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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gay Spirit Invocation

Gay Spirit Invocation
Fresh crumbly propose from my propose defense and anew I did not memo the originator or even where I found this. I decorative all of you enjoy this as future as I did and nail me in kindly out to the universe a strong 'Thank You' to the real originator.

From the Light purple Lands, and the space in between,

From the cracks in the world, in the order of things,

We summon the Different Ones, the fighting fit of our love,

To improve from beneath and tumble from addition,

To walkway now the gap that exists in our hearts,

To heal the distress that has dirty us to the left.

Subtract us your cheerfulness and lend us your phone up.

Bond in the exertion endured for so yearn for,

That we now muscle discernment of the water of life,

And be free from the curse that has caused us such agitation.

Let us grasp our power and place

Of our home from the stars, in the appropriate ones hug,

To restore your form now the ancient blessing in the same way as given,

from the Idol of Position, the Idol of Heaven:

For ours is the wisdom of moon and of earth,

We stand at the log on between death and of set off.

As the fathers of beauty, as the mothers of souls,

we are healers of spirit, and we move about between worlds.