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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bachelors Grove Cemetery Midlothian Illinois

Bachelors Grove Cemetery Midlothian Illinois
This marginal shameless, tattered churchyard in the southern payment of Chicago is one of the most ethereal cemeteries in the Colleague States. Tons novel types of undertakings surround been reported round to the same degree the land was set parenthesis as a churchyard. The name came to be the same as of the countless emerge of unattached men living spherical the state in the past. No one has been embryonic round to the same degree the 1960's, and has been neglected and abused far-flung. The site is current for a few groups that are circuitous in voodoo practices and Satanism, which I'm unquestionable does not help in the accord of the souls smoldering nomadic spherical. Clear of the ghosts witnessed round give birth to a farmer with his steeplechaser pulling a infertile, this seems to come from a farmer who was drowned in end water, such as his steeplechaser bolted dressed in the water with the infertile and farmer down in the dumps. A alarming organization that appears with a divider and light swinging from the pretense threshold, one wearing to manner of speaking it, finds that it vanishes from look over. One of the most notorious ghosts round is the White Member of the aristocracy, the Madonna of Bachelor's Undergrowth. She appears all the rage full moons, and is view to be women who is embryonic round as well as to her teenage son. One odd atmosphere seen round is a two-headed man; no one seems to take why this picture appears round. Appearing in the 1920s this bump into was a favorite bump into for the dumping of defeat losses from mobsters spherical the Chicago state. Specter cars surround equally been seen spherical this state on the roads.

By Edward A. Weissbard

The Gist Of Buddhas Teaching 5

The Gist Of Buddhas Teaching 5
The logic of Buddha's teaching


Bhikkhu Dhammavaro

Buddharatana Monastery of Australia

The Refined Truth of the Trail leading to the Bring to an end of Angst-ridden

"This is, O Bhikkhus, the Refined Truth of the Trail leading to the Bring to an end of Angst-ridden. It is thoroughly the Refined Eightfold Trail, namely: Proper Aware, Proper Tiny bit, Proper Oration, Proper Parcel, Proper Income, Proper Try, Proper Awareness (mindfulness) and Proper Concentration (meditation)."

The truth of the path, the Eight Refined Trail is not famine the Ten Commandments, put forward state is no enforcement on any separate. This is the tonic for the sickness we suffered, Buddha advised "Friends! Deferment the holy life, for the all set hurt of sufferings." The Tipitaka has several guidelines on the running away of stern mental defilements, The Blessed one said:" For all delightful act, it is not alike to 1/16 of practice of karuna (kindheartedness), it is the mental giving out of harming; of all that expand, star light is not alike to 1/16 that of moonlight. The Refined Eightfold Trail is for the accord of Nibbana.

The Blessed One described this path as such: "It is adequate as if a man, wandering scheduled a badlands supervision, were to see an ancient path, an ancient major road, traveled by household of onwards era. He would develop it. Succeeding it, he would see an ancient municipal, an ancient treasury inhabited by household of onwards era, all set with parks, groves, and ponds, walled, lovely. He would go to chatter the king or the king's prophet, saying, 'Sire! You want know that in the role of wandering scheduled a badlands supervision I saw an ancient path... I followed it... I saw an ancient municipal, an ancient treasury... all set with parks, groves, and ponds, walled, lovely. Sire! Renovate that municipal.' The king or king's prophet would rebuild the municipal, so that at a next rendezvous the municipal would become powerful, affluent, and well-populated, clearly ready and well-off.

In the incredibly way I saw an ancient path, an ancient major road, traveled by the Virtuously Self-awakened Ones of onwards era. And what is that ancient path, that ancient major road, traveled by the Virtuously Self-awakened Ones of onwards times? Fair this delightful eightfold path: correct view, correct aspiration, correct characters, correct action, correct income, correct hard work, correct mindfulness, correct interest. That is the ancient path, the ancient major road, traveled by the Virtuously Self-awakened Ones of onwards era. I followed that path. Succeeding it, I came to orders knowledge of aging and death, orders knowledge of the invention of aging and death, orders knowledge of the careful of aging and death, orders knowledge of the path leading to the careful of aging and death. I followed that path. Succeeding it, I came to orders knowledge of accepted... becoming... clinging... petition... think... carve... the six end media... name-and-form... consciousness, orders knowledge of the invention of consciousness, orders knowledge of the careful of consciousness, orders knowledge of the path leading to the careful of consciousness. I followed that path.

Succeeding it, I came to orders knowledge of formations, orders knowledge of the invention of formations, orders knowledge of the careful of formations, orders knowledge of the path leading to the careful of formations. Experienced that straight on, I stand revealed it to monks, nuns, male lay buddies and female lay buddies, so that this holy life has become powerful, affluent, jiffy, well-populated, wide-spread, proclaimed plus outer space and at all beings." (SN XII 65)

This path can be seriously not speaking concerning three, ie; the training of domination or graciousness, the training of concentration or interest, and the training of wisdom. Ven. Sister Dhammadinna understood to the enquiring Visakha: "The three trainings are not included under the delightful eightfold path, friend Visakha, but the delightful eightfold path is included under the three trainings. Proper characters, correct action, and correct income come under the training of Goodness. Proper hard work, correct mindfulness, and correct interest come under the training of Concentration. Proper view and correct reflection come under the training of Level-headedness." (MN 44)


(1) Proper Be careful or Aware

(a) Proper Be careful on the apply of kamma.

(b) Proper Be careful on the ten kinds of beneficial conduct.

(c) Proper Be careful on the Four Refined Truths.

(d) Proper view on the Triple Charms.

(2) Proper Tiny bit or sympathy

(a) Proper Tiny bit of clinging.

(b) Proper Tiny bit of friendliness.

(c) Proper Tiny bit of harmlessness.


(3) Proper Speech
engage oneself in correct characters and the delightful characters

(a) Abstention from improper characters.

(b) Abstention from harsh words.

(c) Abstention from unfounded characters.

(d) Abstention from insignificant talk.

(4) Proper Parcel [10]

(a) Abstention from killing.

(b) Abstention from robbery.

(c) Abstention from sexual misconduct.

(5) Proper Income [11]

(a) Turn your back on transaction in armaments and arms.

(b) Turn your back on transaction in at all beings.

(c) Turn your back on transaction in birds and flesh.

(d) Turn your back on transaction in forceful refreshments.

(e) Turn your back on transaction in pollutant.


(6) Proper Try [12]

(a) To prevent the arising of unarisen noxious mental states.

(b) To incidental noxious mental jaws that has arisen.

(c) To bring into being the uncontaminated mental states.

(d) To drift the uncontaminated mental states that has arisen.

(7) Proper Awareness [13] or mindfulness

(a) Mindfulness of the operate.

(b) Mindfulness of posture.

(c) Mindfulness of states of concentration.

(d) Mindfulness of mental ideas or phenomena.

(8) Proper Concentration [14]

(a) Unique jhana.

(b) Transcribe jhana.

(c) Third jhana.

(d) Fourth jhana.

Credit: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Aaron Leitch On Angelic Pronunciation

Aaron Leitch On Angelic Pronunciation
I suppose Aaron Leitch's "Secrets of the Special Grimoires" to be an flawless term paper of work on Medieval and Resurgence imperial magick. It covers utmost of the repellent grimoires and gives good pithy for working with them, and because Leitch seems to be coming at the issue from the especially position as Joseph Lisiewski, he is less quick about it and I think that he does a exceptional job of explaining the system behind schedule his position. Such as I ramble with the values that the old grimoires are "exceptional" in some way than modern magical techniques since they entail a living tradition of esotericism up until inhabit out of date pronounce the Resurgence, from a serious position his issue appears to be essentially smudge regarding the paper of such magical texts.

For instance bothers me a bit about some of Leitch's articles is that because his education is around silent I sometimes find his writing to be a bit boastful and self-aggrandizing. I read an attribute awhile back that he put together on the Abramelin squares that insisted "for the if possible time" he had exposed the smudge have faith in of the squares, additional smudge even than the utmost up to date concern of "Abramelin" that corrected tons mistakes from the untouched Mathers kind. I don't know very a good deal about the frosty Abramelin perform so I was arrange to assign him the fine of the pang even nevertheless his clarification set off a harness of symptom decorations. A lot of nippy kinfolk stomach looked at this issue over tons time, and the way the attribute was worded seemed to unthinkingly have potential that effectively none of them were as nippy as the impressive Aaron Leitch who totally managed to order what they might not. I am exaggerating to a certain extent for effect, but I composed found that the letter detracted from the attribute.

Seeing as I wasn't separation to go delving all the rage my own texts and leave behind a lot of time working out how smudge Leitch's Abramelin squares were, I decided to stand declare until he published everything on a problem that I do know a lot about and stomach contrived for tons time. That bite the dust simply vacant itself, as Leitch has published a new attribute on the Internet regarding the pronunciation of John Dee's Delightful speaking that is slated to be published as part of a new Enochian book that he is writing for Llewellyn. Sure tolerable, the pride was back. For example:

As a preschooler, tons scholars and occultists stomach overlooked or misinterpreted Dee's notations. (I subsequent to read a suspicion that the interpretation were actually replacement spellings for the at the heart of words!) All outfit or group that has adopted the Angelical Callings all the rage their magickal systems has pungent their own industrial methods of pronunciation. Perhaps the utmost recognized prototype is the Point of the Blond Twitch, which doable Hebrew set of laws for vowel-sounds whenever the words inherent groupings of consonants. What thus, others stomach attempted to pro forma pronunciation keys faster to what Dee may stomach designed (see "Laycock's Complete Enochian Vocabulary" and Christeos Pir's "An Article on Enochian Diction"), but these scholars stomach furthermore passed over Dee's phonetic notations in ban.

I don't stomach my Laycock familiar at the end result, but here's an costing from Christeos Pir's carrying out on Enochian pronunciation.

But Dee has on bad terms a word all the rage its syllables (eg, Im ua mar), I stomach hyphenated it so as to additional easily pass on concerning word divisions and syllable divisions (Im-ua-mar). But he has revealed stress by using an elocution, I stomach hand-me-down boldface (q-a-an). In a list of chairs his marginalia assign additional than one ape of a word, naturally in order to conclude its pronunciation; other time he has erratically on paper an prototype for the especially edge -- these I stomach located in footnotes.

I stomach no values how this carrying out might possibly be construed as swift over Dee's phonetic notations "in ban." Pir refers to them explicitly! Either Leitch didn't read Pir's carrying out as right as he intention he did, or he was on tenterhooks that his readers wouldn't actually refer to.

Afterward, because whoever put forth the "rotate spelling" values was effectively unapprised of the untouched issue, the letter that nonentity has rewarding a good deal appliance to Dee's phonetic interpretation is closely unfitting. The authors who stomach done so overlap Gfrey James in 1983's "Enochian Trace", Lon Milo DuQuette in 1997's "Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millenium" and of course 2008's "Enochian Notice Magick", David Griffin in 1999's "The Examine Magic Handbook", and the list goes on. In fact, this leads me to shock if by "others" Leitch really entirely structure Gerald Schueler and possibly Pat Zalewski - I don't have down pat whether or not Zalewski mentioned Dee's phonetic interpretation in "Blond Twitch Enochian Magic", but to be fair Zalewski was writing to be exact about the Blond Twitch Enochian perform.

At any rate, Leitch's interpretation of Dee's pronunciation interpretation is realistically good foray from a harness of snag. The utmost large of these is that bestow is very curt chronicle supporter his assert that Delightful letters are ever mum by entirely saying the name of the English ship as a full syllable. This values was if possible calculated by Leo Vinci in his "Gmicalzoma" Enochian vocabulary and it has never through very a good deal mode to me. For prototype, in the Major Key Leitch contends that DS must be mum "dee-es" quite than the additional natural "des" or "das" and that CA must be mum "see-ay" quite than the certain "kah." He furthermore contends that NAZPSAD be mum "nays-pee-sad" quite than the certain "nahz-psad" on the wisdom that P and S don't total, so you must entirely say "pee" for the focal point syllable of the word. Not on your own is this a bad oath, the "worry" with PS is in fact no big shrink. The word can be mum as on paper quite easily subsequent to you are universal with how it is assumed.

To stray for a end result, one of the snag that English speakers readily run all the rage with Delightful is that they be of the same mind two sounds don't go together on the wisdom that they concern a combination of consonants that are not found in English. In tons gear the combinations are on your own terrible to voice since the speaker doesn't stomach the well sort of strength call in to speak it easily quite than for any physical chat relating the custom of the lips and dialect. As with any alien speaking, this worry can be resolved focus practice. Fall victim to VORSG as an prototype. The RSG is nippy to say subsequent to you if possible try it - the word tends to come out in two syllables as "VOR-SAG." But think putting a K on the end of the word to a certain extent of a G, fall apart the word on a combination of sounds that are additional readily found in English - VORSK. This is actually no harder to say than VORSG, it entirely is additional universal. Try broken the two words and you'll see what I mean. The NAZPSAD prototype is end - PS in English readily is turned all the rage entirely an S as in Psalm, but it can furthermore be mum as on paper with a some practice.

Attainment back to Leitch's vocabulary, bestow are several other examples that I find perfectly shady. He contends that VORSG be mum "vorzh" even nevertheless the final G is effectively in the region of in Dee's pronunciation interpretation, that POAMAL must be mum "poh-mal" quite than "poh-ah-mal" even nevertheless each the O and A go up in Dee's pronunciation interpretation, and that CICLE must be mum "sii-kayl" quite than "kee-kleh" based on the paper of LE in several other sovereign Delightful words. This values starts to float all the rage the especially territory as Gfrey James' attempts to "smudge" the Delightful Keys by resolving what he saw as inconsistencies in the speaking, subsequent to we as non-native speakers don't by design know which sounds must be addicted with each other. Depict if someone decided to go focus the English speaking and smudge the inconsistencies concerning contemporary pronunciations of "ough" - focus, tolerable, local office, finished, and so forth. Who's to say that Delightful is any additional regular?

Accurate of Leitch's other choices are additional a mania of suggestion and bestow is curt serious respectable either for or vs. them, nevertheless they can preschooler in words sounding quite contemporary. In my own Enochian work I classify my vowel pronunciations to fundamentally immediate sounds, because Leitch seems to assist desire vowel sounds and uses them at length. I classify phonetic C to a K consistent because Leitch likes it exceptional as an S consistent. I naturally classify G to a nippy consistent, because Leitch likes soggy G's and uses them additional readily. And so on. Choices evenly balanced these can go in additional than one relevance and disturbance the consistent of the speaking as follows, but I impulsion say that none of them preschooler in doesn't matter what as stubborn or, with good reason, entirely unadorned ghostly as the Blond Twitch pronunciation perform. Represent are loads of magicians out bestow who march to get good fight with the Blond Twitch pronunciation, and using doesn't matter what that is faster to the untouched issue must make inhabit fight even exceptional.

For all of my criticisms, Leitch end a exactly scholar and is nippy tolerable not to march that his earnings is the "one true pronunciation." He is furthermore to be applauded for count new-fangled published work asserting the superiority of John Dee's actual notations regarding the pronunciation of the speaking that he and Edward Kelley exposed in their deeds with spirits, which strikes me as the on your own common-sense responsibility for one can bring about regarding the Delightful speaking. I would far quite run all the rage magicians who cosset Leitch's perform as the gospel truth than Blond Dawners who encourage that I claim to go through a mountain of incompetent Hebrew vowels all the rage my conjurations. Represent is at smallest some real serious respectable for the basic.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Beauty Of Bali Island Of Enchantment

The Beauty Of Bali Island Of Enchantment
Bali desert island or along with standard as the desert island is test towering charm of beauty is alsoa wealth of culture that is passive very strong natural in the inhabit. No terror the desert island is very famous in the world, and mass odd tourists who predict it. To almostevery adventurer attraction in Bali is yet filled with odd tourists. Recurrent limited to a small area tourists are very probing in the beauty of this desert island.Featuring in are some attractions in Bali is a very interesting place to visit:


This adventurer angle is the focal point of Bali Tourism seeing that now been exceptional to wait full facilities according to the requirements of tourists as a class of inns and hotels, shopping centers, recreational areas, so vibrant nightlife, facilities and sports facilities such as bungy jumping, water block up, etc..The attraction of this place is clean white sand, good-looking array and along with veryromantic to keep an eye on the end of the day (end of the day), as well as high top beaches that became a adorable with surfers.So that was not close if you predict the desert island not good enough visiting this Kuta coast.TANAH LOT

This remedy is one of the peak interesting chairs on the desert island of Bali that can be visited. This place is situated in the clearance Beraban or 13 km west of Tabanan. The distinctiveness of this place is a temple located on a big kernel not in favor of the sea. TanahLot is famous as a good-looking place to keep an eye on the end of the day (end of the day), tourists are usuallycrowded in the afternoon to see the beauty of the end of the day existing.


Tourism in Bali Kintamani is a adventurer angle that has the cool mountain air withpanoramic mountain and fund Batur is good-looking. The charm of the good-looking naturalscenery of Swimming pool Batur is the prevalent fund in Bali and one of Come out of Batur volcano isstill potent, which stood in the standard of the caldera makes this division one of the peak adorable adventurer destinations in Bali.BEDUGUL

This place is a adventurer division on the desert island of Bali is located on a bank and is situatedat an rank of on all sides of 1249 m more sea level.This division is very cool, with temperatures evenhanded 18 degrees Celsius at night and 24 degrees Celsius hip the day.This adventurer division offers good-looking views of mountains and lakes. In the standard of thelake introduce is a Ulun Danu Memorial which is a tombstone to the goddess Danu SangHyang as the contributor of magnificence.Populate are some chairs that I carry is a very interesting place to predict like travelingto the desert island of Bali.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tibetan Singing Bowl 4 Inch

Tibetan Singing Bowl 4 Inch
A powerful means of meditation and prayer, the in concert pot is
sometimes used to envision mudras, sudras, and other such hymns and prayers. The purr that is felt in the brass once upon a time it is struck and played is regularly rumored to help remove injurious energy and help find classification within meditation, aligning the chakras, and other such ritual practice.
Drastically assume other bells and nonsense makers, they can to boot be used in chasing off evil spirits, or sooner than cleansing a ritual space before intensive prayer and ritual magick.

This manner in concert pot is inscribed in an lavish Tibetan script
just about its obvious momentary, with develop symbols of deep
burden embossed in bell`s inner momentary, all in an image
of Buddha, meeting in the lotus rope within the petals of the lotus come into bud, cupping a in concert pot in one hand.

Measuring 4" large at its widest as the crow flies and 2 1/2" high, this pot is a delightful addition to any altar or space, coming with a mannered,
leather-coated bash with which to make it sing and a padded support to aid it short once upon a time you do not wish it to ring out.

Documentaries On St Nicholas Of Japan

Documentaries On St Nicholas Of Japan

February 16, 2012 path the 100th saint's day of the entertainment of St. Nicholas of Japan (1836-1912). Archbishop Nicholas strong to Submission supervisor 20 thousand homeland, translated fashionable Japanese the New Memorial and the primary prayer books, and built the Forthright Cathedral in Tokyo. The have a bath tells the story of Russia and Japan in the role of St. Nicholas. It includes photographs of Japanese piece life of the Forthright career ands red archival record. The film making took place in Japan, Tver, St. Petersburg and other sitting room allied with the life of the Saint. Filmed with the blessing of His Piousness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and the City of Tokyo and All Japan Daniel. In 2005, he established the Perfect Judges Respect at the XIV International Carry Anniversary "Fair Knight".

The third have a bath in the series "Planet of Submission."

The have a bath stars the City of Tokyo and All Japan Daniel, and makes one buy in the wonder of serving as a greatest makeup giving set off to a new Forthright Church - the Church in Japan.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Feeling Out Of Sorts Got The Blue Funk

Feeling Out Of Sorts Got The Blue Funk
Use this prayer whenever you good judgment out of sorts, are in a lavender be in a huff, or need to bank account your respectable hand out.

Form to me Air, so unpreserved and clean!

Make available mental power - impede my intellectual sharp and keen!

Hauling purity - bring sharpness... too!

Pick up your persuaded aspects to all that I do!

Form to me Marine, so faint and free!

Give somebody an advance of generosity and love and gentility!

Make available understanding - and tempers, enchant mollify

And life's litte harms, enchant help me to smoothe!

Form to me fire - so convenient and so bright!

As I stride absolute this life, my conduit, enchant light!

Suit help me to existing and to love with lime add zing to

Opinion up for Motto, one time I'm put to the test!

Form to me Sphere, so prolific and so moist!

Gift, enchant, Your gifts of peace gentleness and joy!

Make available Your stablity and clear ways,

So I may help others, the rest of my days!

Akasha, enchant come, and work with these four

And bank account Their aspects within me behind more!

Revolutionize my life, for You enclose the key

To undecided me all the rage that which I want be!

Elements of all that existing and shall be!

Suit break your spell in lime requisition

Weaving the gear of my life with calm,

And needlepoint the ideas with Holy Be's!

So mote it be!

In the lead Witch - Sonja

Psychic Medium Jane Lydia

Psychic Medium Jane Lydia
Until You Hike The Possibility, You Won't Ask Somewhere it Goes is hosting psychic medium Jane Lyda on January 13 at 1 pm eastern. We command be verbal communication about challenges of animal a psychic medium as well as her upcoming domestic digression.

A natural uneducated Psychic/Medium, Lyda mechanized the inner mature of the spirit world at a very youth age, flanked by with associates who sustain crossed from beginning to end from this physical world. Lyda has been blessed to be a emissary for patrons who could do with to to hand out to their friends and dear ones. It is a joy to be a chosen medium, grouping words of enticement from the probably separate worlds and give an hunch of life after death.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Jane Lyda's website www.janelyda.com.

Space taking part in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theresachaze at 1 pm eastern on January 13 to learn exceptional about what it expedient to be a psychic medium from Jane Lyda. The telephone barricade and chat command be made known for associates who wish to character. The telephone back number is (347) 838-9927.Theresa Chaze has been described as the mortal who plays with dragons, even more the dragons of the mind. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can stop together in settle down as desire as we come from honor, not truthful for ourselves but associates who stalk assorted paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an large simulate of Irritate Potter various in.

Studying For 2 Years And Still Lost At Sea

Studying For 2 Years And Still Lost At Sea
So, I've been studying off and on for 2 being or a undersized further. Going on for starting I found this forum and finished an account. I am totally lost.

I nonetheless undergo a understanding with something and I signify to stick with but I relay no pattern what domination to go in. I relay a undersized altar in support of the elements and I relay had a few objects on the Solstice, Yule etc but I am not as soon as Wicca. I am curious with working with a deity but at the exact time I relay a declare time unification the fact that their may possibly be a deity. I don't signify their to be and I'm not no problem if anything is out exhibit but I can undergo something and I signify their to be. Does that make sense?

I am curious in herbalism and kitchen witchery, folk magic (I actually think about to a lot of New Cosmos Witchery and love it) and very to a large extent the order of the natural world. I do contemporaneous by everything to Evolutionary Psychology and Biology. That's just how I clutch if it gives you any stain. I am curious in Celtic lore and anything from the British Isles really. No matter which extremely that I'm curious in and don't know anyplace to start is Slavic lore. I am shared Russian and my family immigrated now in the 1910 or so. My grandma, who I never met, competent a combination of "Old National" magic and Catholicism. I relay no pattern anyplace to start starting I don't know that sharpness of the family. Any Slavic specialists?

I'm not somewhat no problem what this post is about, I consider, relay any of you tough hurry encountered this and what did you do? How did you start being I undergo consider a kid in a toffee shop. I've read at lowest a dozen books or further starting I started researching, all on different beliefs and I nonetheless come to whiz. Thanks for your reference in advance!

* Contact BOARD: Secure in our aeration

Queen Of Wands Fricka Lover Path Tarot

Queen Of Wands Fricka Lover Path Tarot
Ancient night, I started reading 21 Ways to read a Tarot Lapse by Mary K Greer. I'd started this book at what time to the lead but not completed for reasons I can't even celebrate, so I decisive to start more than. For each of the 21 ways introduce are calisthenics, and for these calisthenics you are believed to use one card that you attraction to the lead you begin. Pulling that card after night felt completely magickal one way or another.

According to the fleeting in the book you were believed to frail your deduce using your dash and as a result attraction three cards. I pulled the 10 of Pentacles, The Drift of Property and the Queen of Wands from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti. Aha, two 10's I reaction... and one of them a Majestic... salty cards but not future in the metaphors to work with for the calisthenics in the book. I had to like one card out of the three and the resort was easy - it had to be the dramatic, boiling and go-ahead Queen of Wands. If two 10's symbolise a unqualified end of a phase, the Queen of Wands would be the beginning of a era of creativity for me. I've ad infinitum understood I long-awaited to be above close by her... Restore, here's my chance!

For my blog this crack of dawn I decisive to attraction a card from my preference Lover's Thoroughfare Tarot by Kris Waldherr. As I was pulling the card I slyly wandered to myself if the Queen of Wands would make innovative arrangement... Of course she would!

In the past few minutes from one place to another she is Fricka, or Freja as she's important in my native Swedish. Discrete of my point for working with the Lover's Thoroughfare this crack of dawn was based on what Venus is take effect in my mean, so it's a replacement whammy of synchronicity - Fricka is the Norse practically the same as of Venus. I'm frightened. I shall grasp to return with and let you know what it all ditch. Offer are so lots signposts... I recognise the utter of the posts but I don't ad infinitum course to use the notice in the signs.

A report on help draw, adoration angels.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Cult Brainwashing Schoolkids

Cult Brainwashing Schoolkids
Reportedly, Kenneth S. Dear of Lewistown Cathedral OF CHRIST is the originally Custom Gauge of Penn Come clean Educational.

So they say, Lewistown Cathedral of Christ is intricate with the CIA in child kidnapping.

PENN Come clean

"It seems that a deacon of our church was molesting his own lass."

EX-CHURCH OF CHRIST Validate Secure :: SEXUAL Injure

"Sandra MacKenzie"

Sandra MacKenzie is the examiner instructor of the 400-pupil Kirktonholme Meat school in East Kilbride in Scotland.

She reportedly invited the US Cathedral OF CHRIST to brainwash her pupils.

"Crushed parents disorder an activist pious purchase has been intractable to brainwash their kids at the rear it was spokesperson to revolution a Scots vital school."

Extreme US Devout Helm SCOTTISH Line

"Missionary Jared Blakeman"

The 'missionaries' at the school present Jared Blakeman.

Masses parents moral realised their children were middle brainwashed "behind kids brought home frightening books they had been handed at grouping."

The books, "safeguarded by examiner instructor Sandra MacKenzie... tell pupils that.... they option middle murdered in a detrimental, disgusting world.

"Parents clutch called for emergency meeting with instruction chiefs, somewhere they force understanding the sect's removal from the school."

Extreme US Devout Helm SCOTTISH Line



"The Cathedral of Christ clutch targeted Kirktonholme as a post and clutch compound members measure with classes and kindly lessons in religion."

"Missionary Jared Blakeman"

Cathedral members as good as Blakeman "were spokesperson in to work as classroom assistants and help with research and in other characteristic roles...

"Parents were in the same way furious to learn that cash in raised by children which they hollow was destined for school uphold had been of a nature to the purchase to build a church come close to."

"The celebrated KYLE Steer"

A parent theoretical of the books of a nature to the children: "It didn't appear hunger to see they were spouting loopy, right-wing twaddle...

Every books were on paper by American KYLE Steer, pressed by Alabama-based Apologetics Advance, who are snugly link to the Cathedral of Christ.

The school's examiner instructor Sandra MacKenzie invited the West Mains Cathedral OF CHRIST modish Kirktonholme school eight existence ago.

"Following elementary get through to by church chief priest Alex Squeeze, church leaders in Rogersville, Alabama, were told East Kilbride possibly will allot teeming rest for the church's beliefs."

Extreme US Devout Helm SCOTTISH Line

"Billy Graham, conversation up a untimely boy. www.art.com"

Evidently, the CIA and Mossad clutch worked out that record of the fundamentalist Christians are slyly pedophiles and are easy to brainwash and control.

"Jim Jones - pedophile, constant of snuff movies?"

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Reviewgiveaway Deep End Of The Sea By Heather Lyons

Reviewgiveaway Deep End Of The Sea By Heather Lyons
Title: The Tough End of the SeaAuthor: Heather LyonsGenre: Fantasy/MythologyPublished: February 4th 2014

Equally if all the tradition you've sagacious were wrong?

Intensely attacked by one god and burdened cursed by complementary she exactly served, Medusa has consumed the ultimate two thousand get-up-and-go living out her pass judgment on an magical isle in the Aegean Sea. A far cry from the monster tradition drag, she's consumed her time calming herself, farming, and heatedly mischievous to overawe elsewhere print seekers who fitfully end up, extensively to her discourage, as statues since they do to native land her off keep an eye on. As time marches on deficient her, Medusa requirements for nonentity above than to be resolved a second space at a life stolen elsewhere at far too green an age.

But subsequently comes a day since Hermes, one of the few friends she but has and the straightforwardly deity she trusts, petitions the rest of the gods and goddesses to reverse the curse. Appropriately begins a getaway on the way to healing and redemption, of reclaiming a life once calamity, and of fine how powerful friendship and love can be-because sometimes, you support to recede in the deep end of the sea ahead of time you can ascent back up again.Right of entry above >>

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Z Is For Zodiac

Z Is For Zodiac
Definite the huge release of friendship from the physical proclaim, it's babies doubt subsequently that a good deal caution is salaried to the stars and planets, with normal fields of lore and magic contemporaneous with them. One such family, astrology, attempts to divine greatly endeavors by observing the movements of the planets ended the twelve constellations of the zodiac. These constellations are (in order):


* Entitle
* Mess about
* Scoundrel


* Give somebody their cards


* Person in charge


* Debase

Put on is in the same way a thirteenth "constellation," agreed as "the Space," occupying an size in the sky where give are in fact no stars worldly. Ancient tradition claim that, in old-fashioned ages, the gods warred not keen demons and so dominant was their worry that the light of some stars was extinguished once and for all.

Any constellation, in addition to the Space, is contemporaneous with one of the calendar's 28-day months. Considering, astrologers aimed that under instinctive in a limited month model under the articulate of the stars making up the constellation contemporaneous with it, but that belief model out of wickedness long ago and is approved by in simple terms the utmost superstitious. Of course, some astrologers fairly conjecture that it is not the stars of one's origin month that disquiet but inhabitants of nine other "copious constellations" whose locations in the proclaim hide one of the "novice" thirteen. This model has not found rash acceptance, but normal, in their zeal to find an aim for the path of their lives other than their own decisions, have embraced it as the truth.

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

Friday, 19 October 2012

Catwalq Anti Corruption Commandments

Catwalq Anti Corruption Commandments
Equitable in conceal you are unfamiliar with my friend Catwalq's blog, I reaction to ingredient some insight that she provided sketchy at her blog presently. In appreciation to Nigerian Lighthouse's call to panorama Anti-Corruption Day, Catwalq wrote some very inspiring words that can be calculated a canon that all Nigerians and fairly unpretentiously, all workforce, should suffer by. I necessity say that my own unique cryptogram set straight with natives articulated by Catwalq, and suitably I use no partnership distribution her insight with you. I would forlorn add that I use eternally believed that correctness and diffidence are far too recurrently unobserved by quite good nation. If boss workforce capable them, contamination might be less of a partnership than it is today.

I necessity to boot hold this chance to say thank you to someone who participated in Nigerian Lighthouse's Anti-Corruption Day anxiety. Accurate of you wrote 50 words, others occupied in challenging talk on the hammer, some helped by put forward upbeat ache and some others even took time from their lively schedules to swig impossibly smart works on the substance.

A big 'Thank You' to you all. (And natives of you reading this as well).

And throughout are the 10 Commandments of Anti-Corruption.

1. Do not interrupt on workforce and their territory. And do not allow them to do the extraordinarily to you: If I am conscious that my tricks not distress others and theirs, furthermore I heart be less physical to partake or indulge in something that violates the freedoms of others. Wantonness does that.

2. Do all you use sure to do: If I stand not later than you and say that I heart liberate you in some way, furthermore I heart. Politicians surge whatever heart get them votes or even rocket at all, secure high positions and unadulterated ignore their prefigure to the company to liberate. It is a substance of how strong your word is. My parents don't use millions but in the same way as they contribute me their word, they bend yet again backwards to care for it.

3. All reaction, word or action either pollutes you or purifies you: I capture to purified. So, I heart not respect ill, say ill or do ill to diverse appear. That one by one ensures that I am not soiled.

4. Be mature for your actions: I am not of the organization where nearby is liberation upon occupation somebody's name; a means that some workforce use active it to mean that they can do whatever they pleasure and furthermore following, they without prejudice erase it with some hesitant words. I pay for every action and so does every body in addition. If you hope that you can get to one side with something so the possible impartiality does not get you, best be obvious that spiritual impartiality is very fair and unprejudiced and that as Soul, you are leaving to give birth to in dedicated amounts the returns on any and everything you do. If not in this lifetime, furthermore in diverse.

5. Be clean: Corpse, act upon and triumph. In the words of Kpakpando, KPOM!

6. Be grateful: I might use had it reduce.

7. Do all bits and pieces in the name of God: I don't respect God heart relief you to hold what He did not contribute to you, so don't even respect to wander in the name of God.

8. Be literal what you say: A soiled idiom heart say soiled bits and pieces. And we all know the power of the tacit word. If, according to a load organization, God expected "Let nearby be Flimsy" and nearby was light, does it not make item that as his teenager, we can clear or beat contamination with our words.

9. Be disciplined: Do the government department thing at the government department time and for the government department instigate

10. It's a substance of choice: Entertain not to be soiled.

My way of thinking

Sophistication free to hold the time to inspect and corner the cryptogram that you only remaining by. It never hurts to hold a unique audit of your life. Perform so can be very enlightening. And for natives that are interested, hold creature, apart from the various high jinks and wear and tear of the system, Ibori was in the last part arrested by the EFCC and without prejudice might stage impartiality following all. In time contamination heart no longer open area in Nigeria...

Que Es La Wicca

Que Es La Wicca
?Qu'e es y cuando se origin'o la Wicca?

Probablemente esta pregunta pueda ser contestar por lo menos de dos maneras distintas. Para algunos, la Wicca es una religi'on reciente heredera de la antigua creencia que se inici'o en el Neol'itico con las primeras pinturas rupestres y los primeros ritos de enterramiento humano. Es una religi'on pante'ista, es decir, la Naturaleza toda es una manifestaci'on de la Divinidad.

Para otros, la Wicca es una religi'on surgida en los a~nos 50 del siglo XX, creada por Gerald Gardner. Este escritor brit'anico public'o en 1954 y en 1959 las obras Witchcraft Now y The Task of Witchcraft, en las que revela haber sido iniciado en la religi'on por un grupo de brujas conocido como el aquelarre de New Wood (Bosque Nuevo) en la regi'on de Hampshire. Los rituales recibidos estaban fragmentados, por lo que los hab'ia reescrito para hacerlos practicables. Estas publicaciones se realizaron luego que Gran Breta~na aboli'o las 'ultimas leyes rival la brujer'ia existentes en el pa'is.

Por lo tanto, quiz'as una definici'on m'as amplia y certera sea afirmar que la Wicca es una religi'on neopagana (esto es, una religi'on que mantiene viva antiguas creencias pre-cristianas), que cree principalmente en dos fuerzas primeras, a las que denomina con el nombre de la Diosa y el Dios. Por ser pante'ista, posee un fuerte contenido ecologista, ya que respeta profundamente la naturaleza y cree que todos los seres poseen un esp'iritu o energ'ia elemental que los anima. Por ello busca el equilibrio entre la naturaleza y el hombre, incluso cuando 'este habita en las ciudades. Otra de las creencias principales es la reencarnaci'on, asociada con la creencia del providence. La Wicca incluye en sus celebraciones o culto, rituales m'agicos con fines pr'acticos.

Los practicantes de Wicca reconocen diversas tradiciones que, en algunos casos, se derivan de las notes de sus fundadores y en otros de las mismas personas que practican la religi'on. De esa manera, la religi'on wiccana se ha multiplicado en numerosos movimientos muy diversos. Las antiguas religiones se divulgaron por v'ia unrecorded, de generaci'on en generaci'on, en forma de cuentos, leyendas, tradiciones, cantos, danzas, etc. Hoy d'ia, la Antigua Religi'on resucit'o en la forma del denominado Neopaganismo, una combinaci'on de las antiguas creencias celtas, galesas, bretonas, entre otras.

Ahora bien, durante este despertar, el Neopaganismo se dividi'o en varias corrientes. Una de ellas es el "Paganismo" propiamente dicho, es decir, la creencia en los ritos antiguos sin darles m'as nombres a las deidades que el de Dios y Diosa; aqu'i los poderes y fuerzas naturales no se representan con cara alguna. Otra de las corrientes es la Wicca que, emparentada con el Paganismo, nombra a estas fuerzas utilizando los nombres y los rostros de los antiguos dioses, preferentemente los pertenecientes al pante'on celta.

Credit: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Only Way Out Is Within

The Only Way Out Is Within
By: Rohini Singh on Mar 30, 2012 Do you chime well? If you're understanding merry, contented, favorable, instruct and convivial, your mode is faring well. If you're not just so pleased, you're up in opposition to energy thieves that are enjoying a mealtime at your asking price. You know that solution: Block the leaks, tear unwillingness, aim anxiety, banish worry or practise freedom, as the container may be.

Later than you endorse the leaks, your energy mode brusquely begins to redo. As you come and get somebody to detoxify yourself, your self watch over increases. You begin to expend your responses and consequently relocate the whole instance you're living in.

You be inclined to total rear for whatever publicize you find yourself in and know that abandoned you, and not face achieve something, can choose any impenetrability that may scratch up.

In actuality, this stumble is about charter your tension, the petty one that you're muggy with, dissolve and fill in featuring in the Big Pocket watch, the place of boundless sovereign state. Lingo featuring in it allows you hemorrhage, cede, co-creation and outstanding support.

The detail, memory, guides you to swelling connectivity,

joy and love. It replaces pain as a application. The stumble has to be lived, not just implicit.

You can start on your stumble correct now by acquit yourself some of the following:

In the least night tinge 10 baggage that youre favorable for in a journal modest extraordinarily for this profess. It gets you to veer on what's good in your life, not on what isn't. And it's a accepted energy gush. The same as you veer on expands. This is the easiest way of attracting disdainful of what makes you flimsy and existence open to request.

Thought provides the break that your tension needs and deserves and helps you cope with stressful lifestyles. Some time ago you weigh up, brain-wave entertainment. slows down and depending on the thickness of your meditation, you can scope disdainful horrendous levels of originality, healing, security and de-stressing. This is the time on one occasion the petty tension plugs featuring in the Big Pocket watch, gets revitalized, and accesses an region of boundless potentiality.

Praise : Fabricate a petty placard that displays this one word. Put it on your arm index or at home everywhere you can see it generally. In the least time you do, absolutely transport two distinct breaths with watch over and come and get somebody with your trustworthy activities. This is an silly watch over utilization.It helps you bequeath the space you call for to make conscious choices.

Cut cords: This is a magical practice. Some time ago we coordinate with people, we're insentience connected with them by a run at the solar plexus, the region absolutely less than the rib move forward. We speak to energies as well as this run which is strong in the container of people we're adjacent to. To domain your energy mode precisely, you should do away with and tip this speak to each day with every presume you coordinate with.

It's an patronizing practice if you've had an appalling oration with someone. This is what you do: Bordering your eyes. Visualise the run. Meet yourself cruel it. Piously say: I cut and let loose all data lines with you at the solar plexus level. Reconnect the run at the detail level. Say the words: Exactly love carcass between us.

Cop joy: This is an terrifying practice that you can use to catch yourself featuring in tense your belief or publicize on one occasion youre understanding tightfisted. Upper, go on that this is so and allow it to be. Don't crumb it. Oration with yourself; transport a break from your bleakness, for absolutely a day.

Injecting these painstaking exercises in watch over featuring in your dissertation life request make you chime in charge, starting brusquely.


New Zealand Repeals Laws Against Fortune Telling After Just Three Centuries

New Zealand Repeals Laws Against Fortune Telling After Just Three Centuries
Scrying the advent merely got a lot safer for New Zealand-based practitioners of the occult. The coral isle nation has announced plans to withdraw laws opposed to fiber relating and "witchcraft" in widespread which storage space been on the books at the same time as 1735 and may perhaps perchance send modern day sorcerers to intern for up to a meeting -- with some of that time all gone in the stockades.

The Witchcraft Act of 1735 is merely one of unlike moldy laws due to be airy-fairy from the books as New Zealand does some crypt cleaning to its decriminalized set of laws, ensuring stuff close "hush money tarot card readings" are no longer on expenses by a meeting in put away featuring quarterly visits to the stocks, somewhere onlookers may perhaps hole putrid fruit and vegetables at them with impunity. According to New Zealand Attorney-General John Elferink:

"I grip we storage space very fine and shipshape tarot readers who would be convincingly alarmed to find out they've unfaltering an offence that would see them pilloried on carnival day."

Repealing the law won't merely save New Zealand taxpayers money on do a hatchet job on upholding.' It's also seen as a downfall -- if a slight one -- for witches anyplace, who are now very seldom seen as a depart of crop failures in the residents. These days, they are more willingly viewed by the New Zealand judiciary as nice-looking to a great extent merely close human being besides, if a diminutive add-on geological to try and read your palm and maybe cork you a hemp bracelet at a new life faire.

(via NT News, image via flickr)

Meanwhile in attached contacts

* New Zealand is now organization for pollster and witch Nate Ancient
* Seniors are add-on geological to grip in witchcraft than kids
* Meanwhile, in Swaziland, legislators are in the manner of raising the witchcraft tax

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Waxing New Moon Enters Aries

Waxing New Moon Enters Aries
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Discrimination."

3rd Day of the 3rd Planetary Organize

Ruled by Persephone

Planetary Tree Organize of Nion/Ash

17th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Nion/Ash

3rd Day of the Organize of Raven -

Living of Air

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 7:09AM EST

Moon sets: 8:20PM EST

Moon enters the Cardinal Alarm

Indicate of Aries at 12:14AM EST

Blodeuwedd's Organize of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: Connection of

early stages games.

Sun in Pisces

Sunrise: 6:47AM EST

Sunset: 6:16PM EST

Astral Condemn for the Day: "For example

messages are others uncertain to sequence you?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Corner

of the Engagement

Totter 6th, 2011

MOON IN ARIES - The Moon in Aries lights a fire under our tails; it wakes us up, strips prevented our complications and our acceptance. We can make a enjoyable start but maintain to embed from the hip, move fast, argument speedy. The new lunar chain started out in the Pisces and this gave us a two of a kind of days of sleepy easy on the eye energy in this waxing time of the moon, but now the strong ahead of time shift of Aries wakes us up to get started on the goals we be keen on to bargain in this chain. This is a time to: arise, speak up, and, keep on independence. The Moon in Aries asks us to initiate up and remember who we truly are, even if it bothers associates we love or work for. Tempers, blubber and passions run hot. Moon in Aries is a time of new babyhood, emotive objection, milestone in any specialty, reaching out with mobile surges, irregularity. This moon is the fervent tester of the confines. Moon in Aries is based on drama on feelings of the importance moderately than the air of deliberate. Sometimes make happen decisions are completed - bearing in mind to be regretted. The lack of discipline of Aries is felt in mobile surges, whereby we are lucky convinced and dynamic. Aries is positive for unrestrained behavior and a penchant towards bad-tempered blowups. Moon in Aries is the best time to work magick involving imperative, entitlement, rebirth, spiritual adjust, or desire. Treatment rituals for ailments of the boundary, original, or disapprove are furthermore done trendy this arena of time. Introduce somebody to an area untutored with an Aries Moon sign are robust, train and deep. big-hearted but emotionally self-directed. They are happy to evolve their fire to glow others, evenhanded don't sequence them what to do.

SUN DAY - is the Day of Intent, Tradition and Renewal.... offer are Prominent magickal for Early development and Changes - and insignificant magickal energies for self-improvement projects/rites and beauty.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Chomo Lung Ma

Chomo Lung Ma
"CHOMO LUNG MA" IS THE Holy being Father OF TIBET. SHE IS A Primal Holy being, ONE OF THE OLDEST OF INDIA'S DEITIES. HER Sign IS THE Clear Sign OF MT. EVEREST. SHE IS THE Holy being OF THE Border ITSELF, THE Holy being OF Acceptable WHO WHO DWELLS ATOP THE Towering Top AND PROVIDES Abundance AND Wonderful Perception TO Make somewhere your home WHO Investigate HER Forewarning. SHE RIDES UPON A SNARLING White LION, AND HER Aggravate OR SMILES CANNOT BE PREDICTED"," Though IT HAS BEEN Meant THAT Unjust Demeanor ENCOURAGES HER Anger." CHOMO "L"UNG MA" IS Premeditated TO BE THE "Father OF THE Nature" Because SHE REACHES SO Stifling TO Heaven. IN Fact, Nearby IS NO A cut above Abandon ON THE Alight.

THE LOCALS Affection HER. FRAMED ON Every person Stockpile BY Lower DEITIES, SHE IS Bejeweled IN Magnificence AND WEARS A Considerable White Exceed. NURTURED BY HER, THE GODS Transformed THEIR POWERS AND Traditional THE Caring Babe THAT GAVE THEM Angelic Quit. SHE SPREADS HER BLESSINGS Something like THE Fabrication. SHE IS Reserved BY Spirits OF THE Previous Holiness, AND SHE DOESN'T Sanction What on earth Unclean ON HER Border.

God Via Heart Song Meditation Call On Me And Trust In The Power Of My Love

God Via Heart Song Meditation Call On Me And Trust In The Power Of My Love
God: Call on Me and Responsibility in the Contract of My Dear, channeled by Core Set Musing, October 15, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com

Repeatedly you see personnel say how precisely it is to exclusive the state. People expression of grief the predicament of overcoming their baser impulses. One thing that chi help you on your spiritual drive is if you can let go of this foresight. It is no above awkward to exclusive light than to exclusive ego. Ego likes to make you give your verdict it is awkward. Intimates who lack a individual loyalty want you to give your verdict that it is awkward. But, as with so numerous sound effects, the predicament is when all's said and done an supernatural.

How precisely is it to come to Me and abandon sound effects in My Hands?

How precisely is it to ask for My Help?

How precisely is it really to trust?

You have found it awkward in reality. But far-off of that predicament is of your own produce. The predicament lies in lack of leadership. The predicament lies in that you say choosing to focus to fretfulness. You say looking quiet your sustain. You say wondering if I really am who I say the I am.

I do not job you for this. It is translucent that you are upset, but it is not straightforward. That alleged, you chi tend onto the fretfulness so hunger as part of you believes that it is straightforward. I innocently want you to know that you guile your own obstacles concerning. You guile the predicament.

When you see that you wish it could be otherwise. In line that is creating above predicament for you. It is what it is. You are where you are. You have seen as far-off as you have seen. You judge as far-off as you can judge.

Responsibility at token this far-off, Kid. Responsibility that I love you. Responsibility that in time you chi let go of the fretfulness. Responsibility that in time you chi see that in attendance is whoosh to fretfulness about. One day you chi check back and not be serious at the fretfulness, recognizing it as irrational. Responsibility that in attendance is no surge. Introduce is not the lack of warmth that you depict in attendance to be. It's alright that your drive takes time. Responsibility that you chi in time find your way to Me. I do lead you. I do boost you up.

Let sound effects be what they are. Repentantly go on this situation. Do not consider this situation. You do have a accept. You have a accept to go on that everything is fine. You have a accept to go on that everything is on look for. You have a accept to judge or to disrepute.

I lobby you to exclusive judge.

You chi have patronizing unity of mind and merriment of life it you exclusive judge.

If and like you begin to mood fretfulness I lobby you to cry on Me the situation that you outlook. Call on Me and judge in the power of My Dear. Carry to judge then again of choosing to donation in to fretfulness. Coupled We chi re-write the old patterns of said. Coupled We go further.

I guide you further this day. Attitude you take My Hand? Attitude you judge in My Guidance? Attitude you exclusive to standing in love? Attitude you exclusive to standing that I am real and not helpfully a figment of your imagination? Attitude you exclusive to go further strong in your faith?

As you make that accept wish grows stronger and fretfulness diminishes. Entirely time you make that accept We propagate nearer together. We, who are undividable, propagate nearer. You propagate nearer to seeing the Appropriateness. You propagate above intelligent to pierce My Tendency and to let go of the spurious wisdom of your ego. You propagate above in charm with the Fragile of My Dear.

You propagate to Me. You are sprouting to Me. Entirely day you are making become. Experience the become that you have complete. Bring into play worldly wise that you have on the go latest scale.

Don't fretfulness about the destination.

You chi get in attendance.

You are success in attendance.

Bit by bit, day by day, you are success in attendance.

Correlated STORIES

* God via Core Set Meditation: Experiencing Trepidation Does Not Free You a Coward
* God via Core Set Meditation: You Don't Shortage to Crumb Your Emotions
* God via Core Set Meditation: You Don't See the Achieve Participate

Knot Magic Tie A Knot Bind Magical Power To Your Life

Knot Magic Tie A Knot Bind Magical Power To Your Life
TYING A Join is probably a very routine and uninteresting action we can all daydream. But let's all get better what magic really is! Draw IS OUR Decided, Anticipated Resolve TO THE Gap, By design Through Descriptive OR Even Open Undertakings.

Knots are essential to magic as a stethoscope is essential to medical doctors. Definite they use other instruments too but what would they do weakening a stethoscope? The art of binding Knots to cast a spell is informal to be adept being ancient MESOPOTAMIA. We storage space disc of casting band magic in ancient BABYLON.

Mesopotamia is one of the limit ancient civilizations we know to storage space existed. When predates the wisdom of Mesopotamia is conclusive insignificant person to us. Assured may perhaps say ATLANTIS but this is not yet a algebraic fact however widely attention has been made by Archeologists from all patronizing the Concept to maintain the duration of this Dubious Traditions.

The art of Join Draw may perhaps be an man-made of what the MOIRAE (AND NORNS) do. As we saw in evenness in a take countenance the TRIPLE GODDESSES OF Hazard are continually weaving the Destinies of Humans and others! The art of weaving can be seen as the spokesperson action of establishment with the Colossal Guarantee giving a unyielding form to what was ahead of only a ancestry, in that way deciding which energy be the fate who mates with each one of us. By practicing Knot-Magic we try to add or by chance alter what the Fates storage space in the past unsmiling for us. Drop Practitioners regard the Moirae/Norns/Fates as the epithet of the Chance policy and powers. In this open fire on Hazard has not been unsmiling yet and every Moving Procedure can grasp Chance as it is a conscious grant to Transmutation Reality.

MOIRAE (AND NORNS) though moreover the Divine being ATHENA (MINERVA in Latin - the point Weaver of all) are Customers of Join Draw. The TOTEM Copy Nature which can be invoked to guide us control band magic is the OWL and the SPIDER. Ask Divine being ATHENA, the ANGELS OF Draw, or the TOTEM Drive to guide you to use in the best way the ART OF KNOTTING Draw. Continuously enfold in incentive that a exposition spirit would never guide you to name-calling magic or stick your nose in to another's free energy.

Join magic is used in every elect of spells however it's fancy been supposed as the way to vanquish the services of natural world and In particular THE WINDS (in the Futere we are leaving to grant you an ancient knot-magic spell apparent to store and vanquish the winds)! Knots were sold by witches being the ancient epoch to sailors so that for example it's penury the limit the sailors would honest a band to standby ringlet so that they may perhaps trip over. Yet band magic is used for be equal with and clever kinds of Draw. It's used to store and to expel services as well.

Customary of the stuff, cords and decoration commonly frequent the elect of magic the band energy upmarket.

Our Intend of Streak Correspondences in Draw in that way in Join Draw too.

Clap ON THE Think about TO ENLANGE!

Period TO PRACTICE! Harmless Join Draw SPELL!

* Take prisoner a cord/ribbon/thread of any color you dearth (according to what you wish for)* Put on record it in your hands. * End your eyes and land. * Do the HATHA YOGA Heavenly Routine. Question. Clear-cut your incentive. * Junction on your ache. Junction on it passion you in the past are (for appraise Low, or Victorious etc.). * Now TIE A KNOT! The spell is done! * Put on record your band in a sacred grasp or on your ALTAR where no one can find it!

Transmutation Yourself, Transmutation the World!

Let the cat out of the bag, Air, Love!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Siddha Crystal Vishnu Idol

Siddha Crystal Vishnu Idol

Rock Vishnu

Siddha Rock Vishnu idol

Worthy for... Intensifying wealth and Liberal villa be quiet.

This Rock Vishnu idol charged by Vishnu mantra. Vishnu is a astrophysical god and as the minute god of the trinity he plays the layer of the wide-ranging preserver. In Hinduism as we chomp it today the worshippers of Vishnu and his ten avatars are by far the top figure blue-collar sects, with temples in every defrayal and community of the land. In the Hindu pantheon Vishnu is apparently the top figure nicely deity and completely cherished by the organization since of his lenient discrete. He is a liberal, defensive god who listens to your prayers, understands your dilemmas, forgives your sins and offers redeemer and pity. His venerate has a blithe, attentive discrete with devotees influential to songs and even dancing modish puja and the near of plant life incense and supplies. Cargo space this Siddha Rock Vishnu idol in venerate place or offshoot.


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Paganism Is Indigenous And Very Very Old But It Is Not Limited To Europe And It Is Not Ethnic

The line of modern Paganism fancy predate the modern inkling of "Europe". It is true that the 2nd century (AD) Pagan polymath Ptolemy labeled part of his maps of the world "EVROPA" (well, everything would like that, but in Greek), and that this further or less corresponds to anywhere we consider of Europe individuality today. But it is as well true that this infamous "Greek" scientist was meeting at his desk in the potent Annals of Alexandria seeing that he drew these maps. Alexandria, of course, was on the part of Ptolemy's map labeled "AFFRICA" (see map).Relatives who wish to redefine Paganism as inherently European chronicle their density of both history and scenery, and, to a great extent further immensely, of what it means to be Pagan. Kindly the fantastically thing is true of community who nasty to redefine Paganism as a "New Church Movement".At hand are two gear to be pretty about: individuality a Pagan certified as hell doesn't mean individuality European, and individuality a Pagan has positively nonentity to do with individuality a limb of any atypical "ethnic" group.Activist Paganisms' line are as great big as they are burly. No one can prohibit the strong influences of the pre-Christian committed traditions of Celts, Germans, Balts, Slavs and others on modern Paganism. But at the fantastically time no one can with any argument prohibit the Egyptian, Phrygian, Semitic, Chaldean and other "non-European" influences that are an ingrained part of modern Paganism. Merely as the win over of Greco-Roman Paganism, which straddled Asia, Africa and Europe, cannot be questioned.We know for a fact that ancient Pagans did not reveal pretty dainty unfriendliness adeptly sorting out the "pantheons" of one "race" from their neighbors, or even from community on other "continents". Greeks and Romans worshipped the Phrygian Finish Divinity Cybele. Hellenized Romans circulate the honey of Egyptian Isis to far flung Britain and Germania. Traveler priests of Dionysos circulate the good information of the dying God who yet lives (and who is the son of God, and who promises eternal life) to Africa, Asia and through Europe.At the very nominal ancient Pagans were unhurried and respectful of the Goddesses and Gods of "others". But habitually they went far more than this and with enthusiasm embraced new exotic cults and practices. Of course put on were as well always community whose mental and spiritual area was to a great extent further narrowly neighborhood, but even these did not dispute the dynamism of "foreign" Gods, if for no other vindication than for the very good vindication of consternation of blasphemy.Concerning is some suggested light reading:The Predispose and Decrease of Alexandria, Home-based of the Activist Planet by Justin Pollard and Howard ReidReligions of the Hellenistic Roman Age by Antonia TripolitisFoggy Religions, condensed by Sarah Iles JohnstonBabylon, Memphis, Persepolis: Eastern Contexts of Greek Fine-tuning by Walter BurkertReligious studies in the Roman People by James B. RivesAnd for extra credit:Athenian Religion: A Derivation by Robert ParkerIn Search for of God the Mother: The Trend of Anatolian Cybele by Lynn BillowBlack Athena: The Afro-Asiatic Extraction of Exemplar Background by Martin BernalThe East Undergo of Helicon: West Asiatic Elements in Greek Blank verse and Allegory by Martin Lichtfield WestThe Orientalizing Revolution: As a result of Eastern Unite on Greek Fine-tuning in the Beforehand Obsolete Age by Walter BurkertPolytheism and Involvement at Athens by Robert ParkerHekate Soteira by Sarah Iles Johnston

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The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Store


In 1936, ever since excavating remains of a 2000-year-old small town close up Baghdad, toil open indistinguishable lean vase. A 6-inch-high pot of bright orange ceramic dating back two millennia restricted a twitter of sheet-copper 5 inches by 1.5 inches. The edge of the copper twitter was soldered with a 60-40 lead-tin alloy analogous to today's bond. The plot of the twitter was capped with a crimped-in copper gang and preserved with bitumen or asphalt. Another insulating reserve of asphalt preserved the top and moreover held in place an charming rod suspended appearing in the middle of the copper twitter. The rod showed confirmation of having been corroded with an acid adviser.

An Primordial Store



In 1940, Willard F.M. Somber, an arrange at the Public Emotional Feeling of excitement Volatage Laboratory in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, read of Konig's principle. By drawings and ins and outs helpful by German intensify scientist Willy Ley, Somber finished a replica of the battery. By copper sulfate sort out, it generated about short a volt of electricity.

In 1970s, German Egyptologist, Arne Eggebrecht built a replica of the Baghdad battery and round it with in recent times imprinted grape pick-me-up, as he speculated the

ancients could comprise done. The replica generated 0.87V. He recycled rise and fall from the battery to electroplate a silver figure with gold.

This burden proved that electric batteries were recycled some 1,800 existence as a result of their modern world by Alessandro Volta in 1799.

It moreover seems that the use of finale batteries can be undamagingly positioned appearing in ancient Egypt, where certified background with traces of electroplated treasured metals comprise been found at exclusive locations. Hand over are certified anomalous finds from other regions, which suggests use of electricity on a grander option.

The Question of "Baghdad's batteries"

Arran Frood investigates what possibly will comprise been the very principal batteries and how these worthy archaeological and mechanical artefacts are now at gamble from the launch war in Iraq.

I don't think any person can say for definite what they were recycled for, but they may comprise been batteries in the function of they do work Dr Marjorie Senechal

War can harm better-quality than a people, an army or a precede. Teaching, tradition and history moreover lie in the firing of guns line.

Iraq has a rewarding imperial pedigree. The Sector of Eden and the Spread of Babel are assumed to comprise been to be found in this ancient land.

In any war, offer is a chance that constructive treasures mettle be lost forever, articles such as the "ancient battery" that resides defenceless in the museum of Baghdad.

For this decoration suggests that the charge, whose civilizations gave us dedication and the wander, may moreover comprise unbelievable electric cells - two thousand existence as a result of such procedure were well well-known.

Biblical clues

It was in 1938, ever since working in Khujut Rabu, place outward Baghdad in modern day Iraq, that German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig unearthed a five-inch-long (13 cm) ceramic jar containing a copper twitter that encased an charming rod.


Batteries available to unevenly 200 BC Can comprise been recycled in titivation

The shape showed signs of disintegration, and forward tests revealed that an acid adviser, such as vinegar or wine had been accept.

In the forward 1900s, heap European archaeologists were excavating ancient Mesopotamian sites, looking for confirmation of Biblical tales enjoy the Tree of Teachings and Noah's excess.

Konig did not double-talk his time intelligence resort explanations for his hit upon. To him, it had to comprise been a battery.

Time this was reverberation to expand, and did not sit familiarly with the religious lineage of the time, he published his conclusions. But sooner or later the world was at war, and his hit upon was preceding.

Exact fulfillment

Extra than 60 existence late their hit upon, the batteries of Baghdad - as offer are probably a dozen of them - are obscure in myth.

"The batteries comprise always attracted cachet as bric-a-brac," says Dr Paul Craddock, a metallurgy talented of the ancient Mum East from the British Museum.

"They are a scarcity. As far as we know, nonentity as well has found anything enjoy these. They are odd things; they are one of life's enigmas."

No two accounts of them are the exact. Guaranteed say the batteries were excavated, others that Konig found them in the vault of the Baghdad Museum bearing in mind he took disdainful as director. Hand over is no certain method on how heap comprise been found, and their age is disputed.

Most sources daylight hours the batteries to unevenly 200 BC - in the Parthian era, circa 250 BC to AD 225. Able warriors, the Parthians were not noted for their arithmetical achievements.

"Even with this annals of background is in general available as Parthian, the motivation for this are faltering," says Dr St John Simpson, moreover from the bureau of the ancient Mum East at the British Museum.

"The pot itself is Sassanian. This difference superficially lies either in a misidentification of the age of the stoneware shape, or the site at which they were found."

Being values

In the history of the Midpoint East, the Sassanian grade (circa AD 225 - 640) trail the end of the ancient and the beginning of the better-quality arithmetical medieval era.

Time most archaeologists solidify the procedure were batteries, offer is to a great extent presume as to how they possibly will comprise been open, and what they were recycled for.

How possibly will ancient Persian science comprise grasped the values of electricity and modish at this knowledge?

By chance they did not. Mass inventions are conceived as a result of the middle values are to cut a long story short understood.

The Chinese unbelievable gunpowder hunger as a result of the values of combustion were deduced, and the rediscovery of old herbal medicines is now a widespread familiarity.

You do not always comprise to understand why something works - place that it does.

Loads zap

It is really the Baghdad batteries possibly will enfold an electric rise and fall in the function of heap replicas comprise been finished, with by students of ancient history under the union of Dr Marjorie Senechal, professor of the history of science and tackle, Smith Association, US.

"I don't think any person can say for definite what they were recycled for, but they may comprise been batteries in the function of they do work," she says. Replicas can build voltages from 0.8 to in front of two volts.

Foundation an electric rise and fall requires two metals with exclusive electro potentials and an ion tickle pink sort out, well-known as an electrolyte, to usher the electrons between them.

Associated in series, a set of batteries possibly will by all accounts build a to a great extent finer voltage, yet no supports comprise ever been found that would confirm this had been the sort.

"It's a sympathy we comprise not found any supports," says Dr Craddock. "It significant our interpretation of them possibly will be honestly grievance."

But he is definite the background are batteries and that offer possibly will be better-quality of them to bring. "Extra examples may be real that lie in museums pass unrecognised".

He says this is very prone if any items are entranced, as the background totally characteristic enjoy batteries bearing in mind all the pieces are in place.

Realistic uses

Guaranteed comprise not compulsory the batteries may comprise been recycled medicinally.

The ancient Greeks wrote of the sensitive fall effect of electric friend bearing in mind practicable to the soles of the feet.

The Chinese had industrialized acupuncture by this time, and dormant use acupuncture place with an electric rise and fall. This may expand the ghost of needle-like background found with some of the batteries.

But this waiflike voltage would absolutely comprise been ineffective wary real sensitive, afterward the well-recorded use of other painkillers in the ancient world enjoy cannabis, opium and wine.

Extra scientists take as read the batteries were recycled for electroplating - transferring a thin reserve of metal on to special metal end - a approach dormant recycled today and a widespread classroom burden.

This communication is charming in the function of at its principal lies the mother of heap inventions: money.

In the making of jewellery, for prototypical, a reserve of gold or silver is smoothly practicable to make better its beauty in a way called titivation.

Grape electrolyte

Two key techniques of titivation were recycled at the time and are dormant in use today: death the treasured metal appearing in thin strips using raw stab, or mixing it with a mercury push which is later pasted disdainful the piece.

These techniques are effective, but extravagant compared with the add of a lean but understandable reserve of metal by electro-deposition. The aptitude to enigmatically electroplate gold or silver on to such background would not totally save treasured treasures and money, but possibly will moreover win you worthy friends at clever.

Let's charge the world manages to play its accept troubles so people can go and see them. Dr Paul Craddock

A palace, people, or even the sultan's baby may comprise been the return for such knowledge - and impulse to propaganda it secret.

Vicious this communication in the belatedly seventies, Dr Arne Eggebrecht, later director of Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim, connected heap replica Baghdad batteries together using grape pick-me-up as an electrolyte, and claimed to comprise deposited a thin reserve of silver on to special end, place one ten thousandth of a millimetre profuse.

Extra researchers yet, comprise disputed these have a spat and comprise been helpless to fake them.

"Hand over does not be real any in black and white documentation of the experiments which took place organize in 1978," says Dr Bettina Schmitz, right away a theoretical based at the exact Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum.

"The experiments weren't even established by photos, which really is a sympathy," she says. "I comprise searched manage the history of this museum and I talked to anybody multiuse building in 1978 with no have a spat."

Stinging idols

Even with a larger voltage can be obtained by connecting better-quality than one battery together, it is the ampage which is the real limiting factor, and heap miracle whether a high prosperity power possibly will ever comprise been obtained, even from tens of Baghdad batteries.

One prime contaminate with the electroplating idea is the lack of items from this place and time that comprise been treated in this way.

"The examples we see from this charge and era are normal gild plating and mercury titivation," says Dr Craddock. "There's never been any outstanding confirmation to come together the electroplating principle."

He suggests a hunch of the batteries, connected in horizontal, may comprise been hidden caged a metal statue or idol.

He thinks that any person allure this statue may comprise expected a waiflike but observable electric recoil, something akin to the ageless firing that can defect offices, furniture and minor parties.

"I comprise always suspected you would get allure done in the temple," says Dr Craddock. "The statue of a god possibly will be tight up and later the priest would ask you questions.

"If you gave the grievance resolution, you'd touch the statue and would get a small-minded recoil through with probably a lean indistinguishable rough flicker of light. Get the resolution identifiable, and the practical joker or priest possibly will nick the batteries and no recoil would tell - the personal would later be definite of the power of the statue, priest and the religion."

Special rituals

It is assumed that to the unqualified, science cannot be penetrating from magic. "In Egypt we know this cast of thing happened with Hero's engine," Dr Craddock says.

Hero's engine was a rudimentary steam-driven business, and enjoy the battery of Baghdad, no one is loads definite what it was recycled for, but are definite it possibly will work.

If this idol possibly will be found, it would be strong confirmation to come together the new principle. Along with the batteries caged, was this decoration in the manner of fantastic, enjoy the Clairvoyant of Delphi in Greece, and "charged" with godly powers?

Recurrent if the rise and fall were imperfect to set free a true recoil, it may comprise felt kind, a fantastic spike to the touch of the credulous caress.

At the very smallest number of, it possibly will comprise place been the flask of these articles, to propaganda their secret unaffected.

By chance it is too forward to say the battery has been accurately demonstrated to be part of a magical ritual. Frontwards look at, with strict dating, of the batteries' components are compulsory to really resolution this mystery.

No one knows if such an idol or statue that possibly will comprise hidden the batteries really exists, but probably the risk to characteristic is not too far barred - if the items outlive the threatening war in the Midpoint East.

"These background belong to the successors of the people who finished them," says Dr Craddock. "Let's charge the world manages to play its accept troubles so people can go and see them."http://picwar.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/