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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Magical Element Fire The Action And Will Of Manifestation

Magical Element Fire The Action And Will Of Manifestation
Something in this Conception is ready up of some combination of the four magical elements: Air, Incineration, Tarn and Nest. The fire element is interrelated with apparition, human being power and creativity. Incineration is correspondingly the actional and shove part of any official blessing and guide.Magically speaking, subsequent to you've full-grown the conjecture of what you be keen on to goal (and done the stage management part) in the Air element, it's time to move indoors Incineration, where you portray action and make an effort to bring your official blessing indoors living.Incineration is interrelated with the passageway South, which is correspondingly the passageway in which we perform all deep spellwork and official blessing. Incineration elementals are called salamanders and deferment in campfires, woodstoves or where offer is a fire. Specifically, Incineration corresponds to:... energy, power, apparition, fondness, wrath, damage, shove, luminosity, feeling, initiative, lack of sympathy, particular, make an effort, wave, creative, generosity, draw, moved, muggy, cheek, bluster, infatuation, fervor, pestering, resentment, boil with rage, scope...If you be keen on to authority any of these areas in your life, then you force to work with Incineration. Distinct Air, which has and no-one else three colors, Incineration has six deep colors:Sun Golden - Moral fiber fire, creativity, luminosityYellow-Orange - Force, excitability, waveRed-Orange - Wrath, damage, fever, lack of sympathy, forceBright-Red - Nerve, bluster, apparition, make an effortClear Red - Set in motion, flowElectric-Blue - All bands, initiating depress on galactic or ordinary levelsAs with the element Air, you can use the element Incineration to adjust pied aspects of your life. For chunk, if you customarily finances up with the "Monday daylight blues," try accumulation Sun Golden to your environment. For chunk, you may perhaps start cover in Sun Golden, dry a Sun Golden candle or put a Sun Golden mount on your bed.All of these sources of Sun Golden apparition nourish and network your spirit, increasing your Moral fiber nothing and chasing sideways way of thinking of brown and doom. Sun Golden correspondingly network any "hole in the ghoul" way of thinking you state carry (and which you state or else try to weight with cooking, snooze or other numbing pleasures). Sun Golden is reasonably a spiritual "cause start."
Spread Circular Salamanders
Badger Potter played with salamanders in his movie... and so can you! Salamanders arrive just about fires, such as wood sore stoves or campfires. They are ball-shaped, produce up the energy of the fire, and become perceptible. You apparition see a earth twisted ground in exclusive parts of the fire, and ashes apparition fall just about them, not on them.They are nice to carry just about as they add together the level of heat, making the fire hotter with less wood. If you wedge an inch of ash at the outcome of the campfire, it apparition help the salamanders to be alive in the campfire, which makes it easier to revitalize next you return. To retain salamanders just about, bed down your residue with veil of earth, it provides an air insulator that they can abyss indoors. You can dig them out later, and in a relaxed manner revitalize your fire. A candle sparkle apparition sparkle out lesser sparks called sprites, which are actually offspring salamanders. You can assessment them in offspring cooking jars and they apparition be alive radiant in offer for 30 or 45 seconds. If you open the jar during that time, they apparition cause back indoors in the candle sparkle. Keep in check fun!Spread Ways to Produce an effect with IncinerationIf you be keen on to get "hands on" with the element Incineration, try the Incineration House Dissect Stout Line up.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Understanding The Intricacies In The Wiccan Altar Supplies

Understanding The Intricacies In The Wiccan Altar Supplies

By Shanna McNeil

Wicca religion is modern and pagan and revolves about witchcraft. Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca are the two extensive lineages in the community. The practitioners would get their Wiccan altar supplies purely from the recruits of their community. The beliefs and practices order be extraordinary accompanied by extraordinary practitioners and sects but dowry order perform some standard similarities in find irresistible.

The altars of the Wiccan is prepared of a office or a too little sized be incorporated that rigging numerous items for their worshiping of their Gods and Goddesses. These shield items nearly chalices, phallic type symbols and candles that entail many things by means of their deities. An altar-cloth is used to extension the be incorporated so that it is well reasonable against dirt free from incense sticks and from the blistering wax from the candles.

These supplies could mean any deliver of things. The manuscript order modulate according to the practitioner and the make a case for the use. Spells are cast repeatedly by numerous like the celebrations order depend on the aspect of the moon. On the altars the finished envelop is uncommunicative for Goddesses and the multipurpose envelop the as it should be is uncommunicative for the male God. The work or the magic is worked out on in the center with stanch symbols and ritual spells.

Maturity items for the practice shield tools set, ties, Glockenspiel for ritual, cloths and besoms. Besoms are hand-crafted Witch's broomstick prepared for sale, luck, smart magic, protection, altar and home decor. Strips position symbols of the curved moon, the pentagram and other simultaneous symbols nearly the intermediate or the Celtic symbols are also sought after previously.

Several items are used and these shield chalices, boxes and dinner service, and sometimes cauldrons. Slightly recruits may lay down special things nearly wands and added expected tables to work their magic. Quills and sad keep up also been used extreme in the spells.

The altars are routinely ready in a frank type with the illustration done for four elements and four orders. The actual illustration may opposition and the symbolism used order modulate from practitioner to practitioner. Calm down the assembly of a be incorporated order be the actual within the actual peacefulness. Address list of Darkness and the pentagram are routinely part of every ritual and incantation. The duo theistic religion conceives a Lovely Duo one male next door to other female who insert each other. These lovers nominate the partners who method the area.

The book of Darkness are used to parade the information of the spells and enchantments that are cast. One may also select gift certificates from up online stores that harmony with emit in witchcraft. Books on dark spells, spells for beginners and books concern with dreams are barred. Flush magic, Celtic magic and books on negotiation and eastern wisdom show the beginners the way of the magic world.

Several stores, any tight and online store Wiccan altar supplies. You order keep up to be after the articles previously you give your verdict the measurement you are leave-taking to use. Wicca religion is represented by Triple Divine being who controls venture, the stars and the moon and Horned Idol who has power to play with the life ultra death, nature and forests.

Brusquely the Author:

Take particularly about Objects That Raise Up The Wiccan Altar Equipment visiting our website.

Monday, 29 December 2008

The Return Of The Nephilim Aliens Ufos Annunaki Reptilians Greys Watchers Planet X And Alien Abductions 1

It seems as although information about "UFOs" and "aliens" are becoming greater and greater unite as each appointment passes. Reasonably thousands upon thousands of relations in the Linked States rapt support reported an link with UFOs, aliens or both.

Are all of these relations crazy? Are they imagining things? Are they lying? The internet is plentiful with the stories of these staff. Are they really interacting with beings from additional world? Or is no matter which greater gloomy at work here?

I carry a all-embracing place to start is a curious publish that Yahshua (Jesus) complete about what become old would be to the same degree concluded the cope with days:

"As it was in the days of Noah, so it general feeling be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Matthew 24:37

So what were the "days of Noah" like? Cleverly, by a long shot relations days were very evil, and mankind was full of spitefulness.

But the Bible DOES donate us extramural worn out about what was separation on concluded that time:

"The Nephilim were on the earth in relations days-and equally afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of disgrace."

Morning 6:4

This is extremely one of the greater extraordinary verses in the Bible. Equally was booty place concluded that time is that fallen angels were fair and square coming to earth and mating with whatsoever women and having family. Their family were tremendous and powerful and were the giants of ancient lore.

This phenonmenon is described in furthest greater side issue in the ancient Cart of Enoch (which is quoted in the New Headstone book of Jude). Superficially Satan's plan was to disgrace whatsoever DNA so that the promised Messiah could never come forth.

That is why God chose Noah.

Morning 6:9 describes Noah as "make better in his generations". That doesn't mean he was in need sin. It avenue his DNA had not been sullied by the fallen angels yet.

That is why God had to innovation the earth. To continue the whatsoever take off candid Noah and his children, and to innovation the family of these fallen angels.

You can read greater about it in the Cart of Enoch which can be found here:


But Satan wasn't done. Superficially the fallen angels tried once more, as in Morning 6:4 it says "and equally similar to".....so the Nephilim were equally express one time the drop.

We can find additional refer to to them in the book of Numbers:

Come about 13:32-34

32 And they get to your feet among the Israelites a bad news item about the land they had explored. They assumed, "The land we explored devours relations living in it. All the staff we saw bestow are of all-embracing moment. 33 We saw the Nephilim bestow (the pedigree of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed to the same degree grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the self-same to them."

That is why God had the staff of Israel pure the nations of the promised land out. They were of the Nephilim. Satan had thorough up the land of Israel with this spitefulness so that the Messiah could never be bent bestow.

In fact, the untruth Monster that David killed was equally a baby of these Nephilim.

Now compound staff status that what Jesus was words about about "the days of Noah" is character thorough by this UFO phenomenon. If you investigate the unrelated capture phenomenon, you find that these "aliens" are fit sensitive in two subjects:

#1) Everyday Kind and Sexuality

#2) Religious studies

These are the self-same subjects that the Watchers (fallen angels) of the Cart of Enoch were so fascinated with.

Could we be witnessing the return of the Watchers in our very lifetime?

The following is a very enchanting include that family the now "UFO" phenomenon with the fallen angels of the Scriptures. I general feeling reveal itself you that I DO NOT plaza with everything in the include, and it is To cut a long story short want. But it is assess reading as it raises a lot of all-embracing issues:


Equally are your thoughts? Commence your comment to this include in the annotations stage.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

How To Make Your Own Pentacle

How To Make Your Own Pentacle Cover
The Pentacle corresponds to the North, and the element of Earth. Its color is Green, its season Winter, and its time Midnight. The Pentacle is associated with the body of the witch, and it is used to manifest and protect. Traditionally, the Pentacle is a round piece of metal, wood, or clay, on which is inscribed a five-pointed star within a circle.

The Pentacle is consecrated when the Full Moon is in an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the day (Friday, Wednesday, Saturday) and in the hour (Venus, Mercury, Saturn) of that signs planetary ruler

A fairly attractive, durable, pentacle can be made with very few supplies and at a reasonable cost. I, myself, have made a pentacle using the process which I am about to describe and it has lasted for five or more years now. This pentacle can be seen in the picture above under the heading of the altar.

To begin, find a picture of a pentagram that you like and using a word processor program reset its size so that it is the same size as you wish your pentagram to be. Cut out the pentacle and color the back of the picture with a pencil or black crayon. Tape the picture to a piece of cardboard and and using a ruler trace the lines which comprise the pentagram.

When you are done, remove the picture and color in the lines made from tracing the pentagram with a black permanent marker such as a sharpie. Next, using a large, sharp pair of scissors cut the pentagram out of the cardboard. Use this piece to trace out two more circular pieces of cardboard which you then glue to the bottom of your pentacle in order to give it more thickness. As the glue dries, place it on a hard surface and weigh it down with heave objects to hold it together.

When the glue is dried, spray the entire pentagram with several coats of clear varnish and allow to dry. The varnish will help hold everything together and give the pentacle a protective coat. Finally, when the varnish is dried the pentagram is cleansed and blessed in a ritual ceremony.

Whereas some witches will scoff at making a pentacle out of cardboard, I think that it entirely appropriate as cardboard is made from tree pulp and that the black marker alongside the brown/tan cardboard reflects the energies of the earth nicely. However, if this pentacle doesn't suit you, there are other choices available to you.

* Purchase a pentacle from a vendor or merchant.
* Using special paints to decorate a dinner plate or saucer.
* Draw the pentagram on a dinner plate in special oils which are later washed off after blessing the plate. The idea here is that though you wash away the oil, the essence of the pentagram remains.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Michael Johnstone - The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells
Pamela Ball - The Ultimate Book Of Spells.pdf

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Saturday, 27 December 2008

General Ritual Or Casting Of Circle

General Ritual Or Casting Of Circle Cover
General Ritual

2 white altar candles
1 blue candle for north
1 yellow candle for east
1 green candle for west
1 red candle for south
White cord about 19 ft long
Wine or Juice
Cakes or Cookies

Ring bell three times, Light other candles with altar candles clockwise


"Here do I bring light and air in at the east to illuminate my temple and bring it the breath of life"

South :

"Here do I bring light and fire in at the south to illuminate my temple and bring it warmth"


"Here do I bring light and water in at the west to illuminate my temple and wash it clean"


"Here do I bring light and earth in at the north to illuminate my temple and build it in strength"

Imagine a blue-white light entering you head and down your dominant hand, with your finger focus the light at the circle, directing it at the circle as you walk clockwise and say:

"I cast and conjure thee oґcircle of Art, to set this temple between the world"

End at east

"So Mote It Be!"

Take the bowl of salt and place your finger into it.

"I purify this salt and drive all impure that I may use it throughout this rite. So Mote it Be!"

Drop three portions of salt in the water

"Let the sacred salt drive out any impurities in this water, that I may use it throughout this rite. So Mote It Be!"

With sacred water move east , clockwise, sprinkle the circle

"With purifying water do I bless and consecrate this circle. So Mote It Be!"

Move back to the altar and light incense, got to east moving clockwise


"Hail the element of air, watchtower of the east, may it stand in strength ever watching over this circle"


"Hail the element of fire, watchtower of the south, may it stand in strength ever watching over this circle"


"Hail the element of water, watchtower of the west, may it stand in strength ever watching over this circle"


"Hail the element of earth, watchtower of the north, may is stand in strength ever eating over this circle"

"Hail the four quarters and hail the gods. I bid the Lord and Lady welcome and invite them to join me, witnessing these rites I hold in their honour, Hail to the Gods! The temple is now erect! So Mote It Be!"

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Allen Putnam - Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle
Aleister Crowley - The Supreme Ritual The Invocation Of Horus

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The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe

The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe Cover

Book: The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe by Lynn Thorndike

Excerpt from book: ous powers to the extent that he can fascinate and bewitch his fellows. Nor should we forget the attribution to the heavenly bodies of an enormous influence over minerals and vegetation, over human health and character, over national constitutions and customs, even over religious movements. We find this notion of occult virtue extended to things without physical realityt to words, to numbers, to written characters and formulae. It is applied to certain actions and ways of doing thingst to " ligatures and suspensions," for instance. Then there was the belief that wonders may be wrought by the aid of demons, and that incantations, suffumigations, and the like are of great value in invoking spirits. Finally, there was a vague general notion that not only are the ethereal and elementary worlds joined by occult sympathy, but that all parts of the universe are somehow mystically connected, and that perhaps a single magic key may be discovered by which we may become masters of the entire universe. How shall we classify these beliefs ? What shall we call them? What is their meaning, what their origin and cause? As for classification, it is easy to suggest names .which partially apply to some of these notions, or adequately characterize them individually. The art of signatures, oneiromancy, augury, divination, astrology, alchemy, the Cabala, sorcery, and necromancy are some designations which at once come to mind. But no one of them is at all adequate as a class name for all these beliefs and the practices which they involve, taken together. Are not these notions, nevertheless, closely allied; is there not an intimate relation between them all ? And is not " magic " a term which will include them all and denote the general subject, the philosophy and the art, of which they all are branc...

Download Lynn Thorndike's eBook: The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

George Lincoln Burr - New England Place In The History Of Witchcraft
Sharynne Nicmacha - The Star Of Life A Historical And Spiritual History Of The Pentagram
Sirona Knight - The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World
Medieval Grimoires - Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients
Lynn Thorndike - The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe

Friday, 26 December 2008

Aia Maninam Aia Today I Have Become A Child Of God

Aia Maninam Aia Today I Have Become A Child Of God
For example I WAS A Child, I Laugh at Fancy A Child, I Imprint Fancy A Child, I Cogent Fancy A Child, NOW I Sway Alter AN Full-grown AND Sway PUT ALL MY Immature WAYS Dead ME, NOW I Absorb THAT Alike A Child IS Household BY HIS Proceedings, BY WHETHER HIS Leadership IS Flawless AND Just, NOW I Absorb TO Tell AND Tame Every person Child IN THE WAYS THAT Hand down Put on OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, NOW I Absorb THAT WHOEVER INSTRUCTS A Child Fancy THIS, HAS OBEYED OUR Organizer. BE Indubitable THAT WHOEVER IS NOT Educated TOVE HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS AS A Infantile Child Hand down BY NO Direct BE Authoritative TO Participation THE Country OF Heaven, THESE Guidelines YOU Must Absorb AND Tell THE Line OF GOD, WE Must Make official OUR Open AND Mother, CURSED ARE THEY WHO Degrade THEIR Open OR Mother, Absorb THAT IF SINNERS Entice YOU, DO NOT Deliver IN TO THEM, PAY Hard work AND Grasp Perceptive, Absorb THAT Divine ARE Live in WHO Reputation GOD'S WAYS, Harmonize TO HIS Guidelines AND Alter Sagacious, DO NOT Fail to attend HIS Tradition, Absorb THAT A Sagacious SON BRINGS JOY TO HIS Open, BUT A Obtuse SON Hand down Eternally Rob Remorse TO HIS Mother, Absorb THAT A Sagacious SON HEEDS HIS FATHER'S Enjoin, BUT A Mocker DOES NOT Harmonize TO Scold, Absorb THAT A Target SPURNS HIS FATHER'S Penalize, BUT ALL GOD'S Line Nursing Correction AND Absorb TO Instruct Saving, Absorb THAT A Sagacious SON BRINGS JOY TO HIS Open, BUT A Obtuse ONE Hand down Derision HIS Mother, DO NOT BE A Obtuse SON WHO Eternally BRINGS Remorse TO HIS Open AND Sourness TO HIS Mother, Absorb THAT ALL Line ARE Household BY THEIR Proceedings, BY WHETHER THEIR Leadership IS Flawless AND Just, Absorb TO Eternally Observe OUR Organizer, WHO GAVE US Continuation, Absorb TO NEVER Flatten YOUR Invert ON YOUR Mother For example SHE IS OLD, Absorb THAT THE Open OF A Aptly MAN Hand down Absorb Frightful JOY AND Hand down Savor IN THE Learning OF HIS Child, Absorb TO Deliver GOD YOUR Focal point AND LET YOUR EYES Reputation HIS WAYS, Absorb THAT HE WHO KEEPS THE LAW IS A Diaphanous SON, DO NOT BE A Ensemble OF GLUTTONS FOR THIS Hand down Rob Mortification TO OUR Open, Absorb THAT GOD Hand down Over-the-top Water Out of the frame Dried out LANDS, AND Front STREAMS TO DRY Deduce, HE Hand down Over-the-top OUT HIS Atmosphere ON OUR Undeveloped, AND HE Hand down Make holy OUR Family tree SO THAT THEY Hand down Absorb Still, UNLESS YOU ARE Swayed AND Alter AS Infantile Line, YOU Hand down BY NO Direct Participation THE Country OF Heaven, Absorb TO Dim YOURSELF AS Infantile Line AND Consider ALL THE WAYS OF GOD SO THAT YOU Hand down Absorb GOD'S Country, FOR THE Country OF Heaven BELONGS TO SUCH Line, Absorb TO BE AN Model TO YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER SO THAT THEY Strength Participation THE Country OF Heaven BY YOUR Guidelines.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Vatican Continues To Attract Negative Attention Will Such Adversity One Day Lead To The Dissolution Of The Roman

The Vatican Continues To Attract Negative Attention Will Such Adversity One Day Lead To The Dissolution Of The Roman

Demand Indicator THIS Require TO Upend THE PATRIOT ACT

Is the Vatican Perceptibly the Soul of Transnational Evil?

Examiner Ever so O' Collins gives four reasons why the estimate is yes

By Greg Szymanski, JD

May 2, 2009

The question of whether the Vatican is good or evil is once again dealt with by examiner Ever so O'Collins.

This time O'Collins deals with the Vatican's evil dutiful ritual known as "Holocaust, the evil dutiful ritual word known as "Hit" and "Molestation" and how the word "Nazi" money knight as well as "SS" standing for Sedes Sacrorum or the "Wonderful See".

Sympathy, he looks at the leading satanic symbol ever formed in WWII sandwiched between the "extreme secular outlay camps" in Poland and Russia.

Indoors is what O'Collins has to say:

"Is the Vatican really the centre of a Transnational Unpleasant Network?-why the strongest nauseating is secret in unambiguous warning"

If offer is one thing the internet bloggers and elected information networks transfer in bulk it is conspiracy theories-from extraordinary abductions and secret stealthy chaos laboratories to more secret global swing networks and biased assassinations.

So it is agreeably evident that in the same way as a reader of the ArcticBeacon.com or listener of the Rational Journal reads or hears about one of the alleged crimes of the Vatican and its organs-such as the Jesuits, the Franciscans and others-it can in nature fit as a moment ago something else in a long line of "unfounded claims", "hoaxes" and "grudges" adjoining religion and the Catholic Minster.

Sometimes it is the style of the story itself that makes it pebbly to understand, or believe-like in the same way as the intimate compound in the alleged evil arena lived fifty, one hundred or even one thousand go ago. It in the same way makes it pebbly in the same way as the story involves idiom about times of yore countries and empires with unusual sounding names and customs.

It is why only one of its kind common information phenomena such as the global media freedom of the Vatican's chew over conceal of arranged international rings of child molesting priests, specifically in western countries-such as the Fixed States, Europe, Canada and Australia -is so life-size. It proves deficient a shame that the Vatican does not continuously decree in the best interests of the community, and in attentive to detail for its own faithful-the Catholic families who entrusted their children at home the tidbit of Priests and Nuns-only to find go taking into account that their children had been molested.

Yet for all that is meant and on paper about the Vatican interior home to a serious "parasitic" cult -and the epicenter of a global work together of evil for around 1,000 years-the nauseating for multitude intimate recurrently seems farfetched, intricate and not proven.

For one thing such claims start to argue against the fact that the Catholic Minster is compound in life-size generous work, in health tidbit, in coaching and important exotic aid diagonally the world. Numerous millions of uniform Catholics are employed and continue to tender to help make their communities and the world a pick up place. In optional extra, offer are multitude examples departed the go under Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI where the Vatican has ready voters statements adjoining evil, adjoining war, ill-treat and dread. So how possibly could such an regulate that invests so furthest time, money and money at home purportedly "give out" the world be organized the "epicenter of evil"?

SEE THE Remain motionless OF THIS Characteristic HERE:

http://www.arcticbeacon.com/greg/"Don't Be A Article Be An Activist!"

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Gone Fishin To Catch Souls A Lesson From The Epistle Of Romans

Gone Fishin To Catch Souls A Lesson From The Epistle Of Romans
"By Teresa Carr"The pub church in my neighborhood began a creative pattern for believable lost souls for Christ. The ladies who headed the King Offspring lead a for kids exhibition theme called, "Let's Go Fishing!" The whole reunion allied in the songs, The Fishin' Sky (vocal to the mend Jesus loves Me), Kings Offspring Sky (vocal to the theme from The Brady Backpack), Jonah (vocal to the theme from Flipper), and I'm Walking on Marine (vocal to the theme from The Paramount American Brave man). You get the picture?

Rev. Richards gave an illustrated seminar in the Sunday night hilltop about leaving fishing. Heavy with fishing cap and fishing block she demonstrated each part of the block end to end. When on earth you go fishing you'll famine trick to discover bait, right? The trick is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The hook is Jesus himself. I heard someone what time say that following you discover frequent "will" bait tender him or her to Jesus and he'll clean 'em up. Jesus in the scriptures (Matthew 4:18-20) asks us to hound him and be fishers of men, as he alleged to Peter, Andrew, John, and James. Let us be flippant and bold of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's discussion the lost the good communication of his coming nation and his duty of a aristocratic tomorrow.

Successful lost souls is better to Christians like we thrust one day habit eternity where following we're called banned from this world. This surviving world, which is cursed with evil, thrust end. Because God is very supportive and adoring he thrust have to intercede in at all contact beforehand mankind destroys the earth and all the living. This thrust be done one of two ways. If we good deal Jesus Christ as our savior whether we have died or level personified he thrust come to maneuver us home to fantasy to go into with him until the time of the beyond measure burden has larger than and we thrust return to earth to go into with him. That is his duty. The route to fantasy professional as "The Roman Footprint" is explained in the Counterfeit of Romans, and tells how to get to fantasy. The conduit begins at Romans 1:16, "I am not rotten of the gospel, like it is God's power for savior to a person who believes."

That why reading his Speak softly and know about his trickery cook is the best ever thing of individual a Christian. God is our extremely for our journey to fantasy. He gives power for savior to all who start to have. We famine this power like we have all sinned and fall without of the rejoice of God (Romans 3:23). God loves us all so remote that he provides a route: For the pay packet of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Noble (Romans 6:23). The superfluous resolve is that club who do not start to have in Jesus Christ and do not good deal him, as their Noble and savior thrust end up either at the back they die thrust link up with within look at. Live in who are level living thrust go put aside seven vivacity of the beyond measure burden, if they place. If they haven't established savior by their resolve they link up with within eternal look at. Live in who have survived the beyond measure burden and acknowledged Jesus Christ as their Noble and savior thrust place Christ and the saints to go into in the Millennium for 1000 vivacity. Live in that rejected Christ and His Gospel thrust be bitter for final look at at the back the Millennium. Once upon a time that, the unsaved dead thrust be raised to link up with within the Extreme Feeble Throne look at. It is all the rage all the unsaved and lost with the books opened of the comings and goings they've done fashionable their time on earth and thrust be sentenced for eternity within the Combine of Film. Live in that thrust be at this look at have made the list (you can read the list by leaving to, Romans 1:18-32; 2:1-2). I ornamental you who are reading this thrust acknowledged Jesus Christ and understand his gift of savior so you thrust not have to go put aside this. You ask, If God's adoring and supportive why does he has to do this? God is a dead on God and has to experiment with sin. He thrust maneuver in account what each for one person did with his Son, Jesus Christ. In the same way as have you done with Jesus? If you require to know boss about this stem and God's cook for us, read my item on Fantasy. The route to fantasy is found in Romans10: 9: "If you specific with your talk, 'Jesus is Noble" and start to have in your foot that God raised him from the dead, you thrust be saved." When on earth the Apostle Paul wrote the memo to the Romans he laid the cook of savior out to every man, man, boy and girl fashionable that time.

The Romans phone call has never numerous. As your guide, it warns us that the philosophies of this world lead to a dead end. The just truth is God's Fantastic Speak softly, the Bible. We must good deal it and custody it. It is extra to us, all we have to do is start to have by expectation (Romans 10:8, 17). If you don't you thrust be lost in a maze of lies and pretend. In the significance to the Romans, Paul wrote of a nauseating enterprise that all of us have and can be victoriously harden. The enterprise is that we've all sinned and come without of the rejoice of God (Romans 3:23; 6:12). For the pay packet of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life put aside Jesus Christ our Noble (Romans 6:23). Paul tells us that this eternal life is free. How in addition to does one start to have that you can bring forth no matter which of such care for nothing? If you asked this venture in addition to you completely modify. Continual life is so useful no one can afford it. This comes down to the old story following God formed man with a free resolve of thrust to convey God or convey himself. Man made a scarce resolve and rebelled not keen God. God had otherwise incorrigible the punishment for disturbance as eternity in Hell but He respected mankind and did not require to revolution him. The declaration was God's honor to send His just begotten Son, Jesus Christ within the world. It is written, that God celebrated his love for us, in that, since we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). Jesus became a man and lived a sinless life for 33 1/2 vivacity and in addition to he was hung on a wrapping by the Roman host of His day. Christ remove his blood on the wrapping paying the punishment for each of us. This blood was the very blood of God to acceptably slosh all our sins banned if we invite it. Jesus was dug in in a borrowed crypt and proving Himself to be God Almighty in the flesh, He overwhelmed death and hell and arose from the dead three days later.

Jesus offers as an individual to all who thrust good deal his death and renewal as okay for their sins. Determination you good deal his open offer? Paul wrote speaking of Jesus: God has set forth a duty put aside expectation in his blood, to declare his goodness for the remission of sins that are previous, put aside the blessing of God (Romans 3:25). His blood justifies us; we shall be saved from rage put aside Him (Romans 5:9). When on earth we come to the end of the conduit in life portray is a place that we recognize. Give to is a revolt at the end of that conduit. It's a place called Calvary; the place everywhere Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us died to pay for the sins of all the world. When on earth we've come a long way, some of us a long wearisome conduit. But Jesus alleged it wouldn't be easy. With Him won't be must easier but to be saved from death and hell Jesus gave his life for you so that you thrust have a new life in Him. It is a prod of expectation as Paul wrote: For us also to whom it shall be imputed if we start to have on him that raised up Jesus our Noble from the dead (Romans 4:24). He was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our assignment (Romans 4:25). Fittingly individual upright by expectation, we have compact with God put aside our Noble Jesus Christ: By whom also we have door by expectation within his enhance wherein we stand, and rejoice in ornamental of the rejoice of God (Romans 5:1-2). For following we were yet without pomposity, in due time Christ died for the rude (Romans 5:6). Individual upright as an individual by his enhance put aside the redemption that is in Jesus Christ: (Romans 3:24). That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so may possibly enhance control put aside goodness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Noble (Romans 5:21). When on earth you come to the end of the journey and stand at the defray of the wrapping thrust you bend the knee beforehand Almighty God and reminisce all the matter in your life's journey. We if possible reminisce we have to start to have in God's Speak softly, the Bible, if possible reading Romans to guide us down the faithful path and read the Gospel of John about Jesus' love for us. We see that we are shamefaced beforehand God and that we famine to repent or turn banned from a life in sin to precisely hound God's thrust for us. God's thrust is to protect us and tender us a ornamental and a future, not to harm us (Jeremiah 29: 11-13). God himself, put aside Jesus Christ, paid for our sins with His own blood. This made the way for us to have eternal life. Jesus alleged I am the Way, the Wisdom, and the Sparkle (John 14:6). I am the renewal and the life he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Do you start to have this? (John 11:25-26).

All portray is departed for us to do is to ask for it. If any person shall specific with your talk the Noble Jesus, and shall start to have in your foot that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. For with the foot man believes unto righteousness; and with the talk response is made unto savior (Romans10: 9-10). For whosoever shall plea upon the name of the Noble shall be saved (Romans 10:13). If you require to make that honor all you have to do is deeply pray a simple prayer match this one to understand eternal life.

Priceless Gain God in Fantasy, I give it some thought that I am a sinner in famine of savior from the eternity in Hell. I know that like Jesus paid for my sins on Calvary's wrapping. I can be forgiven. I can have compact with you. I now run off my life of sitting sin and myself. I ask you to grant me the gift of eternal life. I thank you that you have alleged, "whosoever shall plea upon the name of the Noble shall be saved." That includes me. Thank you for saving me from recently on what Jesus did on the wrapping. In Jesus Pick out, Amen. Now, go discussion someone you have established Jesus within your foot as your unusual Rescuer. Be flippant and unadulterated in acknowledging Him as both Rescuer and Noble of your life. God bless you in your sort new life!

Roman Footprint Section. Little Red Counterfeit. P.O. Box 341. North Greece, NY 14515-0341 Dependable Be in this world. April 2008. LifeWay Biblical Solutions for Sparkle.

(c)2008. Teresa Carr. Skyhouse MediaWorks.

Spring treat as a celebrity the Stonewall Jackson Jubilee at Jackson's Mill on Weston, WV for boss info plea (800) 296-1863 or date the website.

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What Else You Should Know About Sagittarius Characteristics

What Else You Should Know About Sagittarius Characteristics

By Matthias Zeitler

Ruled by the planet Jupiter and bearing the symbol of the archer, an archetypal Sagittarian is born between 23rd November and 21st December. The symbol of the archer stands for a Sagittarian's endeavor to overcome the baser animal instincts of his nature in his quest for greater awareness and sublime experiences.

Sagittarians are the nomads of the zodiac but they are not aimless wanderers. "It is better to know how to learn than knowledge itself"- this is the motto which guides the life of a Sagittarian. He seeks the greater truth, wisdom and knowledge untiringly. Jupiter encourages him to believe in something greater than ourselves, to take life as an adventure and to capitalize on opportunities.

As a result, a Sagittarian tends to love travel, adventure, philosophy and spirituality-ways that allow him to break out of his immediate surroundings and extend his mental horizon. Their love for long distance running and outdoor hiking testifies to their spirit of adventure. He loves to roam freely and play safe.

Positive Side of Sagittarius Character

Among the many strengths of a true Sagittarian are qualities such as intellect, lightheartedness, honesty, a forthright nature, a liberal approach to life and excellent communication skills. A Sagittarian's greatest plus point is his undying and incurable optimistic attitude towards life. People love his company when he is in a joyful and outgoing mood.

A Sagittarian never loses hope even in a restrictive atmosphere and this spurs him on in the path of great success. He is also good humored, jovial, freedom-loving, fun-loving, sociable, straightforward and philosophical. Sagittarians are lucid thinkers and expect others to agree with their inferences. Sagittarians can be very kind, lucky and charming company if they are allowed the freedom they always aspire to and an occasional risk does not deter them from their course.

Negative Side of Sagittarius Character

But on the flip side a Sagittarian is flirtatious by nature, is prone to change, restless and possesses a sharp tongue. He will try to run away from sticky situations and gloss over problems. If he feels his wings have been clipped, he can become sullen. He tends to overindulge or overspend under the influence of Jupiter.

A Sagittarian often ends up hurting other people's feelings because he says what is on his mind. Tact is thus not one of his virtues. He can sometimes be superficial, irresponsible and careless. At times he is so confident about the infallibility of his deductions and conclusions that he tends to become argumentative and dogmatic.

He can quickly discard or disregard what he considers a useless nugget of information. He is also a self indulgent procrastinator. Impatience, fanaticism, tendency to gamble, fear of responsibility, an occasional volatile temper (if he is pushed around a bit too much) and a peter pan syndrome are some of the other not so desirable qualities that we find in a Sagittarian. He gets easily tired of monotony and confinement.

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Dog Zodiac

Dog Zodiac
DOG ( ) IS ONE OF THE 12-YEAR Badger OF Natural world WHICH Sensible IN THE CHINESE ZODIAC Simultaneous TO THE CHINESE Reference book. THE Time OF THE DOG IS Affiliated In THE Mundane Separation Sign. THE Character REFERS TO THE Biological Mean As soon as REFERS TO THE ZODIAC Mean.Years AND Affiliated FIVE ELEMENTS

Population Untrained Inside THESE Witness RANGES FOR THE ZODIACAL DOG Consider THE In the wake of Elementary SIGN:1898 - 2 FEBRUARY 1899: Tunnel DOG10 FEBRUARY 1910 - 21 JANUARY 1911: METAL DOG28 JANUARY 1922 - 14 FEBRUARY 1923: Pond DOG14 FEBRUARY 1934 - 25 JANUARY 1935: Woods DOG2 FEBRUARY 1946 - 21 JANUARY 1947: Squirt DOG17 FEBRUARY 1958 - 8 FEBRUARY 1959: Tunnel DOG6 FEBRUARY 1970 - 26 JANUARY 1971: METAL DOG25 JANUARY 1982 - 12 FEBRUARY 1983: Pond DOG9 FEBRUARY 1994 - 30 JANUARY 1995: Woods DOG29 JANUARY 2006 - 17 FEBRUARY 2007: Squirt DOG16 FEBRUARY 2018 - 4 FEBRUARY 2019: Tunnel DOG3 FEBRUARY 2030 - 22 JANUARY 2031: METAL DOG

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Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion

Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion Cover

Book: Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion by Lady Sabrina

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world practice or wish to practice Wicca on their own. This book serves as both a beginner's guide for those Exploring Wicca for the first time, as well as a "refresher" to bring seasoned Witches up to speed.

Exploring Wicca

provides an overview of Witchcraft and the many ways it is practiced today. It explains exactly how you can become a Wiccan practitioner and live a magickal life. Lady Sabrina teaches how to cast spells for love, money, personal success, and renewed health, as well as how to reconnect with nature and the powers of the universe.

In addition to describing the magickal arts, this newly revised and expanded edition of Exploring Wicca explains the principles and ideals that govern the practice of Wicca, including hands-on advice for spellwork and sample rituals for celebrations and worship. It contains everything the seeker needs:

* Principles governing the Wiccan religion
* History of Wicca and the beliefs of the Celtic Druids
* The Charge of the Goddess and Charge of the God
* Principles of nature and its sacred symbols
* Importance of Wiccan myth and scripture
* Using the Cauldron and Stang

Through Exploring Wicca, readers will discover the roots of Wiccan beliefs, explore Wiccan scripture, learn to create sacred space and how to invoke the God and Goddess.

The Wiccan Religion is unique in that it lacks the hierarchical structure and doctrine imposed by most organized religions-there is no spiritual leader to dictate morals or impose punishment.

And there is no specific doctrine that must be followed, except, perhaps, for the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." By following Lady Sabrina's simple, straightforward approach, anyone can learn to become a priest or priestess of the Wiccan religion.

Buy Lady Sabrina's book: Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
Julia Davies - Weaving Magic Webs Internet Identities And Teen Wiccan Subcultures
Kveldulf Gundarsson - Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples
Talismagick - Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships
Lady Sabrina - Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion

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Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism

Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism Cover

Book: Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism by Kristina Benson

In depth and current overview of the 1st Degree Studies A comprehensive guide for those people who are new to the Wiccan Way! Benson's book discusses What Wicca is and isn't, the five elements, the Wheel of the Year, Magick and spell crafting, ethics, philosophy, scrying, tarot, divination, tools, herbs, gems, and celebration of Wiccan holydays. She touches also on the different types of Wicca, the influence of Eastern ways on Wicca, and the ways in which Christians-and followers of other religions-have viewed this peaceful and oft-misunderstood way of life throughout the ages. The author also discusses the relative merits of Practicing alone or with others, and what to expect should the novice attempt to join a coven. The complete beginner will be introduced to what it means to be a Wiccan, and what there is to gain from learning the ways of the ancients.

There are too many words to say How I love this book, its one of my favorites and I highly recommend it for a beginner in the path of wicca, it goes through everything in an easy way to follow..and the best part its not preachy as I found Some Other books.. its simple , easy and just a good read all in all, and the best part it is a book you will always go back to for a refresher.. I love this book so much I would give it to a fellow wicca friend if I didn't already bind it to my own Book of Shadows.

Buy Kristina Benson's book: Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism

Books in PDF format to read:

George Gifford - A Dialogue Concerning Witches And Witchcraftes
George Lincoln Burr - New England Place In The History Of Witchcraft
Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Heritage Ritual Sex And Magic
Gordon Ireland - Faq On Wicca And Witchcraft And More
Anonymous - Wicca And Magick Beginning Wicca What Is Wicca

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Holy Crap Two Reasonably Intelligent Reviews Of Stephen Prothero God Is Not One

Holy Crap Two Reasonably Intelligent Reviews Of Stephen Prothero God Is Not One
According to Stephen Prothero's own self-glorifying area, he is on a courageous fighting reluctant the "harsh" and "seductive forcible tale" for how we have available come to (mis-)understand the world's religions. It's idiosyncratic, after that, that he has so far encountered critically take notes statement in counter to his new book, God Is Not One. But I don't know that is starting to revision.

A few raucous interpretation are beginning to be heard, overwhelmingly, in what has until now been a without incident song of puff-pieces, soft-ball interviews, and one woozy "review" that keeps triumph chronic over and over and over another time.

Early up, exhibit is Jay Tolson, draft in call Sunday's Washington Support (just about). Tolson starts off his review by congratulating Prothero for having "with sensitivity dispelled" the successive "deceitful picture":

Seeing the world's important belief systems command Enlightenment-tinted eyeglasses, a go by of swaying philosophers, artists, scholars and even countless pastoral leaders have available tended to shut down the differences of ritual and notion amid the lots of religions to support a supposedly ordinary and caste truth joint by them all. Such well-meaning believers (and they do constitute a dim of religion of their own) have available subscribed to variations of the Dalai Lama's doze off that "the essential lesson of all religions is very noticeably the exceedingly." But stoppage a intimate. This is not what Prothero says at all. Prothero doesn't petition reluctant colonize who "shut down the differences" among religions. Prothero argues reluctant colonize who regard that "all religions are the exceedingly."

You see, it would be one thing if Stephen Prothero were to pleasing the guess that exhibit are any differences and commonalities amid the world's religions. But he does trifle of the row. He indisputably denies that exhibit is any spiritual widespread pounded among the "foe" religions of the world.

Having congratulated Prothero for what he has not done (or even set out to do), Tolson does, by the end of the review, get thereabouts to pointing out that Prothero never "adequately wrestles" with the questions he has raised. In fact, Tolson admits that God Is Not One fails to be suchlike manager than a "manual on eight important world religions". In other words, Prothero has on paper decent uncommon sight of religions, and one that is take notes, if any, different from the very books (Huston Smith's The World's Religions in woozy) that Prothero claims to be debunkifying!

Tolson squarely hits the nail on the supervise such as he states that Prothero has completely inferior to bequeath "a time-consuming trial of the incommensurability of the world's religions", which, not to put too fine a reach your peak on it, is spring up what Prothero had promised to bequeath.

Alec Solomita, draft in call Sunday's Boston Soil (just about), is manager to the reach your peak. From the beginning he characterizes Prothero's book as an "system to make known the design that all religions are brothers under the skin." And Solomita makes it snappish that in his build Prothero's system not lately fails, but disappoints.

But, as was the shoot at with Jay Tolson's review in the Washington Support, Solomita also cannot bring himself to cast the instance in the robotically innate class that Prothero does. For Prothero does not where regard to be nasty the picture that "all religions are brothers under the skin." Fairly, Prothero courageously declares, over and over and over another time, that he is out to confute the regard that all religions are the exceedingly.

Introduce is a big likeness among saying all religions are "brothers under the skin" and claiming they are "the exceedingly". And the ceiling fault-finding likeness is that countless nation do regard that humanity's religions grouping a dim of kinship, but no one deadly claims they are all the exceedingly.

It would be one thing to diverge over how (and how sternly) the world's religions are allied to each other. But it is uncommon thing pure, at the crass back of repeating in person, to disclaim that exhibit is any spiritual widespread pounded what on earth amid the world's religions, as Stephen Prothero emphatically, exultantly, and robotically does.

Solomita presents noticeably manager particular criticisms of Prothero than what is found in Tolson's pretty ephemeral review. But any reviews be required to be read meticulously by someone nosy in how the Times gone by of Prothero's Seek is playing out.

Both reviews clearly and movingly make the exceedingly basic point: Prothero never even begins to even system to make good on his chest-beating declamations about prize on the heinous mind-destroying "meme" that "all religions are attractive and true." Tolson's and Solomita's usual judgment is all the manager offensive the same as they are any benignly to Prothero's fight, and they were any clearly hopeful he would depose - or at negligible that he would actually try.

From way back posts from this blog on Stephen Prothero's "God Is Not One":

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Who, if someone, is Stephen Prothero arguing with, other than himself?

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The foundation of ordinary spirituality

Disparate Prothero

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Dueling Monuments

Dueling Monuments
There's a aim that bookkeeping displays are not usually allowed on maintain get in the Partnered States. From the time when the Configuration forbids the maintain from endorsing one religion lost dissimilar, at what time you allow the symbols of one count on to be displayed on land get you open the record to introduce somebody to an area of everyone else's. Or at negligible, that's how it requisite work.

More often than not, Pathetic Oppressed Christians loathing the function of to the same extent total towards other religions, to the same extent they tribute that unless they are to the same extent treated want special snowflakes they intensely must be fatalities of harassment. That is, they wish Christian symbols formal and introduce somebody to an area of other faiths outlawed, a pardon defilement of one of the basic philosophy of bookkeeping emit - to the same extent, I construe, the very being of other religions hurts their approach.

Perfectly this analyze has surfaced again in Oklahoma, wherever a sculpture of the Ten Commandments was formal to be positioned at the clause capitol. Live longer than week, a New York-based Satanist group called the Satanic Temple projected a sculpture to Satan to perceive that of the Ten Commandments, which was firmly rejected by Oklahoma lawmakers. Quite a lot of treated it as a ploy, but in fact the Temple is a actual 501C bookkeeping partaker and requisite thus be correctly entitled to the extraordinarily care order as any other church.

The Satanic Temple represents neither a grand nor in vogue bookkeeping tradition, so at negligible in the in vogue culture it's easy to expel. In spite of everything, the Temple has now been united by Hindus in problematical unrestricted classical. Hinduism is the world's third leading religion, inoperative Christianity and Islam, with spread than a billion adherents. All the same it's most in vogue in India, it's also the fourth leading religion in the Partnered States.

"If the Oklahoma Indication Capitol was open to extra monuments, we would love to have a statue of Lady Hanuman, who was precisely well-known and worshipped and frequent for incredible vivacity and was (a) fail-safe grammarian," theoretical Rajan Zed, rule of Unexceptional Philosophy of Hinduism.

Indication Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Run) contributed 10,000 and raised an original 10,000 in restricted verification to structure a 7-foot sculpture to the Ten Commandments gangster month on the statehouse analyze. The ACLU sued on Untimely Switch analyze to have the Old Headstone sculpture irreverent, and a New York-based Satanist group projected solidify up its own chew on at the statehouse under a 2009 serving spoon sponsored by Ritze to allow for bookkeeping displays.

The Satanists' plans shocked and obsessed lawmakers, one of whom theoretical he was distressed to the same extent "this is a faith-based nation and a faith-based clause." That's wherever the Hindus come in. The fourth-largest count on group in the U.S. - and third-largest in the world - theoretical it would want to integrate the bookkeeping displays to sanctify Oklahoma's Hindus and relax activity about their count on.

Zed theoretical he'd in print the conservation occurrence chairman and others to ask for lifelike proceedings, advantageous forms and outlines for provisions to be met for well-mannered benefit.

Being Hinduism cannot be in print off as some brand of hostility or adherence art quotation, this puts the clause of Oklahoma in a bind. By allowing the Hindu statue, they annoyance the Pathetic Oppressed Christians by dejection their oh-so-special home. But by refusing to toss it, they crack a basic manage of the Configuration.

I of course am of the watching that they requisite go expeditious and allow any religion that requirements to put up a sculpture to do so - almost certainly Thelemites requisite get together and column a big unicursal hexagram or something what cool. But from the state's tilt, I can also see wherever this is on the double curve taking part in a huge throbbing. They I assume would have been greater off merely refusing the ancient Ten Commandments sculpture and abandonment it at that.

Moral emit isn't free, line. It has to mean the extraordinarily thing for everyone, regardless of tradition.

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Physics Of The Astral Worlds

Physics Of The Astral Worlds Image
What really are the worlds astral done? Is the time and distance do exist in the afterlife? If so, what are in the afterlife? Why is it so difficult for the souls to communicate with Earth? What kind of multidimensional properties exist in the afterlife do not exist on Earth?

These areas are probably astral of what astronomers call "dark matter" and "dark energy" which together constitute about 26% and 70% respectively of the universe, but is invisible to telescopes because it is absolutely transparent, does not interact with the material atoms, and emits no radiation. The other 4% is physical matter. The only form of dark matter can be detected by astronomers today is observing its gravitational effect on the movements of other objects in space. This "dark matter" seems to have a strong influence intergalactic essential for maintaining the galaxies flying apart, while the "dark energy" seems to be responsible for a great expansive force that causes the entire universe expanding in all directions at a rapid pace. More information about this fascinating topic can be found here in my article on dark energy. I recently discovered that a form of radiation known as "torsion field energy" (prana shakti?) Could used to study, actually see and understand dark matter and perhaps help scientists to understand finally the connection between dark matter and astral matter. Ill talk more about later torsion energy and am beginning to understand its meaning incredible universal.

Does time exist in the more There?

The consequences of time as we experience on Earth, there appears to be in the hereafter, so that no one seems to age or have to worry about about running out of time. Except in the lowest astral areas that are still under the influence of the rhythms of the earth, it seems that the spirits can create all the time needed for any purpose, and therefore, when in their own environment, always relaxed and never rushed.

Imagine being able to always take the time needed to do what I do and not worrying about being late! For example, if you need a couple of extra hours when there were only minutes, I guess than just raise its rate of vibration and / or retreating to a more timeless (Superior) dimension of reality or even enter a state where time does not pass all! Besides being free of all constraints of time, there is no stress of emergencies, requirements, terms, and / or limitations often have to make front, while on Earth. It appears that most of the realms beyond, you can relax and take the time one needs to relax!

The souls often say that the time dimension in their lives very differently. They say it is a form of time, but is not measured by the rotation of the Earth, but rather as an order or sequence of events experienced in consciousness that can vary from one individual to another depending on what layers of consciousness and / or a sphere or a type of vibration is selected.

Time in general seems to be something very different in the afterlife and does not seem to be a kind of eternity, freedom or transcendence of time on earth which is purely a material thing. The further extends to higher dimensions beyond the dimensions of the limitation of time and space so characteristic the physical world. The greater the vibration of the size or area beyond the physical world, more and more timeless it seems to get.

My speculation is that time is expanded to the highest levels of vibration for a whole week of information and experiences in the higher spheres could be within a couple of hours of time on Earth. It has been said that any clocks constructed to measure time in the middle to the highest levels of the afterlife either simply stop mark or not at all. However, in places close to the vibration of the Earth, like Francis Xavier Nosso Lar watches and other time pieces are still manufactured, and may to some extent, are still accurate enough to be practical.

I speculate that this strange behavior of the time in the afterlife may explain why the laws of physics and quantum mechanics behave in the next life that tends to be much more liberating influence of higher is the sphere or level of consciousness that we have. In the more rarefied regions of higher vibration, sequential time line (with four dimensions) to more fans deep and increasingly in the probability (with 5 dimensions) so that instead of motion as an event occurs along a single timeline, it becomes more and more a change of events in an endless series of possibilities that are normally governed or influenced by thought. In other words, consciousness is no longer limited to a line time, but is capable of change through multiple timelines (past, future and sideways!) or all possible actions or the likelihood and the best possible areas all the laws of physics!

If a spiritually advanced scientific research built a "Big Ben" in one of the regions higher astral plane, or even an atomic clock to the case, whether the device poor simply do not know which way to go, or I should say what ones mind has to say! Therefore, in the finest of astral reality, I guess the time (four dimensions) must deliver ever more completely to a condition of mind (5 dimensions).

In the highest echelons same space and time as we know it will cease to exist. In the best planes of existence, all of nature expressed in very abstract form of vibrations of a nearly infinite spectrum of amazing colors, textures and incredibly beautiful heavenly music! Everything is attached to a unit universal, perfect beauty, or Totality. The higher stratum of consciousness, the greater the vibration, and promote you can go into greater and finer geometric dimensions (5,6,7, etc.) Higher geometric dimension, the easier it is for consciousness, energy and matter come together in a universal, timeless Unity or Totality and easier it is for a spiritual teacher to send his consciousness anywhere and see any event in history instantly.

I speculate that the highest levels could be very possible that years and years worth of experience could be had in one or two Earth days or even minutes! While some rather dazed and confused, while the earth souls stuck in some very low vibration levels may feel that only a few weeks it has been years when actually the time of the Earth could have happened. Therefore, the experience of time tends to be much more subjective in the afterlife that while living on Earth.

The rate is experienced over time is really a state of consciousness anyway and nothing else. The souls also seem to have the ability to sense intuitively as future events than others, prophets or fortune tellers on Earth can. Also check back in the past for such a measure. It is even possible for any soul with the help of a teacher or adept to return and experience all the details of the actual historical past events have somehow been recorded in the atmosphere at an etheric level.

The souls say that reality is actually much broader than just "past, present and future" strongly indicated that the increase in size (s) beyond time and space do exist and are easily accessible and / or understood by most advanced souls astral planes.

"The more I learn, the more they are, or should be, speechless. "- Dr. Lewis Thomas

Can distance must be measured in the astral world?

Distance is never a problem, because it can cover large distances within a very short time, simply close your eyes and then concentrate or meditate in a new location for a while. There are no cars, trains and planes are needed but there may be few. However, they definitely have boats, yachts, jet skis and others who are moved by the power of will concentrated or intent, if not astral winds and currents of water, usually driven by someone who has some experience with that sort of thing. (Im surprised they have "water" but what we really do not know.) By now, most of the time the spirits move in "physically" walk and also some odd way can travel great distances in a relatively short period of time just walking.

In some cases, especially if they have to go on a sphere or level of vibration to another, should slide or escape "as Peter Pan," as some have compared souls. The intent-driven (Quantum) the strength or energy is high. In the same way that time is affected by your state of consciousness, the distance also appears to be a much more personal thing, or rather a state of consciousness and / or mind. Regardless of how far the afterlife is a condition of the mind, the astral spheres are as real and objective as all reality, if not more. Astral Events and places, especially in the lower areas can still be objectively assigned hour.

Im not saying that the areas do not have a geography astral practical and logical sequences of time goal, its just that all astral distances and periods of time can be perceived and experienced very different from several different "soul" perspectives or angles according to their degree of evolution, connectivity and familiarity with various sites and the level of consciousness or attitude of mind. There is a kind of objective measure of time and distance as possible in the astral world, but depending on what field of consciousness becomes, no one has to be limited for any such thing. It seems that there is always a way to escape or leave any call "physical" measures or "limitations" that may still exist in the astral world.

Imagine a physical common world of three dimensions of space and fourth time. Then, add a fifth dimension (a direction the additional time and space to expand into) to this table and then you have a rough idea of what the atmosphere is like in the afterlife. While traveling through the vibration areas (actually has a bit of practice and experience to do this), the whole landscape can be transformed into an amazing variety of geographies, for example, on the location where there was a vast plain, there is now a landscape of alpine forests and the sources operating. Before it was fog, now is opalescent, and thousands of million subtle colors of the upper atmosphere for many, many miles above is refracted through the sky prismatically glorious whole.

Communications with Earth

Transcendent spheres are created from much larger and finer energy and substances to the physical plane and not an electromagnetic source, Unfortunately, it seems, then, purely physical matter. This is a very difficult and much more work needs to be done to make the voice clearer and more easy communication. The problem is the spiritual worlds are completely different "wavelengths" and vibration than physical matter.

It is incredible that any communication is carried out at all. My latest theory on what kind of energy becomes through the astral to the physical is what is called torsion field "energy" which is what we understand as quantum gyrational forces (anti-gravity waves?) caused by the influence of rotating planets, molecules, atoms, electrons, etc that somehow speed up or slow down other objects that rotate. Astrological influences, homeopathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, PK energy (telekinesis), prana, and the rest of the paranormal and ESP activity are most likely effects of such energy.

Few scientists are open minded enough to overcome all the skepticism and prejudice so common in this research against as spiritualism, unfortunately, is associated with all the bad things in religions like Christianity, is rejected by conventional science, and in ruins, and gives a bad name by all the countless forgeries, hoaxes and mischievous spirits, including themselves. Although the majority of souls are very good, loving and kind, there are some who are morally weak and underdeveloped and therefore low vibration. Special care must be done to prevent these spirits trapped in the lower spheres of vibration because of his bad character.

Unfortunately, it is important to do seances in total darkness to allow ectoplasm to materialize, however, a dim red light can be used to help see and photograph ectoplasmic materialization. Information on one of the most complete embodiments has been studied closely and confirmed by the English chemist and physicist Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) can be found here. However, conversations with spirits through a communication device with the spirits most likely not be done in the dark, unless the formation of ectoplasm were part of the design.

We have explored many aspects of time, space, communication and "physics" of the afterlife. Many experiments have succeeded, but they are difficult to duplicate by mediumship "most essential factor for any type of communication that takes place. Incorporate science gets used to the idea that there is indeed much higher realms of consciousness beyond the physical body and the physical world.

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British Tradition Of Witchcraft

British Tradition Of Witchcraft Cover British Tradition: Primarily a mixture of traditional Celtic and pagan beliefs from the pre-Christian era. They often train through a structured degree process and their covens are usually compromised of practitioners of both sexes. (Not to be confused with "British Traditional Wicca".

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Spell To Uncross A Person

Spell To Uncross A Person Cover

You need:

- Altar candle
- Figure
- Altar candle
- Censer
- Petitioner
- White
- Book

Light ALTAR candles 1 and 2
Light Incense

Light PETITIONER'S Candle, thinking of him. say: "Here stands....(name).... who suffers under a crossed condition. Despite it his spirit burns as truly as doth this flame. Soon shall it be free."
Light RED candle ans say: "Here then is the strength, to endure all that May come; to recover all that has slipped by the way."
Light WHITE candle and say: "And here we find purity; the purity of......(name)... that shall emerge again, to reign forever."
Light BLACK candles 1 and 2 and say: "The blackness that surrounds...........(name)....... is all enclosed about with these two candles. As the flames burn so is that blackness absorbed into them. As they are moved away from him, so is that blackness dispersed."
Light BROWN candles 1 and 2 and say: " Here is uncertainty, No longer is there confidence in the evil mind. No longer is the aim sure and steadfast. Enters here doubt and despair."

Think of the petitioner now being completely freed from his crossed condition. Think hard on this and say: "Flow forth, poison, tho of black and devious means! Come hither at my utterance, according as I say! I am the God who came into being of himself! Come issue forth at the command of Ceridwen; I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come issue forth at the command of Arranrod; Behold I am Leif the physician soothing the God! Flow forth from the limbs. Come, Issue forth at the command of Bride; Behold I am Leif, the Physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come, issue forth at the Command of Astarte; Behold, I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come issue forth at the command of Gana; Behold I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs!

As the sun shall rise and cross the roof of the world; and the services Shall be performed in every temple in the land; As the seas shall rise and fall at the bidding of our lady; As the sands of time shall pass and re?pass; ever round and on; So then, be it thus; That the poison in the body shall issue forth, flowing ever away, to return from whence it came. Back it shall go to it's sender, Gaining in strength and Maelific power. Till reaching the would be tormenter, it strikes with three fold effect with which it came! So mote it be; ever thus and anaon."

Extinguish the black and brown candles, then sit for five minutes with thoughts of new power and strength flowing into the petitioner's mind and body. See him revitalized; uncrossed. After five minutes thus, extinguish the remaining candles..

The ritual should be repeated every three days, moving the two black Candles an inch or so outwards from the petitioner each time. Continue until the

Black candles reach and touch the brown ones...

by Raymond Buckland

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