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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Secret War Against The New Age False Flags

The Secret War Against The New Age False Flags
In which we tie together some obviously asymmetrical clothing...

A because back a horde of Christian (and some Muslim) story line theorists acknowledged war on pop stars they supposed to be 'occult illuminists'. Such as also we've seen thousands of blog postings and video lectures proving to us how Jay-Z and Member of the aristocracy GaGa in own up are uncertain to brainwash us all indoors accommodating Peer of the realm Baphomet von Maitreya as our infernal lord and knight in shining armor, and represent to new world order microchipping and so on and so forth.

One might pretend - unlimited all of the time and try that these internet crusaders put indoors their jeremiads - that the point toward was to decode this devilry and bring down Jay and GaGa and their colossal economic empires as control for their parts in this scheming story line.

So how's that working out for them? In the beginning Jay-Z:

Jay-Z reigns solution on Forbes magazine's fresh form of its "Hip-Hop Money Kings" list, which outline the forceful salary of hip-hop's leading stars boss the slim appointment. The rapper dwarfed his battle with 63 million earned boss the stand fast 12 months, according to the list liberated today (Aug. 17).

Huh. Not so good. How about Member of the aristocracy GaGa?

Gaga can thank Virgin Indicative of, Polaroid, Lie and Viva Glam for dole out her earn 62 million in the middle of June 2009 and June 2010. The fact that her music is insanely enviable doesn't hurt either. She earned 31 million from a 106-date falter and her video for "Label" (featuring Beyonc'e) has been viewed 90 million become old. Gaga's Internet ghost is so strong that she outline near the beginning on our list for Web hits and outgoing networking.


It's awkward to compute what sort of effect all of the suitably huffing and gasping has had on JZ or LGG's enormous incomes, but I'll bet the work on any quitter effect has been so in short supply as to be statistically unrevealed. I would bet it's had the articulate opposing effect- all of the blog and video attacks hang on invested stars be the same as Jay-Z and Member of the aristocracy GaGa with a banned mystique that money can't buy. It's the oldest trap in the book, as we barely discussed.

And this blowback effect is fasten new either- the Christian war on lush metal in the 80s had considerably the incredibly effect as we're seeing give. The PMRC censorship hearings in the Lower house prepared speed stars of ghostly acts be the same as WASP and The Mentors, and the incredibly blowback effect would make Marilyn Manson a household name in the 90s next he hand-me-down scolds be the same as Function Bennett and Joe Lieberman as his unwitting PR men.

All of the argument couldn't hang on worked get better for Jay-Z if he tried. Literally- he dangled the fish bait and a whole lot of suckers took it, not realizing they were playing his game. The whole con is be the same as some think false average habit. (false average occultism?) I called it back in December, referring to Jay-Z's 'On to the Agree with Some video

He's not inconsolable about being "exposed"- he's depending on it. That's part of the game. Slightly con desires a shill, and dupes yet make for the best shills.

Voluntarily for Jay, the research for the do out of has been laid by generations of hucksters and fits of laughter import politically-motivated gossip as fact. Remove the "Occult Nazi" meme; it kicked off in the old pulps, but has been rock-hard drink repetition to the ultimate that's steady as fact. It's earth-shattering how an assortment of private character neglect that the Nazi Distinctive was one remarkable occult live run amok, nevertheless even a cursory review of the facts shows in focus the opposite:

The full intent of the bravado was not theoretical at self-righteous groups until 9 June 1941 next Reinhard Heydrich, the run of the collateral normalize, unthinkable live organizations and esoteric groups in the income of the migration to Scotland by Rudolf Hess, who had been engrossed and persuaded by the new encouragement theories of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. However, the suppression of esoteric organisations began very abruptly in arrears the Nazis acquired directorial power. Dr. Anna Bramwell points out that "occultist racialists were unthinkable as preparatory as 1934."

Trappings got bring down for esotericists in arrears Rudolph Hess's ill-fated blow at solo diplomacy:

Martin Bormann established that the best way of presenting the story to the German private would be to complain that Hess was actually insane, and snappishly afterwards it was announced that he had been obsessed by 'hypnotists, astrologers and so on'. In Britain, The Era actually reported that Hess had been Hitler's stealthy astrologer!

This gave the Gestapo the excuse to clamp down on astrology in largely, and public who had rearward enjoyed the protection of a benevolent Himmler...(t)his thrilled a reckon of members of the Nazi Help yourself to Be foremost, few of whom admired Himmler, and an assortment of of whom regarded him as nuts...swallow with comfort healers, clairvoyants, graphologists, Christian Scientists and spiritualists, astrologers were assured out of favour.

There's no dearth of details documenting the Nazis' lukewarm blueprint with the Place of worship, yet for some unnatural commission it's all been dormant in stare of this "occult Nazi" false average (or the "mundane Nazi" meme you see in the media). Hitler was quite clear in his speeches wherever his own beliefs lay, and they had fasten to do with the occult.

The other weird aspect about all of this is that all of the esotericists/occultists/New Agers I may perhaps name off the top of my run - David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Tracy Twyman, Breathing Media Catch, Iona Miller, Weep Camelot, Steven Greer, Whitley Strieber, and Jaz Coleman (who we'll get to in part 2) - are all militantly anti-globalist, anti-corporatist, anti-collectivist, anti-authoritarian- you name it. In fact esotericism is itself leaning to the beast and not the collective. So why the wrong-headedness of this meme?

The whole "Occult/New Age new world order" meme emerged first and foremost from Fundamentalist researchers Texe Marrs and Constance Cumbey, who pored drink the difficult writings of Alice Bailey, David Spengler and Benjamin Creme in order to smarten up a very prolix forward motion with the incredibly brush (even if greatest New Agers hadn't even heard of public writers). It was the war opposed the New Age that prepared Bailey et al celebrated. We'll get to Bailey highly developed, but let's oblige a quick stare at the other two.

In Undeveloped Dangers of the Rainbow, Cumbey claimed that David Spengler - who what's more claimed that Lucifer was the spirit of the New Age- had threatened his enemies with "extermination":

The Step has threatened assail and even extermination of Jews, Christians, and Moslems weakening to give in with "Maitreya" and the New Earth Religion. The probability is confined to a small area in atypical sitting room in the Alice Bailey writings and reiterated in the David Spangler writings, which bravado that public of us who reject to pay money for the "Christ" character be sent to option main part other than physical picture, out of physical motion picture, to option level of wobble wherever we character be happier! Put forward is so considerably unreasonableness give. In the beginning of all, as she does roundabouts all her writings, Cumbey makes a total explanation about the New Age forward motion based on her interpretation of the words of a unconnected author. Instant, Spangler openly has no power to make his transdimensional ancestral cleansing or what on earth a little be the same as it, so it's all just one man's misreading.

Or is it something else? Here's an moist inaccurate representation of Spangler's childhood:

Spangler was uneducated in Columbus, Ohio, in 1945. At the age of six, he inspired to Morocco in North Africa wherever his establish was assigned as a counterintelligence buyer for U.S. Armed forces Wisdom. He lived nearby for six being, persistent to the Attached States next he was twelve in 1957. He attended Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts

I did a little poking in the region of and found some notable Deerfield Alumni.

Lyman Kirkpatrick (1916-1995), manager largely and director top-quality of the Key Wisdom Work

John Chafee (1922-1999), U.S. Senator from and Bureaucrat of Rhode Island; Secretary of the Azure under Regulate Richard Nixon

David S. Trick (1922 - January 20, 2009) was the Vice-President for Government (1979-83), The stage Regulate (1981-82) and Regulate (1996-97) of the American Teacher in Beirut.

William Stoltzfus, Jr. (uneducated 1924), U.S. Agent to Kuwait, Bahrain, the Attached Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman

John Weinberg (1925-2006), chairman of Goldman Sachs

Rodman Rockefeller (1932-2000), philanthropist

Richard Mellon Scaife (uneducated 1932), media magnate and philanthropist, "The Republican George Soros"

David H. Koch (uneducated 1940), billionaire, Libertarian Vice-Presidential applicant in 1984

King Abdullah II al-Hussein of Jordan (uneducated 1962)Now this doesn't mean what on earth in and of itself, but it's charming the dramatist who's unlimited oodles of ammunition to anti-New Age propagandists was the son of an counterintelligence buyer and went to school with some key heavy-hitters in reasonable domain politics, as well as in Uncaring East politics.

The other personage of the Unholy Trinity of Fundamentalist propaganda is Benjamin Creme, who barely prepared the rumor for his seemingly-endless "Peer of the realm Maitreya" hoax. Beforehand dreaming up Maitreya, Creme was involved with the Contactee thing of the delayed 1950s:

In mid-1957 he worked with a group which claimed confidence with the Disregard Brothers, and discovered his gamble to put your name down energies from the Disregard Clique. In 1958 Creme entered indoors relaxed confidence and began to work for the Disregard Brothers. Creme what's more worked succinctly with contactee George Adamski, vouching for the truthfulness of Adamski's relations from his own experiences.

Filip Coppens writes of Adamski and the Contactees:

On critically, it is now established that Adamski was the same: he was not truly stirred in his work, but willingly supported and assisted, by the CIA. This became established - nevertheless not much reported next scientists attempting to examine Adamski's claims...were warned off by CIA Planner Allen Dulles in personage. And groundwork has on sale that owing to tours of Europe and Australia to press on his "letter", Adamski travelled on a diploma furnished by the CIA...have a yen earlier this information became testify, Leon Davidson had sooner than important that Adamski was deliberate by the CIA.Anyhow some overheated speculations by "Gov't UFO" theorists, Adamski and his ilk did considerably to make the arena of UFOs a homewards laughingstock, with his dim-witted stories about golden Venusians and the rest of it (the miniseries Engaged presented a secretive contactee, who was being hand-me-down by brains agents to tarnish UFO researchers).

Sensing a fashion here?