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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Super Cheap Potion Supplies

Super Cheap Potion Supplies
Hey guys, one of the key-ingredients for a Mixture I self-control to blend-- an Post Potion-- is Sandalwood Oil. Anywya, I precisely comprise about 15 (I'm reserving 5 for s/h) to handle on Principal Oils, including a shipper (whatever thing happened to my vessel of dear gruffly, burrow it's no longer in my apothacarey!)-- this nation any includes the carrying fee. So, I was wondering if individual knows of Specifically Lousy essential oils suppliers I could do affiliation with? The descendants I regularly buy oils from-- Isis Books o)

Heck, on top of that I appeal to buy two candles (I precisely buy my ritual candles from SomaLuna.Com!), and at least one arrangement of parchment. I just objective I can loan all this for the spell I comprise planned-- jeeze, it sucks not having the supplies on hand what you Require them for use!

I tried scoring a job later since weak spot any accomplish of a Magickal aid, and I complete a promice to in my opinion that I'd never do it another time weak spot one!

Lash out at Confinement,


PS: You know, as communally cast-off as Sandalwood Principal Oil is-- manifestly in aromatherapy-- you'd ponder it's be skags cheaper than what I've seen it!

PPS: Make laugh, *no one* offer AzureGreen as a type. I *refuse* to swallow oils from them, equally, apart from their claims to individual "Principal Oils" (at their set great store by and prices), they attractively precisely sale fragrence oils!

PPPS: Further, if anyone's gonna' say, "Good for your health, you license comprise to just kick the bullet!", don't disturb responding. ;o) That's defeatist! Anyhow, there's Yet a more, or an option! You just comprise to find it, exceed.

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