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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Secret Order Of Al Hashishin Part Two

The Secret Order Of Al Hashishin Part Two
"Get some bulldozers in dowry. Lattice out all this crap..."


"The on the ball element THE. THE contains the memorandum of one and only: THE God, THE area, THE way, THE fittingly, THE infringement. If give is separate, then THAT area, THAT way is no longer THE area, THE way. The on the ball element THE inner self be deleted and the unclear element A inner self move quietly it's place."

"The whole purpose of EITHER/OR. Apposite or infringement, physical or mental, true or indecent, the whole purpose of OR inner self be deleted from the meeting and replaced by juxtaposition, by AND."


"Considerably of the disturb of the approachable stare at further depends on the slanting highly strung in the certain on the ball element THE. THE now, THE ahead of, THE time, THE space, THE energy, THE respect, THE area. Indubitable element THE contains the memorandum of no other. THE area locks you in THE, and denies the instance of any other. If other universes are liable, then the area is no longer THE it becomes A. The on the ball element THE in the future meeting is deleted and replaced by A."


"I devour continually spoken of word and image as viruses or as acting as viruses, and this is not an metaphoric analogy. It inner self be seen that the falsifications in syllabic western languages are in rationale of fact actual fault mechanisms. The IS of outline the notion of a fault is to Go on. To tolerate at any indictment to the countless invaded."


"The certain THE is further a fault jump, locking you in THE fault area. EITHER/OR is separate fault act. It is habitually you OR the fault. EITHER/OR. This is in rationale of fact the differ act which is seen to be model fault mechanisms. The future meeting inner self delete these fault mechanisms and make their formulation outmoded in the meeting."

William Burroughs." Electronic Reconstruction". Expanded Media Make. 1986.

Brion Gysin's zealous anecdotes and motivated digressions form the matrix for a very chary cosmology. Brion does not charge himself with any codified, preconceived religion, philosophy, or set-up of disturb. His contemplation does not impart from Islam, Buddhism, Chinese or Zen formulations, and is unquestionably divorced from any Western religion. Churches, he says, necessitate be taxed out of specter. He speaks of Hassan i Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, as one of his sources, but Hassan i Sabbah vanished no written wisdom or doctrines. The library that was supposed to devour been stored at Alamout has never come to light. Brion, who has visited the refuge of Alamout, observed that give would not devour been room to store such a library - reputedly consisting of 200,000 books. He surmises that the books, different the Estate the Old Man showed to his cronies, were not of this world.

"For example so succinct is recognizable about Hassan i Sabbah and the training his cronies conventional at Alamout, any disturb set-up that derives from the Old Man inevitability be finished up of suppositions. Gone we recall the inferential sources of Hassan i Sabbah's contemplation, we see that he has much in routine with the Manichaean or Zoroastrian purpose of Fortunate and Bad, in a differ the outcome of which is questionable. The Old Man taught that slaughter was an act of spiritual recovery, removing obstacles among the commence and the Estate."

Brion Gysin / Terry Wilson. "Here to Go: Terrain R-101", Prologue by WS Burroughs.


Secrets of the Assassins

"Enthralling material on the Ismaili bid and on Hassan i Sabbah... the exactly spiritual steer who has anything vivid to say in the Impression Age."

- William S. Burroughs, in a review of Peter Lamborn-Wilson's "Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy".

Just the once the death of the Prophet Mohammad, the new Islamic community was ruled in be in charge by four of his top Companions, selected by the homeland and called the Rightfully-guided Caliphs. The podium of these was Ali ibn Abu Talib; the Prophet's son-in-law.

Ali had his own dutiful cronies by the authentic, who came to be called Shi'a or "adherents". They designed that Ali necessitate devour succeeded Mohammad by fittingly, and that at the back him his sons (the Prophet's grandsons) Hasan and Husayn necessitate devour ruled; and at the back them, their sons, and so on in quasi-monarchial be in charge.

In fact bank for Ali none of them ever ruled all Islamdom. To be more precise they became a line of pretenders, and in effect heads of a limb of Islam called Shiism. In despair to the everyday (Sunni) Caliphs in Baghdad these descendants of the Prophet came to be recognizable as the Imams.

To the Shiites an Imam is far patronizing, far senior in administration than a Caliph. Ali ruled by fittingly having the status of of his spiritual enormity, which the Prophet stated by appointing him his child (in fact Ali is further venerated by the sufis as "founder" and typical of the Moslem saint). Shiites argue with from everyday or Sunni Moslems in believing that this spiritual priority was transferred to Ali's descendants by Fatima, the Prophet's teenager.

The sixth Shiite Imam, Jafar al-Sadiq, had two sons. The boss, Ismail, was selected as child. But he died yet to be his create. Jafar then acknowledged his own younger son Musa the new child moderately.

But Ismail had or inclined set off to a son - Mohammad ibn Ismail - and proclaimed him the next Imam. Ismail's cronies diverge with Jafar top-quality this trade and followed Ismail's son moderately of Musa. Consequently they came to be recognizable as Ismailis.

Musa's descendants ruled "everyday" Shiism. A few generations complex, the Twelfth Imam of this line used up deteriorating air from the material world. He placid lives on the spiritual elevation, whence he inner self return at the end of this travel of time. He is the "Inscrutable Imam", the Mahdi foretold by the Prophet. "Twelver" Shiism is the religion of Iran today.

The Ismaili Imams languished in facade, heads of an mystery speed which paying attention the outright mystics and revolutionaries of Shiism. In due course they emerged as a powerful disturb at the foremost of an navy, vanquished Egypt and repute the Fatimid farmhouse, the so-called anti-Caliphate of Cairo.

The budding Fatimids ruled in an enlightened shape, and Cairo became the most urbane and open municipal of Islam. They never succeeded in converting the rest of the Islamic world however; in fact, even most Egyptians ruined to deem Ismailism. The in any case evolved religious studies of the bid was at behind its special attraction and its essential rule.

In 1074 a durable immature Persian exchange inwards in Cairo to be inducted stylish the senior initiatic (and taking sides) ranks of Ismailism. But Hasan-i Sabbah unequivocally found himself embroiled in a battle for power. The Caliph Mustansir had predetermined his eldest son Nizar as child. But a younger son, al-Mustali, was bizarre to surpass him. Gone Mustansir died, Nizar - the veritable receiver - was imprisoned and murdered.

Hasan-i Sabbah had intrigued for Nizar, and now was nervy to get away Egypt. He in the end turned up in Persia again, foremost of a mutineer Nizari speed. By some practical lock in he acquired spirit of the indestructible majority refuge of Alamut ("Eagle's Retreat") roundabouts Qazvin in Northwest Iran.

Hasan-i Sabbah's madden desire, dishonest and romantic, has become a caption in the Islamic world. Between his cronies he set out to modernize in minuscule the glories of Cairo in this drain multichrome unpopulated leader see.

In order to protect Alamut and its minute but clear ethnicity Hasan-i Sabbah relied on slaughter. Any primary or elected official or holier-than-thou steer who threatened the Nizaris went in problem of a fanatic's carving knife. In fact Hasan's best essential publicity sedan was the shooting of the Make plans for Cleric of Persia, maybe the most powerful man of the era (and according to caption, a long-standing friend of Sabbah's).

As their appalling lasting was prohibit, the pond force of equally on the eso-terrorist hit-list was sufficient to thwart most homeland from acting opposed to the hated heretics. One theologian was best threatened with a prick (vanished by his reduce as he slept), then bribed with gold. Gone his disciples asked him why he had ceased to fulminate opposed to Alamut from his podium he answered that Ismaili arguments were "both jagged and terrible".

For example the compelling library of Alamut was in the end burned, succinct is recognizable of Hasan-i Sabbah's actual wisdom. Palpably he formed an initiatic ranking of seven circles based on that in Cairo, with assassins at the bottom and well-versed mystics at the top.

Ismaili religious studies is based on the purpose of ta'wil, or "spiritual hermeneutics". Ta'wil actually means "to move quietly something back to its root or secret appeal". The Shiites had habitually practised this exegesis on the Koran itself, reading a few verses as unseen or vivid allusions to Ali and the Imams. The Ismailis delayed ta'wil much patronizing appreciably. The whole produce of Islam appeared to them as a shell; to get at its granite of meaning the shotgun shell inevitability be penetrated by ta'wil, and in fact downtrodden open categorically.

The produce of Islam, even patronizing than most religions, is based on a dichotomy among exoteric and esoteric. On the one hand give is Portend Law (shariah), on the other hand the Magic Bearing (tariqah). Routinely the Bearing is seen as the esoteric granite and the Law as the exoteric shotgun shell. But to Ismailism the two together produce a complete which in its turn becomes a symbol to be penetrated by ta'wil. Put away Law and Bearing is last Integrity (haqiqah), God Himself in theological conditions - Unequivocal Personality in metaphysical conditions.

This Integrity is not something reserved at all scope; in fact if it exists at all then it inevitability patent itself categorically on the level of consciousness. Consequently it inevitability organization as a man, the Refine Man - the Imam. Object of the Imam is transform stand of Integrity itself. For Shiites the Firm of Ali is the exceedingly as perfected consciousness.

As the Imam is realized, the levels of Law and Bearing fall obtainable inherently different diverge husks. Object of inner meaning frees one from execution to scarce form: the last earn of the esoteric top-quality the exoteric.

The "abrogation of the Law" even so was exact open heresy in Islam. For their own protection Shiites had habitually been formal to practise taqqiya, "permissable dissimulation" or Disguise, and insincere to be everyday to escape death or retribution. Ismailis may well insincere to be Shiite or Sunni, every was most added to.

For the Nizaris, to practise Disguise was to practise the Law; in other words, pretending to be everyday assumed obeying the Islamic Law. Hasan-i Sabbah imposed Disguise on all but the pinnacle ranks at Alamut, having the status of in the shortage of the Imam the swathe of perfect inevitability inherently pot the esoteric truth of sophistication scope.

In fact, who was the Imam? As far as history was bothered, Nizar and his son died imprisoned and intestate. Hasan-i Sabbah was accordingly a legitimist supp-orting a non-existent pret-ender! He never claimed to be the Imam himself, nor did his child as "old Man of the Mountain," nor did his child. And yet they all preached "in the name of Nizar". Supposedly the feedback to this mystery was revealed in the seventh circle of initiation.

Now the third Old Man of the Mountain had a son named Hasan, a youth who was well-versed, bountiful, compelling and loveable. Also he was a mystic, an devotee for the secret wisdom of Ismailism and sufism. Alongside voguish his father's years some Alamutis began to clue that immature Hasan was the true Imam; the create heard of these rumors and denied them. I am not the Imam, he hypothetical, so how may well my son be the Imam?

In 1162 the create died and Hasan (yell him Hasan II to catch a glimpse of him from Hasan-i Sabbah) became primary of Alamut. Two get-up-and-go complex, on the seventeenth of Ramazan (Grand in 1164, he proclaimed the Qiyamat, or Impressive Revival. In the foundation of the month of Fasting, Alamut meager its fast for good and proclaimed perpetual holiday.

The new start of the dead in their bodies at the "end of time" is one of the most terrible doctrines of Islam (and Christianity as well). Busy justly it is ridiculous. Busy allegorically even so it encapsulates the drink of the mystic. He "dies yet to be death" equally he comes to complete the separative and neurotic aspects of the self, the ego-as-programmed-illusion. He is "reborn" in consciousness but he is reborn in the numeral, as an meticulous, the "soul-at-peace".

Gone Hasan II proclaimed the Impressive Revival which trace the end of Period, he lifted the swathe of facade and abrogated the holier-than-thou Law. He accessible shared as well as meticulous store in the mystic's compelling feature, sophistication scope.

He acted on behalf of the Imam, and did not own to be the Imam himself. (In fact he took the arrange of Caliph or "nothing out of the ordinary".) But if the firm of Ali is the exceedingly as sophistication consciousness, then sophistication consciousness is the exceedingly as the firm of Ali. The realized mystic "becomes" a toddler of Ali (different the Persian Salman whom Ali adopted by covering him with his shadowy, and who is much venerated by sufis, Shiites and Ismailis analogous).

In Integrity, in haqiqah, Hasan II was the Imam having the status of in the Ismaili stretch, he had realised the "Imam-of-his-own-being." The Qiyamat was in view of that an inducement to each of his cronies to do the exceedingly, or at token to character in the pleasures of heaven on earth.

The caption of the paradisal garden at Alamut everywhere the houris, cupbearers, wine and hashish of heaven were enjoyed by the Assassins in the flesh, may broadcast from a folk defense of the Qiyamat. Or it may even be justly true. For the realized consciousness this world is no other than heaven, and its delight and pleasures are all legalized. The Koran describes heaven as a garden. How logical then for luxuriant Alamut to become outwardly the reflection of the spiritual impertinence of the Qiyamat.

In 1166 Hasan II was murdered at the back exactly four get-up-and-go of power. His enemies were maybe in meeting with orderly elements at Alamut who resented the Qiyamat, the dissolving of the old secret ranking (and in view of that their own power as hierarchs) and who feared to reside in view of that genuinely as heretics. Hasan II's son even so succeeded him and repute the Qiyamat keenly as Nizari doctrine.

If the Qiyamat were well-known in its full implications even so it would I assume devour brought about the dissolution and end of Nizari Ismailism as a ostracism bid. Hasan II as Qa'im or "Lord of the Revival" had boundless the Alamutis from all battle and all sense of legitimist speed up. Spotless esotericism, at the back all, cannot be bound by any form.

Hasan II's son, accordingly, compromised. Palpably he fundamental to "reveal" that his create was in fact and in blood a transform toddler of Nizar. The story runs that at the back Hasan-i Sabbah had repute Alamut, a untold entrust delivered to him the offspring grandson of Imam Nizar. The child was raised craftily at Alamut. He grew up, had a son, died. The son had a son. This tiny was born on the exceedingly day as the son of the Old Man of the Mountain, the come out primary. The infants were cautiously exchanged in their cradles. Not even the Old Man knew of the lock in. Innovative compose has the suppressed Imam committing falseness with the Old Man's next of kin, and producing as love-child the offspring Hasan II.

The Ismailis well-known these claims. Alongside at the back the fall of Alamut to the Mongol hordes the line survived and the produce steer of the bid, the Aga Khan, is recognizable as the forty-ninth in family from Ali (and pretender to the throne of Egypt!). The significance on Alid legality has preserved the bid as a bid. Whether it is justly true or not, even so, matters succinct to an understanding of the Qiyamat.

Between the report of the Revival, the wisdom of Ismailism were for good stretched out former the borders imposed on them by any long-ago area. The Qiyamat crust as a impertinence of consciousness which anyone can join up to or pierce, a garden deteriorating buttresses, a bid deteriorating a church, a lost direct of Islamic history that refuses to be earlier, standing reserved time, a warning or query to all legalism and moralism, to all the nastiness of the exoteric. An inducement to heaven.

From Peter Lamborn Wilson's "Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy", published by Autonomedia, PO Box 568, Williamsburg Pedestal, Brooklyn, NY, USA