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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Eclipse Meditation Ritual

Eclipse Meditation Ritual Cover
Eclipses are opportunities for major transformation; this is a time when the energies of the lunations are more amplified and focused.

Solar eclipses always occur on the New Moon, and Lunar eclipses occur on the Full Moon. The eclipses reflect the lunation they correspond to, but they're much more intense and their effects are more long-lasting, so it is a powerful time for rituals of transformation and release.


* a white candle
* salt
* purified or spring water
* incense
* small pieces of paper and pen

Take a ritual bath (add hyssop and lavender if you have it, salt if you do not) and visualize yourself releasing any blocks and fears, and affirm that you are ready to take yourself to the next level, and face the truth with an open heart and mind.

After your bath, sit in front of your altar, and do some basic grounding and rhythmic breathing. (You can ground by imagining your spine growing roots that grow down into the earth, and with each inhale, breathe in the energy from the core of the Earth... with each exhale, release anything you need to release, i.e. fears, doubt, sadness, apathy, etc. The earth can turn almost anything into fertilizer, so transform your "negatives" into something you can use!)

Drumming is a great way to get you in the correct meditational state as well... one of the fastest ways to reach alpha state is to follow the tempo of the heartbeat with your drum.

Pour the salt into the water, and clear yourself with it by lightly sprinkling yourself and anointing yourself with it.

Light your candle. Meditate on the symbolism of the flame, that fire transforms and illuminates, and stare into the flame for a while, and ask for clarity and truth during this eclipse cycle. Give yourself permission to release any and all thought forms that no longer serve your highest good. Ask the following:

* What area of my life needs some new ideas and a fresh perspective" it down on a small piece of paper, and create an affirmation supporting your new goal._

* How can I break through restrictive "safe" constructs, to be fully alive and, like the Phoenix, be reborn thru transformation" it down on a small piece of paper, and create an affirmation supporting your new goal._

Save those pieces of paper for later.

* Write down on the remaining pieces of paper (one at a time) what keeps you from achieving the goals you are after... focus on it, then say something like:

_"All energy is neutral. I now release and transform this energy into an energy source that can be utilized for the highest good for all concerned (or "in the name of Goddess / Universe / God / Creator" etc.) _

Burn the paper, focusing on the transformation of the energy.

When you feel like you're clear, thank the Deities, energies, spirits, guides, angels, etc. you've worked with, and bury the ashes in the earth, and imagine your goals for transformation fulfilled. Blessed Be.

The use of symbols can sometimes help make a spell more powerful... let your imagination guide you as you set up your personal lunar altar.

* Use white or silver candles and altar cloths
*" GODDESSES:_ Isis, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Kwan Yin
*" HERBS:_ mugwort, camphor, sandalwood
*" METAL:_ silver
*" STONES:_ moonstone, selenite, pearl, mother of pearl, sapphire
* Draw the symbol for the Moon on your candles
* Make a medicine bag representing what you want to transform and consecrate it; carry your medicine bag next to your skin

Tell no one about your spell work! Make a strong floor wash out of mugwort and a pinch of camphor, and clean ritual area and psychic tools with it.

(c)1997-2005. Sarolta G. DeFaltay

DSAS, Inc. Deep Skies Astrological Services

Source: Moonspells.com

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