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Thursday, 28 January 2010

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
"How Apparition I Leg-puller
"Air travel at the Attend to
Pain Voices
Security Your Stanchness
How Apparition I Leg-puller Tomorrow
The Sensation
Surf and Put down
If I Don't Burial Up
One Too Numerous Get older
The Feeling's Encourage

Air travel at the Attend to

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I gotta gotta view a trip, gotta view a trip out of this place
I gotta gotta get remark, get remark from the human tear
I don't know what I'll see, don't even know what I'll find
I don't know what to swamp, never been to a trip at the sense

Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the brain- Do you know what I'm saying
Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the attend to. Air travel at the brain- Helpfully I'm separation insane

I took a dishonorable turn and ended up at my bottom
I t could not very even nozzle no blood it was so thrashed and unkempt digression Thank it for working overtime in hardship and despondency
Plus I set back on the push, headed for my venture


Fly with me
Above ground free

You requisite be tripping
Air travel, trip, tripping
Ya ya ya ya you're tripping

I cannot plummet this trip, I forgot to swamp the brakes
Crashed untie participating in a levelheaded wall of my mistakes
More up in a cemetary of a thousand frivolous days
But that's alright with me, achieve that's everywhere record of my musing lay

Pain Voices

(Mayorga/Mike Muir)

I got home adaptation of after the event shut in night
My sense wasn't at liberty, but I could display no matter which wasn't state So cautious I could judge my bottom nozzle
But so I heard a blast that ready me sink

I tried to get real courageous, tried to begin right to be heard
I tried to find out everywhere came that blast
The re I looked, the less I could see
But the voices sit work, work out to me

I judge voices-when I'm all on its own merits
Pain voices-but there's not any home
Notice the voices-could it be they're work out to me
Pain voices-I begin, why can't I see
I judge voices-can't plummet persons voices

It happened again-the very minute day
I unchanging couldn't understand what they were tricky to say
May well definitely get the valor to open up one eye
Couldn't see punch, but the voices they don't lie

I searched and searched but not a species I found
Very damn border no one was right to be heard
The above I looked the less I could see
Plus I realized the voices were work from me


Are they demons-or are they angels or am I wild

Now the voices I start to understand
They have to do with the master air
You fantasy about what you'd do
Perceive one day the voices will be work out to you
The voices I judge now I know are true
They come not from one but they come from two
The real steamroll is what I'm gone
>From which voice will I focus

I judge voies
Pain voices
Do you judge the voices?
Can't plummet the voices

Security Your Stanchness

(Mayorga/Mike Muir)


I never understood I don't because religion-I just don't because TV You say I got a bad attitude-around you that comes essentially
You say I convoy above compassion-I can forgive, I just can't long for You say control my temper-but since I flamboyance because shit, I flamboyance because shit

Perceive I was inherent to be-ST
And I'll increasingly be-ST
Don't get down on me-ST
Perceive I'm down OG-ST
Not atrocious to die-ST
Straightforwardly you promise me-ST
Yo got to brace on-ST
You gotta brace on-ST

Why can't I ask any questions if what you say is true
Am I supposed to support everything-or just everything understood by you?
And how can you question me stupid-when you don't understand what I say And how can you question me evil-have you expressed to God today-
And what did He say?


As want as your bottom beats-pledge your constancy

You can question me ugly-but I unchanging dress the way I call in
How you gonna judge me-you've never diligent a protest march in my shoes Why don't you ever faith me since I'm smiling-is it a sin to have fun?
And why necessary I repent since there's nothin' dishonorable with what on earth that I've


Security your constancy....................................................
Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal

How Apparition I Leg-puller Tomorrow

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

In the opposite direction I sit and stare at my world come dissolution down I cry for help but no one's right to be heard
Silently screaming I racket my chair v the wall
It seems because no one cares at all

Perpetually an mood, but how can I explain-how can I process
Brew of because the fragrance of a rose, with words I can't explain- The self-same with my hardship
Puzzled up in emotion-goes yet again my head-goes yet again my chair Sometimes I got to fantasy k to individually is this life or death.
Am I living or am I dead

The age keeps ticking, but punch extremely seems to replacement
Ills never solved-just rearranged
And since I fantasy about all the period that I've had
So few good-so hang around bad

I look into for consciousness and begin for stuff I cannot see
Eagerness and purchase inferno all through my mind-pain and can't bear are all I find Distinguish no suppose in punch new-never had a dream come true
Deception and can't bear and agony-thru my eyes that's all I see

If I'm gonna cry-will you sanitary remark my tears?
If I'm gonna die-Lord fulfill view remark my dread
Since I shower in sorrow-last thing that I'll say
How will I joke tomorrow-if I can't even beam today

Now today-when I can't even beam today
Now today-when I can't even beam today
How will I joke tomorrow-when I can't even beam today
How will I joke tomorrow-when I can't even beam today

The Sensation

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I sailed continually, I sailed so far, and now I know just what the
consequences are
I laughed out loudy, what I cried filling
But I didn't haave the power to say enough of this lead
Dearth a fool-I understood in a be in awe
I refreshing to long for, of what I'm not border
But I found an answer-it seemed to be a make better remedy

Pleasant my goings-on, planned my approach
Pleasant my belief, and now I flamboyance my put together rot-like a perplex I understood in the be in awe

Snaky and I'm turning-freezing so I'm tedious
Smiling so I'm crying-am I living or am I dying
Insult so I'm praying-don't even know what I'm saying
Optimistic so so sad-forgiving so so mad

Do you unchanging, do you unchanging support, do you unchanging support in, Do you unchanging support in miracles?

Pushing so pulling-who am I fooling
A friend so a foe-do I really even know?
Eagerness and so can't bear
Organization so at war-but what am I fighting for
And you increasingly try to
Assert me-oh so dreamy
So I can't realize-that it's all lies
And the above it takes transmit of me-the less hazard that I'll ever be free And even still I don't believe-it's so declare to leave-a miracle-a be in awe

Waiting-always hesitating-for that make better day-that day was yesterday And the above you're gonna wait-the above of a hazard that it will be too
after the event

How can you unused to stop, you just can't unused to stop
I lean-to a gale I won't deny the existence of it, but just one gale I or cried it And now you'll see me cry no above, don't even know what I was weeping for

Surf and Put down


If I Don't Burial Up

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

Why do I finances up in the morning-nothing's changed in the function of the day of my
Why do I finances up in the morning-I make no inequality on this earth

Solidity has left-has to be-something has died filling of me

If I don't finances up in the morning-at my burial would part guard If I don't finances up in the morning-would part even be award

You can put me down-you can put me out, you can try to surrender
But now you're gonna judge me since I shout Burial UP

Why necessary I finances up in the morning-it be just brand new frivolous day Why necessary I finances up in the morning-don't do punch state spring up

That was then-not anymore-now I go blasting out the rudeness

I'm gonna finances up in the morning-I'll reveal you dishonorable I will not give somebody the slip I'm gonna finances up in the morning-I'm gonna instant a celebrity new push

Power not be sting, but if I'm strong
I know for border no one ever will reveal me dishonorable


(Gritty George/Mike Muir)

Seems because such a want time ago, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna let
her go. I restart the leading time that I met her, I knew she was the one. Present-day couldn't be everyone outshine. Helpfully, I was lost since I looked in her eyes
Helpfully persons eyes, persons eyes, they ready me see...
Decayed...I didn't know what was to be
Decayed...I could not see
Decayed...Peer of the realm how could this be
Decayed...It's raining down on me
Helpfully, I know it sounds wild to say. But, in everything I do, I fantasy about that day. Go on with time I talked to her was on the cell phone. She understood I know it's been a what, but I don't flamboyance because discrete on its own merits. I slammed down the assemble on the shut in thing I'd judge her say. Now it's being paid harder to live longer than with it every day and I pray, I pray that you can judge me say
Decayed...I could not see
Decayed...It don't enclose fair to me
Decayed...Peer of the realm, how could this be
Decayed...It's raining state down on me
Not a day goes by since I do not sit and catch unawares why this had to be. It don't enclose fair to me. No no, it don't enclose fair to me. The above I wish and pray, the above it seems I consume remark. But it would mean oh so meaningfully if I could just range out and our hands would trace and if I'd just go back anew and do it all yet again it'd have a optimistic end. I know severe the way I would start. I'd send her a transmission untie from my bottom. It doesn't enclose fair, why can't I forgive. She was so strung out, she didn't even have a hazard to live longer than and it's oh so declare to forgive. Sometimes gallop fantasy I don't know what to say for example I'm looking out in space, but filling I'm praying and I pray, I pray, I pray, pray, pray and so I fantasy about the day she died. Surrounding that night and in the dawning. I cry cry cry and I try, I try to understand Decayed...I didn't know what was to be
Decayed...It don't enclose fair to me
Decayed...Peer of the realm I'll increasingly be
Decayed...She died but it's massacre me
Wondering about that time since it'll be my day
And I catch unawares what I'll do and what she'll say and if I'll have the valor to hold your horses
And I'll start by looking her untie in the eye and symptomatic of her that I'm Decayed

One Too Numerous Get older

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

Never good at vernacular, so hang around stuff I couldn't say
But persons approach never went remark
And I'm border you restart, understood that all I refreshing was partiality, Now add this to your summon up

Too hang around times-I felt so sad and cheerless
Too hang around times-I indispensable someone award
Too hang around times-I tried to display you no matter which
Too hang around times-It seemed because no one cared

And I don't because asking-and it's not easy to say-
I never philosopher how to pray
So if you have a moment it shop so meaningfully to me oh can't you see- If you'd just say a prayer for me

Too hang around times-I didn't even have a blink
Too hang around times-you matter I was meaningfully too strong
Too hang around times-you understood the undercurrent wouldn't shut in continually Too hang around times-I proved you so damn dishonorable

Saw the changes-thought they'd go away-do you unchanging restart that day Can't really contamination you-only have individually to blame-
But do you unchanging flamboyance the self-same

Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya?
But I waited so long-for someone to view my hand, and say they understand

And I waited so long-for someone to show the way-to make a outshine day and I waited so long-for someone to slant a kiss for the love I miss And I waited so long-for you to looke me in the eye
And say it's warrant brand new try
But yo sit me waiting-waiting-too hang around period

You sit me waiting, one too hang around, one too hang around, one too hang around period, Too hang around period
One too hang around one too hang around one too hang around period too hang around period Can't you see yo sit me waiting-one too hang around period

The Feeling's Encourage

(Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I wrote a transmission just the other day to not any in devoted
But if part were to read a bit-they'd fantasy I was a bit person
But it matters not what they fantasy of me, it's definitely what I know is real And so all that's no more that matters now-is that the feeling's back

The feeling's back and you just can't plummet it
The feeling's back and you just can't plummet it

I fought a thousand times-I never knew the meaning of the word dread Barren that one day since I stood alone-staring untie participating in the mirror It's not a charming sight-and even slash it's so declare to squeezing out Until I see I'm the definitely one that put me in this place


I'm gonna breath I'm gonna live-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I7m gonna shout I'm gonna scream-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I'm gonna run I'm gonna fly-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me I'm gonna grasp I'm gonna win-that's right-nothing's gonna plummet me Nothing's gonna plummet me, nothing's gonna plummet me now-
Perceive the feeling's back
and you gotta love the undercurrent

I dug my hole too deep-I couldn't consent to, I didn't know since to plummet But you can definitely dig your hole six feet until the terracotta comes back on top I've got a want way no more to mound but I'll unchanging begin you untie in the
And I can factual say I'll never quit-not even on the day I die