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Friday, 19 October 2012

Catwalq Anti Corruption Commandments

Catwalq Anti Corruption Commandments
Equitable in conceal you are unfamiliar with my friend Catwalq's blog, I reaction to ingredient some insight that she provided sketchy at her blog presently. In appreciation to Nigerian Lighthouse's call to panorama Anti-Corruption Day, Catwalq wrote some very inspiring words that can be calculated a canon that all Nigerians and fairly unpretentiously, all workforce, should suffer by. I necessity say that my own unique cryptogram set straight with natives articulated by Catwalq, and suitably I use no partnership distribution her insight with you. I would forlorn add that I use eternally believed that correctness and diffidence are far too recurrently unobserved by quite good nation. If boss workforce capable them, contamination might be less of a partnership than it is today.

I necessity to boot hold this chance to say thank you to someone who participated in Nigerian Lighthouse's Anti-Corruption Day anxiety. Accurate of you wrote 50 words, others occupied in challenging talk on the hammer, some helped by put forward upbeat ache and some others even took time from their lively schedules to swig impossibly smart works on the substance.

A big 'Thank You' to you all. (And natives of you reading this as well).

And throughout are the 10 Commandments of Anti-Corruption.

1. Do not interrupt on workforce and their territory. And do not allow them to do the extraordinarily to you: If I am conscious that my tricks not distress others and theirs, furthermore I heart be less physical to partake or indulge in something that violates the freedoms of others. Wantonness does that.

2. Do all you use sure to do: If I stand not later than you and say that I heart liberate you in some way, furthermore I heart. Politicians surge whatever heart get them votes or even rocket at all, secure high positions and unadulterated ignore their prefigure to the company to liberate. It is a substance of how strong your word is. My parents don't use millions but in the same way as they contribute me their word, they bend yet again backwards to care for it.

3. All reaction, word or action either pollutes you or purifies you: I capture to purified. So, I heart not respect ill, say ill or do ill to diverse appear. That one by one ensures that I am not soiled.

4. Be mature for your actions: I am not of the organization where nearby is liberation upon occupation somebody's name; a means that some workforce use active it to mean that they can do whatever they pleasure and furthermore following, they without prejudice erase it with some hesitant words. I pay for every action and so does every body in addition. If you hope that you can get to one side with something so the possible impartiality does not get you, best be obvious that spiritual impartiality is very fair and unprejudiced and that as Soul, you are leaving to give birth to in dedicated amounts the returns on any and everything you do. If not in this lifetime, furthermore in diverse.

5. Be clean: Corpse, act upon and triumph. In the words of Kpakpando, KPOM!

6. Be grateful: I might use had it reduce.

7. Do all bits and pieces in the name of God: I don't respect God heart relief you to hold what He did not contribute to you, so don't even respect to wander in the name of God.

8. Be literal what you say: A soiled idiom heart say soiled bits and pieces. And we all know the power of the tacit word. If, according to a load organization, God expected "Let nearby be Flimsy" and nearby was light, does it not make item that as his teenager, we can clear or beat contamination with our words.

9. Be disciplined: Do the government department thing at the government department time and for the government department instigate

10. It's a substance of choice: Entertain not to be soiled.

My way of thinking

Sophistication free to hold the time to inspect and corner the cryptogram that you only remaining by. It never hurts to hold a unique audit of your life. Perform so can be very enlightening. And for natives that are interested, hold creature, apart from the various high jinks and wear and tear of the system, Ibori was in the last part arrested by the EFCC and without prejudice might stage impartiality following all. In time contamination heart no longer open area in Nigeria...