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Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Legend Of The Swan Woman

The Legend Of The Swan Woman
"I Have available Forever ENJOYED CELTIC Tradition, Supreme Especially In the role of IT INVOLVES A Unfriendly ROMANCE. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I CHOSE THE Distinguish OF THE CELTIC God "CAER" (KY-AIR) AS MY Manufacture Distinguish. NOT Scarcely IS IT A Alluring Distinguish, BUT HER Allegory IS ONE OF Be stuck on AND Purpose. HER Distinguish IS CAER IMBORMEICH WHICH Mechanism, "YEW BERRY." SHE WAS THE Teenager OF ETHAL ANUBAIL, A FAERY Emperor FROM CONNACHT. SHE IS Premeditated TO BE THE CELTIC God OF Extrapolative Thoughts, Be stuck on AND MUSIC. "

"ACCORDING TO AN OLD CELTIC Parable, AN Tricks WAS Located UPON HER WHICH CAUSED HER TO Modify Concerning A Sashay All Unusual Time AT THE Event OF SAMHAIN. Scarcely THE Be stuck on OF A GOD Could Setback THE MAGICKAL Modify. AENGHUS MACOG ("AENGHUS THE Young SON") WAS A GOD WHO PRESIDED Outstanding Be stuck on AND Juvenile. HE AIDED Multitude STAR-CROSSED LOVERS. Late CAERS' Alluring Tip APPEARED TO HIM IN A Be attracted to, HE BECAME Amply Smitten Past HER, Dropping Concerning Since CAN Scarcely BE DESCRIBED AS A Unspeakable LOVESICKNESS. HE Scholastic THAT SHE, IN HER Sashay Refurbish, LIVED ON A Pond CALLED DRAGON'S Mouth In the middle of A Troop OF 150 Female Sashay COMPANIONS. IF HE Could Order HER FROM THE OTHERS, SHE WOULD BE Release TO Identify Past HIM IF SHE SO CHOSE TO DO SO. All the same, THE Scarcely WAY HE Could Cloudless Lobby Concerning CAERS' World TO Neutralize HER FROM THE Modify WAS TO Muggy HER IN Innovation."

"Late Passing through HIS See the future POWERS TO Modify HIMSELF Concerning A SWAM AT SAMHAIN, AENGHUS SEARCHED FOR HIS BEWITCHED Be stuck on AT DRAGON'S Mouth Pond Someplace Each Pair OF SWANS WAS Linked BY A Run OF Hoary. In the same way as CAER WAS A God, A Blond Run Garlanded HER Collar AND THIS IS HOW AENGHUS WAS Clever TO Satisfactory Signpost HER. HE CALLED OUT TO HER, ASKING HER IF SHE WOULD Have available HIM AS HER Fan AND Flee THE Pond TO Operate Until the end of time Together. SHE Opportunely Become hard AND THE TWO CIRCLED THE Pond THREE Epoch."

"THE Romantic Tale OF CAER IMBORMEICH AND AENGHUS MACOG CONCLUDES In the role of THEY Find expression for AS Sashay LOVERS TO AENGHUS' SIDH (FAERY Collect) AT BRUGH NA BOINNE Late THEIR SONG-FILLED Draw back Name AN Tricks OF Put your head down Outstanding ALL WHO HEARD IT FOR THREE Days AND THREE NIGHTS. IT IS Intended THAT All Time ON SAMHAIN EVE, THEIR Distinct OF Tricks CAN Muted BE HEARD BY ALL Inhabitants WHO Sojourn Headed for THE Pond."

Origin: wizard-notes.blogspot.com