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Friday, 29 July 2005

A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft

A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft Cover

Book: A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft by Silver Ravenwolf

This book reflects deep insight and years of practice by a serious, working Witch. Not light hearted. A huge leap away from basic "Wicca 101". Discussions on the demands and rewards of spiritual progression are one of the many highlights in this book along with research into the science of Magic (sorry, I refuse to spell it with a "K", the same as I refuse to accept the idea of Ebonics as a proper form of the English language) by touching on the area of Quantum Physics. If there has ever been any misunderstanding of this author, they are cleared up here.

What if you could peek inside the journal of a skilled and powerful Wiccan and read all about her exciting forays into the Craft? What if that Witch was the ever-popular Silver RavenWolf? Silver's own pearls of wisdom gained along the bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment can be found in A Witch's Notebook. This hands-on guide is designed to work from moon to moon-leading students through five months of spiritual advancement. In discussing cleansing, sacred symbols, renewed spirituality, and magickal ingredients, Silver urges Wiccans to step outside the usual confines of Witchcraft and explore other belief systems. This book also includes exercises, spells, and herbal information to assist in forging one's own unique Spiritual Path.

I hugged the book when I was finished. Finally a book written by someone who has walked the walk and has knowledge of the occult that far surpasses the boundaries of what Wicca is today. Applause! Not a typical Llewellyn book calling on friends to gather and klink athames and have a potluck.
For the serious student of WitchCraft.

While it is commonplace to associate Witchcraft With spells and herbal remedies, it's not every day you hear a witch not only proclaim that the premise of magick lies in quantum physics, but then go on to describe what quantum physics is and how magick is its natural function. RavenWolf, writer and lifelong practitioner of the Craft, offers readers a window into her personal chronicles about becoming a witch, enlivening these with fascinating explanations about the relationship between Wicca and Zen Buddhism, instructions for incorporating symbols from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch quilting patterns into spells, and a discussion of how belief in the Saints is similar to the Wiccan practice of "walking With Spirits." Designed as a five-month study guide for embarking on a spiritual journey, RavenWolf guides readers step by step and with painstaking (though necessary) detail through the central rituals within Wicca, consistently reassuring readers with her depth of knowledge and personal experience. While most of the time her prose is delightful and inviting, (filled with insights like: "Witchcraft is divine alchemy—a philosopher's stone for the modern world") it occasionally digresses into overly casual language that detracts from the general flow. Overall, RavenWolf has written a wonderful guidebook for readers who are serious about beginning a Wiccan spiritual journey, complete with an extensive herbal and spell guide.

I recently lost all my possesions in a life changeing event. I lost everything and when time came to begin to rebuild, of all the books I lost I knew that Silver Ravenwolf was one I would replace. I had at one time collected all her work and guide books, but financially I can not replace them all now so I chose this one. It has it all, the basics, the wisdom, the strength of belief to continue on. This dear lady does know what she is talking about and she does provide practical and useful rituals and advice that will help anyone looking into the craft as a pathway to higher powers. One day I will replace all the books I had, but until then this one does meet all my needs. Thanks Silver for a compact and generous contrubition to this womans life.

Buy Silver Ravenwolf's book: A Witch Notebook Lessons In Witchcraft

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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Pictish Tradition Of Witchcraft

Pictish Tradition Of Witchcraft Cover Pictish Tradition: Originally from Scotland, it is a "solitary witch" form of "The Craft". Pictish Witchcraft attunes itself to all aspects of nature; animal, vegetable, and mineral and it is more magickal in nature and practice than it is religious.

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