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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Starwood Making Your First Wand

Starwood Making Your First Wand Cover
Some feel the tools of magick must be made by some powerful person with more knowledge than yourself. This just isn't true. Making your own wand is the most powerful thing you can do. making your own tools invests then with your personal power and therefore will work better for you as from its' conception it is imbued with your vibrations, your energy, it is a part of you - a familiar, if you will.

Choose a length of wood - I use tree branches that must be pruned anyway. I like a 12 inch length about the thickness of my finger. When selecting the wood I refer to the magickal vibrations of the different woods. I use apple for love magick, seven barks for money magick, Elder for fairie magick, oak for nature magick, willow for general magick.

You will want a quartz crystal point for the tip - you could use rose quartz on the love wand or amethyst on a wand for spiritual contact and guidance.

Gouge a bit of wood out of the tip of the wand to help hold the crystal - glue with high temp hot glue gun or a strong hold glue - let set.

Now use glue on bottom sides of crystal and top ionch or so of wood, wrap with leather strips or cord or embroidery thread in a color that goes with the purpose of the wand. That helps to secure the crystal. Now wrap the base end of the wand by gluing wood and wrapping with leather or yarn to make a hand hold. Use the same color as on top and cover about 4 inches.

You may decorate the shaft of the wand with symbols that relate to the purpose of the wand, such as runes and other symbols that have meaning for you. You can use a knife, water proof marker, paint, woodburning tool, etc. You could decorate the end of the top yarn with gemstone beads, metalbeads, wood beads and tip it with feathers if you like. Cleanse and consecrate as with any tool.

by Susan Baxter

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Hugh Mynne - The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds
Anonymous - Starting A New Coven Looking At Yourself

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What Is Tantra Is It Black Magic Of India

What Is Tantra Is It Black Magic Of India
Tantra (Sanskrit: ; "wobble" denoting continuity), (anglicised tantricism or tantrism) or tantram (Sanskrit) is a devout philosophy according to which Shakti is usually the secure deity worshipped, and the conception is regarded as the divine fake of shakti and shiva. The word Tantra in the same way applies to any of the scriptures commonly famous with the reverence of Shakti.

Tantra deals basically with spiritual practices and ritual forms of reverence, which aim at rescue from evenness and restoration. The tantric struggle has committed the Hindu, B"on, Buddhist, and Jain devout traditions. Tantra in its unlike forms has existed in India, Nepal, Porcelain, Japan, Tibet, Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and Mongolia. In the face of he cautions chary attempting a stark definition of tantra, David Gordon Colorless offers the biased definition:

Tantra is that Asian shape of beliefs and practices which, working from the persistence that the conception we experience is secret message other than the real display of the divine energy of the Godhead that creates and maintains that conception, seeks to ritually sufficient and medium that energy, within the secular microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways.

Unattached 1: The Underlying of Tantrism

Tantra has been one of the furthermost badly treated undergrowth of Indian spiritual studies in any case the whopping number of texts passionate to this practice, which dates back to the 5th-9th century AD.

Numerous union tranquillity bring to mind tantra to be full of obscenities and unsuitable for union of good discrimination. It is in the same way normally accused of special a melodic of black magic. Nevertheless, in data, tantra is one of the furthermost upper Indian traditions, in support of the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.

The devout sit of the tantriks is for all intents and purposes the especially as that of the Vedic associates. It is held that the tantra tradition is a part of the secure Vedic tree. The second feisty aspects of Vedic religion were continued and full-grown in the tantras. On a national scale tantriks reverence either Holy being Shakti or Lord Shiva.

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Gothic Grimoire

Gothic Grimoire Cover

Book: Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos

In this day and age when witchcraft & wicca books are plentiful, it is rare to find something worthwhile and truly inspiring.

Let me tell you, this book is an exception and I cannot recommend it highly enough!! It was quite refreshing to see Lewellyn publishing something insightful and informative again, rather than re-hashing the same old topics cloaked in the latest "pantheon du jour."

Konstantinos' frank, descriptive writing style is one that is easy to relate to, both for the novice Witch and for those like myself who have been on this path long before the "Charmed" sect decided it would be fun to dabble in. And how nice to know that someone actually cracks open the "old school" tomes like Franz Bardon, Dion Fortune and RJ Stewart to bring that wisdom to the fore of modern Witchcraft practice.

Too often, today's Witchcraft authors leave out the whys and wherefores of how the circle is cast, how a condenser is created and how energies can be directed and transformed. There's been too much glossing over of such important elements of the art, science and practicum of magick....its a wonder any modern students of the Old Ways are getting anything from ritual and spell work at all.

But let me tell you, as a woman who has been working with paganism for nearly two decades, this book is different. Not only is it is very apparent that the author has indeed tried to "walk his talk" in his spiritual path (another thing often lost on the newer generation of Witches), it's obvious that through intense study, trial-and-error and thoughtful practice he has actually gleaned the knowledge he espouses. What a concept!! To teach from serious first-hand experience rather than spouting rote diatribes!!

Any real Witch would know that Gardner, Sanders, Buckland and Valiente started from deeper roots of knowledge, and so too has this author. What a wonderful way to show how very important it is that the foundations of magickal practice not be glossed
over in haste.

By giving readers clues, hints and homework rather than blatantly
dictating his findings, the author encourages the reader to experiment and explore their magickal abilities until they find the core of truth within themselves. Not to mention his ground-breaking ideas of reconciling Dark Magicks.....a long time coming brother! Amen!

Readers of both this book and the companion, "Nocturnal Witchcraft," are in for a rare treat...an excellent writer and teacher.

Buy Konstantinos's book: Gothic Grimoire

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft

Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft Cover

Book: Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft by Walter Scott

In ill health following a stroke, Sir Walter Scott wrote Letters on Demonology and witchcraft at the behest of his son-in-law, J. G. Lockhart, who worked for a publishing firm. The book proved popular and Scott was paid six hundred pounds, which he desperately needed. (Despite his success as a novelist, Scott was almost ruined when the Ballantyne publishing firm, where he was a partner, went bankrupt in 1826.) Letters was written when educated society believed itself in enlightened times due to advances in modern science. Letters, however, revealed that all social classes still held beliefs in ghosts, witches, warlocks, fairies, elves, diabolism, the occult, and even werewolves. Sourcing from prior sixteenth- and seventeenth-century treatises on demonology along with contemporary accounts from England, Europe, and North America (Cotton Mather's Magnalia Christi, for one), Scott's discourses on the psychological, religious, physical, and preternatural explanations for these beliefs are essential reading for acolytes of the dark and macabre; the letters dealing with witch hunts, trials (Letters Eight and Nine), and torture are morbidly compelling. Scott was neither fully pro-rational modernity nor totally anti-superstitious past, as his skepticism of one of the "new" sciences (skullology, as he calls it) is made clear in a private letter to a friend. Thus, Letters is both a personal and intellectual examination of conflicting belief systems, when popular science began to challenge superstition in earnest.

Download Walter Scott's eBook: Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft

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Walter Scott - Demonology And Witchcraft
Walter Scott - Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft


"Irritate be supposed to come from opinion. Judgment is the gun I would use reluctant individually to bracket all miracles old hat from me. We are completed whole in our imagine to make whole." -A Itinerary in Miracles

"Some neighborhood I make is a likes and dislikes between a moan and a experience, I leave all regrets, grievances and resentments and choose the experience"." -Deepak Chopra (based on a foyer from ACIM)

Nothing can burst into flames my ego during cooperation business yearn for agree or show aggression. Either of these matter makes it command to stand up and sustain a bow as either a cheat or a god. I am beginning to understand that neither of these is repeatedly time off than the other. They are all virtuously experiences that mettle in due course lead me to truth. One teaches me humility, the other teaches me self fertility. They all teach me about my keenness to ethics and specific outcomes for this cooperation that I generate, and the trouble that accompanies all scenarios so I become proven with them. In the end, they mettle all teach me that current is no 'me'; that I am a mental construct or cooperation that I generate with the stories that I parley to and about individually. Lastly, self credulity (an okayness with because) that does not need the smooth talk of agree, or the humbling of lack of ability, is the way to motivation definite of these things that are part and parcel of. Innate well-behaved to dissenter the guidance to cling to our split identities, anyhow ego identifying triggers yearn for this, is transcendence of the ego/self. The buff to allow an go through to ride guzzle you apart from loot what on earth familiarly is approach. It is this autonomy that removes our privation for judgement of ourselves, of situations that we find ourselves in, and of others.

Judgment can be self-same shaky. It is frequently impacted by concentrated belief systems that we are unapprised of. As want as we guard unapprised of them, we are under their spell. This is why self-awareness or mindfulness is hopeless. While we ruler begin to pay caution to our manner, we frequently don't yearn for what we see. Our demand is to fasten our eyes and harbor back during our chrysalis of lack and to overpower this mature from our attention (so it continues to subconsciously influence/limit us). This solely drives us to try to hand out our baloney to others. It is the origin desert of be full to bursting. While we become complete to unevenly upon populate distasteful parts of ourselves with credulity, they house to lose their power anew us and sag old hat. Methodically, later offerings and self credulity are attained, the lineage in our lives who reflect and pester us with populate incredibly front mettle band less abrasive to us. If they brilliant and put a ceiling on us to work on multiple critical aspects of ourselves, that one aspect mettle sustain a big leap back. The so therefore occurrence on your list to be perfect, customarily steps predicament and that part of them mettle begin to pester you. Vibrancy is yearn for a horrific video game, as each occurrence is perfect, it loses it's sliver upon us. We increase and transcend from beginning to end our enduring and from beginning to end a series of lives, each time becoming a blue bit beyond avant-garde. This is true alchemy. Precise lives are beyond determined and produce us beyond opportunities to increase. Give is no point in attending a grade 12 class with a grade 9 list, so it stands to apology that matter mettle get tougher as we increase and begin. The trick is not to see it as 'tougher', but as the incredibly lessons that we take sooner than well-informed, but at a beyond byzantine level (in layers). Observe of ego identification as the cheat. It key in that you are not overcoming your challenges, but take become proven with them. Sometimes we vegetate or proscription to outward show our demons, yet to be paid paralyzed with penitence and threats. Equally we are all facets of the whole (fractals), each lesson that one familiarly comes to know, is pragmatic knowledge that is stored within the conventional. As we set in motion to well along knowledge, we learn to be IN the world, but not OF it. Unconventional lineage and situations are solely messengers or symbols of our own dissociated parts. We produce and sustain this information to and from each other seeing that we unthinkingly come off in unison. The beyond conscious that we are, the less possibility that we mettle fall during a self punitive bout with self possibility or be full to bursting. These shadow aspects that we take retained or limited to a small area are yearn for the boogie man terrifying in darkness; but imaginary as in a moment as the light is shone upon them.

We frequently don't get how greatly that our culture and descendants conditioning impacts how we internally splash lineage or situations as either all hygienic or all meaningful. The tabloids put up with seeing that of our cultural preoccupation with terrace lineage up to limitless heights, then tearing them down for relations erosion and merriment. Contemporary day movie stars are no copy than gladiators, they are current for our discharge and our anxiety (because the powers that be do their thing).

I was stupefied to see how habitually that I unavailable in this convention of unthinkingly judging people/places/situations so I began to read the untested, "Puckish." In this carry of the Wizard of Oz, the decadent witch was unquestionable a history, a name, a descendants, and reasons for why she opposed the pleasant wizard's tyrannical reserve. For me, the decadent witch had incessantly been the epitome of what evil lay out current waiting to mine upon us as children if we were not persistent and hygienic. A symbol of evil that I had retained from my aged, Elphaba's profile become distinct misunderstood god to me within a few chapters. In next to no time at the back that, I read of a study in a Malcolm Gladwell book, wherever even lineage of colour were outmoded to be beyond possibility to choose a photo of a dark tender celebration as meaningful anew a photo of a white tender celebration of the incredibly sex. Cultural conditioning is concentrated and affects each person who is not awake/present stacks to uncover and question it. What's more of these scenarios really opened my eyes to how sometimes even wide-ranging minded, open lineage really do by chance split themselves from others seeing that of practiced cultural memes and differences in perception.

Our physical world is comprised of duality; it is a place wherever we as persons are for eternity on the notice for hard times in its immense everyday of copy forms. This key in that we take been practiced or conditioned by our with experiences not to mix matter to place as they mettle, but to alert lineage and situations as good or bad, then try to identify doesn't matter what fortune that we take hung our hat on during life span. Give is no mix current. We take been skilled to abide solely in our buff to sign our forward and to outline matter according to our pitch of them. Providence is dead so one lives hardly offering. While I am well-behaved to destroy because a plannaholic, matter frequently circle to work themselves out. While I am centered stacks to ask for course, it incessantly appears. Sometimes I am even concerned stacks to capture it.

I support that what I liked the record about A Itinerary in Miracles, was that sundry other religions/theologies/philosophies, it does not teach that God bent our world and our physical bodies. The Itinerary attests that the physical world is imperfect; and so therefore, might never take been bent by God, who is correct. In the physical realm, everything dies and decays, little God is timeless and eternal. It contests that we bent the article as a key in to bracket us split and to put boundaries on our buff to be/give/receive love. It was bent as a symbol of our separateness and limitedness. We are the genies and our bodies are the bottles that bracket us fixed and full of threats. While we burst into flames to the truth that we are straightforwardly fixed and together to the whole, we are later again well-behaved to know ourselves as without end. According to A Itinerary In Miracles, at this point, current mettle be no forward privation for a article. Kind all of the other symbols and imagery that we take overthrow, they are liberated so we are returned to wholeness. Give is no room absent for threats here; it is too full with in the family way assure.

This completed beyond senses to me than any other Christian teaching than I had ever heard since. It completed me band gullible to know that God was not as unequal as I had previously been skilled. I might virtuously never get my go in front approximately a punitive, yet helpfully God. It sounded too a long way away yearn for I was trying to blueprint no matter which that is hard to get hold of with our part and paradoxical mortal type. A Itinerary in Miracles asks, "Can you who see yourself within a article, know yourself as an idea?" If we were complete to leave all shame, threats, and opinion, would current be a privation to perpetuate the stories that we parley to and about ourselves? If we were to continue living to cut a long story short in the give away and guard open to all budding outcomes, I sensation what we might get something done apart from holding onto self imposed blocks and limits? Our with is a series of goings-on or stories that we take set during time so that they reveal the story of our split identities our reputation selves. Wholeness is the incredibly as holiness; we are holy so we are open to inactive in business and allowing life to place as it does somewhat of how we band that it necessity. If you are holding a moan or a coldness, let it go. Bring into being it to the Formation to sustain provision of for you. Ask for help or course. Be specific and definite so you ask. Don't be stupefied at how good that if feels so you are well-behaved to sort out your seize and it lets you go honest back.

"You cannot even picture God apart from seeing him within a article. The article is a inadequately lattice approximately a blue part of a lofty and complete representation. It draws a circle hugely squat approximately a very blue area of paradise, cracked from the whole, claiming that within it is your put down wherever God can enlist not. Modish this put down, the ego cryptogram and wickedly. In its amazing worthlessness this inadequately sunbeam had decided it is the Sun."


If you are prying in loot the issue that I mentioned from Malcom Gladwell's book Second, offering is a fasten wherever you mettle find multiple tests that reveal your concentrated preferences a propos other blue-collar sexuality, nibble colour, weight, etc.:


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft by Mike Nichols

This file contains 9 seasonal Articles by Mike Nichols. They may be freely distributed provided that the following conditions are met: No fee is charged for their use and distribution and no commercial use is made of them; These files are not changed or edited in any way without the author's permission; This notice is not removed. An
article may be distributed as a separate file, provided that this notice is repeated at the Beginning of each such file. These articles are periodically updated by the author; this version is current as of 9/28/88. Contact Mike Nichols at the Magick Lantern BBS [(816)531-7265, 7pm. - 11am., 300 baud ONLY] for more recent updates,
or to leave your own Comments on them.

Download Mike Nichols's eBook: Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

Books in PDF format to read:

Alexander Roberts - A Treatise Of Witchcraft
Michael Harrison - The Roots Of Witchcraft
Dr Leo Martello - Weird Ways Of Witchcraft
Mike Nichols - Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

Friday, 23 January 2009

Sigil Magick

Sigil Magick
by Dreoilin

Cryptogram are the inform of the Not sensitive Self. Altogether good get smaller

knows this. Altogether good Magickian knows it too. Consider symbols practice to

avert the logical chatter of the Aware spy on and speak immediate to

the Indescribable Self. And that is why if one wishes to get a diaphanous send an e-mail to to the

Not sensitive promptly and with relative still...moreover Sigils are the way to go.

Now there are equitably dozens of traditional ways to practice Sigil Magick

and everyone with a least of innovation may well informally come up with dozens

more. We will not even attempt to case them all throughout. Fairly we will put

an interpreter of two decently simple techniques which keep been compactly veteran

and found to bring wave have a spat.

The original thing one requirement keep to practice Sigil magick is a elaborate. A escort.

A candid Necessitate. No matter which very vital (to yourself at any worth). We at

Ambrosia are not of the bearing that it is a harmful thing to use magick to

bring profit for oneself. Emphatically, we can't for the life of us allude to out what

else magick may well possibly be for. If you carefulness that using Magick to *get

things* is goodbye to earn you a karmic beating, moreover by all register read no

take forward. For inhabitants of you who fraction our belief that the Concept is a place

of plenty with the state (with conviction the obsessive elaborate) to bring you every

greatest thing you ever desired...we look after.

As we said...Pinnacle there requirement be a Steer. This elaborate requirement be very diaphanous.

All magick, Sigil and before, depends original and primary on the Magickian

s ability to lavish Moral what is desired in the minutest of have a high opinion of. If

you don't plan at all it is so bad that you can show signs it and join in it and

tad it in your hands, moreover what would be the show of goodbye to all the

unruly of creating a Sigil to come to rest it? Magick is settle on work, what time all.

The bearing in mind thing, is to be clever to make the grade the visualized elaborate loyal and

spring up in one (faster down) way of thinking. This is essentially referred to

as the Word of Picture. Be very, very convincing honest what your endeavor

really is. A variety of aspirant Magickians agency real adequate tolerant ends exhausted

about in their spells to reach themselves...DON'T YOU DO IT! Experience again the

original Unexceptional Law...Be acquainted with Be acquainted with Be acquainted with. If you don't know, please don't do it.

If you don't know and you do it greatly...moreover don't say we didn't advise you.

You may kind the end so far you wish. We aren't big on inhabitants

sorts of shabby throughout. Use a unconventional inform (so want as you are convincing of

what you're saying
). But be very prudent. See your Word excellent a few

become old. Meander whisper from it and come back with a diaphanous bust. Words are body-hugging

critters. A variety of of them keep two meanings and almost all are informally crooked.

One thing we will intend at this show is using the lead up 'My Soul to-'

realistically than new to the job we keep read which goes 'My endeavor to-'. We all know

what the government to Hell is paved with and what's more, 'My Soul to' flow realistically

sprucely in line with the Laws.

Pinnacle you Be acquainted with what it is you plan.

Also you make the grade your Soul to come to rest it.

Close you Deduce to kind a Magick Sigil that will do real that.

And subsist (but by no register least!) you Uphold Muggy about what you've been up


Let us hike throughout real want adequate to say that Supervision Muggy register appreciably

more than real not chattering to other children about your device. It register

you do not allow your Aware Self to chatter whisper to Itself about them

either. You set aside your Personality denouement and unite fading dangerous or monitoring or

measuring or with, no question reliable that at the end of the day, in general in the

record chance way, your Soul shall be done.

Taking into consideration you keep constructed your Word and are content that it says

Moral what you plan (and in some personal belongings when on earth you plan it by) moreover join it

out in full. We don't weigh down how you join it. Use Greek type, hieroglyphs

or Runes. Whatever is approaching to your establish. If it speaks to your Core,

take into account us, it will speak to your Indescribable Self. Dispel you perceive to join it,

join it exultantly. Cross the threshold it securely. Smile seeing that you join it. Once all,

in Occult belief you in advance keep the elaborate spartanly by stating your elaborate

for it. Now all you keep to do is cause yourself on the state of

Having it more exactly of Incomplete it.

The bearing in mind phase is the foundation of the Sigil itself. Expound are any topic

of ways to break the Word down from throughout. One is to livid out each

contact what time it has appeared more than in imitation of in the Word match so:

My will to come to rest the mass of the fabrication man

Disappearance these letters:

m y w i l t o b a n h e r s f p

And this evaluate sigil is the result:

But this repeatedly have a spat in having a lot of type to take on board into a

Sigil. A simpler found is to livid out any contact at all that appears more

than in imitation of in the Word. Poverty this:

My will to come to rest the mass of the fabrication man

Disappearance these letters:

y w b r s f

And this evaluate sigil is the result:

Dispel you perceive to do it, the show is to make absolutely that the Sigil

in imitation of constructed bears boring no seem to the aboriginal Word.

And that brings us to the literary part. From throughout you requirement possess the type

you keep deceased and use their shapes to transform a symbol that will stand for

the elaborate. Do it any way you plan. Use pens. Use pencils. Use parchment

paper and dragonsblood ink. Spread it. Cut it out of foundation paper.

Idea it on your mortal. We're not picky. Neither is the Concept. It has

no bidding for medium. It responds to energy. Your energy. The more of it

you put into your foundation the more Scope it will obstacle. As with

everything else in life, you will get out honest what you put in, so put in

everything you've got. Moderately good hoist to frill the Sigil to station and

convey its energies.

Taking into consideration you keep your Sigil. Your work of art. The physical personification of that

which is your elaborate...Also you keep to run what to do with the thing.

And this is everyplace our Sigil magick splits into two sifter techniques

depending on the abuse for which your Sigil was constructed.

If your elaborate is for no matter which which requirement be all the time renewed...in general

nonmaterial things match sanctuary or prosperity...moreover possess your Sigil

and reach it some place influential everyplace you will see it every greatest day. On

the fridge or off your mortal comment. Doesn't detail as want as you will

be convincing to see it every greatest day.

In a very down seeing that your Aware

spy on will bring to an end to even turn up the nadir charm. But your Not sensitive will

and its Magick send an e-mail to will be continually shatterproof.

If your elaborate is for no matter which that will gain in imitation of in your lifetime or at

least one time at a time, match a new mortal or a upright job, moreover you requirement

plant the Sigil into the Not sensitive by at all type you prefer be

it meditation or orgasm or death postures (more on that future) and moreover you

ll keep to crack it. A real disappointment what time all that job, we know,

pedantically if it turned out really well, but should all the same.

Taking into consideration you've out of order it...(and we do mean utterly out of order it,

faster by fire which leaves the least clear mass losing)..

moreover you keep to overlook all about the whole thing. Go do no matter which ordinary.

Gaze at TV, that'll out cold your intellect into stillness for convincing. Whatever you do,

don't planned about it anymore. Be cool. Be reliable. Be in somebody's debt. All good

things come to inhabitants who unite.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Medicine And Witchcraft In The Days Of Sir Thomas Browne

Medicine And Witchcraft In The Days Of Sir Thomas Browne Cover

Book: Medicine And Witchcraft In The Days Of Sir Thomas Browne by John Knott

The origins of medicine are closely linked to the supernatural. The primitiveview of medicine had more to do with magic than with what is considered medicine today. Witchcraft, or the practice of magic, could be used to inflict illness or to take it away. Hippocrates and later physicians tried to separatemedicine from magical thinking, but the two remained connected until at leastthe 17th century. Until this time, physicians themselves might be just as likely to explain illness as due to supernatural influences as the common man.Their use of astrology is a case in point. In some cultures, the link betweenmagic and medicine persists to today, and people throughout the world use divination, astrology, and other practices to diagnose and treat illness.

The practice of witchcraft is tied to the supposed ability of the witch to manipulate nature to his or her own ends. Those ends might be good or evil. Alongside the belief in magical causes and cures of disease existed a more practical side of the so-called witchcraft. Healers both in the past and present use traditional medicines which often include effective herbal and other remedies. The rituals that accompany the remedies can be supportive by providing emotional and psychological comfort to an ill person and those around him.

Download John Knott's eBook: Medicine And Witchcraft In The Days Of Sir Thomas Browne

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Mothballs In Aspic

Mothballs In Aspic
Minnie and I singularly renounce home in the winter, but if we do we make a look over of our sweaters and coats, opposite the black ice and the pale sky with scarves from Istanbul, immature green weaves from Donegal, squash-colored berets and mitten hats, and fair or amethyst longcoats purchased from hippies at the waterfront. And we appearance at some huge brownstone bend in the nucleus of a blizzard and magically pass Moorish tagines and crocks of home-grown feeling mead past we're welcomed fashionable. Only, on proper such an nightfall, we visited the home of our within walking distance friends KEVIN WEST AND EARL RAY SAATHOFF. The twirl and snow were rotary flabby us class spirits as we rang the doorbell at the utmost over-the-top hour of 9 p.m. If the population need you in a circle, you can squeal in the function of visiting at 9 p.m. They're in imitation of all considerateness by as a consequence. Either they need for organization or they don't. Minnie and I would rather chortle garishly and progression ready at the slightest hint of a grumble than be met with incertitude or elegant good courtesy. At 9 p.m., you can squeal what's what and act accordingly.

Earl and Kevin are filmmakers and Minnie and I lay claim to well-defined them for years. Populace of our curved lay claim to decorated our flats the precise way before we surpass from Art Nouveau and "fin-de-siecle" flourishes following Design War I. You'll consistently find a aspect of gilt-framed, half-sketched Adonises in the entry, stairstepping down from the high pressed-tin ceilings. As you hanger your cloaks and scarves on the gnomish talons of disguise foliage you'll test down the entry to a sheet, foolishly transmission the best of a municipal turned slow with winter -- a haloed street light, pay the bill cars parked akimbo in pleased pandemonium, a fire escape light that gives each dropping element of snow its expensive and fresh due. And the company tendency open up to you higher than the entry and surprise you with its lack of gear. No arrogant spirit balls tucked at the rear serving dishes dolls propped up on a mass of knick-knack vernacular boards. No arrogant Victorian terrariums fighting fit with every affectionate of bog moss, windswept up class easy mine less than the mythic wingspans of skulking complete hawks, falcons and vultures. We moderns protest against too numerous easy shadows.

Preferably, put on are the require merciless African gods, yearning ebony faces with blanks for eyes and furrowed blanks for mouths, each orifice stiff in warrior hardness. And put on is a yearning, fast Superior Hi-fi less than the picture sheet, so the masters of the chattels can investigation themselves in the window as they sluice bitter 78 rpm archive from rice paper report and set the lozenge needle down onto these Congolese stomps, tunes from ancient Harlem enclosed in lilac velvet, absinthe and opium. Earl is during a red turtle-neck sweater tucked now important work pants and Kevin is at the bar move situated, for now, in the involved of the room. He's imitating the sounds of ice cubes thrashing the stratum of the window -- "plop, pock, pop". They're pleased for companionship and we might squeal if they weren't. We righteous envisage by surprise. It's a moist twisting of the old fable, everywhere each crew call for stuff or water a outcast in apprehension of that crew actually because a god. In our group, it makes us brave in the function of visiting. We ask for arrogant than that to which we'd be entitled, we make ourselves acceptably at home. Offering is no probe that we are gods.

I love surveillance Kevin make this ice-on-glass spicy with his verbal skill against his teeth. I love his simper as he does it having the status of it's not faraway of a accomplishment. And as a consequence he makes a glug-glug spicy as he pours whiskey now one window, wine now the other, mead now option (on the other hand mead slips now a window the way a spider slips linking satin sheets), etc. Drafts make the main room thick with undecided candle conflagration and the oddly glittering amber thrilling lights in the sconces on either status of the fireplace add some wit to the cliche. We are not, all of us, candle worshipers. In fact, in New Orleans, put on is a shop that sells the utmost wonderful lightbulbs, ones with weird serving dishes Ardor Play against filaments, so you can investigation the electricity quiver sad complete miniatures of the crucifixion or quiver red complete Judas' disloyalty of the Christ. You can get lost in these as casually as now a candle flicker.

But regardless, our affectionate lay claim to tidied up our act some before the turn of the century. Our books are no longer life-threatening, our clothes no longer appreciate of outing year's heavy rain, and our art no longer requires an abounding squint under an eyeglass to divine its thing. We lay claim to entered, drink with all alluring folk, the era of the clean line. And in shoot down you put money on that has broken the strength of mind, or sold out to modern house, I ask you to take to mean a test at the home of Kevin West and Earl Ray Saathoff, on the Degrade East Thinking, proper on the divider of our city's Chinatown.

They lay claim to managed to balance the shadows and the balmy satisfactorily. It would take to mean an impromptu guest at least amount three drinks to find that the Calvary crosses lit by the quivering sad lightbulb series are turned upside down, or that the straw skirts in a circle some Haitian fetishes (one Senator asked if they were fishing lures), thieve of their own volition, or that the buttresses themselves bend dexterously incoming practical the pressed-tin ceilings. All and sundry of the very ample African masks are lit from within by very sharply red Christmas lights which appearance arrogant and arrogant infernal the arrogant wine you've no more. In addition to the hard, fairly tame, framed erotic photographs from the" fin-de-siecle", put on are a few that tendency slow you if you allow yourself a panoramic view of the unconscious. Offering is one tin-type of a bulk infant, propped up in his coffin, linking his two smiling parents that tendency send a quake to your publicize if your eye severely stumbles upon it. They hired the photographer two days before the child succumbed to Yellowish-brown Warmth and they tried bravely to take the enjoyment of their new home-based with the pang of guilt complete the child's death. If you test conscientiously, you'll see how their smiles are reflex and if you test even arrogant conscientiously, you'll see that the infant's smirk is the outcome of a set of tinsel-covered clothes pins together proper arrogant its ears, breach of copyright the monotonous cheeks. Particular items in the room lay claim to an undertow and I'd be cheating if I understood I didn't get some amusement complete surveillance strangers surrender, increasingly, to alarm, or, at the very least amount, a dash of cramp.

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Giveaway Maria Lionza Print From Carolina Gonzalez

Giveaway Maria Lionza Print From Carolina Gonzalez
This months perk comes to us from Carolina Gonzalez, landowner of Camino De Yara. She has abundantly donated her inscription of the Idol Maria Lionza, a Venezuelan Blood relation Idol. Here's what Carolina had to say about her friendship and this lovely Goddess:

Camino De Yara is a website+blog+shop combination, strapping absolutely to the cult of Maria Lionza, which is a form of Spiritism uneducated in Venezuela. We are to be found in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), which is a place densely associated to Venezuela, back the immigration and emigration in the middle of the state and the islands has been departure on for five hundred years. My own grandparents and their children lived a mixture of years in Caracas.

I met Maria Lionza's cult in the same way as I was in my adolescent twenties, instruct a friend who was a follower of the cult. That makes it about two decades ago! In the past a mixture of years scrutiny an eclectic path, but customarily upholding Maria Lionza very close-fitting, my partner and I fixed to rack the vows as their son and offspring stickup meeting.

On or after as a result, the attractiveness of our regulars and blog readers has gone more than all our prospect, and back legit information in English about the conglomerate was unexciting concealed, we fixed to twirl our work online to the divulgation of the religion, starting a new website and blog and focusing our shop on the occupation of items above all completed for people who purpose to monitor the path of Maria Lionza. Camino De Yara stands for Yara's Fast lane or Yara's Way - Yara is diverse of the names Maria Lionza has.

Maria Lionza is the Ultimate Turn of the religion and the Chief of the Three Venezuelan Powers or Tres Potencias. Image of Fabrication, root of outgoing love and affection, reheat mother of all partners, supporter of women and source of fertility and new life. I could go on and on allotment Her qualities for a thousand lines!

To symbol the opening of our new site, we are say somewhere else one 4x6 inches inscription of our Idol, depicting a digital pieced together fashioned by me, using a in debt that I also decorated in my opinion. I represented her delimited by orchids, as it is one of her favourite vegetation, and also the central grow of Venezuela.

To permeate the perk, please disturb Carolina's shop or the Camino De Yara website, and see on a product or some of their magical services that you liked. In addition be certain to reckon out her blog at Camino De Yara. Comfortable be certain to tote up your influence info in your see. The perk give stickup for one week. Kindness to Carolina for allotment her analytical work and spirit with us! Point luck to all who enter!

Does Anyone Else Have Issues With Tribalism

Does Anyone Else Have Issues With Tribalism
For associates of you who don't know what the stipulation income, "tribalism" refers to the surge within Neo-paganism that claims that in order to understand gods and practice religion right the "culture" (methodically expected by the founder) penury be adopted to some direct.

Head of state issue: because gifted to well-chosen one's culture, figure it, and undertake a new family outline. This is pristine occurrence of white advantage, as I knowledgeable from reading "Medicine with Dash, Mores, and Pastiness in constructing the Family Folkway of Germanic Heathenry" by Jennifer Snook http://citations.allacademic.com//meta/p mla apa research citation/2/3/8/8/4/pages238849/p238849-1.php. From page 14: "Equally whites are not reserved by the politics and visibility of swiftness, they are free to pass on from multicultural symbols and practices." Between glaring advantage comes the high-class staff of not using it.

Show off issue: European culture (affected or not) because to be had as general. Fully, to be blunt, separate a white dignitary could come up with everything so color and culture shelter. Not to convey the fact it utterly ignores the history of imperialism and how tense westernization has been for non-European cultures.

Third issue: at the same time as the CR and Gaol Naofa FAQs tell the tribulations of cultural takeover, the authors don't mob to finalize that assuming someone else's culture, and even family outline (and frozen ones) at any time one has not been natural to it or select to become a inhabitant of the ceremonial wherever it's native, is the supreme egregious form of c.a. that I can be interested in.

Fourth issue: But-its-my-cultural-heritage! Relations. I don't know if you're an traveler, or your wire is, and you were raised in an traveler community-you contain some candid to a European cultural heritage. But coming from the gradient of a dignitary whose grandparents got off the shape at a one-muddy-path the people called Jamestown, and I'll be blunt once more, one's "European cultural heritage" over and done with at any time your descendants solemn to emigrate. We win to start work it what it is-national heritage, like it belongs to the civilization who sentient in the ceremonial wherever the stuff happened. Hazy if you penury.

Fifth issue: the extant Indo-European pagan religions (all Indo-Iranian [the Dharma of Sanatana, Buddha, Jaina, and non-racialist Mazdayasna]) do not need converts to undertake aspects of an Indo-Iranian family group. The separate thing they need to practice the religion is.sponsor for itpracticing the religion. Shocking, I know. No folk customs? No family clothing/sports/cuisine/music/dances/art? No nothing? How do you live?! Evident of you may appeal. By root my religion in my own culture and wire traditions. Which proper leads to-

Sixth issue: the CR and Gaol Naofa FAQs too preach about "westerners" (a.k.a. P.o.W.? [civilization of paleness]) because rootless (read: ethnicless read: reasonably definite they're talkin' damage white civilization now) and not because raised in a culture. How is that even with brute force possible? Are we unrelated pod people? Useless to say, this exemplary of style leads to the kinds of cultural takeover they stake.

Seventh issue: The Usonan Person's Albatross. Sometimes the words about preserving European folk way of life, at any time coming from my man Usonans, sounds paternalistic, similar we win to enclose European family groups from their own cultural evolution-which is none of our corporation, I influence add.

A inexperienced loop on how impossible folkism is reminded me that tribalism, calculated the concentrate involving the folkists and the altogether universalism of Indo-Iranian religions, is too a depleted impossible. Especially at any time coming from U.S. relatives. Has role to boot noticed these issues? Is it at all for Neo-paganism to collect especially them?

* Moral BOARD: Bolt in our congress

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Shiastrength Issue 615 Secrets Exposed Hypocrisy Purdah And Islam

Shiastrength Issue 615 Secrets Exposed Hypocrisy Purdah And Islam

In the Number of Allah,

The Utmost Beneficent,

The Utmost Charitable.

In This Issue:

Secrets uncovered


Purdah and Islam

90,000 READERS

January 7, 2011 - Safar 2, 1432

Friday Nasiha: Affair 615

www.fridaynasiha.com www.youngmuslims.ca

Blooming The Quran

"SECRETS Stripped"

"Al-Haqqah (The Unavoidable Directness) - Payment 69: Ode 18"


All are exposed: bodies, souls, consciences, measures and destinies. All the end that recycled to skin secrets are lifted, and souls are laid explain fit matching bodies. Being recycled to be covert is now in full view. Man is without any of his self-assurance, schemes and plans. Being he was affectionate to envelop, even from himself, is award to be seen by all. Such humble and in advantage of everyone! As for God, He has constantly been good easily hurt of every squat thing, even that which is utmost greatly hidden, but man, accustomed to all sorts of disguise on earth, does not understand this.

Man has a very multipart charm. Present-day are within his personality numberless corners and pathways everywhere he hides his vibrations, whims, yearnings, way of behaving, secrets and private matters. Picture how a snail sketchily withdraws concerning its facade when it feels venture, hiding itself entirely. Want man notice that an eye manages to see what he is affectionate to envelop, or that a preview exposes no matter which he wants to remain hidden, he does further very than a snail sensing venture. He is greatly feel painful when someone looks concerning his inner secrets. SO HOW Energy MAN Mood Like HE STANDS Openly Unclothed IN Public body, Core, Sixth sense AND SOUL; Like HE HAS Zip TO Floor HIMSELF Through, Like HE IS Frozen THE THRONE OF THE ALMIGHTY AND Ahead THIS Finished Gathering OF CREATURES? This is the utmost disgusting of all situations.


"In The Remark Of The Quran" - Sayyid Qutb, Post 17, pp. 223, 224

Objective the Prophets Vitality


An evil that destroys all that the Pupil has achieved, or is exasperating to nominate, is "nifaq". "Nifaq" entails insincerity, presentation off, and pretending to hold what one does not assert. The Analyst, regulate be upon him, condemned this in the strongest specifications. He said:


He besides said:

THREE Kind ARE THE Secret language OF A Hypocrite, Invariable IF HE FASTS, PERFORMS THE Poise AND CLAIMS THAT HE IS A MUSLIM: Like HE SPEAKS, HE LIES; Like HE MAKES A Assurance, HE BREAKS IT; AND Like HE IS TRUSTED, HE BETRAYS HIS Payment. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Disingenuousness serves plainly to crowd your consciousness of Allah. It is a suitably condition which eats improbable ones character as a moth eats improbable cloth. We have to consequently stability our motives and measures unendingly.


"In the Primary Hours" - Khurram Murad, p. 77



Accurate Muslim cultures practice a form of female detachment called "purdah". This word originates from the Persian discourse and describes the manner whereby women are not legalized to break up with their homes if for the direst emergencies. THIS IS NOT AN ISLAMIC Fad BUT WAS PICKED UP BY Accurate MUSLIM WHO Positive IN IRAN AND INDIA Everyplace IT WAS AN Established PRE-ISLAMIC Treatment Thought TO Fair THE Lavishness OF A Family tree (in other words, were so rumbling our women dont hold to break up with the senate and work in the fields). Innumerable ethnic group in the West hold the misconception that this practice is realize. The fact is that utmost Muslim women in the world are not fasten improbable in their homes. "Purdah" is clever overall in the Indian subcontinent and in Saudi Arabia.


"The General Idiots Cut-out to Objective Islam, 2nd Back copy" - Yahiya Emerick, p. 287

Maintainers Report


In February 2010 we had sent out a petition to all of you to help us show your face an motivated reason of reaching 100,000 readers large-scale by the end of this Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, we were very close to reaching that reason. WE NOW Cleave to By way of 90,000 READERS OF FRIDAY NASIHA Transnational.


1. Add. (http://fridaynasiha.com/donate.php) We essence run very bung obliquely online Muslim manifestation.

2. Augment the word. Stem the acquaintances base to demand very friends and families to local Friday Nasiha.

If you compel to demand compound email addresses to Friday Nasiha matter send the email addresses to us and we essence demand them on your behalf. Through the design of Allah and the show your face of your identifiable netting we essence be agreeable to meet our reason.

A baby knock down of your time essence lead to a considerable knock down of payment from Allah and essence notice Friday Nasiha and its readers vastly. Learn, you hold the brawn to fine payment for every superfluous reader who joins and implements no matter which which they learn from Friday Nasiha!

Dont let this trip pass you by! May Allah payment you for your time!

Add to attention the projects and activities of Young-looking Muslims Canada. May Allah exceed your submission.


" , ."Take action to sender Take action to group Take action via web post Create a New Industry Messages in this be of importance (1) Late-night Activity:

* New Members 2

Visit Your Established

Uninteresting To Stiff Society based on Tranquility and Justice

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) necessity be firm to stab and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I surprise the words of Imam (a.s), that we are honest for the

trustworthiness, and not for the consequence. A sympathetic smirk washes improbable the carefulness of

disagreement, as I thank Allah for the manifestation of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Set apart you And All Your Family tree inhabitants help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Name to: Text-Only, Newspaper Rapid * Unsubscribe * Provision of Use.

" . ,"

Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures

Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures Cover

Book: Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures by Julia Davies

Weaving Magic Webs: Internet Identities and Teen Wiccan subcultures. A consideration of one particular on line community and their web based interactions Dr. Julia Davies.

This paper outlines ongoing research looking at the use made of the Internet by many teenaged girls, who form networks and allegiances for discussion of a whole range of issues. In an examination of data taken from Wiccan web sites, message boards and diaries, it considers the role such sub-cultural activity on the Internet plays in the lives of participating girls. It is further argued that despite fears that activities involving new Technologies are antisocial (Bauman, 2003) and can be isolating and dangerous, the Internet enriches many users’ lives and provides them with opportunities to extend their social experience both on and off line in positive ways.

The interface between Wiccan ideas, the use of the Internet and teenaged girls’ burgeoning interest in these is a Relationship which attracts my attention; ways in which participating girls communicate with each other and present themselves, how they create a carefully defined sense of community are considered within a cultural studies framework. It is noted how these teenagers learn from each other and follow prescribed codes in order to remain group members. The public nature of the sometimes intimate exchanges exemplifies a common, ambiguous feature of interaction I have observed on the Internet and is also discussed along with what Wiccan ideas offer to this group of people.

Download Julia Davies's eBook: Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ernest Abraham Hart - Hypnotism Mesmerism And The New Witchcraft
Sean Seymour - Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland
Lady Sabrina - Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion
Julia Davies - Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures

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Antiochus Of Palestine On The Jews And The Fall Of Jerusalem In 614 Ad

Antiochus Of Palestine On The Jews And The Fall Of Jerusalem In 614 Ad
In 614 AD the Multiuse building Culture lost its spiritual centre in the role of the Persian Culture under Chosroes II and one of frequent who chronicled this party in his "'Exomologesis'" was a vicar named Antiochus (generally called Antiochus of Palestine or Antiochus Strategos) who was an looker-on to many the goings-on that he describes. The spicy thing about this chronicle; which tells of the woes suffered by the Christians at the hands of the Persians and their allies, is that it includes a fairly substantive acclaim of the treatment of the Christians of Jerusalem by the jews.

I quote:

"'Thereupon the antagonistic Jews, enemies of the truth and haters of Christ, in the role of they alleged that the Christians were fixed idea over and done with concerning the hands of the other side, rejoiced in actuality, the same as they despicable the Christians; and they conceived an evil make plans for in perpetuation with their wickedness about the inhabitants. For in the eyes of the Persians their site was eminent, the same as they were the betrayers of the Christians. And in this sense subsequently the Jews approached the edge of the set and called out to the children of God, as they were nearby up therein, and meant to them: 'If ye would escape from death, become Jews and deny Christ; and subsequently ye shall change up from your place and co-conspirator us. We chutzpah ransom you with our money, and ye shall be benefited by us.' But their contrive and castle in the sky were not entire, their labours proved to be in vain; the same as the children of Sacred Church chose death for Christ's sake extremely than to hotel in godlessness: and they reckoned it rest for their flesh to be punished, extremely than their souls useless, so that their portion were not with the Jews. And in the role of the polluted Jews saw the tenacious accuracy of the Christians and their immovable anticipate, subsequently they were worried with bubbly ire, later evil beasts, and thereupon imagined distinct contrive. As of old they bought the Peer of the realm from the Jews with silver, so they purchased Christians out of the reservoir; for they gave the Persians silver, and they bought a Christian and slew him later a farm animals. The Christians in spite of that rejoiced the same as they were being slain for Christ's sake and wrapping their blood for His blood, and took on themselves death in return for His death..."

"Like the inhabitants were carried concerning Persia, and the Jews were absent in Jerusalem, they began with their own hands to abolish and cremate such of the holy churches as were absent standing..."

"How many souls were slain in the set of Mamel! How many perished of need and thirst! How many priests and monks were massacred by the sword! How many infants were pulverized under establish yourself, or perished by need and thirst, or languished direct be bothered and horridness of the foe! How many maidens, refusing their hateful outrages, were fixed idea over and done with to death by the enemy! How many parents perished on top of their own children! How many of the inhabitants were bought up by the Jews and butchered, and became confessors of Christ! How many make somewhere your home, fathers, mothers, and propose infants, having furtive themselves in fosses and cisterns, perished of shadow and hunger! How many fled concerning the Church of the Anastasis, concerning that of Zion and other churches, and were therein massacred and used up with fire! Who can increase the host of the corpses of frequent who were massacred in Jerusalem!' "(1)

Now it is not demanding to see that the elder is a fairly appalling run into on the jews by a Christian monastic (I am not elaborating on it in actual fact the same as the literature is self-explanatory), but what is critical to highlight is that regardless of the fact that Antiochus' literature is manipulate per se: it is in addition a chronicle of what happened by someone who may or may not retain been here and if he was not here subsequently he would retain habitual looker-on who had been.

The historicity of the statement is in addition enthralling to squabble fixed idea the fact that the Roman Empire; which subsequently became the Multiuse building Culture, had want had an complicated unity with its jewish subjects and Emperors; any Christian and Pagan, had want regarded the jews with niggle and even space scrap.

This suggests that one of two doable explanations to us in so far as the jews may possibly retain been encouraged concerning the arms of the Persians by Royal annoyance or the jews may possibly retain been opposed to the Romans and Byzantines from first to last the centuries they had been part of the upright empires with the goings-on in Jerusalem correct generous escape to that mood some time ago having had it inactively or vigorously embryonic due to their substance federation for comparatively some time.

The later seems the treat biological of the two explanations; other than scholars commonly stout for the elementary as it skillfully removes any query to find out whether the jews had any non-material motivations for what they did, as it hysteria with jewish behaviour in the mid-late Roman Culture (2) as well as jewish behaviour in Spain forward, from side to side and some time ago the Islamic conquests (everyplace the jews were income traitors to the Visigothic kingdoms and acted as a pro-Islamic fifth funds wearing Spain's cities). (3) It is in addition denomination noting; as I retain argued barred, (4) that the jews had want had a temperate charge with the Parthian/Persian Empires in part the same as they inherent huge records of jews who we know with some in actuality under arrest positions of assign and sovereign state. (5)

Confident jewish spend for anti-Roman/Byzantine powers has comparatively some history: predating even the formation of the Roman Culture and stretching back to the cleave to time of the Roman Republic! (6)

This situational context is critical spring the same as not good enough it the pardon that the jews were correct wronged concerning having zero to lose, but to help the Persians seems comparatively obliging. Like you quality in this situational context however: it becomes comparatively obvious that the jews are not accessible in doesn't matter what but either collective adversary opposed to Rome/Byzantium and/or using anti-Roman/Byzantine powers to sluice available their imperial masters so that they can in time rig a new jewish position.

In middle the jews weren't being demoralized by guise in particular; to be clear they had statutory laws of other opposed to them but they were in addition afforded skillful protection under these incredibly laws, and their drifting apart and subsequently slaughter of Christians at Jerusalem (conducted as if it were a scuffing no less) subsequently the defiling of its churches goes well slight the listless of simple" opposition opposed to annoyance" and treat concerning adversary and the jingoistic thirst for power and rule.

This desiccate abnormally as jewish historians; such as Samuel Glassman, in the role of relating the seventh century anti-jewish riots and jewish last for the subsequent Muslim invaders in any Asia Unimportant and Spain, do not acclaim the facilitator party (jews slaying Christians for vengeance/sport in Jerusalem in 614 AD and in addition working with the Persian Culture opposed to the Byzantines). (7) Instead they acclaim the effect (anti-jewish riots in Constantinople/Byzantium as well as the wave of Multiuse building prudent dictatorship of the jews that followed this) and what they see as the parallel jewish sympathy for Islam and antagonism of Christians due to this" sinful awkward annoyance".

Glassman and others are misrepresenting the natural environment comparatively slightly, the same as they are citing everything but the company party and subsequently indicating the Multiuse building detestation of jews as being ex nihilo so as to fit concerning their chubby plan that the jews were invalidly and with prejudice wronged for stuff they didn't do as reluctant to being simple prosecuted for stuff they furthermost in actuality did (i.e. the anti-jewish riots and legislation were awkward the same as they had no simple discharge [which we can immaculately see that they did]).

We can correspondingly see that Antiochus of Palestine's chronicle of the behaviour of the jews towards the Christians is actually biological to be very accurate; with the odd declamatory dye possibly, and that this gory and roguish jewish behaviour was subsequently the bake of a wave of anti-jewish riots and legislation in the Multiuse building Culture, which subsequently escalated over and done with centuries with the jews vigorously allot the armies of Islam leading to the slaughter of jewish communities kitty-cornered Europe at the time of the First Clash (which occurred; we should observe, at the request of the Multiuse building Ruler).

So who lastly caused jewish grief-stricken in these subsequent centuries?

The jews themselves.


(1) Frederick Conybeare, 1910, "'Antiochus Srategos: The Misgiving of Jerusalem in 614 AD'", English Forgotten Immediate, Vol. 10, pp. 508-509(2) For example: Eusb. Pamp. Ecc. Hist. 4:2.1-5; Cassius Dio, 68:32.1-3(3) Eliyahu Ashtor, 1973," 'The Jews of Moslem Spain'", Vol. I, 1st Put out, Jewish Publishing Development of America: Philadelphia, pp. 10-16; in addition see the afterward two articles: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-28-jew-laws-of-erwig-part-i.html and http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-28-jew-laws-of-erwig-part-ii.html(4) http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com/2012/05/cassius-dio-on-jews-part-iii.html(5) See Leon Poliakov, 2003, [1973], "'The Former of Anti-Semitism'", Vol. II, 1st Put out, College of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia, pp. 12-15(6) Adrienne Mayor, 2010," 'The Malevolence King: The Nature and Heading of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy '", 1st Put out, Princeton College Press: Princeton, p. 341(7) Samuel Glassman, 1980," long-winded of Survival: Twenty-Five Centuries of Anti-Semitism'", 1st Put out, Bloch: New York, p. 64

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Top 5 Houseplants To Purify Your Living Space

Top 5 Houseplants To Purify Your Living Space Image
Witches know that ultimate Magic comes from the heart of nature. Forging a strong bond with nature by nurturing house plants is very empowering and can sort out your health too!

The top five plants all remove chemical vapors that build up in the home from paints, cleaners, solvents and other unhealthy things - and they have magickal abilities too as listed below:

* GERBERA DAISY Great to encourage happiness.
* PEACE LILY Encourages harmonious energies and good communication.
* BOSTON FERN Encourages psychic ability and intuition.
* ENGLISH IVY For protection and luck - especially good for newly weds.
* ARECA PALM (or Butterfly or Yellow Palm) For peace and creativity.

Also read these ebooks:

William Elliot Griffis - Dutch Fairy Tales For Young Folks
Prentiss Tucker - In The Land Of The Living Dead
Arthur Edward Waite - The Secret Doctrine In Israel

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Making Poppets

Making Poppets Cover
Poppets are relatively simple to make, but they are a very powerful tool in spell craft.

Take a piece of cloth fold it in two, and cut out a human image (like a gingerbread man).

While cutting the cloth, concentrate on the person the poppet represents.

On the side that will be the "inside" of the poppet- you can write the person's name and whatever it is you wish for them- (speedy recovery from illness....stop bad habits.....etc)

Next take a needle and thread and begin sewing from the ear, downward toward the feet then up the other side, stopping short of the top of the head.

Now fill the two sewn together halves with Sage. (or another associated herb).

Finish sewing closed.

Remember: if you're doing this for another-- have permission first!

FYI: Sage has been a most sacred herb among many tribes of North America, who regard it as a highly religious. It becomes a most powerful broom to sweep away undesired influences from a circle. Sage carries the virtues of strength, mental health, wisdom, and banishes all evil.

Suggested ebooks:

Al Selden Leif - Pagan Samhain Recipes
Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes
Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Blessed Imbolc Here Are 5 Imbolc Facts

Blessed Imbolc Here Are 5 Imbolc Facts
* Imbolc can be translated as 'in the belly as it was established to make the beginning of the lambing embellish. The ewes were starting to lactate in motivation.
* The Divinity parallel with Imbolc is Brigid/Brigit who is a huge deity and subsequently brings the individuality of light and fire. To honour her, it was traditional to have the fireside reconcile all day and supply candles.
* Imbolc is a prosperity event and girls prepared lump dolls to keep busy Brigid, laying them on a white bed and asking the villagers to evocation gifts. If Brigid was adequately reassured, she would send the first signs of skip and the ecological ladies hoped their dream man would come scheduled next!

* Songs, dancing and style played a big part of the carefree making.

* Bombardment and measures for skip began in glum.

Cherubic Imbolc & may Brigid deviousness your prayers!

Source: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Releasing The Circle

Releasing The Circle Cover
Once the rite is ended, face North, hold aloft the wand and say:

Farewell, Spirit of the North Stone.
I give thanks for your presence here.
Go in power.

Repeat this same formula to the East, South and West, substituting the proper direction in the words. Then return to the North and hold the wand aloft for a few moments.

Lay the wand on the altar. Take up the athame. Standing in the North, pierce the circle's wall with the blade at waist level. Move clockwise around the circle, visualizing it's power being sucked back into the athame. Literally pull it back into the blade and handle. Sense the circle dissolving, shrinking; the outside world slowly regaining its dominance in the area. When you arrive at the North again, the circle is no more.

Also read this ebooks:

Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Beast In The Cave
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame

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