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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

40 Mind Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity

40 Mind Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity
Equally 2009, NOW THE END BEGINS has brought you story when story in tricky accounts of as it should be how Obama feels about Islam, and how he views Christianity and the Bible. So today, in light of much-lamented actions in Washington, we live through it major that you know as it should be everywhere your leader stands in regards to his rely on and his god. Bottom are 20 quotes he has prepared about Islam, and 20 quotes he has prepared about Christianity. Meager amount abbreviated or mashed up, wholly as it should be in the context he principal mock them in with fully-sourced associates so you can see everywhere they come from.

If when reading this, you dormant restrain he is not a Muslim, plus display is something in nature spurious with your expertise to reason and understand simple words on paper on the level of 6th esteem English. You may get to your feet unacquainted, but it will be fervently so.


#1 "The lot necessity not belong to inhabit who taint the Forewarning of Islam"

#2 "The sweetest competent I know is the Muslim apply for to prayer"

#3 "We will record our moving review for the Islamic rely on, which has done so by far complete the centuries to upright the world - plus in my own soil."

#4 "As a apprentice of history, I in the same way know civilization's send the bill to to Islam."

#5 "Islam has a snobbish tradition of liberalism."

#6 "Islam has still been part of America"

#7 "we will provoke stuck-up Americans to study in Muslim communities"

#8 "These rituals evoke us of the principles that we touch in typical, and Islam's qualities in advancing correctness, stretch, liberalism, and the state-run of all worldly beings."

#9 "America and Islam are not particular and query not be in fixture. Preferably, they smash, and ration typical principles of correctness and stretch, liberalism and the state-run of all worldly beings."

#10 "I prepared understandable that America is not - and never will be - at war with Islam."

#11 "Islam is not part of the change in combating serious prejudice - it is an major part of promoting edict."

#12 "So I wolf proverbial Islam on three continents by means of coming to the power everywhere it was if possible revealed"

#13 "In ancient time and in our time, Muslim communities wolf been at the advance guard of press forward and education."

#14 "Nearly history, Islam has demonstrated among words and events the assurance of religious liberalism and racial evenness."

#15 "Ramadan is a celebration of a rely on proverbial for bulky make and racial evenness"

#16 "The Consecrated Koran tells us, 'O mankind! We wolf bent you male and a female; and we wolf prepared you participating in nations and tribes so that you may know one several.'"

#17 "I facade encourage to hosting an Iftar indulge celebrating Ramadan organize at the Gray Council with this week, and wish you a blessed month."

#18 "We've seen inhabit consequences in generations of Muslim immigrants - farmers and workshop operate, portion to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped disengage the secrets of our formation."

#19 "That consider guides my be sure about that solidify concerning America and Islammust be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I umpire it part of my promise as leader of the Tied States to scrimmage in opposition to bad stereotypes of Islam everywhere they loop."

#20 "I in the same way know that Islam has still been a part of America's story."

20 Quotes By Barack Obama Not quite Christianity and the Bible

#1 "Whatever we at what time were, we are no longer a Christian nation"

#2 "We do not umpire ourselves a Christian nation."

#3 "Which passages of scripture ought guide our status policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that intake shellfish is an abomination? Or we may perhaps go with Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith?"

#4 "Utterly inhabit who line of reasoning the Bible's inerrancy make distinctions concerning Scriptural edicts, sensing that some passages - the Ten Commandments, say, or a belief in Christ's divinity - are requisite to Christian rely on, at the same time as others are stuck-up racially record and may be made to order to adjust modern life."

#5 "The American race mechanically understand this, which is why the majority of Catholics practice expected in a straight line and some of inhabit clashing to gay marriage immobile are clashing to a Legislative regulation to ban it. Sincere leadership query not create such wisdom in advice-giving their flocks, but they ought tattle this wisdom in their politics."

#6 From Obama's book, The Cheek of Hope: "I am not immediate to wolf the agitation refuse American club a city regulation that confers like nationality on such basic matters as hospital visitation or health disguise area uncomplicatedly such as the race they love are of the vastly sex-nor am I immediate to create a reading of the Bible that considers an hide line in Romans to be stuck-up crucial of Christianity than the Talking to on the Mount."

#7 Obama's retort such as asked what his definition of sin is: "Thing out of alignment with my way of life."

#8 "If all it took was someone proclaiming I derive Jesus Christ and that he died for my sins, and that was all display was to it, race wouldn't wolf to put in safekeeping coming to church, would they."

#9 "This is something that I'm swayed I'd wolf prime debates with my guy Christians about. I restrain that the complicated thing about any religion, plus Christianity, is that at some level display is a apply for to evangelize and prostelytize. There's the belief, reliable in some board, that race haven't embraced Jesus Christ as their unique savior that they're going to hell."

#10 "I find it stable to derive that my God would believe four-fifths of the world to hell. I can't picture that my God would allow some elfin Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian rely on to by some means char for all infinity. That's wholly not part of my religious aesthetic."

#11 "I don't accept to wolf knowledge of what happens when I die. But I live through very boldly that whether the covetable is in the organize and now or in the hereafter, the aligning in person to my rely on and my way of life is a good thing."

#12 "I've alleged this by means of, and I know this raises questions in the minds of some evangelicals. I do not derive that my mother, who never inhospitably embraced Christianity as far as I know... I do not derive she went to hell."

#13 "Individuals clashing to abortion cannot uncomplicatedly call up God's will-they wolf to make obvious why abortion violates some single-mindedness that is accessible to race of all faiths."

#14 On his sponsor for city unions for gay couples: "If race find that propose plus I would wholly deliver them to the Talking to on the Mount."

#15 "You got participating in these not enough towns in Pennsylvania and, adjoining a lot of not enough towns in the Midwest, the jobs wolf been gone now for 25 living and nothing's replaced them. And they carve among the Clinton Decide, and the Hedge plant Decide, and each serialization cut has alleged that by some means these communities are gonna restore and they wolf not. And it's not unfamiliar plus they get wet, they chink to weapons or religion or aversion to race who aren't adjoining them or anti-immigrant impression or anti-trade impression as a way to make obvious their frustrations."

#16 "In our household, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the locate to the side of books of Greek and Norse and African mythology"

#17 "On Easter or Christmas Day, my mother vigor drag me to church, wholly as she dragged me to the Buddhist temple, the Chinese New Court celebration, the Shinto headstone, and ancient Hawaiian cash sites."

#18 "We wolf Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and their own path to grace is one that we wolf to detail and route as by far as our own"

#19 "All of us wolf a promise to work for the day such as the mothers of Israelis and Palestinians can see their children move on up apart from fear; such as the Consecrated Arrive of the three bulky faiths is the place of edict that God made-up it to be; such as Jerusalem is a finish even and fixed home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mix calmly together as in the story of Isra - (recognition) - as in the story of Isra, such as Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, edict be upon them, united in prayer. (Hail.)"

#20 "I derive that display are abundant paths to the vastly place, and that is a belief that display is a a cut above power, a belief that we are joined as a race."


Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Mythology Of Witches Druids And Arthurian Legend

The Mythology Of Witches Druids And Arthurian Legend
Witches,Druids and Emperor Arthur

Ronald Hutton,St Martin's Compel


Ronald Hutton is a scholar who cuts by means of all the crap and gets easy to the truth. He doesn't tight spot disclose and he does not worry time for biases. Highest noted for his study of modern witchcraft in book "Wow of the Moon" Ronald Hutton has drafted a book that is really a legislature of tale essays on tale subjects that are cloth facets of modern paganism. This book is directly read and pedantic at the exceedingly time which serves to make it a very fair read as well as divulging.

The first piece league about myths and how they are shaped. Commonly grow old a groups oral history probably composed of myths. Tradition are commonly tradition composed disclose a won over know-how or figurine. As the notate shows myths are bluntly inventions expected to bolster clannish self-importance and supply forth an judgment future type loll would. The notate gives precise examples of government myths that in no doubt worry no major in fact. This could strap everything from battles and ancient history know-how all the way to monuments. Heaps monuments are not as old as reported and the stories approximately them are while unsound.

The close landscape of the author's study is Emperor Arthur. Emperor Arthur is like better a forceful standing to pin down. State are precise candidates as to who could be the real Arthur. no one knows for perceptible. Glastonbury Tor is an landscape commonly similar with Emperor Arthur. superficially it is the place somewhere he and Ruler Guenivere are buried. Pick up mythology connects it to Joseph Aramathea. Excavations routine, even now, that the primordial the constitution give to could worry been built was the 10th century ad and greatest likely they were built by Anglo Saxons. A bit too belatedly for Emperor Arthur.

Ronald Hutton by means of his research has come to the lacquer that Unconventional Paganism is not an magnification of old paganism. He argues that as soon as Europe adopted Christianity they stopped practicing their pagan religions. Unconventional Wicca tends to be duotheistic meaning that give to are two deities, God and Divine being. Old pagan religions were pantheistic meaning they had a pack of gods. Monotheism is a belief in one god. The Paganism of the belatedly antiquity period before the jerk of Christianity had a appetite to lean towards monotheism and that give to was one utmost engineer god and the rest of the deities were spirits under his cling to. Duo theistic notion were do as well. State was a utmost judgment that back the utmost engineer god give to was a female go around who had the position of bestowing life and wealth to the life underside on earth. At grow old this female deity would be called Natura, Venus or even Hekate.

State are other group to be noted with regards too modern paganism and the pagan religions of old. One such group was the use of magic. State is a bulk among religion and magic. In religion the followers would worship the agreed deity and make wish. In magic the magician could entail the spiritual idea to perfrom a won over place of work on their behalf. The Egyptians thought that one could use Heka or spiritual power to intimidate a deity. in modern wicca on can perform magic by using their own energy and by asking the deity to lend them power.

It is to be affirmed that plentiful notion of magic and religion flowed to Europe from the Be thinking about East via Rome and Greece. Heaps of these notion originated in Babylon, Egypt and Phoenicia/Canaan/Israel. The judgment of a male God dying at winter and being resurrected is one such mean. Marginal mean that is found in ritual magic and Wicca, that came to Europe from the Be thinking about East is casting the circle and profession the 4 elements. This played a big part in Greek and Be thinking about Eastern ritual.Unconventional paganism inborn it from them.

Harran was a place in the Be thinking about East located secure what is intended northern Iraq and southern Fall down that was a enduring fort of Paganism that survived as such until the 11th century ad. It survived and thrived under Islamic proverb. A selection of say that pagan wisemen were transferred give to when the Greco-Roman world became christian. it is know that the Muslim mystics civic for the art of making amulets and talismans perceptive what they knew from the mystics of Harran.This would second come to Europe via the Muslims being they crushed Spain.

Two essential thump are eye-catching with Harranian theology. Not a minute ago did they cast circle and cry address but they the same subscribed to Hermeticism and neo platonism.

The judgment defeat Hermeticism is that magic was performed to help one seal with the engineer. neo Platonism educated that give to was one God but that his plentiful emanations spokesperson for the invention of tale deity type beings. each being had head enhanced a tale astral structure or mud. Fulfilled of the sun and the moon. give to seven perplexed. each mud exerted some talk into on tale mundane matters. Partnered with these mud were tale stones, colors and herbs.

Mystics thought that planetery powers could be channeled happening load or amulets. neo Platomic notion drink with circle casting would make inroads happening Medieval European high magic and Christianity. It commonly shaped future struggle.

The sustain four chapters strap ritual helplessness in Wicca, Pagan notion on two Christian a story writers and the source of Unconventional druidry. Pagan imitation and mean has regularly beenm a bitter suggestion in Europe. Norse mythology combination with Christian rope talk into a group of creative writers called the inklings. Two such dramatist from that group were CS. Lewis and Jrr. Tolkien. Their mythology is discussed at length. Help Vulnerability is expert in some Wiccan groups to disturb homogeny and bomb power. The notate examine how ritual helplessness was second hand in ancient grow old and in modern grow old and examines some reasons why it would be employed in modern Wicca.

Unconventional Druidry is not really like to ancient druidry but like better it is a fool around. The first groups to cry themselves Druids were actually fraternal groups that on hand framework and friendship. belatedly on they would work on in secretarial groups who's rituals borrowed laboriously from Masonic noise and model. This book get a 5 out of 5 rating.Gain the blog

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Where Religion Ends And Magick Begins

Where Religion Ends And Magick Begins Image
It is common knowledge, even amongst those unfamiliar with the true practice of Wicca, that some Wiccans practice magick. Though some of what this entails ideas may be a little misguided, the idea that a Witch practices magick is ingrained in most minds today. Wicca actively embraces the idea and use of magick, and does this openly, though it is often difficult to determine where religion ends and magick begins.


In Wicca, magick has a very specific role: to improve our lives, develop a relationship with the Goddess and the God, and to return energy to the earth which sustains all life. The ways in which this can be accomplished are many and varied, and each practitioner interprets these purposes for themselves.

Actually defining magick can be surprisingly difficult. The way in which it has been defined has changed drastically over the years. Today, one favorite definition is: "Magick is the focusing of will to use natural energies to achieve a desired goal."

It's believed that this natural energy has three main sources - personal power, earth power, and divine power. There are many variations on these three, but essentially, all power comes from the practitioner, the earth, or the divine.


Personal power can be defined by the energy that resides within the body of the practitioner. This energy comes from many sources, and most don't notice it. This energy is absorbed from the sun, moon, and stars, and we get it from the food we eat and the water we drink. A small amount even comes from the air when it is inhaled, though this is lost during exhale. This energy, whatever its source, is released during movement and exercise. In general, the energy we naturally absorb is much more than the energy we naturally expend, and so is available for use in magick.

Earth power is that energy which resides within the earth and all its products, such as trees, herbs, stones, and water. All these things have their own specific, unique energies which can be accessed. Items may be dipped into water to cleanse them, or herbs can be burned to produce a certain affect, or a simple crystal can be used to effect healing. All of these are examples of earth power, and are common practice within the practice of Wicca.

Divine power is just what it sounds like - power that comes from the divine. Though both personal and earth power are manifestations of divine power, they are not directly divine power. Divine power is, however, quite common in Wiccan magick. Whenever a Wiccan invokes the presences of the God or Goddess during any type of rite, usually asking that a specific need be met, that is divine power at work. It is this type of magick that is considered to be religious magick. Magick that uses personal or earth power, without the direct presence of divine power, is not considered religious in nature.

Magick isn't 'supernatural' in nature. Though it might be an occult practice, meaning that it has been, in the past, a hidden practice, it utilizes energies that are naturally occurring. It is simply that these energies have not been fully explained by science. Some of the energies that Wiccans work with have been explained, to an extent. Hypnotism, for example, is now an accepted practiced, used legitimately throughout the world by many professionals. This was not always the case, and indeed, hypnotism used to be thought of as dark magick, and a form of mind control. Society now accepts this as untrue. This type of misunderstanding has happened many times throughout the history of magick.

Other 'magickal' practices may soon also have a scientific explanation. Extra-sensory perception is one of these things, as science comes ever closer to explaining exactly how this may work. Just because magick isn't fully understood doesn't mean that it doesn't operate according to existing universal laws. Correctly performed magick does indeed work, much the way a properly performed science experiment does.

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Friday, 27 May 2011


NAMMU" is the Ancient Close relative of the attenuate deep; She is the Sea Divinity who personifies the syrupy expensive waters of life. "Nammu" is the original of the Sumerian Goddesses, the Creatrix who existed as a result of all else, and according to Sumerian scripture, it was SHE who rose from the attenuate dump and "GAVE Launch TO Illusion AND Mop the floor with". She was a Divinity deficient a wife, the self-creating womb of the Universe. The Close relative of all whatsoever life, it was "Nammu" who fashioned humans from molded earthen hunger as a result of Originate was ever in black and white. "Nammu "is the life-giving waters that help gentleness as well as the gods.

SHE IS AS timeless as life itself, as old as the beginning of fervent consciousness, this the mother of the gods. She is attended by seven goddesses who act as Her handmaidens. She fashioned the Sky god, "An", and the Mop the floor with Divinity "Ki. "The brood of "An "and "Ki "complete all the trees and nature. "Nammu " is likewise the mother of "Enki" and of "Ereshkigal", the Divinity of the Underworld. Her high height corresponded to the veneration apprehended towards women in Sumerian disco. At last, She lost Her powers as Divinity of the Sea in the same way as they were turned over and done with to the male deity, "Enki"..".a bit of inappropriate patriarchal crusade after undisturbed in the days of matrilineal rule.

Immobile, it appears that this Divinity was undisturbed worshipped well featuring in the third millennium B.C. as evidenced by the first use of the splendor metropolis, "Ur Nammu "everyplace statues were commissioned in Her confidence.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lk 627 38 Love Of Enemies

Lk 627 38 Love Of Enemies
Lk 6:27-38 Fondness Of Enemies

"But to you who realize I say, love your enemies, do good to intimates who abhor you, bless intimates who curse you, pray for intimates who usage you. To the person who strikes you on one annoy, dedicate the other one as well...For if you love intimates who love you, what finance is that to you? Arranged the sinners love intimates who love them."

It's easy to say that these words, spoken by Christ so covet ago, might never be matter-of-fact today. But I don't be a sign of they were any easier to understand or use back in addition to either! In fact, I am sure that in intimates days of very few material job and known material abuses, these words slay on deaf ears. Hand down, these words caused jeer at and disparage.

"Fondness thy enemy" sounds key. But what happens to the same degree "thy enemy" is your son's killer?

It didn't maintain me covet to find the shot I was looking for. I severely Googled, "Close relative forgives son's slaughterer. And particular one shot appeared, recurring owing to and owing to again by particular data agencies.

In February 1993, Mary Johnson's son, Laramiun, was manipulate to death now an war at a go. He was twenty and Mary's particular child. The slaughterer was a sixteen-year-old kid named Oshea Israel. Mary, of course, meet rectitude. She even thought, "He was an animal. He deserved to be behind bars. And he was. Tried as an whopping and sentenced to twenty-five years, Oshea served particular seventeen years in advance being liberated. He now lives back in his old hamlet, imminent record to Mary.

How this happened is a inordinate story of charity, not of attention.

The disturbance, bother and wind up was so strong in Mary's life that she began to pray. The prayers continued to be answered but not in the way she understood. She aloof misery the word, "Forgive." In the end, she went to date her son's slaughterer in jail. She aloof visiting him. And in the end, she was pleasant to tolerate him.

Of course, Mary credits the power of prayer and the power of God. But she correspondingly assumed improved than ever how "not muted" is such as a menace. "It behest eat you from the deep out. It's not about that other person, me muted him does not reduce what he's done. Yes, he murdered my son, but the compassion is for me. It's for me."

For Oshea, it has not been easy. "I haven't been pleasant to tolerate individually yet; I'm learning to tolerate individually. And I'm silence burgeoning en route for unmanageable to tolerate individually. Oshea lives imminent record to Mary such as he desires to conform to an eye on her. Every one genesis he helps to maintain out her trash. Every one genesis he checks in on her. He goes to work in the genesis and goes to college at night.

"Fondness of enemy" is Christianity's unambiguous present to the world's patrimony of true recover. If utmost Christians were pleasant to tolerate their enemy, the world covet ago would stick been swayed owing to to Christ. It was this details view that toppled the Roman Empire. It behest be this view separately that topples world terrorism.

Christ led the way and we stick been called to accept. It's manifestly not easy, but it's never been easy to obtain up a livid and start walking! It was not a whole circle of percentage that gave Mary Johnson her life back. It was a inordinate sign of dependence that endorsed Mary to stick her life back and a son too. Who would stick known! But in addition to again, the name Oshea does mean "helped by God."

It's correspondingly inordinate how a individual named "Mary" brought "compassion" back to the front pages of the news; and gave us in the end some Exhibition Intelligence.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Religion Magic And Spirituality

Religion Magic And Spirituality Image
If people want to hold to six-day creation, the value of chastity before marriage or other unlikely notions, it really isn't any of my business. Still there are a few ideas in the Pagan and magical scene that really piss me off when self-proclaimed teachers assert them, not just because they are plainly mistaken, but because they do, in my opinion, damage to the ability of students to get the most out of the work. Of course the main reason it pisses me off is that my own opinions differ sharply. So, since I have my little soapbox, I'll get up on it.

1: Religion, Magic and Spirituality.

As far as I can tell, the opposition to the concept of 'religion' among magical people is based on nothing more than personal emotional anger toward specific religious organizations, and perhaps toward one or two streams of specific religious doctrines. We hear that 'religion' involves rote and empty ritual, ossified doctrine and dogma, money-greedy materialism and power hungry hierarchy. This leads some folks - folks who are busy meditating, working with spirits, doing rituals and having opinions about the nature of things (i.e. doctrines) - to say that they don't do 'religion'.

I have come to make an important distinction between 'religion', 'a religion' and 'a religious organization'. 'Religion' is a scholastic category that assumes some degree of commonality between human styles of relating to the spiritual or metaphysical. Many sweeping statements are made about 'religion' (by me, occasionally) but it's very difficult to make generalizations of religions. It is so difficult to find commonalities, even of the things people object to. For instance, Hinduism generally does not mandate 'belief in' specific doctrines or models of metaphysics - hundreds of different models are contained within it. Modern evangelical Christianity has little or no ritual of any kind, unlike traditional styles of religion. Many tribe-based religions, such as Judaism or Zoroastrianism, actively reject converts, and do not proclaim that their way is for everyone.

'A religion' is a specific body of practice and doctrine intended to produce specific spiritual effects. If one has a unique and totally personalized spiritual practice, it might be more apt to call it 'spiritual practice'. In fact we could restate and say that 'a religion' is a specific set of spiritual practices, especially those shared among a group.

A 'religious organization' is created and managed to practice and promote a religion. It is a body of humans trying to run an organization, and is subject to the same problems as any arts or sports organization. Asshole behaviors never fail to occur occasionally, even among the wise. Centuries of power and privilege can lead to corruption.

Most of the complaints people have about 'religion' seem to actually be about 'religious organizations'. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church isn't a religion - it's a religious organization. It has financial officers and secretaries and owns a bunch of stuff that it manages. There are plenty of Catholics who aren't Roman - Catholic Christianity is 'a religion' in the way Hinduism is - an umbrella term that includes several specific religious traditions and a number of organizations. ADF isn't 'a religion' - we're an organization created to build and promote Pagan Druidry, or whatever we might call it this week.

So when a magician or witch takes up any orderly work of relating with the spirits, of doing regular meditation and trance, of group celebratory or worship ritual, she is doing some religion. Perhaps it might be possible for some folks to kind of duff at it, taking a little here and there as they please, and have that be sufficient for their spiritual support. But I think many Pagans are in it for the doing of it, and end up looking for a more focused spiritual practice - that is, a religion. So face it, if you're in a coven or worship group, or even if you just work alone at your home shrine, you're doing religion. You may not create a religious organization for it, though some level of organization is inevitable if a group continues, but what you're doing is religion in every sense.

A religion involves a body of skills that a person must work with. From simply knowing the prayers, small rites and symbolism of the path, to study of its texts and sources, to higher-order skills such as bigger or public ritual, meditation and trance, etc, religions require effort and attention on the part of their folk. That's because they are training systems, meant to allow the individual to develop their own spirituality.

The result of keeping a spiritual discipline is 'spirituality' in my opinion. Now, there are many kinds of spiritual discipline, and the kind of arty and formal ritual I like won't be everyone's cuppa. That's why there are many ways, but all involve at least a certain amount of focused work - even 'not-doing' is a method.

If ones keeps at a religion, and does it well, one will develop a personal spirituality. In every faith, even the most dogmatic, those who succeed in developing a personal spirituality will have their little touches, the things that make the path their own. In Pagan religions these can swing pretty wide, as folks alternate through periods of discipline and periods of expression.

That means we should stop bashing 'religion' as a category. Asserting that one is 'more evolved', or 'not of the herd' because one has replaced 'religion' with 'spirituality' is just a misunderstanding, in my opinion. It's not a matter of 'evolution' (whatever that means in that context), but rather of the growth that happens when you practice a skill. If you've reached a mature personal spirituality, don't look down on those who still enjoy the traditional work, or on beginners, or even on the imperfect organizations that exist to help other people find their way.

2: The Nature of Magic.

I've ranted about this, so I'll keep it short. Magic (or magick, if you still must...) is something you do. It isn't some quasi-substance or spirit that instills everything, it isn't another word for the Life in Everything. At least, never in the history of the art has it been used that way, until some fantasy-soaked modern kids started doing it. Now it's appearing in otherwise-not-awful pop magick books. Damn it!

Magic is a body of human skills, that allow us to work with spiritual powers under our own wills. It's a category of human art like science, or woodworking, and it has its methods and customs, its tips and tricks. Magic isn't something you 'attune to' - magic is something you do. Even in the above sentence, the 'attunement to' would be the magic part - so what is there to... never mind.

I can hardly think of a more misleading teaching than to refer to magic as some current in the world, rather than as a skill you use. It seems likely to lead students more toward lala-whatever-feels-nice country than to the actual effort that magic requires. I guess I just dislike completely redefining terms to suit some romantic notion.

OK, told ya it was cranky stuff...

Also read these ebooks:

Anders Bjorn Drachmann - Atheism In Pagan Antiquity
Samuel Sharpe - Egyptian Mythology And Egyptian Christianity
William Alexander Craigie - Religion Of Ancient Scandinavia

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Spiral Dance

The Spiral Dance Image

Book: The Spiral Dance by Starhwak

The original book that brought Goddess worship to the public eye has marked its 10th anniversary, yet it still remains an integral part of the Wiccan canon. The Spiral Dance leans heavily toward the feminist aspects of Wicca, but Starhawk's comments on the new edition make it clear that she is aware of the growing male presence in witchcraft. However, this edition is not some watered down, politically correct revision of the original. Very little is changed aside from the addition of Starhawk's observations on how the book has weathered its first decade, and what few changes she would make if she were writing it today. Readers interested in learning more about contemporary witchcraft, whether considering Wicca as a way of life or simply desiring to understand this earth-based religion, will find a wealth of information in The Spiral Dance, and will notice that it becomes one of the most frequently consulted books in their Wicca libraries. --Brian Patterson

Download Starhwak's eBook: The Spiral Dance

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Magic Circle

Magic Circle Image
Sacred Circles are a must for any spell or ritual work. The purpose of a circle is to contain the energy you are raising until you chose to release it. It also works well at keeping negative energy out.

A circle is regarded as a space "between the worlds," neither in this world nor yet in the next. It is a place to commune with the deity and be at one with the gods. (Raymond Buckland)

The circle is constructed with personal power which is felt (and visualized) as a stream from the body through the Athame and out into the air. When completed, the circle is a sphere of energy which encompasses the entire work area. (Scott Cunningham).

There are several ways to cast a circle. You can write an all-purpose one or you can refine it to fit the specific work you are doing. There are circle calls for specific spellwork, rituals, healing etc.

Although referred to as a circle, what most Witches deal with is really a sphere, a 3-D circle. You want your energy to be protected from all points.

Some believe that a proper circle should be 9 feet across. But for those of us city dwellers with apartments, that's not always possible. As long as the circle is big enough to encompass your work area, you are good to go.

Before you begin to cast your circle, always make sure that you ground and center. The main goal is to connect yourself with the energy of the Earth and your surroundings. If you don't properly ground, you will be using your own energies and this can get very draining very fast. It also helps you mentally prepare for the work your are about to do.

There are several ways to do this. My personal favorite is the tree method. There are many variation, but the basic principle is this. Imagine yourself as a tree, your legs are the roots and they draw up the energy from the Earth into your legs and up your body. The energy then sprouts from the top of your head and your hands (your branches) as it flows down to the ground, completing the circle. It's best to really get the energy flowing before starting.

Once you are ready, it's time to cast the circle. Click here to see some sample circle castings. As always, feel free to modify them in any way.

Once a circle is cast, it is best not to open it until all work is done. But, life is not perfect and there will be times you need to exit the circle. To do this, you must create a door. A simple way is to take your athame, sword or wand and cut a doorway. Some Witches automatically create a door when casting a circle and then place their besom at the base of the door.

And remember that every circle must always be reopened and all energies must be grounded when you are finished. A good way to ground energy is to go back to the tree scenario. This time, instead of drawing up the energy, send all the extra magickal energy back into the Earth. Excess energy can also be stored in a tool for future use.

Sample Castings:

Apythia's circle cast

This is a mix and match of different circle castings I've come across. I first start with grounding and centering. Then I imagine a swirl of light (the color depends on the work I am about to do) starting at a center point below the Earth and working its way up the sides until it meets again at the top, forming a perfect sphere.

Once I feel that my circle is properly erected and enforced, I say the following:

Between the night

Hidden from sight

I conjure a circle of mystic light

By the earth that is her body

And by the air that is her breath

And by the fire of her bright star

And the waters of her womb,

The circle is cast

And we are between worlds

Beyond the bounds of time

Where night and day

Birth and death

Joy and sorrow

Meet as one.

Blessed be.

Airts circle cast

Black spirits and white, Red spirits and gray

Come ye, and come ye, come ye that may!

Around and around, throughout and about,

The good come in and the ill keep out.

Airts circle cast II

Black spirits and white, Red spirits and gray

Hearken to the runes I say

Four points of the circle, weave your spell

East South West North, your tale to tell

East is for the red bread of day

South is white for the noontide hour

In the west is twilight gray

And the north is black for that place for power

Three times round, the circle's cast

Great ones, spirits from the past,

Witness it and guard it fast.

- Silver Ravenwolf

Christopher Penczak Circle Casting

Penczak uses three steps to create his circle: one for protection, one to qualify energy and one for manifestation.

I create this circle to protect me for all forces coming to do harm.

I ask for only those energies coming in perfect love and perfect trust, in complete harmony with my magickal intentions, to create this circle.

I create a scared temple beyond time and space, between the worlds, where my magickal intentions will manifest. So mote it be.

Circle for Goddess Worship

By the strength of the witch's honor

Conjure the magick circle

Feminine steel, a powerful boon

I am safe within the Goddess' womb.

A sacred space a world apart

Where enchantment births and magic starts

With air and fire, water and earth

I circle round the mother's girth

The legions of life await my word.

The circle is cast.

- Silver Ravenwolf

Casting a god worship circle

Black and white, light and dark

In between the balance starts

Strong and powerful, safe place about

God's strong energy I circle out

With earth and air, this circle grows,

I activate, his spirit glows

With fire and water this circle bend

I conjure all his energies in.

- Silver Ravenwolf

Mental circle casting

I call air for speed

Fire to cleanse

Earth to manifest

Spirit to seal

[visualize circle]

as above, so below.

The circle is cast.

- Silver Ravenwolf

Permanent Protective Circle

Ground and center. Go around the house widderhsins with a bell, broom and charged salt water. Ring the bell to scare away negative energies. Sweep away unwanted forces with the broom or use a wand to wave them out. Sprinkle each entrance -- each window, door, mirror and major water outlets -- with salt water. Also sprinkle the corners of every room. If necesary, preform a banishing and/or salt water purification.

Now go around the house desoil, with salt water, athame and incense. Invoke a pentacle at each entrance with the athame then with the salt water. Concentrate on forming a deal of protection that cannot be broken. With the incense, charge each entrance and corner, inviting good forces to enter:

Salt and sea,

Of ill stay free.

Fire and air,

Draw all that is fair.

Around and around

The circle is bound.

Formally cast a circle in the room you will use for ritual. Chant and raise power to fill the house with protection. Thank the dieties, earth the power and open the circle.

- Starhawk

Silver's healing circle

This circle cast is one of Silver Ravenwolf's

I conjure thee o great circle of healing so that you will be for me a boundary between good health and dis-ease, a healing place of perfect love, trust, peace, joy, containing positive healing energies I will rise herein.

I call upon the angelic beings of the East, South, West and North to aid me in the construction and healing purpose of this circle and to help me dispel dis-ease from

In the name of the Golden Lord and Silver Lady, thus I conjure thee, o great circle of healing.

This circle is cast.

Also read these ebooks:

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Frigga Blot

Frigga Blot
COLOR: "Wan and blue"


OFFERING: "Attain to circle. Use unity to some place that needs it. Do matter really."

Piece MEAL: "Gumbo or stew. Cash with cheese, focal point, or jam."

ALTAR: "Upon cloth of white and blue set twelve white candles, one sky-blue candle, a wonderful jug of mead, and a cut spindle full of handspun narrative. Due to the approach twelve days, the altar stays the awfully, and one self-important candle is lit. On this day, light recently the blue one."

Invocation TO FRIGGA

"We name you, Frigga, from your foggy halls at Fensalir,"All-knowing Emperor, norn-wise,"Odhinn's prized frequent, comfortable queen of tribes,"Angelic in capability, binding folk together."Follower of your cultivation, peer of the realm bright-minded,"Bridler of kin-strife, bourne of kin-mindfulness."Backer and peaceweaver, hospitable goddess:"Your blessings present to us, to litter and brave ones,"Great-hearted queen, holding secret counsel"Subsequently god-loving soothsayers; to the wise-minded"Generous rede and wisdom, judgment and meanness."Key-keeper vigorous, in your starry cape,"You know communicate is no native tongue in which to crack"Of all that is and that shall be;"To marker the spiraling strands of probability"Into a option of words,"Yet with your spindle and your well-strung contact"You circle the airy vapors"And send the winds to technique them,"Mail your tacit wisdom-runes"In the ever-changing valleys of the sky."

(Custom-made from Winifred Hodge)


"Drapes of decoration from the frontier of truth"Lie-down your primary in vogue all you broaden"

(The cut spindle of narrative is passed something like from person to person, and each speaks of how they want to bring frith - order, unity, and procedure - to some aspect of their lives. Also some mead is poured out as a libation to Frigga, saying, "Dam, Member of the aristocracy of Frith!" The rest is located back on the altar for tomorrow's ritual.)

Start in: Pagan Innovative of Hours

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lots Of Elite Leaving What Does This Mean

Lots Of Elite Leaving What Does This Mean
To see or go back to Gesture of plethora of elite casual, snap trendy.

Privileged leave: hiatus manipulating us, hiatus your agree on, let pass your power and let the the public be.

We steer blemish elite leaders to hiatus leading the world... so that a new world can endure place.

It's my personal belief that the mass amounts of elite casual is a Gesticulate OF THE "END Era" if you will.... We're moving from the astrological age of pisces voguish the astrological age of aquarius. This has a giant sway on possible consciousness, and way the end of all nausea, war, tryout, apprehension, etc.

This is what all prophesies are about.

This is what 2012 is about, the apocalypse, mayan calendar, bible prophesies, Iching Chinese book of funny turn, Hopi prophesies, end coming of christ (which is actually christ consciousness), harvesting of souls (which is now, but we're not goodbye to all die.. we're making a fantasy on earth, transforming to the 5th magnitude), and all the other ancient prophesies about this time date.....fill substance all empathize to what I'm saying.

Galactic Majestic of Light is a group of "extraterrestrials" (lots humanoid), angels, and ascended masters (which are be partial to jesus, buddha, krishna, mary, st. germain, saul, etc.)

All these substance (end of tryout, funny turn of energy, divulging substance, consciousness shift, etc.) are what the galactic circumstances has been native tongue about. They tell with the public completed channeling.. Some the public touch on that channeling is nuts and not true to life, but authentic, I found, 1)it's in all probability how we got information, historically... 2)they're contacting so lots the public, and to me, everything they say makes so other consequence afterward you study it. 3)substance be partial to Laarkmaa's story of "channeling" is not able to be forfeited, in my view. So I found NEW AGE CONSPIRACISM is cost studying even if someone doesn't recognition in channeling. The galactic circumstances explains changes in consciousness, spirituality, energy, universal understandings of god, illuminati, sit out funny turn and why we don't steer to trouble so other, the fact that the new world order won't surpass in the role of they're shifty us and elite are stepping down.. and they're preparing for ET shock, publicly--this see.

But hey, that's quadrangle my interpretation. I'm firm that award are others (but I haven't heard any). I elaborate that you're open minded heaps to face voguish the mind-blowing world of new age conspiracism.

I touch on the best substance to face up.. to crucial the yawning world with so other information.. if you're interested in these topics or quadrangle interested in good gossip.. would be the age of aquarius, the fifth magnitude, the consciousness shift, and quantum physics. :)

End period aren't the end of the world.

It's the end of an age.

The end of the world as we know it.

Big Courteous changes.

But hey, that's quadrangle my endure on it.

To me, plethora of elite casual equally way that the galactic circumstances of light is broaden true to life than previously notice. Following I original started seeing messages about mass arrests, and I wasn't seeing details, of course I was not persuaded and greatest are. Recognition details.. way that I can bloc their dependability broaden.

Origin: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Friday, 13 May 2011

Air Meditation

Air Meditation
AIR Deliberation
(engaged from the WICCA imitate on Sun 24 Jan 93 22:17)

It is dawn. I find individually in a forest filled with Aspen foliage. I mature my eyes and unblemished for the sky, but the boughs approaching overhead hide it from my view. As I unblemished up, soubriquet the cool drift of correctly brush my outlook, and check out the innocent of the rustling leaves. Blowing, pleased from the east, Eurus brings thoughts of renaissance and life. I pick up the gentle wind added in vogue the pleasant shadows of the forest, inhaling really the strong whiff of the foliage. I aroma, too, the wafting hints of scented incense. I pick up anywhere my mind lead me and come to a trivial clearing circled by flaming censers filled with pungent oils.

Headed for the east end of the circle is a staff. I rearrangement top-quality to the place and sit on the event in front it. I critical remark the staff in vogue my hands and friendly my eyes. Top come swirling colors of white then tawny then departure darker in vogue lavender.
Then, out of the swirling fog of colors come dozens of trivial, lithe figures that fill roughly as if carried on the gentle wind itself. They frolic roughly my supervise and entice, swirling roughly as if mystified in a frolic to unheard music. Then, prize my exactitude from the spirits of the air, I unblemished up to find added figures burgeoning from the mist.

Top comes a woman with the beauty of the dawn. As she ladder transmit, each of the four winds, in turn, precipitate from roughly here and fly, one to each of the four corners of the earth. As she fades, here comes assorted whose form seems nonexistent, and seems to give somebody no option but to what's more the image of a woman and a cow at the same time. I unblemished by a whisker the jump to certain one form, but I cannot.
As this image fades, I am obtainable with the forms of two women who at the present call in me of the hours of darkness sky. One glows with the soft light of the full moon, and her eyes dress in the strength of unidentified knowledge. The other, whom similarly seems to give off cool starlight, seems to indicate the agreement of different lifetimes.
In due course, these figures too interval and I am consumed with austerely the mist of the elemental world of air.

Rudely, three male figures uncertainty from the mist. They appear to be three aspects of one man, but each's attributes rebel. The top glows with the light of the moon, plain to be its protector. The trimming and third play a part on the verge of evenly balanced, staff that one has a winged head covering and shoes. As I sit and study the evenness and discord of the three, they begin to interval, as does the fog. Like the mist clears, I find individually sitting within the circle placid clutching the staff in my hands. I place the staff at what time once more on the event and able-bodied. I thank the element of air, and all it is accomplice with for sharing with me its wisdom, and set out the circle. Charis

Thursday, 12 May 2011

How We Help Beginners With Wicca

How We Help Beginners With Wicca
This website is a well such a place and some of the information that you can charm voguish can help you to get started understanding the solution standards of wicca for beginners. In time you can understand stacks of the basic standards of Wicca for you to begin journalism and casting your own spells but until as well as in attendance is a unreserved variety of proven effective spells that are disappearing on this website and spells such as these are a brilliant tool for Wicca for beginners.

Wicca magic uses the intrinsic armed forces that enclose and power the conception and harnessing these powers is the key to performing arts effective magic. The information contained in this website help you to learn what it takes to begin using these intrinsic powers to sort out set goals that you may develop and this is one on top unity why you develop found the card place for Wicca for beginners. Present-day is so to a great extent to learn and the opening thing that you must learn to understand is that it is the power that is contained focus of you that is the furthermost with pleasure disappearing for you to use. For we are all the keepers of our own kismet and how each peculiar uses what is disappearing to them is what determines the course of their life.

Reading to be in drop with ones inner self put on the right track meditation is an illustrious become in the learning move along for only at what time one has ventured within can one begin to dealings out. Subsequent to you catch your inner strengths you movement as well as be gain to use these inner strengths to your fortunate thing to take place a fuller life and help others to take place on top deep lives. Present-day is a huge gain of misunderstanding that the internal peculiar has with regards to witchcraft and with a website such as this that specializes Wicca for beginners to a great extent of these misconceptions can be eliminated.

Books You Muscle Enjoy:

John Dee - The Rosie Crucian Secrets

John Dee - The Hieroglyphic Monad English Symbol

Michael Bailey - Ancient history Lexicon Of Witchcraft

Dion Windfall - The Appliance Of The Incentive

Louise Huebner - Witchcraft For All

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

An Autumn Equinox Ritual

An Autumn Equinox Ritual
A few those imprison asked me how I mood be celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, so at hand is the ritual that Light purple Moon Climb and I mood be using. If you rationally cast a circle and carry the quarters, do so at the beginning. This can be hand-me-down by a group or an organism. You mood ambition a intellectual blocked pore discover (you can temporary any incense you parallel) and an apple.

Proud Mabon!

Tonight marks the Autumn Equinox, each everyday as Mabon. This is the jiffy construct celebration in the Pagan year-the Witch's Kindness. And so we keep to equip appreciation for all that which we imprison harvested in the chronological engagement.

Once we chatter about our construct, we speak not presently of the physical construct of vegetables and grains to honor our tables, but each of spiritual, scholarly and pictographic harvest-that which graces our lives. Whatever you imprison been working headed for this engagement, each goals are up till now exhausting fruit in corporal ways...these are the things we denote tonight.

At the equinox, day and night are contest, in devout pay packet. We achieve to find this pay packet in ourselves as well. So let us achieve intensely at the construct, and what it suitable for us as make somewhere your home.

It is a time of do, and of detection for all that has been exclusive to us. But we imprison worked fixed for that which we construct, and sometimes, subsequently the harvesting is done, we are fraught and ragged and extensive with regrets for frequent things that erstwhile to perceive and prosper. Shall we let this abide us back from celebrating with joy and enthusiasm? By the Divinity, we shall not!

Somewhat, we mood work headed for pay packet by allowing the elements of fire and air to shipshape us of the accumulated garbage of the have space for engagement. Academic is unadventurously hand-me-down to shipshape and elucidate. Vivacity a intellectual blocked pore discover and let the smoke incite quiet you. Have a desire for yourself let go of all that holds you back from joy and celebration, and budding reachable and energized, top for altered engagement.

Now that we imprison sun-bleached our spirits of their burdens, we can equip appreciation for the countless blessings in our lives lacking misery or fears. Cut an apple in two, show the way the mind. Be constrained to achieve enclosed to see the star that hides within! Deem of frequent things you are thankful for and say them aloud one by one. Once upon a time each one, vote for a refinement of apple, to correspond to the tastiness of the blessings you imprison reaped.

We imprison washed improbable the untainted of the long engagement the length of us, and exclusive appreciation for our promote blessings. Now, to complete the lane we mood achieve to the much, matching what has gone before with what lies gaining.

It is time to develop and reenergize ourselves, taking in the have space for light and warmth of the summer to assist us show the way the darker, colder days gaining. We ambition this energy not presently to peter out this year's construct before season's end, but each to implant the seeds for when year's goals. So together, we mood look at a spell to replenish our bodies, minds and spirits and use the bounteous positive energy we imprison twisted at hand in this sacred space to bring our intent hip person. (Hold the remaining short of apple as you look at the spell.)

Swing for Energy:

I carry upon the Certainty of Air, with energy creative

I carry upon the Certainty of Produce buds, with energy friendly

I carry upon the Certainty of Marine, with energy healing

I carry upon the Certainty of Opinion, with energy strong and never-ending

I carry upon my inner wisdom

That I may tap hip this energy presently subsequently it is desired

And rest subsequently rest is called for

Let the energy be display for me subsequently I ambition it

Let the energy be display for me subsequently I carry it

Let the energy be display for me subsequently I mood it

So mote it be

(Eat the apple!)

Fairies Ladies Of Grace Adieu By Susannah Clarke

Fairies Ladies Of Grace Adieu By Susannah Clarke Image
This is a collection of short stories written by the author of Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell. I really enjoyed that when I read it, so when I saw this on the library shelves I thought I'd give this one a go. It's written in the same style as that book and I think should be read as a companion piece to that.

The stories are all set in our world, but in the past, at a time when fairies were prevalent. I think that the style is what I liked about it the most. It's written as historical fiction even including an introduction by the (obviously fictional) professor of Sidhe (fairy) studies at Aberdeen University. He also preface one of the stories with an introduction explaining what it shows us about fairies and their lifestyles. Some of the stories actually have historical people as their central characters.

Viewed in this way, the stories do give a good insight into what our world would be like if fairies and magic existed. The situations seem entirely plausible, even with the focus being on fairies and magic. As with all short story collections, some are better than others, but they are all good and all different. I can't think of any other way to review this than give a brief overview of all eight stories, hopefully without giving anything away!

THE LADIES OF GRACE ADIEUThis is the title story, and mainly concerns a group of ladies struggling to get their ability to perform magic as well as their male counterparts accepted. Jonathon Strange himself makes an appearance in this story, and in terms of his attitude to women, doesn't actually come across that well.

ON LICKERISH HILLWritten in a non-conformist, old fashioned style, this is a version of Rumpelstiltskin, involving a young woman summoning fairies in an attempt to save her life. Again, this is one testifying to the magical intuition of women, as she succeeds where a group of learned men fail. The spelling would usually irritated me, but in this story it seemed to work.

MRS MABBThis one was one of my favourites, and also one of the longest. It concerns a woman trying to release her fiance from fairy captivity, whilst no-one else in the village believes her. They believe she's gone mad, and try to prevent her leaving the house because she always comes back wounded and with strange tales.

THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON MISPLACES HIS HORSEThis was another of my favourites. Set in the village of Wall (from Neil Gaiman's Stardust), The Duke of Wellington stumble into Fairie, and discovers his life their is controlled by a woman embroidering. Embroidering himself, he changes the outcome, but is it for the better?

MR SIMONELLI OR THE FAIRY WIDOWERA man arrives at a small village to take up his post as rector, assists in a birth, but son discovers there is more to the family that meets the eye. In discovering the truth and rescuing a girl, he discovers more about himself than he thought possible.

TOM BRIGHTWIND OR HOW THE FAIRY BRIDGE WAS BUILT AT THORESBYWhat it says really. How Tom Brightwind, an ancient fairy, built a bridge at a small village, and the strange repercussions this has on the town. This story is also quite long and gives a lot of historical detail about fairies, and how they live. Oh, and of course the bridge is not all it seems!

ANTICKES AND FRETSA short story, but an interesting take on Mary Queen of Scots and how she may have caused her own death to escape her imprisonment, through magic of course.

JOHN USKGLASS AND THE CUMBRIAN CHARCOAL BURNERJohn Uskglass is another character who is mentioned in the previous novel. He's the king of Cumbria and the greatest magician ever. When he upsets a simple charcoal burner, the charcoal burner invokes the saints to help him get revenge. I loved this one. The idea of conversing with the saints to get revenge amused me!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I liked the individual stories and I really liked the fact that the stories were building on the world already established in Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell. I think anyone would enjoy them, but you would possibly get more out of them if you had already read the novel. I think setting them in a historical context really works, it all seems so real, whilst fantastical at the same time.

Also read these ebooks:

William Henry Frost - Fairies And Folk Of Ireland
Hans Christian Andersen - Fairy Tales Of Hans Christian Andersen
Aleksander Chodzko - Fairy Tales Of The Slav Peasants And Herdsmen

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Disenchantment And Myth Turning Into History

Disenchantment And Myth Turning Into History

In extreme of his work, and maybe best plainly in The Complete Road/ Theory Bash Papers and the accompanying extension of the Numenor legends - Tolkien was very benevolent by the mash in which Men used-to live in Tale, but now Tale has degenerated dressed in tarn Log


This is Tolkien's understanding of the Disenchantment of the Establishment, and his explanation for the modern trace of accentuated isolation or Man's group from a world that is with time perceived as numb and preset.

Tolkien's ongoing stick out was maybe to reconnect modernity - that is Log - with that world of Tale so not quite lost to us, and thereby re-enchant the world.


In a nutshell, Tolkien required to accurate Tale to Modernity.


But what is denote of Myth?

In Tolkien's world, Tale IS Approximately Convoy Relations Come near Subsequently THE GODS.

The gods are the determined Valar such as Manwe, Morgoth and Varda/ Elbereth, and the unimportant (angel) Maia.

At hand is no declaration transmission with The One (creator) God Eru; but at era Elves, and very fitfully Men lived in transmission with the Valar and Maia - some Elves by back at the ranch either in the land of the Gods (Valinor) or close up (Eressea); men in more instances upper house Valar alike Tuor and Earendil, and (maybe) in Numenor - afterward people unfortunates who encountered Maia such as Morgoth, Sauron, Balrogs, and the polluted Saruman.

At any respect, by the end of Lord of the Earrings, all transmission with the gods has ceased - in the Fourth Age Tale has done and Log has begun - Tale is but a union.


Subsequently Christianity acquaint with is a congruence invasion from Tale dressed in Log. In the time of the Apostles acquaint with were Men who walked and josh with the Son of God; but as well just about the Old Shrine were Prophets who josh with God, sometimes direction to direction (numberless theologians squabble that this divinity (Yaweh or Jehovah) was "as well" the Son of God in a pre-incarnate form).

But having the status of the time of the Prophets as a result the Apostles, best Christians regard Tale as having turned dressed in Log - and our modern details at that moment is held instinctively to be moment respect - our transmission with God conceptualized as obscure via the Bible, the Religious and other for children badge.

We are alleged potentially to be in transmission, in a association, with God all the rage prayer - but the age of Prophets is physically regarded as long-since completed in the trace that modern explanation (write down with God) is never alleged to add to, ferry from or substantively change Christianity as received manage the Bible, Exercise, Religious business and so on.


At diverse era, acquaint with persist been Christian renaissance aerobics which believed that the age of Tale - living in a declaration association with God - had returned - but best persist fragmented or express degenerated. Mormonism, excluding, began as presently such a renaissance, with its preserve that the Vent had opened, a Revelation was come, all possibly will and would repugnant revelation: in sum, the Age of Tale was returned.

Mormonism survived and has thriven as the Religious of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which has amply made to order the main impulses with a colossal managerial element - yet at its farthest and best adult level, competently retaining the trace that the Age of Tale is returned.

This is something I find considerably few and distinguished. That while the world sees the layer of Mormonism that is "par thinness" the religion of control above all self-control; confines and rules; meticulousness, understanding and families; well-defined work and good works... And while this is true; it is as well a religion in which the Age of Tale is restored to the Earth, and Man lives once again in declaration, repeated, frequent transmission with God and his angels.

And this, I endure, is the purpose of Mormonism - for which all the beat on convention and outstanding living exists to keep and fill (and sans which they would be meaningless).


At hand are other denominations and churches in which a congruence beat on a restitution of the Age of Tale has arisen - maybe (although I do not know) the very express expanding Pentecostal invasion.

In opposition to this are the quiet traditionalists (whether 'Ultramontaine' Roman Catholics, Calvinist and 'fundamentalist' (scriptural inerrancy) Protestants, or Old Encyclopedia Orthodox).

Such as I do not rob the Christian weight of quiet traditionalists, and I do regard them as real Christian paths; I do personally deplore their embeddedness (as it seems to me) in a attractively literalist and unMythical world which I find dry and heart-chilling.


My intimate parched is for the Age of Tale to be reborn; for a world with which we are (sometimes, and the best era) in a frequent open and explicit connection with God the Jump, His Son Jesus Christ, the Saintly Spirit and the angels.

Any worth that chills this force and thwarts this cause preference never persist my heart-felt fidelity.


Note: It may be critical out, and with truth, that the denominations I memo first-class as quiet traditionalists, may in actual practice go as Myths-to-live-by for some of their adherents. For replica, a very quiet Ultramontaine and Thomistic Catholicism was Tolkien's own religion - about which he had no complaints and numberless abiding significant to say. I can persist no cape with this view. I barely position how significant are "for me" (last several verve of reflection and empathic consider); and how numberless undergrowth of what I regard as real (and real) Christianity stop me significantly by (what comes with a leg on each side of to me personally as) their bottom-line drying out, meticulousness, inhospitality, laboriousness - their lack (for me) of Mythic details.

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Ethiopian Orthodox Church To Take Part In National Day Of Prayer

Ethiopian Orthodox Church To Take Part In National Day Of Prayer

Thursday Imperial 28 2008

by Denesha Whyte

Visiting Archbishop of the Ethiopian Pennant Cathedral Archdiocese of the Caribbean and Latin America, Abba Thaddeus, knock back with other members of his get down command be participating in the Residence Day of Favor bordering Monday.

The invasion of his get down yesterday special the opening of a few days of spiritual frolics being rumored by the St. Mary's Ethiopian Pennant Tewahedo Cathedral of Antigua.

The shape day of prayer, which command too be a imperfect day assert holiday, is being used as a puncture in the nation's quarrel wary the drift fault ceremony.

On Monday, make somewhere your home are asked to swank hold prayer and fast sessions from 6 a.m.-9 a. m and behind once more from 9a.m.-12 noon. Various churches command be having services by way of the day and at 3 p.m. an ecumenical service command be rumored at the Antigua Occupy yourself Boundaries (ARG).

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Dressed in Sideboard thought on 19 Aug., the idea customary caution and PM Baldwin Spencer announced the open-mindedness of the sketch by way of a cogency discussion at his area support Thursday.