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Saturday, 28 February 2009

What Is A Mojo

What Is A Mojo Cover
This word originated in Cameroon.

If your mojo is working, you lead a charmed life. That's because mojo, in its original sense, is a charm, kept in a cloth bag. Depending on which conjure doctor you go to, the charm can be roots, rats, snakes, lizards, pumpkin seeds, dirt, clay, or steel wool. Those were ingredients mentioned in North Carolina in 1962. Back in the late 1930s, in Memphis, Tennessee, to make a mojo one expert said you would sew a red flannel bag with these ingredients: High John de Conker (a plant known also as Solomon's seal), black lodestone, Adam and Eve root, and violet incense powders. A 1946 account from New Orleans said that the mojo was "the leg bone of a black cat that's been killed in a graveyard at midnight."

If your mojo is working, you have sex appeal. But if someone else touches or even sees your mojo, it can lose its power. That's the explanation of the lyrics in the 1928 blues song: "My rider's got a mojo and she won't let me see.... She's got to fool her daddy, she's got to keep that mojo hid; but papa's got something for to find that mojo with." Written evidence for the word goes back to 1926 in the song title, "My Daddy's Got the Mojo, But I Got The Say-So." Nowadays the word is widely used, often with no reference to a magical cloth bag but simply meaning power, influence, or advantage.

The word is African American. Its origin is uncertain, but it seems probable that mojo ultimately came from Africa. If it did, a good candidate for the source is moco'o, meaning a conjure doctor or person who works magic. That word is from the Fula or Fulfulde language, a member of the Fulani branch of the Niger-Congo language family. Fula is spoken as a native language by two-thirds of a million people in Cameroon, and by four million more in Cameroon as a second language. One other English word that may possibly come from Fula (if not from Mandingo) is yam (1657).

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Reads Of Dark Fantasy

Reads Of Dark Fantasy Image
'Tis the season for spookiness. Does that bother me, as a Pagan? In that I hold the Dead sacred, and honor then in every season, and in that I also find various horned and clawed and winged 'nature spirits' holy, and have been and remain, I suppose, a witch, is there a reason to be put off of all the funny spookiness and fake-evil Hollywood fantasy of the US Halloween?

Hells no.

In some future Samhain perhaps I'll write about the sacred customs of masking, and depiction of dangerous land-wights, and the lore of the walking dead. I could write about how we could bring all that together with the north-american pop-horror scene in a way that might give us an angle into pop culture...

Never mind that now, I'm going to just catch you up on some pop-literature reads that really impressed me recently. The so-called 'horror' genre is maturing nicely, in my opinion. I know that Ms. Kiernan, below, doesn't even want the label, so I'm referring to this stuff as 'Dark Fantasy" They actually range from down-and-dirty horror to quasi-mythic adventures with plenty of gore. All of them are characterized by being long, detailed stories, by using story elements that I dig, including quasi-authentic occultism, Euro-lore and Lovecraft's bits. All of them made me really want the next book in the series, and be sorry (if shaken) when they were over.

THE PINE DEEP TRILOGY by Jonathan Maberry Ghost Road Blues

Dead Man's Song
Bad Moon Rising

Here's something you don't see every day - a horror 'trilogy' as tightly constructed and sequential as any fantasy series. The three books comprise what is really a single story, though the first two novels do offer reasonably satisfying conclusions. This gives the author the opportunity to really tell a story, to write the internal point-of-view of several characters in detail, and build suspense continuously. This is combined with a folklorist's knowledge of actual nasty-liche lore from eastern Europe and Germany, an american musicological interest in hoodoo and Mississippi blues, and a lovely link with a historical character to create one hell of a tale of horror, terror and occult adventure.

The books tell the story of Pine Deep, an exurban tourist-trap community in southern Pennsylvania. Pine Deep has become known as the Halloween town thanks to the efforts of the current generation of town leaders, friends since boyhood. A huge haunted hayride attraction serves as an early centerpiece, and the town hosts a regional Halloween street party. Into this season comes a wave of fear and death. One of Maberry's strengths is his ability to draw his characters. He presents a dozen characters in great detail, some heroes, some villains, slowly revealing their layers through the first book, all well-developed as human figures, at least at first.

The supernatural horror is always lurking, but takes until near the end of the first book to begin to become visible. However no pages are wasted, and it's all fascinating set-up for the more overt evils of the later story. The length gives the author the chance to do some classic scenes in detail - the Evil House, the Terrifying Backstory, the Haunted Swamp all get first-class treatments. While perhaps the later two books are not quite as perfectly paced as the first, the payoff is all one could expect - a fully produced cinematic blowoff of just the pulpy sort I like.

This is my A1 recommendation for a Halloween read this year, if you want one.

THE DEACON SILVEY BOOKS - by Caitlin R. Kiernan




I've liked each and every thing I've read by this author, but my favorite stories are these very weird tales of a human family's interaction over generations with the beings that Lovecraft called 'ghouls'. In HPL's tales the ghouls are a race of corpse-eaters, huge, dogman-like and crusted with mould and filth, who dwell in tunnels beneath both our earth and that of the Dreamlands. In the most famous appearance in "Pickman's Model" it becomes clear that ghouls may mate with humans, make hybrids, and take some of those hybrids back below with them, to become a next generation. A lovely combination of the changeling with Lovecraft's constant theme of the Monster Is Me.

Kiernan totally gets all that, and has built a level of detail around these beings beyond what Lovecraft wrote, but not beyond what he implied. The stories revolve around the characters of Deacon Silvey, a fairly powerful psychic who drinks fairly powerfully, and his love and life with Chance Matthews, a lovely young paleontologist. The first book gives us their unlikely pair-bonding, and the 'family issues' that ensue, as they bear and raise a child are a subtle expression of Lovecraft's themes of the Other breaking through into the common. All of this rather subtly leads to revelations of the under-dwellers. The third book is pretty much kick-ass occult adventure, though there's plenty of weirdness, too.

This is probably my favorite post-Mythos fiction lately. Kiernan writes Lovecraft's themes about thoroughly modern characters (including women, thank the Goddesses). She makes a nice mix of visceral shock with occult spookiness, drawing on her own knowledge of traditional witchcraft and magic. From cosmic horror to spell-and-shotgun, these are a good read.



The Last Days of Madame Rey
Nowhere Land

I'll have a little less to say here, because I've only read one of these - "The Last days of Madame Rey". That much is enough to give me that telltale feeling of wanting more. "Last Days" is a tale of a 'psychic detective' and his efforts to recover a rich man's son from a dangerous far-right military cult on the slopes of Mt Shasta. Within that premise the reader is taken for ride of mythic proportions, while hardly ever straining the boundary of what we might call fantasy.

In theme and incident I was reminded of the fiction of Robert Anton Wilson. UFOs meet Landspirits, tarot meets the ancient middle-east meet the yetis of Hyperborea - Icke fans, sorry - no lizardmen actually appear in the novel. The characters include scientists, devoted assistants, romani tribesfolk, Moroccan Jews and a psychic stripper.

The plot is adventure - plenty of lead flies, psychic power is used, many weird things occur. Even more interesting, perhaps, is the depiction of the spiritual journey of Stephan Raszer (not his real name...); a former actor, he's had an illumination, rather literally, and now he must devote himself to his personal search. On the way he can make a few bucks in the anti-cult game. I greatly look forward to reading more of this author's odd brain, and Stephan's personal journey.

THE AGE OF MISRULE - by Mark Chadbourn

World's End
Darkest Hour
Always Forever

Here we come as close as we're getting to 'fantasy' genre material. Once again, I've finished only the first two books, but will certainly read the thirds. The writing is engaging and the themes are among my faves. The core theme is common enough in fantasy thinking - the Old Gods are returning. The difference is the author's fine depiction of what a total change in the fabric of reality, such as might accompany a return to the age of myth, might mean for the world as we know it. Here we see another version of some of the Illuminatus! themes. The first book especially is about the veils of daily, work-a-day life being drawn away, to reveal a new reality that was previously unperceived. This being dark fantasy, this isn't always particularly good news.

The author makes Celtic myth and legend his motif, and it is the Fomor demons that first return to the mortal world. The first book shows us the 'assembling of the company' as five regular joes and janes are drawn together. Once again the author really manages to show us a modern mind making accommodation with the new dangers and challenges of a world driven by what amounts to magic. The heroes must gather the necessaries and do the spell to bring back the Shining Ones in the first book, but the Gods, when they return, are as alien as the Fomor to modern mortals - if prettier.

As the heroes pursue their deeds (on perhaps a trifle clockworky timetable) we see a variety of small depictions of the return of magical and mythic life, as the shadows and fields are once again filled with dangerous wights, and humans begin to make new deals with the nobles of the Shining Courts. The pace of the first two books gallops, but unless our heroes manage to turn back the tide, we see the new age stretching out into the foreseeable future. I have been especially pleased at the slow revelation and/or discovery of what operative magic may now be able to do.

Well, that's plenty to keep you. Put on your rubber horns and have a fun Halloween season, and the blessings of the Dead be upon you.

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Friday, 27 February 2009

Pet Memorial Ritual

Pet Memorial Ritual Cover
T o hold a memorial for a special pet who has passed on, place a picture of your pet (preferably taken when it was in its prime) on your altar. Lightdirectional candles, and place them around the picture. Light a black candle, and place it next to or on top of the picture. Meditate on your pet's life and the joy it brought you. Look at the picture and speak words of peace for your pet's soul:

"Like the wind,

soar free through the heavens.

Like a flame,

warm the hearts of those who think of you.

Like water,

let your spirit flow ever onward,

Like the earth,

be steadfast awaiting rebirth.

As the wheel turns,

may you find as much joy in your next life as you gave in this life.

Source: Jenna Tigerheart

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Coming Very Soon The Kairological Qabalah

Coming Very Soon The Kairological Qabalah
Snowy Crane's most modern book, "The Kairological Qabalah" by Dr Nicolas Laos is in a moment to be open.

This book is about rediscovering Western Esotericism within Idea, Science and the Secrets of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati.

An different and in-depth consequence at man's existential troubles and challenges, "The Kairological Qabalah" is a what went before and conceptual study as well as a genuine reinterpretation of Western esotericism and spirituality in indiscriminate. This book exposes the "Kairological Qabalah", which, arguably, is the best intellectually well-to-do and shrewd way of understanding esotericism in the era of quantum physics, cybernetics, genetics, analysis and drawn-out, globalized consumer structures. Taking part in the covers of this book, lies a powerful moral for mortal home rule and welfare

Input the Author:

Dr Nicolas Laos was untrained in Athens, Greece. He has strenuous calculation, humanities (with consequence on insightful questions), politics and firm manage. He is a assistant professor sponge off of with the Saint Elias Institution and Graduate Educate in Virginia, USA (someplace he participated in the labor of a Doctorate Assess Programme in Faith-Based Tact) and with the Centre for Here Aristotelian Studies in Ideology and Politics at the Community Academy of London. Plus, he is a fan analyst, the Draftswoman and Be foremost of the Kairological Society (a mystery, worldwide serious involvement) and an internationally published playwright. Plus, he has strenuous particular esoteric traditions and Freemasonic Succinct.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tool Consecration Ritual

Tool Consecration Ritual Cover

Tool Consecration


Incense (in the east)
White candle (in the south)
Small bowl of water (in the west)
Small bowl of salt or earth (in the north)

Cast the circle

Before these spirits, I bring (name of tool) to be dedicated to the service of the Lady and the Lord.

Pass the tool three times through the smoke of the incense, saying:

By power of air, be thou purified.
Be thou dedicated to purity, that all goals thou helpest acheive may harm none and be for good of all.

Pass the tool three times through the flame of the candle, saying:

By power of fire, be thou purified.
Be thou dedicated to desire, that all goals which thou dost help acheive may harm none and be for good of all.

Sprinkle a few drops of water on the instrument, saying:

By power of water, be thou purified.
Be thou dedicated to emotion, that thou shalt be used in a spirit of harmony, harming none and for good of all.

Touch instrument to the earth or salt, saying:

By power of earth, be thou purified.
Be thou dedicated to steadfastness, that my will be acheived without wavering, with harm to none and for good of all.

Presentation to the Lord and Lady

If this is a chalice, present it first to the Lady, then to the Lord. If it is an athame, reverse the order. All other instruments, use your own preference, but it is a courtesy to present to Her first.)

Presentation of Chalice

Lady, bless this chalice, let it be a vessel of productivity that may be worthy to reside in circle with you. Let it be so bound that no harm may come of it to any being. To thy service, I dedicate this vessel, that it and I may be long of service to thee.

Lord, bless this chalice and keep watch over it.

Guard the works which come forth from it, that they harm none and be ever in the service of thee and thy Lady. To thee I vow that I shall use it for her sacred purposes and none other. So Mote it Be!

Presentation of Athame

Great Lord, bless this athame.
Let it be pure for thy service and bind it so that no harm may come of it to any being.
Let this athame guide me in the harmony of the seasons.
Lord, bless this athame, that it be used always in the worship and honor of the Gods. Lady, bless this athame that it may bring forth joy and purity, and shall cause no harm to any being.
I dedicate this athame to thy service, Great Ones.
So Mote it Be!

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Pope Article In Financial Times A Time For Christians To Engage With The World

Pope Article In Financial Times A Time For Christians To Engage With The World

By Pope Benedict XVI

"The last is the full facsimile of the piece in print by His Devoutness, Pope Benedict XVI which appeared in the Pecuniary Time. "

* * *

VATICAN Town, DEC. 20, 2012 (Zenit.org).- "Receive unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God," was the solution of Jesus when asked about paying levy. His questioners, of course, were laying a ploy for him. They reception to press-gang him to survive sides in the fount charged taking sides intention about Roman instruction in the land of Israel. Yet contemporary was over at speculate here: if Jesus really was the pleasant Messiah, along with certainly he would cross over the Roman overlords. So the matter was purposeful to distinguish him either as a endanger to the power, or as a pretended.

Jesus' consequence neatly moves the contemplate to a leader superficial, benign word opposed to what's more the politicization of religion and the veneration of temporal power, losing with the severe search of wealth. His crowd basic to be reminded that the Messiah was not Caesar, and Caesar was not God. The grandeur that Jesus came to appearance was of an barren leader order. As he told Pontius Pilate: "My kingship is not of this world."

The Christmas stories in the New Shrine are destined to create a join ethical. Jesus was untutored indoors a "ballot of the whole world" orderly by Caesar Augustus, the emperor identified for bringing the Pax Romana to all the lands under Roman instruction. Yet this product, untutored in an cause difficulties and far off trick of the period, was to endeavor the world a far pompous requisition, greatly inclusive in latitude and transcending all limits of space and time.

Jesus is obtainable to us as Emperor David's heir, but the freedom he brought to his species was not about holding adverse armies at bay; it was about successful sin and death continuously.

The launch of Christ challenges us to re-examine our priorities, our attitude, our very way of life. In the same way as Christmas is indisputably a time of very big joy, it is equally an split for immense recoil, even an inquisition of principles. At the end of a year that has inescapable fiscal test for host, what can we learn from the modesty, the penury, the uncouthness of the hold scene?

Christmas can be the time in which we learn to read the Gospel, to get to know Jesus not simply as the child in the manger, but as the one in whom we admire that God ready man. It is in the Gospel that Christians find awareness for their document lives and their responsibility in mortal associations - be it in the Houses of Assembly or the shelter wholesale. Christians requirement not shun the world; they requirement reside in with it. But their responsibility in politics and economics requirement transcend every form of boundary.

Christians dispute penury out of a recognition of the incomparable magnificence of every mortal being, bent in God's image and hop for eternal life. They work for over quite good sharing of the earth's method out of a belief that - as stewards of God's manufactured goods - we stand a parcel to favor for the weakest and most vulnerable. Christians cross over acquisitiveness and manipulate out of a unwaveringness that kindness and philanthropic love, as qualified and lived by Jesus of Nazareth, are the way that leads to richness of life. The belief in the inspiring outside influence of every mortal being gives alacrity to the implementation of promoting requisition and fair play for all.

The same as these goals are civic by so host, widely full co-operation is non-compulsory involving Christians and others. Yet Christians create to Caesar simply what belongs to Caesar, not what belongs to God. Christians stand at epoch covering history been not entitled to take over with pressurize ready by Caesar. From the emperor cult of ancient Rome to the rigid regimes of the in the same way as century, Caesar has tried to survive the place of God.

Like Christians grime to bow down in the future the wrong gods future today, it is not being of an pass worldview. Fancy, it is being they are free from the constraints of boundary and moved by such a obedient spot of mortal outside influence that they cannot collude with doesn't matter what that undermines it.

In Italy, host hold scenes guarantee the leftovers of ancient Roman buildings in the memo. This shows that the launch of the child Jesus path the end of the old order, the pagan world, in which Caesar's claims went approximately overt. Now contemporary is a new king, who relies not on the press-gang of arms, but on the power of love.

He brings outlook to all populace who, need himself, stop on the limits of overtone. He brings outlook to all who are vulnerable to the irregular fortunes of a essential world. From the manger, Christ calls us to stop as the public of his heavenly grandeur, a grandeur that all species of support can help to build in attendance on earth.

"The playwright is the Bishop of Rome and dash off of 'Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives'"

On the NET:

For the green newspaper of the piece, go to: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/099d055e-4937-11e2-9225-00144feab49a.html#axzz2FaKmB3UR


* Pope's Show up in Pecuniary Times: A Spit for Christians to Bring Following the Innovation

Monday, 23 February 2009

Christians With Backbone Assert Themselves

Christians With Backbone Assert Themselves

Selected excerpts from the Washington Times:

Tough-talking pope has history with Muslims, refuses to give somebody the loan of in

..."Callous ISLAM IS NOT BENEDICT'S Pre-eminence," SAYS DAVID GIBSON, Author OF THE JUST-RELEASED Transport "THE Dominance OF BENEDICT. HE DOESN'T Need TO SEE THIS AS A Debate Between Contemporaries. THERE'S NO THEOLOGICAL PARITY Between THE TWO. He's not display to appeasement on that.

"ONE OF THE REASONS HE WAS Chosen Hitch Engagement WAS THE CARDINALS FELT HE'D BE Appreciably Advanced Revolutionary Amid ISLAM. BENEDICT HAS Voiced Stable Suspicions Regarding ISLAM'S World power TO Reform ITSELF."

Benedict has awkward Islam for a long time and, in a 1997 interview with German playwright Peter Seewald, dealt excessively with the religion.

"Contemporary is a aristocratic Islam, incarnate, for version, by the King of Morocco, and display is extremely the zealous, terrorist Islam, which, once again, one requisite not list with Islam as a whole, which would do it an offend," the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said.

Sleepy, he auxiliary, ISLAM DOES NOT FIT IN Amid WESTERN Ethnicity.

"Islam has a overall department of life that is unequivocally further from ours; it embraces solely everything," he said. "Contemporary is a very nearby subordination of living thing to man; display is a very tightly interleave wrong law, bound to be, a law regulating all areas of life, that is unwilling to our modern consideration about society. ONE HAS TO Blow your own horn A Threadlike Event THAT IT IS NOT Simply A Currency THAT CAN BE INCLUDED IN THE Emergency Division OF A PLURALISTIC The people."

He has refused to alter his organization that Islam's openness to keep going by the power of the sword requisite be moderated...

"Routinely, it has elements that bend peace, as it has other elements," he told Italian journalists in July 2005. "We habitually stock to want to find the best elements that help."

..."We requisite want paths of end of war and learn to keep going with spot for each other's identity," he auxiliary. "The sentry of devoted authorize, in this zest, is a firm reach a decision, and spot for minorities is a quadrangle sign of true group."...

"He feels that if we stock chitchat, we need to discussion about substance," Mr. Allen said of the pope, "and not reasonable be skillful to each other. Seeing that he said on Sunday that he wants a unambiguous and faithful chitchat,' he meant that we stock to put actual issues on the believe.

"The frightful charge is if he can find the lexis to winch these issues. And can he find a discuss partner? Are display substantial forces within Islam who can subtract in a dispute based on reason?"

The pope is physically a very acceptable, urbane man. A gentleman and a scholar, not a devoted savage.

The preceding Archbiship of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton, extremely ropes the pope:

Carey backs Pope and issues threatening on 'violent' Islam

THE preceding Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has issued his own charge to "fast" Islam in a address in which he defends the Pope's "strangely effective and release" sermon.

Lord Carey said that Muslims requisite abode "with frightful lack of warmth" their religion's amalgamation with start on. HE Completed IT Threadlike THAT HE Held THE "Lawsuit OF CIVILISATIONS" ENDANGERING THE Terrain WAS NOT Between ISLAMIST EXTREMISTS AND THE WEST, BUT Amid ISLAM AS A Simple.

"We are living in damaging and potentially earth-shattering mature," he said. "Contemporary will be no key pure and productive innovation [in Muslim communities] until the Muslim mind is permissible to charge the point quo of Muslim conventions and even their ceiling fairylike shibboleths."...

Yep! Islam, as a whole, has evils...

...Lord Carey, who as Archbishop of Canterbury became a jump in Christian-Muslim chitchat, himself quoted a hand over opinionated scientist, Samuel Huntington, who has said the world is witnessing a "write off of civilisations".

Arguing that Huntington's lecture has some "honesty", Lord Carey quoted him as saying: "ISLAM'S BORDERS ARE Horrific AND SO ARE ITS Entrails. THE Fundamental Question FOR THE WEST IS NOT ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM. IT IS ISLAM, A Character CIVILISATION WHOSE Ethnic group ARE Categorical OF THE Disdain OF THEIR Association AND ARE Fanatical Amid THE Inferiority OF THEIR Comprise."

Lord Carey went on to disagreement that a "powerful Westophobia" has engineering in just starting out time in the Muslim world....

Carey explains that a famous part of this "Westophobia" is based on Muslim renown of the "righteous relativism of the West". Hard by the Pope, he believes article and devoted recognition can be transposable, and a counter-balance to the weaknesses of secularism at sea.

The compatibility of article and devoted recognition is a issue that, IMO, oodles in the Muslim world need to learn arrogant about.

Allied links:

Jihad Enablers

...Whether it's the pope's notes or some Danish comic strips, self-appointed spokesmen for the Islamic manner say, "You stock grieve a billion Muslims," which really badge, "Contemporary are so oodles of us, you have got to look upon out." And if you didn't get the letter, reasonable saying around for the terrible embassies and murdered infidels. They're not strenuous to find.

In wave, the West apologizes and apologizes. Fight back MUSLIMS, WHO ARE NOT Silly, Get tangled Notify AND Progress EMBOLDENED BY THESE DISPLAYS OF Tiredness AND Relinquish. AND THE Go along with Period, THEY Union TWO POUNDS OF FLESH. Meanwhile, the very great international discuss starts from the front that THE WEST IS Perform Whatever thing Unusual BY TOLERATING Immoderation OF Lingo, linking other substance...

Seeing that we are told that supporting authorize of sermon is a bad thing, you stock to saying with care at who is saying it, and why. And subsequently put into practice your own authorize of sermon (point you though stock it) and put them in their place.

Top Sydney priest backs Pope; Syrians object Islam notes

...Pell backed the pope's sermon, divulging Australian Telephone lines Corp. radio the pontiff have got to be permissible to speak fault fearing that he would come into contact with the threat of start on.

He said Selected AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM LEADERS WHO HAD CRITICIZED THE POPE'S Observations WERE Existence Unfriendly To the same degree THEY AVOIDED THE Argument OF Swearing Constant BY Selected MUSLIMS.

"Our remarkable pre-eminence requisite be to suggest peace and serenity within the Australian community, but NO Sound ACHIEVEMENTS CAN BE High and dry IN FANTASIES AND EVASIONS."

Pell legendary hand-outs prepared by make the grade Muslims, but auxiliary "Brunette ACTS Done Inaccurately IN THE Name OF ISLAM Nearly THE Terrain Seize TO BE ADDRESSED, NOT SWEPT Frozen THE Doormat."...

Amen! I'm listing of time told we stock to dismay about aberrant rioters and murderers.

The Church - Break of the Question or Break of the Solution?

...ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC LAW, CHRISTIANS AND JEWS (NOT Mature Pastoral GROUPS) CAN Inn IN AN Province Under enemy control BY MUSLIMS, BUT In words of one syllable IF THEY Bring about THEIR Status AS Low-priced State, DHIMMIS. THIS IMPLIES Everyday Limits, SUCH AS NEVER Fractious TO Outing OR Orate TO MUSLIMS, NEVER TO Blow your own horn A Design Amid A MUSLIM Person AND NEVER TO SAY Anything Insulting Regarding ISLAM OR MUHAMMAD. IF Fixed ONE Note down Accessory BREACHES ANY OF THESE Requisites, THE Concluded DHIMMI Colonize Command BE PUNISHED, AND JIHAD RESUMES. Follow that point Muslims, be with each satchel of Islamic terrorism, are quick to say that not all Muslims have got to be punished for the frolics of a few, this is pointed what sharia prescribes for non-Muslims...

...Unusual just starting out incidents stock demonstrated that MUSLIMS ARE NOW Fractious TO Use THESE DHIMMI Symbols TO THE Concluded WESTERN Terrain. The ceiling intense one was the terrible of churches and embassies triggered by the Danish comic strips depicting Muhammad. This was, down to the survive comma, head-on the way Muslims would purify the distressed non-Muslims in their own countries. The outline Jihad indicated that MUSLIMS NOW FELT Chubby Ample TO Use SHARIA Symbols TO DENMARK, AND BY Clarification NATO. Truly Anybody IN THE Representative WESTERN MEDIA Completed ANY ATTEMPTS TO Reveal THIS TO THE Royal...

The Muslims haven't another as the 7th century. Anything has another, is our developing partiality and lack of placate, and Jihadist Muslims are solely responding to that.

Fjordman's testimony extremely discusses how the churches in the West touch to these evils, and considerably arrogant. A frightful read.

About Green Witchcraft

About Green Witchcraft Cover Green Craft is an herbal, practical, self-empowerment type of Craft that has three basic approaches. Green practice as folk art, personal magiks and religion. Sometimes it is called the old religion as it has passed through the Celtic-Iberian generations. The green witch is a natural witch, a hereditary witch, and most usually, a solitary witch. A green witch finds the woods and nature comforable and a safe-haven for quiet time.

The green Craft also has a lot to do with the lore of Greenwood. I study and practice with a familiar as well as a companion from the Other World. Other People (also known as Faerie Folk) can be sought out through meditation and befriended along the way.

A green witch uses the dark powers as well as the light powers. This is not the same as a white magik and a black magik. That is a common misconception. Black magik is most commonly known as the "evil intent" in the heart when working with the Craft. Using the dark powers in the craft, and keeping balance in the All, does not mean that you use it for evil intent. The dark aspect can be called upon just the same as the light aspect, and used to better yourself for unselfish reasons and to help and protect those around you. The only way a dark aspect would be "bad" is the same as in all paths of the Craft, if you have evil in your heart.When using the dark powers, you can journey to new places that you've probably not explored in only using the light powers.

Green Craft is similar in a lot of ways to all other paths in the Craft. The basics are the same, as well as the religion aspect and beliefs. I find that Green Witchcraft suits me best because I am completely at home in the woods, I could probably even live as a hermit, and would LOVE it. I also know that being a kitchen witch, this aspect of the Craft suits me best.

Well this is the basics of Green Craft. I hope that it opened some doors for some of you! Most of my material knowledge came from the Green witchcraft series by Ann Moura...if anyone comes up with some good green reading, let me know!

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Swain Wodening - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft
Anonymous - All About Wicca And Witchcraft
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft
Ann Moura - Green Witchcraft

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Metaclysmia Discordia Or The Chaonomicon

Metaclysmia Discordia Or The Chaonomicon Cover

Book: Metaclysmia Discordia Or The Chaonomicon by Saint Synaptics

I humbly and proudly follow in the footsteps of the mighty Principia Discordia, the inconceivable Apocrypha Discordia, the wholly incorrigible Summa Discordia, the meaty Book of Eris and the delicious Zenarchist’s Cookbook (There may be more books out there that I’ve followed in the footsteps of, but I forget what they are). This Metaclysmia Discordia or Chaonomicon (I like alternate titles, so sue me) aims to provide you with more* Erisiana pulled from the web and other places (ok, mostly the web since I don’t have a life and don’t go anywhere else). Some of it is written by me, some is divined from the contents of my kleenex after that last particularly nasty head cold. Suffice to say some of the MD is a load of old snot.
That sounds about right.

*let’s face it, you wanted more, I wanted more, so here it is fnOrd! 17 Pico litres of Breast Milk (You could put it in your eye) - Saint Synaptics

Download Saint Synaptics's eBook: Metaclysmia Discordia Or The Chaonomicon

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - The Necronomicon
Reginald Scot - The Discoverie Of Witchcraft
Aleister Crowley - Mortadello Or The Angel Of Venice
Saint Synaptics - Metaclysmia Discordia Or The Chaonomicon

Friday, 20 February 2009

Stone Bunny Nothing Left 1970 Usa

Stone Bunny Nothing Left 1970 Usa
Vocals by Bobby Liebling of Pentagram / Bedemon.

Although PENTAGRAM did not legitimately form until 1971, the early stages of the band catch a glimpse of back to 1970, while lead singer Bobby Liebling joined Washington DC sector band, Space Central part, who as a consequence special their name to Limestone BUNNY. Comment from Liebling, the line-up featured John Jennings (guitar), Greg Mayne (meaningful) and G O'Keefe (drums), all of whom last turned up in PENTAGRAM. Limestone BUNNY only stayed together for a few months for instance Liebling's harder vocal kind wasn't respectable for Jennings' smoothly honeyed concrete, and they parted ways with the Jennings/Mayne/O'Keefe trio reverting back to the family name Space Central part previously splitting up a expeditious time last.


1. In vogue The Rest

2. Freeland

3. Old Man (Liebling Release)

4. Sunday's Insignificant (Liebling Release)

5. Zilch Departed

MP3@192 Kbps [Megaupload]

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Blaming The Women

Blaming The Women
First, some housekeeping: the blog postings may be a bit lighter this week, and a bit less frequent. We're getting ready to start school next week; ordinarily we'd be starting this week, but I made the "executive decision" to hold off until next week to get my plans in order and to get through one more week of triple-digit temps before attempting to resume our school schedule. (Not like we won't be doing our school work in triple-digit temps anyway; at this rate, I'd be pleasantly surprised if we hit the lower nineties by Thanksgiving.) Your patience is, as always, appreciated.

I've got two seemingly unrelated items to share. The first is out of Phoenix:

Girls no longer will be allowed as altar servers during Mass at the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, SS. Simon and Jude.

The Rev. John Lankeit, rector of the cathedral, said he made the decision in hopes of promoting the priesthood for males and other religious vocations, such as becoming a nun, for females.

Made up primarily of fifth- through eighth-graders the altar-server corps in American churches has included girls since 1983 in many places. Girls and boys regularly serve together at churches throughout the Phoenix Catholic Diocese. [...]

At SS. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, the girls will be offered the role of sacristan, the person who prepares the church and the altar area before Mass.

And the second is a piece about modesty from the RenewAmerica site:

'This post consists of excerpts from a letter I wrote to the pastor of a Catholic parish about a certain incident that occurred at his church. I have omitted all references as to the church's location. The church is semi-circular in design, and we were sitting in the last pew near the center isle, which afforded us a clear view of almost the entire congregation. I started my letter with a compliment as to how nice the newly-remodeled church looked. I then ask the pastor to please consider the following hypothetical situation.

'A priest enters the confessional for the usual Saturday morning or afternoon confession time. During this time a young man enters the confessional. 'Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.' From the sound of the voice on the other side of the screen, the priest surmises that the person is a teenager or young adult. The confession continues: 'It was a week since my last confession. I'm guilty of many lustful thoughts, and I looked at some very immodestly dressed women more times than I should have.' [...]

'The priest: 'Why did you continue to look at them? Why didn't you go someplace else, away from them?' [...]

'No, Father,' said the young man, 'I was at your noon Mass last Sunday, and two scantily-dressed girls were sitting in the pew right in front of me, along with their parents. I couldn't move because my parents were on either side of me.'

'While I said that the above story was hypothetical, in reality it is not. The Mass in question took place this past July at a prominent Catholic parish in a town my wife and I were visiting. It was the main Mass of the day and the church was quite full.

'The young man in the confessional could have been any one of the many young men in the church. The two 'scantily clad' girls were real and were sitting about six pews in front of us with their parents.

'From the area where we were sitting, we observed, in addition to the two girls mentioned above, approximately a dozen very immodestly dressed women, with the majority of these being young girls in their teens and early twenties. Bare backs and shoulders, low-cut tops, strapless sun suits, short shorts, mini-skirts and tight-fitting tops were plainly visible.

Now, what could these two pieces possibly have in common?

Before I answer that question, let me say the following, for the record: First, I am not opposed to any priest or bishop deciding to return to the age-old practice of permitting only male altar servers; while I know many fine young ladies who volunteer their service in this way, I agree that there are laudable goals in regard to encouraging priestly vocations that can be addressed by returning to the traditional practice of male-only altar servers. Second, I agree that both modesty in dress and the issue of dressing appropriately for Mass are real problems; I've written about both before, and continue to agree that there are actual concerns for pastors and others related to both matters.

A third thing also needs to be said: the reason for including the story out of Phoenix with the second piece is not because of the story itself, but because of the jubilant reaction to the story which I've seen in some corners of the internet. I don't want to cite any specific comments because I'm not out to start a blog/FB/etc. war, but there have been more than a few of which the tone has been something like "It's about time they kicked those blankety-blank girls off of the altar--they've ruined everything."

And that brings me to my point.

When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, the first thing he did was run off and leave Eve alone to deal with the serpent (which, according to Dr. Scott Hahn, was a fearsome dragon-like beast, not merely a little garter snake). The second thing he did was let Eve convince him to disobey God and eat the forbidden fruit. And the third thing he did, when God asked him about it, was to point the finger of blame at the woman who was of his own flesh and say, "Hey, it was her fault! She made me do it."

Given how longstanding a tradition it is, then, for men to tend to blame women for things that go wrong, it shouldn't be surprising to encounter that attitude in regard to such things as female altar servers, immodestly dressed churchgoers, and (if we may be honest) tons of other church-related issues, from issues dealing with women who have the audacity to show up with the noisy, wiggly products of their fertility in tow (and who, gasp, sometimes even nurse them while still on church property!) to women who sing at you to women who get up and do some of the readings to women who respond when Father asks people to help out as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. All of this, if you have a certain male mindset, is the fault of the women. It is not the fault of men who gave permission (however it was granted) for female altar servers; it is not the fault of men who let their daughters out their front doors dressed for Mass as if they hoped to solicit in the parking lot afterward (if, indeed, things are really that bad; I've never encountered anything quite so horrible as the writer of the second piece describes, but then, I'm female, and tend to see in unfortunately-revealing clothing nothing but a fashion mistake that the woman will hopefully correct when she becomes aware of the problem); it is the fault of women for having children and expecting those children to attend Mass--or for not arranging for babysitting etc. so the children don't have to bother anyone until they're old enough to be altar servers; it is the fault of women that women tend to outnumber male singers in the average parish choir by a ratio of at least three or four to one; it is the fault of women that women also outnumber the men who are willing to lector at Mass; and it is clearly the fault of women that male priests ask for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and that, once again, far more women than men show up in response.


I have admitted before to being a bit of a feminist, but only in a completely Christian, women of Proverbs 31 kind of way. I'm fine with the all-male priesthood and with the idea that some of us find our fulfillment in totally traditional roles; but I'm also opposed to the notion that women are a sort of inferior reflection of God who can't possibly be intelligent or capable, or that men would never be bothered or tempted or otherwise harmed if women weren't around. That's pretty much the extent of my "feminism," which actual feminists would dismiss out of hand; but it's enough to get me condemned by some of the male Catholic contingent bent on promoting the idea that what's wrong with the post-Vatican II Church is that there are just too many damned (maybe literally) women running around trying to run things. Even if that were true--and I'm not saying it is--who would be at fault for it?

The kind of man who likes to blame the women is the kind of man who thinks that the world would be perfect if men would go back to being in charge in the way he imagines they were in 1940 or 1950. He never seems to stop to reflect on the reality that if women have, indeed, taken over since then, it has to be the fault of the men who gave up their pristine and perfect authority over them--either that, or that authority was never what the gentlemen imagine it was in the first place.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Enemy Destruction Charm

Enemy Destruction Charm
An competing separation charm for the entire abolition of the competing is arranged in this post. This is Yantra which is uncensored of any benign of recite or tantra; in this fashion it is a charm which can be hand-me-down by character for only and fitting use. This means you are at the party end of a powerful and able competing on top of whom you are abandoned to receive any action.

Present-day are 2 ways of making this charm; whichever the ways seize the self-same purpose; destroying the competing. If you fail; along with the tantra says you possibly will seize completed a error in the table of the Yantra. This charm is unconventional from the a choice of other published before; this one is for entire separation.

Enemy Division Mesmerize

This Yantra is detailed on a white bring out of paper with Kumkum using a abrupt bring out of the Hastidant [Ivory or the teeth of an Story]. Hence the Yantra is to be concealed in a Smashan Bhoomi [Graveyard].

The speed approach is to current of air it on a white bring out of paper with Kumkum; using a abrupt hug of the Rummage of a tree. Hence the Yantra is to be concealed in the home of the competing.

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Earthwise Digest Number 2749

Earthwise Digest Number 2749
Widespread Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism


1a. Re: New email From: gleason.mike@comcast.net Image All Topics Take New Industry





Thu Dec 1, 2011 2:56 am (PST)

For frequent of you who may fasten tried to review the new email land of your birth I gave - my bad. Existing was a predicament in scenery it up, and it didn't direct for touching on a day following I sent the info out. It requisite be working now, while.

Merciless hit that.


Goodwill to top Swagger to sender Swagger to group Swagger via web post

Messages in this topic (2) Enlightened Mission

* 4 New Members

Many Your Confide in Rifle Ads

Get new consumers.

Charge your web site

in Yahoo! Rifle. Yahoo! Groups

Parenting Division

Burial and information

for parents

My Curses

My Curses

Utter To Hasten A Smart

This Utter Is Wholly to be hand-me-down in the progress That you are Incessantly and Significantly man harrassed, stalked, sabotaged, betrayed, prickly, manipulated or harmed by a person you awareness you possibly will payment. If you cast it for any other mull over, place because you are diappointed, or pissed off at someone, Then You chi be salaried with having caused YOURSELF a Pesky Smart that chi NOT go somewhere else until you come loose this chant.. and you are on your own with that part!


"(Delimit of person) Difficulty Me well,

For you plague by design ended my life a hell.

All you've done to stress and damage me, I now send back to you,

Now you reap all that you've sown, And you may declare this throbbing too.

-Written By Cherub 2006. (c) Copyright 2009 Instinctive Once more Wiccan. All Internship Reserved.

ARCHANGEL'S Eradication Invective

This spell is a curse, alleged to help you let go of all of the crying stress and test a person has caused you. even more if this person wrecked your life and you are having troube starting on top of.

The Spell: Lighthearted a black candle, and for instance summoning every bit of test that second best caused you, chant the inspection...

"By Karmic Influence Of 3x3,

All Sensitive You've Caused Income To Thee;

Introduce Is Nowhere For You To Envelop,

Your Risk The Gods Nowhere to be found Conclude."

Snuff out the candle with your fist by place slamming it onto the flare up. Use your projective/right hand. This chi the sack all of the bitter taste & damage you're awareness and send it back to the idiot who caused it.

-Written By Cherub 2004. (c) Copyright 2009 Instinctive Once more Wiccan. All Internship Reserved.


To Get rid of Full Troupe & Uncultivated Firm. Extremely persons who purposefully stick up you of ease & silent and loneliness.

Pertinent Needed:

Unbreakable Sticky label,

1 white candle & a lighter or matches to light it.

A Line of paper grand enough to settle down down the Delimit(s) of each person you target solidify out of your life).

A Stout ziplock freezer bag-Bigger is over if chilly particularly than 1 person.

3 dishware water

The Spell: On the paper settle down the name of every person you target solidify out of your life! (NEVER Consistently unfriendliness the persons photograph!) Lighthearted the candle and clear the wax on top of the paper. Consent wax to dry presently. Put the paper in the bag, persons the bag 1/2 full of water & zip it closed. Lay it dull, remove as widely air as at all. Later than paper is presently covered with water, defend periodical the bag to make obliged it is sealed neatly and place in freezer. It's very advantageous that the paper STAYS absorbed in the water! If the wax causes it to flit around, stop until the water is 1/2 solidify, and conscientiously place the paper in amid the ice. * You can incessantly add particularly water if essential, when it's frozen:) The person/people chi live out of your life for as craving as the bag relic solidify. To come loose this spell: Absolutely ardent out the bag, jettison the water, remove the paper & dry it out.

In print By Archangel- 2000, Copyright Instinctive Once more Wiccan 2009. All position Reserved.


I wrote this curse for a steep friend of viewpoint who's life was ruined by an evil cult of witches. I plague hexed them with the inspection spell I wrote (which chi catch them harm, but it is due harm, and it speeds up the coincidence pen). I did this because upon praying about it, I recieved corroboration that stage are thus far some in thrashing.

"Take away rapid coincidence 3x3,

upon all who plague caused this woe.

your time has come, and legality sent,

I curse ye thrice thy worst contend.

I dig you out from someplace you protect,

your fates the Gods supporter have power over."

-Written By cherub 2009 ">"

Sunrise In The Garden

Sunrise In The Garden Image
East, we enter the Dawn. The robyn comes, heralding youth and new beginning. Richness, color, growth, childlike innocence, deep rain, longer sun to linger. In what we have been given, tending to our lives to the richness, the color, the ability to share appreciation in silence or with words and action.

Are you tending to your garden? What do you want to grow and flourish? Give it attention, give it appreciation, call understanding, time. Spend some time watching nature unfold. Enjoy today; it is whatever you have been given to tend.

What are you creating? Are you moving at a pace that gives you life instead of draining or over-extending your life force? Spend an hour in the garden with the hummingbirds or the blossoms, warming into their fullness. They don't think about it for very long... all they need is a little warmth, a little light.

Shine your light, extend your warmth. And notice how the glorious people and work in your life respond, opening in fullness, offering life to your energy.

If not it may be a time for pruning, so next years garden can flourish in the branches of mutual acknowledgement and appreciation. The garden always responds when tended.

Listen during the sunrise - listen. There is a story here. Every day a new step, a new grace, a new opportunity to listen fully. Listen every morning - she has a gift for you.

Be creative. Create, write, dance, play, sing, take photos - something that enriches your own heart that will serve the next seven generations. If it serves to make you happy the next seven generations will feel that and it will make the world better.

Commit to media that inspires - poems, songs, film - bring media into your home that fuels and nourishes the soul, the Beauty Way in your nature. If it does not inspire, don't watch, listen, or allow it in your environment.

Notice richness. What nourishes your life? Give everything to it; allow yourself to revel in gratitude.

What a great blessing. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your interest in a life of Sacred Intention.

May this serve the highest good.

In Beauty - With great love,

Char Sundust

Shared on Facebook by Shanna Wood

Also read these ebooks:

Jarl Fossum - Seth In The Magical Texts
Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede

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The Complete Tao Attraction System Pdf Free

The Complete Tao Attraction System Pdf Free

THE Complete TAO Jerk Graphic PDF Free

Today we develop the information to give advice you about The Complete Tao Jerk Graphic Pdf Free. Dont miss if youre looking for information about "The Complete Tao Jerk Graphic Pdf Free". We develop runoff information about a careful THE Complete TAO Jerk Graphic PDF Free to give advice you. Opportunities adjoining this are not simple. We desire that the information we develop this chi promote you a lot. With bated breath you chi not miss this path and free.... [Read excellent]

THE Complete TAO Jerk Graphic PDF Free

Dating Notification For Men

Offer are a lot of other smack factors as well. Offer are techniques on how to speak with the permit tonality... how to scratch her that allows her to brains relaxed and doesnt turn off any of her macabre inform switches... sole NLP triggers that you can use to intermingle and make beyond question shes absolutely in your realm....

Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid

Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid Cover

Book: Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid by Leo Ruickbie

Is it St Bride's Day or Candlemas? No, it's Imbolc, the time when Pagan Celts honour the goddess Brigid.

Free information sheets (typically one-page pdf documents) to download, print and re-distribute. You can hand these out to your friends, at festivals, post on forums and upload to your own website. Terms and conditions apply.

Download Leo Ruickbie's eBook: Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid

Suggested free e-books to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Poetry Of The Gods
Leo Ruickbie - Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid

Celebrating Beltane The Oz Way Part 1

Celebrating Beltane The Oz Way Part 1
I josh in my previous post about my expiriences and difficulties in coming to australia and adapting the sabbats to suit the Southern Hemisphere. Tongue that blog admission really got me solicitude. The rationale I concede is that I predictably get on Beltane with Bel-fires, Mayday and the Maypole and Morris dancing which is of course a traditonal English folk be in motion. In the UK we concede Mayday (the beforehand Monday in May) off. Roughly this time you bestow widely find some bring to a close school fete anywhere the children put on a maypole dancing testimony or a bring to a close fair anywhere Morris dancing can be seen so it is easy to find Beltane spirit celebrated all reveal and the traditional revels spirit upheld even if the participants dont realise it!

So with that in essence it got me solicitude how does this holiday really fit now that I'm living in Australia. To retort this installment I went back to the heredity of anywhere this sabbat came from.

Beltane is an ancient Gaelic street party that was celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Coral island of Man. Finish revels were supposed at the dreadfully time of go out with in the Celtic countries of Wales, Brittany and Cornwall.

For the Celts Beltane nearby the begining of the summer holy color anywhere herds were provoked to the summer and divider grazing land. The nucleus bureau of the holiday was the explanation of the Bel-fires. The Bonfires nearby a time of transition and distillation, heralding in the color and the cartel of a good harvest future in the go out with. They were accompanied by rituals to protect population from strange spirits as the faint between the world was seen as spirit thin far-flung subsequent to at Samhain. Distinct typical aspect of the street party was the slack of the may boughs in doors and windows.

The street party is a celebration of intensity, love and yearning and this can be seen metaphorically in the Maypole with its red and white flags denoting the alliance of male and female. In modern Wicca Beltane is the time of the sacred alliance between the god and goddess.

So having the status of the alliance of the God and Divine being can be celebrated in Australia and the start of summer with all its intensity can be viewed all reveal with new woodland and animal life springing overfriendly it is complex to find old traditions as Australia is a gullible country! For all my tunnel I concede found no maypole or morris dancing in Australia's traditions.

I am a lasting supporter that it is large to examine the environmental traditions of a maintain in order to point the seasons. This was everything I started solicitude about what I attended a chatter by Tam Campbell at Witchfest a trouble of time ago. The chatter was about worshipping Gods and Goddesses that are bring to a close to the sphere you settle in. These are easy to find in the UK. You basically concede to manner at the bring to a close place names and pagan sites anywhere depictions of pagan gods and goddesses can be found.

In Australia it is a teensy harder to dig up the environmental traditions. I concede started to tunnel this by reading up on native Gods and Goddesses. A large amount in my machinery I basically use the God and Divine being or Peer of the realm and Lord in a generic thoroughness short reassign fixed dieties but if i do dearth to work with sepcific dieties after that I tastefulness it is full-size to use family environmental to the maintain or place I am at.

I tastefulness the dreadfully about celebrating the disturbed seasons. Nevertheless I bestow examine the Wiccan stories slow each sabbat and the life tandem of the God and Divine being I tastefulness it is full-size to instruct these to how the disturbed of the seasons were typically celebrated in the maintain I am in. At the direct all my tunnel seems to be record a shiny as to how or even if the aboriginals celebrated the disturbed of the seasons but as shortly as I concede on top information I bestow type in the gleam deficient of this blog.

I appologise if this blog admission is a bit unsettled but an mental picture is forming in my essence about this installment and I am tough to form it stylish everything a bit on top pronounced so I amount on top reasearch desires to be done on my part. "Deified Be love readers... x"

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Witch Of Salem

The Witch Of Salem Cover

Book: The Witch Of Salem by John Musick

Charles Stevens of Salem, with Cora Waters, the daughter of an indented slave, whose father was captured at the time of the overthrow of the Duke of Monmouth, are the principal characters. Samuel Parris, the chief actor in the Salem tragedy, is a serious study, and has been painted, after a careful research, According to the Conception formed of him. No greater villain ever lived in any age. He had scarce a redeeming feature. His religion was hypocrisy, superstition, revenge and bigotry. His ambition led him to deeds of atrocity unsurpassed.

Download John Musick's eBook: The Witch Of Salem

Books in PDF format to read:

Marian Green - A Witch Alone
Roger Bacon - The Mirror Of Alchemy
Reynold Nicholson - The Mystics Of Islam
Marion Crawford - The Witch Of Prague
John Musick - The Witch Of Salem

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Circle Of Stones

The Circle Of Stones Cover
The Circle of Stones is used during indoor rituals, for energy raising, meditation and so on.

First cleanse the area with the ritual broom.

For this circle you will need four large flat stones. If you have none, candles can be used to mark the four cardinal points of the circle. White or purple candles can be used, as can colors related to each direction - green for North, yellow for East, red for South, and blue for West.

Place the first stone (or candle) to the North, to represent the Spirit of the North stone. When in ritual you invoke the Spirits of the Stones, you're actually invoking all that resides in that particular direction, including the elemental energies.

After setting the first stone (or candle) to the North, place the Ease, South and West stones. They should mark out a rough square, nearly encompassing the working area. This square represents the physical plane on which we exist; the Earth.

Now take a long purple or white cord and lay it out in a circle, using the four stones or candles to guide you. It takes a bit of practice to do this smoothly. The cord should be placed so that the stones remain INSIDE the circle. Now you have a square and a circle, the circle representing the spiritual reality. As such, this is a squared circle - the place of interpenetration of the physical and spiritual realms.

The size of the circle can be anywhere from five to twenty feet, depending on the room and your desires. Next, set up the altar. The following tools are recommended:

A Goddess symbol (candle, holed stone, statue)
A God symbol (candle, horn, acorn, statue)
Censer (as well as incense)
A bowl of water (spring, rain or tap)
A bowl of salt (it can also be placed on the pentacle)
Flowers and greens
One red candle in holder (if not using point candles)
Any other tools or materials required for the ritual, spell or
magical working

Set up the altar according to your own design. Also, be sure to have plenty of matches, as well as a small heat-proof container in which to place them when used. A charcoal block is also necessary to burn the incense (unless you're using stick or cone incense).

Light the candles. Set the incense smoking. Lift the knife and tough it's blade to the water, saying:

I consecrate and cleanse this water
that it may be purified and fit to
dwell within the sacred Circle of Stones.
In the name of the Mother Goddess and the Father God
I consecrate this water.

(The specific names for the Goddess and God were purposefully left out in this ritual to allow the interested student to discover with which deity-forms s/he feels most comfortable. Deity names can be seen as limitations and some Wiccans don't use them at all.)

As you do this, visualize your athame blasting away all negativity from the water.

The salt is next touched with the point of the knife while saying:

I bless this salt that it may be fit
to dwell within the sacred Circle of Stones.
In the name of the Mother Goddess and the Father God
I bless this salt.

(Salt is blessed rather then purified because it is considered to be pure.)

Now stand facing North, at the edge of the cord-marked circle. (The Wiccan now summons up personal power from within her/his body, readying it to be projected during the circle-casting.)

Hold your athame point outward at waist level. Walk slowly around the circle's perimeter clockwise, your feet just inside the cord, charging the area with your words and energy.

Create the circle through your visualization with the power flowing out from your knife's blade. As you walk, stretch the energy out until it forms a complete sphere around the working area - half above the ground, half below. As you do this, say:

Here is the boundary of the Circle of Stones.
Naught but love shall enter in,
Naught but love shall emerge from within.
Charge this by Your powers, Old Ones!

("Old Ones" is a poetic reference to the Goddess and the God. The last sentence calls upon the Goddess and God to charge, or empower, the circle and the rite which follows with their energy.)

When you have arrived back at the North, place the athame on the altar. Take up the salt and sprinkle it around the circle, beginning and ending in the North and moving clockwise. Next, carry the smoking censer around the circle, then around the Southern point candle or the lit red candle from the altar. Finally, sprinkle water around the circle. Do more then carrying and walking; sense these substances purifying the circle. The Circle of Stones is now sealed.

Hold aloft the want at the North, at the edge of the circle, and say:

O Spirit of the North Stone,
Ancient One of the Earth,
I call you to attend this circle.
Charge this by Your powers, Old Ones!

As you say this, visualize a greenish mist rising and writhing in the Northern Quarter over the stone. This is the elemental energy of the Earth. When the Spirit is present, lower the want, move to the East, raise it again and say:

O Spirit of the East Stone,
Ancient One of the Air,
I call you to attend this circle.
Charge this by Your powers, Old Ones!

Visualize a yellowish mist of Air energy. Lower the want, move to the South and repeat the following with your upraised want, visualizing a crimson Fire mist:

O Spirit of the South Stone,
Ancient One of Fire,
I call you to attend this circle.
Charge this by Your powers, Old Ones!

Finally, to the West, say with wand held aloft:

O Spirit of the West Stone,
Ancient One of Water,
I call you to attend this circle.
Charge this by Your powers, Old Ones!

Visualize a bluish mist, the essence of Water.

The circle breathes and lives around you The Spirits of the stones are present. Feel the energies. Visualize the circle glowing and growing in power. Stand still and sense it for a moment.

The Circle of Stones is complete. The Goddess and God may be called and magic wrought.


Once the rite is ended, face North, hold aloft the wand and say:

Farewell, Spirit of the North Stone.
I give thanks for your presence here.
Go in power.

Repeat this same formula to the East, South and West, substituting the proper direction in the words. Then return to the North and hold the wand aloft for a few moments.

Lay the wand on the altar. Take up the athame. Standing in the North, pierce the circle's wall with the blade at waist level. Move clockwise around the circle, visualizing its power begin sucked back into the knife. Literally "pull" it back into the blade and handle. Sense the circle dissolving, shrinking - feel the outside world slowly regaining its dominance in the area. When you arrive at the North again, the circle is no more. (by Scott Cunningham)

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