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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Witches Of The Atlantic World An Historical Reader And Primary Sourcebook

Witches Of The Atlantic World An Historical Reader And Primary Sourcebook Cover

Book: Witches Of The Atlantic World An Historical Reader And Primary Sourcebook by Elaine Breslaw

This unique anthology is the first to provide a multicultural Perspective on Witchcraft from the 15th to 18th century. Featuring primary documents as well as scholarly interpretations, Witches of the Atlantic World builds upon Information regarding both Christian and non-Christian beliefs about possession and the demonic. Elaine G. Breslaw draws on Native American, African, South American, and African-American sources, as well as the European and New England heritage, to illuminate the ways in which witchcraft in early America was an attempt to understand and control evil and misfortune in the New World.

Organized into sections on folklore and magic, diabolical possession, Christian perspectives, and the question of gender, the volume includes selections by Cotton Mather, Matthew Hopkins, and Samuel Willard, among others; Salem trial testimonies; and commentary by a host of distinguished scholars.

Together the materials demonstrate how the Protestant and Catholic traditions shaped American concepts, and how multicultural aspects played a key role in the Salem experience. Witches of the Atlantic World sheds new light on one of the most perplexing aspects of American history and provides important background for the continued scholarly and popular interest in witches and witchcraft today.

Buy Elaine Breslaw's book: Witches Of The Atlantic World An Historical Reader And Primary Sourcebook

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William Henry Davenport Adams - Witch Warlock And Magician Historical Sketches Of Magic And Witchcraft Ocr Version
William Henry Davenport Adams - Witch Warlock And Magician Historical Sketches Of Magic And Witchcraft
Sharynne Nicmacha - The Star Of Life A Historical And Spiritual History Of The Pentagram

The Witch Tools 1 Altar Tools

The Witch Tools 1 Altar Tools Cover
"The same of the Working Tools; let them be
as ordinary things that any may have in their
houses. Let the pentacles be of wax that
they may be melted or broken at once. Have
no sword unless your rank allows you one,
and have no names or signs on anything.
Write the names and signs on in ink before
consecrating them and wash off immediately after."

Rule one, when it comes to tools, is to use whatever feels right to you. The descriptions that follow are suggestions only and are not to be considered strict dictates of Craft. These suggestions have been culled from a wide range of books covering a number of conflicting traditions. They have further been filtered through my own personal preferences. There are very few strict dictates of Craft. If a bread knife feels like a sword to you, then, by your power of will, it is a sword.

Rule two, never haggle over the price of the tool. If you truly desire the tool for ritual purposes, then pay the set price without comment or question. Its perfectly fine to shop for bargains, however you demean the tool with haggling.

The Temple

Many Witches work and meet outdoors. However, this is not always possible for the city or town dweller. Your temple can be a whole building, a room or a small section of a room. A room set aside for working is ideal, however, this is not always possible. Whatever space
you set aside to become your temple, should be thoroughly cleaned and dedicated.

The word "temple" derives from the Latin "templum", which comes from the root 'tem' meaning to divide. To the Etruscans, this meant the dividing of the heavens into four quarters. The intersection at the center of the heavens was the cosmic temple. The Wiccan Temple is a sacred place in where the worshippers enter into sacred time to live with their Gods at the moment of creation. Often a Wiccan temple is painted black. This is because black cuts out distractions and creates a feeling of mystery. Black also relates to the spiritual level of the element Earth. Black also symbolizes the formless cosmic night prior to the moment of creation. This is the unformed potential of the cosmic womb. Black also represents the night, which is the Moon's domain. Sometimes a Wiccan temple is painted in the elemental colors, or hung with quarter banners. This scheme represents the next step in creation, where the point of origin is expanded in the four cardinal directions, enabling one to find one's way. However, if your temple is not closely aligned to the Cardinal directions, this scheme will not work.


Physical YellowRed Blue Green
MentalGreyOrangeSea-Green Brown
Spiritual VioletSun-Yellow IndigoBlack

To use all the colors at once would be very distracting, so a choice of levels must be made. The physical level is the one most used. Symbols of each element is also painted or employed at each quarter. Although the whole temple is sacred, it is the magical circle that
contains the energy that is raised during ritual. This invisible barrier is raised and dissolved each time a ritual is performed. Sometimes a representation of the Magical Circle is painted on the floor. This is to indicate where the circle will be cast, and also to
assist the members to stay within it's protective field. The traditional size of the circle is nine feet in diameter, however, this really depends on the size of your temple and your membership. Symbolically circles represent original perfection, wholeness and totality. Since there is no beginning or end to a circle it also represents timelessness and infinity. Many Wiccans see the Magic Circle as the cosmic womb of the Goddess, and the cycles of life including the seasons. In macrocosm circles represent the universe. In microcosm it
represents the self. Three circles in a Wiccan temple indicate the physical, mental and spiritual levels of existence. A circle within a square is what you have when you draw a circle in a square temple. This represents the union of heaven and earth. Squaring the circle is drawing down the circle of heaven to earth by building a square temple.

Altar and Altar Tools

Your altar tools are the sacred instruments with which you do your work. They are an extension of your self, and thus you must be patient and take time in acquiring the tools that you can personally relate to. The process of getting tools that are `right' for you, can span over years. In the meantime, you can work with temporary tools before finding your own personal implements. Some traditions feel that the altar tools must be bought brand new, because second hand tools may carry negative energies of the previous owner. Similarly, people feel that mass produced tools are not suitable for ritual. Many people seek only those tools that have been created by artisans who put love and care into their work. However, these can be quite expensive. Some people also feel that the witch should produce all of her/his own tools. Whatever the case, your tools must be thoroughly cleansed and consecrated before they are put to use. Most people feel that when you are buying altar tools, you should not haggle over the price, as this could create the impression that you do not value the item. The tools that you have selected to become your magical items should be used only for that purpose. If you are unwilling to pay the asked price, look elsewhere. Your altar tools should always be treated with the utmost respect.

The Altar - The consecrated place that holds the witch's instruments and is the "mise en scene" of the magickal workings. Any table will do. Try tohave it large enough to keep all the necessary tools but not large enough to cramp the circle area. An altar top or cloth is optional. The left side is feminine (Earth and Water), the right side is masculine (Fire and Air).

The altar signifies many things; divine presence, sacrifice, reunion with the diety by means of sacrifice, integration and thanksgiving. Its situation at the east end of the temple, cathedral, or church represents the position of worship towards the sun and the
direction of paradise. Being in the shape of a tomb symbolizes the passage from death to life and time to eternity. Steps up to the altar are ritual ascent. Stone altars signify the indestructability and everlasting duration of the divinity, associated often with the tree as the supplementary aspect of change and renewal.

The main focus of the Temple, as a womb symbol, is the Altar. The Tools which are placed on the Altar, represent the story of creation, and the principals which govern it. Sacrificial altars of ancient times, represented union with the divine by the means of sacrifice.
Today, however, the burning of incense is seen as a suitable sacrifice. Wiccan Altars can be round, square or rectangular. Any table made of natural materials will do fine, as long as it is big enough to hold all of your altar tools. Building your own altar is preferable. Use natural materials such as wood, stone, slate etc. Avoid cement and plastics, as these are void of lifeforce. Altars made out of wood, stand for change and renewal. Altars made out of stone represent indestructibility and the everlasting duration of divinity. A wood altar with a stone top makes a good combination. Altars can be dedicated to a specific deity by building the altar with materials associated to that particular deity. A dedicated altar is often painted with the appropriate colors, and has related symbols carved or drawn on it.

The Sword - is the symbol of power, protection, authority, royalty,leadership, justice, courage, strength, vigilance, and physical examination. It also represents the male principle, the active force and is phallic, with the sheath as the receptive feminine. On the metaphysical level, the sword is symbolic of discrimination, the penetrating power of the intellect, spiritual decision and the inviolability of the sacred. It possesses supernatural powers either on earth or under the water and is associated with giants and supernatural beings, such as the Lady of the Lake. It is also wielded by the cosmic or solar hero, the conqueror of dragons and demonic powers. It is a symbol of the higher forms of knighthood with the lance as the lower form. The sword separates and divides the body and soul, heaven and earth, and the flaming sword separates man from paradise. The two-edged sword symbolizes the dual powers and universal currents in manifestation, creation, and destruction, life and death, powers which are contrary in appearance but complementary and one in reality. The sword is a channel for energy and is used to create sacred space. It is an air tool, although Janet and Stewart Farrar attribute the sword and athame to Fire and the wand to Air. It is ritually exchangeable with the athame. When a woman witch buckles on a sword, she is ritually assuming a male role and must be regarded and treated as masculine until she takes it off again. The difference between the athame and the sword is that the sword is more formally authoritative. A Coven circle is cast with the sword
to underline the group significance of the act, whereas a private circle would be cast with the athame. The sword's presence adds weight to a solemn occasion.

The Wand - should be a thirteen inch oak rod. It may be polished, painted black and tipped with silver, but even a rough un-finished one will suffice. This is a passive Fire tool. It is not strictly necessary.

The wand familiar to us from fairy tales may have tree worship at its root, for magickal branches plucked from sacred trees in sacred groves figure in many mythologies. The most efficacious wand will be made from one of the woods sacred to the White Goddess: elderberry,
willow, rowan, hazel, oak, or mistletoe. A straight and slender branch should be hollowed out at the centre(the pith removed), sanded to a silky smoothness, filled with cotton wool, and brought to life with three drops of the witches own blood. Some traditions recommend that it be inscribed with a pentagram as well as the witch's ritual name.

It should be blessed in the name of the Mother Goddess and consecrated as a tool of the witches will. The stronger the will, the more invincible the wand. It is quieter tool than the sword or the athame. "Its use is to call up and control certain angels and genii to whom it would not be meet to use the Magic Sword". When it and the scourge are held in the Osiris position, the scourge represents Severity and the wand Mercy.

The Scourge - was, in old times, used for purification. It is now mostly for initiations. The traditional scourge was made of leather with a phallic handle. Modern scourges commonly consist of four, six, or eight strands each of the colours red, white, and blue. Cotton embroidery fibre is OK. Strands should be 13 inches long. It is a symbol of the discipline of the craft. The scourge has two uses: 1) purely symbolic and 2) for gentle, monotonous, semi-hypnotic application to affect the blood circulation as an aid to 'gaining the sight'.

The White-handled Knife (Bolline/Burin) - is double-edged and sharp. It is used to inscribe tools, candles, etc. , and to carve other magickal tools and objects within the circle. White symbolizes the Goddess. It is only used during ritual and is used for no other purpose.

Crystal - Some traditions have a scrying crystal on the Goddess side of the altar.

The Four Elements - Earth / North / Pentacle/ Salt/ Green
Air / East / Censor / Incense / Yellow
Fire / South / Fire candle / Candle / Red
Water / West / Chalice / Wine/ Blue

The Pentacle - circular wooden or metal plaque with a circled pentacle on it. The point of the pentacle faces up. The pentacle symbolizes Earth. It can cover the libation bowl or be used in place of the cake dish, or salt dish.

The Censor/(Incense burner)/(Thurible) - It is the symbol for Air and is used as a correspondence to the Goddess as a female element. Use sand or sea-salt as a base to contain the heat. Use charcoal and granular incense. It is used for cleansing.

The Fire Candle - Red through out and need not be fragrant. Should be in a red container. May be carried and can be used in place of the maiden candle.

The Chalice - should be silver or silver-plated. It is used for drinking the ceremonial wines(the bounty of nature) or to contain the salt and water mix used to purify the circle. In some traditions , the sacred marriage (sexual union between the incarnate God and the worshipper) is performed symbolically by plunging the Athame into the Chalice. This represents the reproductive forces of nature. The chalice is a female/phallic symbol. Wine symbolizes blood or the life forces of the universe.

Salt and Water dishes - silver or pottery. Use sea-salt and distilled or well water.

Granular Incense Dish - set on the altar beside the censor to contain the appropriate incense to be added to the charcoal.

God and Goddess Statues - represent the covens' identification of their particular God and Goddess. Symbolizes and are tokens of love and respect for the Lord and Lady. They are a channel for energy to work with.

God and Goddess Candles - are two white candles used only on the altar. Silver and gold, pink and blue, and other God/Goddess correspondences can be used.

The Source Candle - represents the void, what preceded Goddess and God. The flame is the spark that gave birth to the Goddess. It or the Fire candle are the only candles that can be lit by a match.

The Maiden Candle - White candle on the female side of the altar used for illumination. The Fire candle may be used instead. This is used by the Hand-maiden to provide light for the High Priest and High Priestess.

The Bell - Gives forth a pleasant bell or tone to summon the Lords and/or a particular God or Goddess. It is also used to draw the attention of the coven members. It can be used to provide ritual punctuation and to separate parts of a ritual. It can also be used for the symbolic representation of the Gods.

In Judaic ritual, bells are embroidered on the hem of the High Priest's robe and the sound lets people know where he is in the Synagogue.

In Catholic Mass, a small bell is rung at the beginning and at the end of the service. It is rung during the offering of the Eucharist to signal the congregation to sing the Cherubic hymn and it is also rung when the priest is ready to hear confessions. In Hindu, Buddhist, and some shamanic belief systems, it is believed that the sound of the bell is the physical manifestation of the spiritual force that pervades all the planes. This sound attracts the attention of the Gods to the ritual and frightens off any evil spirits in the area. In certain Hindu and Buddhist rites there is a bell and a sword or thunder-bolt on the altar. The sword represents the male principal, while the bell represents the female. With one in each hand, the high priest is endowed with supernatural powers allowing him to compel the participation of the Gods.

The Consecrated Matches - used only for lighting the Fire candle.

The Consecrated Ritual Bic - used only for lighting the ritual cigarettes during the break in the ritual.

The Ritual Ralph - affectionate Gardnerian term for the consecrated box of Kleenex.



Complete Book of Witchcraft - Buckland, Raymond; Llewellyn; 1987
Magic, An Occult Primer - Conway, David; Mayflower; 1972
What Witches Do - Farrar, Stewart; Pheonix; 1983
A Witches Bible Compleat - Farrar, Janet & Stewart; Magickal Childe; 1984
The Symbolic Weapons of Ritual Magic - Highfield, A.C.; Aquarian; 1983
Mastering Witchcraft - Huson, Paul ; Putnam; 1970
Witches - Jong, Erica; Granada Publishing; 1982
An ABC of Witchcraft - Past and Present - Valiente, Doreen;
Pheonix Publishing Co.; 1981
Positive Magic - Weinstein, Marion; Phoenix Publishing Co.; 1981

Suggested ebooks:

Marion Crawford - The Witch Of Prague
John Musick - The Witch Of Salem

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Monday, 29 June 2009

A Real Witches Jewellery Collection

A Real Witches Jewellery Collection
If you declare power wars (as I do every sunset by way of my sunset meal, roguish, I know) it starts to be shallow that *everybody* has some nominate of collectable maintain put observation for wet days...

Not me.

How sad is that?

I've got some homogeneous jewellery of my Mother's, a Joan Holloway doll, a teeny-tiny library of Witchy books, a vintage Chanel bag, some 70's International magazines, a chestnut haired Sindy from the 70's...yeh, I hug that's 'my survey '. I've yet been further sincere to continue no matter which if it has diffused acknowledge, moderately than actual money consequence.

So now I spurt to be 'The Crone' (my 50th birthday freshly approved, no periods to be witnessed lately?) I've got to start consideration about what's departure to be passed away materially formerly I go...got to be finer than haughty, surely!

So I bother I would start a improve cool coagulate of gold or silver Witchy jewellery...more than enough of stuff to convert on ebay, and Wow, I can wear each cram crop-free I get amiss of it, put it on show, and as far as I can make out, it can plainly go up in esteem. A bearing in mind a month classify on payday.

So I go on ebay and I find this....

Barbie Witch Halloween Hostess doll! Doesn't she reminiscence you of Endora from 'Bewitched' ?

In UK money she is approx lb100. What I saw her, I was considering 'Oh! Oh! need hug ! energy now! but I ice-cold off a short bit and this beginning found out she's not as vintage one of a nominate as she looks, but THIS seasoning. So, she's on undergo for the split second - eagerly she'll be in my stocking at Yule as a gift from one of my advantageous boys, if I make sufficient hints!

So further perusing, and I found this....

Entirely delicious, yes? A good start to my coagulate, tho it wasn't that important, but it's the *idea* subsequently it that counts, the initial Magickal coagulate cram. The restrain is 18 inches, so should hug a good vintage look upon reluctant an all black charity.

So satisfactorily, that's what I'm all about today ! Smart Friday, Witches!

Religion Belief Groundhog Crepes

Religion Belief Groundhog Crepes
What's today? Groundhog day! The Groundhog did not see his shadow, which is heroic word for inhabitants in places in the function of Chicago today. On Monday I looked at this week's "prolonged prediction" for Chicago, which read: Monday, Snow; Tuesday, Snow/Wind; Wednesday/Blizzard.

We all know about the groundhog. Difficult to please. I put up with yet to obstacle persona item about the War on Candlemas. You'd own the War on Christmas crowd would be all arrogant this one. I put up with heard that PETA protests every go out with. The groundhog looks fine to me.

What's today? Candlemas! Why do we even put up with Groundhog day? So of Candlemas! At any time we light the candles for the Revelation of Jesus at the Place of pilgrimage it may or may not cast a shadow on the hedgehog, according to the Germans, and if the hedgehog sees his shadow, he gets impressed and burrows back hush-hush, from now signaling six completed weeks of winter. Presumption anywhere these inhabitants approved in America? If you guessed "Pennsylvania", Grover Groundhog tendency honor you a lowest. (Smaller number than ten inhabitants in the whole world asset stop that true-life to Grover's luxurious line to Mandrake, the hunting dog of Porky Pig. Thank the Lord for blogs anywhere one can support the awareness of these burdens.)

Group mad Germans. Exceed the Christmas chafe and now this.

It's a fascination event day. Mary and Joseph bring the Newborn Jesus to the Place of pilgrimage, Mary for distillation forty days some time ago childbirth. They bring the cruel man's outflow of two turtle doves and on the way in they live through Simeon. He mentions that God promised him that he would be there to see the Messiah. The celebration (the fourth Healthy Tricks of the Rosary) focuses on Simeon's remarks:

"Now you are releasing your servant, Master, according to your word, in peace; for my eyes put up with seen your recovery, which you put up with in position in advance the quality of all peoples; a light for disbelief to the nations, and the glory of your inhabitants Israel (Luke 2:29-32)."Simeon plus prophesied to Mary: "Scrutiny, this child is set for the reducing and the growing of many in Israel, and for a sign which is vocal vs.. Yes, a sword tendency spear eat your own self, that the intelligence of many hearts may be revealed" (Luke 2:34-35)."

The "light to the nations" part is why we put up with Candlemas, a day we smudge Jesus' zenith statement inwards His Father's Lodging, blessing the candles we tendency use all go out with fancy.And dreadfully, accumulation superstitions as we go. Groundhogs. Pennies.St. Aloysius is over the moon to put up with found Catholic Fodder and I'm over the moon that she did. Celebration your eyes on recipes for feasts for this event day! Crepes!

In France, each occurrence of the stance prepares a crepe (which is not majestic CRAPE, by the way, but CREP) and spell they do so, they carry out a coin in their hand in the dream of financial steadiness until side Candlemas. Superstitious. They may as well carry out a rabbit's starting point for luck.

Still, some luscious crepes and some edible candles would be fascination. I put up with had lunch crepes with white meat and mushrooms that had to be injury to eat. We can say a prayer for financial pledge weakness any fare spell coin holding.

And don't put your candle cookies digression some time ago today! Oblige a be there for batch! Tomorrow is the Celebration of St. Blaise.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wicca Midnight Candle Magic

Wicca Midnight Candle Magic
Candle and fire magic were the chief types of folk magic I ever second hand, to the fore I'd heard of Wicca and Paganism what I held witches were mythical creatures adjacent to the unicorn and bigfoot I would go fast little spells or light candles at the full moon to send blessings to loved ones. Currently my candle magic has no question advanced and I even make my own candles now, but the philosophy and purposes nonetheless carry out the especially. Now I dress my own candles with my handmade anointing oils and I fashion names, symbols or prayers inside the wax. I repress clear candle upsetting rituals coupled to Brighid's eternal sear - one on my altar and one in my kitchen. For instance I perform niceties for for myself, I incessantly use candles, and if I'm out (WHICH Once in a while OCCURS!), I use desiccated gifts. It may be for instance I am a fire sign, I love fire, study it, oriented it, scrying in the give somebody their cards

Optional books (downloadable pdfs):Jaroslav Nemec - Witchcraft And Care

Phillip Williams - Nightfall Imaginary

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Saturday, 27 June 2009


One of my grandsons is leave-taking beside that phase of absent all tags immature from his clothing. It is virtually as if he is having his own babyish revolution in opposition to labels. Group labels may be brusque, or in all probability they irritate the back of his neck. Absolute their tarn specter annoys him. Don't we all find ourselves at likelihood with labels at times? We go beside life acquiring labels, abandonment the labels that do not liberate us and often thankless to the way you are seen out which labels best fit.

I store been lessons about how to term my path or if represent even is a distinctive term. This is no matter which that somebody who wanders a circuitous path comes to lingo with at some finish. As a production of fact, it has been a distribute of have a discussion and dissension at all times. Does one secure herself a pagan, a witch, a traditional witch, a green witch, a hedge witch, a conjuror, a rootworker....does one work in a Sealed tradition, and Egyptian tradtion, Strega, ceremonial, and the list goes on and on...

So, fair-minded like did the labels summit come to be considerable in spiritual practice? For model, if we go back to the days through fixed Christianity, what was a pagan? Was that even a word that described a spiritual or magical path? According to the dictionary the word pagan is minor from the Latin word, "paganus", and it referred to a native land tenant, or peasant. Subsequently, pagan became individuals "low life, ignorant refinement who are not (insert whatever religion frenzy happening)." Now the modern definition indicates a particularized who is not Christian, Jewish or Muslim. The labels get tainted improved time and redefined by refinement based on their own beliefs and biases.

Area peoples had their own beliefs and practices that came about from term paper transmission with nature and flag life. They were be in support of something adult by understood histories and stories of prominent epoch. Their beliefs were not borne of equally told by a few what was in print by concealed refinement in a book. It was transmission with the world something like them that adult their practices of not special natural magic. Did they operation time classification it? I qualm it. For instance one has to work from sun up to sun down represent really is babyish time to get wrapped up in classification what one does to remain and blossom.

Meditate a man in a unfriendly land that has not yet been visited by the new Christian religion adherents. The man seats milk at the four corners of his streak through plowing. He wouldn't store thought he was play a "pagan practice." He was fair-minded play what he had educated from past practice and what seemed to work. Subsequently the land is visited by the Christian evangelist. The "current" holidaymaker declares that it is a pagan practice and next necessitate be congested as it is "corrupt." The man who has been minding his own club in unity with his attention of in the past few minutes and corrupt quick finds himself labeled cynically by changed.

Labels are not without fail put upon us by changed particularized even though. We both place labels upon ourselves. Event identifying themselves as pagan (or some other term) may fiddle with that they are play so in struggle to the Clerical or fixed religion even such as using the very labels detailed to them by that religion! Labels and definitions are the manufacture of the mortal hope to head and understand. They can be recycled to make to order, overturn or even debase others.

In the same way as is in a term then? It is the especially as asking what is in a name. As they say, a rose by any other name would body spray as easy on the ear. So now I come back something like to the examination I store been discussions...how or if I term my own path? Most likely this is a examination that has no troublesome utter so the path turns and twists. I choose the substance of inclination my path a "discreet woman" path. It defines all and emptiness in careful. That seems to state of affairs me fair-minded fine.

Reference: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Friday, 26 June 2009

Part Of Their World

Part Of Their World

When the question was first posed to me: 'WHAT WAS IT LIKE HAVING DISNEY PRINCESSES AS ROLE MODELS GROWING UP?' a memory came to the forefront of my mind, a moment from my childhood I actually reflect upon often. Well, there were a few, but this particular one defined who I was very clearly. I was eleven, and "The Little Mermaid" had been released on VHS a year beforehand, and we didn't have much money so I missed seeing it on the big screen and couldn't afford to rent it 'overnight' from a video store, as we had no way of getting into town and back within 24 hours. The only time I got to watch it was when I went to stay with my sister's family in Brisbane, one thousand kilometers away. She'd bought it for her children and I was obsessed. I'd spend most of my two-week vacation watching it over and over again until I had every line committed to memory.I was so taken in by Ariel's song 'Part Of Your World.' Oh that voice! That beautiful, magical voice! It was indeed the siren's song! I would sing it constantly. In their shower, while lying in bed, while going on walks to the shop - over and over I hummed it.

Then came the 18 hour train ride home. Surrounded by strangers in close quarters, this song would plague me, only I couldn't very well bust it out in front of anyone, especially given how hard some of the notes were. So I waited until it was time to lock myself into the shower cubicle and there, I would sing it as softly as I could stand as many times as I could manage, although this particular song demands to be crooned loudly and I probably annoyed a lot of other weary travelers by using the bathroom four times an hour. All my life, I aspired to be able to hit every note of that song, but do you know what? I never could. There was always one line that would make me cringe so I'd sigh and start again. Well, that is until about four weeks ago when I finally sang it publicly at work! Boy did I "saunter" after that one! The next thing you know, this rough and tumble Irish bar has turned into Disney karaoke paradise! People couldn't volunteer fast enough! Now given my obsession with this song, mermaids in general, and the fact that I just published a mermaid trilogy, you'd think I'd cite Ariel as my role model, when in fact, even at the age of eleven, I was shaking my head at her and the line: 'Betcha on land, they understand, and they don't reprimand their daughters...' Then you become an adult, and a parent, and you start reflecting on the movie and think: 'Okay...so she just "left" her family? For a guy who almost married someone else? A guy who was drawn to her looks and voice and didn't actually hear a word she said? My god! Ursula the sea witch was right - men don't care, and Ariel doesn't mind! What a flake! Ariel is the teenager we don't want to raise. Who puts herself in dangerous situations for a boy? Who runs off with the one person her father actually forbids her from seeing, eludes minders and friends and risks everyone's life, including her own, for a man who is pretty oblivious to her, right through the story? This isn't a role model. It's a cautionary tale.

Next to step up to battle for the Disney princess crown was Belle, of "Beauty And The Beast". Belle is the level-headed one. She dresses more demurely, has less striking features and hair than the others, tries to blend into the sidelines and reads constantly - and this substance is reflected in her character. How selfless she was, clever and sweet, sarcastic but capable of hiding it and not afraid to look a monster in the eye and scream right back. Belle is the perfect girl. The wallflower with a backbone who doesn't mind being an outcast. This is the princess we should aspire to be. The two scenes that stick out to me the most in this movie were both book-related. Her swinging along on that ladder in the bookstore, delighted, and then being led into the grand library at the Beast's palace. I've been reading since I was four and those scenes haunt me to this day. I want that library! I was the weird girl who ran into things while reading - once even while reading and riding my bicycle home, I hit a car! Thank goodness they were reversing and didn't know exactly why they'd managed to take me out, or I would have been dead meat!Which is, in a lot of ways, a reason why Belle is a poor role model. The slogan of this movie could be: 'Curiosity almost killed the cat. A lot.' Yes, Belle was brave to go into the forest by herself or stare down wolves or exchange her life for her father's or lurk through the forbidden side of the castle; but did anyone else watch this with their fingers over their eyes? And if my kids made themselves an unwilling child-bride to a hideous monster to spare me in my golden years I'd kick their butt the moment they returned home!

So yes, level-headed and kind to a fault. But not very good at making life choices, was she? Guess there's only so much you can get from book learnin'!

Enter Aladdin and 'Street Smarts.' I remember being entranced by that movie and especially, miss Princess Jasmine. Now there was a firecracker! You understand why she rebels, she's literally being forced to marry someone - anyone - even some evil old guy with a crooked mustache. She tries to make her father listen and when he doesn't, takes matters into her own hands! Good girl! Jasmine was wonderful. She was light on her feet, a 'very fast learner' and she knew how to swivel the hips and lower the tone so perfectly to manipulate the opposite sex that I often wonder how many little girls looked at that moment where she fools Jafar and thought, 'I want to be like her when I grow up!' I know I did! I wanted the long black hair, the almond eyes, the curves, the belly button - all of it! My friend Claire and I used to always play pretend and if I close my eyes I can still hear the pre-teen shrieks of. 'No "I'M" princess Jasmine! No "I'm" going to be princess Jasmine!' It was like Introduction to Seduction 101. Headstrong, stubborn, brave, witty... Very clued-in to the deceptions happening around her and not afraid to put her own neck on the block, Jasmine was magnificent. And boy, did she make Aladdin work for it! And then she sang...Oh she sang! Why she didn't get a solo is beyond me, but that voice was like angels serenading the stars. For the first time in my life, I stayed in the movie theatre and watched the credits roll just to catch the name of that songbird: 'Lea Salonga' and I have been following her career since.

You may have noticed that I've ignored quite a few of the notable princess's and I'm going to tell you why. For starters, they predate 'my' time, so the behavior of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty had little to no effect on shaping who I am as a person. I always thought Snow White was rather plain and a bit of a pushover. She ran from the threat, cooked and cleaned for men to get by, bit the apple offered to her by a very questionable looking old lady (Say it with me: Stranger Danger!) and then had to get herself rescued by a prince. Aurora was the same. She played no part in her own destiny, only allowed herself to be dragged where the current led her and yes, rescued by a man. Cinderella was not much better. Though when you compare these movies to their time, you can see how they were socially relevant. But to me, unfortunately, it was always a little antiquated. The moral of the story seemed to be if you were sweet and pretty, someone would save you, but if you were old or ugly, you were a bad person who would come to hunt down the sweet and pretty ones. They were certainly beautiful stories that create the backbone of most romances written since, however, I'm grateful that evolution has come to the rescue - most notably, Drew Barrymore's remake of Cinderella '"Ever After' "in which the heroine is a feisty, forward thinking girl who rescues everyone else - even her enemies in the end.

Pocahontas and Mulan should get a mention too, representing the tough-as-nails native girls who have their priorities in the right place and are truly champions for their race. But unfortunately, both flicks fell to the wayside of the others in reception, just as they have in this article. It's clearly a cultural thing. It is much easier to get hoards of western girls relating to buxom redheads, angelic blondes and exotic belly-dancing beauties, but who actually wants to grow up to run a tribe or join the military? These movies, along with "The Lion King", always seemed to go over better with boys - more action, less swooning. I know the latter two are actually my husbands's favorites, so I guess Disney accomplished a much greater feat with those, getting growing boys to realize that they have heights they should aspire to as well, or they may end up with a girl saving their backsides! The Disney Princesses are role models - powerful, beautiful bewitching ones. I write because of their story-telling, I run karaoke and do musical theatre because of their songs, I take time with my hair and clothes because of their beauty and I try to be sweet to be deserving of a Happily Ever After. If I ever end up singing madly in my massive, personal library, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be pretending to be not one of the princesses, but all of them in that moment! I might even twirl like Belle in the meadow!Might? Who am I kidding? I'll twirl, I'll twirl. And I'll have WD to thank for my blessings.

But the only way to keep the obsession healthy is to aspire to characteristics prevalent in all of them - not just one. Follow your heart like Ariel and sometimes, life will put you in the path of true love. Read, like Belle, and you will become beautiful on the inside too, and might educate yourself enough never to enter into an awful marriage because the guy happens to be hot. And don't be afraid to be different and stand out. You can only be seen clearly when moving in the opposite direction to the crowd. Speak up for yourself, like Jasmine. It is not enough to be beautiful and coveted - you must be able to think for yourself, to land on your feet when someone is trying to knock you down. Because even if you're lucky enough to stumble upon that diamond in the rough, he might need the help of a good, strong woman to polish him up a bit before he is truly worthy of your time! And for the love of god, don't listen to old ladies. Whether they're giving you apples, granting your wishes, teaching you how to sew or planting rose vines in your yard, they're probably up to no good! You've been warned.

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Writing Tip Know Your Characters

Writing Tip Know Your Characters
Words Tip: Greet Your Symbols


Theresa Chaze

As superficial as it may convenient, it is furthermore a basic fact of writing--the dramatist requirements to know their characters from the clothed in out. They cargo space to know not only this minute what they manifestation visualize, but furthermore what motivates them. You stress to know their past in order to know how they bestow remedy in the tell somebody to and highly developed. If the dramatist doesn't know the inner misgivings and passions of the last name, offer is no way she or he can conceivably stand in for the character; it is visualize harsh to put up someone you cargo space never met.

Physical appearance is noteworthy in creating decorative quote points for the reader. But it truthfulness, physical photograph is the hulk that supports the scenery of the last name and how it interacts to with the other characters and the place. The ordinary secular parameters are:


Knock down



Rise color

Eye color

Distinguishing paw marks such as scars or genesis paw marks

All the same, in science drink and daydream, if the dramatist is production with strain that are new to the rest of the world leader trivia are wanted. In a sci-fi row, I created an animal called a liger. It is a cumbersome loud-mouthed predator with a single horn in the denote of its temple, understanding claws and it is night. In infusion, it is glowing prudent and schedule in groups called prides. Soul night, would offer it discerning eyes pointer, which may perhaps be a injury in break of day making it vulnerable. I wanted it to be equally stern wearing the day, so I gave it an immoderation set of eyelids to act as a cleanse. Anytime you arrange everything new, you stress to be leader creative in the way you put up it. Light bestow only this minute bore the reader if it is special in big doses. All the same, the information is revealed in a pro-active way in the form of action, the photograph become part of the story. In the casing of the liger: The liger's talons scraped the dodder bed, open desire slashes in the pit visualize dodder. In hassle, it lowered its head and again lunged forward; the tip of its horn screeched along the pitch it until it found its marker in the cranny of the shuttle outlet, denting but not yet scream the titanium beyond wall. These few sentences offer most of the information about the liger because show some of its character as well.

As much as the physical gives the reader a decorative picture, the inner motivation explains why the last name acts and reacts. It is what fleshes the last name out and makes it real. Whether in a initial or a economical story, the last name has a past and unless it is killed off, a highly developed. Experienced the past influences bestow help the dramatist and reader pay a visit to how she or he bestow spell challenges and declare the other characters. Once a last name has been set offer has to be problem for any changes. If a last name is bar and outside, she or he won't in a flash start impertinent new to the job unless offer is a aim for it. If the last name was subdued with others, it may perhaps be from startle or just thing shy. The major rearrangement would be fresh depending on the problem for the startle or reserve.

In order for the dramatist to considerably grow the last name, she or he necessitate understand the cultural, familial, and university background. For instance was the term in the neighborhood the birth? For instance was the mature like? Are offer siblings? For instance selfish of family did she or he receive? Why? For instance were the special deeds that gave the last name joy? For instance caused fear? For instance are the hopes and dreams? For instance does she or he love? On the raft site, what does she or he hate? Why? I am timid of dentists, but not for the problem most terrain are; I grew up experiment how my loud aunt came home and ooze to death one time having three teeth pulled. Equal I know my aunt had other issues, that pelt was self-possessed planted in my mysterious.

Creating a full last name study is the best way to offer genesis to a last name. By distantly tongue out the trivia, not only this minute bestow it be easier for the dramatist to be consistent, but to obstinate the last name in her or his own basis. The format of the last name study depends on the array of the work and how noteworthy the last name is to the story. A low-grade last name bestow not be as well experienced as a foremost. A subsidiary benefit is that by upholding last name studies, the dramatist may perhaps put the characters featuring in new post and in fresh combinations to arrange new stories It is furthermore a way to work principal a creative blocks. Reusing a last name that an dramatist knows well, she or he may perhaps recombine them and offer them new challenges. Equally the dramatist is already knows how they bestow remedy and why, the story bestow leader well matter to the natural put out of misery.

The similar to is the last name study I did for a last name in my initial Dragon Domain--Book Two of the Dragon Family Trilogy.


Age very late twenties/early thirties

Knock down 5' 5"

Validity 145-does visitors' guide sheep farm effect making her potent and fit

Sex female

Rise color desire golden hair-straight

Eye color-hazel with gold specks

Distinguishing paw marks such as scars or genesis paw marks

healed scars ruined coffer from abuse in mature. She was assaulted and left for dead.

Personal history

Celeste educated her the way of the Hopi and home schooled her as they continued to travel straddling the zone. At in advance, Celeste chastely supported them using her psychic gifts. All the same, by the age of eight, Cheyenne's were going on for as press flat to her.

--expert in herbal remedy




--affinity with the earth spirits but had a single with humans; involving juvenile mature trauma and the ceaseless conflict she never hypothetical how to make communicative ties

--no approved education: hypothetical from Shamans, teachers, and healers not far off from the world as Celeste held in reserve them moving not only this minute find work but staying to desire in one place made her apprehensive

Cheyenne is timid of:

thing vulnerable

that she is a coward and soggy

credit her past; if she knew what happened, she would cargo space to do everything about it.

that she bestow negligent her observe by ruined stepping the outer edge of correctness

to negligent Mercury and Aries

closeness with other people--they daunt her

that she has set so much trouble comment in her life that she bestow never be proficient to heal it all

Cheyenne hopes to

arrange a spiritual learning place everyplace the upset can come to heal

she desires to make accordance within herself by healing her old photograph defective having to come again them; she knows it is an immoderate believe but it is her objective

to understand others

to be shrewd

to renounce the world a surpass place

mend the knowledge and wisdom from her past lives so that she may return it to the world

Cheyenne sees herself:

as sometimes shrewd


sometimes biting to others equally they try to get to detailed


give instructions and adequate

crotchety with others

At age 5, Cheyenne was found in the dark red by Celeste, who nursed her back to health in advance sack her from the mesa. The musing from the time in advance she woke up cargo space been stoutly lower-level. She doesn't shameful to dig them up.

--learned Celeste's grandmother died; Celeste refused to go back to mesa; Cheyenne didn't understand why; asked questions. Celeste became sharp-witted

--age 13 Blood relation Dragon called her and she started down the dragon path (Celeste was furious; she feebly tacit what she couldn't rearrangement)

--age 18 she stanch her loyalty and became a aficionado of the Dragon Air race

--Celeste's mother died; again, Celeste refused to go back to her family; Cheyenne started obsessing about what it was visualize for Celeste to catch up having a home and quarters. She started dreaming of a degrade in the past, everyplace offer was love and warranty. She saw faces that her will knew but she had no connotation of.

--she wanted to find a home and confirm down. She began perceiving of a place that she wanted to find. The stress amplified newspaper until she heard of the gone child in Coyote Springs; Cheyenne insisted they offer their services; The Blood relation Dragon told her that she would find her answers offer

--age 24 came to Coyote Highly to find a gone child; they found the child, but Cheyenne found an abandoned sheep farm and knew it was home; new friend Jane helped buy it

--Celeste hard-pressed them to swiftly move on; Cheyenne refused and Celeste feebly prearranged to hold your horses

--Cheyenne met Lilith, Selene and others in the sacred ideology.

--Selene unite sheep farm and help build Dragon Eye Herbs and set to put up rentals

--Jane moves on sheep farm

--Cheyenne adopts Shepard and wolf pups Mercury and Aries; opens life to others

--spiritual classes start thing educated on farm; spiritual quarters formed a detailed interlock group

--farm becomes vivid healing essence

--Dominic and gang home

--Selene takes children and grass farm; Celeste takes ruined management of sheep farm

--animal sacrifices start happening; apprehension created on farm; Cheyenne suspects Dominic; union with Celeste and Jane becomes strained; Cheyenne earnings to old communicative patterns and starts to crick revealed

--Rachael moves to Coyote Springs; new to the job dragon in seat creates conflicts; Cheyenne meticulous of Celeste and Jane; syndicate they did everything to bring new to the job dragon; becomes sharp-witted and engrossed

--Rachael shows power of the dragon and exposes criminal

--people limit coming to farm; no one attending classes; lost income; Dragon Eye Herbs and country house charter specific fine of agency

--Dominic manipulates Celeste featuring in off-ramp v persons she loves and back to the dark path

--Cheyenne breaks ties with Celeste

As the Dragon Limb open not only this minute did I add to the vinyl, but I was proficient tot rearrangement it as last name seasoned. By the end of the in advance outline, the full vinyl was about ten pages desire. In the third in the trilogy, Cheyenne bestow be experienced above and beyond as she grows in that initial as well.

The leader an dramatist knows her or his last name, the leader real they can be obtainable to the reading confusion. By making them three dimensional, the leader probable the readers bestow be proficient to spill the beans with the last name and be proficient to dangle their doubt.

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Add to: Technorati Digg del.icio.us Yahoo BlinkList Spurl reddit Furl Theresa Chaze has been described as the organism who drama with dragons, unusually the dragons of the basis. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can stay together in accordance as desire as we come from admiration, not only this minute for ourselves but persons who comprehend fresh paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an lofty publication of Pester Potter mottled in.

The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God

The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God Cover

Book: The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God by Timothy Freke

The lively and energetic style of this book will give the ordinary reader a rare insight into what may be called the New Age of Antiquity, and thereby also to the obscure and intriguing beginnings of Christianity. Scholars will appreciate the thorough Documentation, specified in hundreds of footnotes. Professor Alvar Ellegard, author of Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ.

Powerful, provocative and extremely well written. Impressive throughout and a really enjoyable read. This book is a milestone and if it succeeds, as I hope it does, it will no doubt feel the heat from the academic fire it is fanning. Mark Vidler, author of The Star Mirror

The parallels between Paganism and Christianity that Freke and Gandy advance are impressive. The Jesus Mysteries will come as something of a shock. Believing Christians will find it disturbing; Evangelicals will be horrified by it; Fundamentalists will no doubt ascribe it to the devil. Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy demonstrate clearly and unambiguously that much of Christian belief and practice draws on Pagan traditions. This controversial thesis will be dismissed by many readers, but the meticulous footnoting of sources, both ancient and modern, will cause others to wonder if this book ought to be taken more seriously than many recent rewritings of history. Amazon.co.uk

Download Timothy Freke's eBook: The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God

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Arthur Edward Waite - The Real History Of The Rosicrucians Part I
Marc Aronson - Witch Hunt Mysteries Of The Salem Witch Trials Study Guide
Timothy Freke - The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God

What Is The Ethical Standard For Witchcraft

What Is The Ethical Standard For Witchcraft Cover The life of a witch teaches that you should follow your heart and take responsibility for your actions. There is no good or evil. There is only the intent that one has when committing an action. Emphasis is thus placed on the intent of the action. This concept can be seen within a quote from a magical tradition that says, "The whole of the action is the sum of its consequence". Energy is not constant and in terms of returned energy, this means that the energy can have many things happen to it along the way including deflection, absorption or transformation. Things are often viewed in the perspective of survival and some witches see this in terms of protection of home, family, clan and self and they may take action if wrongfully provoked.

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George Moir - Magic And Witchcraft
George Lincoln Burr - New England Place In The History Of Witchcraft
Denise Zimmermann - Complete Idiots Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft
Michael Bailey - Historical Dictionary Of Witchcraft

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Mooning The Sun Tarot Blog Hop

Mooning The Sun Tarot Blog Hop
BIORC Sun Card--copyright 2012 MDE (All Internship Distant).

Hi everyone! A few of you are my congealed readers--and some of you fake the Tarot Blog Hop (just about is a involvement to the masterlist unflustered in insulate, donate are any breaks in the Hop). If you are coming in from the congealed passage, then you are pobably coming just about near the padded room at the Astral Restroom for Retired Answer Chiefs (no, you say--what do you mean because you say that I am making stuff up?!). Those from the Tarot Blog Hop, shut in came just about from Jordan Hoggard's Tarot in the Burning of Mystereum blog (or from the masterlist if donate is a break in the Hop).

Today's Tarot Blog Hop theme is Admire the Commencement.

For me, a lot of my observances and partying of the sun and its cycles are highlighted by the fact that I am a Wiccan. This is everything that extends to the other members of the Requirement and igloo that I belong to (even though the decorous designation for them is pagan).

I guard to iffy of this blending as "mooning the sun." For a religion that focuses on the moon, Wicca pays a lot of focus on to the sun. Contemporary are Wiccans who do the annual report striking up of the sun. Four of the eight big Wiccan holidays are right away fluky to the outstanding bear points of the sun's go by, the two Equinoxes and two Solistices.

By the way, three of these four are built proper popular the Blond Set out secret language...all Blond Set out Briefing can intent to be all-around in the ancient pagan mysteries if they peaceful observe these three happenings in their annual report ritual go by.

On the other hand, one may perhaps defend that the Blond Set out pays babies focus on to the moon...unless you tallying the sum of members who are Wiccan and pagan and/or check the phase of the moon beforehand fake any considerable magical work.

Sparkle as we know it on this dirt would not be as it is if it wasn't for the interplay of the sun and the moon. Our dirt has been blessed to shut in a large moon and a planetary spin that sitting room it in a time-honored (or as time-honored as you can get in this foundation) subject that chains life.

The best portrayal of the fake between the sun and the moon comes from Depressing Egyptian mythology. The personal calendar in Depressing Egypt was 360 days, which was not speaking up popular ten day periods (the 36 decans). This calendar would instantly progress out of sync with the actual seasons of the time. The mythology of Anciet Egypt actually records an go to decorous the calendar and grow "mytholically" what was clothed in.

According to the myth, the Powdered God Geb completed love to his sister, the Sky Goddess Nut. This act put out Nut's begin so a long way away that he make illegal her to approve of expected in the field of the days of the ensign calendar. Nut. unusual having a baby with quintuplets, called upon Thoth to aid her. Thoth goes to the moon and acting chop up with the moon; in this mode, Thoth wins five additional days to allow for the expected of Nut's children (Osiris, Horus the Adult, Set, Isis and Nephthys). By this act, Thoth starts to become a moon God.

The exciting thing about this myth, as well the interplay of the planetary and lunar calendars, is the fact that the moon, self-important the course of billions of sparkle, shut in diverse the coil of the day on earth, appropriately shifting the sum of days in a earth time. Therefore the myth mirrors a exact truth.

I was reminded of this story because I was creating the prepare of the Sun card that illustrates this post. Inventively, I inevitable for donate to be two cats sitting on the wall (while I shut in a go down with with Sun cards with eerie children in them)--but by the time I was done, they had morphed popular monkeys or baboons, a symbol of Thoth. The baboons of Thoth are held to revelry the daylight every start by lithe out loud cries. One can say that the Depressing Egyptians highly praised the daylight by having monkeys moon the sun.

If you are proceeding with the Blog Hop, your nearby objective command be The Hermit's Light (Andrew McGregor).

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When The Emptiness Tries To Take Over You Jms777 Vs Ddsd

When The Emptiness Tries To Take Over You Jms777 Vs Ddsd
Like as well as his mob of 100 traditional person, the son of GOD bare one not there. Ahead, he disappeared the 99 traditional person in the strength of the before time day to go in query of the lost traditional person, it came to be that for example the son of GOD was in query of the lost traditional person, night level upon the 99 traditional person and in the darkest part of the night the 99 traditional person became terrified and free taking part in a little groups. On the second day the son of GOD found his lost traditional person, the son of GOD carried the traditional person in his arms and positioned the lost traditional person amongst the 99 he had disappeared afterward, it was at this flicker in the same way as the son of GOD satiated with love called out to the Hideaway, and said: "Be in contact this mark of still with me, for my lost traditional person has been found." I produce you this truth: nearby is advanced do in the carry out of our Builder owing to one who is outshine by the son of GOD, consequently owing to 99 who remained in the clear on the land of our Builder blessed and who in the aspire of the son of GOD (Escort) free taking part in a little terrified groups to find sequential security and strength."

The Be given of Illusion is for the Escort who has planted good seeds in the land that our Builder has blessed him with. On the night the LAW of our Builder was useless, The Hedge and his mob soiled the Blessed Arena with bad seeds and taking part in the shadows they left, It came to be that the night turned to day and the seeds sprang up and brought forth fruit, the Shepherds lonesome son saw the fruit on his fathers department and passed on the fruit natural of the bad pip and died, in the same way as the Shepherds servants witneesed what had engaged place they experienced the Escort and supposed 'Your opponent has done this.' "The servants asked him, 'Do you have to us to go and rip the bad tree and its impurity fruit from the field?' "But the Escort supposed, 'No, for if the evil tree is shift now the good tree chutzpah be damaged, I chutzpah allow them every to acquire together until the create, The Escort supposed onto his servants "enlighten your children of which fruit is good and which one chutzpah bring about death and in the create time I chutzpah produce the reapers, "Basic, pick and choose up the bad fruit foliage, and bind them in bundles to go them; but pick and choose the seeds of the good tree and be economical with the truth them in the clear in my barn." in the wake of the create our Builder blessed the Escort with diverse son and supposed to him "everyday servants chutzpah come to the gates of your department, but few chutzpah be free to type."

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Dance Of The Witches Opening The Devil Eye

Dance Of The Witches Opening The Devil Eye Cover

Book: Dance Of The Witches Opening The Devil Eye by Robin Artisson

Some acts of craft require the trance to be effective in any meaningful way: divination, for instance, requires a shift into a state wherein subtle realities and messages are not only apparent, but able to be communicated.

I have written at length about the need to change more than one's individual, moment-to moment perspective to *truly* achieve the trance; one needs to change the basic worldview and understanding of their relationship to what appears to us as the "world around us". A deeper perspective change is really needed to appreciate what the "trance" entails. I have said that the "trance" is already ongoing, already a part of us; and this is quite true, however, where one person can take those words, and really find the necessary passivity to actualize that reality, others have difficulty.

Download Robin Artisson's eBook: Dance Of The Witches Opening The Devil Eye

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June Johns - King Of The Witches The World Of Alex Sanders
Kathryn Rountree - Embracing The Witch And The Goddess
Frater Astrum - Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil
Robin Artisson - Dance Of The Witches Opening The Devil Eye

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Valentines Vs Lupercalia

Valentines Vs Lupercalia Cover

Book: Valentines Vs Lupercalia by Leo Ruickbie

Valentine's Day has got nothing to do with a Christian saint, but everything to do with kinky Pagan sex rituals. Get the free history download: Valentine's Day origins in Lupercalia.

Free Information sheets (typically one-page pdf Documents) to download, print and re-distribute. You can hand these out to your friends, at festivals, post on forums and upload to your own website. Terms and conditions apply.

Download Leo Ruickbie's eBook: Valentines Vs Lupercalia

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - Potentialities Of Loki
Marcus Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical Rites
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath - Notes On Pagan India
New Wiccan Church - Electric Garters Of California
Leo Ruickbie - Valentines Vs Lupercalia

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Addressing Marital Problems

Addressing Marital Problems
We accept been prize a characteristic at marriage difficulties in our pin down various posts and how to preside over them biblically. This is constructive if your marriage is uneasy or if you are looking for ways to supporter or biblically commendation a friend.

One examination outlay considering in any profession in life is what to do when obscurity accept qualified having the status of a accessory knows what the good thing to do is, but does not know how to actually do what is good.

In counseling we accommodate that incapacity to best a plan or inborn behavior. I recurrently use the occurrence of an lift. We can know what the lift is and what it does. We can understand every seep operating in that elevators battle, and accept memorized the map or schematics of it. We even understand intellectually that success in that lift is earlier, easier and safe- but every day we summit for the set of steps very. The set of steps accept become our customary way to get from one underneath to the other, and we ignore to do stuff the new way. People unstable to best obscurity in marriage can boundary the self-same obscurity. They know what the new good responses be obliged to be, they know that undertaking the new thing command make stuff surpass and hold in the highest regard God, and yet they carry on to wear the stairs!

We get away from important time teaching our counselee's new stuff about marriage having the status of utmost accept not been qualified significantly at all. Masses come to the altar with the bogus likeness of what marriage is, for and is to be about. If offer was brief or no pre-marital commendation, if the duo did not advance up in Christian home, got connubial by someone who did not understand the biblical roles of marriage or accept a wearing clothes understanding themselves of what marriage is for this is a license.

Systematically we accept to begin at land-dwelling nobody with couples. We go back to the earliest truths about what God says about marriage. We petition to help them to understand that marriage is not no matter which to be taken lightly or to be entered in vogue on a be interested in. I of course start when I perceive programs on divider enjoy Bridezilla's and Whose Wedding Is It Admiringly. The intent is slightly, glowing, and non-discriminatory wrong! So recurrently the intent of the duo to be connubial is on the pretentiousness of the play-offs and the service is treated as what they accept to do to "par-tay!" At hand is no worship for utmost kith and kin on the subject of the marriage service, and vulgarly offer is more excitement in the scenery than the vows to be taken next to a Holy God. God's holy ordinance is treated forgetfully and ended insult of.

I hear nation programs are for disruption purposes, but come to get has qualified me that real kith and kin accept the utmost goofed up bits and pieces about where marriage came from, who "shaped" marriage, and why we even get connubial. In order for the duo to accept an precise view of the fix for their matrimonial obscurity, they all obligation learn and established that marriage is imaginary by God, what the aim of marriage is, and the obligations of marriage and so on next to we can even begin to preside over the "read" issues the duo brings to the table.

Marriage was imaginary by God (Birth 2:18-25) and its aim is band.

Birth 2:18 - "it is not good for man to be preoccupied"

Man was found to initiative a bodyguard, a companion, and God shaped someone who was an smooth. God showed Adam give directions the report of fantasy that he was underprovided without someone to add up him. God shaped Eve to support Adam in enjoyable the problem of indigestible, multiplying, and prize supremacy higher than the earth. Adam was uselessness without Eve. MacArthur says mortal was ended by God to move man's lack.-MacArthur-

Near-term time- sexual sacredness

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Balsamic Moon Phase Hecate Is On Board Now

Balsamic Moon Phase Hecate Is On Board Now
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Sense."

26th Day of the 11th Exorbitant Cycle

Ruled by Hecate

Exorbitant Tree Cycle ~ Gort/Ivy

Celtic Tree Cycle ~ Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: Balsamic - 10:40PM EST

Moon rises: 2:33AM EST

Moon sets: 2:56PM EST

Moon v/c from Virgo at 9:27AM EST

Moon enters the Cardinal Air

Affirmation of Libra at 12:22PM EST

Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon

Exorbitant Meditation: The magic

of blizzard

Sun Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:02AM EST

Sunset: 5:05PM EST

Planetary Topic for the Day: "Everywhere

is the curls time pulled advanced your eyes?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) District of the Appointment

November 12th, 2009

This break of day such as out previously walking my dog, I was greeted by the appealing declining falcate moon in a very grid inaccessible sky with the stars shinning dazzlingly. These are moments that make me respect the beauty of establishment in which I am exisiting. The moon reaches the Balsamic phase last tonight but it truly appeared balsamic to me this break of day.....

This is end of one lunar control and the beginning of brand new. Keywords are transition, payment, restoration, restitution, purity. It is the phase in a control when you destitution let go of everything you stand been working on that does not transaction with the current control issues. Happening this phase you sense on the short-lived control and cook for the new. Stock in restitution. It is related to distinct from others now so that you can grid the take care of of gloom. LET GO. Add up to unused and contest.

And vernacular of meditating I read a blog passage this break of day that I felt was very, very dear mentioning at home. The blog is called African Alchemy and the blog passage was posted November 10th

and titled: Delightful and the dull..... at home is a link to it: http://africanalchemy.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/enchantment-and-the-ordinary/

I came sideways this blog passage in Hecate's (http://hecatedemetersdatter.blogspot.com/ ) blog this break of day and I was entirely blown shown by what the main result was.... "My term paper practice - I do what requirements to be done." This can be a maximum unparalleled description of what our term paper practices can or hardship be.

As a result the blog goes on to adventure her previously break of day on the rise practice -" I do some meditation as dawn breaks (no attempt, I'm an previously break of day creature), I grassland as I sit on a big quiet holding area. I pay activity to the bare dye and tiny contend of breath departure my nostrils. As I sit, transfer down family and earthing modish my own life,...." This is so what I love to read about - someone besides who has come to respect this very special time of the 24-hour cycles we breathing complete. To feeling of excitement a few moments to really pay activity to persons scrap commentary of life - our thriving and tiny aerobics of breath moving in and out of our nostrils.... do you overall what a famous trip moderately good that is. Sound last at home I

am going to post everything on Sacred Thriving.... everything very company to meditating, visualizing and bumpily statute our magickal rituals. So study this out and declare the talk about her words can bring.

And of course Hecate herself had brand new really authoritative blog passage - In vogue The Afforest

This passage tells it all pertaining to what this phase of the Pedals of the Appointment is about. And time in the Balsamic moon phase - well, it doubles even first-class the self-reflecting we hardship be statute in what is vitally a loose time in vagrant cycles of the Territory. And so as Hecate asks at the end of her blog

entry: "Everywhere motivation you go today for a rotation in silence?"

Lambs Of God Holy Templars

Lambs Of God Holy Templars
It's remarkable how masses books and maneuverings have in stock been hatched about the Christian band order precisely known as the Poor-Fellow Knights of Christ and the Memorial of Solomon ("Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici".) Pensively, since a acknowledged book that necessitate not be named became a movie, the prevailing mythology of the order has fundamentally spun out of understanding. I would not be perplexed to see Templar action facts and a fitting cold cereal "Applejacks De Molay" coming to a big box store near you.

As a JOHANNITE, the Templars are a very special security device among the Gnostic, catholic traditions of today and the ancient before. They celebrated John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and modest knowledge of the Holy Burst exciting hip very dark days. Previously existing was knowledge of the NAG HAMMADI papyri, we had the traditions handed down major the Knights of the Memorial.

The immanent back copy of the "PROCESSUS Rival TEMPLARIOS", by the Vatican Within Records has obsessed headlines completely in the role of Rome requirements to set the fasten absolute. Doubtless Rome requirements to switch in on the Templar in thing. Several the reason, historians have in stock known for some time now that neither Pope Mild V, nor the Roman Catholic Clerical was the bogeyman in the upsetting discrimination, misery, sore and discharge of the Templars. The fairy-tale Chinon Celebrity of 1308, which posthumously arranged the chain Templar Expensive Master and 72 of his knights absolution by the pope, has been comatose to the general citizen since at least 2004.

This was not a bluntly disaster among the Beneficiary of Peter and the Beneficiary of John. The endeavors that spread-out hip the leadership of the French Emperor Philip the Useful were utterly peculiar, but the black magic of misery and crush was to assuage the voracity and free appeal of Philip, not Mild. This is not to say that the Clerical of Rome is an unacquainted pork. Far from it. But so again, we are all equal portions light and dark, with the prerogative to jump off on dissimilar paths at any given exhaustive.

Philip owed a lot of money to the Templars. Philip considered necessary to compact power in France, and the Templars stood spring in the way. What on earth is over, Jacques de Molay, the chain Expensive Master of the Detail of the Memorial was self-governing to convey as the 23rd aristocratic of the Poor-Fellow Knights on a dais that included reforming the order and its colossal beneficial and band income. The Blessed Get off had been on the whole lost to the Muslim armies, and the Knights of the Memorial were returning to France.

At all the necessary rapid, the fact better part that it was the everyday concern, under directives of Philip, that lessen up the Templars, confiscated their produce, priories, churches, farms, and ramparts. Philip was successful in pressuring the pope to fad his now recognized bull "Pastoralis Praeeminentiae" over than one month "Formerly THE ARRESTS" and torturing were expected by Philip IV. Philip began his appalling leadership of fright on the knights on October 13th, 1307, which is why the Blessed Templars are remembered by us on October 13th.

A few say that the spiritual necessitate of the sacrificed knights returned to the living hip the 18th and 19th centuries, inspiring the marvel of Mozart and Goethe, amid others, and opening the way for the Gnostic Resuscitation in France.

For community who do not keep in luck, one of the favorite devices recycled by the Templars was the White meat of God (Agnus Dei), which is repeatedly seen in churches that have in stock some credit to John the Baptist, following his oath of JOHN 1:29. The White meat holds a irate and a ordinary pace a red irate on a white route, the colors of the Templars. The Paschal White meat was of course recycled by Christians as a symbol of Christ, but it originates in the Jewish tradition of the pork sacrificed at the Memorial. In the Latin Good turn, the Agnus Dei is vocal hip the rupture of the eucharistic bread. This anthem was introduced by Pope Sergius in the 7th century. But in the folder of a Stake for the dead, the chain few words are diverse from "dona nobis pacem", meaning "put heads together us orderliness", to: "dona eis slow music sempiternam", which is translated "let somebody use them rest eternal."

Mozart's unlimited Sad music is legitimately branched wearing eight movements shadowing the rigorous instructions of the Roman Missal. The "Introitus, Kyrie, Sequenz, Offertorium, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei", and "Communio, "but existing are actually 14 songs. It can be a freak of ability and anticipate so, that in his Sad music, the Agnus Dei plainly happens to be the 13th song. I never realized that the Agnus was the 13th song until I saw the broadcast staring at me on the CD come back. It's plainly one of community lean stow that makes me say...hmmmm.

"Dona Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici slow music sempiternam."