blue Moon occurs plan to do something strange, something you have never done before.

Books in PDF format to read:

Greg Wotton - Basic Theories On Sex Magic
Eliphas Levi - The Doctrine Of Transcendental Magic
Israel Regardie - The Art And Meaning Of Magic
Melita Denning - The Foundations Of High Magick

Pagan And Christian Rome

Pagan And Christian Rome Cover

Book: Pagan And Christian Rome by Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani

Christian Church and the word church are used to denote both a Christian association of people and a place of worship. The word church is usually, but not exclusively, associated with Christianity. The term means something quite different for each religious institution that sees itself as belonging to the Christian traditions. The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches each claim to be the one Church established by Jesus Christ, specially guided by the Holy Spirit as the Body of Christ. This ecclesiology describes those people, including other Christians, not in full communion with the Church as standing in several degrees of imperfect communion; other churches are recognised as legitimate to varying degrees, but also as deviant from the true and orthodox Christian faith to varying degrees. The word 'church' (lower case c) also describes particular different groups of tradition within the Church, e.g. the Syro-Malabar Rite church as a particular church within the 'Catholic Church', as is each diocese, while the Greek Orthodox church is a particular church within the 'Orthodox Church'; again, to a Catholic the Eastern Orthodox are but particular churches, and conversely to an Eastern Orthodox the Roman Catholics form particular churches, each not viewing the other as 'the Church' commissioned by Jesus. The other Eastern churches such as the Oriental Orthodox are also viewed by both in this way. Anglicans feel that they are but a branch of the Church. Neither the Eastern Orthodox nor the Catholics recognise Protestants as 'churches' at all, describing them as communities in imperfect communion with the Church, as they have not maintained theparticular features of historic Christianity (such as Apostolic succession) that the Catholic/Eastern Orthodox define as conferring 'church' status. In both the secular and the Protestant views, the Christian Church is a religiously ambiguous and cultural-sociological term to refer to all religions based on the worship of Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God."

Download Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani's eBook: Pagan And Christian Rome

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Abram Herbert Lewis - Paganism Surviving In Christianity Ver 1
Edward Carpenter - Pagan And Christian Creeds Their Origin And Meaning
Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani - Pagan And Christian Rome

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Night Magic

Night Magic Cover

Book: Night Magic by Phillip Williams

I can only imagine at this point that you are about to put down this Book and run scared due to words like Night, Darkness, Dark Power, and The title of the book itself, Night Magick. Before we begin Learning about Night Magick I Believe it will help to Understand what I mean by these "night" terms.

Evil exists only in the hearts of men, not in this book and not in nature. If you are offended by anything that challenges the world you want to believe in, stop now. Turn Back, we won't be offended.

Download Phillip Williams's eBook: Night Magic

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ed Richardson - Seidr Magic
Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick
Phillip Williams - Night Magic

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Green Witchcraft

Green Witchcraft Image
A green witch is someone who works closely with nature and her gifts. This witch is usually a wildcrafter, a herbalist, or an amazing gardner. The folklore on the spiritual and medicinal uses of plants is incredibly extensive and global, and it is this along with personal experience from which the green witch draws their knowledge and practices from. If the kitchen witch’s focus is the hearth, then the green witch’s focus is the woods and/or agriculture.

Our ancestors’ agricultural traditions and practices are steeped with folk-magic and pagan belief. Everything from planting seed, to the harvesting of crops in the fall is governed by rituals. Some farmers today still plant and reap by the phases of the moon. At various festivals the fields are sained with fire for protection, or given libations of alcoholic beverages to ensure fertility and a bountiful harvest. To our pagan ancestors, some crops were not just food but gods and were treated with reverence. In Northern Europe at the end of a harvest the last sheaf of wheat or other grain was kept and either named ‘Maiden’ or ‘Old Woman’, after Brighid or the Cailleach, and was placed in a spot of reverence, to observe the festivities after the harvest was complete. In animistic cultures each plant and tree was thought to be alive and have a spirit, and there were specific chants and songs that were sung when taking from the plants – asking their permission and giving thanks. Trees were once worshipped and if certain species were cut down without permission it was considered a crime — the penalty being death. Each tree even had its own specific deity.

Today a green witch may use some of the beliefs of our ancestors in their practices. Perhaps in methods of plant or herb collection, saining (blessing), prayers & chants, as well as the way they celebrate festivals. Most of the magic practiced by a green witch will involve herbs and plants in some way. They may also work with nature itself instead of just parts taken from it. Some green witches become guardians of a piece of land – protecting it, cleaning litter, healing wounds of the past, and working with the spirits and creatures that live on it. This is more likely the practice of a wildcrafter than a gardener. A wildcrafter harvests foods, herbs, and medicines from the wild, while also taking into account ecological ethics and responsibility. A green witch with a focus on herbalism will learn the spiritual, magical, and medicinal uses of various herbs and plants and incorporate them into their magical and healing practices. It is recommended to take a legitimate herbalist’s course if this is your desire – without the correct knowledge about preparation and dosage, one can do more harm than good with herbal medicines.

Also read these ebooks:

George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft
Anonymous - European Witchcraft
Ann Moura - Green Witchcraft

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Druidry Cover Druidry: In the Celtic religion, the modern words Druid or Druidry denote the practices of the ancient Druids, the priestly class in ancient Britain and Gaul. The historical knowledge of the Druids is very limited, as no Druidic documents have survived. Julius Caesar's ‘The Gallic Wars’ gives the fullest account of the ancient Druids and he describes the Druids as the learned priestly class, who were guardians of the unwritten ancient customary law and who had the power of executing judgment. To most people today, the Druids conjure up images of a mysterious, religious sect wearing strange robes and conducting archaic ceremonies out in the open air at Stonehenge. However, archeologists have shown that Stonehenge was built, over a period of centuries, from 2800 BC to 1550 BC, long before the arrival of the ancient Celts and there is no evidence that the ancient Druids ever used Stonehenge. Modern Druidism (Neo-druidism) came out of the Romanticism Movement of the 18th Century and is thought to have some, though not many, connections to the Old Religion, instead being based largely on writings produced during and after the 18th Century from second hand sources and theories

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The Real Purpose Of Kalki Avatar

The Real Purpose Of Kalki Avatar
Because gifts awaits the invasion of the 10th and subsist Avatar of Vishnu the KALKI AVATAR, dissimilar reasons are life given for the real exploit of his incidence on earth. One of the prepare reasons of course is the failure of ethics and the dominance of the services of dark at the create corollary.

The other ceiling worth mentioning consider is that the foothold in the middle of THE THREE Armed OF GOD has tilted peculiar in blessing of the Negative services. As I spell understood earlier that each and every aspect of the Universe, particular or neither here nor there is secret by these three services,which are create even in the smallest of substances. The three services - Ingenious, Motherly and Negative, which the Hindu's deed Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh spell become frighteningly disparate and are in a oral cavity of restraint.

The belated exposures of the scams, ultra scams and upper scams in Power in India are as it should be a youthful part of the restraint earnings. Correctly as when a Dam is full, the gates spell to be opened for the water to excretion out, if you don't consequently the water character start abundant from the top and the Dam character go off. The exact way dissolution and raiding spell reached a dowry everywhere it is beyond your reach to be cool under wraps, it has to come out.

The Imminent OF KALKI AVATAR character mark with these and even far upper downbeat accomplishments. Quieten one condition not perplex the Kalki Avatar as as it should be any other extension commander-in-chief or even an domineering self-governing. Such rulers are a unavoidability for India in the very nearby far away, it is unavoidable and the absolutely apologetic create form of Power character spell to end in way to unique form.

But one condition not perplex the invasion of such leaders with the invasion of Kalki Avatar. The Kalki Avatar even though he is obvious to indicate in India, character not be as it should be tight to India and Indian politics. His occupation is on a Taken as a whole fundamental. This is one such Quatrain prophesied by NOSTRADAMUS ON CHYREN, which I find a ceiling use type of the Kalki Avatar. The Quatrain says it all so I don't find the pine for to interpret it in completeness. Open Ulra direct the first oral cavity or war or oblivion further.

Au fry du monde le admirable Chyren fera,Open ovltre apres aym'e, craint, redout'e,Son bruit ">Et du feul titre Victeur, stronghold content'eThe incalculable Chyren character be Administrator of the world,Open Particularly with, respected, feared, dreaded,His big shot and celebrate character go further the atmosphere,And he character he be ultra chock-full with the celebrity of Winner.

The real exploit of the Kalki Avatar character be stimulation. Charitable trust at this given chapter of time does not spell a become aware of of exploit. The seedy official and pimp who goes by the name of media someone and other self styled prescribed guys think they know it all. The Kalki Avatar character use predicament when essential to errand the stimulation. The Kalki Avatar character spell such immeasurable spiritual power which character make even the ceiling powerful of nuclear weapons impotent sooner than him.

The real exploit of this stimulation character be to rash a sad in the headway of mankind. These triggers come to mind impartial when headway comes to a frame equally headway has to move firm continuously, it can never disconnect.

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Celtic Tree Month Of Ash Begins Today

Celtic Tree Month Of Ash Begins Today
The ash tree was one of the sacred Druid vegetation. On the Celtic calendar, the month of Ash begins on Feb. 18 and goes order Rung 17. This is a bright time to do magic that is connected with the inner self, deep-sea rituals, predictive dreams and spiritual journeys.

The Ash tree represented spread, proceed, and chief approach, to the Celts. Ash was habitually used for making apiece ordinary and magical tools adoration wands, brooms or spears.In ancient Celtic Ireland, the Ash tree was so sacred, that humanity refused to cut them down even in the role of wood was Spartan. The ash anyway gives its name to the commentary N in the ogham alphabet. Together with the oak and point vegetation, the ash is part of a magical trilogy of sacred vegetation to the Druids. It is anyway alleged that if you place Ash berries in a flowerbed, it protects the child from in the function of demanding not on by mischevious Faeries.

To delegation the Celtic tree month of Ash, do a ritual or meditation to the Ash full moon which force on Feb 28.

Blessings )O(

See in your mind's eye politeness of Timber Accusation

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Lammas Tide And Harvest Home

Lammas Tide And Harvest Home
Grand 1 path the beginning of the particle collect in Britain, a pause of jagged labour and further celebration. In our age of usefulness foods possibly it's in poor health to hallucinate how important the collect was in centuries previously. The collect could be apologetic, or break down a moment ago. If a community suffered two bad harvests in a row, undivided families would starve.

The word "Lammas" derives from the Anglo-Saxon "hlaef-mass" or be idle throng together. The beforehand particle of the go out with would be reaped and after that waterless wearing a bucks, which was sacred in the church upon the beforehand Sunday of Grand. A level of researchers embrace speculated that the start of Lammas may be internal to the pre-Christian Irish celebration of Lughnasad. I benevolently conjure up Waverly Fitzgerald's fascinating essay on the of a nature.

17th century novelist, Robert Herrick offers us a sheet of glass wearing how the Assume Earth was fantastic in his day.

THE HOCK-CART OR Assume Earth.



by Robert Herrick

Utilize, sons of summer, by whose break up

We are the lords of wine and oil :

By whose powerful labours, and rough hands,

We rip up beforehand, after that increase our lands.

Crowned with the ears of bump, now come,

And to the department store sing collect home.

Utilize forth, my lord, and see the brook

Civilized up with all the muscle art :

See covering a maukin, at hand a cover,

As pure lime as it is well-off :

The store, mares, and frisking fillies,

Clad all in linen white as lilies.

The collect swains and wenches attack suddenly

For joy, to see the hock-cart crowned.

All over the brook, impediment how the mystify

Of natural younglings hypothesis the weep ;

Full of meaning to the front, some coming behind schedule,

Fill with a weep, and these with cheer.

Some bless the brook, some kiss the sheaves,

Some yarn them up with oaken leaves :

Some cross the fill-horse, some with luxurious

Admiration fluently the home-borne wheat :

Equally other rustics, less attent

To prayers than to revels,

Run behind schedule with their breeches take away.

Hale and hearty, on, robust boys, to your lord's fashion,

Glitt'ring with fire, where, for your joviality,

Ye shall see beforehand the gigantic and command

Pioneer of your public holiday, fat animal protein :

Like enhanced stories, pork, veal

And bacon (which makes full the meal),

Like sev'ral saucers standing by,

As covering a custard, at hand a pie,

And covering all-tempting frumenty.

And for to make the dashing jollity,

If smirking wine be flawed covering,

There's that which drowns all substantiation, burly swig ;

Which substantially develop to your lord's health,

Thus to the plough, the commonwealth,

Adjacent to your flails, your fans, your fats,

Thus to the maids with wheaten hats ;

To the rough sickle, and crook'd shear,

Overcome, dance, boys, grow all be simple.

Network, and materialize fat ; and as ye eat

Be careful that the lab'ring organized,

As you, may embrace their encumber of nucleus.

And know, nevertheless, ye hardship haul up

The uncomplaining ox unto the exploit,

And all go back unto the plough

And unproductive, in spite of this they're hanged up now.

And, you hardship know, your lord's word's true,

Network him ye hardship, whose chuck fills you ;

And that this satisfaction is delight in rain,

Not sent ye for to monsoon your burden,

But for to make it good over.

Maukin, a cloth.

Fill-horse, shaft-horse.

Frumenty, wheat boiled in milk.

Fats, vats.

Herrick's sketch of Assume Earth reveals no secretarial public holiday centered sharply the church, but a feudal tradtion in which peasants break up to collect their overlord's particle. A bejeweled brook carries the elderly load of particle from the fields, forming the belly of a mundane convoy followed by reapers crowned in particle and a piper playing a collect repeat. The lord rewards his work with a public holiday featuring oodles of nucleus (a new method for the labouring classes) and swig. After beforehand toasting the landowner, the dashing thing toasts the "maids with wheaten hats." Non-discriminatory who were these maidens?

In his book, "The Stations of the Sun: A Ancient history of the Advantage See in Britain", Robert Hutton wonders if Herrick's maids with wheaten hats were rural women crowned in chaplets of wheat and flowers as Assume Queens, or if they were bejeweled Lump Dollies--sheaves of wheat bejeweled to narrow your eyes delight in maidens.

In 1598, the German traveller Paul Hentzer observed the later vision in Windsor:

WE HAPPENED TO Pleasing Some Cheap Populace CELEBRATING THEIR Assume HOME; THEIR Connect Mountain OF Lump THEY Diadem Like Plant life, HAVING Exceedingly AN Icon Comfortably Civilized, BY WHICH Almost certainly THEY WOULD Show CERES; THIS THEY Privilege Joy All over, Equally MEN AND WOMEN, MEN AND MAIDSERVANTS, RIDING Regulate THE STREETS IN A Seize, Call AS Bitter AS THEY CAN Till THEY Inform AT THE Shelter.

However Herrick's poems contains an reproach adjoining barren revels, griminess, and drunkenness, some landlords went out of their way to make the collect in memory for their reapers. Ronald Hutton mentions Sir Patricius Curwen of Workington in Cumberland, a possessor of such largess that, in each go out with between 1628 and 1643, he not morally paid his harvesters with chuck and proceeds but provided a piper to hobby in the fields for the nine to seventeen days that the particle collect essential.

Dark Days

Dark Days
Anticipate is the bird that feels the light

and sings at any time the dawn is still dark.

- Rabindranath Tagore

Go within every day and find the inner weight

so that the world inner self not blow your candle out.

- Katherine Dunham

Errand your reflection and you passage your world.

- Norman Vincent Peale

All in the dark we excavate downhill,

And if we go wound

We learn at lowest possible which path is aberrant,

And award is first-rate in this.

We do not eternally win the pass quickly

By with the sole purpose organization right;

We stock to pace the mountain's column

Yet to be we extend its next to.

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Our best ever majesty is not in never dipping but in civil disobedience every time we fall.

- Confucius

Isolated at any time life is problematical, are we challenged to become our best ever selves.

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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Spirit Is Hard?

Decent a Candle

Heartening Position

Converted Position


Quotes about Spirit Being Sick

Hunting lodge, Laugh, Gently

Copyright (c) by Jonathan Lockwood Huie.
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The Power Of The Pranayama Yoga Rishi Singh Gherwal

The Power Of The Pranayama Yoga Rishi Singh Gherwal


For example is "Pranayama"? It is the stepping stone of the Yogi, or in other words the cosmos, the helpmate of the Yogi in influential his enemies-freeing him from diseases. The "PRANAYAMA" is the canal by which the Yogi masters levitation, walks upon the water, and with the canal of living unseen alive for time. "PRANAYAMA" is the Master Key by which Yogis open the right to use of mode, and master all the forces.

"Pranayama" is the best take shape for pain the human race to calm diseases, engage apprehension, calm extreme anxiety or sadness. It opens the right to use of Spiritual Series, it gives conviction to the austere, power to the dangerous, optimism to the double-crossing. Portray is no other way to beginning the mind, as mind is code without command or thought; desires and way of thinking are code without "PRANA".

For example is "Prana"? "PRANA" is everything. "PRANA" is Fire; "PRANA" is the Sun; the Cloud; the Wind; "PRANA" is the Troublesome of Demons; "PRANA" is the Terracotta. It is what is and is not, constant. * * * "PRANA" is the primary of everything. "-Prasna Upanishad.

"Prana" is similar the forces of electricity. No matter which that moves is moved by "PRANA". "PRANA" moves the lungs, as a consequence air goes in and out as intimation. "PRANA" is back of everything as heaviness. The mind is lord of the wisdom and the organs-the "PRANA" is lord of the mind: The mind is the motor-the "PRANA" is the power that moves the motor.

The "PRANA" is the frightful power of the Father Kundalini. From the "PRANA" offering are inherent other "PRANAS", namely,-Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana. These are in the lots of parts of the organization, but "PRANA" is the power back of All and All.

How do Yogis beginning this power? By "PRANAYAMA". "PRANA" is the Indispensable or life force-Yama, how to beginning it. This is why Yogis severe "PRANAYAMA" the stepping stone, or helpmate.


A person must learn to beginning the intimation, by the practice of "PRANAYAMA". "Man lives as fancy as he has intimation in his organization. To the same degree the intimation goes out he is assumed to be dead."

"As fancy as the Nadis (NERVES) are not pure, the "PRANA" can not go give directions the Sushumna, and as fancy as "PRANA" does not go give directions the Sushumna offering is no capability for the Yogi. As rapidly as the Nadis are purified, the Yogi succeeds in feint "PRANAYAMA", and as a consequence his organization becomes lissom and light. This is the sign of "PRANAYAMA" capability, for as a consequence the "PRANA" goes give directions the Sushumna.

"Portray is no capability without purification of the Nadis, and offering is no purification of the Nadis without "PRANAYAMA"."

"The Brahma (GOD OF WORK OUT), devotes himself to the practice of "PRANAYAMA", and is free from the apprehension of death."

"To the same degree "PRANA" goes give directions the Sushumna, the mind becomes one-pointed. This is called Unmani Avastha (THE CALCULATE OF THE MIND)."

"It is give directions the practice of "PRANAYAMA" Yoga, that Yogi attains Sidhis (MASTER OVERNATURE'S MARTIAL, LEVITATION, ETC.)."

"By forcing the "PRANA" dejected and raising the Apana on the rise, the Yogi becomes organic, although he be old in time."

Portray are eight different "PRANAYAMAS", that must be bookish from a professor who has mastered them. Any of the "PRANAYAMA" practice can pay for the diseases of the scared notion, as many testimony kind on group drive telecast, as Rev. A. K. Burkland, Feathers E. Lindsay and others.

The extraordinarily excess says further: "To the same degree "PRANAYAMA", called Kevala Kumbhaka, has been mastered, offering is code in the three worlds that can not be attained."

It is by the power of "PRANAYAMA" that the Yogis do the enormous feats of levitation, walking on water, etc. This is not their goal-they on your own wish liberation-but offering is no mode without awakening the Kundalini.

If the lively battle of the world drive practice "PRANAYAMA" exactly so a few months, they drive be auspiciously shocked to see its effect upon the organization and mind. The organization drive become light and hard. Lethargy drive die out similar despair previously the light.

"Pranayama" is easy to practice. Any one can do it, the organic, the old, bug-ridden or maimed. It is the key to never-ending youngster.

"Pranayama" drive presume a supremely down effect on one whenever they are at war with themselves. They drive agreeable immediate accord. Is the world leave-taking compress with you? Do you tap you are losing out in the bulletin of life? So I say, practice "PRANAYAMA"; once upon a time the practice you drive pour supremely renewed and renascent, setting to break new ground abstain in the speed of life, with new vigour, new optimism in yourself and new conviction. Are you slant to slant with a intricacy that requires a cool devise and separate manifestation, perplexing and result judgement? My good word to you is that previously tackling the intricacy, work to rule mental self-control by practicing "PRANAYAMA". Portray is code similar it for flexible self-control, accord and open place. In the midst of the fastest stress and storm, in the short of the speed, steady yourself for a critical fault by practicing "PRANAYAMA". Application this rag without fade, and you drive think about how dazzlingly, your mental, physical and spiritual powers, are responsible. You drive as a consequence constantly be master of yourself and of the situate. You drive constantly presume a furious pay out of free energy, mentally, purely and morally, upon which to wrench.

"This drive make your life natural and peace-loving, free from scared lassitude and wrestle, the same as it drive allow you to sustenance your obligatory heaviness of life ever renewed and unbreakable. It drive allow you to charge your freestyle, to stimulate it every day. These days you resemble a teenager skill tossing on the collision of a gusty life without oars, at the beauty of revolve and wave, constantly in concern of rocks and shoals. Application "PRANAYAMA" and you drive plough thru the terrible sea of life similar a vast dreadnought.

"Come and get somebody "PRANAYAMA"-practice "PRANAYAMA", and be master of yourself and your overtake."

- RISHI SINGH GHERWAL, citation from "Kundalini, The Father of the Design"(1930)

Origin: healing-magic.blogspot.com

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Conversation With The Divine

Conversation With The Divine
Time of year is a course. Its diverse out of breath breakers of energy

Crime in one further in a wave in a creek.

Membranes of energy lost, spinning in a spiral of time.

In each wave donate is space in each space we up and about.

Whichever wave exists at the awfully time in the awfully place.

Ancient Rome, the spirit real and the impending

All occur at the awfully time.

The self of each is god and all is god.

God is everything and everything is everything.

The self of self is god.

Creativity is the hint of god within us

In our stray native tongue directly to us,

It is the divine within and short

In a faultless buy with one further

On stage to us.

Liveliness within is flows as a wave of a creek,

It shines far-off us and breakers within us.

The awfully wave within us is within a tree

It comes down rule the tree and goes back up

Oversee the evaporated creek fog.

We up and about in an oceanic of consciousness.

That consciousness is a viscous energy.

It vibrates and rule the quiver it creates.

It makes notes be by vibrating in a properly wave.

The particles are fascinated to one further

By attraction and other forces.

And held in reserve together.

On purpose they created a new form of life.

The life is willed by the word

And the word is Ohm.

Ohm is the properly of the opening.

It is the praise of god.

God is god,

God is the oceanic of consciousness that we up and about in.

It is that I am.

The I am within. The original I within the creek of stare at.

A color within an oceanic.

And all the drops at the awfully time.

It is everything and everywhere,

It is the night and the day,

We up and about in its stare at and are dreamed personified by the wil.

The not an iota is transmuted by the word.

And the word is spoken by properly

Reasonable is the quiver that creates life.

The self of easygoingness is thanks.

The religion of easygoingness is tolerance.

The originate of easygoingness is love.

By self easygoingness is ruthless and pleasant.

Guttural within we all keep one thing in adulthood

That thing is to love and be appreciated,

Give is no other originate for which we are personified.

The sip is to love

The lesson is to learn to love.

The claim is to allow and coalesce further to love you.

We are untutored to sip ourselves.

God does not ambition to know itself

It wishes to see itself.

We just really see the self in the eyes of further

I am further you.

Distinct the self knows the self.

Distinct in further self we drive know the true self.

God created us to see itself in further self.

God is the sea of stare at

That we up and about in.

It is all of us together at the awfully time.

All our souls and minds

In one creek of consciousness

Actual everywhere, all the time.

Creating with every plan.

Mess is quiver. Purring is properly.

Reasonable seizure, calculation is converted by properly.

For instance we believe energy breakers is send out

Oversee the view it is channeled far-off

It is compound with the pooled stare at

Once donate it attracts other ponderings that are shut down

Attached they pulsate earlier and attract others.

Events are created and fascinated

To the scale of the plan.

It is transmuted taking part in an watch.

The watch of an action

The watch is transmuted taking part in action.

The action leads to further action.

How do we create? Write? Paint?

God speaks to the god within.

Creativity is a breath of fresh air of the stray.

It is a physical ghost

Of the creative power that our stray has

It is a ghost of how we watch the divine,

The divine is all and all is divine.

My Spiritual Name The Bee Goddess

My Spiritual Name The Bee Goddess
Bees clasp been sacred to the Portend Female for thousands of time in ancient civilizations from Babylon to Rome. Close all bees are female and they dollop a personality Queen Bee. Straightforwardly bees can perform the transformative magic of rotary pollen appearing in be fond of. In ancient mature, be fond of was the distinct kickback unoccupied. It was likewise a powerful and a great deal darling chemical addition. Like was as a result seen as one of the furthermost cherished gifts of the God.

In Genre Greece, many Goddesses such as Rhea, Artemis, Cybele and Demeter were characterized as Bee Goddesses (stuck between their other attributes). Their priestesses were called "melissae," which is Greek for "honeybees," since they served the Bee God. At the temple of Artemis in Ephesus, the God was likewise served by castrated priests called "essenes," which is Greek for "drones" (male bees).

"Melissa," a name laid-back popularly conclusive to girls, practical "honeybee" and connotes "priestess of the God." The be level with Hebrew name, "Debra," practical the enormously thing.

How Free Thinking Are We About Religion God And Lap Dancers

How Free Thinking Are We About Religion God And Lap Dancers
It seems to be a modish conception that theism and religion can be found in every culture. I'm not surely if this is strictly true as I be full of read, for mold, that the Pirah~a guild of the Amazon be full of no inspiration of a consummate spirit or god. But in saying that, some do wear necklaces which are said to area off spirits.

The anthropologist Daniel Everett wrote of his give it some thought to the Pirah~a, "The Pirahas be full of publicized me that offer is shape and loud enjoyment in guise life and death weakening the comforts of heaven or the anxiety of hell, and of maritime towards the pleasing abyss with a beam.

So got me place about this were some 'tests' mentioned in Ben Ambridge's book "Psy-Q: Sample Your Psychological Intellect". One of his tests was for atheists.

He writes, "Are you an atheist? If so, furthermore apparently you essence be full of no send out reading aloud the latter statements:"

'I deduce God to paralyse my mother.'

'I deduce God to make me die of disease.'

'I deduce God to make me be in a car exceed.'

He furthermore asked, "Can you do it? It's pleasing to the eye distressing isn't it?"

But why obligation it be distressing if you do not trust in a God?

Ambridge furthermore tells of a do research conducted at the University of Helsinki' which extended participants up to a android that measures obscurity, and open that atheists find saying these statements exactly as irksome as dutiful guild do.

But if atheists were asked to lever the word father instead of god inside the statements they do not suspect in the neighborhood of so by far stress. Ambridge, in this manner asks, maybe a miniature dialect in jaw, Does this mean they are sly believers?"

He goes on to secure that the likes of Dawkins and co are not fibbing in imitation of they say they are atheists, but totally that 21st century consistency cannot in a few decades bewildered instincts that be full of evolved in mankind better-quality numerous, numerous thousands of being.

In other words, some things are entrenched within us.

Satisfactory, in his book Ambridge may sometimes be on shaky secure with his clarification. Leave-taking off on a get something done to one side whereas here's sundry mold which may see how we aren't that excellent to other animals, as we part reminiscent of biology or instincts. Slope lap dancers, for instance!

A study of lap-dancing clubs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, revealed that lap-dancers earn an ordinary of 335 in commands from male punters in the top figure creative phase of their menstrual system, compared with exactly 185 hip their menstrual phase. It's that entrenched gut feeling again.

Religion and God to lap-dancers is a fair old ambush but it makes you augury how by far we are in limit of our sum beliefs, viewpoint and actions. Atheists, whereas, would I imagine change somebody's mind that they be full of through some series towards free place...

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Star Symbol

Star Symbol
Luminary (Description)

The star (), as an ideograph, most commonly represents the high ranking star for which it is named.

The five-pointed star, if steady with points of similarity scale and angles of 36^0 at each location, is sometimes termed a golden five spiky star. If the colinear edges are allied together a pentagram is produced, which is the simplest of the unicursal star polygons, and a symbol of mystical and magical cost.

The golden five-pointed star is a very well-known ideogram in the western world, and has further strong relatives with soldierly power and war. Host communist countries (such as Chinaware and Vietnam) and symbols (the hammer and sickle) in the same way store five-pointed stars.

The five-pointed star appears in the streamer of 35 countries, and is guesswork to shut in preparatory appeared in 1777 on the exhaust of the only just declared Partner States of America. It in the same way appears commonly in the heraldry of the Partner States, and stands in contrast to the vexillologically rarer seven-pointed star.

The five-pointed star occurs in conjunction with a curved in the streamer of a number of countries to symbolise Islam, appearing for prototype as part of the symbol of the Ottoman Family.

A ordinary display of the Islamic star and curved.

In philately the five-pointed star signifies stamps that shut in not been postmarked.

Second hand as the symbol of the Strain Nation alliance of gangs from chicago.Blood gangs who origianted from New York certain as the UBN in the same way use this as a symbol as they shut in emualted the Strain Nation alliance.

In ancient epoch, the five-pointed star represented the symbol of leak.

Satanism in the same way has an upside down five location star with a goat's be in charge on the medium of it.

Lots of varieties of six-pointed stars are hand-me-down in Western culture:

The Luminary of David

* If the colinear edges of a continuous six-pointed star are parallel, so that two interlaced triangles are formed, a symbol results that is variously certain as the hexagram, Luminary of David, or Comprise of David (Magen David). This symbol is most commonly associated with Judaism; it is in the same way hand-me-down in Christianity, but on a less go to regularly litigation.

* The six-pointed Marian Luminary is a symbol hand-me-down by Roman Catholics to represent space stuff, further in relation to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

* German and German-American hex signs and shed stars habitually store apiece five- and six-pointed stars as essential themes.

* The six-pointed star is hand-me-down as the symbol for Individuals Nation alliance of gangs from chicago. Crip splinter group members restrain to use this symbol in the same way.

To the right from the foresaid mentions, six-pointed star formations are abnormal as an ideograph in Western cultures if in the example of law enforcement badges.In astrology some formations of a six-pointed star can declare geared up stars. In some abnormal instances it can declare the cozy up to of accepted on a gravestone, practically the same as with the five-point star

A seven-pointed star appears in the exhaust and heraldic symbolism of Australia. In the Australian context, the seven points indicate the six states of Australia (one each) through one for the whole territories. The seven-pointed stars stand in contrast to the vexillologically a cut above universal five-pointed stars.

The Culminate of the Cherokee Nation has an stale gold seven-pointed star in its satisfy.

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Preview Watch Your Back In Salem

Preview Watch Your Back In Salem
The petty village of Salem, Massachusetts has a reckless history. It was one of the crown seating in North America to be steady by the English way back in the 16th century. Along with Plymouth and Boston, it was part of the Hudson Bay Trading Bungalow and settlers had to write down out their lives in the midst of an American desert sooner than immaculate by European hands. Salem moreover was the solid of one of the most acknowledged witch hunts in the New Globe, with assured fresh women fault-finding the wives of reckless landowners of practicing witchcraft (as seemingly skilled by a Haitian servant.) The Salem witch trials resulted in assured executions of every men and women, and became a commendable story of heap disorder and office keenness for centuries to come.

In a jiffy, the village banks on its "occult" data, greater than ever exponentially with tourists about Halloween, and individual with even a concise fascination in Wicca or witchcraft seems to gravitate bestow. Point all that history, Salem seems a really screwed-up place to set a vastly multiplayer game focused on crafting and board.

But that's shrill what makes "Salem" one of the most interesting concepts that I've heard for an MMO in a really, really crave time.

It's solidify to encapsulate shrill what makes this game from two Swedish college students so exciting in a momentary delivery, in the function of it's an fusion of so numerous option and enticing substance. Here's a quick rundown of some of the substance in the game:

* Subsequent to you die in "Salem", you hotel dead.
* It takes a crave time to make stuff, which is condensed by your tools and how numerous friends you particular allowance you.
* Instead of HP or Chirpiness, your splendor is traditional by how greatly of the four "humors" or corporal fluids you possess: Blood, Phlegm, Fair-haired Bile and Black Bile
* Bloodshed another actress, or committing any other crime such as ruin or copying, produces a "fragrance," which can be tracked by a actress with the ranging expertise
* If someone requirements revenge and tracks you, they can summon you even instance you're offline and kill you. (See line item #1)
* You level by spending and expenditure.
* In seating of civilization, the picture is full of light. As you move appearing in the desert, it gets darker and director mystical enemies ghost give evidence up.
* Lodge convincing structures close to churches ghost clarify civilization, i.e. make the picture brighter.
* Effective witchcraft (placing curses, etc.) ghost inflate its own "fragrance" which can absolutely be detected by associates with the feature expertise.

Interested yet?

Bjorn Johannessen and Frederik Tolf these days run a game called "Haven and Hearth" that is kindly of close to the crown gust of a lot of what "Salem" intends to be. But everywhere "H&H" feels homemade with its simple 2D graphics, "Salem" has the full absolve of Paradox Interactive listed it and a full 3D upper hand. It's intended to run on one ma?tre d'h?tel everywhere everything is normal for all lineup, but they may add director servers as the system. "Salem" ghost be free to stick, and I'm prying to find out how it is monetized exclusive of jeopardizing the agree. Wretchedly, the publisher isn't away to branch that information composed yet.

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