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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Incontrovertible Fiction Has Its Own Kind Of Destruction Selah

Incontrovertible Fiction Has Its Own Kind Of Destruction Selah
Hi there,

So my cogitations around the necessity of any kind of competitor to Creation have resulted in this comprehension:

Incontrovertible fiction, has its own kind of destruction (selah)

The meaning of this is simple, if I say something is evolved and I insist that it is evolved and I keep insisting that it is evolved, eventually you will begin to cave and in and say "yes, it is evolved" - this is "destruction"! It necessary means that you begin to see meaning in the word "evolved" even when there is none. This I think is where a lot of believers are when it comes to what to say to Evolution, without knowing exactly "what" (hence theistic evolution and all the rest).

The point is that knowing it is "destruction" and not "power" is actually "power", and saying that the distinction "is a distinction" is actually "importance based on validity". This is how the faith must move forward on the debate of Christianity vs Evolution - we simply must not cave to more than that it is a fiction that has power like any fiction has power (destructively, nothing else), if reiterated forcefully and insistently enough. Like the nails in Christ's hands, Evolution will simply become the death of fools that cannot tell the difference between a living and dead word, a creative effort and an abomination. Men's consciences will continue to be their own, the moreso when they see "that they do not have our power and that not because of power per se, but the message behind the power".

There really is no substance to the theory of Evolution, it is basically a coverall term for epigenetic tension that may or may not be intergenerational and which in the face of death, whether by predators "or other means" (and there are other means, such as ageing for example), can be resolved by facing death with enough anticipation to adapt or at least have an answer for those that can yet adapt. This is the foundation of a society and is basically the reason that we can continue to be moral, even if it means setting our sights on winning the Devil to good character through continual sacrifice, of whatever we have left to sacrifice meaningfully (until that Day when we are finally against him for the last time and it no longer matters what God has allowed him to believe he is capable of doing to us, because our lives are "over"). The Devil cannot say no to this, if he knows to do better and there is nothing stopping him from proving himself in doing so "he will" and whatever young he has "in doing this, will prosper".

Knowing that threat for threat's sake is dead, is the work of the Holy Spirit and will be wrought on the Earth in due time.

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