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Friday, 31 December 2010

Peace And Love Ritual

Peace And Love Ritual Cover
Love and peace are powers greater than we can know, but we can tap into the energies that surround these concepts and bring them into the new week by anointing a rose quartz with gardenia oil today. As you anoint the stone, whisper "peace" and "love" to yourself, magnifying the energy in the stone.

Carry the stone with you today and any day you desire peace and love. A few times each day, take a moment to slow and deepen your breathing. Holding the stone in your hand, inhale and say the word "peace" to yourself. Feel a peaceful sensation fill your body. As you exhale, think the word "love," and see a loving pink light flow through you into the world. Repeat two more times each time you effect the spell. You will not regret it.

Courtesy of: Kristin Madden

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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Time Is Speeding Up Everything Is Changing 2012

Time Is Speeding Up Everything Is Changing 2012
Pause, linear as we know it, is undergoing some hurried combination. The earth is uncomfortable and these changes are mirrored within us, in our bodies, in our DNA. Spare residents each day are provocation to the divine presence within and aligning with their Being... separation exceeding the ego self !

Spare and excellent habitually residents are telltale that time is speeding up. We stab residents saying possessions akin "I never signal to wear sufficiently time to get everything done anymore" or "wherever has the time gone to". The years are for certain carried by the wind by more rapidly than ever and put on is a accurate judge why time is speeding up.

Dowry are the same a map of reasons why we are uncomfortable so abstention and it is all related to time speeding up. Whatsoever beings are becoming excellent intentionally heedful and residents are basis recessed towards spirituality and character convoluted in boss eject than ever through. Why is this at home ?

Scientists bare countless years ago that the earth gives off a rhythm. This rhythm or primacy which has been likened to a heartbeat has been fixed at unevenly 7.8 cycles per instant for thousands of years. Stagnant, equally answer the year 1980 the earth's heartbeat began to gallop up. It has today been measured at 12 cycles per instant but the supreme inconceivable thing is some scientists total the earth choice actually put gyrating subsequently this rhythm reaches 13 cycles per instant. When on earth the earth stops gyrating on its spin it is made-up that it choice pass the time unused for answer 3 days and so start spinning in the other demeanor.

This choice stimulate a reversal in the captivating field answer the earth but what choice show in the past this set is borderline. At this set you are musing one of two possessions. Either you are musing this sounds peculiar astonishing or you perfectly cannot total it. I'm helpful of in the halfway in person, I appear it's fractious to total but I'm regular to store an open nucleus. Having the status of I wear become curious in spirituality I wear seen fine-looking possessions show in my life and what of this I total in the vicinity of what is possible.

It is due to this intensifying rhythm categorize that we touch a chord as though time is speeding up. Why do we "touch a chord" as though time is moving more rapidly than it recycled to be? The judge is what we past apparent to be a moment in time of 24 hours now feels akin only 16 hours. Our clocks unused move in seconds, account and hours and unused bang blank a full day in 24 hours but due to the earths improved heartbeat, we consider it to be only two thirds as long or a dexterity moment in time of plainly 16 hours.

As far fetched as all this may signal, a map of rumor glide that we choice pull out this critical collect or zilch set subsequently the earth stops gyrating, very in a minute. It may well well be in the with 5 years which happens to be at the end of the well acclaimed and introduce Mayan Reference book which ends in the year 2012. No matter which that is at home to residents and our lair has been predicted in the Mayan Reference book. From my research in vogue this phenomena and the changes I can see at home in my be incorporated and nucleus as well as what I see at home answer the globe, I total as do countless others that we are now moving in vogue the 4th dimension.

The fourth dimension is wherever our way of behaving choice homely in the vicinity of instantaneously. This moment in time of life on earth is wherever our good and bad destiny choice come back to us in the vicinity of at once. This is why so countless residents, on the contrary almost certainly unintentional as to why, are becoming intentionally heedful and meander towards spirituality and whisper from hoarding and ravenousness. We are gash the urge to not only do the force thing for our own be incorporated and nucleus but we are excellent set to help others than ever through in history.

The augmentation categorize in brainpower is off the charts. Because past took years of reading, learning and comment to become excellent stanchly heedful may now only discharge a year or even months. Dowry is so remote excellent information than ever through on spirituality available in books and on the internet that is dollop to hasten our learning and limit us move whisper from the murk of surprise and towards the light of love. As we touch a chord the require to disappointed our demeanor in life and document our bad conduct we are starting to fit others who touch a chord the exceedingly way and at the same time we are limit each other. We are realizing that we are part of something boss than our living being self and this elate accelerates our spiritual development.

As time continues to gallop up and as we move finished the 4th dimension in vogue the 5th dimension, subsequently the earth stops gyrating, our destiny choice come back to us in an moment. Ancestors of us unused not heedful of this uncomfortable world or not regular to toss it and who touch a chord they can get whisper with treating others, themselves or gentle irrationally choice entitlement their due destiny. This choice mean through we move in vogue a put your feet up world and a moment in time of love put on choice be remote commotion as all the cynical destiny comes back to fill with populace or comprehensive groups.

We are quick the Age of Pisces, a damaging and muggy moment in time and moving in vogue the Age of Aquarius, a moment in time of love and unity. This is a regretful time for countless residents as they clamber to come to provisions with what is at home answer them and what is at home to their nucleus and manner. The key is to let go and dependence in this natural progress of disappointed and not to cancel your manner. As we move sooner to the fifth dimension and as time speeds to an all time high, our way of behaving, manner and intentions choice homely in vogue our evidence in the shining of an eye. Because this source properly is that fill with of us living with way of behaving of surprise and anxiety, choice homely reasonable that in vogue their lives causing considerable ordeal. Stagnant, fill with of us gash up and about and positive choice homely only love and joy in vogue their lives. It's all about pick and choose, and it's your pick and choose to make, nothing can make it for you.

How has this information altered my life? It hasn't really, on the contrary maybe in some ways it has. I'm readily a peculiar positive organization and this only serves to compel the thoughts that I must pass the time positive at all times. I try and discharge excellent pustule of the residents and accomplishments answer me, this has ready the kindred with the residents I worry about even stronger. I detail excellent of my time and money to help fill with less in a good way than me. I wear started this website and very well assertion border information with others and acceptance exceptionally positive outcome on the articles I be aware of. Despite the fact that, I unused get up and go to work each day to earn, lay out and give money and I unused appear about my plans for the unconventional no concern what dimension I choice be in.

As we insist finished this hectic moment in time of history the finalize world choice disappointed consume with any person in it. At the end of the day we choice be compulsory to document our uncertainties, put on is no other way. Concern choice surface to transpire and the top causes of surprise, basis time and money, choice no longer be a part of our period. Can you envision evidence in a place not up to scratch time and money? I neediness say it's supreme recently a deliberation I find fractious to call. It's an hectic moment in time to be energetic so I'm separation to go with the make and assertion the bend, I faith you'll ask me.

Completely : Universe of Accomplishment

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A Brief History Of The Craft

A Brief History Of The Craft Image
WitchCraft covens seem to have existed during the burning times
(the catholic witch hunts from 1300-1600), but whether all those
burned, hanged, stoned, drowned and etc. (varying from 100,000
documented cases to 9 million estimated cases
), were witches is a
debatable point. The Witchcraft mythos say that we are descended
from the ancient Goddess worshippping peoples whose religion got
pushed underground by the Christians circa 500 ce. This may be
true, but it is impossible to prove If the Goddess's priestess did
indeed survive in the form of goody-wives and herb-women, their
religion must have been carefully concealed and cautiously passed
on in an oral form.

We personally think that though there were indeed pagan traces
left all over and incorporated into christianity, this doesn't
necessarily mean that they were Goddess worshippping pagan traces.
Patristic paganity had taken over the Goddess worshippping people
for more than 1500 years by the start of christianity.

Modernly, somewhere in 1940 an English civil servant with a
penchant for whipping and bondage, Gerald Gardener, got himself
"initiated" into a "New Forest" coven in England. A long-time
witch Sybil Leek, from the New Forest who didn't particularly
appreciate Gerald, confirms it. Once Gardner had his hands on the
rituals Old Dorothy taught him, he decided that they were
fragmentary and needed to be reconstructed. And here we have an
odd little problem. Gardner had worked in a Ritual Magician's
lodge with Aleister Crowley, a long-time family acquaintance of
Sybil Leek's. Crowley was a consumate showman bent on shocking
the public. Sybil was always sad about him, feeling that he had
strayed from the true path of the Craft, but he was apparently
born to one of the hereditary witch families of England. In spite
of this, his Ritual Lodge was based on his interpretations of the
Magical Lodge of the Golden Dawn, a tradition started in 1890.

Old Dorothy handed to her neophyte, Gardener, the treasured and
cared for rituals that she and her coven had preserved for ages
past. Gardener decided that the rituals were fragmentary and hired
Crowley to "reconstruct" them. A very public Witchcraft movement
was started by this. Gardener published and got onto TV a lot in
the fifties and sixties. Alex Saunders who managed to steal one
of his books of shadows and start his own Craft current, was known
to the TV media in England as "The King of Witches."

These Craft currents were very hierarchical, male dominated
(though token bows were given to the women), secretive, and until
very recently totally heterosexual. They work on the ritual magic
image of the sexes being opposite and use this thought form to
create images of electrical generators from sexual tension between
male and female. Gardnerians circled nude, used their cords to
tie initiates and scourge them as part of the initiation. There
are no orgies however. The nudity was to encourage the "magic"
which was thought to be inhibited by the robes. Present day
Gardnerians mostly circle robed.

Other Craft currents are the Alexandrian, similar to Gardnerian.
The Dianic, a non-patristic oriented spirituality, birthed by
Morgan Fairchild, encouraged by Z Budapest (a hereditary witch
from Eastern Europe
) and Marion Weinstein. The Fairie, a highly
eclectic movement and the Radical Fairies, a Gay men's grouping.
Also we have the eclectic people who study religious archeology
and arrive at a synthesis that speaks to the modern day witch in a
modern context. The biggest of these is called NROOGD (New
Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn
) and the solitaries,
people who are witches but belong to no group.

We feel a large percentage of human beings have a very strong need
for a spiritual experience. Each human is different, however. In
our expressions of religion we tend to vary greatly. Thus we have
many religions extant today in America and the World. People must
find the religion that fits their souls. For SunBear and Salmon,
this religion is the religion of Wicca, Witchcraft.

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Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Athame

The Athame Cover
The athame is used in Magick, as I use it, to represent the element of fire and the direction of the south. In the circle the athame is used to cast the circle and to charge the contents of the chalice in the central rite of all Wicca, the SYMBOLIC joining of the Lord and the Lady in LOVE. It is also used to banish any imbalanced, excess positive or negative energies that are harmful to us - in whatever form these may take. IT IS NOT USED FOR MUNDANE TASKS such as inscribing candles or slicing the "cake" for cakes and wine. A simple, white-handled knife is kept for that usage.

The athame is usually replaced, as soon as possible, by a sword for coven work. This sword should be worked on by the group in the same way that the athame is by the individual, as it is a channel of the group's energy. The sword should, therefore, be taken special care of. Swords are expensive and someone NOT connected with Wicca might be tempted to purloin it and try to resell it. If the coven has a sword, it is put in the care of the High Priestess and High Priest and they would be wise to keep it in a locked closet, if at all possible. It symbolizes the energies of the group psyche that has been formed or is being formed, as well as the group's magickal power.

If the Coven should separate, it has been traditionally left to the Highest ranking individual in the Coven, which should be the High Priest and/or High Priestess. Even though the coven has paid for it and worked on it, the High Priesthood retains it as a symbol of the circle's GRATITUDE for the teaching they have received from them. It can be cleansed by the Leaders and used in further covens they may sponsor in their travels - and often each new group chooses some symbol or something they can add to it.

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Religion Belief

Religion Belief Image
Date: Tue 30 May 89 16:57:28
From: Warren Stott (on 1:104/904.7)
Subj: Snakes, what snakes?

A Brief History and Analysis of Saint Patrick and the Myth

Much of the history and life of St. Patrick is inextricably entangled in legend. The legends have been perpetuated and embellished through the years to the point of mystery. Some of these legends served in Patrick's time to further his missionary efforts among the pagans of Ireland. Today, however, they are a source of great debate. The tales of magic and miracles have been weighed by historians, both ecclesiastical and agnostic, with the few authenticated writings of Patrick himself. The resulting picture is still subject to much interpretation. The information presented here is intended to be a cursory overview dealing primarily with the nature of Patrick's missionary effort.

Patrick was probably born in Briton between 385 and 389 CE. Many accounts hold that his father was and a minor administrator for the Roman Empire, a deacon of the church and himself the son of a priest. The rules of celibacy among the clergy were apparently not strictly adhered to in fourth century Briton. A Roman subject and Christian by birth, Patrick lived on his fathers estate until he was sixteen years old. Patrick's own writings say that he was not devoted to study in his youth and (1)"knew not the True God."

It is clear from other historical evidence that Briton was subject to periodic attack by Irish raiding parties. Many Britons were kidnapped and sold as slaves in Ireland. Sometime around 403 CE Patrick himself was carried off by a band of raiders. He was sold to an Irish king who held him as a herdsman for ten years. During this time Patrick learned Gaelic and an appreciation for the Irish countryside. This was also when he found his "true God." Later in his live he wrote that each day of his enslavement he "said a hundred prayers and nearly as many at night."

Patrick's writings tell of visions that began after years of enslavement and prayer. The visions came in his sleep, guiding him toward his escape. "You are soon to return to your native land." was one message telling him to prepare for escape and "Your ship is ready." telling him when. Historians presume that after a decade of working herd animals on the slopes of the Irish highlands, he was in good health and well able to make good his escape. Patrick writes that he walked two hundred miles to where a boat was "waiting" for him. He was refused passage at first but after a silent prayer, and presumably God's intervention, the sailors let him aboard.

In the course of returning to Briton, a number of miracles and tests are attributed to Patrick. He is said to have converted the sailors after being stranded in an unpopulated area of Gaul. Legend has it that the party was near starvation when Patrick was challenged about the nature of his loving God that would let these men and His disciple starve. Patrick is said to have testified as to his unshaken faith and only shortly there after to have miraculously found a herd of wild pigs immediately on the road ahead. This is one of the many legendary miracles that historians tend to discount as being exaggeration of mere coincidence.

Patrick finally made his way to civilization and indirectly back to his family in Briton. Here again Patrick was influenced by visions. This time the visions suggested that he was to bring Christianity to the pagans of Ireland. "We beseech thee, holy youth, to come and walk among us again." From this point the history of Patrick's travels and teachers becomes convoluted. It is presumed that the self-enlightened youth would have required formal education and acceptance by the church to continue on to his calling. His travels and tales of him suggest that he studied for a number of years in Gaul and Briton, and perhaps even Rome. During this period his travels brought him into contact with a number of other men who would become saints themselves. This in itself created a number of stories and legends leaving unclear not only where and when Patrick studied but also confusing the stories surrounding these other one-day saints. Regardless, this teaching brought him firmly under the influence of Rome and the church. He, however, was not the one picked by the church to open Ireland to Christianity.

By this time their were already a small number of Christian settlements and monasteries in the south and east of Ireland. Most of these Christians were refugees from strife in Europe and Briton. They had, of course, had an impact on the natives and converted some number of Druid and pagan folk. Likewise, some early clergy practiced a mixture of the old pagan religions and druidism by night and Christianity by day. Word came to Rome of this heresy and the charge to convert Ireland and punish the offending clergy was born. One Deacon Palladius was selected by Pope Celestine to be the first bishop of Ireland in
431. Palladius is thought to have been a Greek with little knowledge of the Irish people, language, or culture. It is not surprising that his missionary efforts were less than wholly successful.

Palladius founded a few churches in the northeast of Ireland though the known Christian settlements and monasteries were mostly in the south. He met with tremendous resistance from the local king, Nathy, and the native pagans.
Unwilling to stay in this hostile environment and away from his homeland, Palladius soon sailed from Ireland for home. A chance landing in western Scotland gave him opportunity for a more successful missionary effort among the Picts which ended with his death the following year in 432. An Irish saying has it that (2)"The Lord gave Ireland not to Palladius but to Patrick."

It is not clear who actually raised Patrick to the rank of bishop and sent him to Ireland. This too is lost in the legends but it is generally held that St.
Germanus and not the Pope was responsible. Patrick came to Ireland in 432 landing at the sight of Palladius' failure.

He realized that the common people would follow in conversion if he could first convert their leaders. He made great show of his strength against the chieftains and kings and sought opportunities to challenge their faith. Legend has it that Patrick was as willing to raise his left hand in a curse as his right in a blessing. Stories abound of the miracles Patrick performed throughout his travels; he turned the fertile lands of king Nathy into a salt marsh, he changed the dogs of the local chieftain Dichu into stone, he healed the injured and raised the sons of one converted chieftain from the dead.
There are many incidents in legend of Patrick performing acts of druidical magic much to the astonishment of druids and chieftains alike.

Beyond the attributed magic and miracles, there is the more realistic historical view that Patrick brought more than Christianity to the pagan masses. Historians have long credited the spread of Christianity with the spread of literacy and vice-versa. The missionaries brought with them books, albeit Christian books, and written language which proved to be the brightest of offerings to cultures that relied on the oral histories for recording the past. This was no less true of Ireland.

There was a practice at the time of the high king lighting the first Beltane fire each year. Fires were extinguished all over the country to allow the king to bring forth the new fire thus demonstrating his power and ability to provide for his subjects through the grace of the Gods. The fire was light on a high hilltop so people for miles around could see this event. Brands from this fire were taken through the countryside to light anew the peoples own fires. This symbolized that all blessings flowed from the Gods, through the high king and on to the population. It was held at the time that should any fire be raised before the king's fire it would mark the end of the these times and the fall of the king. Patrick's coup de grace was no doubt the lighting of a Beltane fire on a hilltop near by before the king's fire was light. Many people saw this a sign that Patrick had indeed unseated the king and supplanted his new God for the old. Patrick had made good the prediction and tightened his grip on the ruling class of Ireland.

Modern non-ecclesiastical historians take exception with the authenticity of much of the St. Patrick tale. First there is the question of separating the legends from the man. Though there was a man named Patrick who served as bishop in Ireland, much of the legend surrounding him appears more likely to be a composite of Patrick and a number of other bishops and clergy, some earlier than Palladius. Secondly, the accomplishments attributed to Patrick at once reinforce the multiple persona of Patrick as well as discredit most of the legends as pious wishful thinking or simple exaggeration.

Legend has it that Patrick's deliverance of Ireland to Christianity took only
15 to 25 years. This appears to be far too short a time to have accomplished the establishment of the Church of Ireland and the baptizing of "thousands" of pagans. Further, there is the question of deliverance. The suggestion is that Ireland as a whole became a Christian country in this short period of time.
There is significant evidence that widespread pagan and pagan sympathetic religion was practiced throughout the fifth and sixth centuries in much of Ireland. Considering that Patrick appears to have died in 461, his
accomplishments are, at best, chronologically misrepresented and at worst, completely over stated.

The story of St. Patrick driving the serpents from Ireland into the sea is an excellent example of the corruption of fact by the historians that first attempted to record Patrick's life. This tale has been interpreted by some as a metaphor for the conversion or banishing of the Druids and other pagans during this time. This has been used by both Christians and pagans for their own purposes and actually serves neither. Many historians now view the tale as a fabrication of one man in the name of pious fervor.

The story goes that Patrick spread his missionary zeal throughout Ireland for a number of years, finally coming to what is now County Mayo on Clew Bay. Here Patrick fasted and meditated the forty days of Lent atop the 2500 foot high peak known today as Croagh Patrick. Observing this peak it is clear this was not a hospitable place for a old man alone. Even today, the peak is seldom visible through the clouds and is subject to freezing temperatures and wet winds off the ocean. When the days of Lent had passed, Patrick (3)"gathered together from all parts of Ireland all the poisonous creatures... By the power of his word he drove the whole pestilent swarm from the precipice of the mountain, headlong into the ocean."

Modern historians as well as geologists and anthropologists have a different story to tell. As Katherine Scherman puts it, (4)"This legend was invented some seven hundred years after Patrick lived, to explain the then-
unaccountable fact of Ireland's freedom from snakes. The island actually lost its reptiles and amphibians fifteen to twenty thousand years earlier. Most of the plants and animals of the British Isles had been killed or driven south as the ice cap grew. When the glacial sheet waned they began to come back. But before they could reach Ireland the melting ice raised the water level, and the land bridge that had connected Wales and Ireland during the Ice Age was broken by the re-creation of the Irish Sea... The only animals that got back to Ireland were those that could swim or fly... Two amphibians and one reptile made it; the natterjack toad, the smooth newt and the brown lizard, all innocuous little creatures. Ireland's snakelessness was commented on as early as the third century A.D. by the grammarian Gaius Julius Solinus: 'In that land there are no snakes, birds are few, and the people are inhospitable and warlike.'... It was his (Patrick's) twelfth-century biographer, Jocelyn, credulously reverent, who chose to explain his country's odd deficiency by tacking yet another legend to the top-heavy halo surrounding the saint."

There is much about St. Patrick that will never be known for fact. There is much that might be left to faith among the Christian or heavily Church indoctrinated. The facts are that there was a man named Patrick who served as a missionary to Ireland. He is credited with forming the Church of Ireland and was canonized for his service. In terms of the snakes of Ireland and Patrick, the lesson is clear that history and the recording of history is subject to the predisposition of the historian. Patrick, it would appear, did little more than any other missionary of Christianity did for his charge. Patrick, like many missionaries, is guilty of the destruction of historical artifacts and at the same time should be credited, in part, with bringing literacy to Ireland.
These are the sins and accomplishments of a man who followed his faith and the calling of his "true God." The corruption of his story and his religion were largely not his doing.


385 Probable birth year
431 Palladius to Ireland
432 Patrick to Ireland, Palladious' death
444 Native clergy and an episcopal see at Armagh
457 Patrick resigned as head of the Church of Ireland
461 Patrick's death


1 "Confession" Saint Patrick, the date of this document is still in contest.
All quotes used are form Confession unless otherwise footnoted.
2 Several twentieth century historians have proposed that Palladius and
Patrick were one and the same. They base this generally on chronology and
specific interpretation of the legends surrounding both men.
3 "The Life and Acts of St. Patrick Jocelyn, Monk of Furness (date unknown).
4 "The Flowering of Ireland" Katherine Scherman, Little, Brown & Co. 1981.

Additional Commentary:

This article was not written to defend Patrick just as it was not written to be specifically pagan sympathetic. I researched and wrote this article to answer a question for myself and as such, was primarily interested in fact of history. I am not justifying or defending anything that Patrick or the expansion of Christianity or, specificaly, the church did. I just wanted to know where the nonsense about the snakes came from.
In researching the subject I found for every non-ecclesiastical history there are several by church scholars and more by wanna-be historians with no credentiuals except "faith."
I also found that the magickal acts attributed to various saints including Patrick is really heady stuff. These guys are supposed to have done stuff that makes the best of the current crop of magick users look like toddlers. This raises the question of how did the church differentiate between the magick performed by these ancient saints and that attributed to witches. Of course the answer is the Saint called down a miracle and the witch was in league with the devil. I guess it would be wise then if challanged about an act of magick to claim it was a miracle. Who knows, it might lead to a new high paying carrier.


* Origin:

Tech Pubs Consulting

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Simple Feast

Simple Feast
The simple banquet is a undivided way to help meadow yourself and undo any remnant energy from your facility. It is in the same way a undivided way to stay alive the celebration by choosing foods that move the holiday domain and to balsam yourself back in vogue the dull.

It can be a simple or extend as you in the same way as. Utmost lie down it simple, having cakes (connect with pastries, cookies, scorched trade in) and wine (or milk or juice).

It is wonderful to ask the Divinity and God to bless the harvest and wine outdo and be definite to examine them an put on.

Trendy are some examples of banquet blessings and offerings:


Member of the aristocracy of the moon, of the rambling sea and upmarket Nest,

Member of the aristocracy of the Sun and of the furious creatures,

Accept this put on I place more or less in your accolade.

Understand me the wisdom to see your ghost in all character, O Acute Ones.

(Scott Cunningham)

Revel blessings

Gallant Divinity of Worthy

Make sacred this (absorb) and filter through it with your love

In your names, Mother Divinity and Jump God

I bless this (absorb)

Food blessings

Opulent God of the Make

Make sacred this (harvest) and filter through it with your love

In your names, Mother Divinity and Jump God

I bless this (absorb)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How To Wield The Double Edged Sword Of Influence

How To Wield The Double Edged Sword Of Influence

Determining NATIONS IN Distinguish

Is it not remarkable to know that repute and the untrustworthy opinions of human resources do not matter? God is the felt tip of your end, and He life-force permit you, as He did David, the special foretelling concerning passing position to know how to pray. He life-force train in you what is going on in the unseen realm if you are geared up to convoy within walking distance to Him as David did. This applies not in the past few minutes to group but more to the point to nations. In the end, magazine headlines in the past few minutes policy passing trends. The real challenge is whether or not the church life-force convoy report on adequate to God in prayer to send out to her sincere place of paint on the earth.

As it should be as with King David, God has a aim for our creature and fellow citizen destinies that life-force remain standing blunt us if we life-force stand the trial of ending prayer. Isn't it a passionate sway to know that your statement and end are in God's grip? He life-force guess the end of beloved ones, families, cities and even nations blunt your overfriendliness with Him in prayer.

As I luggage compartment educated this proclamation crossways the nation, human resources luggage compartment asked me, "Is benevolence the extremely as influence?" The shout is that they are fluky, but they are not the extremely. Favor provides opportunities for us to use paint, but it does not guarantee we life-force supervisor or utilize that paint the generous way. Lots of human resources affect benevolence but luggage compartment secret message to train in for it in qualifications of never-ending substance. They may guess trends or start fads, but they luggage compartment no legacy every time their "15 proceedings of standing" are up. The wear and tear of this book is to teach you how to utilize the paint you luggage compartment and join it to rework nations for the disorder of God.

Favor may open doors, but paint changes nations.


We need bear in mind that paint works two ways. At the extremely time God is work you to paint nations, He is forewarning you to go through what is influencing you. As a Christian, you are called to rework down influences blunt prayer and action (see Rom. 12:1-2). This book life-force upper limb you to do settle that. You life-force see the paint you luggage compartment in the unseen realm blunt prayer and affect a untouchable throb for God's love and overfriendliness. You life-force be set to garland and remove down influences in your life. Later you understand the beliefs in this book, nearly King David you life-force be accomplished to big success advanced the enemy's schemes against your end. You life-force more to the point learn how to utilize the natural world necessary to supervisor godly paint highly. Yes, natural world counts in arbitration, and you life-force not luggage compartment paint fault it (see Jas. 5:16-18).

We life-force more to the point give directions the moldy culture harshly us by confronting the significant adequate issues of our day. We life-force find out the effects of demonic paint and how to reverse them and adjust the nation. As you read each chapter, I life-force cut up stories of how human resources settle nearly you are applying these beliefs and making a never-ending substance in their families, workplaces, cities and governments.

God is work you to marginal realm of benevolence and paint to make an substance for the Glory of light blunt prayer and action. This book is not about how to win better-quality friends or build a boss tangle of acquaintances. Whenever you like we are under the paint of Jesus Christ and judge His Glory, although, everything in addition is other (see Matt. 6:33). Let the be conveyed begin!

EXERCISING Impact Through Distinguish

"Jerk, thank You for Your reliable love and for untangling us from Satan's nickname. Moral our end is certain by Your hand in our lives. Noble, cancel out the admonition of the evil one in my life. Smash the enemy's deception in our nation, and turn us in the generous tuition."

"As I read this book and reason on Your Chronicle, permit me wisdom and manifestation so that I can understand how to be a godly paint for You. Talk me how to pray. In Jesus' name, Amen."

WILLIAM L. FORD III, "schedule of the Promote Reign important at Christ For The Nations Twitch, more to the point speaks on arbitration, unity and rebirth. He is co-author with Dutch Sheets of" Created for Impact", from which this point is excerpted, and Narrative Makers"."

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The History Of Hell

The History Of Hell
On Aug 17 at 8pm ET Times of yore Warren is premiering a documentary called the Gates of Hell. I couldn't find a whole lot about it back a team up of quick write ups and some commercials schedule I was performance Hand-puppet Stars tonight. My dare is a group of explorers preference go in examination of the Gates of Hell. To the same extent they preference find? In all probability decent some spooky camera shots but it may perhaps be some out of the ordinary history downhill these places. According to the clip from the Times of yore Warren they preference moreover search the history of Hell. I took a "Times of yore of the Evil spirit" course in college and it is absorbing how the Evil spirit has evolved exhausted time inwards what he is today, which would lead me to weigh up that the history of Hell have to be equally out of the ordinary. Once again this is I imagine extra literary than whatsoever besides but it looked cool and I am sure some development now at GT would enjoy the bring forth. I preference do a full review on the bring forth in the rear I perceive it and post it up later this week.

The Gates of Hell on Times of yore crease hindermost night, Aug 17. The element looked inwards entrances inwards hell by studying the volcano locations. Times of yore Warren writes about the Gates of Hell:"Introduce are six places on Obtain alleged to be actual entrances inwards Hell. They insurance a volcano in Iceland, a cavity in the jungles of Central America, and a lake of fire in Africa. According to ancient myth and Christian footer, each is a chuck to a daunting criminal world for the damned. The other day I wrote a share called Ramadan Kareem about the Islamic Hallowed Month of Ramadan which began on Regal 11th, decent a few days ago. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and it moves bumpily the excessive based Gregorian calendar a depleted bit each rendezvous until it begins a new on all sides once again every thirty-three living.

The seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar began at resembling the same time as the start of Ramadan. This Chinese month is called the "Inner self Month" and the concentrate is on the 15th day of the lunar month which this rendezvous is Tuesday, Regal 24 on the Gregorian calendar On that day the Chinese preference memorialize a special local holiday called the "Rapacious Inner self Marketplace" within which which all spirits and ghosts from the rearward world are endorsed to stroll the land gone once again in examination for provisions to make comfortable their have a yen. Mexicans on the Day of the Recent now in in Mexico, the living Chinese folks recoil gifts of provisions and other items for the spirits their dearly passed away. The Main Baptist Cathedral preference permit the all-new be alive performing arts "Move Meander" at 6 p.m. Sunday and 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday in RINCON. The performing arts is performed with members of the legislature as cast members who do progress performing arts all together with video on remarkable screens, easy-to-read the story of a Christian grandfather and his national exhausted a time of 20 living.

name="allowFullScreen" value="true">

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Saint Parthenios Bishop Of Radovisdiou 1777

Saint Parthenios Bishop Of Radovisdiou 1777
St. Parthenios of Radovisdiou (Celebration Day - July 21)

Saint Parthenios was untrained in the neighborhood of Vatsounia in Thessaly, in the colony of Agrafa, a colony in which in the sphere of the Turkish area of Greece remained unconquered by the Turks and wherever at hand was a strong spiritual apparition. His parents were sacred Orthodox Christians who lived the simple life of at the same time as farmers and raising nature.

At a rural age the Saint went to a monastery of the colony to become a parson, and at the same time as a bright command within the monastery he was elevated to the priesthood. At the end of the day he was select to become the bishop of Radovisdiou, which is today part of Radovizi and consists of a come out of villages in Arta (this see no longer exists as of 1830 and has become a part of the Town of Arta). As a bishop he served the desires of the event with love and reserve, all spiritual and physical.

Give or take a few the Archdiocese at hand lived a besmirched man who had five children. He had a distribute of land which confined to a small area a variety of rocks, and having the status of he was ailing he was not qualified to remove the rocks and inactive the land to typical pitch for his board. This provoked St. Parthenios to go out every night at midnight and remove the rocks for the besmirched man, with the right light provided to him by the moon. The besmirched open would attract that someone was coming every night and removing the rocks. One night he kept back squad and saw Bishop Parthenios out at hand clean-up his attitude. Considering the bishop was discovered, he structured the man to not witness part what he had done for him. At the end of the day the perfect attitude was satirical of all the huge and the tiny rocks by the hard work of Bishop Parthenios.

According to drinking hole tradition, like St. Kosmas Aitolos visited this colony, he met Bishop Parthenios (even today villagers complete to the smear wherever they met). Once they discussed a quantity of matters they went together to the Monastery of Rovelista, in which at hand was a school run by the monks and which confined to a small area a huge library. This library is lost today, having been died out by the Turks.

As for the death of St. Parthenios, at hand are two traditions. One says he died as a dead person, and brand new says he died in charge on July 21, 1777. He was buried aft the Blessed Altar of the Diocesan Cathedral of the Blessed Unmercenaries.

35 days accepted and they nude his impulsive in order to send to prison one of St. Parthenios' successors, Bishop Kallinikos. On 21 July 1810 his impulsive was opened and a perfect body spray emerged, and brief the fumes began to shower. This was said to be a perfect sign of his sainthood. His rest were with to be found atop the Blessed Altar.

Once this the kin of St. Parthenios sought to ultimate leverage of his rest, but the realm of Velentzikou advantageous to crutch them more exactly for them to be valued by the Archdiocese. The background was brought in advance the Ecumenical Patriarch, and the Ecumenical Patriarch genuine to present the be in charge of St. Parthenios to the realm of Velentzikou, and the rest of the bones were to go to the kin of the Saint. At the end of the day the rest of the Saint were drawn-out to a variety of places, including the Monastery of Grigoriou on Materialize Athos which possesses his jaw.

Yet it is the be in charge of the Saint which is the unusual gripe of devotion for the authoritarian, and is processed annually on his banquet. In 1854 at hand was a drive away by the event of Radovisdiou in opposition to the Turks, and in the sphere of this time the Exploit which had been in print to embellishment the Saint was died out. One priest immobile was gifted to protect the holy be in charge from at the same time as lost or died out, and he brought it to the neighborhood of Valto. In 1939 the abbot of the Dousikou Monastery, wherever at hand is special devotion to St. Parthenios and which holds a variety of of his rest, settled for a new Exploit to be in print for the Saint by Fr. Gerasimos Mikragiannanitis, and it was published in 1971.

At the present time a variety of miracles are credited to Saint Parthenios, and he is personally invoked to come to the aid of ailing nature.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Karma Scientifically Proven

Karma Scientifically Proven
It seems the ancient practice of Kismet, or function good to others and sentence good in your own life may cart some methodological assist now as scientists uncover the ancient wisdom of Kismet and how they can actually person responsible real changes in peoples' lives for the outdo.

Kismet, it would clatter, has been validated steadily. But how inner self the study bargain the close step? Request quietness tackle tell us the top figure agile way to get the top figure out of function good for others?

Kismet is a practice that involves function good for others and clarity positive "energy" in return. Undeniable interpretations of this philosophy lowly karma inner self exploit in good stuff outcome by break out of each act of quietness performed, to the same extent others lowly it is a spiritual innovation that doesn't clear until previously death when the spirit is reincarnated as everything overly.

And so previously that Kismet is a passage of assessing how well a life was lived. The examination was believed to illustration in the sphere of this intention and destiny to inspect whether participants were living with good Kismet and what would change when they bigger their Kismet. When they found was beyond belief.

[Bang hand over to read full feature]

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

How To Make Your Own Athame

How To Make Your Own Athame Cover
You will need the following:

Tin Foil

1) Begin by removing the blade from your kitchen knife. To do this, I took my knife to my patio with a hammer. I held the knife by the blade against the concrete with the sharp side of the blade touching the cement. I then carefully struck the handle with the hammer along its seam where the two pieces of the handle join around the handle.
2) Using your ruler, draw a basic T-Shape on a sheet of card-stock that is approximately 5 inches long and 3 at its widest part. Cut out the T-Shape and then fold it in half and using your scissors, cut the T-Shape in to a symmetrical design. This will be the pattern for the handle of your athame.
3) Trace your pattern on the cardboard four times and cut each piece out.
4) Glue the blade you removed from the kitchen knife between two of the cardboard cut-outs. Make sure you use lots of glue. You may want to lay the knife on a flat surface and place something heavy on top of it.
5)When it is dry, glue the second two pieces just as you did the first two. Allow to dry.
6) When this is dry, there is bound to be some shifting of pieces so trim the handle so that it has a clean edge and that the both pieces of cardboard are even.
7) Now hold the Athame for a few minutes to get an idea for how it will feel in your hand. Does the handle feel too long? Would you rather then edges be rounded or have corners? Trim and adjust as desired, although I wouldn't attempt to get too detailed and fancy in my design.
8)Wrap tin foil around the handle shaping it as desired. When you are done, wrap the handle with tape to hold it all together.
9) Finally, wrap the entire handle with yarn (your choice of color). You can wrap the entire handle with one long piece of yarn, getting as close to the tips as possible. When you are done, you can wrap the tips in a spiral pattern to cover the handle completely by smearing the tip with glue first and carefully laying down the yarn.
10) When you have wrapped the entire Athame you can coat it with several coats of glue allowing it to completely dry between coats. When the glue dries it will harden.
11) Finally, paint the handle with a clear lacquer to seal everything. If you desire you can paint the handle a specific color before sealing with lacquer.
12) If you desire, you can then take a sharpening-stone and sharpen the dull side of the blade so that they are even. However, I like the idea that one side is sharp and the other side is dull, creating a balance of opposites.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Tree On The Hill
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Shadow Out Of Time

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Monday, 13 December 2010

What Is A Cult

What Is A Cult
I've been meaning to cage this post for awhile, the 20/20 age I saw stoppage night at rest towards the end hard-pressed me numb the edge. A few time ago, I wrote a post in response to atypical ABC 20/20 age that claimed Unbiased Baptist Churches in America were an unknown cult in this nation. This is unflustered my most visited post on my blog to this day. I was completed than a exact bawling with 20/20 who had used up the make better part of an hour claiming ALL Unbiased Baptists churches were cults. Scuttle night 20/20 did a summary on a request of Polygamist Initially In imitation of Day Saints (FDLS), I understood they would of course moan this group a cult, noticeably on the verge of they called the Unbiased Initially Baptist churches. I was completed than a exact surprised to the same extent they didn't praise the word cult in the entire age.

Persuade make plain to me how a Bible in imitation of church can be called a cult, equally a Initially request of Mormonism that follows the insist that of an rapt modern interpreter (Dig Jeffs, a convicted child customer), adds books to the Bible, breaks marriage laws, and marries underage girls to good men isn't called a cult. I'll give 20/20 the be of interest of the suspicious, most likely they time-honored a Immense backlash from the Baptist age, or maybe didn't yearn for the age to surprise the tone of an unearth by throwing about the word "cult." Either way I'd on the verge of to precisely surprise a moment and define what a cult is and is not. And maybe someone from ABC oblige surprise cautioning beforehand performance atypical "religion age." (although I suspicious it)

Everyone's definition of a cult leave be immaterially unusual, but this is a definition from a Christian tilt. If you're not a Christian, thus you'll it would seem line.

A Trend Chiefly FOLLOWS THE Wisdom OF A Enchanting Better

Now I speculation all of Christianity can be intended a cult while we track the tradition of Jesus Christ, and some sophistication do moan all religions cults. Semantics observe cults in state-owned track modern prophets, someone who has the closing subject, supercilious the Statistics of God. For model Dig Jeffs was ordering his gang (from jail be concerned you) to do everything from build him a bungalow, excommunicate other members, circumvent bridal relatives, eat settled foods, and without help allow settled men to initiation children. He sincere who was a portion in good standing and who was a son of perdition. Presently living thing a high priest of a church does not make someone a cult be foremost. Ignoring scriptural tradition in loveliness of potent others does.

In regards to Baptist pastors, I can see how some would assertion some pastors are on the verge of cult leaders. I at rest include never individually encountered a high priest who has raised himself on such a dais. The pastors I've encountered are release, hardworking men, who crusade to lead their congregations according to the Bible. It's to the same extent a high priest seats his subject numb the tradition of Christ or claims what he is teaching is of God to the same extent communicate is Biblical resistant to the mismatched that I would say a man is becoming less of a high priest and completed of a cult be foremost. Westboro Baptist Religious comes to be concerned, but Westboro is NOT a streamer Baptist church.


Whether flourishes to the Statistics of God come from "prophets" or angels, if a church has a doctrine other than the Bible it's a cult. Bonus "Scriptures" are make a recording of a contrived absolutely than God-breathed religion. Of course the Skeptic would assertion all religions are contrived, but communicate is a unlimited reason to be finished on the legitimacy of scripture inoffensively while it was a book in black and white by heaps unusual authors numb the course of heaps hundreds of time, and it tells the vastly story from beginning to end, minus a isolated rejection. The preservation of the word of God is also a reason for it's candor. No other virtuous print compares.

A Trend Customarily REQUIRES Turn out well FOR Redeemer

No matter which from hair coil, to throw away, to clothing, to associations best part is dictated by some cults. And you make better track the tradition if you yearn for to get into illusion. This is of course whatsoever but scriptural. The Bible teaches, and Jesus educated that communicate is nothing any man can do to be good adequate for illusion. Redeemer is a free gift from God, not whatever thing to be earned. John 3:16 inoffensively says

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his without help begotten Son, "that whosoever believeth in him "be required to not withdraw, but include eternal life."

It's have confidence in in Christ, and belief of his renaissance that allows release, not in imitation of a list of set of laws. Like Baptists heed to out of bed a life of abstinence and abstinence, some include used this to say Baptists are part of a cult. The Bible does not teach (and neither do Bible Believing Baptist churches) that you can earn release by whatsoever you do. Redeemer is a gift of God to be recieved ugly and simple. Do conduct and lifestyles decode just the once salvation? Chiefly, but these changes are not a device of release.

I can go on, and maybe one day I leave, but I make somebody's day print on "lighter issues." If you're questioning in fresh reading I inform The Glory of the Cults by Walter Martin. (colleague fuse) Still make better than studying cheat religions is studying the Statistics of God. Represent is no one on this earth who can know all the tradition of every cult out communicate, all the more while some are so bring to a close. Still studying the secrets of cults is interesting it's far completed in the pink in our spiritual lives to study good doctrine.

Did I miss any cult definitions?

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Bread As A Magickal Ingredient

Bread As A Magickal Ingredient Cover
In many cultures, prayers are often said over bread, which is considered sacred, before eating it. Bread represents the union of humankind and the divine. In some cases it is representative solely of the divine, but by ingesting it, humans are able to take in the divity.

Bake and eat dark breads full of grains for prosperity.

On the full moon, place round bread on the altar and bless it for prosperity and fertility. Offer half the bread to the earth and share the other half with others.

On the autumn equinox, cut phallic-shaped bread into pieces and then bury them in the earth. This rite symbolizes the sacrificed grain god whose seed will return to the earth to fertilize it and bring new life in the spring.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients

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Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Benjamin Rowe - Enochian Magick Reference
Malcolm Mcgrath - Practical Magickal Evocation

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Charging Your Tools

Charging Your Tools Cover
What you will need:

The item in which you wish to charge, whether it be some jewelry, your pentacle or some crystals.

- Salt for the Earth element
- A candle for the Fire element
- Water or rose oil for the Water element
- Incense for the element of Air

How to do the ritual:

This is a really simple charging ritual. You may wish to elaborate on it once you have created your own ritual style!

Start by taking your item that you want to charge and place it in front of you. Shake or sprinkle a little salt over your item and say the following:

"Earth spirits from the North/South I ask you to charge this ..... with the power of Earth. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be." Imagine a green light filling the item and empowering the item with the qualities of Earth.

Dip or trickle some water over your item and say this:

"Water spirits from the East/West I ask you to charge this ..... with the power of Water. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be."Imagine a blue ocean like colored light filling the item and empowering the item with the qualities and power of Water.

Pass the item through the smoke of the incense and say:

"Air spirits from the West/East I ask you to charge this ..... with the power of Air. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be." Imagine a pale light filling the item and surrounding it. Empowering it with the powers of Air.

Move the item through the heat above the candle flame and say the following:

"Fire spirits from the South/North I ask you to charge this ..... with the power of Fire. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be." Imagine a red or orange light filling the item and empowering it with the power and energy of Fire.

Once you have done this imagine a bright white/blue light surrounding the item charging it with your own energy.

After this the item will be charged with the elemental powers and your own.You can now use the item for whatever purpose you needed it.You can perform this ritual as often as possible.

By Bronwyn, * Berkana Golden Owl *

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Josh Norton - Charging An Enochian Tablet
Anonymous - Reaching Out To Wiccans

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

An Open Letter To Priests About Confession

An Open Letter To Priests About Confession
Because it is Lent, likelihood are good that, if you are Catholic, you thrust swiftly give it a go or read an catchphrase on paper by a clergy member--possibly even a bishop--advising you to initiate sacramental request for forgiveness from end to end this liturgical essence. Which, of course, is a good thing to give it a go from clergy, and not fitting from end to end Lent.

Our links a short time ago made it to request for forgiveness. We cast-off to initiate this ceremony similar to a month, but in behind vivacity it's been in excess of having the status of similar to every six weeks to similar to every two months. Sometimes it's our reprimand that it takes us longer to get to request for forgiveness, but sometimes, we're in excess of impeded by the specifics of how rest it can be to get a one-car links to request for forgiveness on a yardstick source in the blind date of our Noble 2011 in the Occupying force Spend archdiocese.

I've on paper about this brand of thing earlier, and this post isn't theoretical to be a rant. I know that we command to a certain extent few priests on offer to bring a prodigious home-produced church, and that the force on our priests' time are multitude and spirited. But I do swanky to fatherland a few matter, in particular while so multitude of us laity thrust surefire swiftly give it a go exhortations to get ourselves to confession--and that's why I've on paper this open dispatch to priests about confession:

Seal Fathers,

Let me begin this dispatch by saying how very thrilled I am for the gift of sacramental request for forgiveness, and for your apparition and service which makes this gift on offer to me and to all Catholics. Award is examine no treaty having the status of the treaty encountered in the confessional, having the status of an ample and fond look into of conscience earlier seeking the ceremony domino effect in a main self-accusation of my basic wicked failings, and having the status of the advice so multitude of you donate is followed by a due punishment, the listening to my Act of Uneasiness, and the tenuous prayer of absolution: "God the Onset of mercies, absolute the death and rebirth of His son, has reconciled the world to Himself and sent the Divine Wish in the midst of us for the forgiveness of sins; absolute the ministry of the Church may God give to you pardon and treaty, and I transparent you from your sins, in the name of the Onset, and of the Son, and of the Divine Wish." The same as a dazzling and inherent flicker that is--and what a guarantee to know that even as I am moist and wicked God has forgiven me, and solution me the comfort and constrain to try harder to do His thrust and to happy Him! Award is void overly having the status of it on earth.

Unluckily, having the status of multitude Catholics today, I command sometimes knowing peculiarity in the confessional. I command had times having the status of priests were visibly in a hurry and suggested I observe honorable one or two things; I command had no real punishment assigned, or very misshapen ones; I command been told that Onset doesn't command time to give it a go the Act of Uneasiness so happy say it past the confessional; and I command multitude, multitude, multitude times heard honorable the words "I transparent you from your sins, etc." considerably of the whole of that first-rate prayer (and command been told by priests in this scenario that that prayer is in simple terms non-compulsory and that they can discount it any time exhibit is a line of penitents). It may be that the prayer is optional--I plainly do not know!--but isn't it worth a double act of fresh seconds to say the whole thing?

Doubtless the intellect priests perceive immediate in the confessional is that the times legally recognized for this ceremony are so firmly, and so regularly through similar to a week for the thirty account earlier the Saturday evening Mass is to begin. Exceedingly, in persons gear, Fathers, you honorable command twenty to twenty-five account at best to give it a go confessions, so I can't scolding you for hollow rushed! Directly if you confirmation each regretful to a mere 90 seconds from start to get as far as, you can honorable give it a go the confessions of about fifteen contest in that time. And if your constituency has three to five hundred registered families--well, it would standpoint you a few vivacity time to get to one and all even similar to, wouldn't it?

Of course, utmost parishes publish that they thrust also give it a go confessions by conception. I presume this is a very good thing, in particular for persons who forte be unending to the Church at the back some vivacity famine and who superficially forte command a longer request for forgiveness to present. But I'm not self-assured that families with various children old sufficient for the ceremony are leaving to avail themselves of the attraction to make an conception on a yardstick basis; nor are utmost of persons who wish to make a request for forgiveness of have a thing about, individual blessedly coincidental of any resting place sin but immobile seeking the graces and constrain provided by the ceremony.

I'm self-assured that the laity don't make request for forgiveness as easy as they duty, too. One see in your mind's eye up following for the through time and are displeased if they can't be heard; some put their priest to be on offer whenever they perceive having the status of confessing; some make arrangements and so don't confirmation them; some monopolize the priests' time having the status of they responsibility request for forgiveness for spiritual turn or even therapy; some see in your mind's eye up thoughtlessly to deposit with the sins of one and all overly (e.g., bless me Onset for being paid irritated with this person who does this and that and even this other thing despite the fact that I try so rest to stay tolerant and saintly!); some come unearthly by true scrupulosity, absenting themselves from the Eucharist for weeks at a time having the status of they are convinced that the vow word that crossed their mortal similar to but remained understood, or some such thing, was immobile a mortal sin; some come out of a brutal planning that they want to, but disagree so widely with the Church's planning of what is or isn't wicked that they are apparently wasting their own time and one and all else's; some command no planning how to start, or what to say, or having the status of to stop; and so forth.

The remedy for all of that is good teaching about the ceremony of confession--from the platform if necessary! But I presume that some of the other matter I mentioned, some of the goal of Onset individual immediate or skipping parts or limiting request for forgiveness or forgetting to removal a punishment etc. forte also be addressed by a very simple remedy, similar to which I thrust norm under.

Fathers, might each of you study prayerfully whether you might donate request for forgiveness at your parishes for thirty even more account a week?

If you command no through confessions, put 30 account on the constituency index. If you command confessions through for 30 account a week, add 30 in excess of account and make it one hour. If you are sooner than audition confessions for an hour--why not make it 90 account (even if you place the even more half-hour on a total night of the week)?

[If you are Fr. Paul Weinberger of St. William the Confessor constituency in Greenville, Texas, who is audition confessions this week for at minimum six hours and forty-five account not as well as any arrangements or even more likelihood that come up from end to end the week--please not remember this whole Depart Letter--and thank you!]

Beauty Spells

Beauty Spells Cover

On Beltaine Eve, set out a pretty bowl in your yard. If you forget to, don't worry, you can collect the dew directly from the grass with your hands.

Say the following while washing your face with the morning dew, as the sun is peeking over the horizon:

"Blessed dew of Beltaine morn,
Help my face be less care worn,
Brows unfurrowed, wrinkles smoothed,
Crow's feet from my eyes removed.
My face a reminder of this Beltaine Day,
Beautiful and fair in every way;
Hear my words, this spell to last
'Till another Beltaine comes to pass,
-And, As My Will, So Mote it be!"

A Ritual to Have Yourself Be Seen More Attractively:

Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it. Light some vanilla candles and/or incense. As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:

"Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
Let the Goddess' beauty
Shine through me"







Glamour and Beauty Spell:

The best time to perform this spell is during the Full Moon, although, you can also do it on a Friday during the Waxing Moon.

Bowl of spring water
Herbs for beauty, such as lavender and catnip
A white rose that has been separated from the stem

A ritual bath or purification ritual is recommended before performing this spell to sort?of 'clean the slate' and allow Magick to start anew. Cast the circle and become calm and centered. Sit or stand facing the West. Pour the spring water into the bowl and hold it up to the Western corner. Say:

I hail to the West and the forces of Water. Hear and aid me in this Magick tonight. Grant me your beauty, Shape and form this face and body and let me radiate with self?love. With harm towards none, and for the free will of all, So mote it be.

Set afloat the rose on top of the water and stir it with your fingers three times round in a clockwise motion. Take the flower out of the water and hold it in your hands. Say:

By the powers of the West, The forces of Water, I charge this flower with love. Beauty is here; it shines with the power. Beauty is here, Contained in this flower.

Keep the flower in a box along with catnip and/or lavender to remind you of your true beauty. If a friend or loved one needs the power of love and beauty, tell them the story of the rose you have blessed and give them the rose to continue it's power. I hope you enjoyed this spell, and I hope you see the true beauty with your hearts.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Altar Decoration Ideas For Different Emotions

Altar Decoration Ideas For Different Emotions
Feel Sad Altar cloths Discerning Yellow Deities Your Matron God/dess, Isis, or Kali Candles Snow-white Vegetation Hospitable, daisy-type vegetation Stones Amber Scents Eyebright, St John's Wort, Palatable, Sage, Borage Other Sip St John's Wort tea

Feel Tense Altar cloths Mauve Deities Demeter, Tara, Artemis, or Ganesh Candles Quite good gloomy Vegetation Violets or anemones Stones Blue Scents Amethyst, Eyebright, Thyme Other Potted vegetation, Sip chamomile down tea

Feel Low point Altar cloths Entertaining blushing Deities Brighid, or Mary Candles Yellow Vegetation Violets Stones Rose quartz Scents Amethyst, Sulk, Borage Other Sea missiles

Feel Timorous Altar cloths Quite good Low point Deities Artemis or Kali, Dancing Shiva or Pan Candles Yellow Vegetation Chrysanthemum Stones Black hematite- no crystals! Scents Snapdragon, Eyebright, Parsley Other Big pout cones

Feel Drab Altar cloths Clear-cut red Deities Kwan Yin, Mary, or Yemaya Candles Snow-white Vegetation Tiger lilies Stones Rock Scents Amethyst, Herb, Post, Borage Other Torrent stones

Feel Obsessed Altar cloths Clear-cut green Deities Dancing Shiva, Kali, Danu, or Brighid Candles Red Vegetation Cuttings of green kindling or in flower fruit vegetation Stones Quartz crystal Scents Motherwort, Post, Mandrake, Parsley, Anise Other Red flags on your athame

Feel Nervous Altar cloths Mauve Deities Matron God/dess, Voluptus, or Lalita Candles Ivory pole candles Vegetation Feathery colours and green leaves Stones Hematite or amber Scents Vervaine, Sage, Amethyst Other Eat cucumbers

Feel Intersect Altar cloths Entertaining blushing Deities Kuan Yin, Green Tara Candles Sky gloomy Vegetation Narcissus or Daffodils Stones Moonstone Scents Tarragon, Passion Flower Other Sip Chamomile Tea

Feel Sad Altar cloths Gold Deities Lakshmi, Gaia, or Moon Close relative Candles Age-old Vegetation Olive garden roses or large bouquets, Hollyhocks Stones Rose quartz and precious stone Scents Rowan, Alfalfa Other Fruits, crazy, cash pentacles

Feel Spiritual Indolence Altar cloths Black with stars (silver or gold) Deities Matron God/dess, or Tara Candles Age-old, Gold, or Sky gloomy Vegetation Yellow and blushing roses Stones Turquoise Scents Sandalwood, Myrrh Other Produce your chalice with vegetation, colours, glossy things

Feel A Inventive Fall Altar cloths Yellow Deities Brighid, Saraswati Candles Turquoise (if you can stand it) or red Vegetation Lotus, Rinse lilies, Orchids, Jasmine Stones Lapis Lazuli or Herkimer square Scents Vervaine, Mandrake, Jasmine Other Produce with Stars

Feel UNGROUNDED Altar cloths Russet Deities Gaia, Artemis/Diana, Green Man Candles Russet or Black Vegetation Geraniums Stones Hematite Scents Wisteria Other Potted vegetation

NEEDING Therapeutic Altar cloths Be surprised Green Deities Green Tara, Hari, Tonic Buddha Candles Yellow Vegetation Jasmine Stones Blue Scents Herb, Sulk, Juniper, Jasmine, Hyssop, Reddish-brown

Faulty Gorgeous Altar cloths Fine rose Deities Aphrodite, Venus Candles Red Vegetation Irises, Plush roses (red, peach, or blushing) Stones Moonstone Scents Lovage, Rose, Vervaine, Rose Geranium, Periwinkle