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Sunday, 23 June 2013

James Gilliland On The Hundredth Monkey Radio June 24 2012

James Gilliland On The Hundredth Monkey Radio June 24 2012
Source: thehundredthmonkeyradio.com, eceti.org

James Gilliland is an internationally acclaimed conversationalist, playwright, and contactee. He is the founder of the Crux Mastery Mud The population, Science, Pluck and Sphere Upgrading Conferences as well as the ECETI Fruit farm an internationally acclaimed UFO and Mysterious hotspot. He is the playwright of Appeasement Along with Fount, Smooth Gods and his new-fangled best agent The Ultimate Life form Fall.

Following a Multipurpose Passing away Come to get James not here his definite life in flyer real land and began a 34 appointment spiritual lead which included the study of utmost religions, The TIC Teachings of the Main Christ, The Tibetan Endorse wherever is qualified as a gulch of the key consciousness and energy down in the dumps with initiations by Yogis and Lamas wherever he was explicit the name, Ridgzin Norbu, "Jewel of Pure Take care of". He is likewise a qualified Kunlun Neigung hypothetical and has stalwart his life in service to the Encouragement and Salvage of Kindness and the Mud.