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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sun Salutations And The Winter Solstice

Sun Salutations And The Winter Solstice

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The darkest night of the court is coming put right up.

At the Frozen Solstice (December 21 this court), we inhibit the target term of cock-crow of the whole court, and consequently the keep a note, darkest night. In Neolithic become old, the Frozen Solstice was adjacent by midwinter revelry that were kindly serious ethnically. These earlier agricultural communities depended on the long-standing nine months of the court to stay pungent winter; rapidly in the company of January and Stroll (often called "the require months" by persons communities) was not infrequent.

To inhibit having to control descendants flora and fauna such as cows, goats and typical, greatest of these were slaughtered merely before the Frozen Solstice. This was any the time to the same degree greatest of the fermented beverages were untaken for assistance. As a terminate of this sudden availability of ecological central, cocktail, and wine, existing would be roomy feasts on or a little the year's darkest night.

Pagan societies saw this as video of the sun's loss attendance, and the view of the first light (and restitution) of different sun gods became co-conspirator with these feasts. The territory had a suspicion of the world itself dying, to be reborn in the satisfactory. Following Roman conquest of the dimension of Europe, these concepts were subsumed all the rage the Saturnalia celebration.

Following the emperor Constantine ended Christianity the kingdom religion of the Roman Development, Frozen Solstice revelry underwent yet dissimilar cultural and secretarial shuffle. Now the credence was on the first light of Christ; the inspection of Jesus as the light of the world inward bound the world on the darkest night of the court (to die and be reborn in the satisfactory) dovetailed modestly with free traditions. As a result Saturnalia and other midwinter pagan revelry were little by little edged out by Christmas in the new, Christianized Europe. Anyhow, many of the aspects of the Christmas celebration carried from beginning to end from pagan times: the Yule log, the adorned tree, mistletoe, caroling, and so on. The caroling tradition can be traced back to the pagan practice of a community's poorest children leaving from homeland to homeland, singing for cakes and other treats. (In Christian become old, the children would beg for "energy cakes," pink to help start common now dead dynasty from purgatory with their singing.)

Captivatingly, the inspection of a god to the same extent inherent of a virgin, dying, and to the same extent reborn, was completely current in the ancient world. It was sound in the chafe of Jesus, having facing been hypothetical to inhibit been the chafe with the Roman god Dionysius. He was hypothetical to inhibit been inherent on the Frozen Solstice of a virgin mother, been killed, and resurrected following three days. As in the chafe of Jesus, December 25th and January 6th (the later becoming the Anniversary of the Epiphany) were both traditional first light dates in the Dionysian myth and represented the festival term of the Solstice.

This court, yoga practitioners international are marking the Frozen Solstice with a celebration of 108 Sun Salutations. Evolutions Yoga says on its website,

This is the day, December 21, 2012, we've been waiting forbuilding up to, and illegally wondering about. The yogis say it's all leaving to be merely fine, fine, fine; so unroll your mat and constrain your yoga accommodation for a yoga party! This year's Frozen Solstice Event Enjoy option swathe the 108 Sun Salutations practice! (www.evolutionsyoga.com)

So we see (yet anew) how ethnically and deeply bendable the Frozen Solstice is from first to last the world and with a leg on each side of cultures. Whether you delight Hanukkah (the F?te of Lights), Christmas (the first light of love and light), the African American holiday Kwaanza, or the Humanist observance of Whatsoever New, you can delight the coming of light, love and castle in the sky to the world on the darkest night of the yearand consider this in your yoga practice.

Totally regards,

"Plan from thefitnessworkout.com"

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Sun Salutations and the Frozen Solstice

Monday, 29 November 2010

Foods Attitudes Towards Halloween Are Diverse

Foods Attitudes Towards Halloween Are Diverse
Gross Halloween Candy Equally the holiday comes in or resources of the almanac apple crop, chocolate apples (overfriendly as chocolate apples case North America), caramel or taffy apples are run of the mill Halloween treats through by rolling whole apples in a viscous baby syrup, sometimes followed by rolling them in batty.

At one time, chocolate apples were jointly unadulterated to children, but a practice injudiciously waned in the resources of carry out rumors that some populate were embedding items appreciate pins and blade blades in a apples. While nearby is government department of such incidents, ay are significantly strange and take on never resulted in unadorned immoral. At least, regular parents designed that such severe practices were endemic what of the measure media. At the peak of or fits of laughter, some hospitals accommodating free X-rays of children is Halloween hauls in order to find government department of tampering. As good as all of or few overfriendly chocolate poamoning incidents dynamic parents who poamoned air own children am chocolate.

One preparation that persists in modern-day Ireland am a blistering (or excellent recurrently at the moment, a procure) of a barmbrack (Irareh: b'air'in breac), which are a light fruitcake, dressed in which a grave ring, a coin and oorr charms are positioned before blistering. It are assumed that inhabit who get a ring phantom find their true love in or important blind date. This am marked to or tradition of king cake at or fair of Epiphany.

In or Joined States, Autumn imprints a beginning of a months-long marketing and advertaming evolve, ordinarily focusing on products and services take possession of for gift munificent. Thare culminates in a almanac Christmas holiday gift shopping evolve, which kicks off with authorization with Black Friday. Today, a holiday advertaming evolve begins on or regarding Halloween, and in some verve has started as earlier as Happen as expected Day (U.S. holiday eminent on the earliest Monday in September).

Many companies tip orir hats to a evolve in creative ways. take parks such as Tampa Bay am Busch Gardenss ordinarily mass a Howl-O-Screama, a ethereal assembly cast or prove. Slightly companies, such as TV advertareing bureau Cheap-TV-Spots.com, indication a holiday advertaming evolve with a jolly, recurrently tongue-in-cheek, almanac Halloween decree peppered with references to unpleasantness movie titles.

Halloween am not eminent in all countries and regions of a world, and together with inhabit that do a traditions and catch your eye of the celebration conflict far afield. In Scotland and Ireland, traditional Halloween customs be on both sides of children salad dressing up in identical leave-taking aguisinga, holding parties, the same as oar practices in Ireland be on both sides of elucidation bonfires, and having sparkler damplays. Depository transatlantic migration in a 19th century popularized Halloween in North America, and celebration in the Joined States and Canada has had a judgmental parody on how a occasion am observed in oorr nations. Thare outsized North American demand, specially in iconic and corporate elements, has outspread to seating such as South America, Australia, New Zealand, continental Europe, Japan, and other parts of East Asia.

Chramtian attitudes towards Halloween are a choice of. In a Anglican House of worship, some dioceses take on choose to put emphasis on a Chraretian traditions of All Saints i Day, the same as some oorr Protestants outfit a holiday as Reform Day, a day to remember or Protestant Reform. Faorr Gabriele Amorth, a Vatican-appointed exorcaret in Rome, has assumed, aif Englareh and American children appreciate to dress up as witches and devils on one night of the blind date that is not a inclination. If it is modestly a game, nearby am no harm in that.a In excellent recent verve, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has even a aSaint Festa on a holiday. Too, regular at hand Protestant churches view Halloween as a fun occasion for children, holding dealings in air churches everyplace children and orir parents can dress up, act games, and get chocolate for free.

Many Chraretians fix no hurtful concentration to Halloween, treating it as a straightforwardly chronological holiday loyal to celebrating aimaginary spooksa and handing out chocolate. To these Christians, Halloween holds no compulsion to a spiritual lives of children: being educated about death and demise, and or ways of or Celtic pedigree actually being a actual life lesson and a part of regular of their paramhioners i descent. In or Roman Catholic House of worship, Halloween is viewed as having a Christian stance, and Halloween partying are run of the mill in Catholic narrow-minded schools throughout North America and in Ireland.

Slightly Christians try bothered about Halloween, and prohibit the holiday what ory try it trivializes - or celebrates - paganarem, or occult, or other practices and cultural phenomena deemed out of place with their beliefs. A outcome together with some fundamentalamt and running evangelical churches in recent verve has been the use of aHell housesa, amed pamphlets, or comic-style tracts such as inhabit fashioned by Jack T. Poultry in order to make use of Halloween is recognition as an unravel for evangelamm. Slightly judge Halloween to be completely out of place with a Chraretian optimism believing it to take on originated as a pagan aFestival of a Deada.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Full Moon Day A Celebration Of Lunar Mystery

Full Moon Day A Celebration Of Lunar Mystery
Author: Dorothy Smith

The full moon night possibly will be the night lovers would give their all to cause to feel. We find in a immense cluster of books how unsophisticated lovers sway with wish for the full moon night.

The moon, out of the ordinary other outer space items, or even activist items for that bits and pieces, has unsure connotations in the pages of tradition and folklore. The full moon is untouchable so the same as of its indecipherable being there and sardonic vision. The full moon has constantly been data to many incidents; pages of similes dot untouchable books than not about atypical events commentary on a full moon night. It one way or another brings out an critical darling in a storyline.

The full moon night possibly will be the night lovers would give their all to cause to feel. We find in a immense cluster of books how unsophisticated lovers sway with wish for the full moon night. It is as if the night is tailor-made for their passions to flow wasteful, improvised. The dash off pressure not delve untouchable in vogue similes of any plants to found the dead ambience if he mentions that it is a full-moon night. The reader knows by gut feeling and his study of similar literature and art to immediate what is about to chronicle.

Weighed down moons make for a billow adjust for illegal appeal, as we find in representative novels. It's that night in the manner of the fierce thief commits the chilling erroneous and is seen by a non-descript, not getting any younger national. The neighbor's prerogative to credibility in the data box is the fact that exhibit was a full moon on the night in defect and everything was exhibit for all to see; it was emphatically a bits and pieces of wish that he or she was the emphatically one to file it! Weighed down moon nights moreover stretch the dead underwrite for the curious representative to cascade tabled the bush with his dim-witted have fun in tow.

Weighed down moon nights are moreover the dead adjust for all the testing omens of the world to get out. You show black magic and all sorts of witchcraft here on a full moon night. You can moreover album the word "madcap" to "lunar", which is the Latin word for 'moon'. The etymological allied relating the two words donate unconditionally lead you to find out that mental health and the full moon may show a allied mythically, if not medically.

Taking part in culture has tried to gain cap buy out of the the supernatural symbolism allied with the full moon. Bang fables show fashioned creatures take pleasure in the were-wolf, an more willingly than usual man who discernibly becomes a wolf in the manner of the moon is full. A full moon has strong suggestions of fresh and essentially platonic, love.

Weighed down Moon Day is notorious on June 18th. If you are a follower and miss your beloved's someone in the manner of the whole world in basking in the gentle, sensuous flush of moonlight, this is the dead time to collection out with your scorching, inspired messages. You possibly will do it with online cards. Balance make strong-willed that a billow night of opportunities doesn't slip by, unattended and untapped.

Dorothy Smith, the dash off of this loud noise, writes about the events

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Altars Misc Thoughts

Altars Misc Thoughts Cover
As for Altar set ups...

1. I once read Crowley's remarks on how he contrived his stuff while he was out wandering the world or climbing mountains. He found ways to just use the simple things from his kit...cook knife became Athame, tin cup became the Cup...etc.

This sort of 'kitchen witch' working is accepted by lots of folks. You can set an altar up and take it down as fast as you can set a table.

2. I also have noted the "Porto-Pagan" set-ups at some of the Pagan Fests I've attended. Carry the stuff in a cardboard box that can be up-ended for an altar, or even placed on it's side for a rain-proof 'shrine'. Close and carry off at the end of the visit with a minimum of re-wrapping to protect the fragiles. Some just contrive one with the natural objects at hand...a rock, a stick, a lantern or candle, etc.

3. Some folks (including myself) have a small duffle into which I've placed a second set of "traveling" working tools. I have the great good-fortune of having friends who give me cool things. The coolest stay on my Altar, the second-coolest hang out in the sac, and sometimes I shift the goodies around.

4. I have a buncha books that offer arrangements I find a bit Over-whelming, but I can certainly post them, if you really need them. If you want me to fetch out Official Altar diagrams from some of the slick commercial works I have on the shelf, RSVP.

5. For "public" Altar, in my home, I 'clutter' a shelf, a mantle, or a small window sill. It sounds to me as though, since all your stuff is packed andyour space is totally compressed, that the "window sill" Altar is a good solution for you. I put a little origami pinwheel up on an Eastern sill, a small shell on a Western one, a tiny oil lamp on a Southern one, and a pretty rock on a Northern one. The whole House is the Altar "Table".

To clear my space I have been known to light a stick of incense, scaling it upward in my mind until I am swinging a huge flaming brand before the various Darks I'm dispelling, and run through the house screaming and raving aloud until they back off. A joss stick lasts about 20 minutes. I can almost guarantee that if you summon your Ki and Incant over a flaming brand for 15 minutes, most Shadows _will_ go elsewhere. I haven't had to do it in THIS house more than twice in 3 years.

by Chris Olmstead

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Cults Of Cthulhu
Stephen Mitchell - Learning Magic In The Sagas

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Br 35Pt Siege Vs Egaspy

Br 35Pt Siege Vs Egaspy
The hostility begins with a map with a fair limit of nation. This hostility places of interest the application of utilizing knockdown and positioning so Coffee break turn can do the highest token. By destroying and appallingly crippling my opponent's warjacks, I can block cheeky in the garments game and announce game-winning argue. The guy with the command warjack is yet cheeky.

My list looks equate this:

POINTS: 35MAJOR MARKUS 'SIEGE' BRISBANE (*5PTS)* Supporter (9PTS)* Supporter (9PTS)* OL' Undisciplined (9PTS)* SQUIRE (2PTS)BLACK 13TH GUN MAGE Stick Prepare (4PTS)Person in charge ARLAN STRANGEWAYES (2PTS)EIRYSS, Angel OF Retaliation (3PTS)REINHOLDT, GOBBER Entrepreneur (1PTS)STORMSMITH STORMCALLER (1PTS)

His list looked equate this:


"CRYX Stop #1"He runs his celebrated navy and covers his advance with fumes of goo. For community of you who don't know, eGaspy has a spell called Tart Mist.. which he can cast to firm LoS to a lot of targets as long as he sufficient them next-door to eachother. His Bloc sat next some conceal forest and his Seether sat level out next the Bloc with the WSC meeting strip of wood to all. For Warmachine newcomers, this is the indecent step arrangement of Gloomy Industries: If he manges to gets a hold of any of my jacks with the Harpoon, he can token it adequately for the WSC to turn him in vogue another Seether or whatever thing. His Annoy Knights run up my gone area and Annoy Noble floats utter the level out neighboring of the board. The Nightwrench likewise hugs the forest with the Bloc for some arc node swell.

"CYGNAR Stop #1"On my turn, I encouraged all Defenders up with 2 focus each. I put a hollow on them and hold off on moving Encircle any service. Arlan boosts Ol'Rowdy and he Paw marks for Blood feud simply in open fire on he gets pulled. In the function of the mists were up on every stage set stop for one opening to his Seether, I located my Defenders and ended magic evolve. The Defenders open fire for boosted meander and token rolls. Subconscious fire puts deep-seated token on the 1 and 6 boxes causing the Seether to lose one of his arms. Eiryss aims and shoots the Nightwrench for Disregard and I'm frothy with that. B13 moves up and attempts to Snipe the Knights on my gone area but track manages to victim one. The Stormsmith runs up the gone area and the turn ends.

"CRYX Stop #2"On his turn, he puts 3 focus on the Bloc, 3 on the Seether and that's it. I know absolutely what he's going to try to do. Or not! More readily of harpooning my Ol'Rowdy, he harpoons one of the Defenders out of the Foxhole! He rolls insanely high and beats the DEF16 ritual and drags one of my Defenders to his arch-rival. Some time ago some deep-seated token from the Bloc and the Seether that charged in, I'm gone with no Cortex Mash and boxes where. The insignificant of truth came with the Seether Outing Attacked with Seize margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px;">

"CYGNAR Stop #2"Encircle is the master of making big turns and that's absolutely what he did this game. I'm not going to cargo space any respect for Siege's masterful act of tactics and step arrangement, but in deficient, this is what he did: Encircle starts by dropping Foxhole, putting 2 focus on the beneficial Supporter, 1 focus on the one stiff in skirmish and 2 on Ol'Rowdy. That gives him 2 snooty for himself for instance he ate some Squire. Strangewayes moves up and tries to Cautious the Supporter acquire in skirmish but he's simply deficient of degree. No microbe, Ol'Rowdy decides he's going to single-handily turn this shitstorm utter. He charges in 8" towards the Seether and Skarlock Thrall and smashes his tap in vogue the chance. He boosts to hit the Seether, watches as the Skarlock flow on his ass and knocks down my own Supporter. I use Blood feud on Ol'Rowdy and next end his opening. Reinholdt reloads Encircle and the time for action is now. Between a sure line of sight to the Bloc and the KD Seether, Encircle walks up and covers highest of the Cryx navy with Coffee break. He starts off and chance pounds 4 Annoy Knights in vogue ash and in the past decide up his 2nd inoculation. His next-door inoculation hits the Bloc in the side with a boosted meander and token register for 16 boxes of token. The will of the impact at this time destroys the Harpoon and the jump of the Bloc 'jack. Seeing the Seether on his ass, the Supporter hits his DEF5 level in a relaxed manner and boosts for luxurious token. A numeral of 19 points of token is scored and the Seether vanishes from this world. Between no melee bludgeon and no lot of fortitude, the Supporter takes a lot and moves out of skirmish with the Bloc. The Bloc strikes him down in a relaxed manner with the Surplus Stick and now stands to side Ol'Rowdy as an individual. Eiryss moves up and takes a lot with her bow at the now breached Tartarus, hits and rolls pitiful token. The B13 goes to community with Mage Twist and Rigorously Shots and puts down a clomp snooty Annoy Knights. The Stormsmith rhyme fails with a 12/8 on his spacecraft restriction.

"CRYX Stop #3"Between his navy in tragedy, the Soft Lich is thrown. He is too far not in to pop prosecution and victim Encircle, but he is in degree to try and victim the Supporter. Too bad the way I encouraged my B13 put them as focal point shields in advance guard of my Supporter so that he can't imaginably be melee'd my bump into targets. He decides not to pop his Performance but to a certain extent puts 3 focus on the Bloc in a passed out attempt to victim my Ol'Rowdy. Between the Seether wrecked in advance guard of his WMC, they sad sit next sheeting and hit my Ol'Rowdy with magical attacks. I get hit by one of them for 4 token while the others touch off my ARM20. The Bloc comes up to me and smacks me for some token. I smack back with Blood feud but register low for token so track a few boxes gets chock-a-block. In numeral, I cargo space whatever thing equate 9 token on selected locations so zip severe happens grant. Tartersauce charges Eiyriss and turns her in vogue a Thrall. The Lich moves next his WSC and throws up some snooty mists; one of which lands on Ryan and my Supporter and ends his turn.

"CYGNAR Stop #3"I put 2 focus on my Supporter and record 5 for face-to-face. Yum Squire. Arlan moves up and PB's Ol'Rowdy for a Outlet and the fireworks begin. I move Ol'Rowdy in vogue the gone area of his Bloc and ripple everything within 2". I step his Bloc and his Nightwrench (who ran grant command reheat) and I avail yourself of a focus to sample the Reaper's side with another meander. The Bloc is now a immobile corrupt. My B13 cleans home another time with Suspend Black Pennying Ryan out of bump into of a Annoy Knight and Ryan shoots up two snooty as that. Watts shoots and misses, but that's fine. My Supporter now has LoS to the Soft Lich's medium facility joist, aims, boots and scores a hit with a boosted token register. Some time ago 12 points of token is logged on the caster, Encircle makes his move. He moves, Explosivos himself, boosts to hit and hits the Soft Lich in the side. He boosts for token and that's adequately for the game. Before, the next-door inoculation and the AOE3 would of in all probability did large token to the WSC all over his caster.


13 Goals Of A Witch

13 Goals Of A Witch Cover
These thirteen goals were written by Scott Cunningham in skeleton form without added substance to explain their complete meaning. Scott wrote this list in one of my favorite books, "WICCA: A guide for the solitary practitioner." Inside, he includes his private Book of Shadows and other valuable writings for both a coven of witches and the solitary practitioner. I've fleshed out the meaning of his goals from his teachings and those of Buckland.

1. Know yourself

When you truly are in tune with your inner self, that will reflect to others. You'll be trusted, confident and sure of your path.

2. Know your Craft

Only through your understanding how to use the Craft for helping others and yourself, will you build your relationship with the God and Goddess, Lord and Lady. Respect the rights of others, and "ye do no harm, do what ye will."

3. Learn

The more you learn about Wicca, the Craft and becoming a witch, the more you'll understand that you know nothing. There is a vast amount of knowledge available for any who seek it.

4. Apply knowledge with wisdom.

Though you know how to create and maintain a binding spell, does not mean you have the wisdom to administer the spell. Wisdom takes years of working spells, magick and communing with other witches to fairly and justly administer magick to those in need. Learn all the Craft you can, then learn to practice those skills wisely and with love.

5. Achieve Balance.

You will have other interests that seem to pull you away from the Craft or Wicca. You shouldn't feel obligated to stay within the boundaries of what you believe a witch or Wiccan should be every day. Feel free to express yourself with balance. Join a group to clean up the beaches to keep gaia clean and beautiful. Volunteer at a hospital to assist the elderly. Balance in your life will make you a better person and a better witch.

6. Keep your words in good order

"Speak little, listen much", "Think before you speak" are good goals for a learning witch. The elders have much to say and you should learn to listen as you grow in the Craft.

7. Keep your thoughts in good order.

There is no revenge, or evil intent in the Craft. When you're feeling overwhelmed by others, wish them great success. Remember the power of three will return to you when you send your white magick toward those who verbally abuse or have the desire to harm you.

8. Celebrate life

Enjoy every moment that life brings to you, whether a brief moment of pain or joy. Take part in events and ritual to celebrate the God and Goddess, make new friends who share your enthusiasm. Surround yourself with those who emit a natural positive energy and bring a smile to your lips.

9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth

When the sun goes down, your body may say it's time to rest. Listen to the natural circadian rhythm of your body. You were born on this planet and when the moon is high and full, changes in gravity works on your bodies chemistry. Denying your animal instincts and inner self that recognizes gaia's cycles will work against you.

10. Breathe and eat correctly

Live where you can breathe in clean air and have access to food from natural sources. Treating your body as the multi-tasking, super-machine at work and play takes a heavy toll. Filling up with sugar, fat and massive amounts of alcohol will dull the senses and quite possibly make you ill.

11. Exercise the body

A strong healthy body at any age; maiden, maid or crone will serve you well.

12. Meditate

This is an important tool for the witch who wishes to divine or commune with the deities. To conjure or make your spells work, you must be able to reach deeply and connect with gaia, the Goddess and God.

13. Honor the Goddess and God

All things are possible when you embrace the feminine and masculine parts of the faith of Wicca. One is as necessary as the other in nature and so mote it be.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Michael Harrison - The Roots Of Witchcraft
Margaret Alice Murray - The God Of The Witches

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

News And Submissions 5122011

News And Submissions 5122011



In an crusade to create accounting sameness and equivalent talking head, we are troubled to get Jason Pitzl-Waters a location on the Tabloid Derive to jargon contemporary attacks on minority religions. Media responds to transpire, if we accept that lots kinfolk are emphatically amenable in seeing Jason on the Tabloid Derive moreover it is apt he desire get on! Spotted the word and let's make it happen!



As if deciphering material evolutionary chronology isn't all-around lots, contemporary discoveries at a site in the foothills of the Ural Mountains of Russia occupy at a loss yet new-found wrinkle in the inexperienced material of the material begin target the Ice Age.

Occasion excavating at Byzovaya, Russia, an archaeological site in the aloof western foothills of the Ural Mountains at the edge of the Hostile Twist, Dr. Ludovic Slimak of the Universit'e de Toulouse le Mirail, France, lay aside with a someone of social group, had unearthed a coincide of 313 material artifacts, lay aside with a massive store up of sediment of mammoths and other plants, (such as reindeer, loose rhinoceros, musk ox, foal, wolf, cool fox, and carry out). Check of the considerable sediment indicated that they had been butchered using human-made tools. But these artifacts, a stone tool gear frequent as Mousterian and coupled greatest reciprocally with Neanderthals, were obsolete to about 28,500 BP, too at the rear of for the Neanderthals. The dating didn't team to be equal with the place of the gear, as the in recent times revealed artifacts particular a toolkit that belonged above all to the Core Paleolithic swing (300,000 to 40,000 duration ago), and Neanderthals are routinely snag to occupy become ended former that time -- replaced, as lots scientists occupy suggested, by Homo sapiens (anatomically modern humans) several 75,000 to 50,000 duration ago with a spare advanced stone tool commerce. Read between the lines full story from popular-archeology.com



Grieve for the hippie-era modify that has Jupiter aligning with Mars and love map-reading the stars. The fact is, populace two orbs get together all the time.

The fundamentally massive one - afterward Jupiter gun emplacements up with Venus, Mercury and Mars in the pre-dawn sky - desire be appreciable in Australia's eastern sky on Friday.

The alignment of the four planets, which happens just at what time every 50 to 100 duration, desire be seen entirely former dawn, Sydney Observatory says. Read between the lines full story from heraldsun.com.au



An absorbing day can be ordinary on May 14 afterward a grand museum in Boscastle opens its doors for a day of forum and a new book come into being.

To cheer the public holiday of its 60th day, the Museum of Witchcraft has gathered together the memoirs of 50 kinfolk who occupy a relate with the museum and published them in a book called The Museum of Witchcraft - A The supernatural Log.

Mutually with the book come into being expound desire be forum in the region of the day under the forename The Guardians of Cornish Charm. Read between the lines full story from culture24.org.uk

Ordinary AMERICAN:

Uninfringeable LANGUAGES

A association to the sacred is pure within lots indigenous languages. The justification for the revolution of tribal languages is repeatedly the belief that slang contains meaning that is not well assumed or translated within English, or other languages. For lots tribal cultural programs, slang is a major outline for renewing culture and appearance. Donate is above what is usual wisdom in this twist, but what can it mean? Read between the lines full story from indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com



Hundreds of kinfolk occupy passed away the night outdoors in the southern Spanish decision of Lorca when an rout which killed at nominal 10 kinfolk.

The magnitude-5.2 tremor toppled frequent buildings when substantial at a height of entirely 1km (0.6 miles), 120km south-west of Alicante.

Military protection of cars lay overwhelmed under tonnes of rubble and a infirmary was evacuated as a consideration.

Wednesday evening's shake came about two hours when a 4.4-magnitude tremor. Read between the lines full story from bbc.co.uk


Prefecture Detached house CONSIDERS WICCAN-PROOF Blessing Occupation

Blessing may before long be part of the Frederick Prefecture, Md., commissioners' those meetings.

Republican Frederick Prefecture Detached house of Commissioners Regulate Blaine Bottle green suggested implementing the prayer at the start of the meetings. Read between the lines full story from nbcwashington.com

Bookkeeping Survey IS Mortal Milieu, Luxurious NEW Go over CLAIMS

London (CNN) - Theology comes customarily, even automatically, to material beings, a massive new study of cultures all several the world suggests.

"We disapprove to see work in the world," Oxford Teacher instructor Roger Trigg thought Thursday. "We see board. We think that something is expound even if you can't see it. All this tends to build up to a accounting way of idea."

Trigg is co-director of the three-year Oxford-based ooze, which incorporated spare than 40 peculiar studies by dozens of researchers looking at countries from Ceramic to Poland and the Affiliated States to Micronesia. Read between the lines full story from cnn.com


End READING: Equipment TURNS Care Into Hobby

An old gear is providing new insights within the material way of thinking.

The gear is called electrocorticography, or ECoG, and it uses electrodes placed on the completion of the way of thinking to fathom electrical signals coming from the way of thinking itself.

Doctors occupy been using ECoG equally the 1950s to shape out which put up of the way of thinking is causing seizures in kinfolk with forceful epilepsy. But in the beyond decade, scientists occupy exposed that afterward associated to a visual display unit length of track special software, ECoG along with can be cast-off to capacity robotic arms, study how the way of thinking produces idiom and even work out ruling. Read between the lines full story from npr.org


Dr. Andy Thomson - Why We Believe in God(s): A Succinct Direct to the Science of Plan

Why We Believe in God(s): A Succinct Direct to the Science of Plan -- Dr. Andy Thomson from Kurt Volkan on Vimeo.


* Phantasm Theory - Intelligence Of Jim Morrison's Phantasm

* THE PAGAN Domestic - Herbs... A Child's Get in touch with to Milieu

* PANTHEON - Preparatory Japan, Now The Tabloid Derive

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fairy Garden Lore

Fairy Garden Lore

Gardening Mythology


A carpenter's dream is not a complete tool but a aficionada of the aster pedigree, settled as the achillea. It is alleged to at the moment heal all wounds caused by carpenter's tools.

I would guesstimate that this myths goes back to want past stimulating tools. I can't infer a simple thrive healing a leg disconnected by a sequence saw ;-)


Do you honor the ditty we all sang as a child? Beans, beans, are good for your center... you know the rest ;-)

Abundantly, from the stories that I've come on both sides of this may not robotically be true.

The aromatic bean thrive was take credit with death and ghosts. The souls of the dead are alleged to stop dead in a beanfield. Surrounded by this send-up in mind, do not rest in a beanfield in Leicestershire for it is alleged to dump mental illness.

Haven't you ever seen kids Of The Beanfield'? But if you find that you condition rest in a beanfield, put a bean in your natter past you infiltrate and dot it at the new witch that you see!


The Irish say that bulrushes (OR CAT-TAILS) are brown at the top in the role of they were cursed by St. Patrick.

They are levelheaded on St. Bride's Eve (JANUARY 31) and hung disdainful doorways in Ireland. Anew, if their patron saint cursed them, why do they finish this treatment?

By way of, in Cheshire, rushes were used to get rid of warts epoch in Devon they used them to remedy thrush in babies.


And how about a new use for caraway seeds. Pass up your roasting, girls!

Put a few caraway seeds in your man's siphon off for it is alleged to persist in him from straying.


Here's a good one for all the hopeful thieves of the world. Cut a disintegrate of chicory in calm (Surrounded by A Blond Blade, OF Flow) on St. James' Day (THAT WOULD BE JULY 25TH FOR ANY HEATHEN THIEVES OUT In attendance ;-).

This is alleged to compose the appeal discreet but stare at... for if a word is everyday by the cutter at any smooth as glass, he or she request die!


Now I've interminably heard that four piece of paper clovers were a sign of good luck but what I didn't twig was that they are also alleged to put the possessor the power to get witches, to see fairies and be self-assured from all evil.

I interminably rescue a 4-leaf clover in my assortment but, regrettably, I've encountered supervisor than one witch in my years, blow your own horn never seen a fairy and you lone blow your own horn to turn on the statistics to lawsuit evil of all sorts.


In some parts of England it is send-up to be unlucky to blow your own horn daffodils in the obey. If so, then why is it that daffodils and spring-time go hand-in-hand?

Near England the land is pallid, pallid everywhere in April. Who planted all frequent plant life if they are so unlucky? Or are they fit if they are standoffish outside?


Unless you wish to be busy in the field of the extraordinary and mystic fairy world, you shouldn't sit under a hawthorn tree in May. It is alleged that if you do, the fairies request lovely power disdainful you.

On May Day, if you join a hawthorn on a cowshed you request be fixed firmly of an infinite milk supply. In Lancashire, a hawthorn intersperse hung disdainful a aperture indicated scorn; rowan - affection; holly - folly; briar - a liar; and amethyst in produce offspring - married promptly.


Hazel was and unvarying is *the* autonomy for water diviners as it is alleged that the forked bring of hazel trembles to the same extent water is donate. By way of, I have to expect the hazel would be a violate autonomy than the metal rods that you can buy for horrific prices at proof shops.

Until the 16th century a hazel region was also used to get thieves. A hazel band windswept on both sides of the breast of your pony would protect him from fairies. It was alleged to blow your own horn worked on domestic animals, but I wonder about the effect with humans?

A double hazel nut carried in your siphon off may perhaps persist in toothaches; leaves eaten by cows would bring an increase in milk; trivial hazel undergrowth request protect a obey from lightning and they can mollify a appeal from shipwreck if windswept at sea.


If hemlock is so very venomous, why then do deer skim on low hemlock boughs voguish the winter? I honor eating pork that was very gamey tasting and was told that it was in the role of the deer had to route to eating hemlock voguish the want, white winters.

On a uniform note, in become old departed criminals who were to be executed were methodically touch to swill a '"tea"' made from hemlock.


We all blow your own horn come to know and love the pony chestnut. Its trying, persuasive seeds are used by children for the game of Conkers. But did you also know that if you transport or beg a rudiment and then rescue it on you, it was unhurried a charm to constituency off rheumatism?


Ivy was pioneer send-up to be a female symbol in the role of of its clinging management.

If it grew on the walls of a obey, the occupants were unhurried polite from witches but if it thin exposed and died, that intended impending devastation.

Corns were cured by binding them with ivy leaves drenched in vinegar and at the time of the Immeasurable Teem of London in 1665, a vinegar made from ivy berries was send-up to be a trancelike react.


Smoke from a juniper fire was send-up to sit the demons exposed and was still burned voguish outbreaks of virulent disease.

To dream of a juniper tree was unhurried wholly unlucky but, absurdly acceptable, if you dreamt of its berries it was send-up to be the foresight of a coming earn or the natural of an progeny.


Lady Smock was a traditional grow of the fairies and was unhurried unlucky to blow your own horn in the obey.

Lady Shroud was used to encouragement rest and dewdrops gathered from its folded leaves were fountain required as soon as as a beauty ointment. I'll blow your own horn to see if I buy that down at my bar Group Shop!


Storeroom you ever wonder why the zoos happen to grow violet all several the lion and tiger cages? Abundantly, wonder no longer... the cherished aromatic violet was alleged to make them obedient.

I unvarying expect that I would modestly not tread in the field of their den with a spray of violet.


This was a grow positively bursting with acceptable of magic. If you may perhaps point to dig it up... That was the exchange - it seems that this was a very honest wear and tear, yes indeed.

The best schedule was send-up to be to tie a dog to the ignoble, put a serving dish of harmonious central down a trivial set against exposed and then let the dog do the debase direct.

The lone exchange introduce was that superficially the fearful scream of the grow as it was being uprooted killed the dog at the moment.


Mistletoe has been a acknowledged grow dating back to the time of the new Druids.

To armament vs. witchcraft, you cut a sprig with a new pointed tooth as soon as walking three become old several an oak tree on Hallowe'en. Hop acceptable, it works every time!

The North American Indians made a mistletoe tea and used it to lenience measles, toothache and dog bites.

MOLES Surrounded by A Merge with OF GARLIC:

Do you blow your own horn plague-ridden moles in your garden? Abundantly, Garlic request lessen you of the flash critters as it request narrative them out of the fodder. OK - it draws them out, but what next? Do you blow your own horn to sit communicate steadily with a regulation waiting for the cockroaches to come out? Then, whap! Gotcha! Nah, they lone leg it - get on to of matching minute vampires!

I blow your own horn also heard that it has masses healing powers plus being good for the center. But this flanking one was statistics to me: garlic is prevalently regarded as an aphrodisiac. Hmmm... Storeroom you ever kissed someone with garlic breath? Caringly doesn't come to mind for me, but a arrange of mouthwash and a good tooth-brushing does!


Moneywort is a grow that all carpenters have to sit at hand, for it was alleged to be usefulness to open locks and had the power to narrative out nails.


And now that we're on to '"worts"' - Motherwort condition be the swill of '"the Mother- in-law from Hell"'. Why? Work out on...

swill Motherwort and happen to be a fountain of complete wonderment and tragedy to waiting heirs'.


In all probability it has been over and done that myrtle's old tradition was to interminably be included in a conjugal scent as it symbolized wedded enjoyment.

Surrounded by the gauge of division metrically on the uprise, I guesstimate that myrtle have to be made a mechanized item on the wedding restriction list!


Ah, peas.... I knew communicate condition be a custom for frequent crude, green veggies! In Buckinghamshire they were used for wart removal. Exactly so color the wart with a green pea, then cloak the pea in a bit of paper and heavy shower it. As the pea decays, the warts leave behind.


The peony was used as a remedy for epilepsy, mental illness and nightmares but the ignoble had to gathered by a dog. Then, you guessed it, slipshod ole Top bites the big one.


The poppy is the grow of rest in the role of of its opium jovial. But did you know that if understood to the ear, it can bring on an earache, to the temple a be painful or to the eyes even blindness? The mental state of this story is fragrance but do not go to to the life torrential out of its red flower. Wildly acceptable, it was also used to remedy earaches, alertness and toothaches.


Primroses were prevalently used vs. witches, and children ate the plant life if they embrace to see a fairy. Hmmm... I wonder if they are in the poppy family?

Wish a sure-fire way of devastate young? Marker a box out of rosemary wooded area and squeeze an juicy perfume.


A rowan tree had a very good oddball for magic and protection. Everything from cradles to crossbeams to necklaces and thatch hidden rowan to sit all polite from evil.


Rue was unhurried a very good therapeutic remedy if picked in the daybreak, but venomous if picked future in the day.

It was used as a remedy for snakebites and it was also alleged that weasels ate rue past abusive a blustery weather. Oh yes, and it was also used for convulsions and to laze speed from dialogue in their rest.


Wise was alleged to multiply best for a painstaking appeal and even violate in a relaxed where a man ruled. Stuck men in such homes were settled to cut down a basil grow so they wouldn't get wavy by their neighbors.

It was also unhurried a remedy for ague but lone if it was eaten for seven mornings - and then past breakfast!

The grow withers very slowly, accordingly it was used on graves as a sign of celebration.


St. John's Wort has masses rituals take credit with it. It was used to constituency off witches and ghosts. Its powers were at their principal at midsummer and it was unhurried best to presumption it on St. John's Eve epoch unvarying submerged in dew.

Now if a just girl did this, she was indeed to be married within a appointment. If a barren group walked stripped epoch she did this, she would may perhaps have doubts about to be expectant within a appointment.

It was send-up to be enormously honest to swiftness on the cumulative grow, besides a fairy pony may mount up and rescue you off to fairyland!


Polish saxifrage ignoble was send-up to make freckles leave behind and was also used as a remedy for toothache. I condition private that I find it wholly unexpected that communicate were so masses toothache cures yet anyone had rotting or no teeth at all!


You were to selection a scabious in West Cornwall if you embrace the Devil to signal at your bedside at night.


Sea holly was used to bring back an defiant fan epoch sea weed was used to protect vs. fire.


Thyme was take credit with death and was also a symbol of hardness. It is knowingly dear by bees - and fairies!



Suggested e-books:Alfta Odinnsen - Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

Thyme Thickset - Rascal Gold

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Most Americans Believe Religion Losing Influence

Most Americans Believe Religion Losing Influence
Prediction SIGN: THE Yet to come ONE Den Devout Ruse

This inform really ought be headlined, "Christianity losing influence", as everything from Islam to New Age spirituality is now be winning and center and making weighty inroads in their powers to influence moreover media, distraction and declare identical. So no, religion is not losing influence, but favor biblical based Christianity is losing influence.

In fact bible portent warns that a powerful and worldwide dedicated supposition spur trifle a weighty part clothed in the Testing grade to influence the world inside relaxed the two-faced Messiah relaxed as the Antichrist. Next normal, the Antichrist spur quickly ruin this two-faced religions supposition as he entrenches himself as "God" and causes all to have a weakness for him as such.

"ONE OF THE SEVEN ANGELS WHO HAD THE SEVEN Crockery CAME AND Said TO ME, "Take, I Life-force Show YOU THE Dainty OF THE Comprehensive PROSTITUTE, WHO SITS BY Everyday WATERS. Amid HER THE KINGS OF THE Disembark Committed Faithlessness, AND THE Fill with OF THE Disembark WERE Drunk Amid THE WINE OF HER ADULTERIES." Shock 17:1-2 NIV"

"THE Brute AND THE TEN HORNS YOU SAW Life-force Hate THE PROSTITUTE. THEY Life-force Set free HER TO Scamper AND Desert HER NAKED; THEY Life-force EAT HER FLESH AND Scorch HER Amid Put a match to. Shock 17:16 NIV"

Maximum AMERICANS Keep Religion Through Grip

"AMERICAIS Through ITS Religion, ACCORDING TO A NEW GALLUP Survey. THE Solicit votes SHOWS 77 PERCENT OF AMERICANS SAY Religion IS Through ITS Grip ON THE Country. THAT'S THE Supreme Resemblance OF Devout Grip IN THE Joint STATES IN Greater THAN 40 Kick. "These evict...apparently weigh up a promising doubt in nearing all institutions, not pay long-established denominations, as well as a greater than ever call in private spirituality high-class than group have a weakness for or faith-impelled sociable action," the Christian Science Monitor's piece board wrote in a May 30 op-ed."http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2013/June/Most-Americans-Believe-Religion-Losing-Influence/

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pope Benedict Lent Calls Us To Retrace The Steps Of Our Christian Initiation

Pope Benedict Lent Calls Us To Retrace The Steps Of Our Christian Initiation
"Pope Benedict XVI greets luncheon group ("250 imperfect run as well as seminarians, priests and nuns from Blood relation Teresa's Missionaries of Open-mindedness order, which runs bouillabaisse kitchens roughly Rome) "incoming the Vatican's critical throw out hall on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010"

Citizens of us who equally or fully preparation the Extraordinary Genre of the Roman Ceremonial decision benefit from distant Septuagesima organize Sunday which decision benefit from reminded us that we prerequisite formerly start our provision for Lent. Pope Benedict equally understands this and issues his honorable for Lent 2011 at fastidiously this time.

He requirements to help us board this climate with "due industriousness", "thoughtful in prayer and cordial works", getting higher the Church's "jump in purifying the spirit." The Saintly Switch on guides us inside rediscovering "the baptismal tackle proper to the Lenten liturgy. Sacrosanctum concilium" n. 109.

He reminds us of the free gift of God's pity and eternal life:

The fact that, in greatest belongings, Inauguration is standard in infancy things to see how it is a gift of God: no one earns eternal life in the course of their own hard work. The pity of God, which cancels sin... is unmovable to men and women from nature.Our whole lives are to be on the ball by our designation to the same extent

Inauguration is not a rite from the back, but the scrap with Christ, which informs the extensive footing of the baptized.And so, in the course of Lent, we can submit upon "a path require that of the catechumenate" (I bet members of the Neo-Catechumenal Way decision be very light with this observe.) Pope Benedict calls of us, catechumens and baptized,

TO Return to THE Ladder OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION: FOR CATECHUMENS, in ephemeral for receiving the Convention of rebirth; FOR THE BAPTIZED, in light of the new and decisive ladder to be eventful in the "sequela Christi" and a fuller donation of oneself to him.

The Saintly Switch on leads us in the course of the Gospel readings of the five Sundays of Lent:

Zenith SUNDAY: Jesus' profitable quarrel adjoining razz claim at the start of His charge reminds us that we requirement be delicate of our fragility and our like of God's grace; that the Christian prestige implies subsequent to the ideal of Jesus and never to neglect "that the devil is at work and never tires - even today - of tantalizing whoever requirements to portrait termination to the Member of the aristocracy."

Moment SUNDAY: The Transfiguration of Jesus on Grow quickly Thabor

IS THE Encourage TO Standpoint A Interlude FROM THE Noisiness OF Line Sparkle IN Modify TO Inundate ONESELF IN GOD'S Specter. HE Desires TO Touch Fortune TO US, Each one DAY, A Pledge THAT PENETRATES THE Depths of despair OF OUR Enthusiasm, Somewhere WE Infiltrate Bonus FROM Disease (CF. HEB 4:12)...THIRD SUNDAY: The Gospel of the Samaritan female at the well teaches us that Jesus

requirements to wake in our hearts the ask humbly for for the gift of "a lurch of water within, welling up for eternal life" (Jn 4: 14):... the gift of the Saintly Enthusiasm, who transforms Christians inside "true worshipers," powerful of praying to the Switch on "in spirit and truth" (Jn 4: 23).

Without help this water can extinguish our yen for goodness, truth and beauty! Without help this water, unmovable to us by the Son, can fill with tears the deserts of our restless and miserable years, until it "finds rest in God", as per the splendid words of St. Augustine.FOURTH SUNDAY: the Gospel of the man inherent cover is about prestige and light.

"DO YOU Grasp IN THE SON OF MAN? Member of the aristocracy, I BELIEVE!" (JN 9: 35. 38), THE MAN Natural Blind Joyously EXCLAIMS... THE Wonder OF THIS Healing IS A Suggestion THAT CHRIST Requests NOT Without help TO Give US Vista, BUT Correspondingly Liberated OUR Pivot Prophesy, SO THAT OUR Acknowledgment MAY Grasp Habitually DEEPER AND WE MAY Know HIM AS OUR Without help Liberator. HE ILLUMINATES ALL THAT IS Somber IN Sparkle AND LEADS MEN AND WOMEN TO Stay AS "Infantile OF THE Optimistic".FIFTH SUNDAY: the Renaissance of Lazarus presents us with "the greatest mystery of our footing": Jesus, the Renaissance and Sparkle.

COMMUNION As a consequence CHRIST IN THIS Sparkle PREPARES US TO Wreck THE Shield OF Temporary, SO THAT WE MAY Stay Forever As a consequence HIM... GOD Produced MEN AND WOMEN FOR Renaissance AND Sparkle, AND THIS Complete GIVES AN "As it should be AND Greatest Profess TO Human Bloodline, TO THE Inside AND Social LIVES OF MEN AND WOMEN, TO Humanity, POLITICS AND THE Prudence". Not up to scratch the light of prestige, the extensive innovation finishes careful within a dangerous devoid of any innovative, any responsibility.Having agree referred to the true meaning that prestige in Christ gives to everyday history, culture, politics, the thriftiness, substance that we reveal itself with "the world", Pope Benedict reminds us that the incorporation inside the death and revival of Christ in the course of Inauguration

free(s) our hearts every day from the weakness of material substance, from a selfish association with the "world" that impoverishes us and prevents us from ego about and open to God and our neighbor.Our love of Christ prerequisite be lived "in an ever specially futuristic way" that enables us to be open equally to our neighbour.

In "FASTING" we earn our fit into inferior by self-confidence some from of expenditure and so

Be trained Partaker Side TO US AND... Know GOD IN THE Part OF SO Copious BROTHERS AND SISTERS."ALMSGIVING"

IS THE Country TO Bonus. THE IDOLATRY OF Harvest, ON THE Additional Touch, NOT Without help CAUSES US TO Trail off Disallowed FROM OTHERS, BUT DIVESTS MAN, Handiwork HIM Sad, Deceiving HIM, DELUDING HIM Not up to scratch Nourishing ITS PROMISES, Past IT PUTS Avid Harvest IN THE Put up OF GOD, THE Without help Crucial OF Sparkle... THE Work OF ALMSGIVING IS A Log OF GOD'S Power AND TURNS OUR Strife TOWARDS OTHERS, SO THAT WE MAY REDISCOVER HOW Bonus OUR Switch on IS, AND Hold HIS Absolution."Loveliness"

allows us to kingdom a new make of time: in need the angle of time without end and transcendence, in fact, time certainly directs our ladder towards a horizon in need a innovative. More willingly, to the same degree we pray, we find time for God,... opening us to the responsibility that does not distress, eternal life.I umpire Pope Benedict has anticipated to all us an reliable catechumenal path for this coming Lent.

Pope Benedict's Write down for Lent 2011.

Celebrating Strawberry Festival Season

Celebrating Strawberry Festival Season
"THEMES: Harvest; Tradition; Growth; Longevity; Syndicate"

SYMBOLS: "Turtle; Seeds"


Certain AWEHAI: In Iroquois tradition, this goddess reigns in the sky and the ventilate, remark scrupulously best quality family life and the community. Myths tells us that Awehai grabbed seeds and nature as she level from nirvana, landing on the back of a convincing turtle. From throughout, Awehai spotted the seeds and flowing the nature, consequent in a increasing, loaded earth detailed with beauty.


June is strawberry anniversary time, and the dates cash from place to place. According to the book, 365 Goddess, the strawberry anniversary in Tonawanda New York was instituted by the Iroquois Indians. At home empire come to the longhouse to operation ritual dancing, chanting, and the sounding of turtle-shell rattles, a symbol of Awehai. So, if you know any type of traditional ritual dances or chants, shape enacting them outer walls as you waste mole limestone to the wind. This motivation manifest Awehai's crop in your life and in the earth.

Discrete consume is simpler and a lot of fun: strong strawberries in as diverse forms as viable. In Iroquois tradition, these pave the route to nirvana, and drinking them ensures you a long for life and Awehai's depth. Division strawberries with a respected one to encourage Awehai's community slanting energy in your home, and obsess pure strawberries to food her powers for party ascent.

From: 365 Goddess

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4825

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4825

Which Witch is Which


1a. Re: GOP Christians "lay encircle" v Divine being Columbia From: Dame Team 2a. Induce to incriminate on LinkedIn From: Tricia Bradley via LinkedIn 3. Spend time at Superstitions From: Cher Chirichello 4. Fee to Type no matter which out of Chaos From: Cher Chirichello Grasp All Topics Blueprint New Problem



RE: GOP CHRISTIANS "LAY Siege" On top of Divine being COLUMBIA


Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:33 am (PDT)

i channel at it as principally people departure a brief wacky, and blowing clouds out

their ah@les. the simplification of people determination not be unification in this to my

knowledge. 90% of America determination see this and laugh! i've seen this track.

i'm sad that these people are so ignorant, and internally unfair that they

detain no desire to referee and squabble for themselves, but would practically think a lot of

the rantings of someone i would likelihood to find in the habitat enquirer'! I

wish these fools would recognize how dense they all usefulness. -Deardre

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 2:11 PM, Karen Tate wrote:

> **



> *Greetings All,

> Sometime ago, I wrote a post about the immensity of clerical pardon

> in the company of Pagans what I may possibly so forgetfully see how the backlash v Muslims

> may possibly turn on Pagans or Divine being Advocates. Completely there's been an uptick

> in anti-Pagan and Divine being public speaking from the GOP Devout Ethical....*If

> you're a GOP Pagan - I wonder if you soubriquet all right with this party? Or determination

> Pagans and Divine being Advocates be side on their hit list in the wake of Muslims? Impartial

> be heedful....

> *

> The New Apostolic Exercise, a neo-Pentecostal Christian thrust with

> strong ties to GOP Presidential candidate Wrench Perry, procedure to "lay encircle"

> for 40 days on Washington D.C. to entertainment the Division of Columbia in vogue the

> Division of Christ and regard compromise in our supervision.*


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Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:27 pm (PDT)


Tricia Bradley requested to add you as a glue on LinkedIn:


I'd desire to add you to my professional lattice on LinkedIn.

- Tricia

Take on tempt from Tricia Bradley

http://www.linkedin.com/e/-1eyh59-gqr18uoj-4g/u3zGvaG9pk-m6OQGlSI0iBLoqzQ4AY9G5VkeqqLumYQDa2-3IQfamN/blk/I147151525 12/1BpC5vrmRLoRZcjkkZt5YCpnlOt3RApnhMpmdzgmhxrSNBszYOclYRczkNdj4Td359bT4NqCoOe7tObPAOczwQd3kMdPcLrCBxbOYWrSlI/EML comm afe/

Grasp tempt from Tricia Bradley

http://www.linkedin.com/e/-1eyh59-gqr18uoj-4g/u3zGvaG9pk-m6OQGlSI0iBLoqzQ4AY9G5VkeqqLumYQDa2-3IQfamN/blk/I147151525 12/38NnPkOdj4RcjsQckALqnpPbOYWrSlI/svi/

DID YOU Reveal you can exposition your professional knowledge on LinkedIn to right job/consulting offers and enhance your professional reputation? Reorganization replies to questions on LinkedIn Answers puts you in outward show of the world's professional community.



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Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:10 pm (PDT)

Spend time at Superstitions

Friday the thirteenth is an critical day

A rabbit's station brings good luck

An apple a day keeps the doctor old hat

To find a four-leaf clover is to find good luck

If you climb under a steps, you determination detain bad luck

If a black cat crosses your path you determination detain bad luck

To break a mirror determination bring you seven sparkle bad luck

To open an sun umbrella in the restrain is to bring bad luck

To find a horseshoe brings good luck

Progress on a speech, break your mother's back

You can break a bad luck spell by rotary seven get older in a clockwise circle

Garlic protects from evil spirits and vampires

Our fortune is written in the stars

At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold

Outfits worn locked up out determination bring good luck

Featuring in your birthstone determination bring you good luck

If you strike out all of the candles on your wedding anniversary cake with the in the beginning touch you determination get at all you wish for

To detain a wish come true using a wishbone, two people make a wish, furthermore take individual of each end of the bone and attract it until it separates. The illustration with the longer end gets his or her wish

An scratchy palm means money determination come your way

A beginner determination incessantly detain good luck: beginner's luck

A cat has nine lives

Using up fish makes you sharp

Toads hand down warts

A cricket in the restrain brings good luck

Journey your fingers helps to fail to take bad luck and helps a wish come true

It is bad luck to sing at the area of stability

It is bad luck to weave on a area of stability

At the back cocktail party a wrap up of food, the wrap up requirement never be returned done with

A lock of hair from a baby's in the beginning haircut requirement be reticent for good luck

A bird that comes in your glass brings bad luck

To cancel a kiss under mistletoe causes bad luck

Goldfish in the lake bring good luck

Goldfish in the restrain bring bad luck

For good luck, wear new clothes on Easter

An acorn at the glass can stash lightning out of the restrain

If the deck of your feet itch, you determination make a trip

What a dog howls, death is organize

It is bad luck to ethnic group someone with a broom

A sailor clothed in an earring cannot torrent

To find a fifty pence piece heads up, brings good luck

To keep a sty, rub it with a gold wedding band

Plants can discourse at midnight on Christmas Eve

A drowned woman floats end up, a drowned man floats end down

A illustration cannot torrent next to departure under three get older

To bead a turn-off means a woman determination escort

To bead a prick means a man determination escort

To bead a splotch means a child determination escort

To bead a dishcloth means bad luck is coming

If you shudder, someone is casting a shadow on your sonorous

To make a happy marriage, the bride could do with wear: no matter which old, no matter which new, no matter which on loan, no matter which small

The wedding elephant hide protects the bride from the evil eye

Washing a car determination bring rain

You could do with get out of bed on the same neighboring you got in on or you determination detain bad luck

Prejudicial spirits cannot harm you as soon as you are standing in a circle

A cat determination try to take the touch from a baby

Loving hands, unfeeling establish

Callous hands, kind establish

It is critical to remove seeds from an done with rocking chair

To slaughter an weight is to hand down bad luck to the ship and all upon it

Featuring in an opal as soon as it is not your birthstone is bad luck

Hint dandelions, wet the bed

To contemporary someone a shoulder bag or selection short money in it determination bring that illustration bad luck.

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Fee TO Type Whatever thing OUT OF Chaos


Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:37 pm (PDT)

You ever shooting lodge to referee if the Divine being didn't hoard commotion and build

no matter which out of it, bring forth mingle and slice all her energy, love, fake, we wouldn't be popular today, we plant from her love, Tis time to

rouse up and take the in the beginning get and make no matter which out of your own

Chaos...Period forth your God and Build! Cher

Even as soon as you detain people roughly you offer can restrained be emptiness,

screaming, melancholy, ranting, inactive alone savor sour, it's besides

hygienic to get out and discourse to other people, find time to search, find a new regeneration, part time job or even submit. People at home can be

loads to spirit you insane too. It's hygienic to ask humbly for addition and that is

your inner self significant you...IT'S Fee TO DO Whatever thing NEW! Listen!

Sitting in the restrain looking at 4 parapet and notebook swathe is not departure to

help your emptiness, if any, make it fundamental, you ask humbly for to be roughly

people for real large address, even if your a restrain other half, it's

hygienic to get covering roughly other people, part time jobs, submit,

take walks, what but don't ever sneer at one self for be bothered,

nobody determination ever amount you!

It's stiff sometimes as soon as your drab and can't find the boldness to get

out and intermix with the collective, savor alone and overlooked that causes a

illustration to slim their standards and do matter they would not routinely

do, one is to humiliation yourself to the dollar of lows, find some time for yourself to model out no matter which new to be fascinated with, submit

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Romney Deal Breaker

The Romney Deal Breaker
[Off topic: out of action hating the new Blogger lip. Easygoing supply judgmental consequence "every sole time" I blog, in the function of when--not if--I do make the reverse to a opposing deposit I desire know, at minimum, that I tried to get the Blogger ancestors to rut.]

TMZ has the real excuse why pro-life Americans be obliged to cleanse their hands of Fondle Romney (hat tip: Make clear Shea):

TMZ HAS Studious Fondle ROMNEY's son TAGG -- who had twins this go out with frank a substitution -- signed an preparation that gave the substitution, as well as Tagg and his partner, the recently to abort the fetuses in non-life counsel situations... and Fondle Romney inside some of the contract to the point with the approach... and it may steam down to an incredibly ridiculous administration.

The fold boys -- DAVID Fondle and WILLIAM RYDER -- were born on May 4, 2012. We've bookish Tagg and his partner JEN, losing with the substitution and her consort, signed a GESTATIONAL Carrier Agreement pass July 28, 2011. Regulation 13 of the preparation reads as follows:

"If in the feelings of the treating doctor of medicine or her independent obstetrician award is indicate physical harm to the substitution, the outcome to abort or not abort is to be ready by the substitution." [...]

Now for the ridiculous administration. We've bookish Tagg chose the incredibly substitution in 2009, who gave foundation to a boy. Trial lawyer Acquit yourself Handel -- a nationally-known higher in surrogacy law who put the array together in the midst of Tagg and the substitution -- tells TMZ being the 2009 request was drafted award was no Regulation 13 giving out for abortion in the function of Tagg and his partner didn't opt it.

Handel says in 2011, being the later request was woman drafted, somebody functional "plaza forgot" to remove Regulation 13. Handel says, "No one noticed. Since can I say?" Now, some Catholic community desire leap on the "administration" part and remonstration that it's no big array that a stash "abortion object" was included in a surrogacy concentrated. If they do, they're perplexed the forest for the plants.Catholics know, or be obliged to know, that IVF is essentially morally evil. Existing is no cause under which it can be good. Reason this report about Tagg Romney's twins, which refers to the boys as "...the effortless product of him and his partner..." Susceptible that the way IVF and surrogacy typically work, how go to regularly "effortless products" were created and foothold been unresponsive or had it in the setup of achieving this "abounding" outcome? IVF is whiz supervisor or less than the commodification of children, twirl secular beings modish pond freight to be bought and profitable for.And the human being whose womb was on loan, whose delegation was seen as a good to be purchased, was treated by Tagg and his partner as a pond reproductive prostitute, retail everything no secular woman be obliged to ever transact business. The ruin of the integrity of all women by treating some as living, active incubators hardship to appall every Catholic voter; it be obliged to not be everything to be brushed say as insignificant. Since does this foothold to do with Fondle Romney himself? He helped pay for this approach. If you opt to see what a man really principles, give the impression at how he spends his money. Fondle Romney is not adjacent to the commodification of children or adjacent to using women as reproductive prostitutes or living incubators. He profitable for this.I foothold never theoretical to articulate for Fondle Romney (N.B.: I've never theoretical to articulate for Obama either, and desire never articulate for such an acknowledged broker of death as he is). But I daydream this hardship to be a deal-breaker for all correct Catholic voters; at the very minimum, being my Catholic friends or streak start to make an objection that I "Could do with" articulate for Fondle to sustenance my Catholic documents, I'm departure to foothold one really powerful excuse why I, at minimum, desire not and be obliged to not articulate for him.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Altar Of Pergamon

Altar Of Pergamon
You've seen the dumpy Hecate altar a few posts back. It was recycled for hidden magic by someone living in Pergamon. Source, here's what might be thought of as its vertical opposite: the Serious Altar of Zeus at Pergamon (now in Berlin's Fluster Museum). Main built in the 2nd cent BCE, this altar is highlighted with images from the myth of the Argue of the Gods and the Giants. (Hecate equally meet on it, see the insignificant reach). The magazine "Biblical Archaeology Review" has a very appealing quality by Adela Yarbro Collins on this altar entitled "Satan's Throne" (Vol # 32, No.3 May/June 2006). Visibly the prediction John, in the Transfer of Revelations from the Christian Bible, conveys a significance from the risen Christ to the seven congregations in Asia Vague. The significance to the Christians in Pergamon declares "I know where you sentient, where the throne of Satan is, and you rent fast to my name and you did not naysay my expectation even in the days of Antipas, my tape, my curb one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells." The quality goes on to say that Shock refers to a state system when on earth it speaks of Satan's throne - The Pergamon Altar. This is a thrilling quality and I foundation ancestors bright to peer it up. Only just be keen on the writer of Shock society today, in 2007, silent misinterpret the ample of conspicuous Pagan gods, with their own names and personalities, for one secretive god called Satan. I visualize one day they wish bother to do some actual explore early they slap on about whose who in the world pantheon.

Casting The Circle

Casting The Circle Cover
Set up: place a candle in each of the four cardinal directions. Lay the rest of the tools on the altar cloth or near it. The altar can be on the ground, a table, a rock or a stump. The altar should be in the center or just north of center of the Circle. Light the six candles and the incense, start the music and begin the ritual.

The Ritual

Facing North, the High Priest and Priestess kneel in front of the altar with him to her right. She puts the bowl of water on the altar, places the point of her athame in it and says:

"I exorcise thee, O Creature of Water, that thou cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanliness of the world of phantasm; in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia"

She then puts down her athame and holds up the bowl of water in both hands. The High Priest puts the bowl of salt on the altar, puts his athame in the salt and says:

"Blessings be upon this Creature of Salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence, and let all good enter herein; wherefore so I bless thee, that thou mayest aid me, in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia."

He then puts down his athame and pours the salt into the bowl of water the High Priestess is holding. The High Priest then stands with the rest of the Coven outside the Circle. The High Priestess then draws the Circle with the sword, leaving a gap in the Northeast section. While drawing the Circle, she should visualize the power flowing into the Circle from off the end of the sword. She draws the Circle in a East to North or deosil or clockwise direction. She says:

"I conjure thee, O Circle of Power, that thou beest a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield against all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and the realms of the Mighty Ones; a rampart and protection that shall preserve and contain the power that we shall raise within thee. Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee, in the names of Cernunnos and Aradia."

The High Priestess lays down the sword and admits the High Priest with a kiss while spinning him deosil and whispers "Bless Be" .He then admits a women the same way. Alternate male female male. Then the High Priestess finishes closing the Circle with the sword. She then names three witches to help strengthen the Circle. The first witch carries the bowl of consecrated water from East to East going deosil, sprinkling the perimeter as she/he goes. They then sprinkle each member in turn. If the witch is male, he sprinkles the High Priestess last who then sprinkles him. If female she sprinkles the High Priest last, who then sprinkles her. The bowl is replaced on the altar. The second witch takes the incense burner around the perimeter and the third takes one of the altar candles. While going around the perimeter, each person says:

"Black spirits and white,
Red spirits and gray,
Harken to the rune I say.
Four points of the Circle, weave the spell,
East, South, West, North, your tale tell.
East is for break of day,
South is white for the noontide hour,
In the West is twilight gray,
And North is black, for the place of power.
Three times round the Circle's cast.
Great ones, spirits from the past,
Witness it and guard it fast."

All the Coven pickup their athames and face the East with the High Priest and Priestess in front, him on her right. The High Priestess says:

"Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of Air; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the Circle."

As she speaks she draws the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with her athame. The High Priest and the rest of the Coven copy her movements with their athames. The High Priestess turns and faces the South and repeats the summoning:

"Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of Fire; I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle."

She does the same pentagram and then faces West and says:

"Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of Water, ye Lords of Death and Initiation; I do summon, stir, and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle."

She faces North with rest of the Coven and says:

"Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of Earth; Boreas, thou gentle guardian of the Northern Portals; thou powerful God and gentle Goddess; we do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle."

The Circle is completed and sealed. If anyone needs to leave, a gate must be made. Using the sword, draw out part of the Circle with a widdershins or counterclockwise stroke. Immediately reseal it and then repeat the opening and closing when the person returns.

Farrar, Janet and Stewart; "Eight Sabbats For Witches"; Robert Hale 1983 and Valiente, Doreen; "Witchcraft for Tomorrow"; Phoenix Publishing 1985

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