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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wand Consecration 3

Wand Consecration 3
You will need :- Your wand, bowl of salted water and stick of incense.

Hold your wand high in salute and say:

"Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of all life

Here I present my personal wand for your approval.

From now on may it serve me

As a tool and a weapon in they service."

Place it on your altar and bow your head, thinking of it. Dip your fingers into the salted water and sprinkle it on the wand, on all sides. Now pick it up and hold it in the smoke of the incense, making sure all parts get throughly censed. Say:

"May the sacred water and smoke drive out any impurities in this wand, that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and my gods in any way I desire.

So mote it be."

Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all your energy into the wand. Then say:

"I charge this wand through me with the wisdom of the God and the Goddess

May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in their service in all things.

So mote it be."

Keep the wand on your person for 24 hours and sleep with it under your pillow for three consecutive nights. It is your own personal tool. It is fine to let other people handle your wand, but never let another use it for anything, inside or outside the Circle. It is considered bad manners to handle another person's tools without permission. Your tools are your personal symbol of witchhood and deserved careful choice and treatment.

Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com