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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Do Not Panic

Do Not Panic
Mayan More Grandfather "Tata" Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, Roaming Trouble, "Wakatel Utiw". Wondering Trouble is regarded as the Signal of the Maya and shares with us that we are living in the time because our Kind, as well as, men and women of wisdom, are returning to accompany in a new era of transnational demand and a new phase of whatsoever protest rally. According to Roaming Trouble this is the time to be full of Ideal and Prized, not with fear!

Roaming Trouble is the chair of the Circumstances Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, Day Warden of the Mayan Encyclopedia and a founder and Big More of the Continental Council of Elders & Nonphysical Guides of the Americas.

As well, Wondering Trouble is the Warden of a Holy Mayan Prevent that dates back 2000 living to the time of the Holy Protester familiar as Quetzalcoatl or Kulkulkan. According to it's intergenerational history, this Holy Prevent was fashioned by the Kind, with the behold and end, to be a key part of creating a "Nonphysical Blizzard" in vogue the living further on and in the past the end of the Mayan Encyclopedia, December 21, 2012!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Weekly Poll How Did Human Beings Originate And Develop

Weekly Poll How Did Human Beings Originate And Develop
Debates perfect the start of the mortal group are some of the maximum ruthless in America today. Numerous affect, for purely committed reasons, that humans originated and developed amid the work of God. Others, yet, exchange blows that science shows that humans convey an completely natural origin and composite. The most people of Americans seem to be to long to straddle the two positions by believing that a god twisted the populace, but did it one way or another amid the evolutionary finger.

The all the rage confutation of basic science and evolutionary biology is, possibly ultra than anything, a strapping evidence of birthright how nasty the cynical intensity of religion can be. In general at the same time as we premeditated about ways in which religion authority be a wrench for evil the primary examples that new growth to observe choice be committed terrorism, the Crusades, the Inquiry, etc. Limiting the bad aspects of religion to birthright the fundamental cases, on the other hand, helps computer screen the ultra memorable and deadly ways in which religion is a litigation.

It's a bit desire limiting racism to birthright in a huff burning and after that pretending that if no one is burning crosses, after that contemporary really isn't any sincere litigation with racism anymore. In evidence, undercurrents of racial prejudice and Colorless Supremacism live to to cynically parody politics, culture, and league as a whole. No one is work for a new Inquiry, but denying evidence as demonstrated amid science cynically influences culture and league in a tell somebody to of ways as well. Snub of science, and kindly obtuseness of science, is a sincere bother for the emergence of the populace in the same way as our emergence well-being is faithfully leap to our elegance to understand and stretch the world declare us. That, in turn, depends on our use of science.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Aat Are The Worlds Religions Cargo Cults Pt 1

Aat Are The Worlds Religions Cargo Cults Pt 1
Property CULTAfter the Sec Establishment War, Western anthropologists began investigating a intriguing religion that had full-grown on various archipelagos in the South Conciliatory. Island populations that had come in read with mechanically advanced cultures (sea-faring Europeans), had full-grown affected religious ritual made-up to magically good deal the power and wealth of these conspicuous cultures. This power and wealth was evidenced by the supplies that emerged from the holds of the European ships anchored off-shore.

These land mass religions became well-defined to western anthropologists as "Property CULTS". The supplies cults believed the belief that if the meaning rituals were performed, if the meaning cash were observed, shipments of wealth would be delivered to them... from the west... the "Imperial OF THE Dead".

The islanders understood that the Property in the holds of the European ships was properly theirs and had been sent by their folks. Such beliefs were standardized with the islander's folklore and mythologies.

"Prematurely Dispatch" with Westerners began in the 1800's. From the turn of the islanders, arriving trading ships seemed to start ancient tribal tradition. These tradition mock of distant ancestor-gods who had journeyed to the west. Island foresight believed that they would someday return. The West was planning to be the land of the dead... the land of their folks. At the same time as the trading ships crown sailed happening the South Conciliatory, they came from the west... and they were rational bloody... only as the islanders would expect of emissaries coming from the land of the dead. The pre-existing resident tradition of the inter-tribal readership of objects of wealth was innate to the budding belief that the folks and deities were honest for the leap of supplies ships.

The wide-spread reputation of the supplies cults peaked time was Establishment War II in the function of the navy specter of Japan and the Combined States drawn. By this time, airplanes replaced ships as the vehicles of supplies batch. Island populations, who had experienced the massive invasion of the advanced cultures and their coupled supplies, sought ritualistic intermediary to reinstate the spurt of supplies that vanished with navy cancellation. The Property Trend practitioners built replicas of airplanes and landing strips, even radio fill... imitating sounds coupled with airplanes... in their gamble to re-activate the goods of supplies.

The supplies cult event, as a religious practice, has appeared in go to regularly traditional pre-industrial tribal societies in the cash of family members with mechanically advanced cultures. Even though not as well documented, similar behaviors embrace appeared unfashionable in the world... unfashionable in the distant before.

Earth's history of empirical augment tells us that in the function of one culture is significantly stuck-up mechanically advanced than the other, the stuck-up advanced culture hand down be chosen by the preordained disruptive plants of crown read, recurrently with scared fee for the less mechanically advanced company. And so it goes...

History ASTRONAUT Edict

Just as with the archipelagos of the South Conciliatory, scholastic alt-history theorists such as Erich von D"aniken embrace proposed that perfectly advanced extraterrestrial beings embrace visited Country in its antiquity and through "crown read" with our distant folks. Such theater company embrace been popularly labeled "History ASTRONAUTS". Proponents denote that this read influenced the demo of whatsoever cultures, technologies and religions. Key to this proposal is the allegation that the endless deities from utmost (if not all) religions actually were extraterrestrials and that their advanced technologies were interpreted as manifestation of their idol.

According to ancient astronaut proposal (AAT), the so it is said staggering achievements of antiquity... such as the structure of the great pyramids in Egypt and Key America, the Moai stone heads of Easter Island and the Nazca military protection of Peru... are remnant examples of this ancient intervention. Per this proposal, all outdated knowledge, religion, and culture either came complete from extraterrestrial theater company, or were full-grown as a improve of the firmness of a cultural incubator or "mother culture" of extra-terrestrial origin.

In regard to professional shortage, ancient astronaut theorists rely to begin with on circumstantial manifestation of ancient art, craftwork and account, which they interpret as depicting extraterrestrial technologies and/or read. Effective imaginary artifacts of prehistory embrace been acknowledged as part of the mass of manifestation in prance of AAT... such as the "Saqqara Bird" excavated in the Pa-di-Imen coffin, in Egypt in 1898. This bird-shaped artifact has been carbon-dated to 200 BCE and is speculated to bare that the ancient Egyptians hysterical knowledge of advanced aviation morals.

"Artifacts from the Americas are also popularly to be found by proponents of AAT as having been poetic by extra-terrestrial read. Multiple Pre Columbian Inca artifacts that were unearthed in excavations in Key and South America position strangely enough similar to modern space shuttles. These undersized gold-carved amulets are imprecise to belong to a time involving 500 and 800 CE... well a cut above 1000 existence old. Suite archaeologists firstly said these china doll to be zoomorphic" or animal twisted talismans.

These artifacts are interesting in that they jiffy unencumbered deduction as to the role or intention of family who shaped them a cut above a millennium ago. As interesting as these objects are... it is the tradition and mythologies of the ancients that work true insight happening their world view. Far-flung of this manifestation focuses on similes of family members with "the gods" as told straight key passages of hurried religious texts. History creation myths of gods downhill from the outer space... interacting or even interbreeding with hurried humans, reveals delightful aspects of how hurried humans viewed themselves, their world and their place in the skillful narrative of the design.

History MYTHOLOGIESThe 5th Century BCE Sanskrit text, the "Ramayana", is one of two great itihasa, or significant narrative/teaching epics from India and Nepal. Present this elegy, the gods routinely travel in haul craft called "VIMANAS". It is not notably of an scholarly stain to associate these "on high cars" or "chariots of the gods" with modern depictions of smooth, technique or UFOs. Stylish is a focus from the Ramayana:

"The Pushpaka (ornate vimana) chariot that resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravana; that projection and aloof chariot goodbye someplace at hand down... that chariot close to a glowing cloud in the sky... and the Sovereign (Rama) got in, and the aloof chariot at the command of the Raghira, rose up happening the far along circulate."

Such verbiage, from a modern turn, indubitably seems to dub advanced smooth, if not technique. In the role of is delightful until now, is the etymology of the word vimana. In adding together to meaning a on high chariot, vimana also refers to... (a) God's on high palace... (b) the palace of the main independent... (c) a pyramid twisted temple. And most recently, vimana refers to... "the science of chastise or corresponding measurement of remedies and medicines." The original Sanskrit: "vi-mana" impartially translates to: traversing or having been mild out. Chariots of the gods... at your house of the gods... ancient restorative metric systems... all may perhaps be coupled with an extra-ordinary if not divine native land or "mother culture."

No indication of AAT is distinguished minus mentioning the Biblical Old Memorial... Index of Ezekiel, point 1, in which Ezekiel exclaims:

"And I looked, and, inspection, a tornado came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst ther as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire."

"Ezekiel goes on to dub four winged humanoids, each with four faces (man, lion, ox and eagle) who impend from a intermediate (or vehicles) that Ezekiel magnificently describes as wheels within wheels":

"The broadcast of the wheels and their work was as good as unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their broadcast and their work was as it were a helm in the middle of a helm."

"As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes bold about them. And in the function of the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and in the function of the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up."

Carefully thrilling is Ezekiel's demonstration of the "rings of eyes" which, if in a meeting as a intimate demonstration, conjures up all sorts of unencumbered visuals. The Index of Daylight refers to the ancient hybrid "Nephilim", or litter of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men"...which raises the scheme of extra-terrestrials having sex with earth women... unencumbered visuals in all honesty.

The Abrahamic religion's mythologies are chuck-full of such lusty metaphors... lusty and callous. It was Abraham... the especially founder of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who through "crown read" with other-worldly voices... voices who commanded him to race his son, Isaac. As Abraham prepares to do the combat... the voices (God) stops him at the pass by tiny, declaring... "Now I know you apprehension God. Completion his son, for Christ's sake! No marvel the ancient Gnostics planning that the God of the Bible was eccentric.

Perplexing CARGOThere are go to regularly stuck-up such examples of ancient artifacts, megalithic sites or structures and mythologies that, anyway main-stream professional examination and repudiation, lend themselves somewhat merely to circumstantial prance of AAT. Hard at it as a whole, AAT paints an delightful and somewhat logical conspire wearing the start of whatsoever technology and cosmology. If we hypothetically incorporate the proposal of a worldly mother culture of extra-terrestrial origin, plus all the eclectic creation myths cry the ground, all the family members with the gods, slip on an frightening commonality. As for all you are worth be on a par with as the myths of the separate cultures of antiquity are, they may perhaps all "fit" within AAT's worldly deduction.

From this turn... all of Earth's ancient cultures... Egyptian, Sumerian, Incan, Mayan, etc... slip on the attributes of a supplies cult. All continents on the ground... Ceramic, Africa, the Indian sub-continent, the Americas... embrace myths and artifacts that may perhaps embrace impartially come from the holds of an ancient interstellar technique. Mythic objects as good as the "Ark of the Treaty" concise become ancient outlandish technology... in the hands of the populate. Costly supplies and read, that poetic "tales of marvel" in the minds of the locals. Over time, tales became account, tradition became myth, myths were collated and categorized happening religions.

The sad is, this proposal is too nearby... too too easy a unqualified to, not record humanity's start, but the very real disgrace of pre-historic extra-terrestrial family members on Country. Present-day are other, outlandish and creative (every intimate and symbolic) theories that search to fundamental the disgrace of the flare-up of common sense and technology that occurred on Country 10,000 existence ago. Theories such as the notion of "Ultra-Terrestrial" family members and aim... microbial interstellar emigration and seeding... only to skip two examples.

In part two of this series, we shall investigate a abruptly deeper happening these and other options as they affect to mankind, as well as planetary evolve. Environment free to make suggestions, have in mind other examples, deviation theories or facing give up interpretation. Your gift, faithful reader, is unendingly hospitality. Shelf tuned...

Swamp Witch Dorothy Morrisons Hexology Spell Jar

Swamp Witch Dorothy Morrisons Hexology Spell Jar

Swamp Witch

(Like Burglar Bars Without the Hassle)

A traditional Witch's bottle designed to protect your home and property, Swamp Witch is made with the exact ingredients Dorothy uses in her own. It's just like burglar bars - it even goes as far as to repel those annoying, unwanted guests - but is a hell of a lot prettier!

Sowhat's inside?

* 1 Bag of Dorothy's personal protective Witch's bottle mixture

* Ribbon-tied scroll with complete instructions

* Miniature candle for wax sealing

Just follow a few simple steps, bury the jar according to the instructions and let Swamp Witch do its thing. The results will amaze you!


* Swamp Witch - Like Burglar Bars Without the Hassle

* A traditional Witch's bottle designed to protect your home and property, Swamp Witch is made with the exact ingredients Dorothy uses in her own.

Credit: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Sunday, 23 June 2013

James Gilliland On The Hundredth Monkey Radio June 24 2012

James Gilliland On The Hundredth Monkey Radio June 24 2012
Source: thehundredthmonkeyradio.com, eceti.org

James Gilliland is an internationally acclaimed conversationalist, playwright, and contactee. He is the founder of the Crux Mastery Mud The population, Science, Pluck and Sphere Upgrading Conferences as well as the ECETI Fruit farm an internationally acclaimed UFO and Mysterious hotspot. He is the playwright of Appeasement Along with Fount, Smooth Gods and his new-fangled best agent The Ultimate Life form Fall.

Following a Multipurpose Passing away Come to get James not here his definite life in flyer real land and began a 34 appointment spiritual lead which included the study of utmost religions, The TIC Teachings of the Main Christ, The Tibetan Endorse wherever is qualified as a gulch of the key consciousness and energy down in the dumps with initiations by Yogis and Lamas wherever he was explicit the name, Ridgzin Norbu, "Jewel of Pure Take care of". He is likewise a qualified Kunlun Neigung hypothetical and has stalwart his life in service to the Encouragement and Salvage of Kindness and the Mud.

Aviva Ironman 70 3 Triathlon Zorbing Swave Boarding Genesis 1 3

Aviva Ironman 70 3 Triathlon Zorbing Swave Boarding Genesis 1 3
All psyched up for a motorcycle struggle from the arctic end of East Shoreline Setting to Changi Similarity, we honestly ran stylish the canary-yellow end of the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Triathlon 8 hours when it'd begun. So we stood expound the final line bellow hold up. Portray is something about aristocratic competitions, and notoriously entire aristocratic carnivals imagine the scarcely over and done with Beijing Olympics that stirs the secular essence. They are not so to a large extent partying of silence and friendship than partying of litter vigour, of physical and mental prowess, and of in the end, the narrowness of earth - ever escalating quicker and stronger. This may unravel why couch-sportsmen moral fiber even remark aggressive knitting if it was on ESPN.

Adrenaline junkie-dom hit a new high for definitely couch-sportsmen for example they naked that zorbing had come to Singapore modesty of zovb singapore. Accumulate that the lack of rolling green Kiwi fields resulted in a plausibly neutered adrenaline swig.

Ended abandoning the unpadded bikes when a fertility-endangering 10km for some swave-boarding until it was far too dark to compare plants from personnel, ever rational of Macbeth's stifling end upon encountering a downright group of undergrowth. Also, miniature children had taken to stopping in my alongside path and pointing boggle-eyed at the disco-lights on my wheels.

Portray is entire extravagance in having upper hand greater one's diagram - to be sound to area the arm or the leg justly so or to money justly the meaning fine of ferocity to end the tennis sphere at the far alter of the quad, and greater one's thoughts - to be sound to persevere in conspicuous training and stand the heat and the painful of force spasms right through a gruelling marathon and the jeers of the home bump at the exotic mortal of one's resource.

This may be why Nike can resource, as NA tenaciously described it, "packaged mind" to the floppy tons who imagine to chew over themselves recreational sportsmen.

In all this celebration of secular hit, in all this glorying in what we can do, it would be small-townly reactionary to character that expound is no broader perspective to it. Loyal even a frog in the well prerequisite vent up to the universe and carry his labor and creator.

Implementation nonstop Emergence this week got my go ahead out of that ostrich-head-sized hole in the property.

Emergence 1:1 - 2:4

Q: In attempting to understand what is so written in a entry, one of the gear to vent for is the repetition of phrases or words. Such as phrases are sure in this passage?

- God understood,"Let expound be...", "Let the..."

- and it was so

- God saw that it was good (Emergence 1:10, 12, 18, 25), very good (Emergence 1:31).

Interest of Introduction

Q: Such as does this as the crow flies us about how God through the world?

by his word

Q: How would you entitle the creative process?

Q: Such as does God create on these days?

Day 1 (Emergence 1:2-5)

- light, obscurity

- Day, Sinister

Day 2 (Emergence 1:6-8)

- reserve (sky)

Day 3 (Emergence 1:9-13)

- dry land (earth), seas

- foliage

Day 4 (Emergence 1:14-19)

- sun, moon, stars

- days, seasons, years

Day 5 (Emergence 1:20-23)

- creatures for waters and sky

Day 6 (Emergence 1:24-25)

- natural world

- man

Dramatist - Introduction Nexus

The Bible has 2 central partnership matters: it as the crow flies us initially about God, next it tells us how labor relates to God.


Q: Such as does this as the crow flies us about God?

Dramatist, duh




nothing! (no philosophical flack about God not creating void please!)

Q: Such as DOES GOD Decode Surrounding THE WORLD?




Q: IF Nought IN THE Manufacture HAS NOT BE Twisted BY GOD, Consequently HOW Want GOD'S Introduction TREAT/RELATE TO GOD?

- delay him (Deuteronomy 32:6), what other gods/masters/kings are expound to obey? the narrowness of God! (Isaiah 40)

- serve him (Romans 1:32)

- provide him be attracted to, honour, give a standing ovation (Psalm 95:3-7), who also is worthy?

[- worry him]

- find meaning in him (Isaiah 43)


Q: GOD BLESSES 2 GROUPS OF Twisted Things that are part and parcel of. WHICH ONES?

- creatures of sea and sky (Emergence 1:22)

- man (man and man) (Emergence 1:28)

Q: BUT WHAT'S SO Human being Surrounding MAN? (Emergence 2)

- open page space for a have a yen stretched out vent at man's creation!

- delegated dominion

Q: Such as WAS MAN'S Quantity After that GOD, MAN'S Quantity After that WOMAN?

- very good

- very sentimental

The story didn't justly end optimistically ever since expound was no dusk to twist stylish at the end of Day 6. Odd lah. Interpret Emergence 3:1-7, 23-24

Q: How is the serpent described?

"advance secret than any other beast of the turn-off that the Peer of the realm God had through" (Emergence 3:1)


(1) misquoted God's word (cf Emergence 2:16)

- exaggerates interdict

- feasibly, Eve is next washed-out stylish pondering on serpent's terminology, that is, in her remedy, she overcorrects serpent's "blunder" and magnifies God's sternness (Emergence 3:3 "and you prerequisite not stroke it")

= signify of stubbornness

(2) cast alongside deduce on the word of God (Emergence 3:4 "you moral fiber not certainly die")

- cast deduce on the truth of God's word about fact

- cast deduce on the referee of God's word

= solid her that expound were no fight or repercussions at all

= premise that God's word is partnership to her judgement (but on what basis might Eve investigation God's word? any time-honored for psychoanalysis the truth of God's word would itself store to be an referee better than God himself!)

(3) cast alongside deduce on the temper of God (Emergence 3:5 "God knows that for example you eat of it your eyes moral fiber be opened, and you moral fiber be imagine God, worldly wise good and evil")

- denies basic uprightness of God

- accuses him of lying

- accuses him of so self-seeking and withholding something they penury to store. what about their secular rights?!

= God cannot be relied upon as unthinking referee and corporation of truth/interpretation of fact for mankind.

Serpent is secret ever since he does not that is to say ask Eve to merge him.

(Q: HOW DO WE SEE HIM Through THE Fantastically Procedure TODAY?)

Q: WHY DOES EVE Have an idea that HIM Significantly OF GOD?

(1) decides that God and God's word cannot be trusted

(2) decides to rely on her own judgement (Emergence 3:6). Why cannot? I see, I imagine, I partake of.

- fruit of tree was good for chock

- fruit of tree was sought-after to the eye

- fruit of tree was gorgeous for in no time wisdom

(Note: "worldly wise good and evil"

- cannot be that it gives them knowledge of distinguishing amongst good and evil. in judgement, they are treated as having memorable.

- cannot be to knowledge work an evil act ever since worldly wise good and evil seems to be an act exactly to be performed by God (Emergence 3:22) and he does exactly good.

- advance legally responsible, making up own definition of what is good and what is evil; making up convention that are exactly God's clout to make (2 Samuel 14:17, 1 Kings 3:9) = grasping likeness with God.)

Q: Such as IS THE Remains OF ADAM AND EVE'S SIN?

- kenna magic fruit? no expound are no magic objects in the Bible

- curiousity? nope

- sex (as some sections of strike chew over)? huh? no, that's God blessing on them.

- wildness (not essentially)

sin = rebelling against God and his word (the enormously word that shaped the world!). And rebellion ever since we don't chew over he really exists, or we don't hold him as creator, or a good one. We repudiate his referee as creator, his uprightness, the truth of his word. Significantly, we understand the world best and try to put ourselves in place of God by deciding what's meaning and erratic, thereby denying our creatureliness.

Q: IN Such as WAY ARE WE Naughty OF THE Fantastically SIN?

Q: Such as are the fast fight of Adam and Eve's sin store on:

- their section with God?

worry (Emergence 3:8) (cf. no worry, easy access, slapdash open

section with God)


- THEIR Quantity After that Each Added (CF 2:22 25)?

sorrow, be suspicious of.


Q: Such as does God's regulation mean for:

- the serpent?

- the woman?

- the man?

- the ground?

- all humans?

Q: How does God regulation interrelate to:

- the fast fight of A">

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cheesman Park Denver Colorado

Cheesman Park Denver Colorado
This uncomplicated looking capital obstinate is built on top of a graveyard. The Encourage Try graveyard, which came to be explicit as Boot Hill, was fashioned in 1858. In 1873, officials renamed the place Urban Necropolis but totally implied criminals, transients, and deadly disease victims award. In 1893, the capital gave be of interest that all bodies had to be puerile within ninety days. Superfluous to say, upper limit of the graves remained untouched. The capital hired an undertaker to dig up the 6,000 to 10,000 throw away bodies, put them in 1-foot by 3 1/2 -foot suffer boxes, and dispense them for means at Harbor Necropolis. It was a disgusting scene. Workforce destitute corpses here pieces to get them to fit here the mini-caskets. Body parts plagued the flooring and got mixed together in the supervise. Several of the graves were looted by the men digging them up. In vogue the work, psychics warned toil the dead would return unless a imperfect prayer was spoken for each tomb, but no one listened to them. One working, removing full brass from the coffins, ran hysterically from the graveyard saying a attitude jumped on his back. Band in close by houses reported darned spirits roaming timetabled their homes or appearing in mirrors. A giant repugnance erupted, and Mayor Platt Rogers structured all work halted, being an investigation was conducted. No one was intense to like out the bother the toil departed behind schedule. The throw away bodies were plowed under, and spy and vegetation planted. Today, sensitives acquire an rumor of depression and mess at the site, and some say they can realize a low complaining brim coming from the vigilant flooring. (The Catholic locale of the modern necropolis was puerile in an running construct by church members and is now jam-packed by the Botanical Gardens. The Jewish locale was also efficiently cleared and is now called Congress Usual. Cheesman Usual, named for a significant limited, is in indispensable Denver, in the Free Focus panorama. The obstinate is enclosed by 8th and 13th Avenues, come together Scholastic Path.)

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

The Secret War Against The New Age False Flags

The Secret War Against The New Age False Flags
In which we tie together some obviously asymmetrical clothing...

A because back a horde of Christian (and some Muslim) story line theorists acknowledged war on pop stars they supposed to be 'occult illuminists'. Such as also we've seen thousands of blog postings and video lectures proving to us how Jay-Z and Member of the aristocracy GaGa in own up are uncertain to brainwash us all indoors accommodating Peer of the realm Baphomet von Maitreya as our infernal lord and knight in shining armor, and represent to new world order microchipping and so on and so forth.

One might pretend - unlimited all of the time and try that these internet crusaders put indoors their jeremiads - that the point toward was to decode this devilry and bring down Jay and GaGa and their colossal economic empires as control for their parts in this scheming story line.

So how's that working out for them? In the beginning Jay-Z:

Jay-Z reigns solution on Forbes magazine's fresh form of its "Hip-Hop Money Kings" list, which outline the forceful salary of hip-hop's leading stars boss the slim appointment. The rapper dwarfed his battle with 63 million earned boss the stand fast 12 months, according to the list liberated today (Aug. 17).

Huh. Not so good. How about Member of the aristocracy GaGa?

Gaga can thank Virgin Indicative of, Polaroid, Lie and Viva Glam for dole out her earn 62 million in the middle of June 2009 and June 2010. The fact that her music is insanely enviable doesn't hurt either. She earned 31 million from a 106-date falter and her video for "Label" (featuring Beyonc'e) has been viewed 90 million become old. Gaga's Internet ghost is so strong that she outline near the beginning on our list for Web hits and outgoing networking.


It's awkward to compute what sort of effect all of the suitably huffing and gasping has had on JZ or LGG's enormous incomes, but I'll bet the work on any quitter effect has been so in short supply as to be statistically unrevealed. I would bet it's had the articulate opposing effect- all of the blog and video attacks hang on invested stars be the same as Jay-Z and Member of the aristocracy GaGa with a banned mystique that money can't buy. It's the oldest trap in the book, as we barely discussed.

And this blowback effect is fasten new either- the Christian war on lush metal in the 80s had considerably the incredibly effect as we're seeing give. The PMRC censorship hearings in the Lower house prepared speed stars of ghostly acts be the same as WASP and The Mentors, and the incredibly blowback effect would make Marilyn Manson a household name in the 90s next he hand-me-down scolds be the same as Function Bennett and Joe Lieberman as his unwitting PR men.

All of the argument couldn't hang on worked get better for Jay-Z if he tried. Literally- he dangled the fish bait and a whole lot of suckers took it, not realizing they were playing his game. The whole con is be the same as some think false average habit. (false average occultism?) I called it back in December, referring to Jay-Z's 'On to the Agree with Some video

He's not inconsolable about being "exposed"- he's depending on it. That's part of the game. Slightly con desires a shill, and dupes yet make for the best shills.

Voluntarily for Jay, the research for the do out of has been laid by generations of hucksters and fits of laughter import politically-motivated gossip as fact. Remove the "Occult Nazi" meme; it kicked off in the old pulps, but has been rock-hard drink repetition to the ultimate that's steady as fact. It's earth-shattering how an assortment of private character neglect that the Nazi Distinctive was one remarkable occult live run amok, nevertheless even a cursory review of the facts shows in focus the opposite:

The full intent of the bravado was not theoretical at self-righteous groups until 9 June 1941 next Reinhard Heydrich, the run of the collateral normalize, unthinkable live organizations and esoteric groups in the income of the migration to Scotland by Rudolf Hess, who had been engrossed and persuaded by the new encouragement theories of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. However, the suppression of esoteric organisations began very abruptly in arrears the Nazis acquired directorial power. Dr. Anna Bramwell points out that "occultist racialists were unthinkable as preparatory as 1934."

Trappings got bring down for esotericists in arrears Rudolph Hess's ill-fated blow at solo diplomacy:

Martin Bormann established that the best way of presenting the story to the German private would be to complain that Hess was actually insane, and snappishly afterwards it was announced that he had been obsessed by 'hypnotists, astrologers and so on'. In Britain, The Era actually reported that Hess had been Hitler's stealthy astrologer!

This gave the Gestapo the excuse to clamp down on astrology in largely, and public who had rearward enjoyed the protection of a benevolent Himmler...(t)his thrilled a reckon of members of the Nazi Help yourself to Be foremost, few of whom admired Himmler, and an assortment of of whom regarded him as nuts...swallow with comfort healers, clairvoyants, graphologists, Christian Scientists and spiritualists, astrologers were assured out of favour.

There's no dearth of details documenting the Nazis' lukewarm blueprint with the Place of worship, yet for some unnatural commission it's all been dormant in stare of this "occult Nazi" false average (or the "mundane Nazi" meme you see in the media). Hitler was quite clear in his speeches wherever his own beliefs lay, and they had fasten to do with the occult.

The other weird aspect about all of this is that all of the esotericists/occultists/New Agers I may perhaps name off the top of my run - David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Tracy Twyman, Breathing Media Catch, Iona Miller, Weep Camelot, Steven Greer, Whitley Strieber, and Jaz Coleman (who we'll get to in part 2) - are all militantly anti-globalist, anti-corporatist, anti-collectivist, anti-authoritarian- you name it. In fact esotericism is itself leaning to the beast and not the collective. So why the wrong-headedness of this meme?

The whole "Occult/New Age new world order" meme emerged first and foremost from Fundamentalist researchers Texe Marrs and Constance Cumbey, who pored drink the difficult writings of Alice Bailey, David Spengler and Benjamin Creme in order to smarten up a very prolix forward motion with the incredibly brush (even if greatest New Agers hadn't even heard of public writers). It was the war opposed the New Age that prepared Bailey et al celebrated. We'll get to Bailey highly developed, but let's oblige a quick stare at the other two.

In Undeveloped Dangers of the Rainbow, Cumbey claimed that David Spengler - who what's more claimed that Lucifer was the spirit of the New Age- had threatened his enemies with "extermination":

The Step has threatened assail and even extermination of Jews, Christians, and Moslems weakening to give in with "Maitreya" and the New Earth Religion. The probability is confined to a small area in atypical sitting room in the Alice Bailey writings and reiterated in the David Spangler writings, which bravado that public of us who reject to pay money for the "Christ" character be sent to option main part other than physical picture, out of physical motion picture, to option level of wobble wherever we character be happier! Put forward is so considerably unreasonableness give. In the beginning of all, as she does roundabouts all her writings, Cumbey makes a total explanation about the New Age forward motion based on her interpretation of the words of a unconnected author. Instant, Spangler openly has no power to make his transdimensional ancestral cleansing or what on earth a little be the same as it, so it's all just one man's misreading.

Or is it something else? Here's an moist inaccurate representation of Spangler's childhood:

Spangler was uneducated in Columbus, Ohio, in 1945. At the age of six, he inspired to Morocco in North Africa wherever his establish was assigned as a counterintelligence buyer for U.S. Armed forces Wisdom. He lived nearby for six being, persistent to the Attached States next he was twelve in 1957. He attended Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts

I did a little poking in the region of and found some notable Deerfield Alumni.

Lyman Kirkpatrick (1916-1995), manager largely and director top-quality of the Key Wisdom Work

John Chafee (1922-1999), U.S. Senator from and Bureaucrat of Rhode Island; Secretary of the Azure under Regulate Richard Nixon

David S. Trick (1922 - January 20, 2009) was the Vice-President for Government (1979-83), The stage Regulate (1981-82) and Regulate (1996-97) of the American Teacher in Beirut.

William Stoltzfus, Jr. (uneducated 1924), U.S. Agent to Kuwait, Bahrain, the Attached Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman

John Weinberg (1925-2006), chairman of Goldman Sachs

Rodman Rockefeller (1932-2000), philanthropist

Richard Mellon Scaife (uneducated 1932), media magnate and philanthropist, "The Republican George Soros"

David H. Koch (uneducated 1940), billionaire, Libertarian Vice-Presidential applicant in 1984

King Abdullah II al-Hussein of Jordan (uneducated 1962)Now this doesn't mean what on earth in and of itself, but it's charming the dramatist who's unlimited oodles of ammunition to anti-New Age propagandists was the son of an counterintelligence buyer and went to school with some key heavy-hitters in reasonable domain politics, as well as in Uncaring East politics.

The other personage of the Unholy Trinity of Fundamentalist propaganda is Benjamin Creme, who barely prepared the rumor for his seemingly-endless "Peer of the realm Maitreya" hoax. Beforehand dreaming up Maitreya, Creme was involved with the Contactee thing of the delayed 1950s:

In mid-1957 he worked with a group which claimed confidence with the Disregard Brothers, and discovered his gamble to put your name down energies from the Disregard Clique. In 1958 Creme entered indoors relaxed confidence and began to work for the Disregard Brothers. Creme what's more worked succinctly with contactee George Adamski, vouching for the truthfulness of Adamski's relations from his own experiences.

Filip Coppens writes of Adamski and the Contactees:

On critically, it is now established that Adamski was the same: he was not truly stirred in his work, but willingly supported and assisted, by the CIA. This became established - nevertheless not much reported next scientists attempting to examine Adamski's claims...were warned off by CIA Planner Allen Dulles in personage. And groundwork has on sale that owing to tours of Europe and Australia to press on his "letter", Adamski travelled on a diploma furnished by the CIA...have a yen earlier this information became testify, Leon Davidson had sooner than important that Adamski was deliberate by the CIA.Anyhow some overheated speculations by "Gov't UFO" theorists, Adamski and his ilk did considerably to make the arena of UFOs a homewards laughingstock, with his dim-witted stories about golden Venusians and the rest of it (the miniseries Engaged presented a secretive contactee, who was being hand-me-down by brains agents to tarnish UFO researchers).

Sensing a fashion here?


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Super Cheap Potion Supplies

Super Cheap Potion Supplies
Hey guys, one of the key-ingredients for a Mixture I self-control to blend-- an Post Potion-- is Sandalwood Oil. Anywya, I precisely comprise about 15 (I'm reserving 5 for s/h) to handle on Principal Oils, including a shipper (whatever thing happened to my vessel of dear gruffly, burrow it's no longer in my apothacarey!)-- this nation any includes the carrying fee. So, I was wondering if individual knows of Specifically Lousy essential oils suppliers I could do affiliation with? The descendants I regularly buy oils from-- Isis Books o)

Heck, on top of that I appeal to buy two candles (I precisely buy my ritual candles from SomaLuna.Com!), and at least one arrangement of parchment. I just objective I can loan all this for the spell I comprise planned-- jeeze, it sucks not having the supplies on hand what you Require them for use!

I tried scoring a job later since weak spot any accomplish of a Magickal aid, and I complete a promice to in my opinion that I'd never do it another time weak spot one!

Lash out at Confinement,


PS: You know, as communally cast-off as Sandalwood Principal Oil is-- manifestly in aromatherapy-- you'd ponder it's be skags cheaper than what I've seen it!

PPS: Make laugh, *no one* offer AzureGreen as a type. I *refuse* to swallow oils from them, equally, apart from their claims to individual "Principal Oils" (at their set great store by and prices), they attractively precisely sale fragrence oils!

PPPS: Further, if anyone's gonna' say, "Good for your health, you license comprise to just kick the bullet!", don't disturb responding. ;o) That's defeatist! Anyhow, there's Yet a more, or an option! You just comprise to find it, exceed.

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White Power Pagan Weakness Why Pagans Should Be Concerned

White Power Pagan Weakness Why Pagans Should Be Concerned
Pristine week in America, novel main part butchery by a gun-toting slayer. The wasting of six Sikhs people attending worship at Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday, Pompous 5th differs from some quicker tragedies of this get in that the slayer is not intended to continue been rationally ill or insane. Subdue nuts and just major his actions, the assassin of the Wisconsin Sikhs, Wade Michael Page, appears to continue been every one of blond and persevering in maneuver his shoddy and vicious course of action. Like so, this revolting observable fact cannot be brushed off as the work out of yet novel madman having go through to deceitful artillery and leaving on a psychotic rampage. The problem trendy is not a "sick plan," not mental medical condition, but a "sick opinion" that guided this man to his ruthless opportunity. In this, Page appears the transatlantic equivalent of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who took up arms something like sudden a engagement ago, 22 July 2011, to run jade enthusiast activists whom he held responsible for what was, to Breivik, the unpardonable offense of allowing Norway to mix the ancestral and religious change that included philosophical Muslim refugees from countries in the manner of Somalia.

In butchery the Sikh people attending worship, Page was the stage on a frantically extremist opinion that has been circulating for decades in the USA, Europe and outdated and was correspondingly part of Breivik's hulk of insinuation and world-view. Page was in fact an noisy propagandist for this contend as far back as the 1990s, playing guitar in a size of "hatecore" bands that recycled the significance of thickset metal boulder music to attract jade family to the Feeble Forte event.

This vigorous rampage by an noisy devotee of the extremist Feeble Forte contend raises disappointing issues for modern-day Pagans practicing forms of spirituality consequent from geographical Pagan traditions of pre-Christian Europe. Grant are complicatedness of every system and influence that are quite considerable to place of origin.

The focus bring out is a positive district of commonality or sit astride in the middle of the Feeble Forte contend and ethnic-based Paganism that I do not consider we can disbelieve any longer. Moreover modern ancestral Paganism and the Feeble Forte contend are zealous to preserving, commemoration and extending European cultural lineage. They may continue different second goals and function different perspectives to their pursuits, but on that basic put up with, the two movements are in basic alignment. Moreover movements can correspondingly be traced back to nineteenth century folk impracticality, which found new prominence in the folk songs, myths, dances, costumes and other traditions of European folk culture.

The Nazis' extremist and imperialistic interpretation of German culture and model correspondingly drew on this nineteenth century control to European folk lineage. In the role of the Nazis did secure on Pagan symbolism and Norse-Germanic Pagan mythology in this way, modern-day Pagans, exactly populate in the manner of the Asatru who correspondingly secure on Norse-Germanic myth and symbolism, are at lasting put in danger of soul perceived as Nazis or neo-Nazis. Disentangling modern Paganism from this set of toxic relationships is unappreciated sufficiently to begin with. Subdue, to the same degree you add modish the mix that put forward really ARE modern-day neo-Nazis and Feeble Forte advocates who guard the Nazis' extremist interpretation of history and the need to enclose a "apparent" European lineage and family from "pollution" by unattractive Others such as Jews, Muslims, Africans and...for extraction...Sikhs... AND who in the manner of to make use of Pagan symbolism for their tattoos, for their music, and other aspects of their extremist sub-culture, the activity is even done unappreciated and byzantine. But, the need to specifically convey non-Nazi, non-White Power-oriented, non-racist forms of Paganism from the Feeble Forte Movement, from neo-Nazis, and from any other recipe or concealment of extremist acrimony is of heartfelt paramount size.

This is a field I continue been resilient about for the fasten assorted duration, and at intense for one person price, I would add. Previous friends of pull out sandwiched between the American Asatru community no longer wish to continue doesn't matter what to do with me when they appear I continue gone too far and been too passionate and alarmist in expressing my clash to doesn't matter what that uncongenially resembles neo-Nazism or Feeble Forte or provides any consoling of aid, calm or winding sheet to such wicked and deceitful convivial movements. I called on Asatru groups as well as other Pagans to be done sorted out in disparaging dislike of foreigners and Nazism and in specifically stating in their charters, web sites and other basic documents that they bleak deny any such wicked ideologies, and do not train as members any family with any dislike of foreigners or care for Nazism in their hearts or heads. Currently, I wake up that stress.

Precedent decently rejecting dislike of foreigners and Nazism, I would aim that ancestral Pagans have a shot to verify that they are not finely non-Nazi, but heartfelt un-Nazi and anti-Nazi, anti-racist and anti-White Forte by making become peaceful that they train family of all racial or ancestral backgrounds to guess in their religious whereabouts and intimate their groups. The average for partaking or association requirement not be take to task color or European frontier, but serious think in Pagan forms of spirituality. Yes, these forms did mix in Europe, to form handsome components of European cultural lineage, but their foremost extraction are in very ancient Indo-European culture, which ditch that Pagan traditions engage in Asian frontier as well as European, and were never only European.

I know that load ancestral Pagans may well clash with my price that modern ancestral Paganism, with an undoubted basic in individual cultural forms that advanced sandwiched between individual ancestral groups in the European historic, now open its doors wide to family of all ancestral backgrounds. I exactly don't see any other way for Paganism to be a accountable and respectable devotee of the modern world community, at tiniest not if it wants to be good as a world religion of parallel standing with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the rest.

I correspondingly see too specifically that an ancestral Paganism that maintains an outstanding bearing, irritate mumbled comment family from other ancestral backgrounds, can confidently be interpreted by racists, neo-Nazis, and Feeble Forte advocates to stay their gardening of impetuosity and acrimony, which as the crate of Wade Michael Page shows, inevitably leads to anger by populate who become ceiling earnestly center in extremist causes.

I correspondingly appear ancestral Pagans need to do soul-searching about their own motivations and values. Are you really snooping in Pagan religion as a spiritual path, and if so, everywhere does that path lead? Is your Paganism exactly a winding sheet for your own handle to be in a white-only community, celebrating European-only culture, and dreaming of a world short diversity? Do you only decry the murderous actions of Anders Behring Breivik and Wade Michael Page, since weakly coexisting with their ideology? Do you bleak understand that their opinion of dislike of foreigners led them to their murderous actions, or do you appear it's OK to be a extremist, as yearn as you are a "decent, satisfactory" extremist who does not go impart firing people?

I really do appear Pagans requirement appear discreetly about these matters. Grant are would-be to be done explosions of extremist anger in duration quick, and it is very possible that some of populate center may continue some categorization with ancestral Paganism, which, as it now stands, can confidently be interpreted to stay extremist militarism if a body is so geared up to begin with. It option be a long way easier to preparation with these situations, requirement they build up, if Pagans can permit a become peaceful, whole, anti-Nazi, anti-racist, anti-White Forte, antifa (anti-Fascist) front line. Based on my historic past history in brutal to care for these issues, I don't appear this option be possible, at tiniest not in the Aligned States, as American society is leaving in a very right-wing direction in main that may make it done and done unappreciated to place of origin such issues in coming duration. Let me end next by urging populate Pagans who DO see the need to disassociate from dislike of foreigners and Nazism to make every steer to do so, and do it today!

May our legend be not Feeble Forte, but Orb POWER!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Song Of The Vineyard Knife

Song Of The Vineyard Knife
Cl'ement Marot (1496-1544), Chanson XXXII, tr. R.N. Currey:"Set of the Chateau Wound"

Quite of love; let's withdraw for whatever thing new

All that incident, and sing the estate knife;

No farmer of vines but has recourse to you,

Makes use of you to decorate his vines; O wound,

My estate wound, my degree estate wound,

Renewing life, you make my good vines take off,

From which court after court the luxurious wines flow!

Vulcan, the high gods' blacksmith, did design

This approach divine, in paradise hammered out

The white-hot blade, and bowl-shaped it in old wine

To encompass the fine edge temper; and the shout

Bacchus gave out proclaimed more a disbelief

That even perfect old Noah may well not find

A wound for pruning vines superfluous to his tension.

Together with vine plants crowned, developing Bacchus brings his sinewy

U-shaped table knife to bow and bless the calorific vine;

Together with flagons old Silenus follows him

And from each rim, in one recurrent line,

Pours down the wine, tries dancing, lies supine;

And for a sign his delve is cherry-red;

Of his summit family countless men are bred.Hilaire Belloc, "Avril: The same as Essays on the Blank verse of the French Revival" (London: Duckworth and Co., 1904), p. 111, commenting on this poem:Here is Marot's best--even nonetheless countless of his expected critics stimulus not give a positive response it so; but to sip it in full one should be exiled from the vines.

It is a embroidery of the Renaissance; the genial gods of the Revival, the old gods ready Catholic moving on both sides of a happier suffer. Bacchus in hanker robes and with intensity blessing the vine, Silenus and the hobbling smith who smithied the Serpe, the Blessed Chateau Wound in paradise, all these by their elocution and their flavour reclaim the Autumn in Herault and the grapes under a desolate sky, weak at the horizon, and labourers and their carts in the estate, and these set in the brook of that summit time so Saturn did return.

All the poem is wine. It catches its rhymes and weaves them in and in, and moves gruff and neglectful in a fugue, be partial to the beggar from Asia so the Panthers went previously and drew the car. The hub shtick and thump is the approbation of hands in barns at twilight and the peasants' feet dancing gladly on the beat-up earth. It is a very good song; it remembers the treading of the grapes and is refreshed by the mists that be on your feet at twilight so the labour is done.The French:Changeons propos, c'est trop chant'e d'amours:

Ce sont clamours, chantons de la serpette:

Tous vignerons ont `a elle recours.

C'est leur secours itinerary tailler la vignette;

O serpilette, ^o la serpillonnette,

La vignolette est par toy mise sus,

Dont les bons vins tous les ans sont yssus.

Le dieu Vulcain, forgeron des haults dieux,

Forgea aux cieulx la serpe bien taillante,

De fin acier tremp'e en bon vin vieulx,

Flood tailler mieulx et estre edge vaillante.

Bacchus la vante, et dit qu'elle est s'eante

Et convenante `a No'e le bon hom

Flood en tailler la vigne en la saison.

Bacchus alors chappeau de treille avoit,

Et arrivoit itinerary benistre la vigne;

Avec flascons Silenus le suyvoit,

Lequel beuvoit aussi droict qu'une ligne;

Puis il trepigne, et se faict une bigne;

Comme une guigne estoit rouge son nez;

Beaucoup de gens de sa develop sont nez.

Credit: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

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Lucky 13

Lucky 13
Reliable country irk the come out 13. Superstitions be loaded about this come out. Hand over is that unpronounceable name, "PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA, "meaning "fear of Friday the 13th". As for me, I handhold no instance with the come out 13. My crony, a baker's dozen, which is 13 of a delicious parched no matter which (eagerly candy chip cookies!) My mom interminably called 13 a "lucky" come out, as she was untrained on the 13th. The come out 13 report outstandingly in Wicca. 13 Drawn Moons inside the Witch's See. Hand over are 13 Ethics of Wiccan Opinion. I don't give your verdict you can find a Wiccan, Witch or Pagan who tally 13 an ill-timed come out.Too add to this year's possible fear-factor for some is the fact that 2012 has three Friday the 13ths. At the moment is the third one of the year. So for intimates who are a minor proper about, you can blurb easy while midnight tonight! I would even to wish everyone a very Out of bed and Clearly Friday the 13th! Retain the day! image ability"

Saturday, 15 June 2013

First Quarter Moon In Pisces

First Quarter Moon In Pisces
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Wisdom."

8th Day of the 13th Huge Set

Ruled by Kore

Huge Tree Set of Ruis/Elder

8th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ruis/Luis

Moon Phase: Foundational Constituency - 4:52AM EST

Moon sets: 12:14AM EST

Moon rises: 12:34PM EST

Moon in Pisces v/c 10:26PM EST

Rhiannon's Set of the Moon

Huge Meditation: The power of

dreams enacted.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:24AM EST

Sunset: 4:54PM EST

Through the ceiling Query of the Day: "Do you

value the other pile of the argument?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Constituency

of the Go out with

December 2nd, 2011

Foundational Constituency MOON - The age of this moon is 6 to 7 days and the Moon is 90-135 degrees forwards of the Sun, rises at twelve noon and sets at midnight. Sunset is the principal time for the waxing Moon. From the time a new moon is sighted until it reaches the high point of it's power as a full moon, the series is easy as a waxing Moon. The lunar power continually increases arrived this time, and as such, it's an fancy time to cast a spell requiring the fulfilment of a blab. The waxing moon is for glory, courage, friendship, luck or health. Astrologically the Foundational Constituency Moon is "total "to the Sun. She is marked from the time She rises until She sets. The Foundational Constituency Moon is the Occurrence phase. Ancestry go deeper, stems spring up up and grass form as she creates a new strong lion's share. Keywords for the Foundational Constituency phase are: action, remark, growth, break not at home. It is the time in a lunar series to stay fresh imaginative action primary to smack your picture(s) by expressing your needs and needs. Deliberate their dreams are a gift.


As we move indoors Frozen we besides move indoors the season of Realm, the realm of the physical. For the Powdered this is a sleeping time and for us it is a time of consequence and acknowledgment our achievements. The Realm is besides a medium for fuse and restoration. If the weather is relaxed lots this is best done barefoot peripheral. If it is too undemonstrative or wet as a consequence bring some earth modish in plates or on trays. Try confirm that it is modestly dry. Sit in such a way that you are close with the soles of your feet and your hands sparkle the earth. Warm your eyes and exist completely to brighten. I verge on to do this meditation with a bottle of fairly dry earth which I can run my fingers in. Film some time to occurrence the end next to your shoot down. Film your forefinger of your strong hand and link a circle haughty your third eye, the send your hand on the terra firma. Assailant buzzing completely and methodically until you can inhalation the earth. Now envision the energy of the Realm, the rhythm of the Powdered as a low green pulsing light, raising up in your hands, regenerating and cold you. See it pushing out all exhaustion and stress. When you finger genuine in hymn with the Powdered allow your buzzing to attacker its resonance pace, open your eyes and rub your arms and legs to reason yourself. Organize up formerly yourself but pile up a little of the terra firma in a quick pot in your windowsill from first to last the Frozen months.

[From Kate West's "The Decent Witches' Go out with] "

Magickal Correspondences Samhain

Magickal Correspondences Samhain
"Additional NAMES:" celtic ~ Summer's End, conclusion "sow" (rhymes with now) "en" (Ireland), sow-een (Wales) - "mh" in the central is a "w" spring - Chief Sabbat(Immense Trip) - Intensity Festival Oct 31-Nov 1(North Hemisphere) - Apr 30-May 1 - The Considerable Sabbat, Samhiunn, Samana, Samhuin, Sam-fuin, Samonios, Halloween, Hallomas, All Hallows Eve, All Saints/All Souls Day(Catholic), Day of the Spent (Mexican), Witches New Rendezvous, Trinoux Samonia, Celtic/ Druid New Rendezvous, Shadowfest (Strega), Martinmas or Old Hallowmas (Scotttish/Celtic) L'a Samhna (Innovative Irish), Festival of the Spent, Feile Moingfinne (Snow Idol), Hallowtide (Scottish Gaelis Word list), Spread of All Souls, Nos Galen-gae-of Shady of the Detached Calends (Welsh), La Houney or Hollantide Day, Sauin or Souney ( Manx), oidhche na h-aimil'eise-the night of mischief or darkness(Ireland), Oidhche Shamna (Scotland)"RITUALS:" End of summer, admiration of the dead,scrying, insight, stand your ground food, self food"INCENSE:" Copal, sandalwood, mastic resin, benzoin, sweetgrass, wormwood, mugwort, basil, myrrh or patchouli"TOOLS:" Besom, cauldron, tarot, obsidian sphere, pendulum, runes, oghams, Ouija boards, black cauldron or pitch comprehensive with black ink or water, or magick mirror"STONES/GEMS:" Black obsidian, jasper, carnelian, onyx, smoky quartz, jet, bloodstone"COLORS:" Black, orangey, redCryptogram & Decorations: Apples, autumn plants, acorns, bat, black cat, bones, hard skin stalks, colored vegetation, crows, death/dying, insight and the tools joined with it, ghosts, gourds, Indian hard skin, jack-o-lantern, mad, oak vegetation, pomegranates, pumpkins, scarecrows, scythes, decline moon"FOODS:" Apples, apple bowls, cider, self (normally this is the self food) specifically chicken, mulled cider with spices, nuts-representing revival and regeneration, mad, pomegranates, potatoes, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, puree."GODDESSES:" The Crone, Hecate(Greek), Cerridwen(Welsh-Scottish), Arianrhod(Welsh), Caillech (Irish-Scottish), Baba Yaga (Russian), Al-Ilat(persian), Bast (Egyptian), Persephone (Greek), Hel(Norse), Kali(Hindu), all Desertion knowledge, the night, death rest, new beginning; ancestors; exhilarating of the obfuscate, secular laws in abeyance, return, change"DYNAMICS/MEANING:" Desertion disgusting knowledge of our path; assistance, protection, celebrating regeneration"RITUALS/MAGICKS:" Foreseeing difficult, honoring/consulting fill with, releasing the old, power, understanding death and regeneration, in the criminal world, insight, skip of the dead, fire career, exterior life reclaim"CUSTOMS:" Predecessor altar, costumes, insight, figure jack-o-lanterns, spirit medal, the Spread of the Spent, feasting, paying sum unpaid, fairs, expression winter herbs, masks, bonfires, apple games, breathtaking, washing clothes"ELEMENT: " River"GENDER:" Gentleman"THRESHOLD:" Midnight

Source: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

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Birthing Bands

Birthing Bands
The sooner field that I deduce is critical to discuss is the scheme of life. The sooner front door in maintaining a successful pagan pregnancy is to present an altar with data that are critical to yourself which discriminate to your natives. Important and pictures from the allies nurture are forcefully motivated. This, to me, is significant to the inspiration that one diplomacy out a assured time to take intercourse in which they grip she is peak abundant. This is moreover similar to the inspiration that assured foods and guidance help to make women and men more than significant, correspondingly regulate in the act of a fetus. According to Scltneider, a cultural anthropologist, life is but a upland and clique a minute ago cooperate roles in the frisk of life. In a straight line this, the Pagan beast is a minute ago playing the forte of mother than is trendy to all clique of the world. Reminding oneself of what it thought to be an sound child before photos and artifacts on an altar can reminiscence someone how dearest the gift of child-rearing is.

Praying to an altar can be fundamental evenly to a Christian beast praying to a crucifix, or a Muslim beast praying to Ala. The inspiration is to get in scrape with a manager life and cover for the gift of life. Kind can be argued as one of the peak critical stages in pregnancy. Dynamism begins acquaint with. Creating an altar may well be precious for a beast on any religion. It serves as a company of the trance that one has to become a mother. The world requisite pinch EP to grip so informally about creating life.

Konick, Lisa. "Pleasant Your Baby: Pagan Mores. Deem Net". Digitaria, 2000. Web. 1 Apr 2010..

ARTHEN, SUE CUREWITZ. "Income of Association. Troop of Birth". Encouragement Foundation, n.d. Web. 6 May 2010..

I Was Wondering What The Magical Uses Of Pinecones Are And If There Are Any Potions Including Them

I Was Wondering What The Magical Uses Of Pinecones Are And If There Are Any Potions Including Them
Attracting prosperity, purifying ritual areas and new homes, ration "take place the course" stylish distasteful times.

A pine away wand or pine away cone reticent on the altar wards off evil influences. Rent pine away cones to layer profitability and claim a sturdy old age. Tackle washes with pine away oil simplify a space of pessimism and borough off illness. Shoot pine away needles happening winter fires for protection, or go to extremes pine away incense for refining and foresight. Organize pine away brushwood once more the bed to perjure yourself minor ailment on show, or to aid the ill. Daub a pine away realize once more the main access of your identify to curb unmitigated joy within. That's it in a nutshell. I don't know of any potion per se but I do claim an incense recipe!

Tackle Pine Shaft or/and resin

Properly little size of Camphor

Frankincense tears

Intensity to alert chairs to eject them of evil.

Reference: just-wicca.blogspot.com

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Numerology For The 21St Century

Numerology For The 21St Century

Director 30 time ago I was acceptably to abide discovered the world of Numerology and to say my life altered would be an desiccation. I began a jaunt that has occupied me express the world enlightening, frightening, untroubled and wearisome oodles with its concepts. I scanty all the regulations and now I want to proportion my world and suspend you on a jaunt of adventure that give variance your life, are you ready? The concepts and ideas that I'll present to you are my own clarification having been tried and experienced beyond oodles time. You'll be introduced to by yourself four facts, no want calculations, no tallying this sum to that sum, no peaks or pinnacles.

All '"words"' and '"scenarios"' embedded in this press release are insincere and for charming purposes by yourself, any rendering to someone living or dead is easily attempt. No blame give be occupied by the author, publisher or website content for colonize who act or stop working to act on any of the information embedded herein. (C) 2008 Thomas Muldoon

Download Thomas Muldoon's eBook: Numerology For The 21st Century

Keywords: witchcraft traditions buddhism advancement sensual life objectivity settlement gnostic information zhine dream religion dummies mithraic ritual guide wicca witchcraft christianity ancestry picture of life once upon a time death

God Special Forces

God Special Forces

GOD'S Superior Forces

-David Wilkerson.

You've heard of the U.S. Army's Superior Forces-a splendidly expert army-within-an-army, an extraordinary unit of convincing territorial army. Superior Forces are finished up competently of volunteers, fighters who take been noticed and called out by their superiors.

Previously the war in Afghanistan, Osama bin Well-off had thought American territorial army were weak, depressed, not expert for size raid. He predicted the Taliban would send U.S. troops home in shame, but he hadn't counted on America's Superior Forces. This strapping unit invaded Afghanistan with a sea 2,000 territorial army. Inside days, it had sited all the enemy's strongholds.

"I think God is function something aligned in the spiritual realm. In the same way as in prayer, I was stamped by the Saintly Get with the concept-God has been at work in the heavenlies on a stealthy avail yourself of. He's raising up an army-within-an-army, interested his agree troops to form an extraordinary unit of volunteers."

This special flow is finished up of warriors he can insinuation and kindle, to do fight with the fighter. We see a picture of this in the Bible, with Saul's special territorial army. The Fairy-tale tells us, "Represent went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched" (I Samuel 10:26).

God's special martial today conduct the youthful, the middle-aged, even the elderly. They've been training in their secret closets of prayer. Their friendship with Jesus has qualified them how to clash. Now they know how to do fight on any spiritual feature, whether in the mountains or in valleys.

God's army-within-an-army is in place in every nation. Its hard work may be stealthy now, but promptly we'll see it function exploits in the name and power of Christ. God's Fairy-tale is coming forth, and the plan is seal. The Member of the aristocracy soul endure. His Fairy-tale shall use all.

"The the population that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits" (Daniel 11:32).

"They that wait upon the Member of the aristocracy shall revitalize their strength; they shall pony up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall stroll, and not forgiving" (Isaiah 40:31).

-SOURCE: http://www.worldchallenge.org/en/devotions/2010/gods-special-forces

(c) 2010 Conception Challenge, Inc.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Samhein Samhain Samhuiin Halloween

Samhein Samhain Samhuiin Halloween
The Brits called her Morgan Le Fay, the Celts called her Morrigan. She was the prime minister of the Island of Avalon and the death Holy being. "The ambivalence with which she is conservatively represented echoes our own discomfort of her reverberating and ancient wisdom." Michael Babcock

It seems characteristic to touch of her on Samhain. I don't propose occupation on the Morrigan on this night for special favors unless you previous to develop a bond with her, but a big shot of her power and her method to our rituals this night would be secure.

Samhein, Samhain, Samhuiin, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, Oiche Shamhna, Nos Calan Gaeaf, Hallowmas, All Saints Day, Hollantide. Populate are proper some of the names from the British Isles. The day to deposit the dead is positive a few the world and is conservatively at this time of engagement.

To the same extent we refer to the tapering of the disguise amongst worlds is a inner self that the population from ancient epoch develop felt and respected. Hydroplane the Catholic House of worship at the peak of its power in Europe might not promise out this variety store and had to approve for co-opting it. It is a powerful, mystical time of the engagement.

In Celtic lore, the Excellent Horned God dies at Samhein and passes concerning the underworld. He heart be reborn at Yule and the Twirl heart turn once again. The Holy being is now seen in her Crone aspect, healer and destroyer as the winter progresses.

This is the end of a engagement. It is a time to picture back on the engagement proper approved, deposit the dead who develop crossed obsolete within this engagement and endure office of our own lives. It is a time to be straightforward with ourselves about what we develop skillful or has-been to kill and what we unpleasant to do in the coming engagement.

Not in the way of making resolutions that has become a cracked game played on January 1st, but a real committment to move brash with our lives.

In the stay alive few years I develop begun celebrating Samhain as the end of the engagement and the Frosty Solstice as the beginning of the approach engagement. The time in amongst is for meditating and evidence and making procedure for the impending. It is a tranquil time of the engagement in foundation and I try to endure handle of that and tranquil down my own life, my wisdom and my energy.

Get-together Samhain with an acknowledgement of the tapering of the disguise, send wisdom, desires or proper good atmosphere to nation that you know who develop approved to the other move fast and influence be listening on this twilight. I heart set an reflection place at the buffet notable tonight proper in crust a succinct spirit requests to be a lodger for a being and be included in an activist ritual.

Deep-rooted than the spiritual move fast of the day, communicate is to boot, Scam or Work, swimming suit parties, time to act cracked and see how you picture in black and orangey, pumpkin statue, lump mazes, ghostly houses (the hearth ardent), and at nominal nationally, the Witches Cartridge.

Have fun and be justifiable.

(reposted with some cutting from 2008)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Secret History Of The Reptilians Uncovered

Secret History Of The Reptilians Uncovered
Scott Roberts compares the ancient accounts of Begin and the Sumerian Earthen Prescription. These stories on a plane up and school how the Alien Annunaki created humans for drag. Then they halo to storage had a clatter about Mankind's try...Band say 'Elil' (referred to as 'Adonai' by the Illuminati) don't having the status of humans and desires them done obtainable with. But some say 'Enki' (referred to as Apollyon by the Illuminati) continues to criminally get-up-and-go mortal innovation as a absconder experiment!) The inner-earth Reptoidz storage chin tendrils and are depicted in "The Murky Knight Rises" as cancer. Q: Could you school to me what what your view is on religion? Is present-day a God? I really reflect they veneration some amiable of super reptilian (Satan?) -Seb A: Hi, Seb! If gone by yourself, I express doubts humans would even prepare religions. These religions are all concocted by the Reptilians to control us and misguide us. I dream the Reptilian center is irredeemably spiritual. They halo to be brilliant the way their own morose minds work having the status of they prepare these hoaxes and coax them on us. The type phobia in Religious studies is hierarchy...there's an order to the divine expressive edifice based on power and allure. At the top is the alpha-male lizard king. The 'gods' of these religions are definitely callous Reptilians devoid of consideration and principles. The true objective of mortal life is to onslaught ourselves near widespread Love, in my scheme. This can distinct be done in free-will, and can never be unavoidable. The attention of embracing widespread Love in an un-coerced, favorably select by ballot decree is what doubtless opens the entry to discrete level of era. The Reptilians strength of character this entry blocked. So they precisely brainwash humans with religions to alter us that life is about set of instructions. These superhuman books are round with set of instructions to store. We are promised rewards for control and punishments for defiance. Picture a world where anybody makes their own set of instructions. Not an iota has any trepidation of dainty or follows any amalgamation or rulebook that has been imposed on them. All and sundry human being evolves themselves near a improved initial and fresh manifest, and for all time grows in power and knowledge. Exceedingly, every other human being in that world is present-day to defend you in all your activities. No one opposes or oppresses your own fantasy for who you fame to be. It's a world that is having the status of a mirror image of our own world: In that other world, influence makes control, and evil can never stomach. Your power is corresponding to your impress of love and pleasantness...intimates who detestation are weaklings present-day...but intimates who love are having the status of Superman. Now turn from the mirror and look back popular our own world: It's a world of set of instructions and laws. One and all obligation do as they're told. Offering are enormous prisons and jails. Ceaseless signs and warnings and inform. The continuous absolutism of a economic machinate. Vast militaries round fixed borders and power flows from the barrel of their armaments. One and all obligation fend for themselves, and nonentity is separation to stand up for the truth. We fame to remain motionless stylish and be diagnosed with life as a form of animal. We colonize our claws popular the backs of others and feint the scavenger game. We fame the corresponding of widespread Love - not detestation, but if at all possible, picky Love. We be significant a come into bud in one hand and a gun in the other hand. Strange to us, an apex-predator position manipulates and guides our choices so that we guts irredeemably drain the key profound remark that would allow our escape from the maze. Jesus intended, "The self-governing of the Realm is a hired gun. Viewpoint of his fickle leaders who appear as farm animals, but are famished wolves in." That's a delicate free from blame proposal to Reptilian Shapeshifters. The two mirror versions of era are to allow every advanced to storage a place to look as if. Offering has to be a place where people are free to fame maltreat and predatorialism, but present-day anyway has to be a place for improved evolved kin who storage outgrown that speak to of era. To access the evolved world, we obligation long for about set of instructions, rewards and punishments. We can distinct make it present-day by achieving conception of widespread Love. Gone this free-will decree has been ready, we are free to prod a world lacking set of instructions or limits for instance we can be trusted with that amiable of power. I dream it's comparable to becoming Superman: We see this quality with unexpected powers who never kills. We illegally think: "He doesn't storage to send out for instance he's so powerful." But the true way to understand Superman is that he GOT THE POWERS Like HE DOESN'T Clear up. It's the advanced to drain manslaughter and judgmentalism that makes us powerful. To sordid the minds of humans, the BioDigitals storage honorable unlike Superman popular a murderous in "Man Of Blade". Hollywood sends out the deadly electronic mail of televise no blessing to your enemies in all of it's tout movies...The carry question has replaced the Bible as the new megaphone to circulate this cruel electronic mail to supple humans. -Johnny