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Sunday, 3 October 2010

What Is A Wizard

What Is A Wizard Cover (Anglo-Saxon) Includes both sexes; One who is born with naturally given talents, energies and great knowledge of Magikal practices. One who adheres to the pagan traditions. A wizard usually acts alone and is sometimes considered to be a semi-divine authority. Merlin would be a good example. However, this divine perception is often rejected and most often redirected to the proper deities by the wizard himself/herself.

Everyone is born with gifts and talents, however, a wizard is born with an inner instinct toward magikal practices. That person still has to make the 'choice' to use those gifts on the pagan path. A witch or wizard is making a choice to follow the principles and beliefs of the pagan path and exercise their given talents. They are not born with an all knowing wisdom. Just like everyone else; they have learning to do and wisdom to achieve.

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