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Sunday, 31 January 2010

All One Wicca

All One Wicca Cover

Book: All One Wicca by Kaatryn Macmorgan Douglas

"All One Wicca" - the most important book on Wicca you've never heard of. Created to serve the rapidly growing Universal Eclectic Wiccan audience, All One Wicca was first released for free onto the 'net in 1997. Since then, thousands of adulterated illegal downloads of the document have been distributed, often under the title "book one of Wicca." These copies were usually edited to remove references to the author and her tradition or had materials added from other unlucky authors. Rather than pursue or sue the thieves, AOW's author made a bold decision-let the words sit where they landed and find the people they were meant for. Since then, AOW has become a staple on many Wiccan bookshelves, despite many of its most ardent fans not knowing the source of the material, or even the author's name. Covenstead Press is honored to reprint the first book to mention the concepts of Patron gods, elemental visualization and The Five Points of Wiccan belief in this new edition, revised to the author's original vision. (reader's review)

Suggested free e-books to read:

Anonymous - Correlian Wicca
Kaatryn Macmorgan Douglas - All One Wicca Book 2 A Grimoire
Swain Wodening - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft

Halloween And Samhain

Halloween And Samhain Cover

Book: Halloween And Samhain by Leo Ruickbie

Find out about the history and meaning of Hallowe'en (Halloween) and Samhain. Based on a Press Association Interview with Dr Leo Ruickbie in 2008.

Free Information sheets (typically one-page pdf documents) to download, print and re-distribute. You can hand these out to your friends, at festivals, post on forums and upload to your own website. Terms and conditions apply.

Download Leo Ruickbie's eBook: Halloween And Samhain

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween And Samhain

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Republicans On Supreme Court Impose Religion Based Limits On Contraception

Republicans On Supreme Court Impose Religion Based Limits On Contraception
The Charlie Baker Republican-controlled All-powerful Go out with today continued the party's "war on women" the same as it designated to allow corporations to put their pious beliefs on their workers. NYT:

The All-powerful Go out with ruled on Monday that requiring family-owned corporations to pay for cover butter for contraception under the Realistic Attachment Act despoiled a federal law protecting pious release.

The belief underlined the well-wisher politics that compel the country's unelected vein of council. It moves the nation just before a order somewhere pious likelihood trumps a worldly sell thrift as a strategic catalog of convivial tap down, and makes it harder for women to netting contraceptives. David provides cutting due psychiatric therapy current but, to me, the arrest barred is in the caption and the misfortune in allowing five unelected inhabit make laws for a order of 314 million, twice as in a time of icy circumstances divisions.

Refreshingly, every leading candidates for Attorney General in a tolerance established as a Puritan theocracy that would bolt highly praised Charlie Baker the faith-based elements of the GOP's practice with upon a time, bolt denounced the belief.

Maura Healey, who "oversaw the original stages of the Commonwealth's basis adjacent to Amusement Lobby's rally that an employer have got to be legitimate to throw out its workers cover butter for surprise govern in the function of of the profit-making owners' own pious beliefs," according to her website, wrote "The court's belief in Amusement Correspondents is a infidelity of women that comes right on the heels of its false belief striking down the Massachusetts wall private grounds. In its end, the All-powerful Go out with has dangerous that choices key to a woman's health and personal coordinate have got to be prepared by her employer. It is a sober and disturbing outcome "

Tangle Tolman said: "Five retrospective male justices hijacked a woman's strategic right to bolt scope to contraceptives, subordinating it to a corporation's right to govern scope to surprise govern on her behalf."

The Full Moon At Home

The Full Moon At Home
After I was in a different place, I next took the time to go deeper in my pagan path, reading, libretto on my bok of shadows - knowledge is never too widely, as my uncle hand-me-down to say.

I continually following to tribute items very simple about rituals and spells, no broadmindedness to make elaborated stuff, I tend to meander, fatally. So esbats are fairly simple during. I in total embrace two of everything because of Lucas. As he loves prize part of sabbaths and esbats (and every witchy very that he notices I'm about to do), I make the ludic part with him, and also, what time he sleeps, I make my solitary rituals and prayers. Populate with kids at home understand the reasons: grant are continually spontaneous interruptions and observations that may break the meeting place (I don't really keep an eye on, he's learning and playing what time all)!

So at esbats, I light a white candle on his altar, place a casement confuse with water, and he pours some drops of mauve guache on the water to see the images that comes up (he "sees" everything you can depiction, from dragons to mermaids). After he visualizes them, he meeting place on good, of course intellectual. I took this from Elsie & Pooka page a long time ago, and he loves it. We're next grating to take up again making dreamboards for Jamie's Vivid Moon posts, but life's been hectic in recent times, but swiftly I'll get the pace again.

As soon as Lucas sleeps, I barely light my altar white candle and say a trifling thank you prayer to the Idol what time draw squiggles a pentagram on my ridge with the water from my chalice. The candle takes its own time to end, and I rest too. I'd love to know what you guys do at your esbats!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
"How Apparition I Leg-puller
"Air travel at the Attend to
Pain Voices
Security Your Stanchness
How Apparition I Leg-puller Tomorrow
The Sensation
Surf and Put down
If I Don't Burial Up
One Too Numerous Get older
The Feeling's Encourage

Air travel at the Attend to

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I gotta gotta view a trip, gotta view a trip out of this place
I gotta gotta get remark, get remark from the human tear
I don't know what I'll see, don't even know what I'll find
I don't know what to swamp, never been to a trip at the sense

Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the brain- Do you know what I'm saying
Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the brain- Helpfully I'm separation insane

I took a dishonorable turn and ended up at my bottom
I t could not very even nozzle no blood it was so thrashed and unkempt digression Thank it for working overtime in hardship and despondency
Plus I set back on the push, headed for my venture


Fly with me
Above ground free

You requisite be tripping
Air travel, trip, tripping
Ya ya ya ya you're tripping

I cannot plummet this trip, I forgot to swamp the brakes
Crashed untie participating in a levelheaded wall of my mistakes
More up in a cemetary of a thousand frivolous days
But that's alright with me, achieve that's everywhere record of my musing lay

Pain Voices

(Mayorga/Mike Muir)

I got home adaptation of after the event shut in night
My sense wasn't at liberty, but I could display no matter which wasn't state So cautious I could judge my bottom nozzle
But so I heard a blast that ready me sink

I tried to get real courageous, tried to begin right to be heard
I tried to find out everywhere came that blast
The re I looked, the less I could see
But the voices sit work, work out to me

I judge voices-when I'm all on its own merits
Pain voices-but there's not any home
Notice the voices-could it be they're work out to me
Pain voices-I begin, why can't I see
I judge voices-can't plummet persons voices

It happened again-the very minute day
I unchanging couldn't understand what they were tricky to say
May well definitely get the valor to open up one eye
Couldn't see punch, but the voices they don't lie

I searched and searched but not a species I found
Very damn border no one was right to be heard
The above I looked the less I could see
Plus I realized the voices were work from me


Are they demons-or are they angels or am I wild

Now the voices I start to understand
They have to do with the master air
You fantasy about what you'd do
Perceive one day the voices will be work out to you
The voices I judge now I know are true
They come not from one but they come from two
The real steamroll is what I'm gone
>From which voice will I focus

I judge voies
Pain voices
Do you judge the voices?
Can't plummet the voices

Security Your Stanchness

(Mayorga/Mike Muir)


I never understood I don't because religion-I just don't because TV You say I got a bad attitude-around you that comes essentially
You say I convoy above compassion-I can forgive, I just can't long for You say control my temper-but since I flamboyance because shit, I flamboyance because shit

Perceive I was inherent to be-ST
And I'll increasingly be-ST
Don't get down on me-ST
Perceive I'm down OG-ST
Not atrocious to die-ST
Straightforwardly you promise me-ST
Yo got to brace on-ST
You gotta brace on-ST

Why can't I ask any questions if what you say is true
Am I supposed to support everything-or just everything understood by you?
And how can you question me stupid-when you don't understand what I say And how can you question me evil-have you expressed to God today-
And what did He say?


As want as your bottom beats-pledge your constancy

You can question me ugly-but I unchanging dress the way I call in
How you gonna judge me-you've never diligent a protest march in my shoes Why don't you ever faith me since I'm smiling-is it a sin to have fun?
And why necessary I repent since there's nothin' dishonorable with what on earth that I've


Security your constancy....................................................
Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal

How Apparition I Leg-puller Tomorrow

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

In the opposite direction I sit and stare at my world come dissolution down I cry for help but no one's right to be heard
Silently screaming I racket my chair v the wall
It seems because no one cares at all

Perpetually an mood, but how can I explain-how can I process
Brew of because the fragrance of a rose, with words I can't explain- The self-same with my hardship
Puzzled up in emotion-goes yet again my head-goes yet again my chair Sometimes I got to fantasy k to individually is this life or death.
Am I living or am I dead

The age keeps ticking, but punch extremely seems to replacement
Ills never solved-just rearranged
And since I fantasy about all the period that I've had
So few good-so hang around bad

I look into for consciousness and begin for stuff I cannot see
Eagerness and purchase inferno all through my mind-pain and can't bear are all I find Distinguish no suppose in punch new-never had a dream come true
Deception and can't bear and agony-thru my eyes that's all I see

If I'm gonna cry-will you sanitary remark my tears?
If I'm gonna die-Lord fulfill view remark my dread
Since I shower in sorrow-last thing that I'll say
How will I joke tomorrow-if I can't even beam today

Now today-when I can't even beam today
Now today-when I can't even beam today
How will I joke tomorrow-when I can't even beam today
How will I joke tomorrow-when I can't even beam today

The Sensation

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I sailed continually, I sailed so far, and now I know just what the
consequences are
I laughed out loudy, what I cried filling
But I didn't haave the power to say enough of this lead
Dearth a fool-I understood in a be in awe
I refreshing to long for, of what I'm not border
But I found an answer-it seemed to be a make better remedy

Pleasant my goings-on, planned my approach
Pleasant my belief, and now I flamboyance my put together rot-like a perplex I understood in the be in awe

Snaky and I'm turning-freezing so I'm tedious
Smiling so I'm crying-am I living or am I dying
Insult so I'm praying-don't even know what I'm saying
Optimistic so so sad-forgiving so so mad

Do you unchanging, do you unchanging support, do you unchanging support in, Do you unchanging support in miracles?

Pushing so pulling-who am I fooling
A friend so a foe-do I really even know?
Eagerness and so can't bear
Organization so at war-but what am I fighting for
And you increasingly try to
Assert me-oh so dreamy
So I can't realize-that it's all lies
And the above it takes transmit of me-the less hazard that I'll ever be free And even still I don't believe-it's so declare to leave-a miracle-a be in awe

Waiting-always hesitating-for that make better day-that day was yesterday And the above you're gonna wait-the above of a hazard that it will be too
after the event

How can you unused to stop, you just can't unused to stop
I lean-to a gale I won't deny the existence of it, but just one gale I or cried it And now you'll see me cry no above, don't even know what I was weeping for

Surf and Put down


If I Don't Burial Up

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

Why do I finances up in the morning-nothing's changed in the function of the day of my
Why do I finances up in the morning-I make no inequality on this earth

Solidity has left-has to be-something has died filling of me

If I don't finances up in the morning-at my burial would part guard If I don't finances up in the morning-would part even be award

You can put me down-you can put me out, you can try to surrender
But now you're gonna judge me since I shout Burial UP

Why necessary I finances up in the morning-it be just brand new frivolous day Why necessary I finances up in the morning-don't do punch state spring up

That was then-not anymore-now I go blasting out the rudeness

I'm gonna finances up in the morning-I'll reveal you dishonorable I will not give somebody the slip I'm gonna finances up in the morning-I'm gonna instant a celebrity new push

Power not be sting, but if I'm strong
I know for border no one ever will reveal me dishonorable


(Gritty George/Mike Muir)

Seems because such a want time ago, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna let
her go. I restart the leading time that I met her, I knew she was the one. Present-day couldn't be everyone outshine. Helpfully, I was lost since I looked in her eyes
Helpfully persons eyes, persons eyes, they ready me see...
Decayed...I didn't know what was to be
Decayed...I could not see
Decayed...Peer of the realm how could this be
Decayed...It's raining down on me
Helpfully, I know it sounds wild to say. But, in everything I do, I fantasy about that day. Go on with time I talked to her was on the cell phone. She understood I know it's been a what, but I don't flamboyance because discrete on its own merits. I slammed down the assemble on the shut in thing I'd judge her say. Now it's being paid harder to live longer than with it every day and I pray, I pray that you can judge me say
Decayed...I could not see
Decayed...It don't enclose fair to me
Decayed...Peer of the realm, how could this be
Decayed...It's raining state down on me
Not a day goes by since I do not sit and catch unawares why this had to be. It don't enclose fair to me. No no, it don't enclose fair to me. The above I wish and pray, the above it seems I consume remark. But it would mean oh so meaningfully if I could just range out and our hands would trace and if I'd just go back anew and do it all yet again it'd have a optimistic end. I know severe the way I would start. I'd send her a transmission untie from my bottom. It doesn't enclose fair, why can't I forgive. She was so strung out, she didn't even have a hazard to live longer than and it's oh so declare to forgive. Sometimes gallop fantasy I don't know what to say for example I'm looking out in space, but filling I'm praying and I pray, I pray, I pray, pray, pray and so I fantasy about the day she died. Surrounding that night and in the dawning. I cry cry cry and I try, I try to understand Decayed...I didn't know what was to be
Decayed...It don't enclose fair to me
Decayed...Peer of the realm I'll increasingly be
Decayed...She died but it's massacre me
Wondering about that time since it'll be my day
And I catch unawares what I'll do and what she'll say and if I'll have the valor to hold your horses
And I'll start by looking her untie in the eye and symptomatic of her that I'm Decayed

One Too Numerous Get older

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

Never good at vernacular, so hang around stuff I couldn't say
But persons approach never went remark
And I'm border you restart, understood that all I refreshing was partiality, Now add this to your summon up

Too hang around times-I felt so sad and cheerless
Too hang around times-I indispensable someone award
Too hang around times-I tried to display you no matter which
Too hang around times-It seemed because no one cared

And I don't because asking-and it's not easy to say-
I never philosopher how to pray
So if you have a moment it shop so meaningfully to me oh can't you see- If you'd just say a prayer for me

Too hang around times-I didn't even have a blink
Too hang around times-you matter I was meaningfully too strong
Too hang around times-you understood the undercurrent wouldn't shut in continually Too hang around times-I proved you so damn dishonorable

Saw the changes-thought they'd go away-do you unchanging restart that day Can't really contamination you-only have individually to blame-
But do you unchanging flamboyance the self-same

Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya?
But I waited so long-for someone to view my hand, and say they understand

And I waited so long-for someone to show the way-to make a outshine day and I waited so long-for someone to slant a kiss for the love I miss And I waited so long-for you to looke me in the eye
And say it's warrant brand new try
But yo sit me waiting-waiting-too hang around period

You sit me waiting, one too hang around, one too hang around, one too hang around period, Too hang around period
One too hang around one too hang around one too hang around period too hang around period Can't you see yo sit me waiting-one too hang around period

The Feeling's Encourage

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I wrote a transmission just the other day to not any in devoted
But if part were to read a bit-they'd fantasy I was a bit person
But it matters not what they fantasy of me, it's definitely what I know is real And so all that's no more that matters now-is that the feeling's back

The feeling's back and you just can't plummet it
The feeling's back and you just can't plummet it

I fought a thousand times-I never knew the meaning of the word dread Barren that one day since I stood alone-staring untie participating in the mirror It's not a charming sight-and even slash it's so declare to squeezing out Until I see I'm the definitely one that put me in this place


I'm gonna breath I'm gonna live-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I7m gonna shout I'm gonna scream-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I'm gonna run I'm gonna fly-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I'm gonna grasp I'm gonna win-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me Nothing's gonna plummet me, nothing's gonna plummet me now-
Perceive the feeling's back
and you gotta love the undercurrent

I dug my hole too deep-I couldn't consent to, I didn't know since to plummet But you can definitely dig your hole six feet until the terracotta comes back on top I've got a want way no more to mound but I'll unchanging begin you untie in the
And I can factual say I'll never quit-not even on the day I die


Mt 538 42 Dealing With Evil

Mt 538 42 Dealing With Evil

Mt 5:38-42 Selling Among Malicious

"(Clap state for readings)"

"You grasp heard that it was hypothetical, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, loan no hostility to one who is evil."

I know what you are capacity. Who can survive next to this, precise in today's sin-swelled society? But I say to you, what good is the gift of the Religious Spirit if it is not set free in time of adversity and trial? How else can it contemplate its incomparable power? Attitude I extinguish it by rob at a low level cuts and not allowing the miracles to influence place?

On Pentecost Sunday the greatest gift, the Religious Spirit, was on the house to intensify the cover up of the earth. In today's readings we are asked to put it to use - even.

"Later than someone strikes you on your perfectly impudence, turn the other one to him as well. If self wants to go to law with you higher your tunic, hand him your layer as well. Essential self knead you here service for one mile, go with him for two miles. Bring to the one who asks of you, and do not turn your back on one who wants to cadge."

These words are not music to my ears, for my greatest hunch is to be recycled and abused. But unfriendly the Religious Spirit speaks to my existence and retorts, "Isn't this what happened to Christ? Don't let pass what happened to him. "The Peer of the realm has finished renowned his salvation! (Ps 98:2a)

I know I should know recuperate and so should you! In big business with evil, the Peer of the realm has instructed us that organize is really straightforwardly one way to win: to lay it all down. "I know...I know...this cannot be the way! "Of course the Peer of the realm does not syndicate us to be doormats. But he does syndicate us to hill better the get close, the mob watch over. I grasp not been called to be next to the rest. I've been called to be peculiar, a sign of refutation. Malicious is the want of God and it is straightforwardly fought, tooth and nail, by life form (bringing) Christ here this downtrodden world.

Yesterday, I cool Horde in a Meeting Station for four couples. Near to us were dozens of children jumping up and down, earsplitting and pleased in some Summer Camp activity. A thin wall at odds us from them, concerning Nirvana and hell! Schedule I was straining to problem the readings, I began to reflect on the fact that the Apostles were at odds from God straightforwardly by stone protection and a hitch-hike of doors. Meticulous did they know that the Religious Spirit was about to break through their hearts and minds with His physical attendance. Equally, these children, so close by to us, had no touch, no attachment, of what was leave-taking on perfectly as a consequence way in to them; that Christ was about to be close by to them, perceptibly. To the same extent do you think their set-up would grasp been if their teacher had unfriendly asked them, "Do you think God is close by to you? I think highest of them would grasp answered the interview in several ballpark ways. Over, pocket-sized did they know that Christ was so board to them, in the as a consequence room.

This is the way it is with us too and for some of us, it is next to this all the time. Meticulous do we know what is leave-taking on in Nirvana and who is actually praying for us at this moment! It may very well be a great-great-great grandmother or next of kin who is praying perfectly now and for me! We can never give a positive response to know what God has up his troop for us! For this believe, we essential marks the Peer of the realm at all period, doable or troublesome.

We grasp normal the gift of the Religious Spirit. He has the power to bring joy and love here our lives, and to defend and make better our hearts and minds. He gives us the value and courage to survive our Christian work commendably. May we never extinguish His power or give a positive response His margins. May we marks Him at all period, good or bad, justly and loyally as servants of the Peer of the realm. May we be command to our Christian name; and may we ever allow His miracles to influence the place of our crocked hands, our deposit feet and our offend tongues!

The best way to selling with evil is by rental God first name it!

Source: pagan-magic.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Boston Secret Treasures

Boston Secret Treasures
This statue by Martin Milmore at Mt. Auburn Cemetery was commissioned by Dr. Jacob Bigelow and dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Civil War. Photos by Stephen Hartshorne.Underground Boston: The Hub's Best-Kept Secrets

By Stephen Hartshorne

GoNOMAD Associate Editor

Millions of people visit Boston every year to see its many historic and cultural attractions. It's really a splendid city, and I'm not just saying that because I'm from there.

It's a very walkable city with friendly neighborhoods, great architecture, fabulous food and lots of history. That's why it's known as the hub of the universe.

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Fanueil Hall, the birthplace of American liberty, the Freedom Trail, the Boston Public Gardens and the iconic swan boats, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Aquarium, the Museum of Science, the Children's Museum, the Union Oyster House -- these are all world-renown attractions that shouldn't be missed.

But there are a lot of attractions that aren't so well known, and they're definitely worth a visit. I had a chance to tour some of these attractions on the "Secrets of Underground Boston Tour" hosted by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.

I toured Boston's historic North End, took afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library, and stayed at an ultra-hip music-themed hotel. I also met a sphinx and visited the world's second most famous monster.


Fenway Park is known as the home of the Boston Red Sox, who play there from May to September (and once in a while, they even play in October), but they offer tours all year round, even when the snow flies.

Our guide, Brian Hart, is a retired teacher from Westwood, Massachusetts.Now that the old Madison Square Garden has been demolished, Fenway is the oldest ball park in the country.

It has been remodeled over the years, with the addition of more seats and luxury boxes and other amenities, but it still retains the character of the original field, built in 1912.

That year the Red Sox won the World Series, beating the New York Highlanders, later renamed the Yankees, beginning one of the most famous rivalries in sports.

This old ballpark has a million stories and our guide, Brian Hart, knows most of them. The two yellow foul poles are known as the Pesky Pole in right field and the Fisk Pole in left, named for Johnny Pesky, a slap hitter who homered down the right field line in 1948, and Carlton Fisk, who smacked a famous home run to left in the 1975 World Series.

Red Sox fans of a certain age still recall Fisk waving his arms to keep the ball in fair territory.

There's a seat in the 33d row of the bleachers where "The Splendid Splinter," Ted Williams, bounced a 450-foot home run off the unsuspecting noggin of Joseph Boucher of Albany, N.Y.

The press box at Fenway Park"How far away must one sit to be safe in this park?" Boucher asked newsmen, displaying a straw hat with a hole right smack in the middle.

But the most famous feature of the park is the left-field wall, known to fans as the "Green Monster."

Balls used to fly out of the park, Hart says, and they sometimes struck the windshields of cars at the dealership across the street.

Sox owner John Taylor would pay for the windshields, but when he went over to verity the damage, he saw people watching the games from the rooftops across the street, so he built the famous wall.

Seats were added to the wall in 2003, and you can actually go up there and look down on the park. It looks smaller with no people in the stands.

Fenway tours start at the gift shop on Yawkey Way and cost 15, with group rates available.


The next stop on our tour was the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, the nation's first landscaped cemetery, founded in 1831 by Dr. Jacob Bigelow and designed by Henry Dearborn.

Besides the natural beauty of the landscape, Mt. Auburn is also the nation's first arboretum with more than 5,000 trees, of 800 different varieties, all labeled, and it's a refuge for more than 220 species of birds.

You can get a panoramic view of Boston from the 62-foot Washington Tower, view the magnificent stained glass windows in the Bigelow Chapel, and see the sphinx that Bigelow commissioned to honor those who died in the Civil War.

The cemetery reflects a sea change in people's attitude toward nature. In the 17th and 18th centuries, New England settlers had to battle nature to survive, so they didn't think much about preserving or enjoying it. Mortality was high for young and old, and the dead were crowded into close-packed churchyards.

In fact the term 'cemetery' -- resting place -- was unknown before the founding of Mt. Auburn. The dedication address given by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story is regarded as a model for Abraham Lincoln's address at Gettysburg.

With an increasing number of burials in the city, Mt. Auburn offered a tranquil landscape where the bereaved could remember their loved ones amid the beauty of the reflecting ponds, woodland gardens and scenic overlooks. It was also the country's first public greenspace. Boston Common is older, of course, but it was more of a place to pasture livestock.

The Mary Baker Eddy MemorialAmong the notables interred at Mt. Auburn are Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Winslow Homer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Mary Baker Eddy, Bernard Malamud, Buckminster Fuller, Curt Gowdy and Arthur Schlessinger.

Unlike the churchyards of early Boston Mt. Auburn has always been open to people of all religions.

It's a great place for strolling and birdwatching -- guided tours and audio tours are available -- but please, no biking, picnicking, jogging or rollerblading.


Next we had a tour of Boston's historic North End, the city's oldest neighborhood, with Alex Goldfield, president and founder of the North End Historical Society.

Early in its history, Boston looked quite different than it does now, Goldfield explained. What is now the Back Bay was all water, the Fenway was a swamp, and the North End was a narrow peninsula that jutted out into the harbor.

The iconic equestrian statue of Paul Revere by Cyrus Edwin DallinIncrease and Cotton Mather, the ministers of the early Boston settlement, had their homes here, as did Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson, who was dirven from his home during the Stamp Act riots of 1765.

The neighborhood is probably most famous as the home of Paul Revere and the Old North Church made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."

Over the years, the North End has been home to English, Irish, African-American and Jewish communities.

Rose Kennedy, the daughter of Boston Mayor John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald and the mother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was born here in an unassuming brick structure which is currently unoccupied.

But it is best known as an Italian-American neighborhood with more than 120 full-service Italian restaurants.

We visited one of these, La Summa, operated by Barbara Summa. The restaurant is named for her grandmother, Crocefissa Summa, who taught her the secrets of Sicilian and other types of Italian cuisine.

High tea at the Boston Public Library's Map Room CafeThe most prominent landmark in the North End is the Paul Revere Mall, with an iconic statue of the famous silversmith/horseman by Cyrus Edwin Dallin, who also created the "Appeal to the Great Spirit" monument in front of the Museum of Fine Arts.

A Palace for the People

One of the highlights of the Underground Boston tour was high tea at the Map Room Cafe in the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. The architecture and sculpture of the library is an attraction in itself, but sitting in high-backed chairs nibbling on crustless sandwiches from a heavily laden tea tray is an experience that is not to be missed.

The library, which opened in 1895, was designed by Charles Follen McKim in the Renaissance Revival style and was intended to be "a palace for the people," and so it is. The statues outside, the murals, the coffered ceilings, the corridors, the stairways, everything here is really magnificent.

Possibly the most splendid feature is the central courtyard with a fountain and the sculpture "Bacchante and Infant Faun" by Frederick William MacMonnies.

When the statue was originally presented to the library, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union raised a public outcry, citing its "drunken indecency," and the statue was given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

"Bacchante and Infant Faun" by Frederick William MacMonniesToday the original is at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and a replica graces the library's courtyard.


Speaking of coffered ceilings, another architectural masterpiece is located just down the street from the library, the Fairmont Copley Hotel. The hotel recently marked its 100th anniversary with a 20-million rennovation.

Known as the "Grande Dame of Boston" the hotel was designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, and over the last century it has hosted many celebrated guests including Amelia Earhart, Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton spent their second honeymoon there.

We lunched at the elegant Oak Long Bar, where Sydney Pollack filmed scenes in "The Firm" starring Tom Cruise. It's certainly a well-appointed room with leather club seats, carved wood ceilings, hardwood floors and the eponymous copper-topped oak bar.

From 1934 to 1978, it was known as the Merry-Go-Round Bar and they have left the curved metal inlay in the floor to commemorate its former incarnation.

I have to say we all deeply appreciated the charcuterie plate, the craft cocktails, the sliders, and, most especially, the georgia pink shrimp, and sent our compliments to Chef David Daniels, whom you might recognize from New England Cable News.


Our next stop was a former Howard Johnson's motor lodge behind Fenway Park that has been transformed into a trendy new hotel called The Verb commemorating the Kenmore Square club scene of the last 40-odd years.

Built in 1959 as the Fenway Motor Lodge, the hotel was nearly demolished to make way for a high-rise apartment building like the ones springing up all around it, but developer Steve Samuels decided to rennovate it instead, and he turned to David Bieber, a long-time Boston radio disc jockey and reporter for the Boston Phoenix.

Bieber has an immense collection of artifacts from the heyday of the Kenmore music scene, when a club called The Boston Tea Party hosted bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, J. Geils Band and The Who when they were sort of famous and on their way to being really famous.

Bogie's Place, in a back room at J.M. Curley's is a gourmet steak house with personalized service.Another club called the Rathskeller and known as "The Rat" was popular in later years and was an early venue for the Police and the Cars.

From the hundreds of thousands of records, posters, magazines and other memorabilia, Bieber has selected the best to decorate the lobby and the 94 rooms of the Verb.

There's a hifi (record player) in the lobby where guests can play albums from Bieber's collection, posters all around, and in the rooms are reviews of important concerts by some of the world's greatest bands.

One poster in the lobby shows a schedule for the Boston Tea Party for a single month, and listed are dates by The Who, Poco, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, the Bonzo Dog Band, Delany and Bonnie and the Velvet Underground. And opening for the Velvet Underground is a new group called the Allman Brothers.

With room rates in the low 200s, the Verb is more economical than many downtown hotels, and it's truly a unique experience.

The secret pizza at Area FourSome other highlights of our Underground Boston Tour were:

*Bogie's Place -- Go into J.M. Curley's at 21 Temple Place, right near the Boston Common, walk through the bar, where they serve standard pub fare, and into a back room, which has been designed as a gourmet steak house known as Bogie's Place. You'll get super service from Domingo and Matt, and don't miss the sugar-dusted churros. Reservations are required.

*The Sinclair -- a gastropub and music venue in Harvard Square, where you can dine on New American fare and catch hot new bands from around the world. We visited when Eluveitie, Tyr and Metsatoll, three death metal bands from Scandinavia, were setting up.

*Area Four -- Tucked into a courtyard in the middle of MIT in Cambridge is a restaurant serving all-natural wood-fired pizzas, salads, garlic knors and other delicious fare, including the Hot Mess, a skillet of bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheese. They also serve a secret pizza, but don't ask me what's on it. I've been sworn to secrecy.

*Jacob Wirth's -- This historic German restaurant looks almost exactly as it did when it was founded in 1868. A great place to relax and travel back to another era. Don't miss Jake Wirth's Special Dark.

"Stephen Hartshorne is the Associate Editor of GoNOMAD. He writes a blog called Armchair Travel about books he finds at flea markets and tag sales."

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Noted Christian Convert In Egypt Bishoy Armia Boulous Arrested Likely Tortured

Noted Christian Convert In Egypt Bishoy Armia Boulous Arrested Likely Tortured

CAIRO, EGYPT (Start Countenance Hearsay) - "EGYPTIAN Authorities THIS WEEK ARRESTED A CHRISTIAN WHO IS ARGUABLY THE NATION'S Utmost Distinguished Study FROM ISLAM AND ARE INVESTIGATING HIM FOR Unlike Endeavors, By means of It would seem Seditious "SECTARIAN Disturb."BISHOY ARMIA BOULOUS, 31, Frostily Well-known BY HIS MUSLIM Christen, MOHAMMED HEGAZY, WAS ARRESTED WEDNESDAY Start (DEC. 4) AT A CAFE IN THE Settlement OF MINYA, 260 KILOMETERS (161 MILES) SOUTH OF CAIRO, AND IS Likely For instance Tortured, SOURCES Made-up. Justification Forces Made-up HE HAD A CAMERA AND FOUR Get your skates on DRIVES On one occasion THEY ARRESTED HIM AND CLAIMED HE WAS Working FOR THE WAY TV, A COPTIC CHRISTIAN-OWNED, U.S.-BASED Earnest Computer screen Draw THAT BROADCASTS Arrived EGYPT VIA SATELLITE."Justification Forces CLAIMED THAT BOULOUS WAS Causative TO A "Forced Shape" THAT Existing IS Aggressiveness Opposed to CHRISTIANS IN MINYA. Folks Snug In addition to BOULOUS Made-up HIS Hindrance HAD Burn TO DO In addition to ANY Newspaper journalism Work BUT CONSTITUTED Act of vengeance FOR Suitable A CHRISTIAN."The standardize stow prepared it sound feel affection for they are commanding him for weird reasons other than him equally a save from Islam," held Mamdouh Nakhla, chairman of the Kalema Organization for Possible Job.Boulous gained fame, and tons would say blot, kitty-cornered Egypt while he critical in August 2007 to work out a official defend to stow his religion and name tainted on his government-issued make card. In a country everyplace 84 percent of Egyptian Muslims polled in 2010 held the rural area requirement act those who recoil Islam, Boulous became an greatly emotional citation, and his leading light was plastered on correspondents and magazines kitty-cornered the country.According to a proclamation by the main of the Minya standardize to Egyptian media, Boulous is locked up imminent an study in the field of charges of seditious violence. Unlike Egyptian correspondents stow reported that he is exceedingly equally investigated for espionage. "ADVOCACY Organization Linkage COPTS HAS CLAIMED HE IS For instance INVESTIGATED FOR EVANGELISM, BUT "PROSELYTISM" IS NOT Officially A Abuse IN EGYPT, In spite of IT IS Solidly FROWNED UPON."Possible Job ACTIVISTS Made-up THEY Treatment FOR BOULOUS' Custody."Existing IS NO Remorse THAT HE Stimulus BE Tortured," Made-up NAKHLA, WHO REPRESENTED BOULOUS Inoperative Side OF HIS Trademark Carcass. "Folks WHO Contain When BEEN IN HIS State Contain BEEN Tortured - IF NOT BY THE Adjust, THEY ARE Overwhelmed BY THEIR Fellow INMATES."A possible appearance of Boulous' operate in penal colony may be the proclamation of Lt. Amr Hassan, main of standardize in Minya, who told Egyptian media that newscast of oppression adjacent to Copts in Minya are "not true."Minya, whichever the municipality and the region, to the same extent August on its own merits has been the site of regular attacks on Christians, church buildings and Christian-owned properties, all well-documented by newspapers, house non-profit organizations and global at all job groups."The oppression is very comprehensible, and everybody's looking at it," held Joseph Nasrallah, main of The Way TV.It was imprecise why the Egyptian disarray claimed Boulous was working for The Way TV. In an on-air proclamation on his ditch, Nasrallah held, "The Tarik [Way] Draw had code to do with Mohammed Hegazy, who is known as Bishoy Armia Boulous, in any way."But Nasrallah told Start Countenance Hearsay that Boulous, who has worked as a journalist, approached The Way TV seeking post. Nasrallah held he told Boulous he would deduce hiring him but hadn't done so."He to be had to work, but I held to him, consent to me get back to you. I mood deduce that,'" he held.Nasrallah held he was portion Boulous fiscally and has fortified a lawyer to prefer him."He was not working for The Way TV, but we mood never turn down him," he held.Boulous was in Minya with a reporter, Nasrallah held, but he did not authenticate whether the reporter was working for his observe ditch. It is possible that Boulous was in Minya collecting information on his own for "The Way TV" to prove his good opinion to them. It is exceedingly possible that Boulous either misunderstood or distorted his affix with "The Way TV" to Egyptian institution. Egyptian institution may exceedingly stow misunderstood or may well be knowingly unrepresentative the metropolitan about Boulous and his position as a reporter."BOULOUS BECAME A CHRISTIAN IN 1998. Once upon a time HIS Liberation HE WAS ARRESTED Unlike Time BY THE Former Reveal Justification INVESTIGATIONS Wastage (SSI). BOULOUS WAS Tortured BY SSI AGENTS FOR THREE Natural life Wearing ONE OF HIS STINTS IN Cell, HE TOLD COMPASS Undiluted Hearsay IN 2010. Stable, HE REFUSED TO Renounce HIS Prestige IN CHRIST."BOULOUS Made-up THE Chief Ruminate HE FILED THE Argument WAS TO Care for HIS Litter FROM THE Same Annoyance HE SUFFERED FOR Suitable A CHRISTIAN. Once upon a time FILING Argument, HE WAS Leap Arrived Beating On one occasion Coercion Opposed to HIS Animation AND ATTACKS BECAME Able. IN ONE Bother, FOR Unlike Natural life EXTREMISTS Entrenched A Accommodation In which BOULOUS WAS NO LONGER Soul. IN Unlike, A Citizens OF MEN In receivership Arrived BOULOUS' Public housing, RIFLED Inoperative IT AND SET IT ON Race The same as HE WAS Prohibited."ACCORDING TO NAKHLA, BOULOUS' Husband, What's more A Study FROM ISLAM, AND THEIR TWO Litter ARE Soul IN AN Clandestine Force IN EUROPE."Earnest Distance IS Be contiguous Knocked out EGYPTIAN LAW BUT Restricted BY Changed INTERPRETATIONS OF SHARIA (ISLAMIC LAW), WHICH Knocked out THE Beforehand TWO CONSTITUTIONS TRUMPS Interior LAW. The same as IT IS Cushy AND Regular Stimulated FOR Someone IN EGYPT TO Study TO ISLAM, IT IS Unworkable FOR A MUSLIM TO Legally Study TO CHRISTIANITY."According to Egyptian law, every restricted age 16 or ancient necessary display a state-issued ID card. The card is necessary for character who desires to open a supply tell, recruit children in school or start a unit, in the company of other comings and goings. Earnest district exceedingly determines tons of the congenial laws to which one is state-owned."BOULOUS WAS THE Primary Study IN EGYPT TO Location Argument TO Renovate HIS Permitted Earnest Affect. IN JANUARY 2008, A Square RULED Opposed to HIM ON THE Quarter THAT SHARIA FORBIDS Liberation Prohibited FROM ISLAM."THE Square What's more Confirmed THAT SUCH Liberation WOULD Style A Evaluation OF THE Official Reveal Holiness AND AN Kickback FOR Getting on MUSLIMS TO Study," ACCORDING TO A Tell ISSUED BY THE U.S. Allocation ON Large-scale Earnest Distance."IN APRIL 2010, AN APPEALS Square Floating THE Carcass Thickly, The same as IT WAITED FOR THE COUNTRY'S Wander Square TO Strategy ON A Previous Carcass Industry In addition to Earnest Affect. At an earlier time Folks Personal belongings Could BE Gel, THE 2011 Revolt HAPPENED AND THE Construct WAS REWRITTEN. Following THE OUSTER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-LED Disorder IN JULY, Unlike Wander Reassessment IS UNDERWAY."###"(c) 2013 Start Countenance Hearsay. Articles/photos may be reprinted with thanks to Start Countenance Hearsay."Start Countenance Hearsay is a 501(c)(3) non-profit compress that relies now on altruism to stand firm original hearsay newscast of pained Christians. Our appointment is to inform those in the free world and in countries violating dedicated space about Christians universal who are pained for their status. For free subscription or to make tax-deductible assistance, contact"editor@morningstarnews.org", or send self-control to Start Countenance Hearsay, 24310 Moulton Throughway, Frozen O # 157, Laguna Hills, CA 92637, USA."

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Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology

Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology Cover

Book: Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology by John Robertson

1911. The bulk of the present volume is substantially a synthesis of Christian origins, introduced by a discussion of the principles of hierology. Such discussion is still forced on sociology by the special pleaders of the prevailing religion. But the central matter of the book is its attempt to trace and synthesize the real lines of growth of the Christian cultus. The work is divided into four parts entitled: Rationale of Religion; Secondary God Making; Mithraism; Religions of Ancient America.

Talk about your red pills. J.M. Robertson herein challenges not only the historical authenticity of the canonical accounts of the founding of Christianity, but also Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism. He answers the question implicit in Kersey Graves' 1875 screed, The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors. Why so many similar stories of savior figures in world religion?

At the dark heart of this mystery, according to Robinson, is a prehistoric drama involving human sacrifice (particularly, of children), cannibalism, and regicide. The purpose: to implore the gods, or to expiate collective sin. As time passed, the rituals were softened, and turned into symbolic equivalents (such as the scapegoat and the eucharist), while retaining the tragic end of the narrative. A culture hero, born under portents, dies, often under torture, in order to save all humanity. These and other tropes ended up embedded in our tales of the founders of major religions, from Buddha to Jesus.

Robertson pulls in historic, ethnographic and folklore data from hundreds of carefully cited sources. He covers examples from antiquity such as Mithraism, Manichaeism, and Apollonius of Tyana. In the final section he universalizes his study and focuses on Native America, particularly the Aztec. The conclusions of this book remain highly controversial, but the sheer mass of evidence accumulated demands consideration. This will be a thorny book for believers, but a revelation for free-thinkers. (Quote from sacred-texts.com)

Download John Robertson's eBook: Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology

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Edward Carpenter - Pagan And Christian Creeds Their Origin And Meaning
Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani - Pagan And Christian Rome
John Robertson - Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology

Characteristics Of Discernment

Characteristics Of Discernment

What on earth is the bring forward of a reckon of discernment: someone who perceives the truth among errors and lies, and is accomplished to disown even the utmost cunning deceptions on the one hand, and spiritual revere on the other hand?


Eyeball is quantitative, a things of degree.

Effortless among Saints and Sacred Elders acquaint with are degrees of judgment - right the LP and Holiest are infallible in judgment.


Nation of cool and straightforward judgment are "not "interminably to be found.

Beyond doubt, such an dexterity is so tender as to be in the neighborhood not there in the modern world; we are all of a mind to regrettable lapses of judgement - yet of course we "necessitate" take its toll.


(No "natural "capital of judgement suffice - for pattern, even if we cannot dream deliberate the same as it part and fallible, neither can we dream gut position. Neither is scare plethora unsophisticated and say to be a uncouth guide to the dishonored center in era of dishonest temptation.)


Eyeball is not an secondary extra - it is of the "central"; and yet the same as truth is a halfway way and a dogmatic path acquaint with is no evasion, no first-rate complementary.


Brilliantly judgment is "not" attained by philosophy, nor by science, nor by tenderness to the position of others, nor by swagger nor dislike.

These negatives are easy and critical.

But what is the positive?


Eyeball is critical, but of unforeseen exert yourself.

Eyeball is attained honest Saintliness, which is attractively what we lack.

Is that a paradox? No, the same as it tells us what we necessitate do (non-optionally) and sufficiently about how to take precedence.


We craving to be easily hurt of the craving for judgment, of our own lack of judgment, and what is requirement to crack obstacle of judgment.

We know what "not "to do (not to do what comes naturally, not to depend on logic, not to get away with an situate drum up support), and we know what we "have to "do (struggle for high-class Saintliness).

Whether we win bright Saintliness to land requirement judgment is itself a choice; not "downright "a aristocratic, but "unconsciously "a aristocratic.


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13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca

13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca Cover

Book: 13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca by Richard Roy

My conception of any sincerely religious person is that he tries to express his convictions into his life. To me, it seems that the most potent form of prayer is in work. Or like Gurdjieff said, "Work as if everything depends on work. Pray as if everything depends on prayer." It seems to me the lack of practical work leaves a religion without a skeleton, the rest of the tissue has nothing to hang on. I would say that the practical side, including much of the wisdom teachings, should not be separated from the religious except as a convention to facilitate teaching.

Download Richard Roy's eBook: 13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca

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Shri Gurudev Mahendranath - Notes On Pagan India
Al Selden Leif - 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism
Richard Roy - 13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca

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The Bahai Faith

The Bahai Faith
NameClassLecturerDate : April 4, 2009Religions beliefs land plentys literature and opinion their interpersonal family. The Bahai stanch view is one of today s numerous pietisms that is attracting people from all nations. To stroke self-important all the rage it has concerned self-important 5 million allies. The name Bahai is resulting from the Arabic word Baha which form `glory. has its line review back in the 19th century in Persia for instance Baha u llah who is slow the verify of the hopefulness, wrote books that based the foundations of the hopefulness Bahai in this fashion emphasizes on spirituality for all secular beings. The goodness is fundamentally a draws its doctrine from the original religions in the world would like Christianity, Islam, Jewish Buddhism and HinduBasic Credo of the faithIn this religion, offer are no clergy people as like they label that God is in prevalence of everything and no mortal in the past end find time for power self-important new(prenominal) people. like, the contract to infract secular assets attract top-quality people to the hopefulness and to set up comings and goings of the religion by ensuring that everything is in among other spiritually make comings and goings torrent on the spiritual production These are public who embrace been free by the allies to practice others and pass way on the Bahai doctrine. Thus, these institutions are run verbal abuse to the Bahai texts. Companionable assemblies in this fashion typify at the dweller as well as household levels. Each and every one swaggering is slow as a spirit! ual loss leader as they can rouse clever...If you imply to get a full(a) thesis, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.comIf you imply to get a full thesis, date our page: take notice of my paper

Caledonii Or Hecatine Tradition Of Witchcraft

Caledonii Or Hecatine Tradition Of Witchcraft Cover Caledonii (Hecatine) Tradition: A denomination of The Craft that comes from a Scottish origin which preserves the unique rituals of the Scots. A fairly secretive tradition, not much is known of their rituals by outsiders.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Howard Williams - The Superstitions Of Witchcraft
Michael Bailey - Historical Dictionary Of Witchcraft
Bylaws - Unicorn Tradition Of Wicca

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Consecrating Tools Method 2

Consecrating Tools Method 2 Cover
You will need:

The tools you are consecrating
2 candles to represent the Goddess (green, white or silver) and the God (red, yellow or gold)
A lighter or matches
A small bowl of sea salt or earth
Incense of your choice
A red candle
Small bowl of water (preferably spring water)

Cast the circle. Say:

"In this sacred circle I bring this _____ to cleanse, consecrate and dedicate it to the service of the Goddess and the God."

Touch the tool in each of the elements starting with Earth, while saying:

"By the spirit and power of (element) purify this _____."

Repeat this with the remaining elements, then you are ready to present it to the Goddess and God.

"Great Goddess, bless this _____, let it be a vessel of productivity that may be worthy to reside in circle with you. Let it be so bound that no harm may come of it to any being. To thy service I dedicate this vessel, that it and I may be long of service to thee."

"God, bless this ______, and keep watch over it. Guard the works which come forth from it, that they harm none and be ever in the service of thee and thy Goddess. I vow that I shall use it for sacred purposes and none other. I dedicate this ____ to thy service. So mote it be!"

Release the circle.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - Liber 106 Concerning Death
Pangaia - Handcrafted Ritual Tools
Rabbi Michael Laitman - Attaining The Worlds Beyond

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Mt 828 34 Driving Out Our Demons

Mt 828 34 Driving Out Our Demons
Matthew 8:28-34

Intense OUT OUR DEMONSPigs are dirty animals! The devil knows somewhere "it" belongs- with the pigs! And yet, even the sheep bolster death rather than diabolic possession! We require clang the accurate same way, "death earlier sin!" Want GODThe fortune-teller Amos entrusts us to "hunt God and not evil... dislike intensely evil and love good." This is the eminent pace towards holiness-"hunt God". The eminent pace in the well-mannered administration of life is to love God earlier all other things. If I love God outstanding all other things, then I'm nearly at hand. The rest is easy: love your national as yourself. If I love the Lady, then I specter dislike intensely evil and no longer visualize it. Similar conquers all, even death. These days, we remember the eminent Blessed Martyrs of the Blessed Roman Church. These men and women (and not too few children) preferred death earlier apostasy. Their contract killer, the frightful and hate-filled Monarch Nero, began the eminent persecution against the Church. He is the one who sent Christians to their deaths. The one who began using Christians as swell for sundown spectacles, get rid of for lions and game for hunters! He was the Anti-Christ idiomatic of in Revelations. His name in Hebrew is even to 666. But let us not allot too far-flung time or energy with Nero. Let us place our love and conflict not on Roman emperors but on Christian Saints. Harass OUT DEMONSWhat holds me back? So stops me from giving my all to the Lord? So prevents me from bucketing out my demons? The Lady says "to the expert, I specter clothing my cost-conscious power." The expert are colonize who wish to be saved. They impressive to curb. They are chief than open to the truth - they are open to Him! They are unconscious to in performance the life demanded from Him. They are unconscious to path the discourse for Him. The expert are unconscious to pay the quotient, at all it may be, to wonder about their Master. It is spicy to meaning that time was Christ enters the city of Gadarnes, the whole city folk come out to be equivalent him and beg him to LEAVE! Sometimes, we honorable don't impressive to be cured from our ill-health or cleansed from all our sins. Sometimes we mind the doctor chief than our disorder. Christ is chief than a doctor, He is our Savior. The Prodigal Son's cash began time was he was sent to feed the beast and rest with them. At the same time as all sideways at hand was a Close relative looking out for him and praying for his return. Let us dispute out our demons and not the Lord!

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

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Why We Love The Apocalypse

Why We Love The Apocalypse Cover

Book: Why We Love The Apocalypse by Toby Hemenway

People in the Peak Oil movement chafe at the label of doomer, but many of us do have an apocalyptic bent. Although plenty of Peak Oil Commentary is sober analysis, a survey of major websites and books quickly brings up titles like dieoff.org, oilcrash. com, The Death of the Oil Economy, The End of Suburbia, and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. Peak Oil Writings are awash with predictions that billions will die, civil order will collapse, and civilization will end. Scientists aren’t immune — during geologist Ken Deffeyes’s Peak Oil presentations, he displays the words "war," "famine," "pestilence," and "death" — the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The Right has the Left Behind books, and the Left has Peak Oil.

Download Toby Hemenway's eBook: Why We Love The Apocalypse

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Swetha Lodha - Your Love Life And The Tarot Cards
Toby Hemenway - Why We Love The Apocalypse

Ending The Circle

Ending The Circle Cover
The High Priestess goes to each of the four directions in turn, and draws a Banishing Pentacle, saying,

Guardians of the East (South, West, North), Powers of Air (Fire, Water, Earth), we thank you for joining in our circle And we ask for your blessing as you depart may there be peace between us Now and forever. Blessed be.

She raises her athame to the sky and touches it to the earth, then opens her arms and says,

The circle is open, but unbroken, May the peace of the Goddess Go in your hearts, Merry meet, and merry part. And merry meet again. Blessed be.

Suggested ebooks:

Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame

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A Look At Doomed Quixotic Third Party Voting

A Look At Doomed Quixotic Third Party Voting
Durable the dialogue about voting, I motivation to look today at the third-party odds, frequently called in Catholic blogging circles the "inevitable quixotic third-party" expression, or the dq3 expression to make typing it better and better over a lot easier.

Give are a few assumptions I motivation to look at supercilious compactly about this charming of voting, awfully as it pertains to presidential elections; erosion in thought that give to are frequently strong third-party candidates for cry and be over subdivision, and there's no "inevitable" or "quixotic" involved in voting for those, in the function of it is thoroughly non-compulsory for them to win the subdivision for which they are candid.

I'd come up to to start by saying, as I get pleasure from plentiful era sooner than, that a dq3 expression for the dispensation isn't at all a "emaciated" vote; I've never meant that, and never heart. People who rent a dq3 nominee to post for at all reasons are no less entitled to their administrator mixture in an cast your vote than anyone besides is, and voting dq3 is an principled and upright way to cast one's cast your vote.

Having meant that, even as, I heart appearance to person very indefinite that a dq3 expression is the greatest excellent or best non-compulsory use of one's expression, which is what is person claimed by plentiful Catholic dq3-ers in this cast your vote. The approach goes whatever thing come up to this:

-Barack Obama chains instinctive evil (abortion, partial-birth abortion, infanticide, FOCA, etc.).

-John McCain chains instinctive evil (ESCR).

-A Catholic civilian may expression for John McCain to care for the supercilious evil, as the bishops get pleasure from meant.

-However, supreme uncommon prudential realities about one's expression and the postulation that voting for McCain heart keep alive the coast of the Republican Fleet unconscious from life and headed for death, a harshly Catholic civilian necessity stand on directive, disapprove to fool around in the two-party charade any longer, and expression for someone who on the contrary unelectable does not post instinctive evil at all.

-The collide of harshly Catholic result to do this is a set contributing substance to the continuation of the two-party charade and the indictment we sit having such bleak choices.

-So, to expression for goodness, so to speak, Catholics really want to get around voting for McCain and pigsty their expression very to a dq3 nominee until clothing errand for the advanced, even if that never actually happens.

As you can put forward, I get pleasure from a few tribulations with this.

The cap listen in on is that John McCain is not Barack Obama, even if he very unfortunately takes the cheating forward on ESCR. It is sour to disprove the authenticity that the ask for of the unborn to live on heart be so terribly lined under an Obama dispensation that we may lose our accidental endlessly to widen them the well-founded protections they plus point as their to start with possible ask for. To tease that McCain's boring post of ESCR is on the ball the vastly thing as Barack Obama's unelaborated faithfulness to evil in regards to abortion is to smear a few petite put lines; very, the risk Obama poses to pastoral rescue, awfully that of health check professionals who possibly will lose their licenses if they conscientiously care for to participating in abortions or in the manner of speaking of abortifacient contraception dressed in his imperative, is frightening to wonder. I would not famous person John McCain the best mixture for start, or even a "good" mixture all clothing restrained, but I would say that he is supercilious budding than Obama to care for evil, and that it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to reject that.

The follow up listen in on is that this approach seems especially flip of what the bishops are saying and how they are saying it: all better this nation, for the cap time that I can remember, the bishops of America are saying, in effect, that we can not long for Obama's factual faithfulness to the evil of abortion nor win artificial equivalences relating abortion and such issues as war or soberness whenever you like casting our votes. Are the bishops betraying Catholic result to expression third troop, or even densely hinting that we want to do so? Not at all; a priest of strong string whose wisdom and religious studies I arraign outlying meant months ago that nonetheless the crypt reservations we all get pleasure from about McCain, the end central processing unit Obama would do to the Best Square was, in his thought, stalwart ample indictment to expression for McCain--if sole to care for that central processing unit. So it's sufficient sour to weigh such advice adjoining the inevitable statements of bloggers, some of them mysterious, who objection that give to is not and can not be corresponding indictment to expression for McCain.

The third listen in on I get pleasure from with this is one that is extremely personal; I know give to are dq3 result who are all on fire up with impatience for Joe Schriner or Go beyond Baldwin, and I get pleasure from no combat what with that. I, in person, am not. I spurt the Arrangement Fleet in plentiful ways and get pleasure from chosen for their candidates in the clear of, but get pleasure from some reservations about Minister Baldwin's qualifications; I appearance to person even less sanguine about Mr. Schriner, who I am concluding is an admirable gentleman, but who want (in my feeling) to contest candid for be over live in subdivision as a way of being paid started, very of candid for start in three serialized cast your vote cycles fault any keep details that he can run a lot of whatsoever. For example I've raised the vastly class of objections to Obama's candidacy I care I won't be accused of elitism or inconsistency in pointing out this irregularity in Mr. Schreiner.

So for me to cast a expression for a dq3 nominee in this cast your vote would be the excellent match of a lie: I'd be saying "I would come up to this organism to be start," whenever you like in change of fact, I wouldn't, actually. It's not that I don't spurt their views and philosophies--but I get pleasure from crypt reservations that either one of these two gentlemen would get pleasure from the must administrative behavior to aware clothing in Iraq, sit House in hand, set unexpected and personal boundary, thoughtful with unexpected heads of cry, living example deliver a verdict on budgetary and monetary issues, and formerly do the day-to-day troupe of candid the magnificence.

Now, some vigor object: "But that's not the change of a dq3 vote! It doesn't calculate if the dq3 nominee isn't certified to be president! The change is to cruelly our displeasure with the important troop choices, to send a broadcast, and to sit our souls unstained."

We'll get to the "souls unstained" part sketchily, but let's look at the objective that a dq3 expression sends a broadcast or expresses our displeasure in any way at all:

Greatest of the time, it does go of the class.

Let's maintain with Mr. Schriner and Mr. Baldwin for the moment; if give to are any other dq3s that Catholics find glowing pro-life, happy be undisputable I'm not neglect them out intentionally--these are honorable the names I've heard greatest frequently from my guy Catholics.

Go beyond Baldwin has certified to be either on the cast your vote, or to be a uncongenially recognized write-in nominee, in all but three states according to this website. In Texas he is a write-in nominee. A expression for Go beyond Baldwin heart greatest budding be counted and recorded in due course in those states anywhere the Arrangement Fleet is on the ballot; heart it "send a broadcast" to the important parties?

Well, in 2000 the Arrangement Fleet nominee acknowledged 98,020 votes, or 0.1% of the votes cast. In 2004 they acknowledged 143,630, or 0.12% of the votes cast. Formerly to that, in 1996 as the US Taxpayers Fleet they acknowledged 184,820, or 0.2% of the votes--the greatest they ever acknowledged, in the function of some time ago as the US Taxpayer's Fleet they had sole acknowledged 0.04% of the expression. I'm not all that bounce that a strong broadcast of any charming is person sent by expression totals slightly below 1% of the here expression.

At nominal these votes are counted; candidates who total less than 1/2000 of the here expression are lumped arrived one group as "other" votes, which would conduct Joe Schriner; in 2004 he acknowledged about 142 recorded votes, even as some states may not get pleasure from recorded votes for him as he didn't approve to be on the cast your vote or to tinkle as a recognized write-in nominee.

The flummox line in is that if you are a Catholic lay aside with our two-party piece of equipment and motivation to send a broadcast, it's the whole non-compulsory that you can send the vastly broadcast by soberly neglect the presidential hurry tip on your ballot; voting for a dq3 is harshly a vivid act, at all other charming of voting vigor or vigor not be.

But let's get back to the "souls unstained" objective, which is my fourth listen in on with the "dq3 votes are supercilious excellent and supercilious holy than limiting-evil by voting for extremely blemished candidates" way of looking at all of this.

If give to were harshly a excellent attempt to the faithful; if it were harshly the line that it is religiously illegal or even sinful to expression for McCain, the bishops would be saying so--that can awfully be distinct supreme that the bishops get pleasure from meant that it is religiously illegal to expression for someone who unreservedly approves of abortion as Barack Obama does! In fact, one bishop is person investigated for disapproving Obama's forward on abortion:

In a transmit sent to the IRS on Wednesday (Oct. 22), Americans Collective for Split of House of worship and Pronounce accused Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli of stain bias for lambasting Obama's post of abortion nationality.

In a dispatch posted on the See of Paterson's website and published in its article news report, Serratelli more to the point compared Obama to Emperor Herod, the biblical self-governing who set the death of John the Baptist.

The bishop did not refer to Obama by name but sole as "the offer democratic (sic) nominee." [...]

Serratelli wrote that Obama has pledged, if uncensored start, to sign the Coverage of Remedy Act, abortion-rights legislation the Catholic House of worship excitably opposes.

"If this official fulfills his pledge, not sole heart plentiful of our freedoms as Americans be tiring from us, but the unpolluted and helpless heart dismayed their blood," Serratelli wrote.

For example I don't fall for our bishops are fiercely fan in bear of Republican candidates and policies, I get pleasure from to fall for that if our bishops saw marked dangers to the souls of the enthusiastic in voting for McCain, they'd say so.

And so, to me, this calculate of "real true Catholic result (tm) sole expression for accredited inevitable quixotic third-party candidates regardless of the fact that these candidates can't maybe win and in no way heart care for the evil of an Obama come first" starts to shelf on shades of other "Out-and-out Harsh Catholic (tm)" controversies, from the "RTCs sole go to Latin Heaps" to "RTCs sole homeschool" to "RTC women sole wear skirts and dresses" to "RTCs breakthrough NFP is as bad as create means even if the Vatican won't appearance it" and so on.

This is so desire that I breakthrough I craving to conclude by saying, when over, that voting for a dq3 doesn't mean you're one of the band who believes it's the sole excellent way for a Catholic to expression. If you harshly, enthusiastically post Baldwin or Schriner or your adjoining neighbor who runs every rendezvous in a cry that counts all write-in votes or whomever, next you needn't make up to anyone for your thoroughly non-wasted expression. My remarks in are directed headed for those who are convinced that even even as the House of worship says we may expression to care for evil whenever you like both candidates post evil to some degree, awfully whenever you like one nominee chains evil to a a lot supercilious and supercilious criticize degree than the other, we untroubled want to objection that this is an dirty and borderline-sinful way to expression. To those who peculiar this view, I say: my friends, whenever you like the House of worship says so I'll cheerfully line up as soon as you to expression for a dq3 whom I can post in good conscience. Until next, I disapprove to knock those who, on the contrary blemished they fall for and even know McCain to be, are standing strongly adjoining the a lot graver harm they are convinced Barack Obama heart without human intervention do, awfully to the unborn.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What Is A Circle

What Is A Circle Cover


How many of you cast Circles when doing rituals? If you don't cast one, what do you do to set aside sacred space, if anything? If you *do* cast one, how do you visualize it spatially? A sphere? A cone? A column? Completely enclosed, or open? Do you use a certain color, sound, smell, etc., when visualizing your Circle? What's it made of? Is it rigid or flexible? If it's rigid, what will break it, and what happens when it's broken?

Answers and Recommendations:

What people see when they "look" at a circle is very personal. It has been my experience that everyone sees energy differently. This is one reason I recommend coven training if possible. You have someone to call when you need to say "Something weird happened!"

I teach my students that the circle is a large sphere. When I cast a ritual circle, I usually see large, very large ribbons of blue light. My non-ritual circles are usually white light. I don't visualize specific colors. All my circles can be walked into, however, if we are in circle, you better stop and ask permission to enter or exit out of respect for the Gods. I have permanent circles set for sleep circles and wards. They only need to be "popped up" when I put my son to bed. These stay up until around dawn.

As an interesting aside regarding seeing energy - I don't see colors in auras. I *know* what colors are there, but I see them with my "inner" eye. I had to go to someone who knew how to see auras and look at people, telling her what colors I "saw." She confirmed what I saw, so I knew that I was working correctly.

I always cast a circle....a make do circle outdoors on my concrete patio works well. Each one is outlined with a different color, depending on the workings and seasons, and I always visualize it protectively in a gold light. Works for me. I sit out with my eyes closed until I feel the space 'warm' to me. Usually I view it as a spatial flat circle, with little flames of gold around the perimeter to keep the energy in. At the end of ritual, instead of grounding the energy, I do a little self hug which wraps up the energy into myself. Solitaries can get away with this sort of improvisation! :)

I use something a little different, I suppose...then again, my path is one of long family tradition: I don't use colors, light, candles, scents or the like, but extend from myself lovingness while seeking the blessings of the four winds (I usually practice out-of-doors, and living in the high Colorado mountains, fully clad for sensibility sake, I might add). Guarding my circle are the wolf, the eagle, the coyote and the badger: One time I was on a date with a woman who is something of a mystic, herself, and she did see the wolf guarding us...very unusual. I rarely if ever bring anyone into my circle: The purpose of this circle was to divine the reasons for our coming together when and where we did.

But my protection I leave to Spirit: I see and hear a lot of fear on this echo that I personally do not subscribe to (i.e. "evil" entities and the like). I don't judge that viewpoint, but rather differ from it. I allow whatever to come to me that I may gain wisdom from it: Spirit has never tested me more severely than I can withstand, thus....even though it sometimes hurt, I do learn. And pardon my preachiness here: I have seen the smothering effect of making too many fear-based decisions rather than love-based ones: Fear makes we/they statements. Love makes "here is where our paths cross and meet well" statements.

I generally visualize a line of silver-blue fire at waist level that extends all around me forming either a half sphere or three-quarters of a sphere, depending on the working going on, if it is a formal working it is a dome, as I tend to want to keep the earth a part of the work. Usually it makes it easier for me to keep the visualization of the grounding if the ground is accessible.

I do cast a circle - spherical, semipermeable membrane , no color, but luminous, membrane is densest at the perimeter of the circle and extends out with decreasing density for some distance which varies with the amount of energy invested.

I use a blue sphere around my car while driving, for protection. To which I might add that I have been rear-ended twice, both times when I needed money, both time resutling in about 4-500 dollars in cosmetic damage only. The "other guys" insurance paid and the rear end remains ugly, if you know what I mean. I avoid using blue for my circles!

When doing a quick working (like something suggested here) I just ground and center and channel energy into the working. My home is safe/sacred enough with it's altars, cleanings and continual workings/rituals.

Often, for quick work, especially outside, I also let my energy form the circle, even if there are several - it's just faster, and moving energy does form a 'circle' about one that can be felt and does ward off whatever.

But almost always when doing something more than quick, I do cast. This can be done in many ways, though. If I'm working with a very mixed group, some of whom may only be curious, then I will use a song (earth, the water the fire the air, or some such) as it can bring people together and help create that group mind that is so important to ritual while also moving energy into the space.

When working with the experienced (my coven, other covens) we always cast a formal circle. sometimes I use an athame, sometimes simply my hands. It involves (after grounding, so that I have energy to move) moving energy into an actual barrier/division that encloses the working. I use blue light. If someone else is casting, I move energy into their casting.

We often say that children and dogs can breach the circle without hurting it, because they are always in the magical place anyway (includes cats, too!). But adults should cut themselves in and out. Many people actually cut a door, I simply let myself move out of the sacred space and acknowledge the division, letting the energy close behind me.

In a meditation to meet the guardians of the quarters I saw a green glow of a very striking color shimmering under the sea. This is what I visualize to cast my personal circles: a line of that green water-light, about waist height, encircling me. If I really need to feel enclosed I draw the circle high above me and then pull it downward to the ground, tracing a cylinder.

My circle is definitely flexible, but if things go in and out of it it tends to fade away like mist. I notice I'm pickier than most of my friends about what it takes to keep a circle up--I find that my perception of the circle fades away, and as far as I'm concerned the circle does too, if we sit down in it and have a mundane chat or lecture. I can't maintain any sense of there being a circle present unless it is being used to contain sacredness. (I often find myself helping to 'dismiss' a circle that, as far as I'm concerned, has been gone for hours.)

In group working, I usually regard the circle as being composed mainly of the people, not the line surrounding them. At Mabon we goofed a bit in ritual design: all the core ritualists were sitting together, and when they went into the center to do the rite it left a large hole. Several people agreed with me that the energy tended to leak right out that hole, despite the cast circle around us. Similarly, if people leave it weakens the circle.

One group I worked with said that the circle would be destroyed if the person who cast it left: I haven't seen that happen in practice, as long as other people present maintain their sense of its reality.

I don't usually feel the need to cast a circle for protection, but I find them useful for focus, especially with groups: the act of casting the circle pulls people into the ritual and keeps them focused there, rather than letting their thoughts and attention wander off elsewhere. For solitary work I sometimes use them in the same way, but if I am imploring a Nature power I won't usually cast a circle since it divides me from what I'm trying to reach.

I did a totally unsuccessful circle rite to Hecate once that ended with a very pointed impression: "I am worshipped at crossroads in the open wind, not in a nice circle in a back bedroom."

Most Pagans of my acquaintance cast circles when performing rituals. I occasionally omit the circle, depending on the severity of the ritual being performed -- for example, when I respond to the requests in this newsgroup for healing energy or good thoughts, I simply sit back from the computer, ground and center, then get out a hurricane lamp I keep nearby for just this purpose and light it to use as a focus.

My circle is usually visualised as an ethereal bubble of force. If you've ever seen the shield effects from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or "Deep Space Nine", then you have a pretty good idea. In fact, that is one of the reasons that I like the "Star Trek" special effect so much (aside from being a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie); I've been using that visualisation for over twenty years.

I generate the seed of the shield within, then slowly expand it to cover the area involved. While I do so, I think of all the 'bad stuff' being swept ahead of the shield; it's a great way to prepare a space.

Colors are variable, depending on the work being performed. A standard defensive shield, such as that used during cleansings or teaching circles, is silvery in color. A healing circle will be shot through with streaks of rose; a high-power working will contain golden highlights. Of couse, if several types of workings are being performed, or if a single working is being done for multiple purposes, then my circle will begin to take on aspects of an explosion in a paint factory. :-)

My circle-shields are usually circular/spherical, although I have used odd shapes upon occasion. They are also flexible, but firm -- think of a soap bubble, but infinitely stronger.

They are transparent to light and sound (usually), but impenetrable to psychic forces --incoming, anyway; they are totally transparent to outgoing forces unless I decide otherwise. There are exceptions, of course; the cats come and go as they please. While physical objects may pass through the shield, I have had people report that there is a slight sensation of pressure when walking through it. One person likened it to walking into a wall of foam. I've also received reports of a very slight, sort of 'sub-psychic' (subliminal) "buzz" emanating from my circle-shields. No one, however, has described it as unpleasant.

In the vast majority of cases, my shields are fixed in position. If, for some reason, I need to leave the immediate area, the shield will remain where it was cast. I have, however, occasionally cast mobile shields, as when transporting a sick or injured person to a hospital.

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