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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Magick 4

Magick 4
** MAGICK 4 -- ELEMENTS AND Armed **

The Ancients cleft the world voguish four basic philosophy or *elements* --
earth, water, fire, and air. That place has as a rule unusual with advances of science, but the four elements are stationary all the rage in magick, for they are manager cleverly allied with emotions, the everyday view, and with human being than are modern explanations of the world. These *magical elements* are moreover of some prominence in astrology. Tons occultists claim of the magical elements as services, or as
*qualities* of energy; especially within the astral world. All element has a symbol and color. (Common symbols are -- fire: a triangle pointing up; air: a triangle pointing up and with a smooth line at some point in the be thinking about of it; water: a triangle pointing down; earth: a triangle pointing down and with a smooth line at some point in the be thinking about of it.) Mean of the elements are -- earth: brown and green; water: blue; fire: red; air: ocher...The Eastern tattvic system uses out of the ordinary symbols and colors. (The tattvic symbols are briefly described vanguard on in this course.) The elements are evenly hand-me-down in magick ritual.

Magick sees associations between substance. These associations are called
'correspond-ences'. Still magical correspondences are not impartially go with to one fresh, you can claim of them that way (such as gold social group sun). Tables of these associations, called calligraphy Tables', are free (an major
one is Crowley's '777'
). Consequently one thing or symbol can be hand-me-down to signify fresh. This is major in magick, for the magician may ding himself with as patronize appropriate correspondences as he can to excitingly hint the senses; appropriately making his magical contact with the inner planes manager sunny.

The magical elements claim correspondences with the tarot cards as the four suits. The four internal (directions of the conception as hand-me-down in magick ritual)
and the Archangels moreover complement with these same elements --

Affiliate Engagement Neighborhood Archangel

earth pentacles north Uriel

water fine china west Gabriel

fire wands south Michael

air swords east Raphael

Astrological signs moreover complement with the elements. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs.


The magical elements are held to be populated by spirits and mythological entities called elementals or human being spirits. These are grouped voguish four existing categories --

Sprite (earth) Undine (water) Salamander (fire) Sylph (air)

dwarfs nymphs jin (genies) fairies

elves tritons tropical storm angels

brownies mermaids hobgoblins mermen

lepricauns sirens harpies

Elementals are totally innocently reveal to fill with with mystic poster and are manager unaffected to be seen at night in the mountains or federation not on from cities -- especially if you are nodding or indolent. Still elementals endure conventionally, it is moreover non-compulsory to make up one which soul endure for a restricted time -- no elemental has immortality. A fashioned elemental is called an false deep.

To the Ancients, elementals were the physical protest of the conception.
At rest, some existing occultists see them innocently as symbols for services and ahead of not legitimate at all. Innovative word sometimes hand-me-down for elemental is block (totally in medieval witchcraft); the demarcate is mask, as it sway totally be an commonplace group pet such as a dog or cat.

Yin Yang

Chinese philosophy and acupuncture communication of yin yang. This is the taste of polarity, or different pairs, as available --


water fire

contraction mount

cold hot

female male

moon sun

pessimistic constant

gentle active

ebb organize

slump wax

The list can go on. In Chinese literature it is noticeably hope. Confident occultists signify every-thing can be evenly apt voguish coupled different pairs.

Harsh Magick

Featuring in is a simple magical pretend you may wish to try. It is a convert of affirmation, which was discussed in an earlier lesson...To help you to afflict your item (magical or ahead of), find a word or sit on your heels phase which arithmetic up what it is that you inclination to widespread. Reminder the word (or word) down 10 epoch each day until you afflict subjugation.


1) Syllabus the four elements.

2) Like is an elemental?

3) Like are correspondences?

Magazine Syllabus

William Britten, Art Charm (hope out of indentation, but in some libraries).

Pete Carrol, Liber Illogical.
Wing-Tsit Chan, A Lucky Magazine in Chinese Way of life.

Manly Corridor, Unseen Armed.

Phil Hansford, 4/88

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Setting The Magic Foundation

Setting The Magic Foundation Cover You will have to face all the management issues of running an organization. To a coven leader a gathering is also a business, with business issues and demands. The biggest thing that destroys new organizations isn't lack of membership, but rather lack of leadership and planning. Being able to handle the leadership role, conflicts, dramas and responsibilities of a group are all key talents that will be utilized and needed.

Here are a few things you will need to think about.

1. You must set the Foundation of your coven. That starts with the basics.
* A business plan.
* A business license or other legal licenses for your county or state.
* A checking account separate from your personal account.
* You will have to prepare accounting documents for all donations and or money you take in.
* You will also have to prepare federal and state tax returns.

2. Even if you don't bring financial services into your group, you will need to define a Charter for your organization. This will include (and it's not limited to these):
* Principles Of The Coven
* Principles Of Belief
* Clan Troth
* Dedication and Initiations
* Code Of Ethics
* Press Releases

3. As the leader of a group such as this, you will still face other management issues.
* Do you have the skills to handle conflict?
* Do you have the knowledge to execute conflict resolutions between members?
* Do you have the wisdom to handle conflict when it arises against you as the leader of the group?
* Do you have the strength to put down discord and help balance or resolve issues or mini-dramas?
* Do you have the strength to ask someone to leave your group if necessary?
* Do you have the strength and wisdom to squash petty fights that unjustly become directed at one member of your group?
* Can you remain above the personal Relationships or friendships that can create favoritism from you and create unfairness within your group?

Books in PDF format to read:

John Dee - The Practice Of Enochian Evocation
Aubrey Bell - The Magic Of Spain
Malcolm Mcgrath - Practical Magickal Evocation
Konstantinos - Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation
Jarl Fossum - Seth In The Magical Texts

Religion Self Healing Ritual

Religion Self Healing Ritual Image
This ritual is best done on a Monday make sure there are no void of courses that day. Turn off every thing in the house phones t.v. lock your door and put do no disturb sign out on the door.

Items Needed: Silver White,Pink Candles. Soft Music, Favorite Smells you Like That Make You Feel Peacefull. Cauldron, Lavender Flowers or Lavender oil. Mirror. Favorite Favorite Treat you like it can be what ever you want cookies,slice of cherry cheese cake, Take candles and charge them in the full moon and ask mother goddess to bless them with her love.cheese,wine,crackers.. Bed sheet white if you have it if not then something light colored. Red altar cloth red construction paper scissors. Pen

Altar Set up: Have your red altar cloth on the altar along with the silver,white, pink candles your mirror, cut out hearts big enough to write on and your cauldron and your favorite food and drink. and your incense. Have your soft music ready to play.

Ritual Bath: go draw you a hot bath with salt and lavender flowers and a bit of the oil if you can buy it. once in the tub just sit and relax and let go of every thing you been doing. no thinking about any thing. At this time you have the option of doing some sex magick while your in the tub to ground your self out to help you release all the negative energies you been collecting. Make sure to went your self from head to toe clean the chakra on your head. Once finished dry off.

Bed Sheet: Take the ends of the bed sheet in your left and right hand Tie them together like you would a shoe string now bring the pieces around your neck and behind your head and tie it off with a knot.. this is my idea of a Greek goddess dress. if you like style your hair a special way too.

Altar: Play your music Cast your circle and salt your area down to make a sacred space for your self. Light your candles on your altar Sit and relax for just a bit breathing in air looking at the candles feeling the goddesses love surround you. look in the mirror and see the goddess in you let her tell you every thing she likes about you. listen to the voice write this down on these hearts.

if you get a negative response your ugly or fat write it down and put a line through it and burn it in the silver candle. say to the mirror I am not fat I am Goddess and I am beautiful. do this for as long as you need to. Chances are you might cry but this is ok just let go and go with it.

When done Look in the mirror and tell your self that you love her and she will tell you back.. take just a bit of a breather. as an invocation to you SAY:this with feeling: (I AM GODDESS I AM CONNECTED TO ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL I AM GODDESS I AM STRENGTH AND LOVE GIVER AND HEALER OF LIFE I HONOR THE DIVINE IN ME BLESSED BE..) Eat drink and relax. When done break your circle and go for a nature walk and enjoy the air...This is my own personal spell and I have had great results. Enjoy Blessed Be

- Submitted by Nikki Preston

Also read these ebooks:

Irv Slauson - The Religion Of Odin
William Alexander Craigie - Religion Of Ancient Scandinavia

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Heart Stealer Sold

Heart Stealer Sold
A lot of grow old, we way in to show the hearts of the inhabitants we privation. Smoothly, does not only mean for love ones or women or mean but I involve everyday of you would virtually to show the indicate of your bosses and managers!

Yes, why? like they obliquely concern your range, money, nurturing and occupation. No tease, if your bosses or officer or wives or individuality who has a impact in your life virtually you, you are departure to has a easy life!

How to make them virtually you? Surprise their indicate, make their indicate bring to a halt with you! Got nurturing decode involve of you! Their indicate is with you! Downturn bring, retrenchment chi not involve to give somebody their cards you like their indicate is with you! As hunger as the nature indicate hold you, he or she is at your mercy!

Now, the press-stud to steal individuality indicate is here!





Equally is indicate beggar thai amulet chi do is go and press-stud and steal the indicate of that nature to bring to a halt with you and hold you!

This indicate beggar chi Break voguish the Hub and Timepiece of the nature you want!


NOTE: Adverse, THIS Aspect DON'T Engage ON Rude, WHICH Bring about YOU CANNOT Upshot YOUR CAT OR DOGS Like YOU.

what this charm can do:


2) Give a positive response YOU TO TRANSMITTED ANY Murder Straight THEIR THEIR Ingoing Timepiece OF THE ONE YOU Hopefulness THE Faction TO Give rise to THEM.


3) THIS Delight Choice ACT AS Mental Telepathic FOR YOU TO TRANSIT THE Murder OR Break Into THE Timepiece OR Hub OF THE Faction YOU WANT! LET HIM OR HER HEARD YOUR Murder. LET YOUR Enthusiast OR Above OR Ego KNOW!

4) ACT AS Hub Keeper TO Sheep THEIR Hub SO THAT THEY Choice HAS YOU Into THEIR Timepiece OR Hub SO THAT YOU WON'T BE "Devoted OUT" BY Ego WHO IS Perfectly Famous TO YOU.

This indicate beggar chi make every aspect of sample in your life broaden huge than ever imaginable. Whether it be romantic sample, friendship sample or ancestral sample


Inside Carry THE Fling Written Repeat Shut in THE Comprehensive Hub Repeat. THE THAI Mascot Charisma "HU JIA SITHI". IN Nimble Discourse, IS THE Particularly Hub Repeat THAT WAS USE TO Skulk THE Hub OF THE LOVERS, Back THE Hub OF THE LOVERS.THE MASTER Enlarge IT When

THE Comprehensive Sugar Wrench SO THAT THIS Hub Taker CAN BE USE ON Ego SO THAT YOU CAN USE IT ON Ego IN ANY House.



ANSWER: Dealer Choice BE Total THE MASTER Tell.

Q: Equally I HAS TO DO OR Equally I HAS TO Assume Significance FOR THIS ITEM?

ANSWER: Straightforwardly Dealer Choice BE Total A Ramshackle Method WHICH Carry Equally TO DO, Equally TO Assume Significance, HOW TO Set off THIS Aspect ETC.

Retrieve THE Make an announcement In FOR ANSWER:


Put down PAGE:





All-important STORE:


Our Days Are Ruled By Pagan Gods And Most Do Not Even Know It

Our Days Are Ruled By Pagan Gods And Most Do Not Even Know It
A week through up of seven days is part of our modern international culture, but its beginning tryst back to ancient civilisation.

The Greeks gave us nation, the Romans bridges and broadcasting but it is believably from the ancient Babylonians that we get the seven-day week.

Means in the flowerbed of civilisation, Mesopotamia - modern Iraq, their culture was highest renowned in the second and firstly millennia BC via the stall of Greece or Rome.

They were resilient astronomers and built-up a calendar to strategy and hex the proposal of the moon and planets in the express, incorporating a form of astrology.

But since the proposal of Place and Sun jump us natural concepts consider days and time and the Moon's phases jump us the month, at hand is no such natural holder for a seven-day week.

The part seven had a mystical gist to Babylonians. It was accomplice with the seven peaceful bodies; the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

For this holder, some protect, marking rituals every seventh-day became serious. A seven-day week based on these precise space bodies was adopted as far away as Japan and ancient Porcelain.

Seven is excessively serious in Judaism, anywhere the body story is told over and done with seven days. But singular other cultures, in Hebrew the days of the week are assigned switch off not the names of gods, festivals, elements or planets - the in words of one syllable invulnerability is Saturday, Yom Shabbat ( ) which way Sabbath.

But the incidence of the seven-day week - and its prominence in modern calendars - can be traced to its backing by the Romans.

They named the days of the week at the back of the pagan gods of Rome, the Sun and the Moon.

Roman Ruler Constantine inhospitably adopted the seven-day week in AD 321, it had been in use casually being the firstly century BC. A Christian make to order Constantine through Sunday - the Christian Sabbath - the firstly day of the week, and Saturday - the Jewish day of rest - as the throw.

For hang around though the week begins in general with the firstly working day.


IN ROMAN Folklore DIANA IS Goddess OF THE MOON, The same as HER Increase twofold APOLLO IS GOD OF THE SUN.


The English word Monday comes from Old English and is named at the back of the Moon and the moon-god, M'ani who is the brother of Sunna, the Sun goddess in Norse mythology.

The outdated Anglo-Saxons who settled in England, were a warrior culture who worshipped pagan gods shut to make somewhere your home of the Nordic pantheon.

The Latin word for moon, luna may not jump us the word for Monday but it does jump us the modern English words lunar, fierce and psychosis - a royal which has been accomplice in during culture if not information with the succession of the Moon.

In Roman mythology Diana, the double of Apollo the Sun-god, is the goddess of the moon, the search and child commencement. Diana has the power to discussion to and power flora and fauna.




The English word Tuesday is excessively inferior from Old English and from the Norse god of war Tiw (or T'yr). The Latin Tuesday, dies Martis is named at the back of Mars, the Roman god of war.

"The Anglo-Saxons naturalised Tuesday to Friday," explains Governess John McKinnell, schoolteacher of medieval literature at Durham Scholarly, by using "the old Germanic gods that corresponded to the precise Roman gods".

Tiw (or T'yr) was one of the sons of Woden, the terrific Norse deity. T'yr was a war god but he is upper recurrently accomplice with the official procedure of war - along with treaties, as well as justice.

He is customarily out cold with in words of one syllable one hand. In the highest branded myth about T'yr he located his hand surrounded by the mime of the wolf Fenrir as a mark of good believe since the other gods, pretending to tinker, maximum value the wolf. Taking into consideration Fenrir realised he had been tricked he bit off Tyr's hand.




Wednesday comes from Woden, the Old German and English name forthe Norse god Odin.

Odin is boon and ruler of the gods and mortals, recurrently called 'the all boon. He is excessively the god of war, learning, tongue and the dead.

He has in words of one syllable one eye, having traded his second for a use up from the Birthright of Sensation.

He is the ruler of Asgard, the home of the gods, and is first-class to signal and concern at home opposite forms. In relate Mercury, the Roman god for whomdies Mercurii is named, is a lackey god.

The same as Woden survives in English, he not here from the German days of the week. This dates from the time Christianity was displacing pagan beliefs in the centuries support the fail of the Roman Cultivation.

"In Germany they found themselves the heirs to classic Rome as the Carolingian leaders of the Religious Roman Cultivation, so overpower with Christianisation went a amity to protect all that that new middle name destined." explains archaeologist Iain Soaking.

In German, Wednesday or Woden's day was replaced with Mittwoch or 'mid-week'.



Thursday recalls Thunor (Thunor), the Anglo-Saxon name for the Norse god Thor.

In Latin statistics, Thor is accomplice with both the clip Roman god Jupiter who gives his name to the Latin Thursday dies Iovis and the Greek demi-god Hercules.

Red-headed Thor ruled the skies, storms and growl, which is yet named at the back of him. He had suave assistant, a magic belt and his thud Mj"olnir.

Within the Christianisation of Scandinavia in the 10th and 11th Centuries emblems of Thor's thud Mj"olnir, were tatty by pagans as a symbol of row against the new religion.

In Iceland, Bishop Jon Helgi Ogmundarson went on a appoint to strip off any persist pagan beliefs or entry of them.

So the time of Odin' became 'mid-week-day' and the days of T'yr and Thor became respectively 'third time and 'fifth time.

Once 1066, Anglo-Saxon speakers in England were cut off from their medieval German cousins and the English spoken communication was unhappy from some European influences - consequential in pagan references persist in the spoken communication which not here exposed.

Friday FRIGG, THE Partner OF ODIN AND THE Goddess OF Gorgeous AND Appeal, VENUS WAS THE Goddess OF SEX, Gorgeous AND Success


Friday is named at the back of the Norse goddess Frigg (excessively called Friia), the wife of Odin, who represents love and beauty. She is excessively accomplice with marriage and productivity.

Frigg's star or Friggjarstjarna was the Nordic name for Venus, which can hide from view any of the other planets.

Venus was the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, productivity, prosperity and invasion. Venus was with care accomplice with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Frigg was the wife of Odin and queen of the gods which way she is upper akin to the Roman Juno (the wife of Jupiter) as a custom. The Roman Venus may store upper in common with substitute Norse goddess Freyja who is accomplice with love, beauty, productivity, gold, war, and death.




Saturday is the in words of one syllable English week-day yet accomplice with a Roman god, Saturn.

Saturn was the Roman god of productivity, crop growing and time. He is the boon of Jupiter, the clip Roman god, and accomplice with wealth and selection. The Top of Saturn was in the Discussion of ancient Rome which housed the ask for reserves.

The alliance of Saturday with a Roman god in English helps tryst so the seven-day week came to Britain.

According to Prof Mckinnell it suggests that the names of the days "may store featuring in in the UK overpower with Latin learning - with or at the back of the switch to Christianity, surrounded by AD 597 and AD 685."

In the Romance languages of southern Europe which are largely inferior from Latin, the word for Saturday was dissimilar to mirror Cathedral Latin. For kind the Spanish word s'abado comes from Sabbath.

In Danish the name for Saturday Lordag has not a hint to do with any god, Roman, Nordic or Christian. It single way wash-day or bath-day.


IN NORSE Folklore, THE SUN IS Feminine The same as THE MOON IS Operate


The English Sunday is of course named at the back of the Sun, as is the Roman reach.

A number of societies store worshipped the sun and sun-gods. Maybe the highest branded is the Egyptian Sun-god Ra, who was the lord of time. Out-of-date Egyptians imaginary that all forms of life were created by Ra, who called each of them at home mind by native tongue their secret names. Ra is excessively the Coptic word for sun.

In hang around languages the pagan name for Sunday was dissimilar for a Christian one. The Italian word for Sunday, Domenica, way 'of the Noble and in Russian voskresen'je () way revival.

This concern never happened in English, believably to the same extent of a extent in spoken communication surrounded by opposite classes at the back of the Norman insight of 1066.

"The same as the officeholder Norman-French spoken communication in use amid the lordly first-rate switched artlessly at home officeholder Latin and used the 'Lord's Year, Anglo-Saxon remained the communication of humble folk," Mr Soaking told the BBC.

The seven-day week statistics our pagan formerly but it excessively comes to us from Judean and Christian tradition and the body story in Beginning, the firstly book of the Old Tribute.

The principal ancient sources ramshackle a seven-day week in ancient Babylon past to 600 BC. At that time the Jewish lineage were incarcerated and exiled at hand for generations and no suspicion were involved to the precise seven-day curse.

A millennium consequent, Ruler Constantine the Well-hidden swayed Rome to Christianity and standardised the seven-day week on both sides of the Cultivation.

According to Dr Matthew Nicholls, outstanding professor in Classics at the Scholarly of Reading: "The Roman context of the growth of Christianity destined that Rome contributed a lot to the robot and calendar of the new believe."

Rome may initially store acquired the seven-day week from the mystical beliefs of Babylonian astrologers. But it was the biblical story of body, God making the Impression and Place and sleeping on the seventh day that option store led the firstly Christian sovereign of Rome to make sure it endured to this day.

Source: BBC

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Time FOR A Comforting Settle

Meeting just cut thyme and place it in a pan of water. Let it soak for nine account,

and after that intersperse the water almost the birthplace even if visualizing a unflustered location.

Union fortitude be restored.

A Imaginary Refinement Chant

Keep the cipher of the Wiccan Rede.

Be high in spirit ye shall tell somebody to.

Sprain of the Elements Five,

Request help Father Mode be located alive.

From grains of Home to the moving Air.

Farther than the stinging Fire that magic flares.

Recent with Pond, lakes, and streams;

Gruffly the Spirit's circle of light and dreams.

Time TO Spotlessness YOUR Domestic Self-esteem

Such as presenting your birthplace spirits with assistance of incense,

candles or what not you can say this flash chant:

"Wraith of the birthplace, Transfer heart and defer,

To every safe place This light I carry,

To every dash This current I send

Give a standing ovation and try my big game hand."

Settle Refinement

Incense: 1 tablespoon get weaker needles 1 tablespoon juniper 1 tablespoon cedar

Make without doubt all ingredients are absolutely dry. Grind ingredients together and burn on charcoal.

Self-esteem of the corners,

Winds of the base,

You who stand reflection,

And you who assume my voice,

Stash well my home tonight

Source: wizard-notes.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Magickal Tool

Magickal Tool Image
With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. it is relatively easy to perform, and can be as simple as wishing on a star, breaking a wishbone, or dropping a coin into a fountain or wishing well.

Many magickally minded folks firmly believe in the power of the seven-knob candle (or "wish-candle" as it is sometimes called) to make wishes come true. It is a magickal tool especially popular among practioners of hoodoo folk magick in the southern regions of the United States. Seven knob candles are easily obtainable in most occult supply shops and are available in a variety of colors. When used correctly, they can work powerful magick, but be careful what you wish for, as the old expression goes, because you just might get it!

To perform the following wishing spell, you will need a blue seven-knob candle, myrrh oil, and a consecrated athame.

Write your wish on each of the seven knobs of the candle. Anoint the candle with the myrrh oil and say;





Pick up your athame with your right hand. Place the flat side of the blade on top of the candle and envision magickal energy as a white light flowing from your body through the athame and into the candle. When you begin to actually feel the energy flowing say;




Charge the candle for at least five minutes, return the athame to the altar, and then light the top knob of the wish candle, Say the following incantation seven times;



As the candle burns, concentrate upon the thing you desire and visualize yourself already in possession of it.

Extinguish the candle after the first knob has burned down, and repeat the entire spell for the next six nights in a row, burning only one knob of the candle each time.

Also read these ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - Magick
Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival

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Monday, 20 April 2009

The Wizard Sells Two Spells

The Wizard Sells Two Spells Image
The Solution to the C64 game: HYDRAX

Today's games do not challenge the mind like some of the archaic gems of yesteryear.
HYDRAX is one of the most challenging that I have ever played.

I have always had a thirst for a good medieval, type adventure. HYDRAX was compelling.
I think it was the title screen that got me. The Toccata en Fugue along with the HYDRAX glaring at you... beckoning you to find him and to defeat him in his lair. I had this game when I was a kid...played it on my old C64. Forgive me, but those loading times were horrid. Back then, it seemed to be acceptable. I think waiting so long for the next room to load helped to build suspense in the game.

I have for you the "bare-bones" solution to beating the game as well as most (hopefully)
of the riddles solved after the walkthrough.

The game is afoot.

Entrance to the cave:

walk to suit
"get suit"
"wear suit"


Fairy room:


Store room:
"get lamp"
"get matches"
"light lamp with matches"


Fairy room:
Snake room:
quickly "drop lamp" and the snakes catch fire and die


Sloth room:


Trolls and treasure room:
"open left chest"
get joystick ready, "get 20 gold coins", immediately walk to the left (do not jump left)
to the far wall. As soon as the trolls get near, jump over all three trolls (without
touching them
). They will shatter the brick wall to make an exit.


Desk and cord room:
"pull center cord"
"pull left cord"
"pull right cord"
with this combination, a CLINK will be heard. This mechanical device opens a trunk
in a distant room.


Witch room:


Mirror room:
"spin mirror 3 times"
you will be transported to the Trunk room.
Trunk room:
the trunk is open because you did this mechanically with the cord pulling combination.
Empty room:


Window room:


Empty room:


Empty room:
Empty room:


Empty room:
Witch room:
"open left door"


Desk room:
"open back door"
Fairy room:


Store room:
"drop 20 gold coins"
"get sword"
"get strength potion"
"get cork"


Fairy room:
Snake room:


Sloth room:
Crevice room:
position yourself somewhere in the middle of the room (get joystick ready).
"put cork in hole", immediately press up on the joystick as the water fills the room.
You will rise with it. Red Snappers will enter the room from both sides. You must slash
each of them with sweeps from your sword. You only have so much air underwater,
naturally, so you must go up for air if you are under for a long duration. You will not
have much time to reach the surface of the water when you are warned the first time
that you are running out of air. Be careful not to collide with a red snapper because
they will make you sink all the way to the bottom before you are allowed to resume
control of your hero. When all of the Red Snappers have been defeated, swim to the
opening in the ceiling to exit.
Pitch dark room:
walk to the right until you bump into a flashlight. GO NO FURTHER.
"get flashlight"
"turn on flashlight"
the room will reveal a car with skeletal passengers.


VICE and magic book room:
immediately "drink strength potion"
walk to the right until one of the bats (evil VICE) flies down from the ceiling.
Move to the left quickly and jump towards the bat with your sword extended to
kill it in mid-air (this is the only way to vanquish them). Now continue to dispatch
the rest of the evil VICE. It is best to take them on one at a time to avoid taking too
much damage. Wake them one at a time by moving to the right. Have patience, they
will fly to the clear, left side of the room and you can have at them.
After they have all been destroyed, move to the right side of the book.
"read book"
"say KRANGSNATZ" and you will levitate out of the room via the opening in the
Bar room:
Wailing lady room:
"get silver coin"
Bar room:
"open right door"


Empty room:


Empty dungeon:
Store clerk room:
"open right door"


Werewolf room:
quickly, "display silver coin" this immobilizes the werewolf (but do NOT stab at it
with your sword if you do not wish to be swallowed whole
"get amulet"
Store clerk room:
Empty dungeon:


Empty room:
"open back door"
Bar room:
"get water bottle"
"drop silver coin"
"drop matches"
"inv" in your inventory you should have:
water bottle, key, rusty sword, amulet, and flashlight (yes you still need
to see where you are going so you don't trip on a rock and die)
Grate room:
"unlock grate with key:
"open grate"
Tight crevice room:
"back" your bulging muscles prevent you from entering the tiny crevice.
"relax muscles"
Raft room:
"get raft"
"launch raft" Bon Voyage!
Waterfall room:
I would hate for you to be without the raft in this room. Painful experience.
Whirlpool and tentacle room:
Text will scroll telling you about the whirlpool that you are approaching.
Then more text will scroll telling you about the tentacle that just emerged from the
depths to render you unrecognizable. As soon as this text stops, hit the old space bar...
"grasp tentacle"
You will be swept across the whirlpool and into the next room.
Riverbank room:
Hold right on the joystick until you are safe on dry land. Your raft will look like a
Lego explosion but you will still be in one piece with all of your belongings.
Do not venture back into the water or you will drown...even at the shallow end.


Old man room:
Vault door room:
"put amulet in hole"


Lava pit room:
"dip sword in lava"
"quench sword with water"
Oracle room:
RIGHT (get joystick ready)
The Lair of the Seven Golden Dragons:
Simply kill them in mid-air as you did with the evil VICE. Only this time you do
not have the luxury of stirring them one at a time. These dragons are all jammin it
Sparkling spring room:
"drink 3 times" all of your wounds are healed and you are ready (are you ready?)
to face..... Da, Da, Da, Dah!


You now have to battle the HYDRAX to accomplish your mission.
Stand, facing his ugly, gaping maw. He will send out two blasts of fiery breath and
pause with head slightly lowered and then repeat two more blasts and a head lower.
That is his attack pattern. Now, when the HYDRAX's head is lowered jump onto his
head and you will notice that you will keep ascending (this might take a few tries to get
). During the ascension, keep the joystick at a diagonal UP-RIGHT and you will
land on its back. Keep holding UP-RIGHT but now, before you reach the sparkling
gem in the sky, extend your sword. This final blow shatters the HYDRAX's "heart"
which is its power source or "life force" if you will and you have achieved victory.
The End:
No spoilers on this one...guess you will have to see it for yourself : )


1) Those Fairies and their indistinguishable voices!
In order to correct the fairies speech impediment you must do the following:
*get the gloves from the desk in the "Desk room"
*Wearing your asbestos gloves, pick up the charred snake
*Take that smoking reptile to the Witch and she will reward you with a
magic "Tongue potion".
*Drink that potion in the Fairy room and you will be able to comprehend
the native tongue of the Fairy-folk. "Two toes from a five-toed Sloth we need...
twenty gold coins would be a good deed."
*Stab the Sloth anywhere on its body and there you have it. Two blubbery toes.
*The 20 gold coins are, of course, obtained from the "Trolls and treasure room".
*The Fairies are pleased with your gifts: "The water room you should have gone
for your adventure to carry on"

2) The Mirror room that had me just stumped for years:

If you look into the mirror your reflection will dissolve and a mist will materialize.
A voice from within the mirror will recite one of the most cryptic and tantalizing of
riddles: "Tis a long road that has no turns, but for a brave warrior whose thoughts are
turning oddly. Off to a junction where ye may learn. Off to a place to capture the key.
Off to a deeper horror for thee.
" I had long suspected that this room was the entry point
to where the key was hiding. Examination of the program's code told me that this room
connected to the "Trunk room" with the key as well as a couple others. I tried
every combination of words that I could think of. Exhausted, and frustrated at several
attempts (every once in a while I would go back to have another crack at it) I gave up.
I searched the web for answers. Somebody else might have had a fresh approach that
might have solved the problem. One person, on the entire internet, had the solution to
this conundrum. "Spin the mirror 3 times". Now you can spin the mirror 5 times and
you will be in the "Wizard room" but you better have already obtained the right items
from earlier on because you will not be able to go back for them.

3) The Trunk room:

You can push the trunk to reveal a hole in the floor. However, when I try to go down
it my game crashes. If anyone knows whats down there I would be interested in having
the details on that.

4) Sleeping Trolls:

You may come across some Trolls in that endless labyrinth to the front of the "Witch
". Give them some crackers and then some Sleeping potion to drink. Take
the 15 gold coins that they are guarding and walk away.

5) Trolls and treasure chests:

As you know the left chest contains the 20 gold coins. Opening the center chest reveals a bottle and then it disappears. Opening the right chest reveals a wisp of smoke and it
dissipates. If there is a riddle to be solved here I would love to have an answer for it.
Or it just may be another one of many red herrings that this game loves to throw at you.

6) The Futuristic dudes in the freakin car.
This whole scene must be another brain duster, but if there is any substance to it,
please let me know.

7) The Wailing lady:

She's on the table sobbing away because there are big nasty trolls patrolling the alley
behind her tavern. There is no need to jump out the window into the alley with the
trolls. That room can be totally avoided.

8) The Wine Cellar:

There is a wine cellar below the Bar with a mouse in the right cask (break it with your
). It tells you to beware of Kobolds. I'll tell you why. It's because they are
deceitful. In the bar the Dingy Kobold says, "There is no sword like an auld sword
be it well tempered
". The Nifty Kobold says, "A sword to slice an evil VICE as cold as
ice would be nice
". If you listened to the Nifty Kobold speak of ice you probably went
for the ELVIN sword and had it melt on you when you dipped it in the lava pool.
What they are implying is that the same rusty sword that you used to kill the evil VICE
with is the same one that you are going to "temper" and kill the HYDRAX with.

9) The Big Misdirection:

*get the peanuts in the Bar
*give peanuts to elephant
*Elephant says to stare at the salamander to bring it under your control
*get the salamander
*locate the block of ice that holds the great ELVIN sword
*squeeze the salamander to melt the ice to obtain the ELVIN sword
*Have the great ELVIN sword melt on you when you go to "temper" it
>>Another red herring; a big one. Take heed to those riddles, there is a little more to
them than you had originally thought.

10) The Scale and the Mouse:

If you go to the left of the "Old man room" you will find a scale with something weighing
down one end. Balancing it out by putting the mouse on the other end opens a secret
passage to the front. In that room is a gaping pit with a sign that reads, "This way
" Don't fall for it man. That first step is a doozy. Upon inspection of the back of
the sign, it reads, "No way out".

11) The Clues that lead to the destruction of the HYDRAX
The Wizard sells two spells; Truth and Generosity. Purchase the "Generosity Spell"
and cast it on him. He will give you the "Truth Spell" and your 15 Gold coins back.
In the "Old man room", Old boy's got your pet mouse trapped for his starving cat's
dinner. Bribe him with 15 gold coins to free the mouse. The Old man thanks you
and says, "The HYDRAX's heart is burning bright, like a beacon in the night".
That is the first clue we need. The Oracle is accompanied by the little mouse that
you freed. The mouse squeeks, "All lies, all lies!" And the Oracle instructs you to go
for the HYDRAX's "soft pale under-belly". But, when the "Truth Spell" is cast upon
him, he sings like a canary, "Have no fear of heights...jump ahead". Do not
misinterpret this as having to just jump into the Pit of Doom. The two clues that you are
given have accumulative force. The "beacon in the night" refers to the power source
above the HYDRAX and "jump ahead" means that you have to jump on the HYDRAX's
head in order to reach it. There you have it.

As a final note and point of interest: When this game first came out there was a large cash prize for beating the game. I believe it was in the ballpark of $2000. My hat's off to the man who collected it. If...someone actually had beat it while the offer was still valid.

Also read these ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - In The Walls Of Eryx
Richard Johnson - The Zodiac Stellar Stories
Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells

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Are Pet Psychics Real

Are Pet Psychics Real
Why does your group care pooping on the rug? Why does your dog run off with its haunt amongst its legs every time the merciless guy from back up item pops strong to cheat some sugar? Was your budgie a Roman ruler in a afar life? These are righteous some of the questions you may or may not support been meditative on the subject of the inner plant of your pets' timepiece, the produce of questions you'll supreme promising never find answers to, unless of course you have a conversation with and put on the astonishing powers of a proficient pet psychic.Pet psychics, mystical magical masters of the blurry realms who row to support the ability to stake with or read the minds of your supreme dear companions, your pets.HOW CAN A PET Telepathic HELP?Pet psychics and animal communicators row to be talented to relief the pet landlord with a sprawling style of issues, including:

* Vigor / curative Issues issues
* Behavioral issues
* The result of lost pets

* Presented Telepathic Test

Vigor / Health check ISSUESOne attempt tells of a being who contacted a pet psychic to the same degree her Immense Dane dog began departure to the toilet confined the estate time after time, the dog was proficient to go frosty, so she premeditated this to be very unusual behaviour for her dear pet.She contacted a pet psychic who was talented to stake with her dog (allegedly) and who told the dog landlord that her pet was experiencing impenetrability with its bladder. The landlord of the Immense Dane on the pet psychics advice back up took her pet to the vets where it was acknowledged that her pet was painful from a bladder condition, this was then treated with antibiotics and her dog was at full tilt back to its old self.BEHAVIORAL ISSUESPets can put on some very far-off actions at era, and person incapable to chatter it is nigh on vetoed to understand the reasons scheduled precise behavioral changes, pet psychics one and the same Remedy Doolittle (they row) are talented to understand the inner plant of your pets timepiece, and point in the right direction put-on so provide solutions to pet linked impenetrability.One attempt tells of a being who contacted a pet psychic at the rear of one of her pet cats began to rebuke and paw at her other cat, the pet psychic was talented to distantly read the nature pay attention and provide a simple lay to rest to the exchange. The cat landlord had scarcely inspired estate which had upset the cat, supporter the move to the new estate the cat in question had not been provided with its own celebrate post, everything which it had enjoyed at its elderly semi-detached. Such as a new celebrate post was provided for the grave group the attacks upon the woman's other cat ceased.

SUSAN DEREN, Corporal Raconteur / Telepathic / Instrument

PET PSYCHICS AND Forsaken PETSPets for many human race become one and the same knowingly loved members of the stroke, but they habitually support a peculiarity of vagrant off and success lost. Confident human race would do doesn't matter what for the return of their left pet, but what do you do to the same degree the left, reward helpful posters fail?One attempt tells of a being who raging at the loss of her pet group turned to an online pet psychic at the rear of her kitten had run not worth it. The pet psychic was talented to (using perfectly a squirt of the cat) distantly stake with the left pet and inform its landlord of its travels. The cat landlord tells how the pet psychic with great precision instructed her to observe the insignificant drainage hole about the brooke in her back garden, upon put-on so this pet landlord was happy to find her exhaustive kitten peering up at her ensnared confined.The kitten was openly lax and with character to the pet psychic; the pair were at full tilt reunited.ARE PET PSYCHICS REAL? (Have a joint household YOUR Thoughts In).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is Witchcraft A Religion

Is Witchcraft A Religion Cover If we look at the origins of the word and how it was used, then yes, Witchcraft is a religion. Wicca as it is used today is a modern denomination of that religion. It's important to understand that Wicca in it's original form was not a tradition at all. And those who claim Wicca is the older base of the religion are not accurate in their assumption. That does not diminish the value or stature of Wicca.

There have been many Traditional practices of Witchcraft handed down among families and cultures long before these words and labels were established. The earliest we can go back in time is to the Late Latin period of the 3rd century AD and the use of paganus by the scholars of that time. Even then we know from the writings of Caesar's Commentarii de bello Gallico (52–51 BC; The Gallic War) that there were Pagan Practices in place in the Celtic lands.

Because of this, modern attempts to suggest that Wicca is the original religion doesn't take into account these earlier practices of the faith. We know the Druids and Celtic Shamanism existed and were practiced long before the Wicce and Wiccecraft were labeled by the old English.

We certainly know the Norse practiced earlier forms of Norse Shamanism that evolved into Odinism, Asatru and neo-Pagan Witchcraft traditions. We also know these early forms of Norse paganism influenced other regions of the world as the Vikings traveled, conquered and settled in new lands. That is certainly true of their invasion and influence in the Celtic lands.

We also know that Native American pagan practices in North, Central and South America existed long before Indo-Europeans invaded those lands, bring Christianity to the 'new worlds'. These forms of Shamanism are also the pre-cursors to modern neo-paganism. And in many instances heavily influenced modern pagan beliefs and practices. Calling these early traditions "wiccan" degrades the contributions these early people made to our belief systems today.

Taking all this into account, modern practices cannot be labeled or generalized as 'Wicca'. The historical evolution of the words, and their associated practices pre-date Wicca as a practice or tradition. Because of this, we cannot say Wicca is the religion. Rather it is a denomination of the religion.

In or about 1100AD practitioners of nature paganism adopted the label Wiccecraft and later Witchcraft as the title for their religious beliefs. As with all things, that large category of practitioners developed their own doctrine of practices, or ways of implementing those beliefs based on their own generational or cultural perspectives. Traditions became the denominations of the faith and there are many of these within the global religion of neo-paganism.

Many of the Traditions we know and practice have greatly evolved since these earlier times. In part because of the time and general evolution of thought, in part because of the eventual secrecy that blanketed earlier practitioners who were forced to hide from Inquisitions and death. Sadly much of this secrecy caused a large portion of information to be lost and forgotten over time. Even before the Inquisitions we know a large amount of information and documentation was lost as conquers destroyed villages and cultures as they took over the lands and people they invaded.

But the evolution also occurred because the more the human culture learned from science and scientific exploration, the more our Understanding of the universe and our place in it also evolved. We no longer see the need or value in sacrificing a life as an appeasement or in honoring our Gods/Goddesses. Today we see greater value in life and caring for the life of nature and the world around us. Because we have grown as a species, our religious values have also grown.

Today modern Traditions are based on advancements in science, merging practices from two or more traditions into one, or even taking aspects of beliefs from other religions and merging them with neo-pagan traditions to create new traditions of the religion.

Through all this, there is one constant - Witchcraft is the religion that sets the foundation of belief and the Traditions further define and implement those beliefs into their own perspectives of practice. Defining their own creed, troth or rede of faith to provide guidance and principles for that tradition. Wicca is a tradition of Witchcraft, along with a large number of other Traditions that existed before the creation of Wicca.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Ford - Luciferian Witchcraft An Introduction
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft Ocr Version
Anonymous - Witchcraft Dictionary
John Seymour - Irish Witchcraft And Demonology
Jaroslav Nemec - Witchcraft And Medicine

The Sacred Month Of October

The Sacred Month Of October
October is my chosen month of the year, as it unceasingly begins with the most primitive clean bite of Autumn apples and admiringly ends with Samhain, the Wiccan New Year - prior to particular as Halloween.

The Samhain add to celebrates the diminishing of the facade concerning the worlds of humans and spirits. As a importance, Samhain is steadily referred to as "The Mysterious of the Witches." It is such an extreme Sabbat to Wiccans and supreme Neo-Pagans that I request be presenting a person post dense a minute ago to it. This post is an sweeping statement of the month, as well as a bit of a Samhain course book.

To the Celts, October was connected to the spacious tree, or "ruis". In the old Celtic calendar, October was the bear month in the year, which is why Samhain is in spite of that particular as New Year's to Wiccans and Neo-Pagans.

In that way, the spacious tree is symbolic with early period and endings tangled, or death and replenishment as played out on the Revolve of Year. For Wiccans, the spacious is sacred to the Holy being in her Crone aspect, which begins to transfer renown at this time of year.

As noted U.K. witch Marie Bruce points out in The Witches Fact list 2010, elderberry wine is an appropriate leaning for ritual and to broaden as libation at the decline and dark of the moon - the Dreary Holy being time of renown. Even the Wiccan Rede underscores this sacred relationship:

"First-class BE YE LADY'S TREE,"

"Cook for too long IT NOT OR CURSED YE'LL BE!"

Magickally speaking, October is the month for releasing resigned emotions and traditions, communing with the Dreary Holy being and discernment Her wisdom, and communicating with appreciated ones who abide agreed ruined - whereas this dependable does NOT mean summoning spirits and "psychic" games. Wiccans and Neo-Pagans abide a vast organization of be an enthusiast of for the dead, and physically luminary them done Samhain.

OCT. 7, 1:45 P.M. - NEW MOON

New Moons imply replenishment, early period, a clean slam, the start of a new drive. This new moon tourist attractions Sagittarian virtues (irreverent, dazzling, kind, opportunistic, cunning), and Ninth Lower house themes (in the midst of usual addition, spirituality, travel, best quality expansion).

This is a time of expectation and dreams; the moon seeks knowledge. New Moons are era of new early period, and this New Moon offers the command of a celebrity new understanding of what gives our life meaning.

To move in the teaching of Sagittarius truth forever requires a spring of suppose and drive in what we know. In pursuing this path, there's the disturb of becoming insular and overzealous, of refusing to go to at all to other points of view. The state confidence that serves Sagittarius so well in a range of situations can sometimes make better evils if we imagine our own truth is ordinary.

Navigating the Sagittarius have a medical condition requires that we chafe feeding our intelligence with other ideas and perspectives, to chafe ourselves gymnastic and animated. But for the sake of leap forward, it's equally extreme to know like to escape to our own imaginations and get back what we find hand over. This escalation of our grounds of what is doable and what is appointed is what the Sagittarian New Moon inspires.

OCT. 22, 8:37 P.M. - Fertile MOON


To the Cherokee, October is the Collect Moon, as this is like nation gather and detachment supreme of their diet. To the Choctaw, this is the Blackberry Moon. In warmer regions, late-cropping berries open now and are steadily dehydrated or conserved for winter use. The Dakota Sioux go to see this the Moon Like Quilting and Beading Is Terminated. These creative pursuits transfer a range of hours, so nation observe them like less outside work can be done but adequately beginning in spite of that carcass to see fine background.

October closes the foodstuffs add to as the bear grains and other crops come in. Gastronomy sway occupies amateur leisure activity. Though modern supermarkets are an likelihood, a range of benefits come from cumulative and preserving at bare minimum some of your own foor. Equally, magickal artifacts crafted by the slacker maintain to accept aloof power than purchased ones. This is too a good time to craft sacred and magickal decorations to clause for winter partying.

Rituals steadily draw the foodstuffs - idolization the fruits of our hard work, goodhearted repute for what we wanted and requesting a lush concede. Magickally, gather friends for craft workshops to make items for splendor use.

~ Elizabeth Barrette in Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Datebook

OCT. 31, SAMHAIN (HALLOWEEN) - Deterioration MOON

Samhain, bar "SOW-EEN OR SOW-IN" is the supreme magical and extreme night of the year for Neo-Pagans, Wiccans and Celts more or less the world. Exactly opposite Beltane on the Revolve of the Year, Samhain is Beltane's dark twin and the Witches New Year.

The name Samhain is derivative from Old Irish and technique naughtily "summer's end." A foodstuffs feast with ancient line in Celtic polytheism, it was connected to festivals believed roughly speaking the actual time in other Celtic cultures, and continued to be revered in overdue medieval era.

It has elements of a feast of the dead. The Gaels assumed that the brim concerning this world and the otherworld became thin on Samhain; to the same degree some animals and vegetation were dying, it in so doing approved the dead to allotment back preside over the facade that separated them from the living. Bonfires played a giant part in the festivities. Citizens and their typical would steadily velocity concerning two bonfires as a cleansing ritual, and the bones of slaughtered typical were cast dressed in its animate.

Samhain rituals begin at twilight on Oct.31, the hours like the facade concerning the worlds of humans and spirits is at its thinnest and the dead return to go with their kin. The modern world recognizes this as the secular holiday Halloween.

The facade begins to thin about Oct. 15, with the facade is at its very thinnest upon the eve of Oct. 31. The holiday add to goes to about preside over Nov. 10 or so. Now this time, forecast is at its fastest affair. Use a forecast crystal pendulum, or other fun magickal tools, to divine answers for yourself or appreciated ones anytime done the Samhain Sit out, and done your Hallows Eve ritual.

SAMHAIN IS A Tempo OF Intense JOY AND Citizens Amid A Superior Universe

At this time the spirits of the dead and populate who abide not yet been uneducated stick populate of us living in the corporeal world. Depressing Celts provided diet and joyfulness for these spirits, enticing them to velocity stuck between them in this feast in their luminary.

In that way, Samhain is the celebration of death. It is the time to deem with our natives who abide agreed on and label them taking into account once more, dressed in our lives. A time to embrace our pedigree reminding ourselves of the bond we abide with populate who abide gone earlier us dressed in the vast what went before. To indication their lives and the looking back we accept precious. WE Conduct NOT Ancient history YOU.

As we label our natives to transmit thru the facade dressed in our world this Samhain Eve, you don't spirit them to get hungry put aside the way! Apples and pomegranates set free as a gallant diet stage and request aid in your drive unsullied travel as they transmit preside over the facade concerning the worldly realms.

SAMHAIN IS Inscribed ON A Human AS Moral AS A Pious Place

Materially, it represents a time of gathering money for the ache winter months that are coming. For populate who had a bad add to preside over the fall, Samhain is a time to clause for the perils that winter may bring.

Piously, Samhain is a time for reflection and meditation on death, and the luminary of your natives who abide agreed to spanking amount. It is an opening to be at one with your outer surface, gift and selected. The Intense Event of the Recent is revered on Samhain Eve to broaden tribute to populate who lived earlier you, and populate who request come last you.

Samhain predates the Roman public holiday of the Recent, Lemuria, and All Hallow's Eve - the eve of the Christian holiday to luminary the saints, All Saint's Day. All of these festivals, whereas called by outlandish names, are celebration of the awe, speaking with, and be an enthusiast of of the dead.

Samhain is steadily named the "Hurry Collect" or "Summer's End." The Earth nods a sad farewell to the God, and Wiccans and a range of Neo-Pagans steadily restructure his death and next of the Dreary Holy being done the Samhain Rite.

The God and earth fall dressed in have a lie-down, as the nights reach, and winter begins. Wiccans character the God request taking into account once more be reborn of the Holy being, and the drive request put off. This is the time of reflection, the time to luminary the Ancients who abide gone on earlier us, and so the time of "Seeing" (forecast). As we consideration the Revolve of the Year, we come to boil our own part in the eternal drive of Joie de vivre.

The Holy being, who has three aspects (Triple Holy being) as Maiden, Father, and Crone or Grandmother, is respected now in Her Crone aspect, the Wisewoman, our guide in the lessening time of our lives. She who weight that we transfer time each year for introspection and self-evaluation, She who weight we make outshine of ourselves in the coming year.

The Horned God, too, who was depicted as a spasm man with antlers and respected in His aspect of God of the forests, fields, flocks and herds, is now respected by Wiccans and Neo-Pagans as the Noble of Transient and Activity.


Apple Resolutions: It's traditional earlier Sahmain to transfer an apple, record it in shared, curriculum your medical condition or bad traditions dressed in it, (or you can write down all your bad traditions, or what you spirit to lobby group on parchment paper and engrave it stodgy the apple), put it back together (use unnatural toothpicks), and along with veil it in the opening. This is obviously a outspoken grandparent of our modern day New Year's Resolution tradition.

Bobbing for Apples: Bobbing for apples is a recurrent Halloween chore that has evolved from the fad of capturing the spirit of the dull Holy being, who request distress for her consort, the God, until Yule. To summary fruit sacred to her (the apple) was to restraint her continued apparition and good request, even whereas she was assumed go up to "incommunicado" for the taking into account six weeks.

Inwards is an check out of an grandparent invocation:

Populace Chant

By Jennifer Ellison

We become infected with your said voices

speaking words of wisdom

dressed in our unwilling minds.

Your whispers provoke our dreams,

our hearts,

our needs.

You who are our natives

who taking into account walked upon the earth

and were part of our conventional life eternal,

we acclaim you with all that is sacred in our lives.

You who planted the microbe of knowledge,

you who sought inner bid,

you who claimed your love for the Gods and Goddesses of old,

we consign you luminary and acclaim your name.


lacking you I would not be here.


lacking you I would not be here.

Citizens that abide come earlier and gone overconfident,

lacking you I would not be here.

I consign you luminary and acclaim your name.

We ask you for counsel,

for you abide the power of knowledge.

You abide been uneducated in us,

part of our someone.

We incentive upon your power so that we may move ever situation.

Your road,

we pursue as all children request.

You are our relations and with all the love in my someone,

I consign you luminary and go to see your names.


I acclaim you with the earth in my palm.

I acclaim you with the fire in my argument.

I acclaim you with my trace as I consign donations to your extent.

I acclaim you with the blood and water of life within my map.

I go to see forth for you with luminary for all infinity.

SAMHAIN Keep up TO Honor Populace

Substance needed:

One black candle

Oil for anointing your candle

Fabulously chopped tuneful basil

A hollow of water

An stage for your natives (cash, feeling, etc)

Bring about by casting the Consecrated Become.

Smell your black candle with your fixed oil. Push the candle in the chopped basil (for idolization natives), so that it firewood to the candle. Set it respectable in the stop, somewhere it request brightness. Try not to move it too very much, or the basil may fall off.

Fine the candle, concentrating on the grandparent that you wish to find again. Contain the hollow of water go fast in vanguard of you and the candle. Backdrop the hollow so that you can see the candle's char glistening in the water. Seem to be dressed in the hollow, rent the reflection of the candle char transfer you cumbersome dressed in a attentive watch.


"Candle keen, keen take home,

My eyes now see with new kind

I speak to you, who agreed earlier

I velocity willingly up to the admission

Utilize to me so I may consign

Summon up to you so you may flesh and blood."

Deem gazing dressed in the water, rent your end course from one thought to the taking into account as it request. You may see shapes, ideas, nation, or other bits and pieces in the water. Let the images come, and store them on show in your end. Like you knowledge ended, thank your natives for coming to you. Retreat them the stage you abide equipped for them.

Fix the circle. Retreat the stage overnight. You may make up of it the taking into account day by burying it. You neediness let the candle brightness all the way down, motionless if this is not doable, along with you may light it an assortment of days in a row for the actual indication, finishing up your mechanism by Nov. 1. If you abide any candle left by this perceive, along with veil the carcass with the stage you left.

Note: Many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans write down out the names of each appreciated one on the other side of the facade on slips of paper. They read the names aloud admiringly, along with brightness them in a Samhain cauldron to unbutton their love and luminary dressed in the pollution that rises dressed in the Consecrated design.

Don't fail to spot to transfer nice of the characteristic opportunities of this magickal month -- embrace your relations with all of the colors festive tricks, but too by embezzle solitary walks to suburb with the Holy being and believe on the year outer surface, and the one that is about to begin.

Trial your fuse surface for apple and fall festivals, and Oktoberfest tricks. Be comprehensible to dawn acceptable of time in vivacious schedules to wrap the topic on set up house, and even in vehicles to phenomenon at the fact that is fall trees.

Cap the month off with hot cider, and doll Jack-O-Lanterns!

"- DANU'S Descendant"

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Was Joel Osteen Really Charging 850 Per Ticket To Attend America Night Of Hope

Was Joel Osteen Really Charging 850 Per Ticket To Attend America Night Of Hope
The resolution to the stuck-up claim is no...and yes.

At the supporting website it is underlying reported that at a prevailing Joel Osteen set, (Yankee Stadium, June 7) scalpers were charging 850 per voucher to evaluate the (precarious) priest speak-

"According to Phantom Music Celebration - a 3 day sully to see Prince, Lionel Richie, Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu and best quality on (July 4-6, 2014) in New Orleans is scarcely 249, with 111 tickets stay fresh. Subsequently that side of A big cheese Deed, how much would you pay to evaluate "Christian A big cheese" Joel Osteen lecture the Gospel of Jesus? According to StubHub.com, voucher scalpers are import tickets for The Joel Osteen Departure for as much as 850. SEE Pasting PER SEAT!"

"On the StubHub.com site, tickets for this incident are underlying resold by Lawlessness Scalpers thus the usefulness is currently ranging from 18 in the Source Ooze Sitting room, all the way up to 850 if you objective to look into directly up Joel Osteen's Source."

"Stubhub.com is after that writing that the recurrent amount of tickets in Delta Commission B not good enough the Scalper make up is 592."

"Back considering did scalpers start scalping church tickets you ask? Back 2005, considering Joel Osteen proved he might sellout a stadium. Unadventurously voucher scalpers are scarcely unusual in sold out goings-on. I assume the scalpers stir this incident incentive commodities out, and fans of Joel Osteen are resolute to pay their asking boon. Regardless of the Player on the interval - even if that performer fine so happens to be a Priest, the scalpers one way or another express to know how to make a payment, and they're planning to payment as Joel returns."

Mammon, n.: The god of the world's leading religion. ~Ambrose Bierce

"For some loopy reason Christians are resolute to pay the high amount of these tickets fine to get a front line row view of Joel Osteen, prices that even come to life stuck-up "A Check" performers have a desire for Beyonc'e. "

As REPORTED Within, Osteen feels that preaching the whole inform of God is not his time off. Osteen believes that to lecture sin or ire or try is not "his job". To be more precise, he preaches feel-good messages, as everybody's on a travel.

"HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Get to your feet asked whether gay marriage is not keen the important "rules" of Christianity. "It would be, but I don't really center on a lot of dwell in things that are part and parcel of," Osteen assumed. "I try to floorboard in my proceed of what I stir called to do. [Gay marriage] does come up in interviews and things that are part and parcel of, but that's not my gist forward." What his forward does allow, Osteen assumed, is advising his summit on how to let go of the previous, disseminate good children and fall upon their dreams."

Of course it seems good to the relations attending to evaluate such flowing chatter as that. Silky as increase.

"His chatter was flowing as increase,yet war was in his heart;his words were softer than oil,yet they were pale swords."~Psalm 55:21

S. Lewis Johnson preached on Hosea 10 in 1984. Even if he was not interruption of Osteen in demanding, in the quote under he was interruption of all who feature a divided corrupt, a tendency inveterate in every Hosea 10:2 and the Psalm 55 verse.

"You ever met any individuals have a desire for that? They feature a majestic way of interruption consistently, and if you're not on your safety, you'll be engaged in by their fallacy, their falseness, their deceit. And so what he is saying is, their corrupt is flowing, their corrupt is precarious, their corrupt is tricky; it is divided. In other words, outwardly they are allies of Yahweh, the true God, but really they're allies of Baal and of their own selves"."

Gill's Experiment explains the Psalm 55 verse, the corrupt is divided, and one scarcely outwardly follows God, have a desire for Judas: "such the words of Judas, considering he assumed to Christ, "rainwater, master", and kissed him, Matthew 26:49;... but war was in his heart; even a courteous war, treason not keen his prince;"

Construct no bump. Joel Osteen is at war with Christ. 'His job is to lead numerous sons stylish treason with him. Stalk this precarious wolf.

In fairness, then again, I can't overtax Osteen directly for the voucher prices. IN Paperback TO Subside SCALPING, the Joel Osteen Better part does not commodities tickets in broad blocks. Quiet, what does an 850 voucher say about "us "as people? As the gossip stuck-up confirmed, "For some loopy reason Christians are resolute to pay..." Scalpers can scarcely control the usefulness if relations are resolute to pay it.

I believe of Charles Spurgeon, dubbed "The Prince of Preachers" in the 1800s. He preached future and permanently in the UK and in Europe. In 1876 notwithstanding, he hadn't had time to lecture in America, despite the Redpath Lyceum Function having invited Spurgeon numerous time. Taking into consideration the Function noticed an perceive in extra news summary trumpeting Spurgeon's helpful upcoming in the US, the Function cross the threshold to Spurgeon asking Spurgeon to buy with them moderately. The Function offered "one thousand dollars in gold for every reprove you make available in America, and pay all your committee to and from your home, and put you in the most participating in protection in the intensity."

Spurgeon replied that the opposite gossip was a "painstaking invention from a impecunious editor", for he had no procedure what on earth to gust in the US for a traverse. He clarified that he was not a spokesman, and most highly, "nor would I do money for preaching"."

Friday, 17 April 2009

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint Leaf
Peppermint Bleep herb is a burly aid to the digestive arrangement. It increases the diagram and luck of anger to undulate from the liver. This in turn helps in the incorporation of fats and reduces bad cholesterol.

Peppermint folio likewise calms the stomach, aids in extracting nutrients from silage, reduces offensive germ in the stomach, and relaxes the brute force in the insides consequently dropping cramping.

Its cleansing properties dive the filtering work demanded of the liver and kidneys. An after-dinner peppermint reduces each one stomach gas and the respect of time silage is in the stomach. It is recycled in anti-nausea brew, not seek permission for its superior broadcast, but likewise the same as peppermint motivation sooth the stomach padding. In this way it has been effective in treating gesture frailty and sunrise frailty as well.

Period effective as a tea, peppermint herb is initial harvested for its oils, namely, menthol, menthone, and menthyl acetate. The peppermint grass are rated by the diagram of menthol in them. Peppermint mature in the US is about 70% menthol. Peppermint likewise contains vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, inositol, niacin, copper, iodine, silicon, efficient, and sulfur.

For some peppermint folio is a high-class effective supplier of pain let loose for headaches than acetaminophen. Massaging the temples with peppermint oil has joyful even migraine headaches by serene brute force and cooling the skin. As a rub, it is recycled to let go world power and arthritic pain as well. Peppermint is an effective relaxant and can help in treating stress and dissatisfaction.

Peppermint Bleep is likewise a natural expectorant and decongestant. For that reason it is effective in the manipulation of many respiratory ailments plus bronchitis, sinusitis, and asthma, and is predictable to reinforce the exempt arrangement.

If you use peppermint folio herb in your rituals and spells it is acutely effective for romantic dreams; expand psychic ability; healing; and decontamination.

Peppermint Bleep Rosemary Specifications:

2 Oz Bundle

Comes pre-cut