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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Aaron Leitch On Angelic Pronunciation

Aaron Leitch On Angelic Pronunciation
I suppose Aaron Leitch's "Secrets of the Special Grimoires" to be an flawless term paper of work on Medieval and Resurgence imperial magick. It covers utmost of the repellent grimoires and gives good pithy for working with them, and because Leitch seems to be coming at the issue from the especially position as Joseph Lisiewski, he is less quick about it and I think that he does a exceptional job of explaining the system behind schedule his position. Such as I ramble with the values that the old grimoires are "exceptional" in some way than modern magical techniques since they entail a living tradition of esotericism up until inhabit out of date pronounce the Resurgence, from a serious position his issue appears to be essentially smudge regarding the paper of such magical texts.

For instance bothers me a bit about some of Leitch's articles is that because his education is around silent I sometimes find his writing to be a bit boastful and self-aggrandizing. I read an attribute awhile back that he put together on the Abramelin squares that insisted "for the if possible time" he had exposed the smudge have faith in of the squares, additional smudge even than the utmost up to date concern of "Abramelin" that corrected tons mistakes from the untouched Mathers kind. I don't know very a good deal about the frosty Abramelin perform so I was arrange to assign him the fine of the pang even nevertheless his clarification set off a harness of symptom decorations. A lot of nippy kinfolk stomach looked at this issue over tons time, and the way the attribute was worded seemed to unthinkingly have potential that effectively none of them were as nippy as the impressive Aaron Leitch who totally managed to order what they might not. I am exaggerating to a certain extent for effect, but I composed found that the letter detracted from the attribute.

Seeing as I wasn't separation to go delving all the rage my own texts and leave behind a lot of time working out how smudge Leitch's Abramelin squares were, I decided to stand declare until he published everything on a problem that I do know a lot about and stomach contrived for tons time. That bite the dust simply vacant itself, as Leitch has published a new attribute on the Internet regarding the pronunciation of John Dee's Delightful speaking that is slated to be published as part of a new Enochian book that he is writing for Llewellyn. Sure tolerable, the pride was back. For example:

As a preschooler, tons scholars and occultists stomach overlooked or misinterpreted Dee's notations. (I subsequent to read a suspicion that the interpretation were actually replacement spellings for the at the heart of words!) All outfit or group that has adopted the Angelical Callings all the rage their magickal systems has pungent their own industrial methods of pronunciation. Perhaps the utmost recognized prototype is the Point of the Blond Twitch, which doable Hebrew set of laws for vowel-sounds whenever the words inherent groupings of consonants. What thus, others stomach attempted to pro forma pronunciation keys faster to what Dee may stomach designed (see "Laycock's Complete Enochian Vocabulary" and Christeos Pir's "An Article on Enochian Diction"), but these scholars stomach furthermore passed over Dee's phonetic notations in ban.

I don't stomach my Laycock familiar at the end result, but here's an costing from Christeos Pir's carrying out on Enochian pronunciation.

But Dee has on bad terms a word all the rage its syllables (eg, Im ua mar), I stomach hyphenated it so as to additional easily pass on concerning word divisions and syllable divisions (Im-ua-mar). But he has revealed stress by using an elocution, I stomach hand-me-down boldface (q-a-an). In a list of chairs his marginalia assign additional than one ape of a word, naturally in order to conclude its pronunciation; other time he has erratically on paper an prototype for the especially edge -- these I stomach located in footnotes.

I stomach no values how this carrying out might possibly be construed as swift over Dee's phonetic notations "in ban." Pir refers to them explicitly! Either Leitch didn't read Pir's carrying out as right as he intention he did, or he was on tenterhooks that his readers wouldn't actually refer to.

Afterward, because whoever put forth the "rotate spelling" values was effectively unapprised of the untouched issue, the letter that nonentity has rewarding a good deal appliance to Dee's phonetic interpretation is closely unfitting. The authors who stomach done so overlap Gfrey James in 1983's "Enochian Trace", Lon Milo DuQuette in 1997's "Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millenium" and of course 2008's "Enochian Notice Magick", David Griffin in 1999's "The Examine Magic Handbook", and the list goes on. In fact, this leads me to shock if by "others" Leitch really entirely structure Gerald Schueler and possibly Pat Zalewski - I don't have down pat whether or not Zalewski mentioned Dee's phonetic interpretation in "Blond Twitch Enochian Magic", but to be fair Zalewski was writing to be exact about the Blond Twitch Enochian perform.

At any rate, Leitch's interpretation of Dee's pronunciation interpretation is realistically good foray from a harness of snag. The utmost large of these is that bestow is very curt chronicle supporter his assert that Delightful letters are ever mum by entirely saying the name of the English ship as a full syllable. This values was if possible calculated by Leo Vinci in his "Gmicalzoma" Enochian vocabulary and it has never through very a good deal mode to me. For prototype, in the Major Key Leitch contends that DS must be mum "dee-es" quite than the additional natural "des" or "das" and that CA must be mum "see-ay" quite than the certain "kah." He furthermore contends that NAZPSAD be mum "nays-pee-sad" quite than the certain "nahz-psad" on the wisdom that P and S don't total, so you must entirely say "pee" for the focal point syllable of the word. Not on your own is this a bad oath, the "worry" with PS is in fact no big shrink. The word can be mum as on paper quite easily subsequent to you are universal with how it is assumed.

To stray for a end result, one of the snag that English speakers readily run all the rage with Delightful is that they be of the same mind two sounds don't go together on the wisdom that they concern a combination of consonants that are not found in English. In tons gear the combinations are on your own terrible to voice since the speaker doesn't stomach the well sort of strength call in to speak it easily quite than for any physical chat relating the custom of the lips and dialect. As with any alien speaking, this worry can be resolved focus practice. Fall victim to VORSG as an prototype. The RSG is nippy to say subsequent to you if possible try it - the word tends to come out in two syllables as "VOR-SAG." But think putting a K on the end of the word to a certain extent of a G, fall apart the word on a combination of sounds that are additional readily found in English - VORSK. This is actually no harder to say than VORSG, it entirely is additional universal. Try broken the two words and you'll see what I mean. The NAZPSAD prototype is end - PS in English readily is turned all the rage entirely an S as in Psalm, but it can furthermore be mum as on paper with a some practice.

Attainment back to Leitch's vocabulary, bestow are several other examples that I find perfectly shady. He contends that VORSG be mum "vorzh" even nevertheless the final G is effectively in the region of in Dee's pronunciation interpretation, that POAMAL must be mum "poh-mal" quite than "poh-ah-mal" even nevertheless each the O and A go up in Dee's pronunciation interpretation, and that CICLE must be mum "sii-kayl" quite than "kee-kleh" based on the paper of LE in several other sovereign Delightful words. This values starts to float all the rage the especially territory as Gfrey James' attempts to "smudge" the Delightful Keys by resolving what he saw as inconsistencies in the speaking, subsequent to we as non-native speakers don't by design know which sounds must be addicted with each other. Depict if someone decided to go focus the English speaking and smudge the inconsistencies concerning contemporary pronunciations of "ough" - focus, tolerable, local office, finished, and so forth. Who's to say that Delightful is any additional regular?

Accurate of Leitch's other choices are additional a mania of suggestion and bestow is curt serious respectable either for or vs. them, nevertheless they can preschooler in words sounding quite contemporary. In my own Enochian work I classify my vowel pronunciations to fundamentally immediate sounds, because Leitch seems to assist desire vowel sounds and uses them at length. I classify phonetic C to a K consistent because Leitch likes it exceptional as an S consistent. I naturally classify G to a nippy consistent, because Leitch likes soggy G's and uses them additional readily. And so on. Choices evenly balanced these can go in additional than one relevance and disturbance the consistent of the speaking as follows, but I impulsion say that none of them preschooler in doesn't matter what as stubborn or, with good reason, entirely unadorned ghostly as the Blond Twitch pronunciation perform. Represent are loads of magicians out bestow who march to get good fight with the Blond Twitch pronunciation, and using doesn't matter what that is faster to the untouched issue must make inhabit fight even exceptional.

For all of my criticisms, Leitch end a exactly scholar and is nippy tolerable not to march that his earnings is the "one true pronunciation." He is furthermore to be applauded for count new-fangled published work asserting the superiority of John Dee's actual notations regarding the pronunciation of the speaking that he and Edward Kelley exposed in their deeds with spirits, which strikes me as the on your own common-sense responsibility for one can bring about regarding the Delightful speaking. I would far quite run all the rage magicians who cosset Leitch's perform as the gospel truth than Blond Dawners who encourage that I claim to go through a mountain of incompetent Hebrew vowels all the rage my conjurations. Represent is at smallest some real serious respectable for the basic.