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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Working With The Crone Goddess

Working With The Crone Goddess Image
The Waning Moon is the time of the Crone or Dark Mother, the last aspect of the Triple Goddess. She also rules over the cold Winter months which are followed by the promise of rebirth in the Spring. In today's society where we worship youth and beauty, this aspect of the goddess can be very frightening if misunderstood as She represents destruction, decay, and death, but death is part of a cycle...and not always physical. She gifts us with the poser to release ourselves from defeating patterns that have ruled our lives. Her energy is one of letting go and travelling deep into our shadows where we will come face-to-face with our fears, problems, angers, and self-doubts.

In Her positive aspect, we find Her depicted as the Grandmother, a Wise Woman, or a Midwife. Although Her own childbearing days are gone, She has now become wisdom...the seer and the healer...the one who we seek to guide us during our life transitions and hardships. Sadly, during the Middle Ages, Her wisdom and knowledge were feared by the Church; hence, the Crone became the Wicked Witch and the Hag archetype that we find in our fairy tales.

From now until the new moon, I hope to introduce you to some of the many Crone Goddesses from around the world. You will find that they are wonderful to call upon to help you deal with the menopause, change, or to help you face your own mortality. Invoke these Goddesses to help you face your deepest fears because, despited their often fierce ways and frightening appearance, they offer great wisdom to those who are prepared to look upon their faces.

The Crone will encourage us to be wild and free. They show us the strength and the courage hidden deep within us all.

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