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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Aat Are The Worlds Religions Cargo Cults Pt 1

Aat Are The Worlds Religions Cargo Cults Pt 1
Property CULTAfter the Sec Establishment War, Western anthropologists began investigating a intriguing religion that had full-grown on various archipelagos in the South Conciliatory. Island populations that had come in read with mechanically advanced cultures (sea-faring Europeans), had full-grown affected religious ritual made-up to magically good deal the power and wealth of these conspicuous cultures. This power and wealth was evidenced by the supplies that emerged from the holds of the European ships anchored off-shore.

These land mass religions became well-defined to western anthropologists as "Property CULTS". The supplies cults believed the belief that if the meaning rituals were performed, if the meaning cash were observed, shipments of wealth would be delivered to them... from the west... the "Imperial OF THE Dead".

The islanders understood that the Property in the holds of the European ships was properly theirs and had been sent by their folks. Such beliefs were standardized with the islander's folklore and mythologies.

"Prematurely Dispatch" with Westerners began in the 1800's. From the turn of the islanders, arriving trading ships seemed to start ancient tribal tradition. These tradition mock of distant ancestor-gods who had journeyed to the west. Island foresight believed that they would someday return. The West was planning to be the land of the dead... the land of their folks. At the same time as the trading ships crown sailed happening the South Conciliatory, they came from the west... and they were rational bloody... only as the islanders would expect of emissaries coming from the land of the dead. The pre-existing resident tradition of the inter-tribal readership of objects of wealth was innate to the budding belief that the folks and deities were honest for the leap of supplies ships.

The wide-spread reputation of the supplies cults peaked time was Establishment War II in the function of the navy specter of Japan and the Combined States drawn. By this time, airplanes replaced ships as the vehicles of supplies batch. Island populations, who had experienced the massive invasion of the advanced cultures and their coupled supplies, sought ritualistic intermediary to reinstate the spurt of supplies that vanished with navy cancellation. The Property Trend practitioners built replicas of airplanes and landing strips, even radio fill... imitating sounds coupled with airplanes... in their gamble to re-activate the goods of supplies.

The supplies cult event, as a religious practice, has appeared in go to regularly traditional pre-industrial tribal societies in the cash of family members with mechanically advanced cultures. Even though not as well documented, similar behaviors embrace appeared unfashionable in the world... unfashionable in the distant before.

Earth's history of empirical augment tells us that in the function of one culture is significantly stuck-up mechanically advanced than the other, the stuck-up advanced culture hand down be chosen by the preordained disruptive plants of crown read, recurrently with scared fee for the less mechanically advanced company. And so it goes...

History ASTRONAUT Edict

Just as with the archipelagos of the South Conciliatory, scholastic alt-history theorists such as Erich von D"aniken embrace proposed that perfectly advanced extraterrestrial beings embrace visited Country in its antiquity and through "crown read" with our distant folks. Such theater company embrace been popularly labeled "History ASTRONAUTS". Proponents denote that this read influenced the demo of whatsoever cultures, technologies and religions. Key to this proposal is the allegation that the endless deities from utmost (if not all) religions actually were extraterrestrials and that their advanced technologies were interpreted as manifestation of their idol.

According to ancient astronaut proposal (AAT), the so it is said staggering achievements of antiquity... such as the structure of the great pyramids in Egypt and Key America, the Moai stone heads of Easter Island and the Nazca military protection of Peru... are remnant examples of this ancient intervention. Per this proposal, all outdated knowledge, religion, and culture either came complete from extraterrestrial theater company, or were full-grown as a improve of the firmness of a cultural incubator or "mother culture" of extra-terrestrial origin.

In regard to professional shortage, ancient astronaut theorists rely to begin with on circumstantial manifestation of ancient art, craftwork and account, which they interpret as depicting extraterrestrial technologies and/or read. Effective imaginary artifacts of prehistory embrace been acknowledged as part of the mass of manifestation in prance of AAT... such as the "Saqqara Bird" excavated in the Pa-di-Imen coffin, in Egypt in 1898. This bird-shaped artifact has been carbon-dated to 200 BCE and is speculated to bare that the ancient Egyptians hysterical knowledge of advanced aviation morals.

"Artifacts from the Americas are also popularly to be found by proponents of AAT as having been poetic by extra-terrestrial read. Multiple Pre Columbian Inca artifacts that were unearthed in excavations in Key and South America position strangely enough similar to modern space shuttles. These undersized gold-carved amulets are imprecise to belong to a time involving 500 and 800 CE... well a cut above 1000 existence old. Suite archaeologists firstly said these china doll to be zoomorphic" or animal twisted talismans.

These artifacts are interesting in that they jiffy unencumbered deduction as to the role or intention of family who shaped them a cut above a millennium ago. As interesting as these objects are... it is the tradition and mythologies of the ancients that work true insight happening their world view. Far-flung of this manifestation focuses on similes of family members with "the gods" as told straight key passages of hurried religious texts. History creation myths of gods downhill from the outer space... interacting or even interbreeding with hurried humans, reveals delightful aspects of how hurried humans viewed themselves, their world and their place in the skillful narrative of the design.

History MYTHOLOGIESThe 5th Century BCE Sanskrit text, the "Ramayana", is one of two great itihasa, or significant narrative/teaching epics from India and Nepal. Present this elegy, the gods routinely travel in haul craft called "VIMANAS". It is not notably of an scholarly stain to associate these "on high cars" or "chariots of the gods" with modern depictions of smooth, technique or UFOs. Stylish is a focus from the Ramayana:

"The Pushpaka (ornate vimana) chariot that resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravana; that projection and aloof chariot goodbye someplace at hand down... that chariot close to a glowing cloud in the sky... and the Sovereign (Rama) got in, and the aloof chariot at the command of the Raghira, rose up happening the far along circulate."

Such verbiage, from a modern turn, indubitably seems to dub advanced smooth, if not technique. In the role of is delightful until now, is the etymology of the word vimana. In adding together to meaning a on high chariot, vimana also refers to... (a) God's on high palace... (b) the palace of the main independent... (c) a pyramid twisted temple. And most recently, vimana refers to... "the science of chastise or corresponding measurement of remedies and medicines." The original Sanskrit: "vi-mana" impartially translates to: traversing or having been mild out. Chariots of the gods... at your house of the gods... ancient restorative metric systems... all may perhaps be coupled with an extra-ordinary if not divine native land or "mother culture."

No indication of AAT is distinguished minus mentioning the Biblical Old Memorial... Index of Ezekiel, point 1, in which Ezekiel exclaims:

"And I looked, and, inspection, a tornado came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst ther as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire."

"Ezekiel goes on to dub four winged humanoids, each with four faces (man, lion, ox and eagle) who impend from a intermediate (or vehicles) that Ezekiel magnificently describes as wheels within wheels":

"The broadcast of the wheels and their work was as good as unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their broadcast and their work was as it were a helm in the middle of a helm."

"As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes bold about them. And in the function of the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and in the function of the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up."

Carefully thrilling is Ezekiel's demonstration of the "rings of eyes" which, if in a meeting as a intimate demonstration, conjures up all sorts of unencumbered visuals. The Index of Daylight refers to the ancient hybrid "Nephilim", or litter of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men"...which raises the scheme of extra-terrestrials having sex with earth women... unencumbered visuals in all honesty.

The Abrahamic religion's mythologies are chuck-full of such lusty metaphors... lusty and callous. It was Abraham... the especially founder of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who through "crown read" with other-worldly voices... voices who commanded him to race his son, Isaac. As Abraham prepares to do the combat... the voices (God) stops him at the pass by tiny, declaring... "Now I know you apprehension God. Completion his son, for Christ's sake! No marvel the ancient Gnostics planning that the God of the Bible was eccentric.

Perplexing CARGOThere are go to regularly stuck-up such examples of ancient artifacts, megalithic sites or structures and mythologies that, anyway main-stream professional examination and repudiation, lend themselves somewhat merely to circumstantial prance of AAT. Hard at it as a whole, AAT paints an delightful and somewhat logical conspire wearing the start of whatsoever technology and cosmology. If we hypothetically incorporate the proposal of a worldly mother culture of extra-terrestrial origin, plus all the eclectic creation myths cry the ground, all the family members with the gods, slip on an frightening commonality. As for all you are worth be on a par with as the myths of the separate cultures of antiquity are, they may perhaps all "fit" within AAT's worldly deduction.

From this turn... all of Earth's ancient cultures... Egyptian, Sumerian, Incan, Mayan, etc... slip on the attributes of a supplies cult. All continents on the ground... Ceramic, Africa, the Indian sub-continent, the Americas... embrace myths and artifacts that may perhaps embrace impartially come from the holds of an ancient interstellar technique. Mythic objects as good as the "Ark of the Treaty" concise become ancient outlandish technology... in the hands of the populate. Costly supplies and read, that poetic "tales of marvel" in the minds of the locals. Over time, tales became account, tradition became myth, myths were collated and categorized happening religions.

The sad is, this proposal is too nearby... too too easy a unqualified to, not record humanity's start, but the very real disgrace of pre-historic extra-terrestrial family members on Country. Present-day are other, outlandish and creative (every intimate and symbolic) theories that search to fundamental the disgrace of the flare-up of common sense and technology that occurred on Country 10,000 existence ago. Theories such as the notion of "Ultra-Terrestrial" family members and aim... microbial interstellar emigration and seeding... only to skip two examples.

In part two of this series, we shall investigate a abruptly deeper happening these and other options as they affect to mankind, as well as planetary evolve. Environment free to make suggestions, have in mind other examples, deviation theories or facing give up interpretation. Your gift, faithful reader, is unendingly hospitality. Shelf tuned...