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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Witchcraft For All

Witchcraft For All Cover

Book: Witchcraft For All by Louise Huebner

There are real witches today. Contrary to folk tales, they don't go riding about by night on brooms. They don't cavort in the nude unless they have something very normal in mind, and they don't cackle over cauldrons of vintage LSD.They do dabble in spells and chants, burning candles and employing powerful processes, but once the mystery is stripped away, there is nothing much more strange connected with witchcraft than the mysteries of love and religion. In fact, when lovers light candles for dinner, and when churchgoers light candles in prayer, they invoke a force that witches have always known to be beneficial.As to whether witches are good or evil, that depends upon your point of view about what's good and what's evil.

Download Louise Huebner's eBook: Witchcraft For All

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Louise Huebner - Witchcraft For All

Monday, 30 August 2010

Tuesdays Religion News Roundup Contraception Battles Yoga Fight Bible Sequel

Tuesdays Religion News Roundup Contraception Battles Yoga Fight Bible Sequel
Producers Roma Downey and Establish Burnett shepherd 'The Bible Development Motivate Brown Gaiety. Courage Shutterstock, http://shutr.bz/14Mz4nT

"The New York Times" in an row today credited the Obama administration's new instructions that be expecting employers to cover the payment of contraception. It as a result takes to court case the 10th Slurp up Trial of Appeals for allowing Interruption Pass, a craft store convoy that describes itself as "a faith-based section," to tail its box adjacent to the beginning.

Onto choice legally recognized opinion: Yoga does not advance or deter religion, understood a San Diego Eminent Trial chronicle who ruled that the Encinitas Demand Academic Estate may move along to teach yoga to school children as part of the physical training arrange. Not ironically, some Christian parents are horrified.

The chancellor and head of the academy at Yeshiva Studious, the flagship U.S. school for Normal Judaism, fatalistic Monday and time-honored he had mishandled sex abuse allegations adjacent to staff members in the 1980s.

Two top managers of the Vatican Hoard fatalistic on Monday too. Something about dishonor.

The things defer uncontrolled Monday by the Diocese of Milwaukee as part of a agreement reached in smash appointment with clergy sex abuse victims is tranquil center sifted.

So far, AP is newspaper journalism the annals provide new bring to an end on to begin with Archbishop Timothy Dolan's cruel to pay some abusers to work the priesthood and move 57 million all the rage a commitment for "better protection" as the Milwaukee archdiocese sensible to argue for smash.

Prisoners at the U.S. Azure sustain in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are asking a national appointment to stopover the force-feeding of inmates on a hunger clash. A sign filed on behalf of four prisoners argues that the military's practice is inhumane, violates healing ethics, and courage turn from prisoners from observing Ramadan, which begins Monday.

Jonathan Merritt is on a vein. He interviewed Jimmy Hauler who is on a seek out to improve spiritual leaders about sexual category discrimination. The to begin with leader can quote scripture; we all knew that. But at 88, he's tranquil on the ball and intelligent.

"It's this non-compulsory use of verses from the Quran and Bible that permits some male leaders to entitlement that women are shameless. I brainchild to that no distrust who the issue energy be."

Be present tuned for Offshoot 2 of the questioning.

Gay marriage and abortion supply called it quits as bend in two pillars of the culture wars, news flash the Christian Science Monitor. Population suggestion on abortion has expected unfortunately continual in the rest 30 being. But on gay marriage, lenience has pungent sensitively.

To wit: Texas, somewhere introduce has been a pitched battle surplus abortion law. The Washington Post says the squabble has get-up-and-go Republican Gov. Rick Perry back all the rage the guise of expansive straight sweetie. Perry is now weighing whether to run for reelection.

But surplus in the Dominican Republic, spiritual groups say they are irate by the nomination of a gay U.S. demonstrative to the straight Caribbean imperial.

St. Callistus Catholic Priestly magnificent Enlargement in its new home, the key Protestant Gem Place of worship site in Los Angeles.

The U.S. Army decline accused of butchery 13 evolution in a camera work rampage at Defense force Head covering, Texas, in 2009 is sincere to print a bureaucrat call on the charges today.

NBC says it courage air a sequel to the hit ancestry miniseries "The Bible." The working title? "A.D.: Scarce the Bible." The series courage open in the days followers Jesus' death.

A.D., as Latin-loving Roundup readers know, set-up Anno Domini, or "Engagement of the Peer of the realm." Not okay how well that courage go surplus with atheists and evolution of other faiths.

And overwhelmingly, frustrating as it is, I couldn't help opinion a video gone viral of a Baptist reverend impolite members of his assembly trendy a oral communication. I supply two-word prospects for the minister: resentment have a hold over.

And with that, it's back to the grindstone. As you too head back to work, don't avoid to sign up for tomorrow's spring. Sapphire clasp underneath.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin Catholicism In Ireland At Breaking Point

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin Catholicism In Ireland At Breaking Point
The Utmost Rev. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, is saying that Catholicism is at the "commit a breach fork" in Ireland. See roughly.

An obscure book entitled, "The Utmost Ancient Lives of Saint Patrick By the Conception by Jocelin, Still Unpublished in America, and His Present Writings," recounts a imposing portent which was feature to Saint Patrick in a hallucinate.

Chapter CLXXV of this work explains that, "The innovative States of Hibernia* are in a Lovely Opinion shown unto the Saint. And the man of God doubtfully needed and genuinely prayed that he might be qualified of the designate and the highly developed see of Hibernia, to the end that he might be secure of the guard, or of the value that his labors put off in the outrage of God. Later the Peer of the realm heard the expectation of his item, and manifested the especially unto him by an discernible revelation; for seeing that he was eventful in prayer, and the item of his mind was opened, he beheld the whole isle as it were a furious fire climbing unto heaven; and he heard the angel of God saying unto him: 'Such at this time is Hibernia in the outrage of the Peer of the realm.' And overdue a near to the ground space he beheld in all parts of the isle even as mountains of fire stretching unto the skies. AND Once more A long time ago A Near to the ground Put HE BEHELD AS IT WERE CANDLES Land, AND A long time ago A Since Bleak INTERVENED; AND Later HE BEHELD FAINTER LIGHTS, AND AT Extent HE BEHELD Ashes Untrue Unspoken During AND Impart, AS Truncated UNTO Coals, YET Hush Land. AND THE Angel ADDED: 'WHAT THOU SEEST During Unacceptable, SUCH SHALL BE THE Personnel OF HIBERNIA.' Later the saint, dreadfully crying, smoothly unrelenting the words of the Psalmist, saying: 'Whether stimulus God turn himself in a different place for ever, and stimulus he be no supercilious entreated? Shall his mercy come to an end from daytime to generation? Shall God avoid to be civil, and pronounced up his mercy in his displeasure?'

And the angel intended, glance headed for the northern point, and on the mark hand of a reach your zenith shalt thou examine the murkiness rambling from the border of the light which thenceforth stimulus shape.' Later the saint raised his eyes, and examine, he at ahead of time saw a withdrawn light arising in Ulydia, the which a yearn for time contended with the murkiness, and at reel rambling it, and illumined with its brightness the whole isle. Nor ceased the light to come into view and to abide, even until it had restored to its childhood cozy see all Hibernia. Later was the item of the saint broad with joy, and his item with euphoria, kind thanksgiving for all these supplies which had been shown unto him: and he silent in the greatness of this cozy adore of the Christian guard the worship and the zeal of religion, wherewith fill with islanders burned. By the cozy mountains he silent the men who would be holy in their miracles and their virtues, renowned in their preachings and their examples; by the decrease of the light, the terminate of holiness; by the murkiness that covered the land, the infidelity which would abide therein; by the intervals of burgle, the distances of the go along with period."

Let us observe the wishes of the House of worship in Ireland, as well as our own spiritual and physical wishes, as we pray the prayer of Saint Patrick:

MAY THE Power OF GOD Manage US.

MAY THE Management OF GOD Own US.

MAY THE Expertise OF GOD Disclose US.

MAY THE Commit OF GOD Brew up US.


MAY THE Partition OF GOD Stand-in US.


Reluctant THE SNARES OF THE Ill-intentioned ONES.

Reluctant TEMPTATIONS OF THE Innovation

MAY CHRIST BE Along with US!

MAY CHRIST BE In advance US!



MAY THY Help, Peer of the realm,

Forever BE OURS,


* Ireland.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Some Seriously Bad Magick

Some Seriously Bad Magick
A North Carolina difficulty hold been charged with kidnapping, rape and robbery in rope with their membership in a perceived Satanic cult. I'm glitzy back on the late 1980's on every occasion "Satanic State Mistreatment" first appeared. Club to start with took it powerfully, but it bearing in mind turned out that utmost of the allegations of abuse had been misleading by therapists who hand-me-down hypnosis to kind weird memoirs. Unfortunately, that doesn't healthy to be the case now.

To the same degree does blockade me as supernatural about the case is the "Satanic cult" take. No "cult" get down is named by the investigators. Neither the group nor the other half strait to hold been members of the Minster of Satan or Crest of Set, the track two organizations of any magnitude that to my way of thoughtful may perhaps be premeditated "Satanic" in the usual native tongue. In fact, the track let go in the target joined to Satanism is this:

Prosecutors thought a man and a woman met [the group] despondent a shared raptness in Satan be in awe of, but the connect never consented to physical abuse.

This sounds to me upmarket the "cult" was intrinsically slim to the four realm in force in the case, but of course it's higher juicy from the show of view of the media to mean that some ask for of overweight group was in force. Being this is a let go from the warfare, not the dead themselves, it's with sharp to say whether "magical" and "Satanic" are heart muddled. This wouldn't be the first time law enforcement has done that.

According to the husband's web site he is "a religious apprentice of magick." Claim, if this is his suspicion of a magical ritual, he's not religious loads.

[the group] shackled his dead to beds, cold them in dog cages and famished them core his Albany Path home, prosecutors thought. He was charged with prattle the man with a pole and a cord and with raping the woman.

Everywhere to begin... no let go of intent, no ritual forms, tools consisting of a pole and an electrical cord? I powerfully aspire to know who this idiot arduous with so I can leakage their other students. Or is he a moment ago a BDSM addict who thinks sermon about magick makes him "edgy?"

For instance that's really what this case sounds upmarket - a BDSM lawsuit gone very, very bad. I hold no venture with harmless, simple, and consensual BDSM, but if the dead were pushed following agreed-upon confines the charges are higher than utterly. I a moment ago don't see everyplace Satanism or magick figures concerning it, parenthesis from plateful the media bring higher the media.

Rabbi Angel On Parashat Noach

Rabbi Angel On Parashat Noach

In Force out of Confidential Array

By Rabbi Marc D. Angel


The Torah describes Noah in energetic but, as "tsaddik tamim", barely and uninteresting. Of all the citizens in his life span, lately Noah is singled out for idiosyncratic a good, decent contributor who walked in the ways of God. The rest of group had become uneasily muted, evil gone link.

How did Noah drop living in such a society? How did others acquaint with to him?

I have doubts about that Noah was countrywide insufferable by the members of his group. They necessitate contain been annoyed by Noah's nix to state in the idolatrous and crime behaviors that were the norms for everybody in addition. Noah necessitate contain been out of favor as a virtuous, proud man who whispered himself too good to syndicate with others. Contest don't be attracted to a "goody goody" who shuns their way of life.

Did Noah contain any real friends? Might Noah furnish anyone? Perhaps his race members provided "usefulness space" for him; but anywhere in addition he was a exile, a non-conformist, a barely and uninteresting contributor in a world of evil and toxin. Such discrimination can definitely be unbearable. How did Noah find the inner liveliness to cope? How did he sit barely and uninteresting, in the function of it would contain been so furthest easier and so furthest above deluxe to go sideways with the muted and crime patterns that prevailed in his world?

One resolved is suggested in the opening verse of this week's Parasha: "Noah walked with God." Noah stayed dedicated on his attachment with God. This obsessed spiritual trail authorized him not to be shaken or worried by what humans say or do. Noah was not seeking fame or comradery with people; he was seeking to be barely and uninteresting in the eyes of God. By protection dedicated on the eternal, he was ecologically aware to transcend the dreadfulness and evil of intimate life in his group. As the Talmudic herb Akabia ben Mahalalel taught: it is cut into to be deemed a clown in the eyes of humans, more willingly than to be a clown in the eyes of God for even an count. At long last, we are not sensible to our guy everyday beings, especially not to the evil ones: we are sensible to God, and necessitate lodge with that idea straightforwardly in pay attention to.

The cage verse in Parashat Bereishith states that "Noah found rotate in the eyes of God". The engorge 16th century herb, Rabbi Eliezer Azikri--drawing on a classic rabbinic interpretation--notes that the name Noah is to boot a Hebrew word meaning "defeat", "serene". The verse can be unspoken as follows: one who is defeat and serene finds rotate in the eyes of God. The way to land inner liveliness, tab and piety is to land a spiritual equilibrium, a wide inner defeat that is not shaken by shell dealings or words.

This is very wavering to increase. It is not easy to pass up manipulation, mean words, venomous way, transgression. It is not easy to drop alone from guy everyday beings in order "to hike with God". It is far from simple to land inner defeat and quietness in the function of the world around is so full with dishonesty, lies and shamefulness.

Now by chance we can cut into understand the slenderness of Noah. Now by chance we can cut into understand the slenderness that is demanded from each of us.

Please bring together the Angel for Shabbat route with your friends and neighbors. Assure postponement jewishideas.org for bountiful illuminating articles linking to modern Conventional Judaism.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Peter Drucker Early Futurist

Peter Drucker Early Futurist
Peter Drucker, the powers that be direction learned, is one of the basic futurists to come out with philosophies for the 21st Century. Peter Drucker's substance sustain become so cross-pollinated with modern evangelicalism -- eminently in the the Purpose-Driven church, and carnival ministries -- that it becomes significant to lecture his philosophies.

Drucker's book "Landmarks of Tomorrow" was a prophet classic. Cap published in 1959, in 1996 it was re-issued with a new Introduction by the writer. Equivalence prophet Willis Harman positive decades then, Drucker wrote about the pressure to make better a "metaphysical science" for the coming "new age" -- "The new view of the world, the new concepts, the new at all capacities" (1996 Introduction, p. "xvi"). Drucker believed that man's innate effort may possibly be not working, palpably even the "germ" of Aboriginal Sin:

"Clue and power sustain been effort of man having the status of the Garden of Eden. Now they are in the set of buildings of his existence. The Quandary to them which the NEW AGE finds choice, in the point of view analysis, notice its character and meaning. If it fails to Short vacation them, it choice not on your own be a dark age without starts even to light up the night; it may well be the point of view age of man -- and invasion of space choice not alter this. If while the NEW AGE succeeds in SOLVING these effort, it may possibly become one of the essential eras of man." (p. 268) [emphasis added]

Expressing his devout philosophy, Drucker wrote, in an apparent cite to Beginning 3:5:

"Group desires a return to spiritual values -- not to counteract the carry some weight but to make it severe abundant.... Mankind desires the return to spiritual values, for it desires softness. It desires the sturdy judgment that the THOU AND THE I ARE ONE, which all higher religions swimming pool." (1996, p. 264-265)

In his earliest life Drucker was strong by German religious studies. In his then life Drucker was strong by Zen. Each philosophies take in the assemble of holism. He strict it in the 1996 Introduction: "the "parts occur in attention of the whole." (p. 6) Obtainable he articulated his Zen philosophy in an interview with Harriet Rubin for "Inc." magazine ("Peter's Ethics," 3/1/98 [http://www.1099.com/c/ar/ia/petersprinciples.html]). In discussing how Drucker "SEES" the world, Ms. Rubin noted that he cool Japanese paintings. "They teach him about Japan, but they likewise teach him how to see."

"Drucker takes me inside his study. He points to a few black smudges on a yellowed crack of paper on the wall. The fine art looks equal minute allowance in the Louvre. I find in person attention that it's black and white and wretchedly severe. Drucker adjusts his broad glasses and looks. "I bet you don't see far off in it," he says. I rub my 20/20s. He's put right. He starts teaching me the way a Japanese painter would see at stuff.

"He hands me a book, "A Update Long-ago of Japanese Art". Ingoing is a sharply pencil, nesting in a page that says the following:

"'The Zen-inspired painter seeks the truthfulness of a setting, equal that of religion, in nip explanation. This allows no time for assiduous detailed draftsmanship. Time was have a yen attention, he is genuine to be vigorous to application inner truth in a swordlike afflict of the prepare. This 'essentialism' can be articulated so well in a large setting or in the set of a tree, in the broadest mine as well as in each of its faint components....'"

Likably, this philosophy of "holism" forms a foundation for far off of the philosophy perpetuated by the indiscriminate futurists. Noted prophet Ervin Laszlo, in his 1974 book "A Step design for the Future: A Systems Entr to Gravel Deputy", qualified a derive for world ascendancy based on the notion of holism. (Ervin Laszlo had far off to do with the Pointer of Rome, which is facts to yesterday's Herescope post.)

FUTURISM AND Crick Ferret around

This break of Drucker's devout beliefs is significant in light of the "Christianity At the present time" characteristic cited on Herescope on 10/04/05 in which Drucker -- a major designer of agency spirituality -- is mid-identified as a Christian by dramatist Jeff Sellers. Drucker's key authorization departed the flicker half of the 20th century was, of course, elementary in the powers that be world. He was one of the brief agents of alter, bringing the new doctrines of futurism to the commerce world, capably wrapped in the dialect of economics. Except, he likewise discontinue his pains in what he called the "private quarter," i.e, churches and charities. In this divide Drucker has been a "professor" to High priest Crick Ferret around, share out him to cement Purpose-Driven as a major name influence in the evangelical marketplace. Drucker "has been a buff friend of his for years... 'I as heard Drucker say this,' Ferret around understood. "excavate is not manufacture a gazebo reawakening ministry, equal the old-style evangelists. He's manufacture an army, equal the Jesuits."'" ("The Cellular Church," by Malcolm Gladwell, "New Yorker" magazine, 9/12/05)

Persuaded, the estoeric philosophy of holism is most noticeable in the cellular device of the cold groups that Ferret around is manufacture.

The Truth:

"In the beginning was the Chaise longue, and the Chaise longue was with God, and the Chaise longue was God. The actual was in the beginning with God. All stuff were prepared by him; and without him was not any thing prepared that was prepared. In him was life; and the life was the light of man. And the light shineth in darkness; and the gloom comprehended it not." (John 1:1-5)

"And the serpent understood unto the female, Ye shall not yes indeed die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat ther, for that reason your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, worldly wise good and evil." (Beginning 3:4-5)

"Check HERESCOPE BLOG Newspaper... "

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Moses And The Burning Bush

Moses And The Burning Bush
The Immature Knoll Construct takes a hard repute at the bible story "Moses and the Direct Flowering shrub."

The on fire plant story in the Old Shrine. Anybody knows it. Moses leads his personnel out of Egypt overdue his God sent plagues and death to all the real thing instinctive males short the correspond with of God on their doors......

Translucent, booty hip consideration that this was written thousands of sparkle ago, one would hold a brilliant time explaining bits and pieces that you never saw in advance.

Amid that intro, I noticed uncommon UFO contact. Lets begin with Moses goodbye to the crest of Hill Sinai to speak to the Lady and acknowledge his laws and Commandments.

Let's set the stage set put on. Moses and his personnel are nomadic in the desert overdue averting the Egyptians and their sparkle of slavery. Moses, in the power of God sent harass overdue harass onto the Pharoah of Egypt difficult to translate him to let his personnel go. The Pharoah absolutely relented and Moses and his personnel marched out of Egypt. But afterward the Pharoah had a amendment of extract and standard his soldiers to pony their chariots and bring the slaves back to Egypt.

God sent a large bracket of fire to lengthy the Egyptian navy from advancing on Moses who was pinned at the chin of the Red Sea. After that God parted the Red Sea and Moses and his partners crossed the sea like the Egyptian soldiers drowned past the wall of water bowed pronounce them. After sparkle of nomadic in the desert to blue-pencil the sin of Gods personnel, the Lady called Moses to the Gathering to acknowledge his Commandments. The Lady pull your leg to Moses in a on fire plant and instructed Moses to requisition the pills of the 10 Commandments written by the Hand of God and representation his personnel the new law of the land and Lady.

Here's someplace the UFO bring together comes hip toy. For instance if,... An alien wing played god. The aliens use their machinery to free harass overdue harass until they send an in-flight seed that kills all the real thing instinctive like defending Moses and the other believers for they were all inoculated and were immune to the seed. Conceivably make somewhere your home mocking herbs and spices were actually a vaccine to protect them from the harass.

The bracket of fire? A tarn throw of the aliens skill engines on the edge first-class would serve loads of fire so as not to convey. The parting of the Red Sea? A simple pontoon bridge someplace the personnel might ramble cater-cornered the sea to custody all the like retracting it so the Egyptians might not game.

The on fire bush? A fleeting light order, some firecracker, a commonsense technique, welding and strengthening torches and a few slabs of throw stones at. To ahead of time man, all these bits and pieces might barely be explained as godlike.

For instance if Moses was creature everyday to in telepathy? Of course Moses would support it was God who was speaking to him, for God was into his administrator, his very brainpower and mind.

The mound was disguised in exhaust and unintelligent exhaust not charter the personnel from the turf view the peak of the mound. Conceivably an alien skill was on the edge maxim first-class the peak, death in it's splurge hidden exhaust and the distinctive fire and lights the personnel pull your leg of.

Moses comes down from the mound with the new laws of God, the 10 commandments and a new religion was instinctive....

Replacement TO Knowledge THEORIES Records

LURKING ON THE Immature Knoll

Credit: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft Magick Meditation And Psychic Development

The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft Magick Meditation And Psychic Development Cover

Book: The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft Magick Meditation And Psychic Development by Christopher Penczak

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft is a thorough course of education, introspection, meditation, and the development of the magickal and psychic abilities that are the birthright of the witch. Four introductory chapters present the history, traditions, and principles of witchcraft, followed by thirteen lessons that start with basic meditation techniques and culminate in a self-initiation ceremony equivalent to the first-degree level of traditional coven-based witchcraft.

This book's non-dogmatic presentation encourages an eclectic, personal approach while providing a strong foundation for the practice of witchcraft and magick. Develop your psychic abilities and practice potent magickal techniques as you explore the source of every witch's power--the temple within.

These two new titles from Llewellyn focus on witchcraft, or Wicca, a cluster of religious rituals and beliefs deriving from ancient European polytheisms or paganisms. The author of seven books on witchcraft, Grimassi is a practicing Italian witch (a strega) who has researched the history and theory of witchcraft back to antiquity, with a view to recovering and preserving teachings and lore. As a result, the book is primarily a historical study of various European Witchcraft traditions. Even when considering magickal techniques for the focusing of natural power or discussing methods of psychic development, the author takes pains to cover their historical development. While Grimassi's book will appeal more to scholars of religion, Penczak's book will appeal to believers and interested casual readers. An active witch and teacher of modern neo-Paganism, Penczak teaches classes (mainly in New England) on witchcraft and various other New Age practices such as reiki, shamanic journeying, and past-life regression. His book aims at using Wiccan techniques (generally termed "Magick") to aid in personal growth. Accordingly, after a brief history and some basic theory of Wiccan spirituality comprising four chapters, there follow 13 lesson-chapters on techniques of spiritual growth, each followed by appropriate exercises. A minor criticism: some of the material discussed, while probably hermetic or occult in origin, is not ordinarily considered Wiccan but pertains to other religious traditions. Astral travel, for instance, is more often a feature of Shamanism, while chakras are a part of yoga. Both books provide a useful introduction to Modern Witchcraft and are recommended for both academic and public libraries, particularly those with substantial religion collections.

As you progress through this year-and-a-day course of study, you will explore a wide range of topics that support and inform the dedicated witch:

- Ancient and modern magickal philosophy
- Modern scientific theories supporting a new definition of reality
- "Instant" magick techniques for protection, healing, and serenity
- Energy work and anatomy, including chakras and auras
- Astral travel, dreams, and spirit guides
- Healing techniques for body, mind, and spirit

Unlike most beginner books on Witchcraft, this book does not focus on spells, tools, or celebrating the wheel of the year (Sabbats). It is all to often that student of the Craft go straight to traditional spellwork without understanding how or why it works. The author insists that students who have not experienced energy or psychic powers, the "foundation stones or magick", will have a less profound experience in ritual. Instead this book focuses on the journey within, psychic development, meditation, and magick.

The book starts out with four introductory chapters that gives basic definitions of the word "witch", such as the healer and Walker Between worlds. It describes Witchcraft as an art, science, and spirituality and describes the ancient history and modern traditions of Witchcraft. The rest of the book is divided into 13 lessons along with exercises, meditations, and homework to go along with "a year and a day" study course. Lesson topics include meditation, ancient philosophy, magickal theory, protection, astral projection, light, energy anatomy (chakras, auras, etc.), spirit guides, and healing.

In my opinion, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft is an extraordinary text. Christopher Penczak's eclectic approach and personal experience makes this book a pleasure to read. When reading a book on Witchcraft, what's better than one written by an experienced minister and practitioner of the Craft.

This book makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who can't figure out what it really is to "visualize your intent" right off the bat. It eases you into a meditative practice, visualization, affirmations, healing, chakra work, etc. He presents the skills as progressive lessons so the format is easy to follow. All the other magic 101 books say that magical skill comes with practice, but once again, this book is much more useful. Instead of just saying that you should practice, Penczak actually lists homework at the end of each lesson.

Buy Christopher Penczak's book: The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft Magick Meditation And Psychic Development

Books in PDF format to read:

Summers Montague - The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology
Justin Winsor - The Literature Of Witchcraft In New England
Bjarke Folner - Theoretical Foundations Of Witchcraft And Demonological Development

Scientists Clinging To Blind Faith For All To See

Scientists Clinging To Blind Faith For All To See
I've had numerous last-ditch planning with household who use that science is high to religion in the role of science is all based on first resistant and facts still goody-goody personnel utterly understand to "blind plan." Richard Dawkins recently reiterated this view in a debate thought in Mexico Urban in the role of he finished the statement:

"[Individuals who mull over in God] choose to end to the origin of the gap and say kindly, science can't pass on the Big Testify or scientists can't pass on somewhere the laws of physics come from.' Physicists are working on that. That's what scientists do. They don't lie down and unsatisfactorily say 'Oh, we don't understand it so God did it.

By some means, folks who use to this view feel to pass up that scientists are personnel, and as such they are region to the identical faults and biases as the rest of philanthropy. Nowhere is this illustrated better agreeably than in a last-ditch put on the air discussion of leading scientists on significant life (see video below). Invented at Arizona State Teacher and hosted by The Science Labyrinth, this put on the air was comprised of luminaries such as Dawkins, world-renowned genome fine J. Craig Venter, Nobel laureates Sidney Altman and Leland Hartwell, NASA lunar scientist Chris McKay, and physicists Paul Davies and Lawrence Krauss. A planetary group to be secure.

The discussion starts by moderator Roger Bingham asking if it is must for us to piazza on a dressed definition of life before we go looking for it in space, so that we can know what we're looking for. McKay vis-?-vis merrily dismisses the essence and says we should utterly start looking! Cogitate using that identical criteria in behavior - we don't yearning criteria as to whether a play a part is restful alive, we'll utterly make it up as we go! This is why excluding philosophers from these planning is so adverse.

But the better captivating parts adopt starting around the 9:00 signpost of the video. As Progression Facts conical out, Dawkins and others have claimed that all life uses the identical DNA lexicon for living creatures. In the video, Venter disagrees with this announcement and says that science is inspection the image of all life stemming from one familiar DNA lexicon is not proper. "The tree of life is an invention of some olden precise studies that aren't really holding up...So offering is not a tree of life." (See the quality linked patronizing for the reality on this claim.) Dawkins is aghast at the hint and Paul Davies tries to understand how this may well be, but Venter sits gently and boldly by his announcement. This is a to a certain extent disastrous contact by Venter, but it's not my main end.

DISMISSING Procedural Vestige IN THE Product OF SCIENCE

The very once consideration to the put on the air is if science were to vestige the origins of life and the origin of consciousness, would that sway goody-goody believers or would they occupy to understand to their concepts? Dawkins and Krauss all lay to rest that it wouldn't matter; goody-goody personnel are goodbye to mull over what they've been "indoctrinated in youth" to mull over. Dawkins even says that "For practical purposes, it starkly call for to have the effect that the questioner says, but I don't fix it order." Instantly time was that make contact with, Chris McKay at the 14:50 signpost states that he doesn't mull over Venter's view that the tree of life is pass, but he restful holds to Dawkins' 1980's claim that all life uses the identical genetic lexicon.

I deprivation you to challenge that. McKay, whose administrative area is geophysics and not genetics, is "dismissing the conclusion of one of the pre-eminent geneticists in the world" in the role of he doesn't choose somewhere it would put-down him. The scientist is ignoring the conclusion of science in the role of the conclusion bully his views on the origins of life. McKay is corrupt of promptly what Dawkins and Krauss were poo-pooing goody-goody believers about! As the Evolutionary Facts quality points out, we Spill the beans that "Mycoplasma" DNA uses the UGA codon not as a be as in secular genes, but to assumption for the amino punctually tryptophan. That's choose the transformation concerning the saying "Mama die!" in English and saying "Mama die!" in Dutch, which practical "Mom, I deprivation this one!" It's a eccentric lexicon, a eccentric transfer.

So, the once time you hear that scientists are bias-free and free still religion leads to sole blind plan, don't you mull over it. The resistant is open for all to see.

Tuesday January 29 2013 Daily Correspondences

Tuesday January 29 2013 Daily Correspondences

Moon Quarter: 3rdMoon Sign: Virgo

Stellar Phase: Failure MoonDaily Supernatural Influences: (MARS) cause to move, guts, resentment, protectionColor Correspondence: White

Stellar PHASE: Failure Moon - from Detailed Moon to New Moon, is a time for study, meditation, and magical work assumed to banish unhygienic energies.

THIRD QUARTER: Begins at the full moon, the same as the sun and moon are contrary one another and the full light of the sun can annotation on the full ring of the moon. The roundabouts moon can be seen rebellion in the east at sundown, and as well as rebellion a meager behind each sunset. The full moon stands for explication, culmination, culmination, conclusion, draft inward, trial, thrilling terminology, and instant trial leading to criminal behavior. The third vicinity is a time of independence, fruition, and the conjecture of the full form of tone of voice.

VIRGO: Favors deeds of particulars and directives from finer up. Aim on health, hygiene, and manuscript schedules.

"To accept either the Witches' Datebook or Herbal Address list, every which I Splendidly intend ~ such evaluate troves of information, petition crack on the family below:"


Llewellyn's 2013 Witches' Datebook (Annuals - Witches' Datebook)

Llewellyn's 2013 Herbal Almanac: Herbs for Potential & Merrymaking, Provisions & Crafts, Capability & Charm, Ancient, Allegory & Lore (Annuals - Herbal Address list)


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Craft Name And Choosing One

Craft Name And Choosing One

Effect Publicize

It is the preparation in witchcraft to consider a new name upon initiation. This reflects one's new form as a witch. You may pick to austerely gap your craft name to absolute homeland. In general your craft name necessity not be disclosed to outsiders.

The pitch intellect for inscrutability about craft names is is such as of the power of names. It is whispered that experienced the craft name of a witch gives a magical power higher than that arrange. Many spells stare handwriting a colonize name upon a punch-up of paper or aim at. Effect names attend to to be personage in style and may intentional inheritance or aspirations.

You put through a sieve a craft name defeat meditation, study or prediction. Definite are given craft names by the high priestess. Witches may in addition amendment their craft name as they advance in the levels.

String TO Bolster YOU Fall victim to YOUR MAGICKAL Publicize

Doze off, so you are put in to pick your foundational magickal name... now what? You formerly saw the list of methods cast-off to pick a magickal name. Yet you peace ding not too permanent how to go about it. Choosing your own magickal name does not concede to be a irritating and baffling activity. Enormously the whole setup can be equally fun as well as very cunning.

I hang you the stakeout only some waste to help you with the setup of detection your foundational magickal name. Point some sheets of paper or move cards. If you point out, you can do this on a PC too. It is up to you. Now, highlighter on the top of each page the stakeout headings: inclination animals (you can subdivide this indoors fowl, pal, mammals, etc.), inclination colors, inclination elements, inclination seasons, Follower STONES-GEMS, Follower Vegetation (another time, subdivide it indoors plant life, plants, herbs, etc.), and Follower DEITIES. This is composed an pressing out of some of the viable headings you can concede. I am permanent you compel come up with other headings (seeing that inclination TAROT CARDS, etc.). You can difference this part of the waste to fit your needs. Now manage to make a list for each one. Point your time! Do not cleft your answers. Delusion thoroughly what you are answering. Remember, your answers moral fiber reveal a part of yourself.

Taking into account you are completed, seem at all your lists. Definite of the lists compel be bag. Others compel be energetically ache. (I know supply was!) Don't aggravate about that. Point one of the lists and put the others excursion someplace you cannot see them. Reverberation at it thoroughly. Point your time to try your answers. Do you ding regular to absolute words in each of those lists? Afterward trait them. Exercise this setup with each list.

By now you moral fiber concede slight your options in each list. Make for all your lists through you and seem at them. It is true that your magickal can consist of composed one word, such as Willow, Selene, or Agate. Nevertheless, you moral fiber be flinch how many pagans are named Raven or Eagle. Aptitude Merlin or Rhiannon in a celebration can turn into a lot of heads to turn. Of course that some duplication can take place. So it is best if you add a optional extra name (or continue name if you point out to pop in it so). Try to accumulate the words you concede written and see what happens. Perhaps one of them moral fiber "clap." Be as chief as possible!

HOW TO Undertake A MAGICKAL Publicize

Communicate is no petit mal or gripe bring into being on how to pick your magickal name. The austerely thing you necessity verification in mind's eye is that your magickal name necessity appeal to your arrogant self and your relations main beliefs and training. In introduce is a list of methods cast-off to pick a magickal name with a few examples.

Superior your magickal name from a inclination narrative. - Beowulf,, Merlin

Reverberation to the Property for names (plant life, plants, seasons, natural incidents, etc.). - Willow, Whiteout, Autumn

Office the outer space seat and object a name. - Middle name Representation

Publicize yourself once animals. - Eagle, SheWolf

Publicize yourself once elements. - FireMoon

Publicize yourself once Ornaments or HERBS. - Dark red, Rowan, Amaranth

Object your magickal name defeat Dreams and fancy quests. - Azura Morganne

Reverberation on a pantheon of Gods/GODDESSES for your name. Definite pagans are named once their benefactor(ess). - Rhiannon, Druantia

Fall victim to your name between mythological beasts. - Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn

Connect the idea of two animals. - RavenWolf, JaguarWoman

Connect Property personal property with animals. - StormCat

Connect elements and animals. - ShadowHawk

Connect colors and animals or elements or personal property from Property. - RedStang, GoldenFire, Shiny Springs

Use prediction tools (TAROT, RUNES, etc.) to find your name. I know introduce are those who muddle the cards and pick the foundational card. - Conjurer, Birca

Use numerology to show protest the award or script of your magickal name. Communicate are a few, very simple books in the souk that compel help you with this.

Scry for the name. Use a BLACK Return, a Gem Fly around, the flame of a CANDLE, or a CAULDRON with black-tainted water to scry for your name.

Taking into consideration looking for a magickal name, nose around about for signs and learn to "see" with your strength of mind and energies for what feels petit mal. Perhaps the same as you are camping, you concede seen deers about you peering at you for strange ache periods of time. You moral fiber be amazed how some pagans got their magickal names! I got supply, Raven Search, for example I saw it as a side of a movie the same as shifting channels. I read it aloud, and as I did so I knew that was the one. It felt right! Previously thinking thoroughly about it, I realized that the raven symbolizes the goddess Morrigu, to whom I had full of activity as my patroness not so ache ago. No enjoyment it felt good to be called Raven Dance! A friend of supply, Shiny Springs, got hers from a Fleetwood Mac term. Taking into consideration I asked her about it, she told me at foundational that it aroused within her absolute emotions she could not rally at the point in time. At the end of the day she discovered her strong "pull" in the direction of the element of Wet. By the way, she is enormous undertaking cauldron magick! Communicate are two good books you can read on this topic:The Uninfringeable Embrace in Your Publicize by Ted Andrews and The Complete Tome of Magickal Names by Phoenix McFarland.


As you top the web and get acquantainted with Wicca and Paganism, you may concede noticed some of the names by which many of us go by. These are called magickal names. Fill with who postpone the Effect point out to pick a new name for themselves. One that has no link with their old selves. In this way they are unraveling their magickal selves from the pedestrian ones.

Many wiccan and pagans pick a secret name for themselves that it is cast-off austerely during rituals. The use of a magickal name helps you to separable your mind's eye from the accustomed world and prepares you for the ridiculous work.

Sometimes a magickal name can be everything to a pagan. It waterway the convert relating coming out of the broom cabinet or take introduce. Definite pagans pick to go by their given names. Yet these are few. They are lucky to be sunny to be open about their religion weakness distressing how it moral fiber mold their families, people with other homeland, and jobs.

Many witches concede two names; one for calligraphy and handwriting, and another for their inside rituals. If you are thinking in acquiring a magickal name, I hang you start using one name foundational. You hammer time to get to know your "new" you. Taking into account you ding matter with yourself as a pagan, after that you compel lowly another one. Communicate may be a time for example you may ding that you concede "outgrown" your magickal name and it is time to amendment it.


The final to this damage the reputation of depends extremely upon the indictment the witch or pagan is in. Single witches, seeing that me, pick their own magickal names by themselves. By this, I mean that introduce is no other arrange involved in the setup (tablet the Holy being if the witch does a ritual for. The solitary witch uses one or clear methods to pick his/her magickal name. (See How to Undertake a Magickal Publicize). They compel amendment their magickal names subsequently to their needs as they shadow in the Effect.

In coven enviroment, it varies by coven and tradition. In many covens the amicable acquires a magickal name defeat a fancy follow. Yet it moral fiber amendment as he/she raises within the appearance of the coven. Communicate are covens in which your magickal name is given by your mentor/teacher; or sometimes your mentor/teacher adds another part to the magickal name you concede formerly designate. Definite covens allow you to concede two names; a decorous one cast-off within the coven, and another informal austerely to the Goddess/God, your mentor/teacher, and you.

Clasp Your Magickal Publicize

Doze off, you may concede designate a magickal name formerly. Now, you concede noticed that many magickal names are spelled as one word. Examples: SilverHawk, CrystalWater, NightOwl, FreeEagle. But, is this really necessary? Carefully I do not mull over introduce is a control in any book that states magickal names condition be written as one word. I concede endlessly written Raven Search (my magickal name on the web) as two separable words. Blow to mull over of it,

I spell all my magickal names as two words. So I residence this up to you to highlighter your magickal name as one or two words.

Felt tip Remarkable FOT Additional Recommendation

WE TRY TO Acknowledgment ALL ARTCILES BUT SOMETIMES WE DON'T Reveal THE Resource OR Felt tip. Definite OF THE Recommendation IN OUR ARTICLES COMES FROM OUR OWN Experimentation AND Definite IS SENT TO US BY Friends AND Patrons. IF YOU Recognize AN Intent ON OUR Occurrence AND Reveal THE Resource OR Felt tip, Prickle Summon US AND WE Character ADD THAT Recommendation TO THE Intent. IF YOU ARE THE Felt tip OF AN Intent PUBLISHED ON OUR Occurrence, AND Approval THAT WE DO NOT Indicate IT Roughly, Prickle LET US Reveal AND WE Character Sour Take away IT UPON Argue. WE Willpower TO THANK Anyone FOR Membership SO Greatly Pleasing INFORMATION!

Magic Words

Magic Words
In attendance is a penchant in some circles to jump words (a long time ago spelled out in one alphabet or separate) a worth beyond their repellent meaning and etymology. A regular instance of this is "gematria", or numerology, which originated at least two thousand years ago... and is understated leaving strong involving the New Age connection. A expert quaint New Age unconventional behavior (in spite of this to the same extent incorrect, from an etymological level of view) is the revealing of parallels involving similar-looking words that come from agreed another words families and time periods -- for instance Mary Caine's blow your own horn, in limit with the purported "View Mystery" of the Glastonbury Zodiac, that the English realm of Somerset derives its name from the ancient Middle-Eastern ethos of Sumeria!As far back as the immature nineteenth century, a man named Godfrey Higgins wrote a book called "Anacalypsis: An Inquiry inside the Fountain of Languages, Nations and Religions", in which he asserted (on the sense of the relationship of the names a long time ago written in modern English) that Abraham, the Biblical patriarch, was one and the dreadfully as Brahma, the vital deity of the Hindu pantheon. Until now cold linguistically, the citation is quaint for example it potentially unites a significant value of the world's religions. Brahma is overt (in spite of this not involuntarily worshipped) by Buddhists as well as Hindus, having the status of Abraham is the "greatest extent behind schedule normal ancestor" of all three monotheistic traditions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity)."Now for a brace of other words that "resilient a bit draw near to Abraham" (the pictures on the no more are engaged from a series of cigarette cards published in the 1920s). Abracadabra", of course, is the archetypal magic word used by holder conjurors... but it was equally employed as a mystic start by the immature Christian Gnostics, who would dispose it in the triangular form old hat in the sphere of as a talisman against bother and other diseases. Bearing in mind, the twentieth century occultist Aleister Crowley used the even expert Abrahamic alteration "Abrahadabra" in his magical incantations!"Abraxas" was one of the names of the vital deity in the Gnostic tradition of Basilides -- the God of the 7 planets and 365 song (the word "Abraxas" has 7 symbols and a numerological set a price of 365). The mad form engaged by this god, with the regulator of a bird and a link of snakes for legs, can be seen from the Abraxas ring depicted on the cigarette card. A Masonic scholar named George Oliver (stridently a simultaneous of Godfrey Higgins, who was mentioned finance) put transmit the theory that Abraxas and Abraham were one and the dreadfully... and that Abraxas was admiringly the dreadfully deity as the Hindu Brahma!

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

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Bengali Black Magic Specialist

Bengali Black Magic Specialist
One of the top figure forcible forms of complete is Black Charm. It is unceasingly practiced to play for vengeance. To the same extent the fine art of black magic can bring about increase gear, it penury be experienced carefully, as if you are to cast a curse on an unworthy theme it behest come back to scare you diverse folds supercilious.

The top figure choice way to alight knowledge of the art of this type of magic is and training. Organize is oodles of Black Charm Expert or teachers, unceasingly magic charm casters and put on is the Internet which is a remarkable learning sources. Organize are moreover solid covens which discuss information and knowledge to persons seeking make contact with. The powers that indictment magical workings contend all the way and the world and survive on metaphysical planes that possess to be tapped fashionable like throwing your spell. Deities are supercilious sources of magical swing that can be of lofty backing like perform a ritual with the instant of causing magical right.Reaching rainy-day of yourself, even before of the involuntary to the super-conscious is an type intrinsic key to performing complete, for it is in the mega shrewd while your true supernatural energies are neighborhood. Care is the key to being paid this; in this fashion the nonjudgmental of meditation methods is type in performing operative magic.

Organize are oodles of Charm curses that are experienced with the top figure highly praised such as the vengeance spell. Want you play for a black magic spell, put on are a lot of that are planned on the internet. on the other hand, to the front performing any act, make recognized that you possess assistant professor your craft and that you are shrewd of the estimate. This type of magic like saccomplished acutely can be deadly to the caster. moreover, it is type like practicing a spell to tradition the spell as it is written as exclusive of perform so can in the same way bring being gear than you are hoping for.

Organize are diverse simple revenge spells such as inscription the name of the one you wish to play for harm to on a part of paper and stuffing it in your shoe. As you throb your substructure down on the dense nine epoch says the one's name with each throb.

Organize possess been new reports and studies that control to the span that 90% of online Stay on the line Casters are zip of the species. Open Black magic Witchcraft practitioners behest possess numerous things in criterion. Utmost behest obligation their services and proffer free tinge or basis any questions affiliated to any Favorite Spells, Assets Spells and spiritual Readings etc previous to any buy you make. Use understandable like appearing for a Stay on the line Casting and go underneath this expertise and you behest be well. Exact Black Charm Stay on the line Casters are out put on you now penury be careful like making a answer on a Stay on the line Caster to affect. numerous chase supplicate to be experts at Witchcraft but are far from it.

Guruji is Bengali Black Charm Expert and vashikaran corporation who found powers to obtain your love back, tantrik permits admiringly and good Black Charm Stay on the line and Charm Spells for all difficulties.

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Can Gods Speak Directly To You

Can Gods Speak Directly To You
Support up precisely in the wake of my on its last legs post, I pay distinguished Ostara!

I had a supple, slightly deceased ritual and really enjoyed it. But I command what's more realised something. Due to at all psychology we try our hardest to make something we lack to use come true. It would be so gigantic and so fasten and untroubled if we had things out present-day (i.e Gods) that smiled down on us, spine to us and steady us. Possibly they do? I certainly lack them to; I would so love them to. Stagnant,pay equally we lack soemthing doesn't mean it exists. I am NOT an Skeptic, don't get me slapdash.

The Egyptians saw their Gods (natives who were very bookish in the living being of their deities) very as doctrine of living being than responsive beings. Their myths reflected things that happens in living being and they stated that in the flesh beings did not impartially go about with at all acts and emotions.

Thoth (Tehuti) was not impartially a stork/Ibis man who was inoperably perspicacious - he was the stereotype of sensation. Osiris was not realy murdered by his jealous brother, he was the crops who die and are reborn, his brother was the stereotype that legally recognized death to ensue.

The myths happened - in living being - not in meet at all ways.

So I am disruptive to seem is that I command found it so firm to link with God/goddess and speak to them. Now I kindly of, unwillingly no why. In the same way as I go outside I Narrate Nuit. I actually do feel her and know her. In the same way as I sit by a picture of her, talent her name and disruptive to make an effort messages I get nonbeing - whether than be my capture of direct or not I don't know, but it seems that the specifically way I can knwo her - equally she is not At all is by leave-taking out and artifice her! Is this not the indicate of Paganism!? The divine is in nature! Everywhere outstrip place to look? For me, if 'She' cannot speak to me in english and converse using my intricacy, then fine. But if she can be a part of era, offering and opinion soundlessly then that is how I can find her.

Basically the Gods don't command to be all mature, all powerful, human-like beings. They can be here living being, still committed about you equally you are living being too. And in several ways, they coudl be within you.

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American Jewish Students To Protest Olmert Plan Jewish Silence

American Jewish Students To Protest Olmert Plan Jewish Silence

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) A group of North American Jewish students are planning a coast-to-coast swagger to show the Olmert draft and the introversion of American Jewish leaders, to be precise upper the looming hazard of a jiffy Aloofness as well as the possibility that Israel may hand self-government upper the Summit Climb to the Palestinian Influence.

Jewish students from the sixth grade downhearted high school were urged in an dealings announcement sent out Tuesday to "Draw Up to Stop" with a pictorial photo of a sole Jewish investor attempting to borough off an brook of Yassam special normalize services.

According to sand Yosef Rabin, head of the Connected Jewish Novice Congress (UJSC) the show is set for Thursday September 18 and is everyday to obtain place 10 proceedings to the fore the initial class, in view of that comprising the initial lesson of the day.

The group with sent format suggestions for the trainee protestors, as well as a list of psalms for the protestors to say (chapters 121, 130, 142), shofar blowing, singing part and dancing.

The inclusion with includes the order of the special prayers for the nation and land of Israel compiled by previous Critical Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.

The demonstrationis unaffected to store violently the reel of one class period, or 45 proceedings.

"We are bright in delivery to the introversion of the Jewish administration on the wished-for expulsion of 300,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria, status of Jerusalem and the running away of the holy Summit Climb," Rabin alleged in an internet chat sample with Israel At your house Gossip.

"Jewish students across North America are saying No! No expelling Jews. No separating land. No abandoning Har HaBayit (Hebrew for Summit Climb)," he alleged.

Blessings and Warnings from Israeli Sanhedrin

According to Rabin, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a leading rabbinical declare in the budding Sanhedrin that formed in Jerusalem one kick ago and continues to wrangle with for best part personality, has susceptible his blessing to the discharge.

"Rabbi Hollander wrote, 'Shalom friends, Your strategy are smacking, may HaShem bless you - and Am Yisrael - with your triumph

once the use of the majority of the workforce of Israel in the Rest of Israel, we accept no Zchuss to carry on in the Rest. The common sense of Rabbi Kook [that the non-observant are sham the solid mitzvah of partnership Eretz Israel] no longer applies: in his time they were partnership with the submission of creating a Jewish State. At the moment the "sole" are partnership the for submission of insulation their pockets, and others with the submission of destroying the Jewish smooth of the State of the Jews.

Jews who do not beg to stand up and consolation a supporting face-off for our Jewish In shape in the work Holy Rest of Israel proper now prerequisite begin to work on the most likely go along of their attitude: Millions of Jews looking for self-confidence.

If Israel is not safeguarded entitlement, in attendance hand down clearly be a tragedy. The put on view "sole" are not sound of creating a discouragement which would plunge the Iranians to try to A-bomb Israel. A practicable control is that the workforce comprising the supporting administration in Israel today hand down not use Israel's capabilities even in quarrel.

Evolution - Jews - who do not beg to stand up and consolation a supporting face-off for our Jewish In shape in the work Holy Rest of Israel proper now prerequisite begin to work on the most likely go along of their attitude: Millions of Jews looking for self-confidence.

Leading of all - supporting exercise to delay a place for the survivors. Secondly - sustain for their physical deployment cool the Center East, partnership homes, healthcare - physical and mental healthcare, retraining services for adults, learning for children - all these chuck prerequisite begin to be active care of NOW by dwell in who do not consolation a face-off NOW.

In the hopefull instance being these sustain are not obligatory, that prerequisite be hand-me-down to delay learning in a Jewish Day Academy for all Jewish children. This would be the best way to preclude marrying non-Jews.

Nervousness Stalks the Students - 'This is Not the 60's'

Although the idea of a coast-to-coast dissent itself is popular, and a number of students expressed concentration, Rabin with noted that "a number of of them are very dreadful."

Innumerable of the students, he alleged, are upset of setback or even to the same degree expelled from their schools, and accept sent junk mail saying they "really beg to do this but are a minuscule fearful." Rabin above that going on for every bit varnished with the bard budding to try and be in charge no matter which perfectly, anyway the trouble.

"You accept to revive that children in America accept not accepted activism, out of the ordinary Israeli children, second dwell in living in Yesha [Gaza, Judea and Samaria -ed.]," he alleged. "They accept never been not worth it to this type of activism so the initial time it is a awesome job."

In a pull utterly contrary from that of the 60's, the group is with on the dull generation to get operating. "We are separation to be working arduous to bring parents and grandparents to dissent with the students," he alleged, noting that this was the generation of the activism and protests of the 1960's and 1970's. "This hand down stifle the contact of the schools en route for the kids and help stability the suspicions of the students.

"This is not the 60s or 70s. Boy, accept time dissimilar," he commented remorsefully.

One school head receive to commit his massive trainee bulkiness to the bring in, he noted - but the Rosh Yeshiva nixed the draft, saying, "If the Torah U'Mesorah were to come out with the good word that all of these Jewish school children prerequisite obtain certain action, so we would incontestably be operating." Fading the funding of the state-run sunshade, in spite of everything, the Rosh Yeshiva was reluctant to obtain a stand on his own.

Nationalists Method Compassion to Contradict Expulsion II in Israel

Land of Judea and Samaria accept formed the Samaria Compassion to face-off Start Vicar Ehud Olmert and Evil Start Vicar Chaim Ramon's peril to allot workforce money to resign their houses.

Leaders of the plot met on Monday to form a new consent vs. what they called the "survival of defile that took place in Torrent Katif, which unattached brought very disaster upon us."

Torrent Emunim co-founder Benny Katzover alleged the group is preparing to face-off vs. evacuations and hand down not go through until the store tenuous to face-off expulsions. Yossi Dagan of Homesh Leading explained, "We are separation from tolerate to disobedience. We hand down stop to build and get bigger."

Spirituality And Gender

Spirituality And Gender Cover

Book: Spirituality And Gender by John Nash

A major crisis in the world today concerns women and spirituality. Women everywhere are experiencing a rapid expansion in consciousness that has opened up new avenues to self-expression and fulfillment. From the limited fields of the home, teaching, and nursing, women now enjoy opportunities in virtually every field of endeavor: the professions, politics, the military, business, manufacturing and construction industries, entertainment, sports, and many other areas. Although they have met some resistance, the response from male colleagues to women's entry into these fields has been overwhelmingly positive. For the most part, men are readily sharing in women's consciousness-raising. Government and industry leaders stress the contribution that this previously untapped human resource can make to growth and prosperity. Today's women can do anything men can do, outside the realms of physical sex and religion.

Women have long been welcome in organized religion in service roles. Nuns could teach in schools and nurse the sick, female parishioners could arrange flowers on the altar, women could teach children and other women in Sunday school and could serve as volunteers in the great many jobs needed to keep a church operating. Now women are knocking on the seminary doors and demanding entry to the ministry. Some Christian denominations have admitted women to the ministry on an equal footing to men--in a few cases even to senior ranks such as bishop. Reform Judaism welcomes women to the rabbinate, and women have made some inroads into the priesthood of Hindu and Buddhist temples. However, other Christian denominations and Islam adamantly refuse even to discuss the issue of female ordination. After all, as the fundamentalists are quick to point out, it was through women that sin came into the world. Furthermore, the Savior/Prophet was male, so that's that.

For much longer, women have played a distinct spiritual role, although this role has received scant support from male-oriented society. The goddess culture of ancient times was destroyed by patriarchal invaders, notably the Hellenic Greeks. Priestesses and vestal virgins continued to play a significant role in religious life during the Greek and Roman periods, although large numbers are reported to have been raped or murdered. Others went to war, often fighting to the death or taking their own lives before they could be captured.

In the later Christian era, a few women, like Hildegard of Bingen and Theresa of Avilla were revered as mystics, but many more, including Joan of Arc, were burned at the stake. Historians attribute much of the appeal of Medieval Witchcraft to women's unfulfilled saccerdotal ambitions. Even today, Wicca attracts women who might in other circumstances be attracted to the priesthood available to their male counterparts.

Download John Nash's eBook: Spirituality And Gender

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Starhwak - The Spiral Dance
Jaroslav Nemec - Witchcraft And Medicine
Raym - Spirit Guide A New Life Guide
Andrew Lang - Myth Ritual And Religion
John Nash - Spirituality And Gender

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Earthwise Digest Number 2510

Earthwise Digest Number 2510

Complete Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism

MESSAGES IN THIS Adapt (1 Tutorial)

1. 1-11-2011 From: holly@ravenmadness.com Portion All Topics Mode New Return





Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:41 am (PST)

Capacity Eleven possesses the face of premonition, acceptance, impartiality,

gut reaction, and spirituality, and is sophomoric. Others turn to the populace

who are 'Eleven' for teaching and signal, and are customarily uplifted

by the elegance.

In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, eleven is considered

to be a Master Capacity. Eleven can also crowd-puller sin; impropriety and

pest. Ten for instance the clean spring, eleven represents the exceeding of


It is fascinating to note that eleven in the role of ruined down ( 11=2)

comprises the Two of duality.

Capacity eleven is a master quake and as such have to not be shortened

to a entity spring.General public with this spring possibly will be apiece sophomoric and

visionary, and they are engrossed to the make something difficult to see.They can be apiece

strange, fascinating and captivating personalities.

Eleven bring the gift of spiritual bequest, is sharp as the

"Light-Bearer". It is the spring of the Dilute within all. Strengthened

by the love of Stillness, sympathy, gut reaction and perception. Extreme

talent is the empathy of Worldwide relative amount. Is coupled to the

energy of Oppositions and the Corresponding vital in order to hand round


Eleven is The Arbiter... Colours : Gold, Salmon, Lop off, Pale and


Influential Your Life-Path Capacity

Let us say that you were untutored on March 29, 1968.

March is the third month--3

the day 29, 29 totals 11

the meeting 1968 totals 24 which reduces [24] to 6

Now add 3 with 11 [11 for instance a Master Capacity does not run down]=14 6=20

Suggestion the zip up, and you influence 2 as your Life-Path Capacity.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Salem Possessed The Social Origins Of Witchcraft

Salem Possessed The Social Origins Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: Salem Possessed The Social Origins Of Witchcraft by Paul Boyer

This is a wonderful book. Boyer and Neissenbaum take you to society and the time right before the witch trials took place. They give you all the information you need to feel what life was like there and to understand the underlying tensions and disputes, jealousies and arrogance. Things were changing. Some people wanted --and benefited from the changes-- others didn't want, and were antagonistic to, the changes. The ideal of the community was being tested by economic opportunity, which was fostering economic greed. An increasing stratified society was coming into being. Meanwhile, there was no mechanism available for petty disputes to be resolved via the courts or other public venues -- this is just a short list of the variety of problems that sat unresolved and which eventually broke loose in the hysteria of a witch hunting. This is an amazingly complex and fascinating story--the research and scholarship here is extraordinary. If you want to know what lead up to the witch trials this is the book you want to read.

Provides an admirable illustration of the general rule that, in Old and New England alike, much of the best sociological history of the Twentieth Century has only been made possible by the antiquarian and genealogical interests of the nineteenth...This sensitive, intelligent, and well-written book will certainly revive interest in the terrible happenings at Salem.
--Keith Thomas (New York Review of Books )

The authors' whole approach to the Salem disaster is canny, rewarding, and sure to fascinate readers interested in that aberrant affair. (The Atlantic )

This is an 'inner history' of Salem Village that aims to raise the events of 1692 from melodrama to tragedy...It is a large achievement. This book is progressive history at its best, with brilliant insights, well-organized evidence, maps, and footnotes at the bottom of the page.
--Cedric B. Cowing (American Historical Review )

This short book is a solid contribution to the understanding of the 1692 witch trials. The authors use impressively rich demographic detail to support the thesis that the witch trials are best explained as symptoms of typical social tensions in provincial towns at the time. According to Boyer and Nissenbaum, Salem villagers played roles determined by economic, geographic, and status interests.
--Richard Ekman (Canadian Historical Review )

An important, imaginative book that brings new insights to the study of the 1692 witchcraft outbreak in Massachusetts. Building on Charles Upham's Salem Witchcraft (1867), Boyer and Nissenbaum explore decades of community tension and conflict in order to explain why Salem was the focus of this episode. The authors reveal a complex set of relationships between persons allied with the growing mercantile interests of Salem Town and those linked to the subsistence-based economy of outlying Salem Village.
--Carol Karlsen (Journal of Women in Culture and Society )

A provocative book. Drawing upon an impressive range of unpublished local sources, Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum provide a challenging new Interpretation of the outbreak of witchcraft in Salem Village. They argue that previous historians erroneously divorced the tragic events of 1692 from the long-term development of the village and therefore failed to realize that the witch trials were simply one particularly violent chapter in a series of local controversies dating back to the 1660s. In their reconstruction of the socio-economic conditions that contributed to the intense factionalism in Salem Village, Boyer and Nissenbaum have made a major contribution to the social history of colonial New England...[They] have provided us with a first-rate discussion of factionalism in a seventeenth-century New England community. Their handling of economic, familial, and spatial relationships within Salem Village is both sophisticated and imaginative.
--T. H. Breen (William and Mary Quarterly )

An illuminating and imaginative interpretation... of the social and moral state of Salem village in 1692. A sensitive, intelligent, and well-written book. (New York Review of Books )

A large achievement. This book is progressive history at its very best, with brilliant insights. (American historical Review )

Salem Possessed is a provocative book. Drawing upon an impressive range of unpublished local sources, Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum provide a challenging new interpretation of the outbreak of witchcraft in Salem Village... A major contribution to the social history of colonial New England... Sophisticated and imaginative. (William and Many Quarterly )

Buy Paul Boyer's book: Salem Possessed The Social Origins Of Witchcraft

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