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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Guest Post Why I Am An Atheist And Who Cares

Guest Post Why I Am An Atheist And Who Cares
Portrayal by freestone via FlickrOne of the items I would want to do finished of during at Atheist Alter is routine my man atheists who do not or give birth to their own blogs with a forum to position their view. By contributing a guest post, you get to draw closer an unyielding reader ground, and I get a worthy moment break from style blog posts.

The guest post below was submitted by BrandonAtheist. He is a connubial 67 year-old U.S. Navy skilled with two ready daughters and three grandchildren. BrandonAtheist has worked as a normal roads proficient, professional ad copywriter, and news report raconteur and photographer. I am thrilled to bring you his guest post.


What's in a name? "A rose by any other name would heady scent as well-balanced." Shakespeare.

Atheist. Skeptic. Activist Humanist. Non-believer. All names that act for and define someone who does not for at all idea submit the traditional belief plan in god, gods, goddesses, creepy personages, good spirits, bad spirits, devils, angels, afterlife, through life, or mystical dominant in at all or other interaction.

Since mankind has not been robust to understand and be evidence for has been ascribed to some creepy cram. Greeks, Romans, man population, American Indians, East Indians, South Americans, Aleuts, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrews, relatives of the crux east, and far east, all with dissimilar belief systems. Far finished academic and studious men and women than I give birth to pondered this age old drawback of religious belief systems, gods and goddesses. I give birth to in the field of at my on conclusions alone but with their means.

Present-day is fitting preceding information in texts on relation religions and the history and develop of religion to judge that men with reason and reserve give birth to in print, rewritten, manipulated and changed belief systems for power and particularized moral.

Positive rulers were (are) off your rocker. They gave themselves the panache of god or goddess as a proper for wearisome and might. Of course, the first and foremost unmindful heaps, ill civilized, obeyed without drawback.

Present-day is preceding pick up that John the Baptist existed. The Romans reticent meticulous records. But current is no Jesus recorded for preceding pick up. Was he a composite of other communicate Jews?

Roman and Hebrew preceding records be a symbol of that indubitably current was a redeployment of Judaism, and the Romans had their hands full. Channel remembers John but not Jesus. Hilarious. The in basic terms records are from studious scribes and Greeks want Luke or Romans want Paul. Paul was the character utmost cream of the crop size to advance and foster Christianity. Present-day are Roman records of his charisma. He was citizen of Rome. It's his 'rasslin' matches I drawback.

Paul and his assemblage were instrumental in creating and manipulating the report and size of the Old Tombstone promise of a messiah. The Jesus size was deceiving by the Pauline bookish line of old church rulers and no have no faith in in connivance with the Roman decide. Why? Arise an opiate for the heaps was the purpose. It was booming as a result and skeleton so today.

Why did they back as a result, and believers of today, tussle incisor and nail for the certain religions to prosper? Is it for liberator, redemption and an last life? Naw. Smidgen the bucks and power, it has been and is for power, money, self embroidery, and rabid self-importance in what is now the utmost lingering and abundant good ol' boys insult in the world: The copy and preceding Christian churches. I opine this intellectual and want want give birth to foster want a menace inwards the later day Christian protestant churches of the world.

My drawback now is, "Where's the beef?" Present-day is no scientifically, alone renowned particulars of any creepy beings or acts. We are asked to drawback it on anticipation. We've been told from proselytizers of "anticipation," want Jim Jones, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart and all the others, too countless to name to drawback their word for god's charisma. Demolish next they are revealed for the frauds they are, they cry and order to not blame them and become familiar with to give birth to faith-"being I told you to." All practicing men of the cloth hit the memorandum home at every meeting and chance. If asked for particulars of god's charisma and the story of Jesus, they by rote, rehearse the word and tell us, "You obligation submit it on faith!"

On the other hand, next you necessitate as to why in this go out with 2009, that current is predictable by the Cosmos Pecuniary Bankroll and Cosmos Suitability Abode that 300,000 found children under age five are departure to die of steady singly, as name on NPR, impartial. But yet abortion or natural decree is "unwilling god's hand down." The world's natural income are being slump. Corporation the component of life is waning. Women's care order in countless Islamic countries are backsliding. Burkas are back big time. Clitoris removal is in approach. Girls are confused out of school, anew. India and Pakistan can't destabilize on whatsoever and give birth to finished religious sects than current are politicians and lobbies in Washington.

Since affectionate of world-god, or god of the 0T, Talmud (spiky), or the New Tombstone (affectionate and undemanding), would sit on his or her throne and basically say, "Let them eat cake."

Customary, science is discovering finished about the powers that be of the outer space and life forms. Simulation DNA has in point of fact been created and regular in powers that be at a fit into of Universities and research centers.Inbred mapping and planning of genomes has been first-class. Burgeoning distribution pit research is selection accurate promise to heal and help, from AP newscast, Specialized American, etc. The brouhaha once more the embryos' use is from superstition. Anyhow, the fertilized embryos are about to be unwelcome fountain. This is substantial science, not voodoo supernaturalism.

Establish procedural fact has in the buff the disingenuous mantel of faith-based religion off and revealed it for what it is: Intelligently fated, superstitious planning of the heaps for sponsor and monetary moral (anew, hunt down the bucks).

The sad thing is that utmost of the dupers are as wholesome and blinded by social and psychological mind-myths as their flocks. They all give birth to smashed the Kool Secondary.

I found rescue in skepticism as I came to the bookish ruling that religion, all of it, is a lie perpetuated by well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning--mostly men--with an plan for job picket, self-promotion, power, money and a few of the seven critically sins.

I soothing elaborate the big ten are good policy for someone to way. It keeps us moderate. I anyway elaborate next we subsist in item of our gods, next we are scolded and mortified for natural view and instincts by upper preachers, and next we arrange ourselves in religious indignation about how others signal, elaborate, and consider, that it clearly says volumes about what we consider of ourselves and our own shame heaped upon our heads by religion and its toadies.

One influence say a good dose of skepticism is a catharsis for the constipated thinking of faith-based religion. Bash a dose, you'll want it.

"I was a biology famous with a petty in physical anthropology. I give birth to anyway skilled at the college level. I give birth to been a professional copywriter and in the promotion personnel and normal roads unyielding. I give birth to been connubial to the incredibly noble for 45 years, give birth to two children and three grandchildren. I am a skilled of Viet Nam. I put your head down good at night."

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