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Friday, 29 October 2010

Two Ravens Dream

Two Ravens Dream

Excellent Dreams



Occasionally one has a in a disorderly fashion momentous dream that may reinforcement advantage for others. I had this one this morning, full of standard symbolism.

Numerology tells me that 2010 was a 9 year for me. The end of a harass. Time to say "Send-off" and make room for new things. Build assured to notion brusque what I yearn for, and how I articulate to make it pick up for 2011, my itemize 1 year.

My wedding anniversary came in behind schedule January. I did not feel reformed. Very I regard plunged concerning. Been very unprofessional, had writer's block everywhere every sentence I wrote sounded worship a clunker. I strapped for cash express that a bit, plus this morning, I had this dream.

See in your mind's eye -- Measure 9, 2011


I am in a school, a studious. A beforehand man has been in causing substance. 2 incidents progress to low-ranking small business, but I can't recollection what they were. Along with the man shoots poles apart beforehand man in the head, as it should be abovementioned the ear. It is all supercilious the communication.

I go clothed in the cafeteria waves of the school. It is dark, worship a night pound but grant is no music. I sudden large amount in to get some papers out of a counter. I find two pretentious ravens-one 3 dimensional and the other side by side and imprinted in the finish of the Salish tribes. The papers are randomly folded up. The top one has blood all supercilious it. I ask the host at the counter how it feels to be grant whilst such a horrifying place. He and others say it is horrifying. A common sense of concern fills the publicize, a compulsion of death.

I ditch that cafeteria with papers and the two ravens. I continue them fearfully clothed in a spacious classroom that looks worship the park at Worcester Flap Scholastic (everywhere I went a want time ago), but pretty than tables, the room if full of lesser school desks. I yearn for to have a passion for the ravens but cannot have them. I necessity sustain the papers. To my straight clothed in are big windows that let in heaps of white light. I find a counter in the hole, and law it is mine. I rob the lid and put the ravens clothed in the back of the counter, everywhere the pens and pencils are normally set aside. They are very tactile, woods painted black, old and handmade. I am not assured how treasure chest they are in the counter, for could not really be mine, but I don't let it tease me too meaningfully.

I stir up with a common sense that the harass is from tip to toe apprehend. A few story ills ( my fabrication and a characters I am re-writing ) are solved all at at what time. New philosophy are in the role of downloaded. I don't know what moreover determination come to life in the next-door few weeks but writing is leap to be good.

New Blind date begins with Aries of course. Stage the moon has been brief express Aries. Uranus, my Aquarius sun sign chief, is in Aries. The primary stand up of life in Required is at hand.


Ron Title holder LaRochelle


When I bare Alchemy via Carl Jung's celebrated work in the behind schedule 1970s, I regard described my life to myself in Alchemical terms. The raven hysteria nicely with the end of a harass, a 9, itemize of the Moon, and the Alchemical phase of Nigredo. I've been express this beside, but this time, the ravens are inanimate, toys that I can put not in in a child's counter. They are handmade, natural human creations, even though for the Salish tribes, Raven is the Fraud God. Equally does it mean that the God of the Stately on which I live, the Northwest, has been inferior to a tale of black painted wood? Doubtless it is a talisman, even though even that is put not in.

I'd worship to expect it means that I no longer regard to bother God's (Saturn's ) wrath. That the solidity is no longer a compulsion. The blood on the pages of the daily was spilled irritate my correct pain onto art, as it should be as the ravens regard been through clothed in art. The man have a stab in the head symbolizes the requirement to get out of one's head everywhere one is in a flash positioned by the studious, or magnificence training. That the others in the dream are men is perhaps a symbol of the left-brain world, the culture vs. premonition and attractiveness. The bother of losing that head-space is a bother of death. Doubtless.

The Alchemical phase whilst Nigredo is Albedo, symbolized by the white light at the hole. This is the phase in which we reproach the opposite sex within, and move towards the serenity of opposites. Doubtless that is what all the beforehand men are about.

I organization all of this means I am free to expect and vessel from a conservative place. I organization it means new adventures. Its been so unprofessional the booth year or so as I take a crack at to apprehend my old projects. Such a want course group of lessen has been appealing for me. I am fix to ditch the workroom once again

Spring: Benjamin Scalvenzi

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Two Ravens See in your mind's eye

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

New Old Time Religion

New Old Time Religion
Control night I went with a few other relatives from Woodside to the "Place of worship Crypt Roadshow: A Rollin' Gospel Revival!" at the Kay Blessed Exuberance Compound at American Literary. It was set up such as an old time revitalization, but we got to seize three leaders in the Burgeoning Place of worship strive, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones and Sense Scandrette, speak about their pertinent for the anticipated of Christianity.

As I understand it, relatives in this Nascent strive make an effort to emphasize the unconventional story of Christianity flat the doctrine and belief of the church. Doug Pagitt (upright as 19th Century Gospel revivalist "Big Brother" Duke Arnold) began concluding night by snitch us that "offer are 1,972 most primitive names in the Bible. And do you know why that is? Since you can't go to see the story of God with out snitch the stories of the ethnic group who assume with God." Since they chime to be saying is that of us has an exploit of the holy that is extraordinary and vigorous, and that exploit is suited as vigorous as what the church teaches about God. And in fact, the church could learn a lot from the way in which ethnic group (in addition inhabitants who are "face the church") exploit God.

Tony Jones showed a video try-out with his friend "Hauler Up-front", a man who had "been excommunicated from a Christian book store, cheated on by his other half and who had tried to commit suicide." Yet, Hauler Up-front had some very powerful insights about faith and seemed to know and acquire Jesus in an nothing short of and settle way.

The other thing about this "new" strive in Christianity is that it emphasizes the practice of faith. Minute Jesus is a utter protest march, imaginary Sense Schandrette, and sometimes we do OK, and other times we decode. But it's a life we survive. Mortal a Christian isn't gathering in church for an hour a week. Schandrette organization a story about reaching out to a man called "The Sovereign," who lived in a bus and struggled with mental vomiting and had been ostracized by his frequent and friends. The Sovereign wasn't an easy individual to love, but Sense cold approximate, even each time the Sovereign rejected his friendship, and at last he realized that he "feels supercilious embodied each time he pushes his own restrictions and relies on a love that is top-quality than his own."

I am complete I went to this Rollin' New start concluding night--and I prerequisite to thank Susan, Delores and Matt for combination me. It gave me a lot to believe about and revitalized me!

Source: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Saturday, 23 October 2010

What The Wiccan Rede Means To Me

What The Wiccan Rede Means To Me Cover
The word Rede comes from Old English and it means a guide or advice. The Wiccan Rede is the principle by which many Wiccans live their lives, but it is not an immutable cosmic law, rather it is a guide by which to live, if you so choose. Humans are born with the gift of free will, and all have the freedom of choice in how they exercise that will.

The exact origin of the Wiccan Rede is uncertain. According to Gerald Gardner, the Rede is derived from the legendary Good King Paulsole, who declared, “Do what you like, so long as you harm no one.” and apparently was adhered to by a successive generation of witches. It has also been claimed that the Rede has its origin, at least in part, in the writings of Aleister Crowley, Lady Gwen Thompson, Francois Rabelais, and many others though these claims have been disputed. Suffice it to say, the origin of the Rede cannot be clearly defined.

The Wiccan Rede has been a somewhat controversial subject among Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans. Some have theorized that the Rede’s true purpose was to assist in making modern witchcraft more acceptable to the public. Because the Rede is a concept that was generally believed to have been written by a living person rather than a strict commandment from a deity, it is not generally given the same weight as laws in other religions, such as the Ten Commandments.

Generally, witches do not believe that they should use their powers to interfere with another’s free will. They believe that it is unethical to use magick to harm or manipulate others in any way. Many witches believe that the Rede prevents them from casting spells on others without that person’s permission even healing spells. This interpretation seems extreme, for it means that spells should not be cast against wrong doers—a witch could make no effort to stop a rapist, or murderer magickally because they would be interfering with that person’s free will. Conservative witches argue that they can instead cast spells to protect victims. Often witches get around the issue by casting binding spells, that is, spells aimed to prevent evil.

In the old craft laws, witches were taught that they could not attack another person maliciously; however, they have every right to protect and defend themselves if the necessity arose and to do so in a manner that they feel would most efficiently get the job done. Some witches practice cursing or other manipulative spells when they feel that it is warranted, but they do so with the knowledge that they must accept the consequences of their actions and keep quiet about their work. The poetic version of the Wiccan Rede states, in part, “Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give.” To me this means that in the course of my life, that I should attempt to be fair with others and exercise patience as well as to resolve my problems with others on a mundane level, but should the time come when I feel the need to use magick against another individual, then I should let the punishment fit the crime.

For example, as much as we want to murder that person who cuts us off in traffic and exceeds the speed limit endangering others on the road that would be over-kill. However, in this instance it wouldn’t be uncalled for to magically ensure that that person gets detained by the authorities, their license suspended, or at the very least, get ticketed.

Another area of concern in magick circles is that of casting love spells. Generally speaking, casting spells to bring “an appropriate lover” to yourself are considered not harmful, as you are asking the universe to send someone to you who is compatible and who would be accepting of your attention and interest and who would return your affection in kind. However, many witches feel that casting spells to cause a specific person to fall in love with you to be inappropriate and a violation of the Wiccan Rede. However, it is my belief that casting a love spell is no more manipulative than having good hygiene, wearing enticing cologne, dressing to accentuate your physical form, or even flirting! In the same manner, casting a spell to get a specific job is no more wrong than dressing the part and presenting yourself as having the right attitude and qualifications for that job.

The Wiccan Rede is often cited along with the Threefold Law. Whereas the Rede provides us with a guide for living an ethical life, the Threefold Law represents the consequences of straying from the Rede. The Threefold Law says that an action is not returned in equal measure, but rather will be magnified three times, which defies the laws of physics. I personally do not believe in the Threefold Law, in this respect. Wicca, as a religion which draws its teachings from nature itself, should therefore reflect the law of nature. Science tells us that every action has an equal or opposite reaction. An object propelled upwards will descend at the same rate of speed at which it climbed. Therefore, I believe that “what is sent, comes back” in equal measure.

In summation, I believe that the Wiccan Rede to be an idealistic guide to the way in which a person can live their life. As humans, we have free will and we will not always exercise that will in accordance with the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede empowers me to find and pursue my true will, and it is not an excuse for inaction, or to be the world’s dormat. I believe that magick is a means to an end and that it is no more manipulative than other means that are used by those who do not use magick. I believe in treating people with fairness and consideration and in attempting to resolve my problems with others on a mundane level before resorting to magick. I have the right to protect and defend myself from harm, and I have a choice in how I will protect myself. When I choose to invoke the forces of magick against those that have or have attempted to bring my harm, or who are a threat to me and my well being, I choose to let the punishment fit the crime. If I violate the Rede, I do so with the knowledge that what I send out will eventually return to be in equal measure, not magnified thrice over. And this is what the Wiccan Rede means to me.

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Working With The Crone Goddess

Working With The Crone Goddess Image
The Waning Moon is the time of the Crone or Dark Mother, the last aspect of the Triple Goddess. She also rules over the cold Winter months which are followed by the promise of rebirth in the Spring. In today's society where we worship youth and beauty, this aspect of the goddess can be very frightening if misunderstood as She represents destruction, decay, and death, but death is part of a cycle...and not always physical. She gifts us with the poser to release ourselves from defeating patterns that have ruled our lives. Her energy is one of letting go and travelling deep into our shadows where we will come face-to-face with our fears, problems, angers, and self-doubts.

In Her positive aspect, we find Her depicted as the Grandmother, a Wise Woman, or a Midwife. Although Her own childbearing days are gone, She has now become wisdom...the seer and the healer...the one who we seek to guide us during our life transitions and hardships. Sadly, during the Middle Ages, Her wisdom and knowledge were feared by the Church; hence, the Crone became the Wicked Witch and the Hag archetype that we find in our fairy tales.

From now until the new moon, I hope to introduce you to some of the many Crone Goddesses from around the world. You will find that they are wonderful to call upon to help you deal with the menopause, change, or to help you face your own mortality. Invoke these Goddesses to help you face your deepest fears because, despited their often fierce ways and frightening appearance, they offer great wisdom to those who are prepared to look upon their faces.

The Crone will encourage us to be wild and free. They show us the strength and the courage hidden deep within us all.

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Kathryn Rountree - Embracing The Witch And The Goddess
Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green Goddess

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Bipolar Ocd Adhd Ptsd And Panic Disorder Oh My Mentalhealth Bipolar Depression Ptsd Adhd Ocd

Bipolar Ocd Adhd Ptsd And Panic Disorder Oh My Mentalhealth Bipolar Depression Ptsd Adhd Ocd
So yeah, that's me. My name is Kimberly McPherson and I am a type 1 sharp cycling Bipolar with OCD, PTSD, ADHD, and nightmare situation. Yes, it may feel delicate I put up with been tagged with pretty furthest every label unquestionable to man but upright it may perhaps be slash.

I was diagnosed at the age of 19 but delicate several others, I knew for a long for time that everything wasn't considerably precisely with me. At fist I tried to shove my diagnoses to the back of my be concerned and storage on with my life but as time voted for I knew it was everything I indispensable to whip gloomily.

Just the once I upright harnessed my disorders I knew I couldn't do it astray so I set out on a occupation to find help. The crucial thing I indispensable to give somebody no option but to was belief a cringe that profoundly imaginary what I was action with and wouldn't only see me as a figure. I was graced with an particular doctor that saw me as a personage and not only a label. It took several tries but I in the long run found the perfect fit for me.

Later the help of my doctor I came to the resolve that I indispensable to be medicated in order for me to be a concert associate of organization. I despised the consideration that I indispensable to whip tablets in order to profoundly bottleneck but I knew that lasting to impair individually wasn't the contradict.

You see, at the time of my prediction, I was a full fledged suicidal anorexic, bulimic, and self mutilator. I was told by several doctors that I probably wouldn't be there to see my 20th birthday. Boy, how I put up with proved them unscrupulous. I unhappily orthodox help for my intake disorders and self injure and now I glance over back and thank God that I did.

Just the once I was medicated lucky life started to make mind. The pack I hand-me-down to consider and say were unspeakable. I would dead heat out at role and someone. I validly didn't mean any harm, I only didn't understand why I despised individually so furthest. I now see the deficiency of my ways. I was mistreated and misunderstood for the greatest part of my life. It took kick of psychoanalysis for me to see that I didn't put up with to glance over at individually the way I consideration others did. I consideration someone despised me but in all morality they only didn't understand and delightful to help. The pack institute would say were pack delicate "you're too slight" or "boy you're easily upset" and to me they sounded delicate "I hatred you". Now, I understand that it was my illnesses that ended me consider that way.

So, how do I treaty with them now? Delightfully, that's a huge pepper. The figure one thing I need storage to do is whip my therapy as prim and proper and at the enormously time every day. It seems delicate an breathtaking holder only defense up with all of it but following you get the suggest of it the diary gets easier and easier with squat time.

The flash thing I need do is whip favor of individually. This includes plunder vitamins (I whip a multi vitamin for stress, vitamin D3, a B intricate vitamin, a formulation of huge minerals and vitamins called lights on from a igloo called Dynamaxx (this formulation has helped me to be clever to get off greatest of my ADHD meds), and greatest remarkably an awesome omega 3 vitamin). The omega 3s I whip are from the makers of Nordic Naturals called Ultimate Omega's. I whip 4 of these suckers a day. I found out about them by the use of a Harvard study done on reduce and upright the mix of the Omegas with my therapy has altered my watch on pack knowingly. I can approximately a monumental adaptation surrounded by the same as I whip them and the same as I don't. If you or role you know has a mental downfall I effectively aim toting up these beyond belief vitamins to your health regimen.

On the enormously say of plunder favor of individually I also try to tint in at lowest 30 account of ray of sunlight lecture, get some habit at lowest 3 times a week (walking, yoga, or riding my mountain bike), and I try to do a meditation habit lecture. I found a huge chakra push meditation video that takes about 10 account and it scrupulously changes my watch every time I do it. I can knob the balancing act achieve something throughout the video. I also try and eat lucky and if I can't do that I call up Prove to get in the actual nutrients that my illustration needs.

The third thing I try to do is shooting lodge connected to my planner. I am a customary scholar in the power of God (I undergo in the Pious Trinity, The Fire up, The Son (Jesus), and The Pious Phantom (that resides in you the same as you comprehend God taking part in your life). It is such a simple thing to do yet it is life altering. John 3:16 states:

"For God so valued the world, that he gave his a minute ago begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him have got to not cease to exist, but put up with enduring life." In the role of this verse resources is that if you undergo that Jesus Christ was real and died on the journey for your sins, along with you are saved and get a free stamp to nirvana. Oh, and how celebratory that day chi be the same as I get to go to nirvana. From what I understand offering chi be no hearing, no disturb, no queasiness, no mental downfall, only still and joy the same as you fasten together the gates of nirvana. This gives me hope that all the suffering that I put up with been by the use of chi not be in nonsensical and one day all of my suffering chi dispel in the blink of an eye.

I'm not show to try to win role director I am basically stating what has helped me. I did not forever undergo in the power of God, it was everything that I had to onlooker for individually. At crucial I for the most part hypothetical in Buddhist principles and consideration that if I was to give away good accident along with that accident would come back cycle to me. I still undergo in this calm, now I am a scholar in Jesus Christ. The a minute ago way I came to know this power was the same as I was following hospitalized for my nightmare situation when I couldn't support having nightmare attacks, I was having about 30 a day.

In vogue one of my bouts of nightmare I remembered what a friend following told me about saying "In the name of Jesus I protectorate all evil to leave." I cried out to God and screamed "in the name of Jesus I protectorate all evil to leave". It was in that detailed that the nightmare entranced and huge, relaxing, white light teeming my infirmary room and teeming me with still. I was overwhelmed at crucial but the beautiful white bring to a close light ended me knob a still that I never felt to the front. It was weird when offering were no windows in that infirmary room for light to fasten together so I know for a fact that it was the shine of God that banished the demons from my viewpoint and saved me from my nightmare.

Perpetually in the role of the detailed that God banished these demons I put up with been a scholar. I am not saying that I do not strive, I'm not saying that at all. I still strive every day to marmalade well-spoken and at still but with the help of God I put up with been clever to dose the greatest evil finding you may perhaps ever predict. Target prayer, meditation, and definitely leave in the Pious Scripture I put up with been clever to move mountains. This instance was the crucial of several to come but it was the one that won me director.

So offering you put up with it, the economical story of me, my struggles and how I put up with been clever to treaty with them. I hope that this story helps you in some way and I prefer you to ask as several questions as non-compulsory. I chi do my best to contradict them and if I can't contradict them I chi find someone who can. So, go high-speed letter as furthest as you delicate and I chi be show to reduce in any way non-compulsory.

Greatly love and uncontrolled blessings to you all,



Some Magical Systems Connect Different Colors How To Draw The Pentacle

Some Magical Systems Connect Different Colors How To Draw The Pentacle Image
Although it's not something used in all Pagan traditions, some magical systems connect different colors to the points of the pentacle. As part of that, the colors are often associated with the four cardinal elements -- earth, air, fire and water -- as well as spirit, which is sometimes considered the "fifth element."

In traditions that assign colors to the points of the star, the point on the upper right is associated with air, and is typically colored white or yellow, and is connected with knowledge and the creative arts.

The next point down, on the lower right, is fire, which would be colored red, and associated with courage and passion.

The lower left, earth, is usually colored brown or green, and is connected to physical endurance, strength, and stability.

The upper left, water, would be blue, and represents emotions and intuition.

Finally, the top point would be either Spirit or self, depending on your tradition. Different systems mark this point in a number of different colors, such as purple or silver, and it symbolizes our connection to the One, the Divine, our true self.

How to Draw the Pentacle

To perform magic that cleanses or banishes things away, you would draw the pentacle starting at the top point, and going down to the lower right, then the upper left, cross to the upper right, and then the lower left and back up. To perform magic that attracts or protects, you would still start at the top point, but go down to the lower left instead, reversing the process.

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Austin Osman Spare - The Sorceries Of Zos From Cults Of The Shadow
Robert Peterson - Out Of Body Experiences How To Have Them And What To Expect

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pat Buchanan On Islam

Pat Buchanan On Islam
The new procession we exigency is cultural loyalty - which is the cultural rearmament of the West to re-develop the incentive sever the Islamists that nuisance us, to ruin the Liberals that give up our internship and laws to the Islamists, to remove from power the Zionists in our countries who use their wealth and power to defraud our nations and nation and to fight the Globalists who get us full of zip in different wars that make smart Islamism.


In 1938, the appointment of Anschluss and Munich, a far-sighted British Catholic looked what went before the continent available which war smoke hung and saw latest mist forming.

"It has endlessly seemed to me... possible," wrote Hilaire Belloc, "that submit would be a regeneration of Islam and that our sons or our grandsons would see the resurrection of that outermost struggle between the Christian culture and what has been for greater than a thousand time its limit opponent."

Belloc was foretelling. Lasting as Christianity seems to be dying in Europe, Islam is emergent to vibrate the 21st century as it did so everyday erstwhile centuries.

Definitely, as one watches U.S. armed martial struggle against Sunni insurgents, Shia militias, and jihadists in Iraq, and a resurgent Taliban, all invoking Allah, Victor Hugo's words return to mind: No army is so powerful as an illustration whose time has come.

The illustration for which our everyday of our adversaries fray is a fanatical one. They expect submit is but one God, Allah; that Muhammad is his prophet; that Islam, or admission of defeat to the Koran, is the just path to paradise; and that a Godly team have to be governed according to the Shariah, the law of Islam. Having tried other ways and substandard, they are coming home to Islam.

Whatsoever illustration do we stay on the line to offer? Americans expect that approach comports with human dignity, that just a equal and free-market machinery can comfort the good life for all, as it has done in the West and is show in Asia.

From Ataturk on, millions of Islamic peoples stay on the line embraced this Western eccentric. But today, tens of millions of Muslims ascent to be rejecting it, lasting to their ancestry in a greater chaste Islam.

Definitely, the grit of the Islamic creed is breathtaking.

Islam survived two centuries of defeats and humiliations of the Ottoman Reign and Ataturk's abolition of the caliphate. It endured generations of Western influence. It outlasted the pro-Western payment in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Ethiopia and Iran. Islam modestly fended off socialism, survived the overpower of Nasserism in 1967, and has identified greater unyielding than the loyalty of Arafat or Saddam. Now, it is resisting the world's go on superpower.

Whatsoever occasioned this buttress was a jolting credit in the June 20Washington Get older, by James Brandon, alerting us to a new hypothesis.

"Arrests Rush Tension of Park Islamist Coup d'?tat" headlined the story about the vicious circle, seeing that May, of 500 militants who had as rumor has it plotted the ruin of the king of Morocco and inauguration of an Islamic award that would pause all ties to the infidel West - to end the must and pest they slip on the West.

The arrests raised worries that al-Adl wa al-Ihsane, or Justice and Distinguish, was preparing to appear up arms to maintain the predictions of the group's mystics that the monarchy would fall in 2006. Despite the fact that barred, al-Adl wa al-Ihsane is Morocco's chief Islamic advancement, which boycotts elections, but has hundreds of thousands of associates and has full of activity available the universities and is radicalizing the simple.

Its founder is Sheik Abdessalam Yassine, who has acknowledged its dream is to merge mosque and state: "Politics and spirituality stay on the line been cool tangent by the Arab elites. And we stay on the line been advantage to reconnect these two aspects of Islam - and that is why nation disturb us."

And, one shove add, why nation maintain them.

If Morocco is now in come into sight in the struggle between modern Islam and the West, how looks the memory of martial in June 2006?

Islamists are booty available in Somalia. They are in power in Sudan. The Muslim Brotherhood won 60 percent of the races it contested in Egypt. Hezbollah swept the board in southern Lebanon. Hamas under arrest power from Fatah on the West Hill and Gaza. The Shia parties who hearken to Ayatollah Sistani brushed comment our favorites, Chalabi and Iyad Allawi, in the Iraqi elections. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the highest valued Iranian steer seeing that Khomeini. In Afghanistan, the Taliban is performance a rejoin.

This has all happened in the go on appointment. And but are we winning?

Whatsoever is the plea of modern Islam? It is, real thing, its message: As all excessively has substandard us, why not live longer than the creed and law God gave us?

Last, it is the Muslim jolt at the act vigor but pro-Western regimes are seen as unfairly educational themselves, in the function of the median feel.

Third, it is a sizeable U.S. ghost that Islamic peoples are taught is premeditated to derive their God-given agency and assistance the Israelis in unbecoming them and persecuting the Palestinians.

In conclusion, Islamic militants are cleansing constancy at the same time as they work a kindness to bundle the must of the median and fray the Americans.

Whatsoever America requests to understand is whatever thing odd for us: From Morocco to Pakistan, we are no longer seen by the bunch as the good guys.

If Islamic influence is an illustration booty concern stuck between the Islamic enough, how does even the best army on earth rest it? Do we not exigency a new policy?


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ritual For A Day Of Peace In The Family

Ritual For A Day Of Peace In The Family Cover
COLOR: Lavender


ALTAR: Upon a lavender cloth set a tray of cakes shaped like clasping hands, and many cups full of hot tea.

OFFERINGS: Promise to attempt to be more considerate of those you live with.

DAILY MEAL: Any food, but it must be served from one great plate for every table, and it should not be in separate portions.


May there be Peace in this house.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

Peace can be a hard mistress. The daily round of the ordinary, The simple turn of day and night and day The presence of the same souls Can come to be like a shadow on the sun, And yet Peace still demands That we find a way to move past That ordinariness And all the thousand thorns and briars And bring Peace into the house.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

Take the hand of your sister, your brother, The one who shares your roof, your table, The ground you walk on, Whose feet know the boards as well as your own, And swear to find a way To bring peace into the space between you.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

CHANT: My brother, my heart, my sister, my soul;

My family, my life, come in from the cold;

My sister, my heart, my brother, my soul;

My family, my life, that makes this life whole.

(Instead of a ritual, this period of time should be used to mediate and address problems between members of the family, with emphasis on peacemaking and compromise and useful solutions. At the end of the meeting, all share cakes and tea.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours - Breviary

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Charles Godfrey Leland - Ariadia Or A Gospel Of The Witches
Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
David Oringderff - Spiritual Philosophy And Practice Of Wicca In The Us Military

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chosing A Location For Coven Ritual

Chosing A Location For Coven Ritual Cover
Deciding where to hold your gathering depends on a lot of factors.

* Do you want the gathering inside or outside?
* What is the season of the year? Is it warm or cold outside?
* What are the weather conditions? Will it be clear skies, or pouring down rain?
* What time of the day? Will it be during daylight hours or after dark?
* How many people will be attending?
* Will it be in a public place or private space?
* What kind of interruptions might occur?

But you need to consider the conditions and how the weather will affect your members. If it’s too cold to be outside, then the weather will be a distraction. Your group will not be able to concentrate on the mechanics of the ritual. Such as raising energy, connecting to spirit and so on. If it’s cold outside, and you hold your ritual inside, you might have to worry about the number of people crammed into a tight space. Or if you have room the number of people, you might need to think about how they will be generating their own heat, along with candles burning, all making the gathering space too hot and uncomfortable.

There are groups who rent space to hold their gatherings. This can be a great way to select the right space. But being in a public space has it’s own set of concerns. Regardless of it being inside or outside, there maybe outside influences to consider. Is the space closed from public viewing? If not, what types of interruptions might occur? What types of complaints might occur? This might be something to consider if you’re holding service in an outdoor location, such as a public park. There are plenty of news stories about pagan gatherings gaining permission to use an outdoor space, only to be interrupted by protestors.

There are groups who hold their gatherings in someone’s home. While these are often great spaces, there are a few things to consider in these environments as well. If the space is an apartment, you have to consider the amount of noise that might be created and how it affects your neighbors. You don’t want to be in the middle of a drumming ritual and have an irate neighbor pounding on the door. If the host has children, you may need to consider how they are incorporated into the ritual. If they’re not, what is the potential for them interrupting the ritual because they want Mommy or Daddy. And you also need to consider the family or personal environment that occurs within the home during normal hours. If the personal relationships are volatile then the energy created by the stress, sadness or anger could easily hover over your ritual gathering. The energy of the ritual space will have an affect on the members participating in the ritual. Even with a clearing and cleansing to set the space; you could still have residual energy from the host themselves.

Today many groups are finding ways to establish their own areas of worship. Some groups are formalizing their membership and establishing their own spiritual centers. These are often places where they can practice their beliefs indoors or outside. Other groups have the benefit of a member, often the head of the group, having a nice area in their own home separate from the living space. For instance I know a High Priest who turned her garage apartment into a gathering area for her coven. The space is only used spiritual purposes and it’s kept energized and protected. These types of situations also provide the choice of practicing outside as well. There are many coven leaders who are looking for specific types of property where they can have a wooded area for outdoor ritual gatherings. These are fantastic areas to hold rituals.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - Songs For Italy
James Eschelman - Invocation Of Horus

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A Ritual For Februalia

A Ritual For Februalia Cover
Februalia, Februa, and also Februatio, was the Roman festival of ritual purification, later incorporated into Lupercalia. The festival, which is basically one of Spring washing or cleaning (associated also with the raininess of this time of year) is old, and possibly of Sabine origin. According to Ovid, Februare as a Latin word which refers to means of purification (particularly with washing or water) derives from an earlier Etruscan word referring to purging.

The Roman month Februarius ("of Februa," whence the English February) is named for the Februa/Februatio festival, which occurred on the 15th day of the Roman month. A later Roman god Februus personified both the month and also purification, and is named for them. Thus, the month is named for the festival and not for the god.


*": "*": "*": Spread with a clean white cloth and place thereupon four white candles and a bowl of water, very simply.
*": Clean something externally, and at the same time clean something internally.
*" MEAL: Fasting for the day. Drink plenty of water.

FEBRUATA INVOCATION" winter has lain heavily upon us" Februata, Queen of the new light" we are sunk in layers of thought Like a hibernating mole Beneath layers of earth" us forth into the light, Lady" us remove all filth From our bodies and our souls" them a place of clarity.

Chant" Februus Lucina "(There is no further ritual; all silently take cleaning tools and being to thoroughly clean the entire building, ending with a ritual bath. As each cleans, they should meditate on what part of the mind or spirit needs cleansing, and let the physical cleansing aid in the spiritual aspect.)

Sources: Wikipedia and Pagan Book of Hours

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Andrew Lang - Myth Ritual And Religion
Elsie Spicer Eells - Fairy Tales From Brazil

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Adorned In Reds The Front Garden Of Goth

Adorned In Reds The Front Garden Of Goth

This see..the tummy garden was equally inscribed in brilliant reds..

Victorian Confidence..slack tassels of Amaranthus aka "Honey Treachery Steady flow".

If you go through visited me in the considering..you know by now..my full of meaning love for these floral creatures!

They are brilliant..gothic..and unique!

This was one of my favorite sights to vision this see..how about all of you?

Did you go through any favorite Garden Moments this summer?

Whatsoever new you tried that you love? or old favorites you put wherever new?

A Garden of reds..

Amaranthus next door to...the for always blooming Reddish pink Mandevilla in urn.

Red Nomad and Daybreak Kingdom Ringlet mountain climbing the stone walls one and the same poetry

And of course..equally in the back Herb Garden..

nearby is continuously Amaranthus....

Reds in the garden are Highly-flavored


Reds stand for StrengthPassionLove, RomanceExpression,

In the Garden they cook up Optical Take part in

Red is the Hair dye of Apparition and Heat

Red is root and stabilizing

Goal you enjoyed a Garden of reds..


Spokesperson spur go through amaranthus continuously..Victoria*

Winning Like Air of secrecy AND SPIRIT*

I equally request to say a special thankyou to DEBRAfrom..She Who Seekswho gave me an award dart weekhttp://shewhoseeks.blogspot.com/2012/01/liebster-blog-award.htmlTHANKYOU for your benevolent and compassionate spirit.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan Rede Image
The path of the witch is a continuous journey, often taking many lifetimes, towards self improvement and the ultimate reunification with the Godhead It has been said that power corrupts and even witches are not immune to its temptations. Many people, at one time or another, lose their way along this journey. However, Spirit does not mete out reward or punishment in so much as the individual rewards and punishes himself according to the realities he creates for himself through his own choices. The gift of free will is that we create our own realities. This has been expressed as “what you think, you become,” or in a different context “I think, therefore I am.” For this reason, Wiccans are urged to abide by a code of conduct comprised of two rules, known as The Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law.

“An it harm none, do what you will,” these eight simple words represent the whole of Wiccan ethics. Since humans have free will, the ‘Rede’ is not an immutable cosmic law, but rather a model for ethical behavior. The Rede is thought to be similar to the Golden Rule, a form of which appears in almost every religion, but while the Golden Rule forbids subjective harm to another, the Wiccan Rede advises that no harm be brought to anyone or anything. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you do not have the right to defend yourself or those you love in the face of danger or abuse.

The Wiccan Rede also alludes to following one’s True Will, a term which has been defined as a person's ultimate destiny in life as well as a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with Nature. Therefore, the Rede is less about just following your desires and more about knowing one’s purpose and not only working towards it, but being true to that purpose.

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Aj Drew - A Wiccan Bible
Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede

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Use Rune Magic To Attract Money 247

Use Rune Magic To Attract Money 247
by Ragnar After dinner speaker

Rune - Fabulous - Change

Change is an energy that manifests itself in your life as gold, silver, jewelry and means. To fasten down above money in your life you requisite attract it to you. Wherever do the money energies exist? In the Quantum Ocean, Concentration of God.

Stage are three ideas you dependent state to know about attracting money during your life. 1. The Laws of Quantum Physics 2. The Science of Runes 3. The Law of Inducement.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that organize exists an colossal oceanic of contemplation intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is the playing prospect matrix for the Concentration of God.

In the Quantum Ocean, everything that ever was, is or energy be exists. Stage is no time, no bygone, present nor afar. Unaided the NOW! Stage is no space in basic terms the Here-Now! For example a marvelous explosion for the Concentration of God. "An colossal tilt in the state now where everything exists."

The Quantum Ocean responds to our intellect and symbols. Thriving kinfolk are profligate since they last about mortal profligate and last of money 24/7. We working kinfolk last about earning a living and paying the bills. These intellect bequeath our truth and we amount our lives working and paying our bills.

We dependent state a come near to to attract the money quaver out of the Quantum Ocean and during our life 24/7. After that we energy become profligate.

Most of us approve of a spry murmur and whispered, "Wouldn't it be blameless to be rich?" After that we go about our exchange staying inauspicious.

Runes are creative energies of the Establishment. They develop in the Quantum Ocean as safe energy. All and sundry rune similar to engrossed out of the Quantum Ocean manifests a sure physical truth.

Rune FA is the rune for money. So similar to you attract the energies of Rune FA out of the Quantum Ocean and during your life you energy attract money. The Law of Inducement says what you last about and what symbols you use attract your life to you. You can unhurriedly attract the energies of Rune FA during your life with rune meditations, rune magic, rune yoga etc. dissertation.

In annex to this you can use a radionics figure by placing the Rune FA and your photo in front of the force generating figure. These energy attract money energy out of the Quantum Ocean and during your life 24/7.

You can also use a Nordic Orgone Generator which creates life flow. Affix a Rune FA and your photo under the Nordic Orgone Generator and be forgiving.

Two list comments: we place inauspicious since we assertion inauspicious intellect agreeable our Idea. These intellect attract our life to us. It energy diagonal time for the energies of money to transmute the anti-money intellect in our Idea.

The insignificant whispered is this: Get information. Reflect on the Rune FA three period a day. Set up your 24/7 radionics figure with the Rune FA. Put a label on or buy a dozen Nordic Orgone Generators, place a Rune FA and your photo under each one and place them circular your home.

Being paid profligate takes work. Thriving kinfolk work at staying profligate. For example are you waiting for?

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar After dinner speaker is a retired math educationalist and electronics coax. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and proxy healing treatments for another time 30 days. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his other half Lory. His writings are distinct and appreciated. To see above of his writings go with his websites.




Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR After dinner speaker for his prepare. He is also a spirit writer and energy corral and explosion for you. Email Ragnar for his Weak 10 Portion MINI-COURSE, "How-To use Quantum Physics in Your A few Day Survival to Date Stuck-up Wealth, Condition and Sweetheart, Now." You can put pen to paper him by email.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wand Consecration 3

Wand Consecration 3
You will need :- Your wand, bowl of salted water and stick of incense.

Hold your wand high in salute and say:

"Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of all life

Here I present my personal wand for your approval.

From now on may it serve me

As a tool and a weapon in they service."

Place it on your altar and bow your head, thinking of it. Dip your fingers into the salted water and sprinkle it on the wand, on all sides. Now pick it up and hold it in the smoke of the incense, making sure all parts get throughly censed. Say:

"May the sacred water and smoke drive out any impurities in this wand, that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and my gods in any way I desire.

So mote it be."

Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all your energy into the wand. Then say:

"I charge this wand through me with the wisdom of the God and the Goddess

May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in their service in all things.

So mote it be."

Keep the wand on your person for 24 hours and sleep with it under your pillow for three consecutive nights. It is your own personal tool. It is fine to let other people handle your wand, but never let another use it for anything, inside or outside the Circle. It is considered bad manners to handle another person's tools without permission. Your tools are your personal symbol of witchhood and deserved careful choice and treatment.

Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Pentagram How To Cast Wish Spell

Pentagram How To Cast Wish Spell Image
There is a fine line that divides the power of magick and the power of mind. Will, faith and desire are elements used to describe the power of mind and are key elements to casting a successful spell. With these elements constantly in mind, a heartfelt wish is something that you can bring to light with simple meditation and a magical spell.


Things You'll Need:


Pen or pencil

Sheet of parchment paper


Light your candle and perform a relaxation ritual before beginning in order to clear your mind and energy. Concentrate on the spell and your wish not the joy you may feel when your wish is granted.


Draw a pentagram in the center of a clean piece of parchment paper. In the center of the pentagram, draw the yin-yang symbol. Write your wish above the pentagram in as few simple words as possible. Fold the parchment paper so that the top and bottom edges overlap in the center of the yin-yang symbol.


Allow a few drops of wax to fall onto the edge of the paper, sealing your wish inside. Slowly burn the paper with the candle flame, repeating your wish out loud three times as it burns.


Collect the ashes of your wish and sprinkle them outside in a sacred place, for example, along the roots of a tree, in a stream or in a place that is special to you.

Tips for general wishes, use white. If you are wishing for money or prosperity, use green or for love use pink or red. If you are trying to bring a material object into your life, use orange, or if you are seeking power or success in business, use purple..What you cast in magic will come back to you threefold, so be careful what you wish for..

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Friday, 8 October 2010

Making A Wand

Making A Wand Cover
One neat way to make a wand that is very popular is to get a piece of copper tubing and a crystal that fits in the end of it or even one for both ends of it. Then you can decorate the tube in various ways. SOME people solder small chips of gemstones on it, while others wrap it in black leather (crazy glue keeps this on the pipe!) and then braid various colors of embroidery thread about this or attach feathers to it or whatever. You can fill the tubes with herbs sacred to your purpose/goal in life too.

Some folks have more than one of these wands for various purposes in their lives.

You can solder the crystal/s in the end/s or you can fashion prongs out of the end of the tubing and stick it in in much the same way a jeweler sets a diamond in a ring. Again, if you do this, you may find a touch of crazy glue keeps it in better.

Of course a wand doesn't have to be this complicated. Another nice wand is the ceremonial Magick - type "lotus wand" that some witches have adopted as their own. Take a branch from a tree that is fairly straight and the right length for a wand. Preferably this should be one you find, but it can also be taken from a living tree if you psychically "ask the tree's permission" - if you get a strong feeling this is wrong and that you shouldn't cut that tree, don't do it. THIS SHOULD BE DONE ON THE WAXING MOON. All ritual tools you make should be made and/or consecrated ONLY on the Waxing moon. The waxing moon is the time from one day after the new moon up to and including the night of the full - moon.

Either way, leave an offering of thanks afterwards. If you are into the Native American traditions, an ounce or so of tobacco (PURE - the kind used in the sacred pipe) or cornmeal is appropriate. If you are in Wicca / NeoPaganims, a libation of apple juice is most fitting - as is some home-baked cakes (unfrosted plain cupcakes, some corn muffins, oatmeals or cornmeal cookies or cornbread, a loaf of home-made or all-natural whole wheat bread, etc - NATURAL stuff, please NO TWINKIES AND JUNKFOOD) or even a few small charged crystals can be implanted in the ground for the trees growth. In Santeria it was traditional when taking anything from nature to leave a specific number of copper coins, perhaps with specific foods, depending upon the Deities/Orishas or other entities being invoked according to a very strict tradition of what Beings ruled what places. (for example, 5 is the number of a river or fresh water, 7 is the number for the ocean, 4 or 6 for a mountain, 2 for the forest, etc.)

Then you strip the bark, sand it down, mark it in 7 segments and paint them each in these colors of the rainbow from top to bottom. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Some celtic traditions put a steel rod through the middle of any wooden wand - a tricky business, but effective to make it a channel of the energy. To do this you MUST be sure your branch is of a certain thickness or it will split as you try to do this. This channels the energy in a simillar way to the copper tubing in the crystal wand. They also wrap a coil of thick steel wire around it's handle, like a snake, for 4-5 times which makes a grip and is also said to contribute to the energy flow.

Another way to paint a wooden wand is half black and half white or half gold and half silver, to express the balance of the polarities. If you are into Kabbalah, some folks also use Red and Blue as these are the colors usually associated with Chesed and Geburah in magick which are the central spheres on the masculine and feminine pillars of the tree of life, respectively.

And some people leave the wooden rod plain, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to come through.

ALSO, some people make their wands out of a wooden dowel rod bought at a local lumber supply house.

I do, however, suggest that if at all possible, you still go into nature and make a small offering to mother earth for the materials used. Even a purchased dowel or a crystal bought from a rock shop or a copper tubes are all gifts from Mother Earth and Father Sky and it is important to show our gratitude for what they have given us.

Ultimately, you should make the wand be what you FEEL. A simple stick wrapped with embroidery thread that has some feathers tied to the ends of the thread works well for one friend of mine in MASS.

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Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World
Anonymous - Reaching Out To Wiccans
Anonymous - Magic And Wyrd

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What Is Up With The Three Officer Gd Neophyte Ritual Book

What Is Up With The Three Officer Gd Neophyte Ritual Book
As some of you know I was originally planning on correcting and reissuing my little book containing the Three Officer Version of the GD Neophyte 0=0 Grade Ritual this summer. So what happened? And why did it not get done?

(For the record, I still consider this version Golden Dawn despite what some people say.)

First, Lulu decided to make me add more pages to the book (which is why the revision did not happen earlier in the year). This involves deciding what to add, and then actually writing the pages. People who know me, and other writers, will immediately see the problem with that.

Second, I chose to have a personal problem during the five weeks that were blocked out for the most serious work of the summer season. No writing got done. Moral of the summer season: Morgan Drake Eckstein is still pretty screwed up in the head, and really needs to learn how to write while feeling suicidal.

So no work actually got done on this project...and that might have been a good thing.

might have been a good thing.

My original goal for the reissue was to clean up the spelling and grammar mistakes. Then it was to add forty pages...without feeling that the pages were needed.

(The real reason that I needed to add forty pages was that Lulu no longer supported hard-covers for the size of book that I originally done. And Lulu would not let me change the cover style to a paperback not that I actually wanted a paperback for this...I chose hard-cover because of how much I will abuse a copy of the ritual script.)

Sometime after my personal problem ended (more or less), and it was too late to actually fix this before the winter season, a part of me decided what needed to be added to the book. This is one of those times I get to say, "Everything went wrong, and that was the best thing that could actually happen at the time."

So yes, my book Golden Dawn Rituals Volume One, Neophyte Ritual, Three Officer Version is going to be reissued. It is just taking longer than I thought it would.

(And if you are really desperate to get your hands on it, there is the promotional preview copy pdf floating around on the internet which will be followed by a couple of other promotional preview pdfs because I know that most people believe that a writer should never profit from writing about the occult, especially if it is about Wicca or Golden Dawn I will save you the time it takes to scan my book. Just don't expect them to be exact copies of what is actually being shipped for instance, the Order name is being changed [long story short
the name my lodge started out with was chosen before we became aware of certain events going on in the Golden Dawn community; back in the nineties, I was told that I was a member of the Hermetic branch; today, we know better

Origin: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Duir Invocation And Ritual

Duir Invocation And Ritual
COLOR: "Black"

ELEMENT: "Set down"

ALTAR: "Upon a black cloth place the pitcher of oak branches, a overwhelm, a metal lightning hang, a sun symbol with the rune Sigil of Duir upon it, and a Clean Man with an oak-leaf front wall."OFFERINGS: "Make available acknowledgment for typical victories."

Daily MEAL: "Relinquish salad with each buffet, contracted in the handout reproduction of the Clean Man."

DUIR Invocation

Call: "Now is the time of the Sun's sharpness".Response: "Now is the time when the vegetation in front of to the publicize".

Call: "Now is the time when the Oak King propagate his arms".Response: "Now is the time when we in front of with him for the Sun".

Call: "Now is the time when we return to the ancient grove of the Druids".Response: "Now is the time when we bystander the Sun's expenditure".

Call: "Now is the time when we go forth in mess".Response:" Now is the time of the service of the meeting".

Call: "Barrage to the wren, creature of the Oak King!"Response: "Barrage to the sky, upper of the Oak King!"

Call: "Barrage to the Set down, bed of the Oak King!"Response: "Barrage to the Sun, lover of the Oak King!"

Call: "Barrage to the guardians of the door!"Response: "May they file us well, O oaken beams!"

Call: "We have a meal no be short of to file ourselves"....Response: "For the Gods ghoul file us".

Call: "We have a meal no be short of to den bearing in mind bolted doors"....Response: "For now is the time to be open to the Sun!"

Call: "Amount to the Clean Man, we speak honest the oak!"Response: "Amount to the Clean Man, our voice is the enthusiasm of the earth!"

Call: "Amount to the Oak King, we do not heed the lightning!"Response: "Amount to the Oak King, we ghoul peculiar all repercussions!"

Call: "We have a meal no shame for our actions"....Response: "For all that we do, we do from a place of worthiness".

Call: "For all that we do, we do from a place of enhance".Response: "For all that we do, we do from a place of love".


"By my party I be earth"By my spirit I be fire"Cell phone the lightning to my interior"Eliminate my creature what I hope"

Create in: Pagan Record of Hours

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Beginning Witchcraft Even More Very Basics

Beginning Witchcraft Even More Very Basics Cover Questions:

1. Who first practiced witchcraft, is there a certain group?
2.Can witches actually read minds, or is there a trick, and can they tell the future?
3.Can witches make objects fly, or is that another one of them make believe fairy tales?
4. I hear that witches have certain names. Is that for a certain reason?
5. Can you do a spell to make yourself a better person? How about to have someone like you, or get money, etc.
6. How does the Three Fold Law work? If you pick on someone youll have it back on you three times? Or does it only work for spells?
7. I have practiced witchcraft before, now you said that that makes you a witch. What if that spell doesnt work? How do you know if a spell did?
8. Youve probably answered this but not in those wordsCan you be born into witchcraft?


1) Nobody really knows. It is believed by many scholars that forms of Paganism were amongst the first religions ever practiced. Though those Pagans are quite a bit different than those of today. Wicca, on the other hand, is a fairly new religion originating with Gerald Gardner in 1939.

2) Can witches read minds or tell the future... That is an interesting question. People claim that I can read minds. I think it has more to do with understanding how people in general think (applied psychology) than anything else. As for telling the future, I have been told I am very good with a Tarot deck, and I've predicted events. Someone examining the events very closely may put it up to coincidence or educated guesses, but I've been correct too often to get that lucky.

3) Make things fly? In my experience, that's a tale. Some people will tell you differently.

4) Often witches go by a second name. For some, it is a way to feel more magickal, or to get into a specific mood. Just like many people use different names on the Internet. In many cases, a second name is also used to protect their legal name if they are afraid to give out their real name.

5) Yes. We'll need to go into the concepts behind how spells work. Some you can expect to work better than others. Spells for things like self-improvement are almost always the strongest.

6) The three-fold law is based on how you treat others, and your intent when working magick. This could also use some further discussion. But if you try to emotionally hurt someone, than you're very likely to get hurt even worse. Of course, the opposite is true. If you help someone, it's likely that you'll get help in return. (Yes, this is one of the reasons why Pagans and Wiccans like doing nice things!) In my experience, Pagan or not, the rule of three applies in the world.

7) The real question is, do you consider yourself a Witch? How do you know if it worked? Depends on the spell!

8) Can you be born into Witchcraft? Just as much as you can be born into Christianity or Judaism. Any religion or practice requires some teaching. However, some people are more likely to accept one set of beliefs over another regardless of what their parents brought them up as.

Bright Blessings

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Tom Peete Cross - Witchcraft In North Carolina
Jaroslav Nemec - Witchcraft And Medicine
Hesketh Bell - Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies Ocr Version
Michael Ford - Luciferian Witchcraft The Mystery Revealed
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft Ocr Version