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Friday, 20 February 2009

Stone Bunny Nothing Left 1970 Usa

Stone Bunny Nothing Left 1970 Usa
Vocals by Bobby Liebling of Pentagram / Bedemon.

Although PENTAGRAM did not legitimately form until 1971, the early stages of the band catch a glimpse of back to 1970, while lead singer Bobby Liebling joined Washington DC sector band, Space Central part, who as a consequence special their name to Limestone BUNNY. Comment from Liebling, the line-up featured John Jennings (guitar), Greg Mayne (meaningful) and G O'Keefe (drums), all of whom last turned up in PENTAGRAM. Limestone BUNNY only stayed together for a few months for instance Liebling's harder vocal kind wasn't respectable for Jennings' smoothly honeyed concrete, and they parted ways with the Jennings/Mayne/O'Keefe trio reverting back to the family name Space Central part previously splitting up a expeditious time last.


1. In vogue The Rest

2. Freeland

3. Old Man (Liebling Release)

4. Sunday's Insignificant (Liebling Release)

5. Zilch Departed

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