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Friday, 12 December 2008

Physics Of The Astral Worlds

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What really are the worlds astral done? Is the time and distance do exist in the afterlife? If so, what are in the afterlife? Why is it so difficult for the souls to communicate with Earth? What kind of multidimensional properties exist in the afterlife do not exist on Earth?

These areas are probably astral of what astronomers call "dark matter" and "dark energy" which together constitute about 26% and 70% respectively of the universe, but is invisible to telescopes because it is absolutely transparent, does not interact with the material atoms, and emits no radiation. The other 4% is physical matter. The only form of dark matter can be detected by astronomers today is observing its gravitational effect on the movements of other objects in space. This "dark matter" seems to have a strong influence intergalactic essential for maintaining the galaxies flying apart, while the "dark energy" seems to be responsible for a great expansive force that causes the entire universe expanding in all directions at a rapid pace. More information about this fascinating topic can be found here in my article on dark energy. I recently discovered that a form of radiation known as "torsion field energy" (prana shakti?) Could used to study, actually see and understand dark matter and perhaps help scientists to understand finally the connection between dark matter and astral matter. Ill talk more about later torsion energy and am beginning to understand its meaning incredible universal.

Does time exist in the more There?

The consequences of time as we experience on Earth, there appears to be in the hereafter, so that no one seems to age or have to worry about about running out of time. Except in the lowest astral areas that are still under the influence of the rhythms of the earth, it seems that the spirits can create all the time needed for any purpose, and therefore, when in their own environment, always relaxed and never rushed.

Imagine being able to always take the time needed to do what I do and not worrying about being late! For example, if you need a couple of extra hours when there were only minutes, I guess than just raise its rate of vibration and / or retreating to a more timeless (Superior) dimension of reality or even enter a state where time does not pass all! Besides being free of all constraints of time, there is no stress of emergencies, requirements, terms, and / or limitations often have to make front, while on Earth. It appears that most of the realms beyond, you can relax and take the time one needs to relax!

The souls often say that the time dimension in their lives very differently. They say it is a form of time, but is not measured by the rotation of the Earth, but rather as an order or sequence of events experienced in consciousness that can vary from one individual to another depending on what layers of consciousness and / or a sphere or a type of vibration is selected.

Time in general seems to be something very different in the afterlife and does not seem to be a kind of eternity, freedom or transcendence of time on earth which is purely a material thing. The further extends to higher dimensions beyond the dimensions of the limitation of time and space so characteristic the physical world. The greater the vibration of the size or area beyond the physical world, more and more timeless it seems to get.

My speculation is that time is expanded to the highest levels of vibration for a whole week of information and experiences in the higher spheres could be within a couple of hours of time on Earth. It has been said that any clocks constructed to measure time in the middle to the highest levels of the afterlife either simply stop mark or not at all. However, in places close to the vibration of the Earth, like Francis Xavier Nosso Lar watches and other time pieces are still manufactured, and may to some extent, are still accurate enough to be practical.

I speculate that this strange behavior of the time in the afterlife may explain why the laws of physics and quantum mechanics behave in the next life that tends to be much more liberating influence of higher is the sphere or level of consciousness that we have. In the more rarefied regions of higher vibration, sequential time line (with four dimensions) to more fans deep and increasingly in the probability (with 5 dimensions) so that instead of motion as an event occurs along a single timeline, it becomes more and more a change of events in an endless series of possibilities that are normally governed or influenced by thought. In other words, consciousness is no longer limited to a line time, but is capable of change through multiple timelines (past, future and sideways!) or all possible actions or the likelihood and the best possible areas all the laws of physics!

If a spiritually advanced scientific research built a "Big Ben" in one of the regions higher astral plane, or even an atomic clock to the case, whether the device poor simply do not know which way to go, or I should say what ones mind has to say! Therefore, in the finest of astral reality, I guess the time (four dimensions) must deliver ever more completely to a condition of mind (5 dimensions).

In the highest echelons same space and time as we know it will cease to exist. In the best planes of existence, all of nature expressed in very abstract form of vibrations of a nearly infinite spectrum of amazing colors, textures and incredibly beautiful heavenly music! Everything is attached to a unit universal, perfect beauty, or Totality. The higher stratum of consciousness, the greater the vibration, and promote you can go into greater and finer geometric dimensions (5,6,7, etc.) Higher geometric dimension, the easier it is for consciousness, energy and matter come together in a universal, timeless Unity or Totality and easier it is for a spiritual teacher to send his consciousness anywhere and see any event in history instantly.

I speculate that the highest levels could be very possible that years and years worth of experience could be had in one or two Earth days or even minutes! While some rather dazed and confused, while the earth souls stuck in some very low vibration levels may feel that only a few weeks it has been years when actually the time of the Earth could have happened. Therefore, the experience of time tends to be much more subjective in the afterlife that while living on Earth.

The rate is experienced over time is really a state of consciousness anyway and nothing else. The souls also seem to have the ability to sense intuitively as future events than others, prophets or fortune tellers on Earth can. Also check back in the past for such a measure. It is even possible for any soul with the help of a teacher or adept to return and experience all the details of the actual historical past events have somehow been recorded in the atmosphere at an etheric level.

The souls say that reality is actually much broader than just "past, present and future" strongly indicated that the increase in size (s) beyond time and space do exist and are easily accessible and / or understood by most advanced souls astral planes.

"The more I learn, the more they are, or should be, speechless. "- Dr. Lewis Thomas

Can distance must be measured in the astral world?

Distance is never a problem, because it can cover large distances within a very short time, simply close your eyes and then concentrate or meditate in a new location for a while. There are no cars, trains and planes are needed but there may be few. However, they definitely have boats, yachts, jet skis and others who are moved by the power of will concentrated or intent, if not astral winds and currents of water, usually driven by someone who has some experience with that sort of thing. (Im surprised they have "water" but what we really do not know.) By now, most of the time the spirits move in "physically" walk and also some odd way can travel great distances in a relatively short period of time just walking.

In some cases, especially if they have to go on a sphere or level of vibration to another, should slide or escape "as Peter Pan," as some have compared souls. The intent-driven (Quantum) the strength or energy is high. In the same way that time is affected by your state of consciousness, the distance also appears to be a much more personal thing, or rather a state of consciousness and / or mind. Regardless of how far the afterlife is a condition of the mind, the astral spheres are as real and objective as all reality, if not more. Astral Events and places, especially in the lower areas can still be objectively assigned hour.

Im not saying that the areas do not have a geography astral practical and logical sequences of time goal, its just that all astral distances and periods of time can be perceived and experienced very different from several different "soul" perspectives or angles according to their degree of evolution, connectivity and familiarity with various sites and the level of consciousness or attitude of mind. There is a kind of objective measure of time and distance as possible in the astral world, but depending on what field of consciousness becomes, no one has to be limited for any such thing. It seems that there is always a way to escape or leave any call "physical" measures or "limitations" that may still exist in the astral world.

Imagine a physical common world of three dimensions of space and fourth time. Then, add a fifth dimension (a direction the additional time and space to expand into) to this table and then you have a rough idea of what the atmosphere is like in the afterlife. While traveling through the vibration areas (actually has a bit of practice and experience to do this), the whole landscape can be transformed into an amazing variety of geographies, for example, on the location where there was a vast plain, there is now a landscape of alpine forests and the sources operating. Before it was fog, now is opalescent, and thousands of million subtle colors of the upper atmosphere for many, many miles above is refracted through the sky prismatically glorious whole.

Communications with Earth

Transcendent spheres are created from much larger and finer energy and substances to the physical plane and not an electromagnetic source, Unfortunately, it seems, then, purely physical matter. This is a very difficult and much more work needs to be done to make the voice clearer and more easy communication. The problem is the spiritual worlds are completely different "wavelengths" and vibration than physical matter.

It is incredible that any communication is carried out at all. My latest theory on what kind of energy becomes through the astral to the physical is what is called torsion field "energy" which is what we understand as quantum gyrational forces (anti-gravity waves?) caused by the influence of rotating planets, molecules, atoms, electrons, etc that somehow speed up or slow down other objects that rotate. Astrological influences, homeopathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, PK energy (telekinesis), prana, and the rest of the paranormal and ESP activity are most likely effects of such energy.

Few scientists are open minded enough to overcome all the skepticism and prejudice so common in this research against as spiritualism, unfortunately, is associated with all the bad things in religions like Christianity, is rejected by conventional science, and in ruins, and gives a bad name by all the countless forgeries, hoaxes and mischievous spirits, including themselves. Although the majority of souls are very good, loving and kind, there are some who are morally weak and underdeveloped and therefore low vibration. Special care must be done to prevent these spirits trapped in the lower spheres of vibration because of his bad character.

Unfortunately, it is important to do seances in total darkness to allow ectoplasm to materialize, however, a dim red light can be used to help see and photograph ectoplasmic materialization. Information on one of the most complete embodiments has been studied closely and confirmed by the English chemist and physicist Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) can be found here. However, conversations with spirits through a communication device with the spirits most likely not be done in the dark, unless the formation of ectoplasm were part of the design.

We have explored many aspects of time, space, communication and "physics" of the afterlife. Many experiments have succeeded, but they are difficult to duplicate by mediumship "most essential factor for any type of communication that takes place. Incorporate science gets used to the idea that there is indeed much higher realms of consciousness beyond the physical body and the physical world.

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