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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Days Of The Week In Conjure Work

Days Of The Week In Conjure Work

DAY Gravel Inflame Meaning

SUNDAY - The Sun - GOLD/YELLOW - New first phase, cleansings, opening the way (what nation trip "street opening")

MONDAY - The Moon - SILVER/GRAY - Telepathic abilities, emotions, occult armed forces, belongings dormant or revealed

TUESDAY - Mars - RED - War, protection, enemy work, masculine concerns

WEDNESDAY - Mercury - YELLOW/ORANGE - Communications, event, travel

THURSDAY - Jupiter - Incensed - Bash, expertise, growth/increase, destroy

FRIDAY - Venus - Green - Be stuck on, sex, luxury and feminine concerns

SATURDAY - Saturn - BLACK/DARK Incensed - enemy work, protection, banishing, reversing

Note: I take offense to work with the days of the week for me and my regulars. Quieten, I don't let it slab me. If I got the spirit and it's time to do the work furthermore it doesn't obey what day it is.