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Tuesday, 3 January 2006

A Closing Ritual

A Closing Ritual Cover
We have been together, friends, for a short time this evening. Now before we part let us focus our thoughts for a minute on the spirit that informs us while we are here, that we may take the energy with us when we leave.

Think of the North--our ties to mother earth, that grounded feeling, that attendance to practical matters which we represent by calling in the spirits of the grain . . . may we take this strength with us, whether it is to build a sandwich or to save the earth.

Strength upon strength.

Focus on the West, our capacity for emotion that we represent by calling in the spirit of water. In this sometimes harsh and materialistic world, let us not be reluctant to show genuine emotion, whether it be to share the joy of a child's discovery or the pain of losing a loved one.

Love bringing strength.

Salute the South, our capacity for free choice that we represent by calling on the spirits of Fire. May we take with us the warmth of the spirit, the courage of conviction, especially in the day to day decisions of which all life is made.

Resolve building strength.

Remember the East, that ability to think, that we represent by calling on the spirits of air. May we take with us the finely honed edge of logic to cut through the little confusions and large delusions we face day after day.

Mindful strength.

Each of us is the Goddess. When I say these things about the Goddess, repeat them about yourself, for example,

The Goddess is good. I am good.
The Goddess is powerful. I am powerful.
The Goddess is wise. I am wise.
The goddess is strong. I am strong.
The goddess is loving. I am loving.
The goddess is resolute. I am resolute.
The goddess is mindful. I am mindful.

Blessed be.

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