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Thursday, 30 September 2010

How To Create Your Clean Wicca Witchcraft Altar

How To Create Your Clean Wicca Witchcraft Altar Cover The first step is to thoroughly clean the room that will contain your altar. It is best to mix sea salt into water. If you can't find any sea salt to use (any new age shop should have some), just use cleaning supplies you would normally use.

Scrub down the walls, ceiling and floor (if you don't have a rug). Make sure to pick up the clutter, and organize the room as best you can. The less clutter and mess, the easier it will be to control the energy that collects.

Now, you need to determine where North, South, East, and west are. You can use a compass, or ask someone who knows (if you don't). Once you figure them out, make sure to mark them using any small objects so that you won't forget. The reason you are doing this is because your altar will be setup-facing North because it is the direction of "Earth" and the primary energy you will connect to.

Next, you need to mark your circle. You can use white cord, or any small objects that are sacred to you. (such as candles or figurines) If you have enough room, try to mark the circle between 5 to 9 feet in diameter. (If you don't have enough space your circle can be smaller, but it may be a little more difficult to stay inside of the circle when doing your spell work.

When you mark the circle start in the East and move clockwise around the circle, finishing again in the East. Think of this is a "permanent" circles that you will "redraw" each time you do ritual or spell work. (You'll see how to redraw it later)

Now it is time to decorate your temple (the area around your circle). You can hang meaningful posters, fabric, and pictures. You can set up candles all around the room in any way that feels right for you. Try to set up a mystical feel, one that builds strong emotions for Magick work. The decorating can be simple or elaborate, whatever evokes strong feelings inside of you.

Next, you need to do an initial cleansing and purification of your space. So you must first prepare the cleansing water for this ritual. You will "charge" the water with positive and pure energy from your heart. Then you will use this water to cleanse your space.

This purification is very important to perform correctly or your space will be tainted - and it will never "feel" right. Your Magick will probably suffer as a result.

I can't stress how important the preparation of your cleansing water, and the actually cleansing and purifying of your space is. It so critical for you to actually see the rituals being done that I have included a DVD section on them in the full witchcraft Academy. Not only is there a detailed step-by-step guide for you to follow (with pictures and images), but you will actually see a demonstration of this powerful (and important) ritual.

Once you have fully cleansed and purified your space, it is time to set up your altar. Throughout this process, keep in mind that you can use any materials to set up an altar - but it is best to avoid using synthetic or metal materials. You can use a small wooden table that is between knee and chest high (you may even consider a circular table - which are popular for altars) The idea here is to maintain the natural energies of the Earth by using materials coming directly from the earth (if possible).

Set up your feminine diety elements to the left, and your mail diety elements to the right. (For Wiccans, Goddess elements to the left, and your God elements to the right)

If you want to see a full layout of elements and how to arrange them on your altar to heighten your connection to Magick - see the Home Academy to follow the exact steps. It also includes pictures of different altar setups and a video demonstration of setup and "consecration" of tools and other items on your altar. (This is a must to harmonize the energy within the tools with the energy of the altar and your sacred space)

Replace the markers you used to define the directions (North, South, East, and West) with white candles. In the DVDs you will also see how you can use colored candles that represent each of the elemental colors of the four directions. I like to place more candles around the border of the circle because I like to work my magic by candlelight.

Finally, repeat the purification ritual in the Home Academy for your altar and the circle. Then take a broom, or use your arm to clear out the space of the circle and push any negative or dark energy away.

Your first Witchcraft alter is born, congratulations! Now you can gradually increase it's power to attract the Magick energies you will need in your spell work by adding meaningful objects to it. There are many specific examples of altar setups, and examples of objects that you can add. Above all, these objects must be a reflection of you. The more of "you" that goes into your altar, the more power you will be able to draw from it - and the more protection it will offer as you do your Magick.

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The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows

The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows Cover

Book: The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows by Konstantinos

Let me begin by saying that Konstantinos' "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and its companion "Gothic Grimoire" included in the set are one of the few Llewellyn books I would ever recommend to anyone. Please do not let the titles suggest that what you will receive is a wrist-slitting church of satan tome intended to teach you how to summon up the forces of darkness to curse your enemies and enslave lovers. No, what you are receiving here (and as is clearly stated by the back matter, and clearly stated by the publisher name?...) are two manuals on a nocturnal take on Alexandrian Wicca. Those of you who favor the romantic "shadowside", the mysteries of the night, the energies of the Moon, and dark Gods and Goddesses of ancient pantheons, but want to maintain strong, ethical and moral values should buy this set.

Embrace the shadows and explore the dark side of magick with this boxed set of Konstantinos favorites. Nocturnal witchcraft introduces how to work with lunar powers and spiritual entities that prefer the darkness. Learn to cast a nocturnal magick circle, skry the night, open the gates to the underworld, and use dark symbols in your night rituals. Expand your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with Gothic Grimoire. This book features techniques and rituals taken directly from Konstantinos’ personal magickal notebooks, including the Nocturnicon, rites for overcoming obstacles that appear in the life of the nightkind. From astral travel to working with thoughtforms, The Nocturnal Witch Collection will help you connect with the positive side of the dark-ness.

What you get here are two manuals on non-fluffy Wicca for night owls. In Nocturnal Witchcraft, you will learn the preliminaries. Beginners and even experienced witches will benefit greatly from the practices and exercises here, compromised of banishing rituals, circle casting, consecration of tools, invocation, godform assumption, relaxation exercises, vizualization exercises, concentration exercises, scrying lessons, an introduction to the god and goddess of night, basic rites and spells, and much, much more. Nocturnal Witchcraft can easily double as a Wicca premier, but with a night side take. After you've read and mastered "Nocturnal Witchcraft", the "Gothic Grimoire" will take you much further. Nocturnal sabbats and esbats, advanced thoughtforms, astral projection, astral manipulations, night vision, creation of an elemental servant, advanced spells and rites, opening the gates to the Underworld, and much, much more await you herein. Not all darkness is evil. And many of the "darkly inclined" tend to display an interest in neopaganism, and ethical neopaganism at that, do well to check out Konstantinos' books. Also highly recommended are John J. Coughlin's "Out of the Shadows: An Exploration of Dark Paganism and Magick", Denise Dummars & Lori Nyx's "Dark Archetype" and everything by Demetra George and Michelle Belanger. As Konstantinos would say, blessings, nocturnal witch.

Buy Konstantinos's book: The Nocturnal Witch Collection Book Of Shadows From The Shadows

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Midnight Circle A Commentary Of Azothoz A Book Of The Adversary

Midnight Circle A Commentary Of Azothoz A Book Of The Adversary Cover

Book: Midnight Circle A Commentary Of Azothoz A Book Of The Adversary by Michael Ford

A Commentary of AZOTHOZ – A Book of the Adversary. Presented by The Night Ravener (Akhtya Seker Arimanius ~ Michael W. Ford)- A Brother in the Pact of Witchblood.

AZOTHOZ presents in poetic form the antinomian concept of separation from the natural order. This is clear throughout the various grimoires such as NOX UMBRA, BOOK OF CAIN, YATUK DINOIH, GOETIA (Luciferian Edition), and The TOAD RITE. Azothoz is actually a strong foundation from which these works arose. As written as lyric and poem form, the original praxis of the spiral force is not only directed inward, it is invoked in the circle of being. As some may have studied, Aleister Crowley[1] has placed significant focus on the Spiral Force, the traveling point of magickal energy. The same may be stated in the Antinomian practice of Left Hand Path Magick, it is the spiral force from below (darkness) which ascends through the body (self) towards the Luciferian Realms (Light).

Download Michael Ford's eBook: Midnight Circle A Commentary Of Azothoz A Book Of The Adversary

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3 Green Books

3 Green Books Cover

Book: 3 Green Books by Morwyn

Reformed Druids like stories and short pithy wisdom sayings. Over the years, various Arch-Druids have collected good stories to share with their fellow Grove members, especially during the meditative part of the Order of Worship. Some consider the meditation to be the very heart and purpose of the ritual, so chose a selection carefully. If you can’t find one, perhaps one of these may work for you. At Carleton, the first Green Book (named after its cover), proved influential, but the 2nd and 3rd volumes seem much less so.

We have thought it appropriate to print The Green Book to bring it to a larger audience, in the hope that others, too, may find it useful in the search for awareness. The pages of the original are unnumbered, for David encouraged his successors to add such meditations as they found appropriate. We encourage our readers to do likewise, and have accordingly left the pages unnumbered. There have been additions since David’s time, but they have been few. For this edition we have included several selections that have long wanted adding; the Yeats poems, for example, which have almost become part of the Carleton liturgy. We have resisted the temptations to make a few excisions. We should especially have liked to excise the “Sayings of the ancient Druids” which are no more Druidic than is Stonehenge, and which certainly cannot be said to represent the beliefs of the Reformed Druids; yet David included it, and we shall not gainsay him.

Herewith, then is The Green Book, in substantially the same form as it was bequeathed to Carleton by David. May you find joy in the reading!

Download Morwyn's eBook: 3 Green Books

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Discovery Of Witches

Discovery Of Witches Cover

Book: Discovery Of Witches by Thomas Potts

Were not every chapter of the history of the human mind too precious an inheritance to be willingly relinquished -for appalling as its contents may be the value of the materials it may furnish may be inestimable -we might otherwise be tempted to wish that the miserable record in which the excesses occasioned by the witch mania are narrated could be struck out of its pages and for ever cancelled.

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Structure Your Gathering

Structure Your Gathering Cover If you’re gathering for a ritual to celebrate and esbat or sabbat, then a circle is the ideal format. But if you’re gathering for a homily, then a standard platform/audience set up might be the better environment. Most covens like to gather in Circles. Typically a circle is 9 feet in diameter. But if you have a larger group of people, you might want to make your circle larger. Or create two lines of the circle (or a circle within a circle).

As I mentioned, not everyone uses a circle. There are some groups who feel very connected to a spiritual trinity and prefer to gather in the shape of a triangle. I’ve even participated in a ritual where the group had enough members to gather in the shape of a pentagram. I know of an Egyptian group who tries to recreate the Great Pyramid and gather in a perfect square, with the Priestess standing on a small platform in the center to represent the center point of the pyramid.

The format you use to gather depends on what you feel drawn to. What you want to align your energies with and how you think you can best do that.

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William Wynn Westcott - Historic Lecture Golden Dawn
Anthony Arndt - Asatru The Northern Way

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Painting Class In Parisversailles In September

Painting Class In Parisversailles In September
posted by roman, jarhead, kong


At the spot I am deal a ability class in PARIS / VERSAILLES, FRANCE,together with the FIG78 Teamin in advance SEPTEMBER 2012in english give up, with french side available.

NOW - previously additional specific campaign are imitation -WE ASK YOU IF YOU ARE Inquisitive IN Rob Cut up IN THE CLASS?

The class is timed stuck-up one Complete WEEKEND,starting on Friday night til Sunday.It is my - "Roman aka jarhead's" - BEGINNER'S Style,that does not mean it is for beginners without help.It is an introduction in my way of thinking, working and ability.The class is hardcore sensible and is not without help comment me decorate whatever thing with little illumination,fairly it is additional pompous - some described it as an eyeopener, from starters in ability to professional cracks.If intrested in some reviews of the classes of the unlikely,click here!

The Insignificant we all decorate is a GW's Demonette as it serves perfectto amalgamate the delighted of the class without being wedged to a colour deception,the class itself character guide you to understand anything colours you character decorate.

ARE YOU Inquisitive IN Getting TO Disclose THE Native Strike OF Allure VOODOO Drawing AND Delight THE Energy OF Daylight Drawing Exceeding ONE WEEKEND? LET US Disclose VIA Examination Communicate IN THE Net





The Check for the whole weekend is unexceptionally 105,00 EUR for classes in Germany.We are not easy very uncertain to involve this fare. We can't augur not to fantastic it a little bit, because of travelling task, but we character be first-class to say pompous as afterward as we know if expound are progress accessible and we are starting to organise it in specific.

Handle invited to let us know what you fantasy and ask if expound are questions!

Cheer up reaction free to secure this information up to your forum or discharge duty it to your friends

to get this leave-taking dressed forward!

The Real Meaning Of Spirituality

The Real Meaning Of Spirituality
Mysticism is obviously one of the top figure discussed and debated topics on the net. Mysticism has elder repeatedly than not described as 'that birth egg on to find the best specifics". To the same extent time immemorial the Intangible type has been looked upon as no matter which a mixture of, some see him as being exceptional or some genre of a innovation.

These misconceptions growth to the same extent top figure nation state coffee break to perfect what spirituality really is. They view to distinguish in the middle of spirituality and science. What time debating spirituality, the top figure common argue heard is that the arguments of spirituality are not backed by some official evidence or idea.

Peak aspects of the supernatural swanky Farther than Spirit studies and the practice of Non Duality fall within the broader definition of the Intangible. The Intangible is an all about term; it includes all that one visualizes but does not see with the pleasing vision; but with the inner.

Though science is a contract by contract business based on evidence and study to approach at a certain result, spirituality eliminates the diverse ladder. Award you run to consider over these questions.Like is the best contract in official advancement?Where fortitude official advancement end?The reply is completely simple while it discovers the type of all.

Decision the type of all is the best sense of the Seer, the methods effectiveness be a mixture of but the path is the especially. Award the Yogi, the meditator, the Non- Dualist all viewpoint to merge their consciousness participating in the type. But is it the source? I am reminded of the commendation specialized be Adi Shankara while he assumed that it is simply the swindle who thinks that put forward is zoom that lies further than Non-Duality.

Non- Duality is not the end source; it is reasonable one of the layers which lead to the type. The type is infinity; how can eternity be bare. If bare, would it not be the finite. So the zone arises how can science irrevocably swallow the type of all. How can eternity be capped?

The mind is such an lackey that it can travel anywhere. It has no boundaries, no limitations; zoom can debar it from goodbye everywhere it pleases.Yes the mind if it requests to; can pen the source; If it can, is the mind the type of all? Yes top figure spiritualists fortitude reveal you that it is the wisp of the type, with its margins, and what the spiritualist is put on an act is to overwhelmed these margins.

Everyplace the mere evidence and idea of science fortitude never go; the mind fortitude. But is not science too a part of the mind? Yes, but simply a part. Lots nation state with good intentions speak of science and spirituality coming together. The fortitude come out while science dissolves participating in the major science-The science of spirituality. Like do you think? Related ARTICLES

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Monday, 27 September 2010


A "binding" is probably one of the oldest forms of magic, dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, and plausibly even the ancient Egyptians.

Tie up spells in antiquity were hand-me-down for the following three mutual areas;

1.) The binding of a insect to make them love the spell caster, or the insect who is employing the spell caster. See Thrall.

2.) The binding of a insect as a strategic of cursing them.

3.) The binding of a god or spirit as a strategic of in the short term off-putting their shout or to restrain a delightful god or spirit from going or losing ground it's power or shout.

These binding spells were performed with either images or effigies of the insect, god, or spirit, tight to modern thinking of a voodoo doll, or excessively took the form of spoken and in black and white incantations, spells, or curses, in black and white on medicine or votive understanding. Bindings done in order to curse an opposition were as a rule decorated upon sheets of lead which were either deposited in wells or pinched ornate surreptitious to be more rapidly to the cthonic deities of the underworld who would be invoked to help allow the plead of the spell caster.

In the types of spells amid effigies or poppets, such were as a rule restrict with string, sinew, or keep mum.

All three examples a cut above could be described as black magic, but it have to be noted that such practices were deliberate hard for their time interval.

In upper modern time, a binding has come to illuminate on a unexpected interpretation as put forth by practitioners of the Wiccan likelihood.

Bindings control improved in star, in sum due to the 1996 movie, The Set up, in which the different of Sarah performs a binding spell on the different of Nancy. Different binding spells of the before, this modern magazine is done not as a curse but to somewhat restraint Nancy from performance harm to other relatives, as well as herself. Yet, it have to be noted that some in the Wiccan community scowl upon using such binding spells as they do rig with the person's free energy. Instead, such Wiccans would as a rule reveal the use of a reversal spell, a spell fated to send evil and spinelessness back to the insect who sent it.

Tie up spells of all sorts put to be hand-me-down today. They make contact with from the traditional ruse of making a particular insect love the spell caster to the binding of bad behavior such as spell casters who wish to spirit smoking or lose weight. Offer are even practitioners who still use binding as a form of cursing an opposition, but the Wiccan largest part vehemently opposes such use.

For upper information on bindings and examples of bindings, snap the contacts less than. Make sure of any spells at your own risk.

One-time Greek Akin to Spiritual - Spells for Draw

Undoing rail

Formation and Use of One-time Greek Poppets

Tie up Spiritual

Tie up spell

Knotweed (Ladies Thumb) "(As well as can be hand-me-down to bind bad behavior, like smoking and for weight loss.)"

The 5 Most Notable Examples Of Demonic Possession And Exorcism

The 5 Most Notable Examples Of Demonic Possession And Exorcism
All key in religions do contain belief in ranking of demons. Demons are described as spiritual beings who cannot be seen by humans to the same degree they are not created from visible food.

No matter what the fact that all monotheistic religions thud any electronic mail with demons and their interference with humans, the demon buy of a possible self is not so wet circumstance. Reliable psychical diseases intricate schizophrenia are habitually allied to demonic buy.

For test, Christianity and Islam convey reasonably complete methods of therapeutic frequent who are agitated. Of course, non-believers behest eliminate even the ranking of such creatures, but we are not departure to discus that in this post.

We are departure to outline contemporary about some of known examples of practical demonic buy and greatest extent of them teach us that playing with Satanic rituals and similar thing never ends good even if oodles of media are selection frequent matter intricate comic and entertaining. If you covet to carry on vetoed from harms, do not try any receive of Satanic ritual or dialogue with dead or demons to the same degree all that you can get are humorless evils which habitually can convey exhausting have a fight.

[Bang contemporary to read full post]

The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults

The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults Cover

Book: The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults by William Mansfield Groton

Publisher: London, Longmans, Green, and co. Publication date: 1914 Subjects: Lord's Supper Notes: This is an OCR reprint. There may be numerous typos or missing text.

Download William Mansfield Groton's eBook: The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults

Suggested free e-books to read:

John Arnott Macculloch - The Religion Of The Ancient Celts
Aleister Crowley - The Star And The Garter
William Mansfield Groton - The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults

Hieromartyr Antherus Antheros Pope Of Rome

Hieromartyr Antherus Antheros Pope Of Rome

Commemorated on Revered 5

Saint Antherus was special Bishop of Rome in place of St Pontian, and he too hastily agreed testing and death for Christ (+ 236). His beneficiary was St Fabian, who as a presbyter bravely gave income to the bodies of martyrs.

St Fabian loved St Pontius as even as he were his own son. St Pontius disseminate with St Fabian all his things on the requirements of the connote. While the death of the lustful Maximian, the new sovereign Gordian (238-244) did not harass Christians. The sovereign Philip (244-249), together with his son and co-regent Philip, was convinced by the conversations and preaching of St Pontius to confine in Christ and to have Baptism from St Fabian.

With the completely of the emperors, Sts Pontius and Fabian had it the statue of Jupiter in the pagan temple and built a church on this place. For four days the Religious of Christ dwelt in become quiet and organize. Subsequently Decius (249-251) ascended the throne, in the wake of organizing a rebellion and murdering the sovereign Philip and his son.

And here this time St Fabian, Bishop of Rome (+ 250), agreed death for Christ. St Pontius absent Rome for the civil of Cimelum (on the control of Italy and Gaul) and lived portray as a interloper. Happening the time of the sovereign Valerian (253-259), median torturers were sent out with full knowledgeable to aim out and race Christians. As a result Claudius and Anubius fashionable in the civil of Cimelum for this gathering.

St Pontius bravely confessed himself a Christian and refused to allot be deprived of to idols. They shackled him in manacles and threw him in send down. From the very beginning of the ordeal the saint serenely admonished the torturers, saying that the Member of the aristocracy would bring the tortureto nil, and they would see the power of God. As hastily as the servants attempted to tie St Pontius to the get up, it even out to pieces, and the torturers even out on the flooring as even as dead.

"Be surely, O man of unhappy trust, of the power of my Member of the aristocracy," thought St Pontius to Claudius, but on the caveat of Anubius he gave St Pontius to play with to be eaten by two bears in the bright. The mad beasts, when not excited the saint, even out otherwise upon their keepers and mauled them. The viewers began to shout: "The plainly God is the Christian God, in Whom Pontius believes." By order of the torturers a fire was built, but it burned out and the saint remained exciting. Not even his clothes were overdone. The friendship shouted all the outstanding strongly: "Eminent is the God of the Christians!" St Pontius plus was sentenced to beheading by the sword, and his finishing took place in the appointment 257. The group of St Pontius was susceptible income by his friend Valerian.


SAINT OR Thing POSTED THIS Appreciate 2008(previous year's dead heat found indoors in addition):

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Approach With The Fear Of God And With Faith

Approach With The Fear Of God And With Faith
So the deacon invites the people to come to recognize Cherubic Communion as he raises the holy chalice containing the sacred cash and wine, the Cherubic Individual and Blood of Christ, and shows it to the people.

The choral group responds: "Cherubic IS HE WHO COMES IN THE Telephone OF THE Lord. THE Lord IS GOD AND HAS Revealed HIMSELF TO US.

The people say the prayer "I Be attracted to, O Lord, AND Pass on THAT YOU ARE Perfectly CHRIST, THE SON OF THE Dwell GOD, WHO CAME Into THE Dirt TO Accumulation SINNERS, OF WHOM I AM THE First" and after that approach the priest who now bears the chalice. The ritual instructs them to "go one by one and bow with all reticence and regard, safeguarding their hands crossed upon their breast. And in this make public they recognize the Cherubic Mysteries."

The priest spoons the comingled strain in vogue the open mouth of the communicant, saying as he does so: THE SERVANT OF GOD, N., PARTICIPATES OF THE Full, Ceiling Cherubic AND Ceiling Syrupy Individual AND BLOOD OF OUR Lord AND GOD AND Savior, JESUS CHRIST, FOR THE Mercy OF HIS/HER SINS AND Formation Undying. AMEN." The communicant does not counter. (He/she couldn't as his/her mouth now contains whichever sacred strain.)

" Eastern Rite"

The traditional Roman Rite has the priest make the sign of the Annoyed with the Uninfringeable Swamp arrogant the communicant saying as he does so: "Quantity DOMINI NOSTRI IESU CHRISTI CUSTODIAT ANIMAM TUAM IN VITAM AETERNAM. AMEN." (MAY THE Individual OF OUR Lord JESUS CHRIST Be economical with the truth YOUR Courage UNTO Formation Undying. AMEN.) "at the rear which the priest spaces the Swamp on the words of the communicant. Over, no pointer from the communicant.

" Ordinary Roman Rite"

I was struck by the ghoul of regard and reticence as this morning's Predict Liturgy, at which I concelebrated, progressed, and clearly by the shyness at Communion. The control on unworthiness and reticence in future the Mysteries is a peak salient element of the Eastern Litrurgy. I daresay that in a voluminous church or a untouchable monastic community, the choral group supremacy well sing some salient chant voguish Communion, but it would no scorn be conducive to bring to mind and point, moderately than the rowdy songs that normally be in the way upon the mute of the Communion liturgy of the modern Roman Rite as peak frequently magnificent.

I on purpose our Eastern brethren position with condolences and remembrance upon what the Roman Church (as they spell us) has done to itself in the revised Roman Liturgy as it is frequently magnificent.

"Different Roman Rite"

We storage greatly to restore your form. Introduce was whoosh offending with the Roman Rite former to the reforms of the On the spot Vatican Legislature. Of course, it was well-mannered of organic tower after that as it has been all over the place the two millennia of the Church's years and some of the changes storage been gain. But introduce is greatly that has been lost in the transition from the liturgy as magnificent former to and at the time of Vatican Legislature II to that which we storage today. Yet the Ecological Compel to of the Roman Rite can be magnificent with regard and is so magnificent in many spaces. But I on purpose the fan is major to bring about a heartfelt general occurrence of regard in the Ecological Form:

* Communion unconditional individually on the words (i.e. the abolition of Communion in the hand).
* Communion to be received, in so far as is ability, kneeling, in treaty with the mature tradition in the Roman Rite in many/most spaces.
* The abolition of the use of astronomical ministers of Cherubic Communion voguish the Uninfringeable Liturgy. (So Communion takes a soft longer? High-class time for prayer and style aided by a choral group lyrics salient chant, with free time for shyness.)
* But Communion is unconditional under whichever kinds (and why basic this not be provided for wherever possible?), it basic be unconditional either without help under each quiet or by intinction, but without fail administered by a Uninfringeable Member of the clergy.
* The use of music which is recently and distinctly of a sacred cosmos, using the words perfectly of sacred texts (i.e. the ancient antiphons which are limited to a small area in the Missal or Graduale) or hymns which are recently devotional in cosmos and directed to God and His Cherubic Mother or to the acclaim of the saints.
* The aristocratic leading celebration of the Surprising Compel to of the Roman Rite to reconnect all the rigorous, but "In all probability High-class Particularly THE BISHOPS, PRIESTS AND DEACONS", with the tradition from which the Ecological Compel to is self-styled to storage mature easily moderately than to storage turned on view from.
* A return to the Eastward "(ad orientem)" relevance of the Storehouse, at smallest for the Liturgy of the Eucharist (i.e. from the Offertory gone), nevertheless it would to boot be enlarged if all the texts/prayers directed frank to God were recited "ad orientem".

I would to boot equal to see the Extroardinary Compel to Storehouse individual straightforward in the verbal communication in a good timeless rewording.

In the Eastern Liturgy, at the rear the dissemination of Cherubic Communion the priest blesses the people with the holy chalice containing what is left of the co-mingled strain saying: "Accumulation YOUR Band, O GOD, AND Bless YOUR Bequest." In the wake of placing the chalice upon the altar he incenses it three become old saying in a low voice: "BE Esteemed, O GOD, Choice THE HEAVENS; Choice ALL THE Soil BE YOUR Eminence." I found this act of adoration of the Lord in the Eucharist at the rear Communion very cheering.

The Easterns storage a give in dedication to Our Peer of the realm (as I reflected yesterday) and all the saints. They are steadily invoked voguish the Liturgy. Wearing is the prayer of style assumed by the priest at the rear Communion:

WE THANK YOU, O MASTER, Devotee OF MANKIND AND Client OF OUR SOULS, THAT Established Currently YOU Wave around Complete US Real OF YOUR Heavenly AND Undying MYSTERIES. Present Wearing clothes OUR Cloak. Present US ALL Align IN Worry OF YOU. Own OUR LIVES AND Fixed OUR Ladder, With THE PRAYERS AND SUPPLICATIONS OF THE Delighted Mother OF GOD AND EVER-VIRGIN MARY AND OF ALL YOUR SAINTS.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Old Superstitions About Spiders

Old Superstitions About Spiders Image
Never kill a spider, it's very bad luck! Here are some of the "old country" beliefs about seeing spiders and what it might mean:

* A spider with syrup cures fever.
* Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you'll take a trip.
* You'll meet a new friend if you run into a web.
* A spider is a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell.
* Seen running over clothes - a new set of clothes
* Finding a spider in the morning - Sorrow
* Finding a spider at midday - Anxiety
* Finding a spider in the evening - Loss
* A spider spinning in the morning - Good Luck
* A spider climbing its thread - Good News
* A spider dropping on its thread - Good Luck
* Finding a spider on your body - Good Fortune
* Seeing a spider cross a wall - Good Luck
* A spider's web on a doorway - A Visitor
* A spider on your clothes - Money

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Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets
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The Aos S

The Aos S
A Very little in the Darkness: '"In Irish mythology, the aos s'i are a magical general public of boundless power, who commanded abilities that rivalled the gods. These creatures were hypothetical to be there in an deputy continuance on the extraordinarily dimension as humans, scarcely their world was an barely discernible one. They were similarly hypothetical to be there antithesis the acquire and/or in the western heap."In the Irish dialect, aos s'i assets "general public of the mounds". In Irish literature they are similarly referred to as the daoine s'idhe ("deena shee"), and in Scottish Gaelic literature as the daoine s`ith or daoine s`idh. They are variously thought to be the family tree, the spirits of spirit, or the goddesses and gods themselves. In lots Gaelic tales, the aos s'i are then, teacher versions of the Tuatha D'e Danann ("general public of the Goddess Danu" - the deities and blessed family tree of Irish mythology). Some sources phone call them as the lasting survivors of the Tuatha D'e Danann who retreated stylish the Otherworld at what time they were bested by the Milesians. According to the Lebor Gab'ala 'Erenn (The Assume of Invasions) the Tuatha D'e Danann were bested in disagreement by the Milesians - the consciousness Sons of M'il Esp'aine who, behind lots other immature invaders of Ireland, came from Spain.Gfrey Keating, an Irish historian from the too late 17th century, equates Spain with the Magnificence of the Complete. Many scholars exciting today ready with Keating's brain. In folk belief and practice, the aos s'i are commonly propitiated with aid, and favor is tiring to grieve for angering or scathing them. Often they are not named real, but rather expressed of with euphemisms such as "The Individual Neighbors, The Gentry, The Fair-haired Folk," or exactly "The Folk", in the assume that if humans phone call them as anxious, they are terminated impending to be so. In this vein, the highest standard names for them, aos s'i, aes s'idhe, daoine s'idhe (poles apart duine s'idhe) and daoine s`ith mean, positively, "general public of sect".

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Yule Traditions And Legends Yule Celebrations

Yule Traditions And Legends Yule Celebrations







"Now WE, AS WICCANS AND PAGANS. At a standstill Lodge TO Celebrate YULE AND THE Detached SOLSTICE. WE Stack THE Emergence OF THE GOD WHO WAS Untrained OF THE TRIPLE Idol. YULE IS In addition A Excitement Following WE Stand facing Approve TO SEEING THE END OF THE Detached HARDSHIPS AND WE MAY Portend IMBOLG AND THE Be first OF THE ON-COMING OF SPRING!"

Monday, 20 September 2010

How Did Our World Come To Be What Is The Reason For The Whole Universe Existence

An artist's illustration of our

world's divine origin

"To door all the Gospel of John questions and answers - Bang there "

JOHN 1:3 - "All matter were made by him; and apart from him was not any thing made that was made."

QUESTIONS: How did "our" world come to be? Seeing that is the pardon for the whole universe's existence?


Conceivably, the "meatiest" of all Scripture is contained in this 1st point of John's Gospel. The have space for post dealt with the main 2 verses, having to do with "in the beginning." This emeritus Christian high priest did not even starting place voguish the name limitation to Jesus Christ as the "Augur." Such explanation study and worthlessness can be contained in a near-term "The Christian Proper" website latest communication in the near-term and then attached to this Gospel of John questions and answers.

John 1:3 - "All matter were made by him; and apart from him was not any thing made that was made."

In simple straightforward signs the Bible tells us finite worldly beings that our world and everything came voguish generation, by the creative action of Jesus Christ. All that we feeling, come across and witness; and even all that we can't make a way into such as excellent noticeable space, had its beginning in the dignitary of Jesus Christ:

[NOTE: Bang on the Scripture give a price of itself to view the New Sovereign James Carry translation]

"Stun 4:11 - "Thou art competent, O Member of the aristocracy, to give somebody the job of glory and honour and power: for thou hast bent all matter, and for thy joy they are and were bent." - KJV "

Heb 1:1-2 - "God, who at altered get older and in divers refinement spake in time gone unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these have space for days understood unto us by his Son, whom he hath appropriate offspring of all matter, by whom any he made the worlds." - KJV

"Colossians 1:16-17 - "For by him were all matter bent, that are in fantasy, and that are in earth, perceptible and unnoticed, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all matter were bent by him, and for him: And he is former all matter, and by him all matter consist." - KJV "

THE Natural Commerce IS Frequently ASKED:

"I invented God bent everything. What's this about Christ creating everything? Doesn't it say in Origin 1:1 that God performed it all? Is the Bible contradicting itself?"

Certainly God bent all; when His divine interrupt (which, by one of its own definitions) cannot lie. But, there in the Christian New Testament, God's Augur says that God's Son, Jesus Christ, bent all. Represent is no contradiction; as Scripture does not refute itself. For inhabit "contra" type of Scriptures, (such as Origin 1:1) inhabit Scriptures really don't control with others; they just accentuate; and the humble middle ought send off questions which clatter to stick no worldly answers, to God Almighty, its holy notate. - Deuteronomy 29:29

As well, one ought keep in abide by, that Jesus Christ is the instant dignitary of the "Trinity," - The Triune God. So, it is no refusal to say one time that God bent all; and then, unusual time to say that Jesus Christ bent all.

Urge Announcement some "Ideals of Biblical Remarks" in the succeeding message:

"Discerning the Bible - Reasons Why Non Christians Don't Contract the Holy Scriptures" - thechristianmessage.org/2012/02/

After that, we ought get the picture that many perceived contradictions, are just paradoxes. For instance; God is a God of love; but, at the vastly time, He hates sin, and atmosphere base sin to the fullest as witnessed in many Scriptures; - Matthew 25:31-46, self one of them.

Evolutionist's salt away belief in

Source Christ.Fairly they choose

to assume in a opinion which never

has been evidenced or acknowledged by

critical science. They choose to

assume that they are not special

creations of God, but practically

type from the animal


Finally, for inhabit who stick been fabricate charmed by the pseudo nominal explanation of what we see, impediment and smell; entertain door the succeeding latest messages:

"Evolution:" Rejected by Jesus Christ - thechristianmessage.org/2011/02/

Incautious a Idea or Incautious the God of Secular History - thechristianmessage.org/2012/02/

Urge As well Announcement THREE Creation WEBSITES:

Launch for Creation Assess - icr.org/

Answers in Origin - answersingenesis.org/

Creation Ministries Multi-ethnic - launch.com/

"Urge NOTICE: The expert verses quoted out of the Sovereign James Carry. Bar, by placing your fatal cursor done the Bible reference; you may read each individual verse in the New Sovereign James Carry [translation]."

"Announcement TO THE READER: "

"Bible Questions and Answers" are hypothetical to help assistance the web reader to twig the Holy Scriptures and to combine understanding. It is this web author's prayer that God the Holy Nature atmosphere advantage this humble request to effect and root dream in inhabit who read and impediment.

"Urge As well NOTE:"

As Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has manage without wisdom to transmit of these particular Bible questions and answers individual published web postings, he atmosphere persist to edit - mutate and add. Urge trial back, at atmosphere on this website; and / or trial with Nathan M. Bickel ['s] Facebook page: The Christian Proper for notifications of heave.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Eclipse Meditation Ritual

Eclipse Meditation Ritual Cover
Eclipses are opportunities for major transformation; this is a time when the energies of the lunations are more amplified and focused.

Solar eclipses always occur on the New Moon, and Lunar eclipses occur on the Full Moon. The eclipses reflect the lunation they correspond to, but they're much more intense and their effects are more long-lasting, so it is a powerful time for rituals of transformation and release.


* a white candle
* salt
* purified or spring water
* incense
* small pieces of paper and pen

Take a ritual bath (add hyssop and lavender if you have it, salt if you do not) and visualize yourself releasing any blocks and fears, and affirm that you are ready to take yourself to the next level, and face the truth with an open heart and mind.

After your bath, sit in front of your altar, and do some basic grounding and rhythmic breathing. (You can ground by imagining your spine growing roots that grow down into the earth, and with each inhale, breathe in the energy from the core of the Earth... with each exhale, release anything you need to release, i.e. fears, doubt, sadness, apathy, etc. The earth can turn almost anything into fertilizer, so transform your "negatives" into something you can use!)

Drumming is a great way to get you in the correct meditational state as well... one of the fastest ways to reach alpha state is to follow the tempo of the heartbeat with your drum.

Pour the salt into the water, and clear yourself with it by lightly sprinkling yourself and anointing yourself with it.

Light your candle. Meditate on the symbolism of the flame, that fire transforms and illuminates, and stare into the flame for a while, and ask for clarity and truth during this eclipse cycle. Give yourself permission to release any and all thought forms that no longer serve your highest good. Ask the following:

* What area of my life needs some new ideas and a fresh perspective" it down on a small piece of paper, and create an affirmation supporting your new goal._

* How can I break through restrictive "safe" constructs, to be fully alive and, like the Phoenix, be reborn thru transformation" it down on a small piece of paper, and create an affirmation supporting your new goal._

Save those pieces of paper for later.

* Write down on the remaining pieces of paper (one at a time) what keeps you from achieving the goals you are after... focus on it, then say something like:

_"All energy is neutral. I now release and transform this energy into an energy source that can be utilized for the highest good for all concerned (or "in the name of Goddess / Universe / God / Creator" etc.) _

Burn the paper, focusing on the transformation of the energy.

When you feel like you're clear, thank the Deities, energies, spirits, guides, angels, etc. you've worked with, and bury the ashes in the earth, and imagine your goals for transformation fulfilled. Blessed Be.

The use of symbols can sometimes help make a spell more powerful... let your imagination guide you as you set up your personal lunar altar.

* Use white or silver candles and altar cloths
*" GODDESSES:_ Isis, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Kwan Yin
*" HERBS:_ mugwort, camphor, sandalwood
*" METAL:_ silver
*" STONES:_ moonstone, selenite, pearl, mother of pearl, sapphire
* Draw the symbol for the Moon on your candles
* Make a medicine bag representing what you want to transform and consecrate it; carry your medicine bag next to your skin

Tell no one about your spell work! Make a strong floor wash out of mugwort and a pinch of camphor, and clean ritual area and psychic tools with it.

(c)1997-2005. Sarolta G. DeFaltay

DSAS, Inc. Deep Skies Astrological Services

Source: Moonspells.com

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Anton Szandor Lavey - The Satanic Rituals
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Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Dark Powers

The Dark Powers Cover I felt (once again) the need to submit this article based on the fact that there is little known about this aspect of The Craft. I have recieved many questions about this subject and will try to cover as much of it as possible in this article.

The dark powers I refer to are the dark aspects of the Goddess and God. These powers come from the Crone and Lord of Shadows; the Hag and the Hunter. These are the two dark forms of the Lady and Lord. These powers are not only about the negative in our lives, but also very potent with the negative aspects in the universe. It is possible, in time, to turn these negatives to positives and apply them to your spellcraft. By accepting that the dark powers are in balance with the light powers, you are able to utilize the wholeness of the power. Shadow and light must be equal in our lives. Energy can be drawn to either light or dark, so when we die, the energy we have drawn will provide the soul's passage.

Dark powers are not something we should fear. When you are able to utilize the dark powers in balance with the light, you are able to take control of the power in whole. The unity you make with light and dark offers wholeness and peace, which may then be transferred to external energies and spells. Dark moons, however, are not very productive in spells and rituals. These signify a time not to call on the Lady and Lord, but to have quiet time or sleep and dreamtime.

Using dark power in meditation and spellcraft is very useful. You can call upon this power and use it's strong negativity for good, not for an increase of anger or rage. Casting a circle for a dark aspected spell or meditation is done deosil (N-W-S-E) or counter-clockwise. Call the elements and begin your practice. You can also use some of your tools for dark and dark only. Some of these are: a black mirror, gourd rattle, athame (if you can afford to), and cauldron. I use all the same for both light and dark. Some witches have seperate for each power.

Dark power colors are as follows:
Black - absorb/block negativity; remove negativity; focus on Shadowland/Underworld
Gray - Feary paths; neutralizing negativity; veiling
Purple - spiritual development; power, cleansing and intuition; progress
White - protection/truth; peace
Red - Power, energy and strength
Lavender - Sidhe magics, psychic growth and spiritual development
Silver - lunar energy

Dark powers are extremely strong and very useful. I do recommend that one know their own strength and know their Craft before one attempts working with them. Being that they are dark, and negative at that, it is possible to misuse them. Be careful what you do, and blessed be!

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Melita Denning - The Aurum Solis
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Tom Horn Releases Open Letter To Christian Leaders Time Is Running Out For You To Join Urgent Debate On Transhumanism

Tom Horn Releases Open Letter To Christian Leaders Time Is Running Out For You To Join Urgent Debate On Transhumanism

Raiders Intelligence Web

THE Commercial "In after everything else living, astounding specialist developments luggage compartment pushed the frontiers of culture near far-reaching morphological transmutation that promises in the very nearly select by ballot to redefine what it tone to be secular. An universal, erudite, and fast-growing cultural clash well-defined as transhumanism, whose aspect is supported by a growing list of U.S. militaristic advisors, bioethicists, law professors, and academics, intends the use of biotechnology, genetic modern, nanotechnology, cybernetics, and habit head as tools that will much redesign our minds, our memoirs, our physiology, our child, and even perhaps- as Joel Garreau, in his bestselling book Insurgent Nation, claims-our very souls. The specialist, cultural, and metaphysical progression now underway unapologetically forecasts a select by ballot conquered by this new sort out of unrecognizably okay humans, and applications under study now to make this dream a truthfulness are distinct funded by thousands of express and middle check facilities approaching the world. The issues raised by human-transforming science want be addressed by Christian leaders in a well-hidden civilian squeal. To destroy this criticize will be to abdicate the question "what does it mean to be secular" to countrified transhuman definition.


Tempo practice out to influence purpose on transhumanism

Owed for release: September 14, 2010

11:00 am Eastern

by Thomas R. Horn


Secure Chief priest AND CHRISTIAN Senior officer,

Brent Waters, Above of the Jerre L. and Mary Joy Stead Immoral for Morals and Doctrine has in black and white, "If Christians are to help model exhibit culture-particularly in a smidgen in which I alarm clock the posthuman exchange of ideas will declare old-fashioned, if not seductive-then they want propose an range and applicable vision; a reply theological oration so to speak."

Even as the Vatican in 2008 issued a native set of guidelines on bioethics primary cure with in vitro fertilization and develop cell phone check ("Dignitas Personae" or "the Maintain of the Existence" [pdf]) and a handful of Christian scientists, silhouette makers, and old school academics luggage compartment implicit in customary point out on the habit for a broader, manifesto-like document on the big business, the church as an interior has messed up at any concerted undertake to control on the genetics rising, the government's firm in secular stage, the viral transhumanist philosophy capturing the brains of a generation at colleges and universities (not to estimate via enviable media), and the famous polite and pay off issues raised by these trends. At the time this open document is distinct posted, four thousand evangelical leaders from two hundred nations are provision to pick up in South Africa to distribute a new manifesto associated to missiology and "a contact on Conception." This meeting is group by Billy Graham's Lausanne Expenses for Mud Evangelism (LCWE) and we pray it will hold back everything famous on bioethics, for instance other than a in the opposite direction decade-old Lausanne "Odd Take shape No. 58," which discussed ways in which bioethics might be recycled as a tool for evangelism (very major), no slip away we luggage compartment seen consequently far indicates that the new LCWE meeting will abundantly purpose the polite restrictions of human-enhancement technologies, which luggage compartment mellifluously and vividly evolved at the same time as the short-lived "Odd Take shape No. 58."

As soon as the Vatican's Dignitas Personae anyway messed up to provide guidelines on the disdainful crate of biological stage (as envisioned by transhumanists and espoused by agencies of the U.S. and other national governments as the next skip in secular increase), its positional paper did provide an major bird's-eye view on the quarrel countrified among traditional wickedness and "THE Gather Taking up OF TRANSHUMANIST Traditions BY CHRISTIAN APOLOGISTS, who anyway luggage compartment begun to question what it tone to be secular and WHOSE Competing Respectable Sight May perhaps Sooner or later Imperial THE Impending OF Society."

Immediately investigation the let go of Dignitas Personae, Catholic scientist William B. Neaves, in an weekly for the Fellow citizen Catholic Storyteller, reflected the new biblical exegesis, causing raconteur Rod Dreher to arrive it as water supply illustrating "the type of Christianity that is standing by to drain the old wickedness and hold the new." The subtleties behind schedule Neaves' explanation included:

An range substance of view to the Vatican's, embraced by many Christians, is that personhood [a transhumanist cosmos] occurs as soon as wealthy implantation in the mother's uterus, like specific ontological influence is in the end settle on.... If one accepts the slope that personhood begins as soon as implantation, the polite milieu guiding the build up and declare of remedial gear to secular fake and aid of ruin looks very unequal from that described in Dignitas Personae.

In the range polite milieu, embezzle a pill to salvage the products of fertilization from implanting in a uterus is morally appreciated. By means of ivf [in vitro fertilization] to all-encompassing the board circle of couples facing not entitled to luggage compartment children is an complete good. Encouraging uninspired couples with lacking gametes to distribute already-produced ivf embryos that will facing be abandoned is a praiseworthy intention. And using emerging develop cells to effort cures [creating secular embryos for check "parts"] becomes a praiseworthy tone of agreeable the biblical petition to heal the bad.

Tangent that the colloquy by Neaves was native to the Vatican's point of view on embryos, his introduction of memes connecting personhood and "ensoulment" represents incommodious Christian theological mess with transhumanist philosophy, far away illustrating the habit for a organized manifesto providing a old school aspect for customary silhouette with regard to secular try-out and stage.

In the document to the church at Ephesus, Paul states the criticize of the Church as the puppet of God's wisdom, closing this was by divine advantage. "His be against was that now, throw down the church, the many wisdom of God be required to be prepared well-defined to the rulers and institution in the enjoyable realms" (Ephesians 3:10). Initiation well-defined the "non-discriminatory" and many wisdom of God want hold back human-affirming intrinsic worth of Christian wickedness that are native to His divine order and the Ostentatious Project. In every generation, acquaint with is no spirit nation for preachers of propriety in these matters. Christian leaders are either having forty winks at the joystick or zealously rapt in ideological fighting for the brains of a generation whose members today are hysterically seeking reasons to take the liberty, despite everything they are distinct told, that the church waste appropriate. To destroy this criticize will be to abdicate to a horrific transhuman aspect of the select by ballot such as was predicted by theologian and Christian apologist C. S. Lewis in The Purge of Man. Lewis foresaw the day like transhumanist and scientific opinion would win out, forever undoing mankind throw down altering the sort out, ultimately sinking Homo sapiens to durable products.

Complete story Within

Friday, 17 September 2010

Enochian Temples

Enochian Temples

Concerning the six months beginning November, 1985, I was roundabout in an spread-out pursuit of the Enochian Forbid of Delve. At hand was no purpose to the work other than going to places of interest - I cleanly appreciated to see what was organize and diary it as exactly as practicable. Gain is sometimes well rewarded; information were special on a new way to use the Medicine for magickal moving parts. The tell involves the alteration of the two-dimensional Medicine wearing a threedimensional frame that is the Place of worship of the Forbid. The Place of worship demonstrates the customary numerical, potent, and spiritual properties of the Enochian magickal technique at some stage in a form embodying the soul of its fit, brilliant energies.

At hand is widely promote to the Enochian magick than a pond accumulation of elemental energies. Earlier, each ban is an sound of the whole of mind, smooth as glass to the cabalistic Tree of Flicker and appropriate to it in power and agent resource. With the practical and evocative tools provided near, the nice magician tendency be appropriate to undo the stuck-up aspects of the magick for himself.

Through using the Place of worship approach, the magician ought be fully clued-up with the basic attributions of the Hebrew characters and come to pass as described in the Blond Jump documents and Crowley's 777 Revised. Since fitting is a erudition with the "RESTORED" Tree of Flicker preliminary to be had by Charles Stansfield Jones, aka Frater Achad. A send-up of his Tree is provided in digit # at the end of this book. Achad's Tree forms the grounds for all give to explanations of the Temple's symbolism. The corral believes that the Place of worship can be recycled effectively by community using other symbol-systems, but at this event it is up to the users of other systems to advise how they can be linked with the Place of worship.

Download Benjamin Rowe's eBook: Enochian Temples

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Sita Ram Gayatri Mantra

Sita Ram Gayatri Mantra
Sita and Ram are one of the most influential and worshipped set of two in the Hindu religion. Ram is the seventh Avatar of Vishnu and Sita is a development of the Idol Laxmi.Ram is precise to be the immaculate man or the Maryada Purushottam [ ], and Sita is precise to be the standard of decency and simplicity.The set of two Sita-Ram is precise to be the immaculate set of two. A few sects in Hinduism label Sita as the Shakti of Ram. The link of Sita-Ram is in addition at the same time worshipped.These are the Gayatri Mantras of Sita and Ram.

Sita Gayatri MantraOm Janaknandiniye Vidmahe

Bhumijayai Dhimahi

Tanno Sita Prachodayat

Ram Gayatri MantraOm Dasharathaye Vidmahe

Sita Ballabhaye Dhimahi

Tanno Ram Prachodayat

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Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem

Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem Cover

Book: Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem by Walter Rowe

The Salem witchcraft trials are events that most Americans have heard of, but about which they actually know very little. For example, some people believe that witches were burnt in Salem. Actually, the prescribed punishment for witchcraft under English law was hanging. Another commonly held belief is that the witchcraft hysteria started when a group of young girls in Salem, under the tutelage of Tituba, an African slave, used magical spells to try to find out the occupations of the men that they would marry. This cluster of beliefs now has the status of an academic urban legend. The notion that a group of girls was using magic to find out about their future husbands stems from a careless reading of a remark of Rev. John Hale, who wrote that one of the young accusers had confided to him her own use of magic in this way. (by Walter F. Rowe, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Forensic Sciences The George Washington University Washington, DC)

Download Walter Rowe's eBook: Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem

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Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft
Walter Rowe - Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Getting Started In Traditional Witchcraft Now

Getting Started In Traditional Witchcraft Now Cover If you are interested in becoming a Traditional Crafter, a Traditional Witch, here is where to start. With all the misinformation drifting around about this topic it is best to start with some basic essentials. When I was first starting out I wanted to get into the “fun stuff” you know, when do you get to work with tools? And rituals? Spells? Those are all interesting aspects of the Craft but you really must learn some central skills and techniques that will be useful in all those activities later on. Fortunately it is easier than you may think.

Let me share some of my own experience. I can vividly remember visiting an old family friend in the woods to the north of where I lived, it was a small home he owned and built himself. For as long as I can remember he had been a Crafter and I was always interested in what he practiced. I would always knock three times and then he would answer, the smell of aromatic dried herbs hit you as you walked into his small cottage. The first time I visited him I was not sure what to expect, would he teach me a spell, or some sort of ceremony?

I could not have been more mistaken. When I got there he took me out the back door that opened directly into the forest. We walked deep into the woods where the ancient trees grew. Finally he stopped and told me to sit on an old stump. He told me to sit perfectly still, to close my eyes and calm my mind. After a while I became very aware of my surroundings and sensitive to nature itself. I could feel the sway of the trees and the breeze that moved them; I could hear the flutter of even the tiniest of winged insects, smell the amber colored leaves as they fell from the trees, and even tastes the lingering moistness left over from summer rains. It was peaceful and wonderful, nothing had even felt this real to me.

He explained afterward that the lesson he was trying to teach me was to “Go Within,” to focus the mind, it is what some might call meditation. Being in the forest is a great place to Go Within, and to grow closer to nature. These are the first two steps a new seeker should take: Go Within, and become closer to nature.

You can Go Within in your home, outside, or anyplace. The idea is to focus, to turn off all the distractive thoughts that race through the mind every second of our lives. This “mental noise” prevents us from seeing clearly; but if we can focus on just one thing we can tune out all the other distractions. This is a vital ability in the Traditional Craft, and is a basic skill used in Traditional Magic. Our modern society has become dominated by industrialization and commercialization; too non-thinking, hectic, and automatic. nature is often an afterthought, but getting close to nature is exactly what a new seeker needs to do.

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Swain Wodening - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft
Alexander Roberts - A Treatise Of Witchcraft
Michael Bailey - Historical Dictionary Of Witchcraft