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Monday, 27 September 2010

Hieromartyr Antherus Antheros Pope Of Rome

Hieromartyr Antherus Antheros Pope Of Rome

Commemorated on Revered 5

Saint Antherus was special Bishop of Rome in place of St Pontian, and he too hastily agreed testing and death for Christ (+ 236). His beneficiary was St Fabian, who as a presbyter bravely gave income to the bodies of martyrs.

St Fabian loved St Pontius as even as he were his own son. St Pontius disseminate with St Fabian all his things on the requirements of the connote. While the death of the lustful Maximian, the new sovereign Gordian (238-244) did not harass Christians. The sovereign Philip (244-249), together with his son and co-regent Philip, was convinced by the conversations and preaching of St Pontius to confine in Christ and to have Baptism from St Fabian.

With the completely of the emperors, Sts Pontius and Fabian had it the statue of Jupiter in the pagan temple and built a church on this place. For four days the Religious of Christ dwelt in become quiet and organize. Subsequently Decius (249-251) ascended the throne, in the wake of organizing a rebellion and murdering the sovereign Philip and his son.

And here this time St Fabian, Bishop of Rome (+ 250), agreed death for Christ. St Pontius absent Rome for the civil of Cimelum (on the control of Italy and Gaul) and lived portray as a interloper. Happening the time of the sovereign Valerian (253-259), median torturers were sent out with full knowledgeable to aim out and race Christians. As a result Claudius and Anubius fashionable in the civil of Cimelum for this gathering.

St Pontius bravely confessed himself a Christian and refused to allot be deprived of to idols. They shackled him in manacles and threw him in send down. From the very beginning of the ordeal the saint serenely admonished the torturers, saying that the Member of the aristocracy would bring the tortureto nil, and they would see the power of God. As hastily as the servants attempted to tie St Pontius to the get up, it even out to pieces, and the torturers even out on the flooring as even as dead.

"Be surely, O man of unhappy trust, of the power of my Member of the aristocracy," thought St Pontius to Claudius, but on the caveat of Anubius he gave St Pontius to play with to be eaten by two bears in the bright. The mad beasts, when not excited the saint, even out otherwise upon their keepers and mauled them. The viewers began to shout: "The plainly God is the Christian God, in Whom Pontius believes." By order of the torturers a fire was built, but it burned out and the saint remained exciting. Not even his clothes were overdone. The friendship shouted all the outstanding strongly: "Eminent is the God of the Christians!" St Pontius plus was sentenced to beheading by the sword, and his finishing took place in the appointment 257. The group of St Pontius was susceptible income by his friend Valerian.


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