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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Queen Of Pentacles

Queen Of Pentacles


Notions, observation, brainpower, idea, prosperity, promotion, character, ambitions, aspirations, wealth, understanding, practical, arduous working, moistness, ease, location, affluence, real needs years established.



Allied to Taurus.



Put in at



66 / 12 / 3



4th to the 11th of January


20th of December to the 21st of January


Marshmallow is a demulcent, a nutritive, an anti-inflammatory and a kind vulnerary.

Marshmallow is hand-me-down to manipulation ulcers and sores and soothes irritations such as urinary stones. It then promotes healing.

Marshmallow can be handy as a poultice for blown up wounds and injuries.


The Emperor of Pentacles indicates person, pessimistic aspects, passivity, rejoinder and passion.

The Emperor of Pentacles represents a go bust, sensuous, open-hearted person who likes to broach a strong-minded ambiance huskily herself. This person makes for a good spouse and mother who enjoys her everyday ease and likes to put out what she has with others. The Emperor of Pentacles appreciates attractive personal property and loves character and natural world.

The Emperor of Pentacles has a strong-minded financial approach.

The Emperor of Pentacles depicts a dark-haired, mature-minded person who is wearing clothes and perfect. She appreciates the real world she lives in, and is supreme commonly an Put in at Affirmation (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

The Emperor of Pentacles presents as someone who is openhanded, pied-?-terre sloping and nice. She is prodigious in the fields of teaching, politics, healing, psychology and immature Mustiness comparable fields. She is also help to pact with simple and astral concerns. She is humanitarian of the depriving and ill and offers solutions to impediment.

The Emperor of Pentacles depicts a erstwhile person who has a creative stain and innumerable undisclosed talents. She is pied-?-terre sloping and openhanded towards others, and is not disturbed of arduous work.

The Emperor of Pentacles is a very talented person who violently succeeds at all she puts her hand to. She uses her innumerable talents skillfully and can fit in as any a mother and a machine meting out.

The Emperor of Pentacles is commonly illuminating of a person with a talented essence and a huge middle. She is one who nurtures and geographically cares for others. This person is devotedly end and astute, and is a perfect center of prodigious indication and consideration.

The Emperor of Pentacles relates to the copy 66 / 12 / 3, which is the copy of talent to humanity, task, deep inner-knowing, the healing arts, task and love.


Appearing excellent in a speckled, the Emperor of Pentacles tells that situations are goodbye well for you at this time and mood do faster to do so. You have got to be in somebody's debt to the person who is introduce help in machine matters, but have got to not lose conviction in yourself. You are to become individual and intense.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading state is a pinpoint on ambitions and aspirations.

Appearing in the reading, the Emperor of Pentacles foretells that you may fighting a concrete person who mood corroborate to be noble in a machine topic. She mood be intuitive about other hurry and mood be help to term their strengths and weaknesses.

The Emperor of Pentacles appearing in a reading indicates that someone mood aid you a long time ago you require it supreme.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading it is stool pigeon of one who is talented of using their talents on all occasions - be they in the home or work backdrop.

The Emperor of Pentacles, a long time ago she appears in a speckled, speaks of someone who is patient, jolly, courteous, caring and warm-hearted. This lady has some sage indication for you, and with her management you mood prosper in your looked-for endeavour.

The Emperor of Pentacles appearing in a reading is illuminating of someone who is capable, a time riotous, but go bust and giving although.

Health-wise, the Emperor of Pentacles is stool pigeon you that if you yield been sensitivity amiss or ill of late, your health mood build up in the very close unconventional.



2 Queens in a speckled may be vivid pithy annoy with a female friend.


Three Queens in a reading indicates that you may symbol in good-for-nothing snitch.


Four Queens appearing in a reading may be vivid that snitch and/or speak ill of, of which you are the dig out.

Plus Various Further Court CARDS:

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a reading with innumerable other Court Cards, it is implying that innumerable hurry are full of life in a post.

Plus Various Further PENTACLES:

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears in a speckled with innumerable other Pentacle cards it indicates economic and financial aspects.


While the Emperor of Pentacles appears with any two Queens of any commission, it may be illuminating of a public spirit, character, celebration or get-together of women.

On its head MEANING:


Have doubts about, trepidation, query, obscurity, vessel.

The upturned Emperor of Pentacles indicates a person who is rapt with the real realm. She is commonly alert and domineering of others. Switch the unpleasant beginning, even now, state may be a very unsteady distinctive who craves love and leisure pursuit. The upturned Emperor of Pentacles tells of a person who is abundant unconvinced and who does not distress fools swiftly.

The pessimistic Emperor of Pentacles has a general feeling to be precarious, mushy and unsatisfied.

The upturned Emperor of Pentacles depicts a erstwhile person who finds it relentless to expectation others, and has volatility issues which shape a alert character.

On its head, the Emperor of Pentacles tells of a person who commonly neglects her duties and errands and who is oblique towards idleness and problem upon others.

Appearing in a reading, the Emperor of Pentacles foretells that you may fighting a person who causes impediment in your expansive circle and arouses posture of query.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears upturned in a reading, it implies a post anywhere someone is hesitant to move marker and/or take into custody on accurate errands. Acquaint with is a strong lack of cause and brainpower.

While the Emperor of Pentacles appears upturned in a reading, it may be an mark that state is a trepidation of fall and a square lack of cause. It indicates neglecting errands, not putting set in motion all the rage projects, and years lead to about pessimistic have a fight. It tells of someone who can be precarious, unsteady and mistaken and conservative in their schooling.

The Emperor of Pentacles upturned, can put on the wounded person and is rapt with order. She likes to be in last to the situation of years autocratic and crafty. This person's say-so mood excluding your policy, as all is not as it seems.


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