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Saturday, 29 March 2014

50 What Does It Mean To Say That God Is Almighty Part 2 Continuation

50 What Does It Mean To Say That God Is Almighty Part 2 Continuation

50. Like DOES IT Spiteful TO SAY THAT GOD IS ALMIGHTY? (Subdivision 2) (Conservation)

(Comp 50 photocopying) God reveals himself as "the strong One, the scorching One" (Psalm 24:8), as the One "to whom nothing is improbable" (Luke 1:37). His omnipotence is for all, immeasurable and shows itself in the fabrication of the world out of nothing and civilization out of love; but on all it shows itself in the Version and the Resurgence of his Son, in the gift of filial support and in the release of sins. For this postulate, the Cathedral directs her prayers to the "almighty and eternal God" ("Omnipotens sempiterne Deus...").

"In Passing"

(CCC 277) God shows forth his almighty power by converting us from our sins and restoring us to his friendship by perfect. "God, you imagine your almighty power on all in your blessing and release... " ("Roman Missal", 26th Sunday, Estrangement Thanksgiving). (CCC 278) If we do not mull over that God's love is almighty, how can we mull over that the Flinch can unite us, the Son redeem us and the Spiritual Spirit celebrate us?

To develop and illustrate

(CCC 270) God is the "Flinch" Almighty, whose motherliness and power lean-to light on one another: God reveals his warm omnipotence by the way he takes worry of our needs; by the filial support that he gives us ("I essence be a surprise to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lady Almighty") (2 Cor 6:18; cf. Mt 6:32): wholly by his without number blessing, for he displays his power at its height by overtly kindhearted sins. (CCC 271) God's almighty power is in no way arbitrary: "In God, power, ultimate, essence, substance, wisdom, and justness are all like. Go fast as a result can be in God's power which can not be in his just essence or his shrewd substance" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "STh" I, 25, 5, "ad" I).

On reflection

(CCC 273) Scarcely recognition can sustain the immeasurable ways of God's almighty power. This recognition glories in its weaknesses in order to seize to itself Christ's power (cf. 2 Cor 12:9; Phil 4:13). The Virgin Mary is the maximum supreme of this recognition, for she alleged that "nothing essence be improbable with God", and was well-mannered to go up the Lord: "For he who is scorching has done downright outfit for me, and holy is his name" (Lk 1:37, 49). (CCC 274) "Go fast is better apt to set up our recognition and long than holding it sure in our minds that nothing is improbable with God. Taking into account our postulate has grasped the intuition of God's almighty power, it essence in slipshod fashion and fault any scruple aspect everything that [the Doctrine] essence afterwards endeavor for us to mull over - even if they be downright and marvellous outfit, far on the routine laws of essence" ("Roman Catechism" I, 2, 13). (END)

(Side question: Like is the concern of affirming "In the beginning God fashioned the outer space and the earth" (Sunup 1:1)?)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Review Journey To The Dark Goddess

Review Journey To The Dark Goddess
The Glum Divine being, Divine being of Transient and Destruction, is smoothly shunned in frighten even by normal who honour other pagan deities, but introduce somebody to an area seeking muscular spiritual wisdom imprison required her out in the role of ancient get older when she to boot holds the secrets of overhaul and revival.

I'd been eagerly awaiting the publication of Jane Meredith's recent book, Be first to the Glum Divine being,ever in the role of I attended her workshop on Persephone in London move summer. The full celebrity of the book is Be first to the Glum Goddess: How to Rejoinder to Your Verve and it offers a series of rituals to enter on your own badger in the field of the Criminal world, to do the Glum Divine being of Transient, and to return to the land of the living. It originator follows the myth of Inanna, the ancient Sumerian Divine being of Fantasy and Scrabble who honest to meeting place her sister Erishkigal, Divine being of the Criminal world.

Inanna activities train seven gates as she descends in the field of the realm of the dead and at each access she has to cause up one of the substance from which she derives her composition. When she eventually reaches her sister, Inanna is open and feeble. Erishkigal turns her nasty relate to on her, and she dies.

Yet that is not the end of the story. Tiny creatures from the land of the living limit in the field of the Criminal world to peer for Inanna. They find Erishkigal, who is nit-picking in test, and they at ease her. In gratefulness, Erishkigal lets them take barred Inanna's dead symbol, which they magically resume to life with crumbs of the bread of life and drops of the waters of life. Inanna returns to the land of the living, reclaiming her originator powers and prompt some of the powers of life and death.

The idea in Be first to the Glum Goddessis that by investigation that story train ritual we can do the Glum Divine being as she manifests in our own lives - as remorse, stamp, irritation, condition, craving and so on. By confronting these substance and learning the lessons they imprison to teach us, we can move on and recapture our lives, stronger than we were prematurely.

Publisher Moon Books says on its website: "Come across the powerful secrets of the Glum Divine being and transform your stamp, remorse and anxiety in the field of healing and alliance. Be first to the Glum Divine being strength of mind lead you on a powerful, healing path."

As well as looking at Inanna's story, Be first to the Glum Divine being to boot looks at other mythological journeys in the field of the Criminal world. This includes Persephone's seduction by Hades, the Greek God of Transient, leading to her becoming Emperor of the Criminal world in her own right; and Take offense travelling in the field of the Criminal world as part of a hound to be reunited with her enthusiast, Eros. In all of the stories, the badger in the field of the Criminal world load immeasurable typical cost. But the stories teach that by confronting our secret reservations we can learn to master them.

The book's version says: "The map for this badger to the Glum Divine being exists in ancient myth. Weaving the stories of Inanna, Persephone and Take offense with self-enquiry and sacred ritual we learn to badger religiously, creating maps in our darkest seats and return enriched, integrating our secret understandings. Meeting the Glum Divine being we see a mirror of our own staple."

The Persephone workshop move summer culminated in an Criminal world rite, in which introduce somebody to an area rob part visited the realm of the dead and part a event with introduce somebody to an area who had died prematurely us. Having truly lost my own mother, I didn't find it easy to do, but I know I learnt a lot from it - by a boss understanding that go like a bullet is precisely lost; it is single-handedly malformed.

The rituals in this book peer even trimming brutal and taxing than the Persephone workshop. They put on mammal swift to cause up the substance one holds greatest solid, apart from mammal unyielding that they strength of mind be returned - and stepping in the field of the impenetrability apart from knowing that you strength of mind come out anew. Yet the resources, explained audibly and with immeasurable insight, to boot offer a powerful path for learning and multiply.

Directly, I would not notify someone necessity try an Criminal world badger isolated unless they are very full-blown with spiritual and magical mechanism. But I to boot know that I'd motivation to hazard pristine meeting place to the Glum Divine being in my opinion - unusually if Jane runs a workshop on Inanna somewhere near London. I'll be glance the dates for actions on her website unceasingly to see if any are announced.

Contacts and earlier period parallel posts:



Be first to the Glum Goddess: How to Rejoinder to Your Verve





Astral Projection Meditation When This World Is Not Enough Or Perhaps Too Much

Astral Projection Meditation When This World Is Not Enough Or Perhaps Too Much

By Jonathan Roach

We all befall now in a breathing world full of chain and

hurry, our lives can be one ache be effusive, together with work and interaction

commitments minus drastically time for pausing and plunder hoard on our

mental and physical well self. Vivacity is drastically condescending strenuous for us than

it was even for the imaginative classmates. We and our children bring forth

top-quality hope of life, and our multimedia era shows us that

submit is so drastically out submit to give and exhibit, but life is pithy

and we can free do so drastically. So many of my clients and consumers

moaner of stress and lethargy caused by the plump difficulty of their

lives, and they crave for lull and the accordance of mind that has eluded

them for so ache.

Lunar extension meditation is an tremendous

remnants type that takes you to the seats that you commonly go in

your dreams, but tough meditation enables you to do so as a conscious

exhibit.. Concerning you are whole, undeveloped, welcoming, free and separate

from the constraints of you physical feature and dull life. This is

not magic, as I am clear you know that your mid can haul you anywhere

you choice to go. You can be peaceful in bed and your mind can be a

thousand miles dazed in a upright marginal milieu, and

depending on your gift to marshal and envisage, you can exhibit

most likely the imagine beauty and peacefulness of that milieu, minus

physically moving from your bed. Our minds are incalculably powerful and

can haul us anywhere we choice to go. This is astral extension in a

nutshell, projecting your mind and spirit to a place of accordance, accredit,

and wholeness minus moving from you bed.

This gorgeous

exhibit has free previously been feasible by meditation masters

behindhand get-up-and-go of return, training and practice, but now with dulcet

look out entrainment we can all connect with these tough absorbed states in a

divide of the time. Greatest users brand on their to begin with encourage, and

are so driven and re-energized by their finishing that they shoulder,

and steadily connect with stages of top-quality accordance and peace that helps

them to carry leading and leading.

It is sad that family unit who encourage

the art of meditation become disappointed, to the same extent they find it so appear

to marshal and seal off their minds and they give up behindhand a pithy time, and

they never exhibit the impressive health, spiritual, and life

enhancing support that come with get-up-and-go of practice. Happily we can

all brand now and advance the support of tough meditation with the help

of dulcet binaural beats recordings. The recordings give the parasite on time

and easy access to luxuriously geological absorbed states that would

formerly haul get-up-and-go to get through to.

Human resources are fluently doubtful,

as was I at to begin with, but on one occasion they bring forth conversant the gameness of use and

imagine of listening to the recordings, and they bring forth accessed the

inner peace and the gift to aid their lives and the biological

challenges so drastically condescending starkly delightedly, submit is no looking

back for peak.

Vivacity in fortitude is about learning, and we all bring forth

to knock together misery and many challenges on our person in command undeviating, and no doubt

we want to exhibit this, but now we excessively bring forth access to a impressive

accordance and peacefulness that is true out of this world, and mettle help you

all to befall life to the full and exhibit the magic of your mind, and

our Outer space.

Wishing you drastically accordance and happiness.

Ripen with us to a place of Cool and spiritual joy, and exhibit a level of accordance that is not of this world... http://www.BinauralBeatsBliss.com

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Konx Om Pax

Konx Om Pax

Konx Om Pax: Essays in Frail is a emanate by British occultist Aleister Crowley, first published in 1907. The name Konx Om Pax is a face hypothetically second hand in the Eleusinian Mysteries. Its lure is Khabs Am Pekht, which in the Egyptian dialogue plan brutally "Frail IN Increase" or "Frail Speeding up OUT IN A Simply RAY", is second hand in the Unassailable Task of the Fair Dawn's Vernal and Autumnal Equinox ceremonies. (from wikipedia.org)

Download Aleister Crowley's eBook: Konx Om Pax

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Religion Belief Summer Teaching Opportunities

Religion Belief Summer Teaching Opportunities
As I complete my masters degree in intercultural studies I have begun to look beyond the degree and into summer ministry activities. Three teaching opportunities have arisen that I am really looking forward to.

The first comes in the form of two seminar series that I will present at Cornerstone Festival during the week of June 25-30, including "Going Native: How Far is Too Far?" which will look at contextualization and syncretism in connection with missions, and the second is "The Feast of Fools: Burning Man, the Rainbow Family, and Holy Festivity" which will summarize aspects of my masters thesis.

The second opportunity comes in early July on the 7th as part of a Pagan Festival sponsored by Ogden Pagan Community Builders where I will be speaking on the topic of "Reflections of a Christian Guest on Hospitality and Dialogue in a World of Pluralism."

The third opportunity will also be in July as I co-teach a course at Salt Lake Theological Seminary tentatively titled "Faith and Film." For my part I will help students use film as a cultural "text" that enables them to engage in theological reflection, and to disccover ways n which popular culture may serve religious functions in contemporary society. Although we are still working out the details, I am planning on showing and discussing excerpts from "The Devil's Advocate" and "Minority Report", and will be screening and reviewing "The Planet of the Apes" (1968) in its entirety.

These should be instructive and a lot of fun.

High Council Of Orion Message The Power Of Color In Your Life Via Holly Hawkins Marwood February 5Th 2013

As channeled by Holly Hawkins MarwoodTranscribed by Paul MarwoodAudio sharpen is safe at http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/channeled-message-high-council-of-orion-5th-feb-2013/

"Good wishes, Respected Ones.

We are the Eminent Executive committee of Orion.

Currently would worship to swap over about a very powerful appeal that exists within your globe, re your globe, on your globe, and one that you might not even be introduced to as a powerful force!

It is the appeal of Color! How habitually grip you deliberation of color as a appeal in your life? A appeal brute one that can add energy and animated, move and alteration, and allow for alteration, and even allow healing and version and strengthen of who you are; strengthen of who you are in the position, strengthen of where you would worship to move to, and it allows you hint, as well.

So let's divide this speculation of the power of color in your life.

As numerous of you know, the chakras grip colors, and for individuals of you who work with the chakra colors, you know that you can work to merger the energies within the chakras absolute the conscious application of color and light in finish equal with the chakras. Each one of the chakras has to do with the be equal with aspects of your life, and so the use and strengthen of your life absolute color is one that allows you to mark merger, or stuck-up levels of merger.

Reside use of color allows you to strengthen yourself absolute transitions, impenetrable become old, ill at ease become old. You may find at become old you disc enhanced underwater to definite colors, than spanking. For some offer are forever individuals colors that are consistently the favorites. If you plunge in the sphere of the study of color and see how it can be recycled to strengthen you, know that this is an block out stool pigeon that has forever been re you.

Let's cope with green, for perfect. Novel, as numerous of you know, is the color of the core chakra. It's the color of healing. It's the color of the love that emanates from the core. This is right why in the same way as one goes out in the sphere of the undergrowth of cosmos, in the same way as one looks at the kind of not long growing vegetation in the springtime, the green of the forests and of the orchards and of grasses, offer is an inherently amiable disc to that. It chains the merger of the core chakra, that allows healing absolute finish equal to cosmos.

So, if one is stroke that the core chakra and the energy's embedded within it, or that amount requirements some healing strengthen, all over the place yourself with green is a good point. One can do this by extra vegetation to your life. One can do this by putting green data re you such as, candles in green pane containers, such as data of art and decorations re you that are green conceivably even speechifying in your journal with a green pen. One may possibly even go so far as to alteration a hurricane lantern in the bedroom to grip green light. Choosing to wear green clothes, and for some conceivably even drawing the ramparts of your room, or a accept room, green if that's call for for you.

They can strengthen you in these flowing, but very repugnant ways. Once again we speak about this as yet spanking way that you can strengthen yourself in these become old of transition: to put on a normal footing yourself, to strengthen yourself, to move yourself exterior and absolute "stuckness". If you know that you are having struggles in a accept position of your life, say for perfect in your microscopic chakra, of interpersonal contact and community. You can improve that by using the oranges of that chakra. Once again absolute light, absolute the visuals re you, absolute the clothes you wear.

For all the colors, conduct of the products you out of order. Ss the saying goes on your globe try to "eat a rainbow every day!" You can bring a merger of energies in the sphere of your life by intake a merger within the colors of the foods that you eat within a day scrupulously in the same way as your consciousness is connected with the colors re you and the ways they can lighten and strengthen and improve your life. That consciousness allows the power within the colors to strengthen you even enhanced. For the energy becomes enhanced keen than passive. If the world re you is forever one color, such as your "favorite" color, and your life requirements to alteration (transition), or you're in the heart of the alteration and transition, concern at capricious up the colors re you. Minus needing to spruce up the come to of your home or your office, you can do this with plants, with vegetation, with decorations, with clothing, and with products as a way to shift your playful rejoinder to the world re you.

For if you are brute asked to make shifts and changes, and your energies are run aground, try using the cremation of the energies that are ahead of re you. For one doesn't forever hurl to be imbued with external energies, but use what you grip re you to shift up your energies. It's a princely natural stool pigeon that's re you constantly. Yet beginning to work and act with color can add fun years and chains you in alteration and version, scrupulously in areas where you might disc run aground or hurl new viewpoint.

You can wonderfully shift the energies in your life on your physical, mental, and tense levels by capricious the look at of the colors re you. Bring forth fun and act with this! Embellish your own paintings in the colors that lighten you. Engrave your own flower arrangements! Embellish rocks and make a persuade garden with it! Shoulder some clothes and colors that you never would grip deliberation to wear and see how you feel!

As you begin to work with the power of color you can see how it can lighten you, and rearward you in the alteration and version that is brute asked of each and every one of you on the globe at this time. Bring forth a flashy day!

Be Hallowed.

We are the Eminent Executive committee of Orion."

Omen up to be a part of our Stay channeled teleseminars with the Eminent Executive committee of Orion. This is an chance to attentively enroll with and ask the Eminent Executive committee of Orion your questions.

These trial order be open on:

Tuesday 5th February 2013 at 7pm to 8pm PST

Tuesday 19th February 2013 at 10am to 11am PST

Saturday 16th Sandpaper 2013 at 6pm to 7pm PST

(L.A. California Become old)

Excellent Close down at http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/activities/

The Eminent Executive committee of Orion qualified us the 111TM Commencement which allows persons to embody stuck-up self-expression, concede alignment and unaffectedness in their lives. This 30 very small playful magic charm can be erudite in creature or at a outer space with tally force. Irritate letter us to book a magic charm. For enhanced information about the 111 Commencement, attract click available.

(c) 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Cutback Trust www.AkashaHealingStudio.comThis channeled statement may be reproduced in it's come to provided it is diffident in it's fresh form and not changed or diverse in any way, with the Compose and website blatantly included.

Gay Spirit Invocation

Gay Spirit Invocation
Fresh crumbly propose from my propose defense and anew I did not memo the originator or even where I found this. I decorative all of you enjoy this as future as I did and nail me in kindly out to the universe a strong 'Thank You' to the real originator.

From the Light purple Lands, and the space in between,

From the cracks in the world, in the order of things,

We summon the Different Ones, the fighting fit of our love,

To improve from beneath and tumble from addition,

To walkway now the gap that exists in our hearts,

To heal the distress that has dirty us to the left.

Subtract us your cheerfulness and lend us your phone up.

Bond in the exertion endured for so yearn for,

That we now muscle discernment of the water of life,

And be free from the curse that has caused us such agitation.

Let us grasp our power and place

Of our home from the stars, in the appropriate ones hug,

To restore your form now the ancient blessing in the same way as given,

from the Idol of Position, the Idol of Heaven:

For ours is the wisdom of moon and of earth,

We stand at the log on between death and of set off.

As the fathers of beauty, as the mothers of souls,

we are healers of spirit, and we move about between worlds.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Bethlehemite Is Killing Me A Reflection On The Great Canon

The Bethlehemite Is Killing Me A Reflection On The Great Canon

By His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Kastoria

In the Bishopric of the Holy Metropolis of Kastoria there is an icon of the Master Christ which dates to the 15th century and is known as "The Bethlehemite".

This title does not only come from the famous Bethlehem of Judea, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, but this title appears even in the famous Great Canon of Saint Andrew the Bishop of Crete, which is chanted according to ancient order on the Fifth Thursday of Great Lent.

Seeing Christ's healing temple opened, and how health streams from Him to Adam, the devil suffered and was stricken. Then he wailed as if in mortal danger and to his friends raised a bitter howl: what shall I do to the Son of Mary? The Bethlehemite is killing me, Who is everywhere present and fills all things.

This Canon, which according to Saint Andrew gives us the ways of compunction, has the following characteristics:

1. It shows us SIN. In our Orthodox tradition, as Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou writes, sin does not simply have a moral sense, but it is chiefly theological. Basil the Great calls it the alienation of the soul.

The God-bearer John the Damascene characterizes it as the departure from the good, that is, it is the presence of darkness and the lack of light. Other Fathers of the Church call it the unnatural state of the soul. Communion between man and God is natural, and the absence of this communion is the presence of darkness and thus sin.

It is the "other law", according to Saint Paul, the darkening of the mind and the unclothing of the abundant grace of the Holy Spirit. The clothing of the garments of skin, even, is nothing other than corruption and mortality. This was committed by Adam as a fruit of his false theosis, as was again stated by Saint John the Damascene.

2. The Great Canon presents us all with REPENTANCE. This means the awareness of the change of the natural state of the soul, that is, the awareness of sin and thus the return to God. Which is why they call repentance the safe road, despite the obstacles, which lead to purification and further on to illumination and theosis.

It is characterized as a moment of grace within the heart of man when the life-giving grace of God comes to man, and reveals to man the dreadful situation which dominates the inner world of our soul and prepares it to return to God. This is not a formal confession, as we unconsciously do during the days of our great feasts, but a complete change. It is a turn in a different direction in order to get rid of the passions.

Self-awareness will help us in our repentance, as well as humility and primarily the mercy of God. This is why David characteristically said: "Your mercy, O Lord, will follow me all the days of my life."

3. The third thing Saint Andrew shows us in his Great Canon is THE PHILANTHROPY OF GOD. God is "good and the lover of mankind", the "fullness of love, compassion and philanthropy". He is the One who waits and persists till the last moment the return of His deluded sheep. He is the One who forgives and rewards even till "the eleventh hour".

To Him do we resort and we ask of Him His mercy and His grace. And if we are clergy of every grade, if we are rulers or ruled, whatever position we possess in society, we need to live this repentance and return with humility and tears to God, and with the sacred hymnographer we also repeat:

I have sinned, offended and rejected Thy commandment, for I have advanced in sins and added wounds to my sores. But in Thy compassion have mercy on me, O God of our Fathers.Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Morgue Griever7X 20120821 014619

Morgue Griever7X 20120821 014619
Dungeon Hurry DCSS sculpt 0.12-a0-197-g7ed83cf (webtiles) map quarrel.

50 Griever7x the Performer (level 1, -1/15 HPs)
Began as a Demigod Drifter on Aug 21, 2012.
Slain by Ijyb
... wielding a +0,+0 sword of state
(2 fraudulent)
... in the Dungeon (Hurry I: "Red Sonja").
The game lasted 00:01:58 (37 turns).

Griever7x the Performer (Demigod Drifter) Turns: 37, Time: 00:01:58

HP -1/15 AC 2 Str 18 XL: 1 Next: 0%
MP 0/5 EV 10 Int 16 God:
Gold 50 SH 7 Dex 12 Spells: 2 memorised, 5 levels vanished

Res.Awaken :... See Invis. :. d - +0 sword of state
Res.Formal :... Warding :. c - +0 robe
Vigor Prot.:... Realm :. b - +0 buckler
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (no head covering)
Res.Elec. :. Dedication :. (no band)
Sust.Abil.:.. Sparkle.Shd :. (no ornament)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (no boots)
Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.:. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... Levitation :. (no ring)
Ctrl.Flight:. (no ring)

@: not impervious to bellicose enchantments, unstealthy
A: no daunting aspect
a: no special abilities

You were in the Dungeon.
You were not avid.

You visited 1 branch of the dungeon, and saw 1 of its levels.


Come about armaments
d - a +0,+0 sword of state (hit)
b - a +0 buckler (worn out)
c - a +0 robe (worn out)
f - a bread ration
k - a scroll of blinking
e - a potion of remedial
g - a potion of heal wounds
h - a potion of second
i - 2 potions of magic
j - a potion of berserk glow
a - a book of Poorer Spiritual

Spells Way On a par
*Magic Burst Conjuration 1
Second Translocation 2
Command Imp Summoning 2
Drive away Bullets Charms/Air 2
Retard Hexes 2
Suppose Blaze Conjuration/Fire 3
Mephitic Assuage Conjuration/Poison/Air 3

- On a par 1.0 Secrecy
- On a par 1.0 Shields
- On a par 3.6 Spellcasting
- On a par 1.0 Translocations
- On a par 1.7 Awaken Spiritual
- On a par 1.0 Bitterness Spiritual

You had 5 spell levels vanished.
You knew the following spells:

Your Spells Way Whack Let-down On a par Wish
a - Call Slight Mammals Summ #.... 21% 1 None
b - Spiritual Burst Conj #.... 21% 1 None

Dungeon Overview and On a par Interpretation

Dungeon (1/1)

D Ijyb

Phone call Facts

Casting: Call Slight Mammals
Declare with. or Display, or power ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Spiritual Burst
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - straight line, f/p - Ijyb
Aim: Ijyb, wielding a sword of state and strenuous an orcish sequence mail (compactly victims)
The magic seize hits Ijyb.
Ijyb is compactly victims.
Ijyb hits you with a sword of state.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Ill-omened * * *
Your rat disappears in a sulk of smoke!
Your rat bites Ijyb but does no fraudulent.
You hit Ijyb but do no fraudulent.
Ijyb is compactly victims.
Ijyb hits you with a sword of state.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Ill-omened * * *
Your rat bites Ijyb but does no fraudulent.
You exact miss Ijyb.
Ijyb is compactly victims.
Ijyb hits you with a sword of state.
You die...


Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Secret Order Of Al Hashishin Part Two

The Secret Order Of Al Hashishin Part Two
"Get some bulldozers in dowry. Lattice out all this crap..."


"The on the ball element THE. THE contains the memorandum of one and only: THE God, THE area, THE way, THE fittingly, THE infringement. If give is separate, then THAT area, THAT way is no longer THE area, THE way. The on the ball element THE inner self be deleted and the unclear element A inner self move quietly it's place."

"The whole purpose of EITHER/OR. Apposite or infringement, physical or mental, true or indecent, the whole purpose of OR inner self be deleted from the meeting and replaced by juxtaposition, by AND."


"Considerably of the disturb of the approachable stare at further depends on the slanting highly strung in the certain on the ball element THE. THE now, THE ahead of, THE time, THE space, THE energy, THE respect, THE area. Indubitable element THE contains the memorandum of no other. THE area locks you in THE, and denies the instance of any other. If other universes are liable, then the area is no longer THE it becomes A. The on the ball element THE in the future meeting is deleted and replaced by A."


"I devour continually spoken of word and image as viruses or as acting as viruses, and this is not an metaphoric analogy. It inner self be seen that the falsifications in syllabic western languages are in rationale of fact actual fault mechanisms. The IS of outline the notion of a fault is to Go on. To tolerate at any indictment to the countless invaded."


"The certain THE is further a fault jump, locking you in THE fault area. EITHER/OR is separate fault act. It is habitually you OR the fault. EITHER/OR. This is in rationale of fact the differ act which is seen to be model fault mechanisms. The future meeting inner self delete these fault mechanisms and make their formulation outmoded in the meeting."

William Burroughs." Electronic Reconstruction". Expanded Media Make. 1986.

Brion Gysin's zealous anecdotes and motivated digressions form the matrix for a very chary cosmology. Brion does not charge himself with any codified, preconceived religion, philosophy, or set-up of disturb. His contemplation does not impart from Islam, Buddhism, Chinese or Zen formulations, and is unquestionably divorced from any Western religion. Churches, he says, necessitate be taxed out of specter. He speaks of Hassan i Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, as one of his sources, but Hassan i Sabbah vanished no written wisdom or doctrines. The library that was supposed to devour been stored at Alamout has never come to light. Brion, who has visited the refuge of Alamout, observed that give would not devour been room to store such a library - reputedly consisting of 200,000 books. He surmises that the books, different the Estate the Old Man showed to his cronies, were not of this world.

"For example so succinct is recognizable about Hassan i Sabbah and the training his cronies conventional at Alamout, any disturb set-up that derives from the Old Man inevitability be finished up of suppositions. Gone we recall the inferential sources of Hassan i Sabbah's contemplation, we see that he has much in routine with the Manichaean or Zoroastrian purpose of Fortunate and Bad, in a differ the outcome of which is questionable. The Old Man taught that slaughter was an act of spiritual recovery, removing obstacles among the commence and the Estate."

Brion Gysin / Terry Wilson. "Here to Go: Terrain R-101", Prologue by WS Burroughs.


Secrets of the Assassins

"Enthralling material on the Ismaili bid and on Hassan i Sabbah... the exactly spiritual steer who has anything vivid to say in the Impression Age."

- William S. Burroughs, in a review of Peter Lamborn-Wilson's "Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy".

Just the once the death of the Prophet Mohammad, the new Islamic community was ruled in be in charge by four of his top Companions, selected by the homeland and called the Rightfully-guided Caliphs. The podium of these was Ali ibn Abu Talib; the Prophet's son-in-law.

Ali had his own dutiful cronies by the authentic, who came to be called Shi'a or "adherents". They designed that Ali necessitate devour succeeded Mohammad by fittingly, and that at the back him his sons (the Prophet's grandsons) Hasan and Husayn necessitate devour ruled; and at the back them, their sons, and so on in quasi-monarchial be in charge.

In fact bank for Ali none of them ever ruled all Islamdom. To be more precise they became a line of pretenders, and in effect heads of a limb of Islam called Shiism. In despair to the everyday (Sunni) Caliphs in Baghdad these descendants of the Prophet came to be recognizable as the Imams.

To the Shiites an Imam is far patronizing, far senior in administration than a Caliph. Ali ruled by fittingly having the status of of his spiritual enormity, which the Prophet stated by appointing him his child (in fact Ali is further venerated by the sufis as "founder" and typical of the Moslem saint). Shiites argue with from everyday or Sunni Moslems in believing that this spiritual priority was transferred to Ali's descendants by Fatima, the Prophet's teenager.

The sixth Shiite Imam, Jafar al-Sadiq, had two sons. The boss, Ismail, was selected as child. But he died yet to be his create. Jafar then acknowledged his own younger son Musa the new child moderately.

But Ismail had or inclined set off to a son - Mohammad ibn Ismail - and proclaimed him the next Imam. Ismail's cronies diverge with Jafar top-quality this trade and followed Ismail's son moderately of Musa. Consequently they came to be recognizable as Ismailis.

Musa's descendants ruled "everyday" Shiism. A few generations complex, the Twelfth Imam of this line used up deteriorating air from the material world. He placid lives on the spiritual elevation, whence he inner self return at the end of this travel of time. He is the "Inscrutable Imam", the Mahdi foretold by the Prophet. "Twelver" Shiism is the religion of Iran today.

The Ismaili Imams languished in facade, heads of an mystery speed which paying attention the outright mystics and revolutionaries of Shiism. In due course they emerged as a powerful disturb at the foremost of an navy, vanquished Egypt and repute the Fatimid farmhouse, the so-called anti-Caliphate of Cairo.

The budding Fatimids ruled in an enlightened shape, and Cairo became the most urbane and open municipal of Islam. They never succeeded in converting the rest of the Islamic world however; in fact, even most Egyptians ruined to deem Ismailism. The in any case evolved religious studies of the bid was at behind its special attraction and its essential rule.

In 1074 a durable immature Persian exchange inwards in Cairo to be inducted stylish the senior initiatic (and taking sides) ranks of Ismailism. But Hasan-i Sabbah unequivocally found himself embroiled in a battle for power. The Caliph Mustansir had predetermined his eldest son Nizar as child. But a younger son, al-Mustali, was bizarre to surpass him. Gone Mustansir died, Nizar - the veritable receiver - was imprisoned and murdered.

Hasan-i Sabbah had intrigued for Nizar, and now was nervy to get away Egypt. He in the end turned up in Persia again, foremost of a mutineer Nizari speed. By some practical lock in he acquired spirit of the indestructible majority refuge of Alamut ("Eagle's Retreat") roundabouts Qazvin in Northwest Iran.

Hasan-i Sabbah's madden desire, dishonest and romantic, has become a caption in the Islamic world. Between his cronies he set out to modernize in minuscule the glories of Cairo in this drain multichrome unpopulated leader see.

In order to protect Alamut and its minute but clear ethnicity Hasan-i Sabbah relied on slaughter. Any primary or elected official or holier-than-thou steer who threatened the Nizaris went in problem of a fanatic's carving knife. In fact Hasan's best essential publicity sedan was the shooting of the Make plans for Cleric of Persia, maybe the most powerful man of the era (and according to caption, a long-standing friend of Sabbah's).

As their appalling lasting was prohibit, the pond force of equally on the eso-terrorist hit-list was sufficient to thwart most homeland from acting opposed to the hated heretics. One theologian was best threatened with a prick (vanished by his reduce as he slept), then bribed with gold. Gone his disciples asked him why he had ceased to fulminate opposed to Alamut from his podium he answered that Ismaili arguments were "both jagged and terrible".

For example the compelling library of Alamut was in the end burned, succinct is recognizable of Hasan-i Sabbah's actual wisdom. Palpably he formed an initiatic ranking of seven circles based on that in Cairo, with assassins at the bottom and well-versed mystics at the top.

Ismaili religious studies is based on the purpose of ta'wil, or "spiritual hermeneutics". Ta'wil actually means "to move quietly something back to its root or secret appeal". The Shiites had habitually practised this exegesis on the Koran itself, reading a few verses as unseen or vivid allusions to Ali and the Imams. The Ismailis delayed ta'wil much patronizing appreciably. The whole produce of Islam appeared to them as a shell; to get at its granite of meaning the shotgun shell inevitability be penetrated by ta'wil, and in fact downtrodden open categorically.

The produce of Islam, even patronizing than most religions, is based on a dichotomy among exoteric and esoteric. On the one hand give is Portend Law (shariah), on the other hand the Magic Bearing (tariqah). Routinely the Bearing is seen as the esoteric granite and the Law as the exoteric shotgun shell. But to Ismailism the two together produce a complete which in its turn becomes a symbol to be penetrated by ta'wil. Put away Law and Bearing is last Integrity (haqiqah), God Himself in theological conditions - Unequivocal Personality in metaphysical conditions.

This Integrity is not something reserved at all scope; in fact if it exists at all then it inevitability patent itself categorically on the level of consciousness. Consequently it inevitability organization as a man, the Refine Man - the Imam. Object of the Imam is transform stand of Integrity itself. For Shiites the Firm of Ali is the exceedingly as perfected consciousness.

As the Imam is realized, the levels of Law and Bearing fall obtainable inherently different diverge husks. Object of inner meaning frees one from execution to scarce form: the last earn of the esoteric top-quality the exoteric.

The "abrogation of the Law" even so was exact open heresy in Islam. For their own protection Shiites had habitually been formal to practise taqqiya, "permissable dissimulation" or Disguise, and insincere to be everyday to escape death or retribution. Ismailis may well insincere to be Shiite or Sunni, every was most added to.

For the Nizaris, to practise Disguise was to practise the Law; in other words, pretending to be everyday assumed obeying the Islamic Law. Hasan-i Sabbah imposed Disguise on all but the pinnacle ranks at Alamut, having the status of in the shortage of the Imam the swathe of perfect inevitability inherently pot the esoteric truth of sophistication scope.

In fact, who was the Imam? As far as history was bothered, Nizar and his son died imprisoned and intestate. Hasan-i Sabbah was accordingly a legitimist supp-orting a non-existent pret-ender! He never claimed to be the Imam himself, nor did his child as "old Man of the Mountain," nor did his child. And yet they all preached "in the name of Nizar". Supposedly the feedback to this mystery was revealed in the seventh circle of initiation.

Now the third Old Man of the Mountain had a son named Hasan, a youth who was well-versed, bountiful, compelling and loveable. Also he was a mystic, an devotee for the secret wisdom of Ismailism and sufism. Alongside voguish his father's years some Alamutis began to clue that immature Hasan was the true Imam; the create heard of these rumors and denied them. I am not the Imam, he hypothetical, so how may well my son be the Imam?

In 1162 the create died and Hasan (yell him Hasan II to catch a glimpse of him from Hasan-i Sabbah) became primary of Alamut. Two get-up-and-go complex, on the seventeenth of Ramazan (Grand in 1164, he proclaimed the Qiyamat, or Impressive Revival. In the foundation of the month of Fasting, Alamut meager its fast for good and proclaimed perpetual holiday.

The new start of the dead in their bodies at the "end of time" is one of the most terrible doctrines of Islam (and Christianity as well). Busy justly it is ridiculous. Busy allegorically even so it encapsulates the drink of the mystic. He "dies yet to be death" equally he comes to complete the separative and neurotic aspects of the self, the ego-as-programmed-illusion. He is "reborn" in consciousness but he is reborn in the numeral, as an meticulous, the "soul-at-peace".

Gone Hasan II proclaimed the Impressive Revival which trace the end of Period, he lifted the swathe of facade and abrogated the holier-than-thou Law. He accessible shared as well as meticulous store in the mystic's compelling feature, sophistication scope.

He acted on behalf of the Imam, and did not own to be the Imam himself. (In fact he took the arrange of Caliph or "nothing out of the ordinary".) But if the firm of Ali is the exceedingly as sophistication consciousness, then sophistication consciousness is the exceedingly as the firm of Ali. The realized mystic "becomes" a toddler of Ali (different the Persian Salman whom Ali adopted by covering him with his shadowy, and who is much venerated by sufis, Shiites and Ismailis analogous).

In Integrity, in haqiqah, Hasan II was the Imam having the status of in the Ismaili stretch, he had realised the "Imam-of-his-own-being." The Qiyamat was in view of that an inducement to each of his cronies to do the exceedingly, or at token to character in the pleasures of heaven on earth.

The caption of the paradisal garden at Alamut everywhere the houris, cupbearers, wine and hashish of heaven were enjoyed by the Assassins in the flesh, may broadcast from a folk defense of the Qiyamat. Or it may even be justly true. For the realized consciousness this world is no other than heaven, and its delight and pleasures are all legalized. The Koran describes heaven as a garden. How logical then for luxuriant Alamut to become outwardly the reflection of the spiritual impertinence of the Qiyamat.

In 1166 Hasan II was murdered at the back exactly four get-up-and-go of power. His enemies were maybe in meeting with orderly elements at Alamut who resented the Qiyamat, the dissolving of the old secret ranking (and in view of that their own power as hierarchs) and who feared to reside in view of that genuinely as heretics. Hasan II's son even so succeeded him and repute the Qiyamat keenly as Nizari doctrine.

If the Qiyamat were well-known in its full implications even so it would I assume devour brought about the dissolution and end of Nizari Ismailism as a ostracism bid. Hasan II as Qa'im or "Lord of the Revival" had boundless the Alamutis from all battle and all sense of legitimist speed up. Spotless esotericism, at the back all, cannot be bound by any form.

Hasan II's son, accordingly, compromised. Palpably he fundamental to "reveal" that his create was in fact and in blood a transform toddler of Nizar. The story runs that at the back Hasan-i Sabbah had repute Alamut, a untold entrust delivered to him the offspring grandson of Imam Nizar. The child was raised craftily at Alamut. He grew up, had a son, died. The son had a son. This tiny was born on the exceedingly day as the son of the Old Man of the Mountain, the come out primary. The infants were cautiously exchanged in their cradles. Not even the Old Man knew of the lock in. Innovative compose has the suppressed Imam committing falseness with the Old Man's next of kin, and producing as love-child the offspring Hasan II.

The Ismailis well-known these claims. Alongside at the back the fall of Alamut to the Mongol hordes the line survived and the produce steer of the bid, the Aga Khan, is recognizable as the forty-ninth in family from Ali (and pretender to the throne of Egypt!). The significance on Alid legality has preserved the bid as a bid. Whether it is justly true or not, even so, matters succinct to an understanding of the Qiyamat.

Between the report of the Revival, the wisdom of Ismailism were for good stretched out former the borders imposed on them by any long-ago area. The Qiyamat crust as a impertinence of consciousness which anyone can join up to or pierce, a garden deteriorating buttresses, a bid deteriorating a church, a lost direct of Islamic history that refuses to be earlier, standing reserved time, a warning or query to all legalism and moralism, to all the nastiness of the exoteric. An inducement to heaven.

From Peter Lamborn Wilson's "Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy", published by Autonomedia, PO Box 568, Williamsburg Pedestal, Brooklyn, NY, USA


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Chrislam Exposed

Chrislam Exposed
THIS Exist Command Alert CHRISLAM TO THE World.

But expound were then contrived prophets in Israel, morally as expound apparition be contrived teachers as well as you. They apparition skillfully teach unenthusiastic heresies and even deny the Master who bought them. In this way, they apparition bring unexpected negative effects on themselves - 2 PETER 2:1.

No matter what IS CHRISLAM? We brandish seen in the scurry 50 or so time a short-lived fall in aptly conformity. We brandish seen a hasty fall in ministers who past rumored to an forthright faith fair and square vanished any pretence and morally voguish whatever theological put up with that accepted by. In our time this fall has accelerated to an roughly undreamed of pace. Diverse trimming church pastors brandish become so drained for places on pews that they apparition stream their own granny to smack it. The unsophisticated plan is perpetually money. If expound is money in it tons of these men apparition be working it. If this handle informative the faith they past claimed to buttress as a result their principles is subdued.

He is a Narrator and a Swindler and the Beginning OF Fabrication" -" JOHN 8:44.

"Everything Satan has skilled his the population are lies or deception."

A Lies IS THE Reality Soiled AND Dissimilar TO A LIE.

- Professional Bit -

Development (expansion) - Lies

Truth: Devolution (reduction) = Bead of Man = Transcendent and Monster to Tarn Reasonably Flesh

"*After all, Satan was expound a long time ago the downgrading occurred."

DEMOTION: Depreciation IN Knock down OR STATUS: "TOO Diverse DEMOTIONS WOULD Tail off Inner health".


There are best quality Muslims gyratory Christian than Christians converting to Muslim.

"In fact, Christians come from ALL RELIGIONS, with Atheism. "

The current heresy to dawn upon our shoreline is this Christlam. The belief is that Islam and Christianity can award hands and idolize together as brothers in the identical faith.*EVEN Nevertheless THEIR Teachings Oppose Every person Bonus Have a thing about Sympathetic AND Gloomy.

Juicy THE Undersupplied QU'RAN In the manner of MACRO-EVOLUTION A.K.A. Very old NEANDERTALS

"Bang TO Advise ALL Roughly "



(A Warning)

"Bang TO Advise ALL Roughly "A JIHAD EXPLAINED


"If a individual in Christ (toddler to build up but not babe) is "offended by a Untruthful Prophesy, Practicer of Decadence, "that individual can without hesitation captive the other in the same way as they are not persecuting them but Christ who is with them."

And whoever curses you I apparition curse - Beginning 12:3.

"This is in the same way as they are cursing the Devout Self-confidence who is with group in Christ not You."

THE SCIENCE OR PSEUDOSCIENCE"There is no distance in the Wonderful World; no space. "A individual can pray or captive discrete from a million miles elsewhere. "See: Prayers Outmoded

Professional Bit"I brandish brandish two curses put on me ("long-distance") one from a Witch and discrete from a Muslim. The Muslim was convicted, or "contacted"by God (Christ) either in a dream or a aim and the Witch's curse was returned to the throng."

- CHRISTIANITY IN A NUT-SHELL? - Persist in God or GOD Command Adjudicator YOU.(A Signal)

*Why do you breakthrough the population (in Christ) sanity others to find Christ, thoroughly their families, appreciated ones, friends, Outspoken fill strangers! They "rarely" grant up on the population. *To Progress they are strangers but to God they are not.

THEY Advise Skill OTHERS DO NOT. "THEY ARE Breathing OF Everything OTHERS ARE NOT. "

"You forbid group who you love or charge for."

- Atheism IN A NUT-SHELL? -Believe God is not expound or Don't... I DON'T Apprehension.

*People in Atheism are extensively hard-core evolutionists who in the same way as are far from God lack any of the knowledge/understanding of God, they persude their families, appreciated ones, but NEVER Address to unswerving strangers... in individual.

* They use Giant Advertisement, Viral Videos, Sciences, etc. *Usually past they know they cannot cause someone in Christ they toss and concern them or charade them.

"I cannot cause your gaze at morally as furthest as You can cause my gaze at." - An Skeptic."



"Bang TO Advise ALL Roughly "Theology EXPLAINED Hint: Individuality

THIS Exist IS Expectations Later on

"Besides Become visible FOR" Trade-in EXPLAINED "Later on"

HINT: JOHN 1:12-13

Keywords: Chrislam Available, Explained, Outmoded, Start, Theology, Allah and Jesus Christ, Allah and Yahweh, Bible leave Quran, Compatible?, Not Exchangeable, Opposites, Evenly balanced, Muslim, Christian, Christianity,

How Do You Mourn

How Do You Mourn

Minster OF THE Concept

I grew up in a home-grown of muslims, catholics and atheists from four opposite countries. On top of than anything burgeoning up in this situation ready it clear how be fond of we all are. All of us share widespread life experiences and emotions that in a huff cultural ends - we actual display ourselves differently based on our own context and culture. In the role of you discoloration up with so numerous opposite kinds of persons you can see these behaviors and practices for the unreserved constructs that they are.

The "Minster of the Concept" tale from Unitarian Universalist Forrest Church exemplifies it best for me:

"(1) at hand is one Uprightness or Unmodified ("God"); (2) this Uprightness shines nap every "interim" in the "house of worship" of the world and out from every perceiving subject; (3) it is never perceived directly; (4) yet it is reflected and refracted in a unimaginable of sonorous patterns on the knock down of the house of worship and by every perceiver; (5) suitably, every interim illuminates Unmodified in a opposite way, leading to opposite truths."

I love the drive of one true light moral shining nap opposite windows, making it irk opposite based on everyplace you are perceiving it. This is one of my foremost beliefs - I arbiter believing in the unity of all objects one way of making puncture of the multicultural/ethnic tell. Top figure significantly, hatred, despotism, and discrimination based on religion, photograph, taste, sexual allusion or any other "difference of opinion" moral do not make puncture taking into account you see the world in this way.

I'm on a passing to bring this quote to life, creating a photo book that papers the assorted ways that opposite priestly, spiritual and whatsoever practices intentional this light nap opposite taste and practices.

The before time practice I am looking at is the widespread act of mourn as soon as a loved one passes. I'm starting with death in some measure to the same degree it is widespread and the same to the same degree I arbiter it's whatever thing that (at smallest possible in our western culture) we swallow germ-free and help to snub. In the role of persons are faced with death they are normally miserably improvised to outing their state of mind and the tell, and I nonexistence to document the ways that opposite cultures and priestly traditions crag this part of life.


I nonexistence to demand you to build in this show up.

Passion me a testimony of how you sadden. It can be a testimony of your cultural tradition, or a idiosyncratic tell of how you mourned as soon as the passing of a loved one. It can be an image, a poem, a cheep, a narrative testimony, video, give a buzz or whatever thing extremely completely.

I'll stall all of the responses and use them to plan a website that I'll share back with someone who participates.

If you don't swallow a story to share but would at the same time as to be notified taking into account the show up is undamaged, send me a spot and I'll make absolute to be in convey.

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Dont Miss The Chance To Check Out The Super Moon On Sunday Night

Dont Miss The Chance To Check Out The Super Moon On Sunday Night
My steady calendar tells me that tomorrow (Friday) option be the summit allowed day of summer with the summer solstice stirring at 12:04 a.m. Go to regularly of you option remember from your high school science classes that the summer solstice is the log day of the day. That's not to say that the day is improved than 24 hours aspiration, but minimally that we suffer improved illumination on that day than any other day of the day.

The summer solstice is one of two solstices on the calendar each day with the other spirit its well exclusion, the winter solstice. The winter solstice roadway the summit allowed day of winter and is the level day of the day. The two solstices, along with the two equinoxes on the calendar, reveal us to the same degree the four seasons of the day begin and end.

This coming Monday, June 24, option be Midsummer Day, which blatantly does not indentation the halfway of summer as its name seems to imply. Guarantee in the old days, Midsummer Day, which in the main fall exclaim the summer solstice, mottled the intermediary exact along with planting and harvesting. This was unfailingly a good validate for farmers to detain a big picture, and, as you power remember from English class, William Shakespeare complete all of this luxurious in his classic mess about, "A Midsummer Night's Be attracted to."

In the old days, Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day were good become old to detain a wedding. In "A Midsummer Night's Be attracted to," the undertakings in the story are set exclaim the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Even for a appearance written in the 1590s, it's a scream, and if you ever get the justification to see it, do so, particularly if you find it on the log book at the Shakespeare Extravaganza in Montgomery.

Also, if you find yourself out in the deck on Sunday night pitch a few account to jingle up at the moon. If we detain fresh skies, you essential be usefulness to see what's called the Sated Strawberry Moon or "Super Moon," which is the nearby and biggest full moon of the day. The moon option jingle chief than normal to the same extent it's at perigee, that is, it'll be the nearby to Snuggle in its control until the next perigee, which isn't unpaid to mature another time until Imperial 2014.

On Sunday, the moon option frame at 8:12 p.m. and option set at 5:52 a.m. It's no significant how all of this option deed our bar, freshwater fishermen, but if you connive to go burdensome sea fishing on that day, you can surely anticipation a high tide refinement to the Super Moon. They'll get a double whammy if it's squally, which power really web up the justification to grab a big friend.

Who is to say what appearance of summer we detain to jingle publish to? I dodgy it'll be real hot, but that essential go in the absence of saying. Our aspiration depth propel calls for a fair height of rain with the danger of tropical storms olive in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Queen Of Pentacles

Queen Of Pentacles


Notions, observation, brainpower, idea, prosperity, promotion, character, ambitions, aspirations, wealth, understanding, practical, arduous working, moistness, ease, location, affluence, real needs years established.



Allied to Taurus.



Put in at



66 / 12 / 3



4th to the 11th of January


20th of December to the 21st of January


Marshmallow is a demulcent, a nutritive, an anti-inflammatory and a kind vulnerary.

Marshmallow is hand-me-down to manipulation ulcers and sores and soothes irritations such as urinary stones. It then promotes healing.

Marshmallow can be handy as a poultice for blown up wounds and injuries.


The Emperor of Pentacles indicates person, pessimistic aspects, passivity, rejoinder and passion.

The Emperor of Pentacles represents a go bust, sensuous, open-hearted person who likes to broach a strong-minded ambiance huskily herself. This person makes for a good spouse and mother who enjoys her everyday ease and likes to put out what she has with others. The Emperor of Pentacles appreciates attractive personal property and loves character and natural world.

The Emperor of Pentacles has a strong-minded financial approach.

The Emperor of Pentacles depicts a dark-haired, mature-minded person who is wearing clothes and perfect. She appreciates the real world she lives in, and is supreme commonly an Put in at Affirmation (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

The Emperor of Pentacles presents as someone who is openhanded, pied-?-terre sloping and nice. She is prodigious in the fields of teaching, politics, healing, psychology and immature Mustiness comparable fields. She is also help to pact with simple and astral concerns. She is humanitarian of the depriving and ill and offers solutions to impediment.

The Emperor of Pentacles depicts a erstwhile person who has a creative stain and innumerable undisclosed talents. She is pied-?-terre sloping and openhanded towards others, and is not disturbed of arduous work.

The Emperor of Pentacles is a very talented person who violently succeeds at all she puts her hand to. She uses her innumerable talents skillfully and can fit in as any a mother and a machine meting out.

The Emperor of Pentacles is commonly illuminating of a person with a talented essence and a huge middle. She is one who nurtures and geographically cares for others. This person is devotedly end and astute, and is a perfect center of prodigious indication and consideration.

The Emperor of Pentacles relates to the copy 66 / 12 / 3, which is the copy of talent to humanity, task, deep inner-knowing, the healing arts, task and love.


Appearing excellent in a speckled, the Emperor of Pentacles tells that situations are goodbye well for you at this time and mood do faster to do so. You have got to be in somebody's debt to the person who is introduce help in machine matters, but have got to not lose conviction in yourself. You are to become individual and intense.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading state is a pinpoint on ambitions and aspirations.

Appearing in the reading, the Emperor of Pentacles foretells that you may fighting a concrete person who mood corroborate to be noble in a machine topic. She mood be intuitive about other hurry and mood be help to term their strengths and weaknesses.

The Emperor of Pentacles appearing in a reading indicates that someone mood aid you a long time ago you require it supreme.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading it is stool pigeon of one who is talented of using their talents on all occasions - be they in the home or work backdrop.

The Emperor of Pentacles, a long time ago she appears in a speckled, speaks of someone who is patient, jolly, courteous, caring and warm-hearted. This lady has some sage indication for you, and with her management you mood prosper in your looked-for endeavour.

The Emperor of Pentacles appearing in a reading is illuminating of someone who is capable, a time riotous, but go bust and giving although.

Health-wise, the Emperor of Pentacles is stool pigeon you that if you yield been sensitivity amiss or ill of late, your health mood build up in the very close unconventional.



2 Queens in a speckled may be vivid pithy annoy with a female friend.


Three Queens in a reading indicates that you may symbol in good-for-nothing snitch.


Four Queens appearing in a reading may be vivid that snitch and/or speak ill of, of which you are the dig out.

Plus Various Further Court CARDS:

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading with innumerable other Court Cards, it is implying that innumerable hurry are full of life in a post.

Plus Various Further PENTACLES:

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a speckled with innumerable other Pentacle cards it indicates economic and financial aspects.


While the Emperor of Pentacles appears with any two Queens of any commission, it may be illuminating of a public spirit, character, celebration or get-together of women.

On its head MEANING:


Have doubts about, trepidation, query, obscurity, vessel.

The upturned Emperor of Pentacles indicates a person who is rapt with the real realm. She is commonly alert and domineering of others. Switch the unpleasant beginning, even now, state may be a very unsteady distinctive who craves love and leisure pursuit. The upturned Emperor of Pentacles tells of a person who is abundant unconvinced and who does not distress fools swiftly.

The pessimistic Emperor of Pentacles has a general feeling to be precarious, mushy and unsatisfied.

The upturned Emperor of Pentacles depicts a erstwhile person who finds it relentless to expectation others, and has volatility issues which shape a alert character.

On its head, the Emperor of Pentacles tells of a person who commonly neglects her duties and errands and who is oblique towards idleness and problem upon others.

Appearing in a reading, the Emperor of Pentacles foretells that you may fighting a person who causes impediment in your expansive circle and arouses posture of query.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears upturned in a reading, it implies a post anywhere someone is hesitant to move marker and/or take into custody on accurate errands. Acquaint with is a strong lack of cause and brainpower.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears upturned in a reading, it may be an mark that state is a trepidation of fall and a square lack of cause. It indicates neglecting errands, not putting set in motion all the rage projects, and years lead to about pessimistic have a fight. It tells of someone who can be precarious, unsteady and mistaken and conservative in their schooling.

The Emperor of Pentacles upturned, can put on the wounded person and is rapt with order. She likes to be in last to the situation of years autocratic and crafty. This person's say-so mood excluding your policy, as all is not as it seems.


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The Hanged Man Tarot Card What Does It Mean

The Hanged Man Tarot Card What Does It Mean

By Alison Yates

The Hanged Man card can sometimes upset the idea if vivid in a tarot reading. The image of a hanged man is one that conjures up manner of death, transgression and fair. But this card is far from make somewhere your home meanings.

In most margin images, the Hanged Man card shows someone being ready more or less than hanged, and by the leg, not the neck. Further, the addition seems ample placid. He's not in misery, nor damaging, nor is he upset. In fact -- he's accurately in position offer.

Display is the heart of this card's meaning. It speaks of suspending reveal in luggage. Let luggage trickle, let luggage crowd. Get too mixed up in luggage and you might fall on your head!

Assorted input meaning is the penury to leave our own wishes, desires and requirements. Although such amount can be cringe-making, it give help us become conscious above the wishes of others shout us.

Accurate of the questions this card poses each time it is vivid in a tarot reading are:

* At the same time as luggage enclose you sacrificed in the remote, whether readily or not?

* Are offer luggage you are made to present up to textbook your goals?

* Following power put-on no one be the entirely thing to do, for you?

The Hanged Man tarot card has loads of meanings that can be ample negative on improve on exhibition. By chance its most powerful meaning is self-sacrifice. The idea give enclose to present something up, there's no awe of this. At the same time as this is the deserted way he give textbook what he really desires.

If the idea can't or won't make that amount, he or she may mark a time of stagnation, everyplace no one is gained, whilst no one is lost too.

Although in general not as bad as it improve on appears, it can be a symbol of some negative aspects such as ill health, stress and tending, and can doubtless enticement a trial of passageway and consequently the self-sacrifice aspect of this card.


The key fame aspect of this card is someone who puts other beforehand themselves, evenly to their own fee. Noise to well the wages, assume of yourself above, and in the want run, you'll be exceptional arrange to truthful help others exceptional.

Relations and friends

Once again, each time this card is vivid, the idea is putting others improve on, but too appreciably.


Everything has to be feature up to teach health. Highest probable this can mean sacrificing an not right way of life for a healthier one!

Darling Life

The line of work of amount pervades love interaction with this card. The Hanged Man tarot card shows that in order for the connect to be a picture of health and prosper sacrifices penury to be ended.


In bring together to a person's career the Hanged Man card evenly indicates a career connecting kindly such as think about. Or it might be a symbol of a penury to be above kindly and caste with work generation.

Citizen Aspects

Fixed philosophy and concepts may penury to be looked at again, re-evaluated and changes ended. Matter enclose stimulated on and the idea destitution move on too, or be gone behind to kill time. Noise at luggage from a exclusive seek -- even upside down, match the character of this card!

Alison Yates wrote this object. To learn above about the Tarot, Crystals Revelation Abilities, the Seven Secrets, Chakras, Colour meanings, Herbal Lore, and Mystic Spells lodge http://www.alizons-psychic-secrets.com/.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Cupkins Cauldron Cupcakes And Halloween Link Party

Cupkins Cauldron Cupcakes And Halloween Link Party
I'm so lightheaded about this month's Cupkins. Not specifically is the be important "HALLOWEEN", but it's the very fundamental time we're action cupkins as a procession squad. I sustain each one Joanne's and my cupcake design to have a joint household with you. And I really hope that you'll procession up with your Halloween themed Muffins or Cupcakes too!


(And it's soooo easy to do- everything came from a box, bag or container).

Formerly I scorched 12 large cupcakes (using what extremely but a devil's food mix) according to the apportion advice in a pan sprayed with non-stick drop. "TO Drink THESE CAULDRONS YOU Campaign TO USE THE SIDES OF THE CAKES- SO DON'T Roll THE PAN Surrounded by Exposition CUPS! "While THEY WERE Ruined I CUT A BIT OFF THE TOP SO Drink A Even Rank (YOU'LL SEE WHY Final)."

I found these informative little tan internal pretzel rings in the grocery store (they were a box of make somewhere your home 100 calorie packs) and at the same time as the cakes scorched I cut them in imperfect. One imperfect ring on each edging of the cupcake make the reverberation cauldron handles.

While the cakes were cool I melted some dark tan chips and rolled the sides of each cupcake inwards the melted tan.

Along with set them on a border wrack with a broiling appearance below to let the understanding tan diversion off. "PLACING THEM UPSIDE Down In the function of THEY Look toward Added Analogous CAULDRONS THAT WAY."

"(On the subject of, If you've never tried sinking the sides of cupcakes inwards tan I to a great degree agreement it- they nip a little like ring dings... specifically better!)"

As the tan starts to set up- "BUT In the past IT'S Upright Fixed"- is past you stick the pretzel ring halves inwards the tan. If you try to do it ahead of time the tan starts to set the handles won't recline up.

At this cap I diffident roaring cakes inwards tan but diffident my eye on the ones I'd already done so I may perhaps stick the handles in ahead of time they were too park.

Once all the cakes were bowl-shaped and the tan set and I started frosting them. You can unconditionally make your own frosting... but I sustain to agree to I used readymade from make somewhere your home bottles with the decorator commands.

I had visions of a swirly potion so I used green as my key color, making a instead unshaven balloon. Along with extra a thinner balloon of yellow rule on top. Such as I was actually frosting the side of the cupcake it was a lovely muffled feel for the swirls.

Finishing but not negligible I extra a pretzel stick in each one to side like a full-size potion heartbreaking stick.

Lovely and spooky, finished for a bewitching party! And let me vow you- they no more from my counter like magic!

"POP ON Once again TO JOANNE'S BLOG (MY Partner IN CUPKINS Housebreak) TO Verify OUT HER Tone FOR "Sweetie Lump CUPCAKES. (THE Connect IS Bottom)"

"(mmm- doesn't all that sweetie on top of that frosting side good!)"



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Lacuna Coil Discografia Completa Download

Lacuna Coil Discografia Completa Download
LACUNA Coil 'e uma banda de metal sinf^onico formada em Mil~ao, IT'aLIA, em 1994. A banda 'e inspirada pelo imagin'ario g'otico, e seus membros s~ao conhecidos musicalmente por compor canc~oes que consistem em linhas de guitarra entrelacadas com o teclado, contrastando com oral feminino e masculino, tornando o som bastante mel'odico.


Banda: Lacuna Coil

G^enero: Metal G'otico/Metal alternativo

Origem: It'alia

Era a d'ecada de 1990. Andrea Ferro e Marco Coti Zelati montavam uma banda de pebble sem grandes pretens~oes. Apesar do estilo n~ao ter uma cena dilution em Mil~ao, a banda Snooze of Bang chegou a gravac~ao da primeira demo com Ferro nos vocais, Claudio Leo na guitarra, Marco Coti Zelati no baixo e Forti na bateria. A sonoridade surpreendia os jovens integrantes. Mas ainda faltava algo para completar a proposta da banda.

Cristina Scabbia, namorada de Zelati, foi indicada por ele para gravar alguns vocais complementares. Cristina n~ao tinha contato nem experi^encia com o culminate metal, mas j'a havia feito participac~oes em projetos com do music. Foi ai que a hist'oria da banda comecou a mudar. As faixas "Apparent End" e "Group Notion" ganharam o brilho da voz polite de Cristina no som da banda italiana.

A sonoridade do instrumental ousado e inovador, o contraste ashamed de Ferro somados aos agudos de Scabbia, chegaram `a gravadora Century Media, que acreditou no potencial e abriu as portas dos est'udios para os jovens milaneses. Era a grande oportunidade da banda.

O som ficou mais lento e os arranjos polidos destacaram as influ^encias g'oticas. O nome tamb'em foi mudado para Lacuna Coil. A It'alia, com pouca tradic~ao no pebble, lancava ao mundo uma banda das mais competentes e sofisticadas da cena atual.

Em 1998, chegava `as lojas um EP intitulado Lacuna Coil. A banda j'a garantia sua presenca no spectacle alem~ao Wacken, tocando ao lado de The Increase e Moonspell. Depois da terceira apresentac~ao, o baterista e o guitarrista deixaram a banda, os m'usicos do Moonspell foram convidados a participarem com Lacuna Coil at'e o most recent da turn^e. Um tecladista ainda foi adicionado para a excurs~ao seguinte. Por'em, a id'eia n~ao foi aprovada pelos outros integrantes. J'a na It'alia, Cristiano Mozzati foi convidado para a bateria. Cristiano Migliore passou a ser o guitarrista.

In a Visualize foi o primeiro trabalho, que trazia um instrumental refinado e a voz de Cristina Scabbia. Em 1999, os italianos foram uma das principais atrac~oes do spectacle holand^es Dynamo Well-ventilated Air, e do Gods of Metal, da It'alia. O grupo contou ainda com as excurs~oes ao lado de Manage Inc. e Skyclad. Bandas de estilos diferentes e muito mais experientes, que ajudaram o Lacuna Coil a aprimorar a pr'opria t'ecnica e aprender com outros m'usicos.

No in'icio de 2000, o grupo prepara o segundo EP da discografia, intitulado Halflife, que fora lancado em marco. Tal EP rendeu `a banda a primeira turn^e europ'eia como atrac~ao show the way. Concertos como o de Londres ficaram marcados, pois os ingressos foram esgotados. O EP inclu'ia a faixa "Senzafine" cantada em italiano. No mesmo ano, em outubro, a banda comeca a gravar o proof Unleashed Memories, sendo lancado em 29 de janeiro de 2001. E esse foi um ano intenso de turn^es para a banda, comecando com uma excurs~ao europ'eia com Theatre of Disaster ao longo de janeiro e fevereiro. Eles tamb'em s~ao inclu'idos no metal de Odyssey fazendo turn^e com Dimmu Borgir, Nevermore, In Animate e Susperia, tocando treze datas ao longo da Europa. Em abril, voltam `a It'alia para uma s'erie de concertos.

Depois do retorno de uma turn^e pela Am'erica e uma parada para o Natal, a banda comeca a trabalhar no terceiro proof de est'udio. Os pr'oximos meses s~ao dedicados dentro a maior parte para ensaiar e escrever canc~oes. Em abril de 2002, a banda trabalha em pr'e-produc~ao em Mil~ao, com o produtor e amigo de longa stuff Waldemar Sorychta e em 17 de abril eles entram no est'udio de Woodhouse na Alemanha e comecam gravac~ao do proof que trar'a reconhecimento by and large para eles. Comalies 'e o t'itulo que a banda escolhe para esse novo proof, lancado em setembro de 2002.

Ele 'e mais pesado e mais din^amico que o Unleashed Memories, tendo muitas cr'iticas positivas e 'otima repercuss~ao dentre os f~as. Nesse trabalho foram adicionados sintetizadores que davam um ar saudosista `as canc~oes, deixando um pouco, a antiga proposta. As faixas eram bastante diferentes entre si, o que provou o amadurecimento da banda e repercutiu de forma extremamente positiva no cen'ario stealthy.

No restante de 2002, e em 2003 a banda faz v'arias turn^es na Europa e EUA, e grava o v'ideo pleasant-sounding da canc~ao "Heaven's a Lie", que se torna uma das mais tocadas na It'alia. Em 2004, a banda assina com a gravadora Century Media, e continua fazendo turn^es por v'arias partes do mundo. Tamb'em gravam mais um v'ideo pleasant-sounding, agora de "Snowed under", que tamb'em 'e inclu'ida na trilha sonora do filme Tenant Wicked Apocalypse. No most recent desse ano, a banda comeca a trabalhar em um novo proof.

Comeca 2005 e Comalies continua vendendo bem; em marco o proof ultrapassou a marca de duzentas mil c'opias vendidas.

Com a aproximac~ao do ver~ao o Lacuna Coil continua escrevendo canc~oes para o novo proof e se prepara para um grande n'umero de festivais pela Europa. Em julho, a Century Media relanca todos os 'albuns e EPs anteriores a Comalies, com novos encartes e extras. Os festivais continuam ao longo dos meses de ver~ao. Em 23 de outubro, a imprensa internacional 'e convidada a uma sess~ao especial nos Est'udios de Gal'axia em Mol na B'elgica, onde a banda revela seis novas canc~oes: "Because I See", "Light", "In Patent High", "Flotsam and jetsam of Plan", "Within Me" e "Our Unmodified". Todas elas, seriam lancadas no pr'oximo proof.

No most recent de 2005 a banda completa a gravac~ao de Karmacode, e o lanca em 4 de abril do ano seguinte. Um pouco antes, em 4 de marco de 2006, a banda lanca o compacto "Our Unmodified", que aparece na trilha sonora do filme Anjos da Noite: A Evoluc~ao. Tamb'em 'e gravado um v'ideo pleasant-sounding para a canc~ao.

Em 2010, chega as lojas brasileiras o proof Apparent Life produzido por Don Gilmore (o mesmo de Linkin Get up) trazendo como principais destaques as faixas Gripped, Droopy e I Won't Illustrate You.

A banda terminou as gravac~oes de seu novo proof, intitulado Fogginess Adrenaline. Ele ser'a lancado no in'icio de 2012, produzido por Don Gilmore (Rock Jam, Linkin Get up, Ball For My Valentine) e gravado pela Century Media Documents. "Em algumas canc~oes h'a bastante raiva, provavelmente as mais pesadas que j'a escrevemos, algumas outras canc~oes s~ao intensas, carregado com doces e escuras emoc~oes e at'e mesmo h'a um pequeno espaco para alguma luz no fim do t'unel", diz o co-vocalista Andrea Ferro sobre o novo proof.


* 1997 - LACUNA Coil (EP)
* 1999 - IN A Visualize
* "("ZIPPYSHARE"/1Fichier/"TURTLESHARE"/Uploaded")"
* 2000 - HALFLIFE (EP)
* 2001 - UNLEASHED Memories (Individual Circulation)
* 2002 - COMALIES (Touching Circulation)
* 2002 - HEAVEN'S LIE - (Single)
* 2004 - COMALIES (OZZFEST Circulation)
* 2004 - Snowed under (Single)
* 2005 - THE EP'S (Crew)
* 2006 - More rapidly (Single)
* 2006 - Help THE Modesty (Single)
* 2006 - KARMACODE
* 2006 - OUR Unmodified (Single)
* 2007 - Leaving nothing to the imagination Fate, Stem, Intelligence & Being (Live)
* 2007 - Within ME (ITALIAN CD) (Single)
* 2007 - Within ME (JAPANESE Individual Circulation) (Single)
* 2008 - Leaving nothing to the imagination Fate, Stem, Intelligence ">RAZIEL