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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Witchcraft In Yorkshire

Witchcraft In Yorkshire Cover

Book: Witchcraft In Yorkshire by Patricia Crowther

Patricia Crowther`s witchcraft in Yorkshire was originally published in the UK in 1973. A small book of the region`s lore, this important and detailed book described customs, legends, spells, and beliefs of the Yorkshire area of the UK. This facsimile reproduction of the original 1973 book is now available as a limited edition, yet at an affordable price, with all the original language, observations, and commentary intact. Even the back cover photo is from that era. The front cover alone has been updated in tribute to the importance of this very influencial work. The foreword to this new edition puts this book in modern perspective, stating, "The small book you are now holding in your hands was an early effort by one of the first publicly announced practitioners to contribute to a fuller picture of the witch, and of witchcraft. The text provides samplings of how witchcraft and folk-magic manifested themselves, over many years, within the borders of Yorkshire."

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