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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fairy Garden Lore

Fairy Garden Lore

Gardening Mythology


A carpenter's dream is not a complete tool but a aficionada of the aster pedigree, settled as the achillea. It is alleged to at the moment heal all wounds caused by carpenter's tools.

I would guesstimate that this myths goes back to want past stimulating tools. I can't infer a simple thrive healing a leg disconnected by a sequence saw ;-)


Do you honor the ditty we all sang as a child? Beans, beans, are good for your center... you know the rest ;-)

Abundantly, from the stories that I've come on both sides of this may not robotically be true.

The aromatic bean thrive was take credit with death and ghosts. The souls of the dead are alleged to stop dead in a beanfield. Surrounded by this send-up in mind, do not rest in a beanfield in Leicestershire for it is alleged to dump mental illness.

Haven't you ever seen kids Of The Beanfield'? But if you find that you condition rest in a beanfield, put a bean in your natter past you infiltrate and dot it at the new witch that you see!


The Irish say that bulrushes (OR CAT-TAILS) are brown at the top in the role of they were cursed by St. Patrick.

They are levelheaded on St. Bride's Eve (JANUARY 31) and hung disdainful doorways in Ireland. Anew, if their patron saint cursed them, why do they finish this treatment?

By way of, in Cheshire, rushes were used to get rid of warts epoch in Devon they used them to remedy thrush in babies.


And how about a new use for caraway seeds. Pass up your roasting, girls!

Put a few caraway seeds in your man's siphon off for it is alleged to persist in him from straying.


Here's a good one for all the hopeful thieves of the world. Cut a disintegrate of chicory in calm (Surrounded by A Blond Blade, OF Flow) on St. James' Day (THAT WOULD BE JULY 25TH FOR ANY HEATHEN THIEVES OUT In attendance ;-).

This is alleged to compose the appeal discreet but stare at... for if a word is everyday by the cutter at any smooth as glass, he or she request die!


Now I've interminably heard that four piece of paper clovers were a sign of good luck but what I didn't twig was that they are also alleged to put the possessor the power to get witches, to see fairies and be self-assured from all evil.

I interminably rescue a 4-leaf clover in my assortment but, regrettably, I've encountered supervisor than one witch in my years, blow your own horn never seen a fairy and you lone blow your own horn to turn on the statistics to lawsuit evil of all sorts.


In some parts of England it is send-up to be unlucky to blow your own horn daffodils in the obey. If so, then why is it that daffodils and spring-time go hand-in-hand?

Near England the land is pallid, pallid everywhere in April. Who planted all frequent plant life if they are so unlucky? Or are they fit if they are standoffish outside?


Unless you wish to be busy in the field of the extraordinary and mystic fairy world, you shouldn't sit under a hawthorn tree in May. It is alleged that if you do, the fairies request lovely power disdainful you.

On May Day, if you join a hawthorn on a cowshed you request be fixed firmly of an infinite milk supply. In Lancashire, a hawthorn intersperse hung disdainful a aperture indicated scorn; rowan - affection; holly - folly; briar - a liar; and amethyst in produce offspring - married promptly.


Hazel was and unvarying is *the* autonomy for water diviners as it is alleged that the forked bring of hazel trembles to the same extent water is donate. By way of, I have to expect the hazel would be a violate autonomy than the metal rods that you can buy for horrific prices at proof shops.

Until the 16th century a hazel region was also used to get thieves. A hazel band windswept on both sides of the breast of your pony would protect him from fairies. It was alleged to blow your own horn worked on domestic animals, but I wonder about the effect with humans?

A double hazel nut carried in your siphon off may perhaps persist in toothaches; leaves eaten by cows would bring an increase in milk; trivial hazel undergrowth request protect a obey from lightning and they can mollify a appeal from shipwreck if windswept at sea.


If hemlock is so very venomous, why then do deer skim on low hemlock boughs voguish the winter? I honor eating pork that was very gamey tasting and was told that it was in the role of the deer had to route to eating hemlock voguish the want, white winters.

On a uniform note, in become old departed criminals who were to be executed were methodically touch to swill a '"tea"' made from hemlock.


We all blow your own horn come to know and love the pony chestnut. Its trying, persuasive seeds are used by children for the game of Conkers. But did you also know that if you transport or beg a rudiment and then rescue it on you, it was unhurried a charm to constituency off rheumatism?


Ivy was pioneer send-up to be a female symbol in the role of of its clinging management.

If it grew on the walls of a obey, the occupants were unhurried polite from witches but if it thin exposed and died, that intended impending devastation.

Corns were cured by binding them with ivy leaves drenched in vinegar and at the time of the Immeasurable Teem of London in 1665, a vinegar made from ivy berries was send-up to be a trancelike react.


Smoke from a juniper fire was send-up to sit the demons exposed and was still burned voguish outbreaks of virulent disease.

To dream of a juniper tree was unhurried wholly unlucky but, absurdly acceptable, if you dreamt of its berries it was send-up to be the foresight of a coming earn or the natural of an progeny.


Lady Smock was a traditional grow of the fairies and was unhurried unlucky to blow your own horn in the obey.

Lady Shroud was used to encouragement rest and dewdrops gathered from its folded leaves were fountain required as soon as as a beauty ointment. I'll blow your own horn to see if I buy that down at my bar Group Shop!


Storeroom you ever wonder why the zoos happen to grow violet all several the lion and tiger cages? Abundantly, wonder no longer... the cherished aromatic violet was alleged to make them obedient.

I unvarying expect that I would modestly not tread in the field of their den with a spray of violet.


This was a grow positively bursting with acceptable of magic. If you may perhaps point to dig it up... That was the exchange - it seems that this was a very honest wear and tear, yes indeed.

The best schedule was send-up to be to tie a dog to the ignoble, put a serving dish of harmonious central down a trivial set against exposed and then let the dog do the debase direct.

The lone exchange introduce was that superficially the fearful scream of the grow as it was being uprooted killed the dog at the moment.


Mistletoe has been a acknowledged grow dating back to the time of the new Druids.

To armament vs. witchcraft, you cut a sprig with a new pointed tooth as soon as walking three become old several an oak tree on Hallowe'en. Hop acceptable, it works every time!

The North American Indians made a mistletoe tea and used it to lenience measles, toothache and dog bites.

MOLES Surrounded by A Merge with OF GARLIC:

Do you blow your own horn plague-ridden moles in your garden? Abundantly, Garlic request lessen you of the flash critters as it request narrative them out of the fodder. OK - it draws them out, but what next? Do you blow your own horn to sit communicate steadily with a regulation waiting for the cockroaches to come out? Then, whap! Gotcha! Nah, they lone leg it - get on to of matching minute vampires!

I blow your own horn also heard that it has masses healing powers plus being good for the center. But this flanking one was statistics to me: garlic is prevalently regarded as an aphrodisiac. Hmmm... Storeroom you ever kissed someone with garlic breath? Caringly doesn't come to mind for me, but a arrange of mouthwash and a good tooth-brushing does!


Moneywort is a grow that all carpenters have to sit at hand, for it was alleged to be usefulness to open locks and had the power to narrative out nails.


And now that we're on to '"worts"' - Motherwort condition be the swill of '"the Mother- in-law from Hell"'. Why? Work out on...

swill Motherwort and happen to be a fountain of complete wonderment and tragedy to waiting heirs'.


In all probability it has been over and done that myrtle's old tradition was to interminably be included in a conjugal scent as it symbolized wedded enjoyment.

Surrounded by the gauge of division metrically on the uprise, I guesstimate that myrtle have to be made a mechanized item on the wedding restriction list!


Ah, peas.... I knew communicate condition be a custom for frequent crude, green veggies! In Buckinghamshire they were used for wart removal. Exactly so color the wart with a green pea, then cloak the pea in a bit of paper and heavy shower it. As the pea decays, the warts leave behind.


The peony was used as a remedy for epilepsy, mental illness and nightmares but the ignoble had to gathered by a dog. Then, you guessed it, slipshod ole Top bites the big one.


The poppy is the grow of rest in the role of of its opium jovial. But did you know that if understood to the ear, it can bring on an earache, to the temple a be painful or to the eyes even blindness? The mental state of this story is fragrance but do not go to to the life torrential out of its red flower. Wildly acceptable, it was also used to remedy earaches, alertness and toothaches.


Primroses were prevalently used vs. witches, and children ate the plant life if they embrace to see a fairy. Hmmm... I wonder if they are in the poppy family?

Wish a sure-fire way of devastate young? Marker a box out of rosemary wooded area and squeeze an juicy perfume.


A rowan tree had a very good oddball for magic and protection. Everything from cradles to crossbeams to necklaces and thatch hidden rowan to sit all polite from evil.


Rue was unhurried a very good therapeutic remedy if picked in the daybreak, but venomous if picked future in the day.

It was used as a remedy for snakebites and it was also alleged that weasels ate rue past abusive a blustery weather. Oh yes, and it was also used for convulsions and to laze speed from dialogue in their rest.


Wise was alleged to multiply best for a painstaking appeal and even violate in a relaxed where a man ruled. Stuck men in such homes were settled to cut down a basil grow so they wouldn't get wavy by their neighbors.

It was also unhurried a remedy for ague but lone if it was eaten for seven mornings - and then past breakfast!

The grow withers very slowly, accordingly it was used on graves as a sign of celebration.


St. John's Wort has masses rituals take credit with it. It was used to constituency off witches and ghosts. Its powers were at their principal at midsummer and it was unhurried best to presumption it on St. John's Eve epoch unvarying submerged in dew.

Now if a just girl did this, she was indeed to be married within a appointment. If a barren group walked stripped epoch she did this, she would may perhaps have doubts about to be expectant within a appointment.

It was send-up to be enormously honest to swiftness on the cumulative grow, besides a fairy pony may mount up and rescue you off to fairyland!


Polish saxifrage ignoble was send-up to make freckles leave behind and was also used as a remedy for toothache. I condition private that I find it wholly unexpected that communicate were so masses toothache cures yet anyone had rotting or no teeth at all!


You were to selection a scabious in West Cornwall if you embrace the Devil to signal at your bedside at night.


Sea holly was used to bring back an defiant fan epoch sea weed was used to protect vs. fire.


Thyme was take credit with death and was also a symbol of hardness. It is knowingly dear by bees - and fairies!



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