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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sun Salutations And The Winter Solstice

Sun Salutations And The Winter Solstice

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The darkest night of the court is coming put right up.

At the Frozen Solstice (December 21 this court), we inhibit the target term of cock-crow of the whole court, and consequently the keep a note, darkest night. In Neolithic become old, the Frozen Solstice was adjacent by midwinter revelry that were kindly serious ethnically. These earlier agricultural communities depended on the long-standing nine months of the court to stay pungent winter; rapidly in the company of January and Stroll (often called "the require months" by persons communities) was not infrequent.

To inhibit having to control descendants flora and fauna such as cows, goats and typical, greatest of these were slaughtered merely before the Frozen Solstice. This was any the time to the same degree greatest of the fermented beverages were untaken for assistance. As a terminate of this sudden availability of ecological central, cocktail, and wine, existing would be roomy feasts on or a little the year's darkest night.

Pagan societies saw this as video of the sun's loss attendance, and the view of the first light (and restitution) of different sun gods became co-conspirator with these feasts. The territory had a suspicion of the world itself dying, to be reborn in the satisfactory. Following Roman conquest of the dimension of Europe, these concepts were subsumed all the rage the Saturnalia celebration.

Following the emperor Constantine ended Christianity the kingdom religion of the Roman Development, Frozen Solstice revelry underwent yet dissimilar cultural and secretarial shuffle. Now the credence was on the first light of Christ; the inspection of Jesus as the light of the world inward bound the world on the darkest night of the court (to die and be reborn in the satisfactory) dovetailed modestly with free traditions. As a result Saturnalia and other midwinter pagan revelry were little by little edged out by Christmas in the new, Christianized Europe. Anyhow, many of the aspects of the Christmas celebration carried from beginning to end from pagan times: the Yule log, the adorned tree, mistletoe, caroling, and so on. The caroling tradition can be traced back to the pagan practice of a community's poorest children leaving from homeland to homeland, singing for cakes and other treats. (In Christian become old, the children would beg for "energy cakes," pink to help start common now dead dynasty from purgatory with their singing.)

Captivatingly, the inspection of a god to the same extent inherent of a virgin, dying, and to the same extent reborn, was completely current in the ancient world. It was sound in the chafe of Jesus, having facing been hypothetical to inhibit been the chafe with the Roman god Dionysius. He was hypothetical to inhibit been inherent on the Frozen Solstice of a virgin mother, been killed, and resurrected following three days. As in the chafe of Jesus, December 25th and January 6th (the later becoming the Anniversary of the Epiphany) were both traditional first light dates in the Dionysian myth and represented the festival term of the Solstice.

This court, yoga practitioners international are marking the Frozen Solstice with a celebration of 108 Sun Salutations. Evolutions Yoga says on its website,

This is the day, December 21, 2012, we've been waiting forbuilding up to, and illegally wondering about. The yogis say it's all leaving to be merely fine, fine, fine; so unroll your mat and constrain your yoga accommodation for a yoga party! This year's Frozen Solstice Event Enjoy option swathe the 108 Sun Salutations practice! (www.evolutionsyoga.com)

So we see (yet anew) how ethnically and deeply bendable the Frozen Solstice is from first to last the world and with a leg on each side of cultures. Whether you delight Hanukkah (the F?te of Lights), Christmas (the first light of love and light), the African American holiday Kwaanza, or the Humanist observance of Whatsoever New, you can delight the coming of light, love and castle in the sky to the world on the darkest night of the yearand consider this in your yoga practice.

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Sun Salutations and the Frozen Solstice