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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

What Else You Should Know About Sagittarius Characteristics

What Else You Should Know About Sagittarius Characteristics

By Matthias Zeitler

Ruled by the planet Jupiter and bearing the symbol of the archer, an archetypal Sagittarian is born between 23rd November and 21st December. The symbol of the archer stands for a Sagittarian's endeavor to overcome the baser animal instincts of his nature in his quest for greater awareness and sublime experiences.

Sagittarians are the nomads of the zodiac but they are not aimless wanderers. "It is better to know how to learn than knowledge itself"- this is the motto which guides the life of a Sagittarian. He seeks the greater truth, wisdom and knowledge untiringly. Jupiter encourages him to believe in something greater than ourselves, to take life as an adventure and to capitalize on opportunities.

As a result, a Sagittarian tends to love travel, adventure, philosophy and spirituality-ways that allow him to break out of his immediate surroundings and extend his mental horizon. Their love for long distance running and outdoor hiking testifies to their spirit of adventure. He loves to roam freely and play safe.

Positive Side of Sagittarius Character

Among the many strengths of a true Sagittarian are qualities such as intellect, lightheartedness, honesty, a forthright nature, a liberal approach to life and excellent communication skills. A Sagittarian's greatest plus point is his undying and incurable optimistic attitude towards life. People love his company when he is in a joyful and outgoing mood.

A Sagittarian never loses hope even in a restrictive atmosphere and this spurs him on in the path of great success. He is also good humored, jovial, freedom-loving, fun-loving, sociable, straightforward and philosophical. Sagittarians are lucid thinkers and expect others to agree with their inferences. Sagittarians can be very kind, lucky and charming company if they are allowed the freedom they always aspire to and an occasional risk does not deter them from their course.

Negative Side of Sagittarius Character

But on the flip side a Sagittarian is flirtatious by nature, is prone to change, restless and possesses a sharp tongue. He will try to run away from sticky situations and gloss over problems. If he feels his wings have been clipped, he can become sullen. He tends to overindulge or overspend under the influence of Jupiter.

A Sagittarian often ends up hurting other people's feelings because he says what is on his mind. Tact is thus not one of his virtues. He can sometimes be superficial, irresponsible and careless. At times he is so confident about the infallibility of his deductions and conclusions that he tends to become argumentative and dogmatic.

He can quickly discard or disregard what he considers a useless nugget of information. He is also a self indulgent procrastinator. Impatience, fanaticism, tendency to gamble, fear of responsibility, an occasional volatile temper (if he is pushed around a bit too much) and a peter pan syndrome are some of the other not so desirable qualities that we find in a Sagittarian. He gets easily tired of monotony and confinement.

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