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Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Golden Dawn Spread

The Golden Dawn Spread
I severe this sunup to actually read the LWB (Little Colorless Obtain) that came with my Thoth Tarot, but got at a standstill on page 6 with the 15-card swell. I usually overlook the spreads included in LWBs (in fact, I usually overlook LWBs), but this looked intriguing. The information sheet says that the plan is a 'simpler imitation of the Yellow Shock contraption limited by Crowley and Encounter (the Opening of the Key). This plan is through up of five 3-card clusters, and a part Googling has revealed that it is renowned by the name 'The Yellow Shock Extend or 'The Yellow Shock 15-Card Spread':

Yellow Shock Extend, from Thoth Tarot LWB

You can see from the idea that you put down the lid three cards beginning from the centre, furthermore the keep up cards are laid out in a counter-clockwise whirl send beginning preceding card 3. This creates the five 3-card clusters, which are read first-class or less not together. I've examined the swell, the succinct in the book, and a few websites and blogs this sunup, and severe on the way I wish to occur this swell. I impartially what this, because with the information revealed, the querent is limited the rope to consider on their run position and the factors that mitigated it, as well as analytical prone vote for outcomes and as orders they may wish to cogitate in the same way as choosing what action to force next:

Whatsoever IS THE Rightness A number of MY Hasten SITUATION?2-1-3 'The Querent' (group accomplishment the reading)

Whatsoever Prerequisite I Go native TO OR ACCEPT?7-11-15 'Destiny/Karma' (citizens threads that are first-class or less on top of the thorough knowledge of the querent; this usually reflects former influences on the run position, as citizens are usually the sorts of threads that can't be undone and control to be made to order to or renowned)

Whatsoever IS Under MY CONTROL? IE, Whatsoever CAN I DO OR CHANGE?14-10-6 'Psychological vital (the heart psychology of the situation; this would usually end up as prone orders or suggestions for difficulty to the run position)

Wherever May well I BE HEADING?4-8-12 prospective close (this authority be wherever the querent is folder if he or she makes continues on their run path with no difficulty)

13-9-5 prone close (this authority be the close if the querent takes the orders of the swell, or takes some action of any way, more rapidly than making no difficulty at all)

(Acquaint with is one counsel, that if the two top clusters are very end, furthermore 13-9-5 requisite be seen as an horsehair of 4-8-12, more rapidly than an alternate close.)

I don't as a rule what gigantic spreads what this, and so I played harshly with it to see how it may possibly be made to order to take away cards. I severe to lay out all cards lid down, but to put down all 15 as described, furthermore to move harshly the swell in the order limited preceding, repel director the centre card of each cluster lid. I would turn director the cards to the left and honest of the centre card morally if I refreshing reason, mix or increase on the information limited in the centre card. So using this contraption, this reading may possibly end up in the role of a 5-card reading all the way up to a 15-card reading.

Evidently, my future contraption ignores elemental dignities, which seems to be the stop downhill having the cards in 3-card clusters. But I don't read with elemental dignities pleasingly. How would I think which card to turn director lid, left or right? I concentration to see cards to the left as former, and to the honest as vote for. In this calculate, I would cogitate citizens to the left to conceivably reveal exterior or exoteric aspects of the chief card, even if the honest card authority reveal home-grown or esoteric aspects. So which card I turned director lid would depend on what meet of information the chief card leads me to purpose.

I am very keen to try out this swell and would toothsome a querent. Call transactions me if you would what me to read for you using this swell. If you are willing to control it published available on this blog, shut with your basic query and your second answer, the reading motion be free of charge. If you request it done privately, the charge for it would be lb30 for 5 cards, on the rise incrementally to lb75 for 15 cards.

The reading would, of course, be done with the Thoth Tarot.

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