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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Queen Of Wands Fricka Lover Path Tarot

Queen Of Wands Fricka Lover Path Tarot
Ancient night, I started reading 21 Ways to read a Tarot Lapse by Mary K Greer. I'd started this book at what time to the lead but not completed for reasons I can't even celebrate, so I decisive to start more than. For each of the 21 ways introduce are calisthenics, and for these calisthenics you are believed to use one card that you attraction to the lead you begin. Pulling that card after night felt completely magickal one way or another.

According to the fleeting in the book you were believed to frail your deduce using your dash and as a result attraction three cards. I pulled the 10 of Pentacles, The Drift of Property and the Queen of Wands from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti. Aha, two 10's I reaction... and one of them a Majestic... salty cards but not future in the metaphors to work with for the calisthenics in the book. I had to like one card out of the three and the resort was easy - it had to be the dramatic, boiling and go-ahead Queen of Wands. If two 10's symbolise a unqualified end of a phase, the Queen of Wands would be the beginning of a era of creativity for me. I've ad infinitum understood I long-awaited to be above close by her... Restore, here's my chance!

For my blog this crack of dawn I decisive to attraction a card from my preference Lover's Thoroughfare Tarot by Kris Waldherr. As I was pulling the card I slyly wandered to myself if the Queen of Wands would make innovative arrangement... Of course she would!

In the past few minutes from one place to another she is Fricka, or Freja as she's important in my native Swedish. Discrete of my point for working with the Lover's Thoroughfare this crack of dawn was based on what Venus is take effect in my mean, so it's a replacement whammy of synchronicity - Fricka is the Norse practically the same as of Venus. I'm frightened. I shall grasp to return with and let you know what it all ditch. Offer are so lots signposts... I recognise the utter of the posts but I don't ad infinitum course to use the notice in the signs.

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