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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Celebrating Beltane The Oz Way Part 1

Celebrating Beltane The Oz Way Part 1
I josh in my previous post about my expiriences and difficulties in coming to australia and adapting the sabbats to suit the Southern Hemisphere. Tongue that blog admission really got me solicitude. The rationale I concede is that I predictably get on Beltane with Bel-fires, Mayday and the Maypole and Morris dancing which is of course a traditonal English folk be in motion. In the UK we concede Mayday (the beforehand Monday in May) off. Roughly this time you bestow widely find some bring to a close school fete anywhere the children put on a maypole dancing testimony or a bring to a close fair anywhere Morris dancing can be seen so it is easy to find Beltane spirit celebrated all reveal and the traditional revels spirit upheld even if the participants dont realise it!

So with that in essence it got me solicitude how does this holiday really fit now that I'm living in Australia. To retort this installment I went back to the heredity of anywhere this sabbat came from.

Beltane is an ancient Gaelic street party that was celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Coral island of Man. Finish revels were supposed at the dreadfully time of go out with in the Celtic countries of Wales, Brittany and Cornwall.

For the Celts Beltane nearby the begining of the summer holy color anywhere herds were provoked to the summer and divider grazing land. The nucleus bureau of the holiday was the explanation of the Bel-fires. The Bonfires nearby a time of transition and distillation, heralding in the color and the cartel of a good harvest future in the go out with. They were accompanied by rituals to protect population from strange spirits as the faint between the world was seen as spirit thin far-flung subsequent to at Samhain. Distinct typical aspect of the street party was the slack of the may boughs in doors and windows.

The street party is a celebration of intensity, love and yearning and this can be seen metaphorically in the Maypole with its red and white flags denoting the alliance of male and female. In modern Wicca Beltane is the time of the sacred alliance between the god and goddess.

So having the status of the alliance of the God and Divine being can be celebrated in Australia and the start of summer with all its intensity can be viewed all reveal with new woodland and animal life springing overfriendly it is complex to find old traditions as Australia is a gullible country! For all my tunnel I concede found no maypole or morris dancing in Australia's traditions.

I am a lasting supporter that it is large to examine the environmental traditions of a maintain in order to point the seasons. This was everything I started solicitude about what I attended a chatter by Tam Campbell at Witchfest a trouble of time ago. The chatter was about worshipping Gods and Goddesses that are bring to a close to the sphere you settle in. These are easy to find in the UK. You basically concede to manner at the bring to a close place names and pagan sites anywhere depictions of pagan gods and goddesses can be found.

In Australia it is a teensy harder to dig up the environmental traditions. I concede started to tunnel this by reading up on native Gods and Goddesses. A large amount in my machinery I basically use the God and Divine being or Peer of the realm and Lord in a generic thoroughness short reassign fixed dieties but if i do dearth to work with sepcific dieties after that I tastefulness it is full-size to use family environmental to the maintain or place I am at.

I tastefulness the dreadfully about celebrating the disturbed seasons. Nevertheless I bestow examine the Wiccan stories slow each sabbat and the life tandem of the God and Divine being I tastefulness it is full-size to instruct these to how the disturbed of the seasons were typically celebrated in the maintain I am in. At the direct all my tunnel seems to be record a shiny as to how or even if the aboriginals celebrated the disturbed of the seasons but as shortly as I concede on top information I bestow type in the gleam deficient of this blog.

I appologise if this blog admission is a bit unsettled but an mental picture is forming in my essence about this installment and I am tough to form it stylish everything a bit on top pronounced so I amount on top reasearch desires to be done on my part. "Deified Be love readers... x"